随着Sybase被完全整合到SAP下,Sybase原来的支持网站被SAP Support Portal取代。
只有购买了SAP服务的用户才能使用账号登录SAP Support Portal进行介质下载、补丁升级、报Incident等。
考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。
在SAP Support Portal网站或者google上搜索Targeted CR List for ASE,可以看到针对不同版本的CR(CR表示Change Request)简单描述信息列表。
需要注意的是:Targeted CR List for ASE列出的CR虽然绝大多数是BUG,但有一些是更改需求。
以下提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息!

273145 Linux post install script, SWR 9803 and 9939 RPM, does not install new files that are not installed during GA/Rollup release.
279302 When executing remote procedure using "ctisql", an additional message (eg. 1 row affected) is printed while dbisql does not show this message.

Resolution: Reviewed Sep 2002. Presently not targeted for any future release of the product as changes between dblib and ctlib based isql are expected. This is documented in the 11.1 'Release Bulletin Open Client/Server' manual, section on 'Standalone Utilities'.

There are several differences between dblib and ctlib based isql. A change so late in the game could cause a regression to scripts at other customer sites.

279451 OCC does not support the TDS 5.0 Returm Parm format.
279892 OSC 12.5 EBFI0335 not freeing up one of the 2 TDSPROCS which are allocated, leaving 1524 bytes of shared memory around below is a code frag from CTDSMS stdfree routine.
280053 OCC MVS 3.2 EBF6780 not process Cancel correctly ctbreults fails
280245 Add gatewayless support for sgw_setserver rpc
280283 OLEDB: adTinyInt datatype in ADO application, when used as a parameter in a stored procedure, caused an error: "The given type name is unrecognized." Sybase ASE tinyint datatype was not supported as parameter in stored procedure. It is now.
286543 CPRE: cpre core dumps on structure declarations as a result of the fix to CR 254863.
286574 OCC 12.5 problems with ASE 12.5 support
286671 Because of an error in the jConnect metadata, customers using ASA7 or higher could not take advantage of the Dynamic Class Loading feature in jConnect. That bug has been fixed.
286966 ESQL: COBPRE produces invalid area A code when used in /terminal mode on VMS
287137 CTLIB: ct_connect uses retry delay value from interfaces as login timeout.
287160 jTDS no longer hits a ClassCastException in the case where widetable is enabled and the client passes in a SrvDataFormat object to the

sendResults (SrvSession, SrvDataFormat [], Object [][]) method.

Clients wishing to send widetable results with the sendResults method should pass in an array of SrvRowDataFormat2 objects to the newly created

sendResults (SrvSession, DataFormat [], Object [][]) method.

287247 The request of this CR is to enable support for LONGCHAR in bcp
287576 Need fix for CR279451 ported to OCC CICS 4.0
287581 CTLIB: When retry_count property is used, ct_connect does not attempt to retry the connection upon connection failure/timeout.
287714 OpenSwitch crashes when admin users issues blank exec command.
287731 ODBC: A table with a Primary Key consisting of varchar, int, datetime and including 2 additional fields of text, datetime will fail when opened in MS Access after linking to the table. When opened data references display #DELETED instead of the actual data in the table.
287840 ODBC: With 4.10.0000 (EBF 9970) ODBC Driver, showplan results were returned as SQL_ERROR instead of SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO. Also the order of the message text was incorrect.
287865 Feature request to enhance bcp so it has an option to delete rows as they are extracted. This is to address the need for a method to extract a table and then truncate it as one transaction, to prevent other users from modifying the data between the extraction and the deletion of the rows.

Status: Reviewed Sep 2002. Pending further investigation by Engineering.

288013 CTLIB: ct_get_data() incorrectly returns a length value of 2 for null value numeric columns. Null values should return zero for all types.
288048 There was an issue with TDS packet processing in the client code while it waited for

an acknowledgement of the TDS attention packet. The problem occurs while putting

together confidential data packets to determine if the ack has arrived.

288113 OpenSwitch should be configurable to failover at login timeout or connect timeout, and these timeout values should also be configurable in the OpenSwitch config file.
288132 ODBC: With MS Access 2000 users this error sometimes appeared when building a query: "Invalid precision value. Error in parameter 1." This problem no longer occurs. You need to set WorkArounds2=32768.
288181 ODBC: Connection behavior using MS Access with attribute DRIVER fails to link table MS Access can not handle DSN-less connections. Work around is to use DNS connections.
288348 Added a connection property to disable performance-sapping SQLWarning creation. When executing a stored procedure on the server with a Statement.execute() results-processing loop, clients who don't care to read the stored procedure's return status will cause jConnect to construct a SQLWarning. This SQLWarning, with SQLState 010P4, states that an output parameter was received and ignored. In applications that hit this condition a lot, the repeated creation of SQLWarnings can have a slight, but measurable, effect on performance.

The DISABLE_UNPROCESSED_PARAM_WARNINGS connection property can be set to true in order to stop jConnect from creating these SQLWarnings.

288667 OCC CICS and MVS/IMS does not seem to work for a CTBCONPROP call setting the CS_LOC_PROP.
288672 CPRE: cpre hangs with various changes to environment variables.
288800 Ability to set the workarounds of the ODBC driver via the setup dialog box, instead of manually entering this in the registry.


This CR was reviewed Sep 2002 and a decision was made to not implement this request.

Both Sybase and Datadirect have considered this request and feel that if an unwary customer starts to fiddle with the switches, they could potentially create a bigger problem than when they started.

A better option is to edit the registry by creating scripts for example, with the required switches after confirming in development/QA that these switches work.

288910 Errors were being reported when a deallocation of a non-prepared dynamic event occured.
288912 jIsql has been updated to be more 'Mac-friendly.' Mac users can specify the -M single command-line option to use jisql with Mac-style menus. Additionally, the output GUI will conform to a Mac look-and-feel.
288940 CTLIB: Multiple race conditions may cause ct_results()/ct_fetch() to fail in a gateway server when these calls are called at the same time when the attention handler is calling ct_cancel (CS_CANCEL_ATTN).
288947 jConnect can no longer send datetime values prior to 1/1/1753 to ASE using the setDate method. ASE and ASA datetime columns have a lower limit of 1/1/1753.
288985 CTLIB: Binding parameter of length 256 and type CS_CHAR_TYPE fails with error: ct_param(): user api layer: external error: A data length
of 256 exceeds the maximum length allowed for CHAR data. This has been fixed. And, the CS_CHAR of length 256 will be treat as XNL CS_CHAR.
289254 The locale field of the fmt, structures in the OCC examples is incorrect.
289261 CTLIB: ct_fetch may return incorrect status if an error is reported by the ASE when cursor rows are being fetched. This can lead to an 803 error being reported by the ASE and the client connection terminated.
289263 installjava and extractjava binaries and their assocaited files are being shipped with SDK 12.5 ebf#6.
289299 Small memory leak in cs_ctx_alloc() / cs_ctx_drop() loop
289430 jConnect no longer allows column reads when a ResultSet is positioned before the first row or after the last row.
289511 The setup for using the JMS ot Driver for clients to a WebSphere app server is harder than for the other app servers. The user may want to use the MQSeries ot driver instead, when using WebSphere.

1. The correct MQ Series classes for the client platform must be installed - ma88. This can be downloaded from ibm for free.

2. Some WebSphere jars must be copied over to the client platform: websphere.jar, utils.jar, ujc.jar, ras.jar, ns.jar, jca.jar, j2ee.jar, iwsorb.jar, ibmorb.jar. All these jar files must be in the JMS_SES_JVM_CLASSPATH property, as well as the JMS ot driver dbt26jmsjni.jar, in your nnsyreg.dat file.

3. You must use a WebSphere VM (and it must be the same version vm as the one the WebSphere app server is using!). In the WebSphere install, you can unselect everything, but the developer tools. This will install the vm for you. You can also copy the vm over from the app server, if it is on the same platform as the client. I'm not sure if you can download from IBM just the vm.

It would be much easier for the customer to use the MQSeries ot driver with WebSphere, but JMS does work.

289539 will not core dump. A message property, that is null, will not be listed in the message.
289754 OLEDB: Queries with Outer Joins under {OJ...} SQL Syntax gives SQLSTATE=42000 (Incorrect Syntax near BY) using TDS-based OLEDB driver 2.50 or above.
289865 OCC on all platform cannot convert a Nullable Datetime (Datetimn) to a char.
289891 SYGWXCPH macro with HOSTNAME is not working in z/OS
289963 jConnect is smarter now about closing remembered statements in pooled connections. We no longer create and throw and catch unneeded exceptions.
290075 CSLIB: Error message

updated to reflect the correct location for the file objectid.dat:$SYBASE/config.

290094 jConnect is now more memory efficient when client applications close ResultSets. Previously, clients who called ResultSet.close() but left a Statement around for future reuse, would not get the full benefit of garbage collection on the closed ResultSet. jConnect will now internally null out some references to give better memory utilization.
290176 jConnect has improved the efficiency when using settable parameters in Prepared and Callable Statements.
290532 OpenSwitch core dumps in mempool_alloc on text/image parameters.
290858 OCC CTBBIND does not use the Scaler passed in for Packed Decimal conversion
290910 ESQL: programs return SQLCODE of 0 instead of 100 when no rows fetched
290922 Fixed the updateBigDecimal method so that it respects the scale of the BigDecimal parameter.
291178 ODBC: Support for Password Encryption, as found in the Client Library based ODBC Drivers.
291530 SYGWCACS contains Exec Cics Handle Condition with no corresponding E C Pop. In consequence conditions raisewd in the calling progranm are handled incorrectly by SYGWCACS.
291690 DBLIB: The error message "Requested data-conversion does not exist." occurs as a result of the fix to CR 273862.
291703 ESQL: sybesql.c header incorrectly states Sybase System 11 ESQL/C precompiler.
291706 ISQL: isql 12.5 has a different output format from isql 12.0 backwards, such as it doesn't indent the column when data extends beyond specified width.
291708 ISQL: isql does not wrap when column width parameter -w is specified.
291761 SMPOS OpenSwitch fails to close and deallocate cursors
291811 BLKLIB: Bulk copy in through gateway server hangs.
291969 OLEDB: When in a transaction the rowcount for a SELECT returns as -1.
292025 Open Client installation guide has wrong syntax for executing SYBASE.csh
292150 BLKLIB: Bulk copy in of NULL char/varchar column on DOL table core dump when using multi-byte character set.
292186 jConnect can now call ResultSet.updateRow() twice on the same row without moving off of that row between calls.
292299 ESQL: ESQL/C causes 702 error and stack trace in ASE12.5 because of an invalid length definition for parameters sent to ASE.
292372 ODBC: client connection cannot fail over when ASE HA is on NT
292457 Eliminated NullPointerException that occurred with SybMessageHandler implementation.
292459 CTOS: fails to process parameters from pre 12.5 clients w/ connecting to ASE 12.5.
292517 BLKLIB: blk_colval doesn't support DOL tables
292550 When a client issues a 'shutdown' command from jisql, the user can now see the SQLServer message that says that the server is shutting down. Previously, a user would only see a SQLException that indicated the connection had been terminated. With this fix, a user will now see two SQLWarning messages indicating that the shutdown command has executed properly, and that the server is shutting down.

Note that the SQLWarning messages will be displayed in the fashion that the user has select from the options jisql menu. By default, the Warnings are displayed in the message box at the bottom of the jisq connection window.

292580 ODBC: Previously, updating/inserting large image data in excess of 8 MBs would fail with this message: "-2147467259 : Method 'Update' of object '_Recordset' failed". This no longer happens and the image data is now updated/inserted.
292810 ODBC: Using DAO and sending "sp_addlogin" resulted in error 3146.
292979 DB-Lib sample programs example6 and example9 crash OpenSwitch
292980 DB-Lib sample programs example6 and example9 crash OpenSwitch
292991 ISQL: isql ignores ^Z to put it into the background
293004 CS_BEHAVIOR = CS_BEHAVIOR_120 implemented for isql.

In OC 11.1.1 and 12.0 (prior to OC 12.0 EBF#15, see

CR 291708) when using isql with "-wXX" parameter, data

that was greater than XX did not wrap. This configuration

option reverts the behavior to the old (and incorrect)

behavior exhibited in OC 11.1.1 and OC 12.0 prior to EBF


293114 jisql will now display Polish messages in its GUI when the client uses the '-Z Polish' option at the command line.
293132 ODBC: On connecting to an Open Server application the ODBC Driver would cause Catastrophic Failure" in an ADO application. It was discovered the failure occurred on the API call, SQLGetInfo, when retrieving the value for the SQL_DATABASE_NAME attribute. This problem is now resolved, but it is REQUIRED to include the database name in the connection string. This is required when using Open Server applications such as Sybase


293312 jConnect now allows warnings to be retrieved on Connection and Statement objects even when an IOException is hit that kills the Connection.
293404 If the default language of the JVM is not supported by jisql, jisql will start up with its default language as English. The languages which jisql supports are English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Polish.
293488 Documentation Update: Care is required when using ct_send_data to update text/image columns in a view. The update privileges must be granted on the underlying table itself (and this could be in a different database) and not the view. This is because the current CS_IODESC structure returned by the ASE relates directly to the table and not the view, and it is against this CS_IODESC that the ct_send_data occurs.
293514 CTLIB: ct_results may hang if ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ATTN) is called before any pending result is retrieved.
293965 jConnect now offers a way to use "lightweight" copies of PreparedStatements and CallableStatements. Such a mechanism can be useful to customers who have PreparedStatement or CallableStatement 'templates' they plan to execute numerous times; to save memory and processing time over the Connection.prepareStatement or Connection.prepareCall methods, the newly provided copy methods can be called. Note that there are some restrictions on how the copies must be created and executed.

For more information, see the javadocs for com.sybase.jdbcx.Connection.

294006 jConnect will now throw a SQLException when a client specifies a port number that is out of range for a socket (the valid range is 0 through 65535, inclusive). The new SQLException code is JZ0PN.
294053 CTLIB: Using wide dynamic/cursors can cause a core dump in the Comnlib
mapping routines.
294114 Added a connection property to disable jConnect from sending unichar/univarchar character parameter data. The new connection property is DISABLE_UNICHAR_SENDING

Typically, jConnect will send unichar/univarchar parameter data when the following conditions are met:

1. The server is ASE, and the version is 12.5 or higher

2. The server is using utf-8 as its default character set

3. The client has specified a value of 6 for the JCONNECT_VERSION connection property.

Using unichar/univarchar data can sometimes lead to a performance degradation at the server, so if a client wishes to enable widetable functionality (which requires a JCONNECT_VERSION of 6), but wishes to disable unichar, they can set the new property value to true.

Reviewed Dec 2002. This issue is being tracked under ASE CR 228419 and is targeted (but not committed) for the ASE 15.0 release.

294211 OLEDB: Integer output parameter was displayed as 0 after execution of the stored procedure.
294297 OLEDB: Oledb Provider would close the network socket after TDS_LOGOUT, without waiting for the TDS_DONE acknowledgement from the ASE.
294349 CSLIB: cs_locale returns success when called with a locale and a context which is different from the context under which the locale is allocated.
294532 SRVLIB: pre-12.5 clients may receive a tds protocol, illegal token error.
294605 Added date and time datatype capabilities to jConnect. This will allow jConnect clients to send and retrieve values from date and time columns when ASE begins supporting those datatypes (in ASE version 12.5.1). jConnect customers should set their JCONNECT_VERSION connection property to 6 to turn on date and time datatype capabilities.
294866 Enhancement request for jConnect to support Kerberos
294872 OLEDB: Numeric/decimal output parameter value was always 0 when stored procedure had a result set.
295364 BCP: bcp out performance degrades as a result of the fix to CR273270/CR288048.
295418 NETLIB: Open server used with reentrant libraries (except Solaris) may hang during shutdown via RPC.
295539 ODBC: Default parameters are not supported by the ODBC Driver since ASE does not provide this information in the Catalog Stored Procedures. Instead, if you try to use default parameters you will receive this error message: "Default parameters are not supported by this database."
295709 ODBC: Unable to get a message returned from a raiserror that was inside a trigger.
295783 ODBC: Odbc driver would close the network socket after TDS_LOGOUT, without waiting for the TDS_DONE acknowledgement from the ASE.
295816 CM crashes with assertion failure in comasync.c when ct_debug added to cm_init.c
295830 ISQL/CICS return unsupported datatype on select * from sysmessages against ASE12.5
295833 Open Client Reference Manual missing Multithreaded programming section
295867 ODBC: LDAP feature does not unbind the url session. When request is made to retrieve the SybaseAddress the connection from ODBC driver to ldap server remains OPEN until the odbc application terminates. The session now UNBINDs immediately after request to provide information has occurred.
295998 SRVLIB: srv_descfmt fails to retrieve maxlength of a char parameter over 255 characters
296436 ODBC: Stored procedure with a raiserror returned a warning (SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO) instead of SQL_ERROR on execute.
296714 BCP: bcp fails to truncate and insert longchar XNL type data.
296725 ODBC: The ODBC driver now supports using the Sybase OCS SQL.INI interfaces file for ASE

server name resolution, providing a lookup for hostname and port number for connectivity.

To utilize this feature just bypass adding the Network Address in the DSN configuration. Go to the section in the General Tab titled "Use Interface File for Connection Information (Optional)". Enter the full path and filename of the SQL.INI interfaces file for the field labeled "Interfaces File", like "C:\SYBASE\INI\SQL.INI". Enter the ASE Server name as found in the SQL.INI file in the field for "Server Name". When you attempt to connect, the ODBC Driver will get the Hostname and Port number for the ASE Server, and use that information to make the connection.

296726 OLEDB: The OLE DB Provider now supports using the Sybase OCS SQL.INI interfaces file for ASE server name resolution, providing a lookup for hostname and port number for connectivity. To utilize this feature just bypass adding the Server Name and Server Port under the General Tab when in the Sybase OLE DB Setup (or when using a connection string in your application). Go to the section in the Connection Tab titled "Use Interface File for Connection Information (Optional)". Enter the full path and filename of the SQL.INI interfaces file for the field labeled "Interfaces File", like "C:\SYBASE\INI\SQL.INI". Enter the ASE Server name as found in the SQL.INI file in the field for "Server Name". When you attempt to connect, the OLE DB Provider will get the Hostname and Port number

for the ASE Server, and use that information to make the connection. The attribute names to use when you are using a connection string in your application are "Interfaces File" and "Interfaces File Server Name".

296860 BCP: bcp out of NULLable char-type columns are padded with NULL-characters
296954 Description: Memory is seen to climb when accessing Sun's J2EE Reference Implementation Server or bea's WebLogic server with an application using the JMS ot driver. The memory is seen to climb in the server and in the application that is using the JMS ot driver.

work around: Set NNOT_TIL_GET_BLOCKING_TIMEOUT in each transport to infinite (-1) and the problem does not occur.

297008 blk_rowxfer fails w/ nodebug libblk.dll, works w/ debug libblk.dll. Fails

with error: blk_rowxfer():internal BLK-Library error: No value or

default available and NULL not allowed.

297342 ODBC: Error 2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'tableName' with unique index 'indexName'", was a warning with the ctlib-based driver and was returned as an error with the TDS-based driver.
297468 OpenSwitch hangs client while CM is running during a server crash
297627 you cannot use transactions when accessing EAServer with the JMS ot driver. You must set JMS_SES_TRANSACTED to FALSE. If you do not the adapter will work but: if you don't have NNOT_TIL_GET_BLOCKING_TIMEOUT set the adapter goes down after 10 minutes. If you have it set to 60000 (1 minute). It stays up. But, if you put any messages on the queue that the adapter is listening to after the 10 minutes, the adapter will immediately go down.
297665 ESQL: Exposed structures may be changed by memory alignment compiler options. Applications consisting of modules using differing memory alignment may get various errors.
297796 The 12005GA and upwards ebf had a fresh OC-ebf transition to 10228, this apparently did not have the fix for the convert bug and therefore, it caused convert to work differently by generating domain errors during the explicit conversion.
297888 COMNLIB: Sporadic CreateMutex() failures on HP.
298282 ODBC: Stored procedures did not return empty result sets.
298658 ODBC: COMPUTE clause through ODBC does not work.
298666 SRVLIB: In a CIS environment using cursors to an sds Open Server does not handle cancel operations on the cursor correctly. More specifically, the TDS cursor LISTALL request is incorrectly handled by srv_cursor_props. This can result in a memmove using invalid pointers and data segment sizes. This fix corrects the results returned by srv_cursor_props in this situation.
298676 jConnect now chains the original Exception to any BatchUpdateExceptions that are thrown. Therefore, clients that catch a BatchUpdateException may use the getNextException() method to see the original Exception that was generated during the batch execution.
298703 SSL: Can't complete handshake with chained certificate.
299019 CTLIB: ct_con_alloc may SIGSEGV when there is insufficient memory to allocate the connection structure.
299032 CPRE: EXEC SQL UPDATE cannot handle table names with embedded '#' signs
299219 Null text columns in TDS results should be only a zero length text pointer without any other fields (time stamp and text length).
299262 Request isql on NT defaults to cp850 characterset regardless of locales.dat
299451 The round() SQL function inserts incorrect rounded value, when issued from within ctlib program. It works fine outside ctlib.
299624 When starting OpenSwitch, it starts listeners on the master and query ports
299628 BLKLIB: blk_colval failing on variable length column with Buffer size error
299879 BCP: bcp allocates huge chunks of memory when large batch size specified w/ -b flag
299893 ODBC: Stored procedures executed as language commands returned errors as separate result sets instead of in the same result set. For example, if using the proc_role() function in a stored procedure, and if you pass an invalid role as a parameter, you received one message about the invalid role. You did not receive the other message indicating that you do not have the right role.
299932 isql/defncopy displays incorrect additional line in procedure syntax inside where clause

Tested with:

HP UX: OC 12.5 EBF 10665

Sun Solaris: OC 12.5 EBF 10659

WinNT 4.0 SP6: OC 12.5 EBF 10679

Important: Works ok with SQLAdvantage 12.5 and JISQL

299982 SRVLIB: Closing a sitehandler connection could fail to close a subchannel connection.
300194 ISQL: End of line character sequence required at the end of the final line of an input buffer.
300371 OLEDB: Inconsistency in setting of "Use SSL" attribute.
300389 Customer would like to have one SYGWHOST across multiple LPARS.
300563 ODBC: Unable to connect to ASE using interfaces file through MS Excel application.
300604 OpenSwitch crashes in queue_completion
300717 CICS 3.x Terminal type security, Possibly causing storage issue.
300733 OpenSwitch -h flag doesn't display all available options (c,f,j)
300734 rp_debug command missing some debug flags (a,f,j)
300751 OpenSwitch help screen was showing outdated options, and command line options without parameters were not consistent in their default settings. Options like '-h' and '-v' should not require a configuration file to run.
300762 jConnect could possibly hang while sending data to the server after a client had set a parameter with the setAsciiStream method. This problem has been fixed.
300764 jConnect has been made smarter about when to send streaming and non-streaming data to the server. This is important because there are times when a client will want to ensure that data gets to the server in streaming parameter for (an example would be if the client needs to send in a value to a java method in the server that takes an InputStream as a parameter).

A good rule of thumb is that clients who want to send streaming data to the server should make sure to set the JCONNECT_VERSION connection property to 4 or higher (this is the default in jConnect 5.x), and they should call the PreparedStatement.set*Stream methods to set the parameter.

For clients using widetable-enabled ASE servers (version 12.5 and higher), and who are interested in sending values to large (> 255 byte) varchar and varbinary columns and stored proc params, the client should use the setString and setBytes methods. This will help clients avoid getting errors from the server saying that explicit CONVERTs are needed.

300795 CTLIB: Unresolved Symbols when running ctlibrary example 'multthrd' on axposf.
300846 SRVLIB: calls to srv_wakeup(SRV_M_WAKE_INTR), srv_ucwakeup(SRV_M_WAKE_INTR) or srv_event_deferred() result in open server spinning causing high CPU usage.
300904 ISQL: Under some circumstance, ISQL may segfault with textsize set to the maximum. ISQL now will try to allocate 1/2 of the request first, then the default. If that fails, ISQL will exit gracefully.
300969 Batched Cursor program are not processed properly Gatewayless
301187 ODBC: Driver fails for SQLBindCol with SQL_C_NUMERIC for a particular number when it had 17 digits. However since the ODBC specification limits maximum digits of Numeric values to 16, any value greater than 16 will now fail with a numeric overflow error message. For example, this query will fail: select convert(numeric(17,0), 10000000000000001) with error message: "Numeric overflow. Error in column 1."
301383 CTLIB/NETLIB/SRVLIB: Memory and file descriptor leak when non-SSL/SSL connections fail.
301912 OLEDB: If the OLEDB datasource does not contain the database name to connect to, and the current database to operate on is set by conn.DefaultDatabase = "dbname" then a subsequent instruction to set a parameter, cmd.Parameters.Item("@my_value").Value = <value>, resets the current database. So subsequent statements may fail because they do not exist in the database. This problem has been fixed in version 02.70.0016.
302049 jConnect will no longer begin a transaction in chained mode when Connection.getAutoCommit() or Connection.getIsolationLevel() is called. This allows clients to use code such as the following:

if (! Connection.getAutoCommit())




without getting an Exception from the database.

302070 SSL: Usage of SSL can cause access violations within open server. Can also happen within open client application that has multiple ssl connections in use.
302191 ODBC: Request that SQL.INI setup by Default
302198 ODBC: Could not connect with OpenServer gateway to ASE if the database name is not provided in the Connection String.
302223 BCP: BCP may generate core dump when doing bulk insert to a DOL table
302377 jConnect will now send the client machine's name when logging into the server. Previously, if a client application did not set the HOSTNAME connection property, subsequent calls to 'select host_name()' on the server would return NULL.

With the new behavior, a client will still be able to specify a HOSTNAME using the connection property. But, if the client does not specify one, jConnect will attempt to learn the host machine's name, and will send that to the server at login time.

302395 SRVLIB: Open Server generates access violations on NT Advanced Server.
302548 Need to change setAutoCommit for XA Connection.
302579 OLEDB: When using TClientDataSet object with Delphi and OLE DB Provider there are two problems inserting data:

1. An EOLEException with message "Errors Occurred" is raised when inserting Chinese characters.

2. An EOLEException with message "Parameter data overflow for small money at ordinal 6" is raised when inserting numeric data greater than 99999, eventhough in delphi the data type is ftBCD.

302586 ESQL/C:Connection fall back doesn't work when primary machine off line.
302753 OLEDB: provider hangs when executing stored procedure.
Tested and reproduced with OLEDB Provider 2.70.0010 and 2.70.0011
Other software involved: VB 6.0, MS Windows NT 4.0 SP6, ASE 12.5.
302937 jConnect now provides a way through the javax.naming.Referenceable interface methods to see the values for all the settable connection property values. Now, when a Reference object is created through getReference(), we populate the Reference object with the current values of all the connection properties. These can be retrieved using code such as:


303172 CSLIB: Memory leak when calling cs_dt_info.
303369 ODBC: Inserting numeric values via stored procedure parameters causes fractional truncation error.
303559 Need to document requirement to recompile when upgrading to new major releases
303570 BCP: requires an equivilent if isql's -Q option to allow connection to HA servers after failover.
303635 OLEDB: The OLE DB Provider was not displaying the duplicate insert error message in an ADO application.
303645 ODBC: Support for Open Server.
303646 OLEDB: Support for Open Server.
304000 OLEDB: gives error: "Parameter data overflow for smallmoney at ordinal 2" when passing large values into adCurrency parameters.
304048 Calls to registered procedures from ASE via the SITEHANDLER protocol may hang if the RPC call fills exactly 3 x 512 byte TDS packets.
304088 OLEDB: In an ADO application with CursorLocation set to adUseClient, a stored procedure hangs if it returns 0 rows and a print statement.
304226 LIBTCL: When the SSL driver is missing and a connection is attempted that requires SSL, an OC/OS application will SEGV. For example, ASE generates a stack trace in its log file with netp_ep_inactive on the stack.
304589 ODBC: Select host_id() returns hexadecimal value instead of decimal.
304592 ODBC: Select host_id() returns hexadecimal value instead of decimal.
305116 SRVLIB: Open server applications may hang with heavy RPC activity.
305233 If a non-Sybase client attempts to use the OpenSwitch port, OpenSwitch will crash with

the following error...ERROR: spid 230: SRVLIB: NUM=16315 SEV=15 ST=0: srv__read_packet:

Protocol error occurred: length in header (3338) more than packet size(512)

305449 After bcp in operation completes spids are hanging in OSwitch and ASE
305455 bcp in a table that contains text/image data through OpenSwitch hangs
305461 A CT-Lib bulkcopy program hangs when running through OpenSwitch
305500 BCP: bcp core dumps when bcp in a table that contains text/image data through OpenSwitch.
305625 jConnect clients can now utilize the High-Availability Failover (HA) feature in ASE without needing an LDAP server to provide the failover server URL. This is accomplished with the new SECONDARY_SERVER_HOSTPORT connection property.

To setup jConnect to utilize failover (without using an LDAP server), clients should do the following:

1. Set the REQUEST_HA_SESSION connection property to true (note that clients must do this when using an LDAP server as well)

2. Set the new SECONDARY_SERVER_HOSTPORT property to the hostname and port number of the failover server. For example, if the failover server was on host machine foo, and the server was listening on port 4000, you might use the following lines of code:

Properties props = new Properties();

props.put("REQUEST_HA_SESSION", "true");

props.put("SECONDARY_SERVER_HOSTPORT", "foo:4000");

Note that a colon is placed between the hostname and the port number, just as in a typical JDBC URL.

305956 jConnect will no longer hang in certain (rare) special cases where deadlock exceptions are received during ResultSet processing.
306372 ODBC: In current EBF, if the database name field is not populated in the Data Source or connection string, and ODBC Driver is connected to an Open Server application that serves as a gateway to ASE, the resulting connection will fail due to a GPF Exception.
306442 jConnect now properly handles cursor row updates when the table contains columns with more than 2,048 bytes.
306556 CTLIB: ct_close(CS_FORCE_CLOSE) cannot be called when secondary server is down during HA failover.
306557 OLEDB: No rowcount information is returned when using clientside cursors in transactions.
306770 JISQL: Resultsets which include text datatype values are now formatted into columns when displayed using the "Present result set as" = "Text" option.
307029 OpenSwitch should be configurable to failover at login timeout or connect timeout, and these timeout values should also be configurable in the OpenSwitch config file.
307040 jConnect will now properly report the column default value (if one has been specified) when a client calls DatabaseMetaData.getColumns. Previously, if a user had set a default value via the sp_bindefault stored procedure, jConnect was not correctly picking up that default value.
307251 ODBC: ODBC: SQLExecDirect() returns SQL_ERROR on stored procedure call that sends message through a PRINT T-SQL statement. Now it returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.
307258 Listener Returning the wrong messaage for a Blank or null userID
307268 jConnect no longer will hit an internal exception if it encounters a SQLException while doing a cursor fetch.
307272 jConnect: If jConnect creates a Statement internally to help execute a client statement, the query timeout value that may have been set does not get propogated to the internal statement.
307715 CTLIB: Using ct_poll on an asynchronous connection (CS_NETIO: CS_ASYNC_IO) could cause a SEGV. (Unix, non-reentrant libraries only.)
307796 The Surrogate Connection Handle should point to the surrogate transaction's EIB block and IHANDLE not to the context Handler's(SYCH) EIB and IHANDLE.

Con_comres and con_ihandle field in the surrogate conhandle need to be updated when the surrogate conhandle is built to point to the correct EIB and IHANDLE's This will cauise OC4's when Tran Iso is turn on an a transaction tries to wirte to the SYTDLOG1, and there may be other problems that are not documented.

307874 ODBC: GPF when using Parameter set size.
307875 NETLIB: On unix platforms using the reentrant libaries, srv_ucwakeup(SRV_M_WAKE_INTR) will hang when called from the attention handler.
307978 RCM should display message when started
307981 RCM should allow for different primary and standby database names
308149 TDS Version hardcoded in TDINIT affecting Mixed Mode Program connecting to ASE 12.5.

ASE 12.5 cannot handle a 4.6 tds stream in a mixed mode program the ctx handle from OSC is used and the TDS version is hardcoded to version 4.6.

308202 Customer wants to redirect output from within ISQL
308409 12.5.1 Context handler ASRA, when the region is put under Load.
308438 OpenSwitch crashes after failing to close a connection with errors:

thrd__ct_close: Connection busy, ct_close(CS_UNUSED) failed

thrd__ct_con_drop: ct_con_drop() failed

308533 If CONNECT_TIMEOUT is not explicitly set, CS_TIMEOUT will be set to 60 seconds. It should be left unset so that we can default to the OpenServer default, which is infinity.
308551 jConnect now properly reads data from the server when the server sends back interspersed Exceptions and Warnings. Previously, jConnect could misread this kind of data, resulting in JZ0EM (end-of-data) exceptions being erroneously thrown.

This issue would show up when a client used a command such as 'set statistics io, time on', which results in query-processing statistics being sent to the client as SQLWarning messages.

308868 jConnect now properly processes groups of Warnings and results when they come back as part of a cursor fetch. Previouly, jConnect was in certain cases prematurely reporting the end of a ResultSet when a Warning came back as part of a cursor fetch.
309380 BCP IN to UTF-8 server fails to convert SJIS Roman numerals properly.
309514 CICSPING returning the wrong Version String for the EBF10522
309542 CPRE: An ESQL/C application continuously creating new threads to connect and disconnect to ASE may show an increase in using memory. 'EXEC SQL THREAD_EXIT' can be used before the end of a thread to help to reduce the memory consumption.
309605 64 bit ESQL Cobol does not work on Solaris 2.8. It fails

with error code: 114, pc=0, call=1, seg=0

114 Attempt to access item beyond bounds of memory (Signal 10)

309691 OSC when Starting Transactions uses the Default Prefix of "DF", for TSQ
309809 AIX client, either isql, isql_r or user written program gets a segv after using SSL connectivity when the program exits (returns to the OS command prompt). The same program not using SSL (omit the SSL from the interfaces entry for the client and server) will run successfully.
309971 Customer is asking for a way to track the users using there OCC applications. So we need to add logging and/or tracking of some sort in to OCC. Need to get more details from the customer on what they need.
309975 Customer would like an API interface added to OCC/OSC so that they call the API VIA NATURAL which uses the CICS TWA an PPT not the REGister 1 calling convention.
310107 SRVLIB: Open Server crashes with Signal BUS after repeated cursor errors are processed.
310691 OLEDB: Using Multiple Recordsets with ADO and Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider generates:

'The Instruction at "0x100403de" feferenced memory at "0x000001ec". The memory could not be "read".' This has been fixed in version 02.70.0016

310716 CTLIB: ct_results may hang if ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ATTN) is called before any pending result is retrieved.
310901 jConnect: Request to have support for ASE password encryption.
310972 If a non-zero value is passed as a second parameter to 'rp_dump', rp_dump not only does not channel the dump output to the log file as documented, but also cause 'NULL SRVPROC' error messages to be printed in the error log.
311265 OpenSwitch does not return the correct TDS status for failed commands.

It returned CS_CMD_SUCCEED when it should have returned CS_CMD_FAILED.

311302 XAER_RMERR returned during ASE crash test in client app using SybXAResource class. For dead connection RM is unavailable and XAER_RMFAIL would be more suitable for this condition. Please investigate if this could be changed.
311671 BLKLIB: blk_init() failed when using CS_DEFER_IO or CS_ASYNC_IO
311844 Incorrect padding on array Receive when using Numeric to Packed decimal conversion.
312022 BCP: bcp sends unnecessary attentions while retrieving the table format which, very occasionally, may cause hangs with some versions of ASE.
312057 SRVLIB: In the reentrant libraries, open server raised error 16331 whenever a site handler connection completes.
312953 ODBC: Numeric parameters preceded by char parameters would display as char datatypes when the metadata information for the parameters was not provided in an ADO application. What happened was the ODBC Driver would call SQLProcedureColumns to gather datatype information, but the driver was not indicating NUMERIC for the NUMERIC datatypes. It would indicate their types as CHAR.
313052 CTLIB: ct_cancel can cause a stack trace when called after ct_fetch returns value != CS_SUCCEED.
313067 CTBCP: bcp does not allow batch size of 1 (-b1), it changes it to 10.
313316 DBLIB: Make file in the db-lib sample directory doesn't contain support for 64 bit AIX
313490 Need documentation about temporary tables and connection caching
313493 Need to document required patches for HPUX: PHNE_28089

for HPUX 11.11 and PHNE_28538 for 11.00.

313533 Connection cache fails to accept command for second connection
313620 OLEDB: Command Timeout (oCmd.Properties.Item("Command Time Out").Value) gives twice the expected delay.
313737 The jTDS open server now can send and receive the new date and time datatypes.
313841 ESQL: cpre might generate core dumps when compiling source code using "typedef" structures.
314008 Incorrect installation instructions in Bulletin Replication Coordination Module
314062 OLEDB: Query with Outer Joins produces error in OLEDB Provider:

Syntax error at token 'ON', line 1 offset 46.

314065 ODBC: Using the "execute" keyword to execute stored procedures in ADO or ODBC applications causes the CommandTimeout to fail. Instead of timing out the driver will cause an infinite loop based on the timeout value.
314085 Make CMON_USER/CMON_PASSWORD configurable at SERVER and CONFIG levels.
314352 OpenSwitch 12.5 installer should define SYBASE_OCS in SYBASE.csh
314354 CPRE: -KSYMANTIC check might generate core dumps.
314688 CPRE: cpre might generate incorrect codes when host variables are in a structure.
314694 ESQL/C: cpre might generate error "M_INTERNAL_ERROR" when the soure code uses typedef structure in the include files.
314700 Context handler needs to handle transactions that are disabled
314704 jConnect: The getImportedKeys, getExportedKeys and getCrossReference methods return results in an order not consistent with the JDBC specification.
314726 ODBC: Output parameter not displayed when raiserror is involved in a stored procedure.
314780 BCP: Does not validate input data file for correct number of data fields.
314811 Request for bcp like utility based on JDBC API
314836 jConnect now caches the results of calls to ResultSetMetaData.getColumnTypeName(int). This caching can lead to significant performance improvements for applications which call the getColumnTypeName method frequently.
314909 jConnect now uses the canonical charset name when doing byte-to-character and character-to-byte conversion. This change will give jConnect users a significant performance benefit, particularly users who execute lots of queries, or who do a large amount of String processing from the database (i.e. calling the ResultSet.getString method).

This fix is a workaround for a java bug described in the following location:

For more information on canonical charset names, see this document:

314990 The jTDS openserver now properly sends pass-thru widetable results to clients that don't support widetable. In these cases, jTDS will convert the results to a format that can be understood by older clients that don't support widetable functionality.
315029 On 12.0 openserver threaded libraries, signal handling in the openserver appears to be broken on AIX. After installing a signal for sigalrm, a call to alarm() out of his handler and the process is then blocked. No logins are permitted once the signal handler is called.
315086 OLEDB: OLE-DB fails to return EED errors from stored procedures unless there is at least one result set. Instead the application gets "One of more errors occurred while processing the command"
315113 OLEDB: INTEGER output parameter is always zero if Parameter object Size = -1 in CreateParameter.
315391 Sample rcm_oswitch.cfg file needs COORD_MODE set to ALWAYS
315393 Need to add all new configurable options like CMON_USER to OpenSwitch.cfg file
315394 The automatic configuration option during install should prompt for CMON values
315558 Client threads hang in OpenSwitch during failover
315615 OLEDB: Request new features in UDL Interface
315668 SYISQL abends when accessing a Datetime column.
315674 rp_switch command fails to switch users to next server
315678 OpenSwitch crashes in strcmp due to CMON changes
315704 jConnect has optimized its performance when reading rows from the server. In some cases, users can expect to see a 10 percent performance improvement. Clients who use the widetable feature in ASE 12.5+ could see improvement of up to 25 percent. In all cases, clients will see performance improvement during selects.
315862 CTLIB: Read from unallocated memory causes crash in ct_get_data().
315971 DBLIB: No longer setting SO_REUSEADDR on client sockets.
316031 jConnect no longer throws the JZ0TS SQLException at Connect time in the following case:

1. Client has not set the HOSTNAME connection property and the host computer's name (retrieved through is longer than 30 bytes. jConnect will now truncate any hostname longer than 30 bytes to a max of 30 bytes.

316159 ODBC: Raiserror, in a stored proc, detected on different API call when executed as an RPC event as opposed to the LANGUAGE event. In this case it returns on SQLMoreResults() on the RPC call (it returns SQL_ERROR) and as a LANGUAGE event it returns SQL_ERROR on SQLFetch() after all rows are fetched on the result set preceding the raiserror.
316215 CPRE: Usage of typedef for character arrays in ESQL/C is not available now. Preprocessor gives error: M_SCALAR_CHAR, Error: non-array character variable <xx> is being used illegally as a host variable at line <yy>.
316263 jConnect: Set the TCP KeepAlive property to true by default for ASE connections so that idle connections are not broken.
316465 Runtime installation of Open Client does not include DB-Lib libsybdb.dll
316582 jConnect has added a new Connection property -- ESCAPE_PROCESSING_DEFAULT. This property defaults to true. It can be used to set the default value for Statement.setEscapeProcessing(boolean val). If you do not intend to include any JDBC function escapes in your SQL, setting the property to false can result in a performance improvement.

With this CR, we also added a performance enhancement to Connection.commit() and Connection.rollback().

Finally, we added a fix to properly report the datatype in metadata when the server sends back LONGCHAR data.

316984 CPRE: Using typdef with character arrays does not work in ESQL/C.
317002 NETLIB: On Sun solaris, gateway server memory usage can be very high when many connections are concurrently active and threaded libraries are used. This is because the default stacksize for net-library threads used to be set to 1MB. This is now changed to 64K for unix platforms. On AIX, you may encounter a bug with ho_byname2() with these changes. To resolve this, please install IBM patch APAR IY39589.
317043 ODBC: SQLFreeStmt(SQL_CLOSE) does not deallocate the ASE cursor.
317065 BCP: Raise an error when ct_con_props() property CS_PACKETSIZE is set to a value >=64KB
317072 SRVLIB: srv_yield() fails to resume thread after yielding.
317107 jConnect no longer causes data truncation to occur when sending values to ASE numeric columns that have (precision, scale) values of (2,0), (2,1), (2,2), (1,1) or (1,0).
317286 ODBC: SQLSetStmtAttr(SQL_ATTR_MAX_ROWS) does a complete table scan on ASE
317407 CTLIB: Changed compile/link flag for nthread_axposf in '-pthread' for ctlib examples.
317485 jConnect: Request for support of getTypeMap() on Connection object.
317630 TCP IP Listener hangs when requested CICS transaction is disabled
317873 ODBC: When using Interfaces File, the driver was not updating the "LogonID" value in the registry, in the HKEY_LOCAL_USER\Software\ODBC\ODBC.INI section, under the specified DSN.
317882 jConnect now implements the Statement query timeout as intended in the JDBC specification. Previously, we would set a socket read timeout to be equal to the value set for setQueryTimeout on each socket read for a Statement. Now, we properly count down from the initial timeout value to 0 as we do socket reads.
318394 The problem is when an OSC Application Abends, using CICS 3.x Terminal security, on task termination SYBTRUE is Cleaning up the TCP/IP Socket but not signing off the terminal.
319004 ODBC: Login failure messages return in different order and are truncated. Therefore, by customer request, removed an existing error message from the error messages the driver returns when attempting to connect with an invalid UID and/or Server information.
319166 Language events fail if the input stream contains "@" symbol.
319188 jConnect no longer changes the transaction isolation level when a client calls Connection.isClosed() and the backend database is an Adaptive Server Anywhere. The transaction isolation level will not be affected by calls to Connection.isClosed().
319479 ODBC: CtLib based ODBC Driver fails to connect to ASE 125 (64bit) with 16K pagesize
319538 SRVLIB: Negotiated packetsize is set to 256 instead of server packetsize when client specifies packetsize >= 32768.
319746 When a client calls getObject on a NUMERIC or DECIMAL type output parameter, *and* the client has not registered a scale, jConnect no longer returns null. Instead, we will return a value which uses the scale returned by the database. Please note that as per the JDBC API, clients should always register the scale of a NUMERIC or DECIMAL output parameter before they execute their Statement.
319942 ODBC: CtLib 4.10 driver needs to be built with CS_VERSION_120. Prior to this Sybase ASE ODBC Driver version, 4.10.0058, if the driver was used with OCS 12.0, and a console based application was used, such as vbscript, an error would occur on initialization:

The context allocation routine failed.

The following problem caused the failure:

Invalid context version.

Now, this build of the Sybase ASE ODBC Driver, ctlib based, requires you to use OCS 12.0 ONLY. If you want to use OCS 12.5 you must use EBF 11081 (12.5.0/P-EBF11081 ESD#11/04.10.0000).

320102 CTLIB: A multithreaded application creating and dropping connections while calling

ct_poll can generate a SEGV.

320119 OLEDB: Row Cache Size is not working properly. When Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider is set to SelectMethod=0 (Cursor) only one row is fetched and the Recordset is not getting populated. Also the following error was reported: "Run-time error '3021':Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record." This has been resolved.
320196 ResultQuery.RowCount returns -1 when using RDO in VB

Tested and reproduced with Sybase ASE ODBC Driver 4.10.0000 and 4.10.0049.

Works fine with old "Sybase System 11" ODBC Driver 3.11.0000

Also works fine when using ADO, instead of RDO, with any ODBC driver version.

The workaround is to include rdoEngine.rdoDefaultCursorDriver = rdUseOdbc in coding.

320747 EXAMPLE: sample program wide_compute could not compile on Windows platforms.
321153 DBLIB: On HPUX 64-bit libraries, dbbind() fails to convert negative integer to NTBSTRINGBIND
321477 CTISQL: Make the display of date/time from isql shorter to avoid wasting space.
321836 Open Client property BLK_CONV added to enable client side character set conversion, set via blk_props().
321839 Added new Open Client property ARRAY_INSERT for Bulk-Library API bulk_props().
321881 When cache is turned on and OpenSwitch is under heavy connection load, some client sessions will hang.
321962 Transaction is not def message is used for a catch all message by ctxh.
322108 The SO_LINGER SetSOCKET Option need to be removed for OCC Connections. The Linger call seems to be hanging cics region waiting to close Connections.
322240 COMNLIB: Numeric division may give incorrect results when divisor is very small.
322478 jConnect can now handle numerics up to 127 precision/scale. Note that Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise has a limit of 38 for precision/scale. Adaptive Server Anywhere has a larger limit, which is why jConnect was upgraded.
322597 SSL handshake failure when logging into open server sometimes doesn't result in SRV_T_IODEAD being set.
322661 CM timer does not work on NT.
322687 jConnect is now more intelligent about the way it sends unichar/univarchar data to servers that support those datatypes.

To request unichar/univarchar support, a client must set the JCONNECT_VERSION connection property to 6. Furthermore, a client must set the DISABLE_UNICHAR_SENDING property to false (we have changed this property so that it now defaults to true).

When unichar/univarchar is properly enabled, jConnect will send unichar/univarchar parameter data only if the characters cannot be converted to the negotatiated character set of the Connection.

For example, if the server has iso_1 as the default character set, and the client tries to send a unichar representation of the euro character (and unichar is enabled), jConnect will send the String to the server as unichar/univarchar.

322806 ISQL: Numeric division resulting in precision > 62 raises overflow message in cs_convert()
322901 Enhance the "Receive time out" error message to include the IP address of the connecting client.
323048 Provide a configuration switch to disable password checking, and validate only the userid.
323170 Introduce Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol support in OpenServer Connect, on

both SNA and TCP/IP protocols

323279 Wildcard expressions are not recognized in the POOL section of the config file.
323627 ODBC: ADO property (Commmand object) CommandTimeout was not working prior to this release.
323711 BCP: bcp fails while copying in univarchar utf8 data in native format
323821 ODBC: Running query in MS Access 2002 on Windows XP that loops over the execution and returns large result set can result in memory access error resulting in an application crash.
323957 Need ability to re-enable server side character set conversion
324278 When OpenSwitch is connected to an ASE on NT, the resource monitor fails to cancel client connections even when it detects that the resource limit has been exceeded.
324352 BCP: Multiple fixes concerning (var)char and (var)binary columns of size 256 and up.
324566 rp_pool_attrib does not recognize duplicate entries and will continue to add them to the pool even when they already exist. Similarly, to remove these duplicate entries from a pool, the user will need to execute rp_pool_remattrib multiple times as well.
324645 ODBC: Applications may crash with corrupted memory when processing results from stored procedures that access remote OpenServer applications.
324671 jConnect now properly handles batches of dynamic prepared statements. Previously, jConnect would sporadically fail to send the parameters to the server correctly.
324744 cs_convert truncates numbers when using non-english locale like german or french
324750 LDAP: Clients (isql, dsedit) may fail with segmentation violation when LDAP server returns a blank transport type
324752 Samples: Makefile/ incorrect for irix sgi64 missing -DSYB_LP64
324786 executeBatch() throws SQLException "JZ0SB Parameter index out of bounds"

when called with many paramters multiple times.

325110 MFC Server Option for CICS, the listener cannot be restarted after abnormal end because its port was not released
325303 The DatabaseMetaData.getBestRowIdentifier method does not fail anymore with the following error: 'com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Attempt to insert NULL value into column 'DECIMAL_DIGITS', table '#bestinfo'; column does not allow nulls. Update fails.' The method now executes as expected.
325371 BCP: Under some circumstances, BCP might run into memory allocation errors when large batch sizes are used.
325575 The RCM configuration parameters monitor_wait and timer_interval cannot be equal to one another. When the two parameters are equal, the RCM hangs at startup and does not provide a clear error message. Users may not realize that the startup did not complete since no errors message is written to the log. Note the RCM log file should conclude with the statement: "The Replication Coordination Module (RCM) has started." when the initialization steps complete successfully.
325604 ODBC: Exec keyword contributes to message: "Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value."
325895 Datetime value is read incorrecly by OLEDB Provider.
326265 OpenSwitch could core dump when large number of debugging messages are

written to log file (such as with DEBUG=a) in stress-test mode.

Workaround: Use DEBUG=a only for debugging purposes when there is a problem.

Otherwise, DEBUG=e is recommended.

326416 BCP: Truncate trailing spaces when bcp'ing into a univarchar column.
326501 Allow regular connection attempts to retry an alternate host/port combination even if LDAP and HA are not being used. Similar to CR 305625 without the LDAP and HA requirements.
326567 The Replication Coordination Module (RCM) utilizes the native operating system's "ping" utility to verify the existence of servers that RCM monitors. When RCM "pings" a server on the IBM platform, the executation of RCM hangs (discontinues execution, but does not halt).
326666 Downloading SybMetaData from a server is slow and all sybase servers don't implement metadata (e.g. OpenServer). If SybMetaData could be serialized to a local file, and used at connection start then it would not have to downloaded from a server everytime. The data could also be downloaded from one server and used on other servers.
326667 jConnect implementation often requires SybMetaData to be handled by the server. Customers would like to use jConnect against openservers. OpenServer needs to implement minimal sp_mda metadata capability for those customers wishing to use jConnect against their installed openserver.
326849 SYCM ASRA under a certain condition when trying to cancel a Listener. Not sure why this is happening. The Dump shows that the ASRA was because we try to access a SYMNMS2O map field on MAP SYOSMGM, the problem is that the Base register for the MAP has been over layed. The base Reg is Reg 4 and at the time of the Abend it contained '40000000' not a vaild Address.
326882 BCP: bcp does not set hostname which is displayed by sp_who
326887 OLEDB: When CursorLocation=adUseClient, an error, "-2147467259 Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status", occurs when select involves TEXT column.
327159 ISQL:isql does not recognize return status correctly when CS_BEHAVIOR is set to CS_BEHAVIOR_100.
327199 Setting CS_OPT_NOCOUNT to CS_TRUE or executing the SQL "set nocount on" on a connection before executing a bcp operation causes erroneous error messages saying that the operation has failed upon completion.
327253 OLEDB: AddNew() not generating full INSERT statement
327297 CPRE:Under some circumstances,ESQL/C incorrectly splits lines of SQL files when processing string literals.
327343 Customer would lke to use SYCM to referesh the TCP/IP env, rather then running SYBCLOS and SYBOPEN. Have a away via SYCM screen, possible a a PF key.... To close an Open the Listeners and clear out the Global Area. So that changes in the SYLSCFG can be updated easier.
327376 Open Client Release Bulletin only states OS IRIX 6.5 is required. But open client/server software will not run on older hardware based on the mips3 hardware platform. For SGI we should clearly state hardware dependancies in addition to the required OS versions.
327644 Retrieve Database names list from server in login dialogbox instead of fixes comma separate list.
327647 Database list in Setup of dialogbox can hold only 255 characters
328613 OLEDB: When executing a stored procedure with an input parameter of varchar datatype, the provider wrongly passes an empty string as a NULL string to ASE.
328651 Cover letters need to warn about missing components
328655 Update Release Bulletins on DB-Library issues
328838 Feature request for the ability to bcp out using dirty reads (transaction isolation level 0)
328964 Bulk-Lib reports error w/ ASE multiple tempdb "#" temp tables:

Message number: LAYER = (0) ORIGIN = (0) SEVERITY = (0) NUMBER = (0)

Message String: blk_init(): blk layer: internal BLK-Library error: Failed when CT_Lib routine ct_fetch(BLK_IN_GET_FMT) called.

328965 BLKLIB: blklib does not support ASE multiple temporary databases feature
328989 BLKLIB: When NETIO is ASYNC or DEFER, blk_done will react incorrectly to ct_cancel requests.
329073 Spaces trimmed by OLEDB Provider between SQL Statement and argument.

Workaround is to use ODBC Driver 4.20 instead.

329245 jConnect no longer truncates RPC parameters to INTEGER types when the client has registered the parameter as a BIGINT.
329421 setObject(Types.LONGVARCHAR) must send a LONGCHAR datatype if possible (as stated in the JDBC javadocs). Previously, jConnect would send the param as VARCHAR or CHAR datatype if the param was <= 255 chars.
329429 OLEDB: does not handle varbinary or varchar params longer than 255 bytes.
329535 jConnect has added the IMPLICIT_CURSOR_FETCH_SIZE connection property to aid customers who do large selects interleaved with metadata calls.

This property is used in conjunction with the SELECT_OPENS_CURSOR property. When SELECT_OPENS_CURSOR is set to true, *and* this property is set to any positive value, select statements executed by the client will open a cursor. The cursor will have a fetch size of the value set with this property.

Note that when this property is set, jConnect changes the way it normally interprets the SELECT_OPENS_CURSOR property; normally SELECT_OPENS_CURSOR will open a cursor only if the SQL contains a 'FOR UPDATE' clause. When IMPLICIT_CURSOR_FETCH_SIZE is set to some non-zero value, jConnect will open a cursor for every select, with or without a FOR UPDATE.

329622 CTISQL: isql doesn't display the correct error message when textsize is set to a very large value using 'set textsize <value>'.
329719 isql mixes row count string with print output if CS_BEHAVIOR is CS_BEHAVIOR_100.
329979 SRVLIB: setjmp apparently doesn't flush the RSE on Linux which may cause problems down the road.
330046 EventListener.connectionClose() gets invoked when PoolConnection.getConnection()

is called twice for the same PoolConnection object (which will implicitly close

the connection open by the first call). JDBC spec says that this should not happen.

330245 BCP: Core dumps if connection is lost on 'Copy in'
330288 Customer wants bcp/isql to try standby servers in interfaces file silently
330297 ODBC: adCurrency reports incorrect values when used as Output parameter
330322 ODBC: MS Access -7776 error with import table on 1.2 GHz PC due to a datetime column.
330593 CT-LIB: Under some circumstances, CT-LIB application may have performance degradation when receiving large resultsets.
330682 ODBC: CtLib based driver, 4.10, is adding 0x00 to character strings that are greater than 255 bytes in length. This did not occur on previous versions.
330703 BLKLIB: blk_bind() ignores localization defined at the connection and data element level.
330849 Request to implement getSQLStateType
330874 CTLIB: A CT-Library application core dumps when it calls ct_data_info() after ct_get_data() is called on a non text/image column.
330970 The CM or RCM process consumes a large percentage of CPU cycles.
331024 jConnect would sometimes fail to call clearBatch() after a successful call to executeBatch. The JDBC specification states that clearBatch must be called, and jConnect now follows the spec when executeBatch is called.
331166 OpenSwitch segfaults because mem_free is being called on memory that is not allocated on the heap.
331209 Setting SRV_S_IFILE servername length as 255 fails, on 12.5, worked on 12.0.

Customer finds srv_props(CS_SET,SRV_S_IFILE) regression moving from

12.0 openserver to 12.5 openserver.

char intf[255] = {"\0"};

strcpy(intf, "./interfaces");

retcode = srv_props(ctos_ctx->cx_context, CS_SET, SRV_S_IFILE, intf, CS

_SIZEOF(intf), (CS_INT *) NULL);

331243 rcm.loc is missing certain locales messages
331247 Users cannot connect to primary OpenSwitch when RCM is configured for redundancy.
331285 BCP: Hexadecimal and octal field/row terminators are not correctly stored in the bcp data file.
331333 CM needs to be able to set the timeout value of its connections to the OpenSwitch server to other than the default 60 seconds.
331362 OLEDB: When "set nocount on" is set, headings for empty result sets are not returned to the client.
331472 When OpenSwitch is configured with CMON=1, SWITCH_AT_LOGIN_TIMEOUT=1, and RESPONSE_TIMEOUT<60, user connections are switched back and forth between the primary and secondary Adaptive Servers.
331631 CS_LOGIN_TIMEOUT does not work in external configuration file ocs.cfg
331706 CSLIB: cs_convert() using a locale from a different context could fail.
331731 OLEDB: No cursor deallocation when ADO Recordset object is closed. Now when RecordsetObject.Close is issued the ASE cursors will be closed and deallocated.
332279 BCP: When bcp -Y truncates data no error messages are displayed.
332294 OCC cannot process XNL datatype of INT8, 64 bit integer.
332389 jConnect has changed its default data caching strategy. When jConnect is done using data it has cached, jConnect now releases that data to Java's garbage collector. Previously, jConnect would manage its own internal memory cache. But, we have found that Java's improvements in garbage collection mean that customers will see better performance if we allow the Java Virtual Machine to garbage-collect old data.

This change should result in better performance for some customer applications. It will not hurt performance.

332700 TRACE=Y may be added to the SYBTPSEC macro for TCP listener tracing that shows the client IP address.
332767 SRVLIB: On Solaris and Linux platforms,srv_dbg_stack was not able to obtain a stacktrace for other threads in reentrant libraries.
332812 OpenSwitch 12.5 hangs with 100 users when run in FULL_PASSTHRU mode
332865 Some memory errors that were exposed during internal testing need to be addressed on all platforms.
333018 CTLIB, SRVLIB: Solaris 8 /usr/lib/ has issues. Use /usr/lib/lwp/ instead.
333167 BCP: When bcp fails to copy a batch into ASE, it erroneously reports that the operation is successful.
333225 CTLIB: Non-threaded libraries were setting and resetting the signal mask too frequently

resulting in reduced performance.

333326 CM blocks users from logging in during ping intervals.
333474 CTLIB: Unable to connect to ASA, ASIQ, MSSQL, DB2 using sp_addserver host/port number.
333665 OpenSwitch 12.5.1 hangs against Open Server 12.5.1
333851 Open Client/Open Server was enhanced to allow parameters with language events. Mainframe Connect will be enhanced to use this new feature.
334020 CTLIB, CSLIB: Allow use of SYBOCS_CFG environment variable to over-ride default configuration value.
334158 CTLIB: New Feature to allow CS_LOGIN_TIMEOUT & CS_TIMEOUT properties to be set at connection level as well as context level.
334178 BCP: BCP -Y does not do conversions for multibyte characterset columns greater than 255 bytes in length.
334361 jConnect install document for 5.5 still refers to 5.2 version.
334482 jConnect has added a new connection property, QUERY_TIMEOUT_CANCELS_ALL. This property works in the following way: If a client has called Statement.execute(), and one of the SQL statements in the execute batch times out, jConnect will issue a cancel_all command on the Connection. This will cause all pending statements on the Connection to be canceled.

This behavior can be useful, for example, in a case where the timeout is caused by a deadlock situation.

334483 OLEDB: Error running proc:"The name 'sp_who sa' is not a valid identifier" w/ adCmdText
334644 On array processing, the fetch count is not being properly set.
334672 Add getrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE) to warn user about file descriptors
334785 SRVLIB: Open Server fails to perform necessary byteswapping on CS_UNICHAR characters
334856 If a client does the following:

1. set DYNAMIC_PREPARE connection property to true

2. create a batch of PreparedStatements

3. call setFetchSize()

4. executeBatch()

jConnect will still properly execute the batch. Before this fix, jConnect would become confused by the setFetchSize(), which would create a cursor to process results (even though a cursor makes no sense in the context of executing a batch of statements).

335065 Changed the OpenSwitch's default of suppressing some errors

to start displaying these errors.

335268 Documentation needs clarification regarding batch rejection operations. During bcp operations, bcp rejects individual rows for problems it detects like converstion errors and placed information in the -e <errorfile>. bcp does not reject entire batches, the server does for errors in the batch that it detects. The current documentation leads one to believe that it is bcp rejecting a batches instead of rows on the client side of things.
335480 OpenSwitch crashes in np_err_string
335484 CTLIB: OpenSwitch crashes in np_err_string
335601 When log size reaches MAX_LOGSIZE OpenSwitch overwrites the log
335650 EXAMPLE: dblibary, ctlibrary and srvlibrary examples now have more readable 'Makefile' and helper script ''. Functions in the examples are also rewritten in ANSI format.
335688 OCSCFG: On Windows NT, references to net library drivers in ocscfg.exe are not needed.
335891 BCP, ISQL: In some circumstance, BCP and ISQL incorrectly report timing statistics.For example, they might report negative clock time if the running jobs span accross midnight.
336056 OLEDB: Initialization String is limited to 40 bytes in ASE OLE DB Configurator. Manually editting the IDS file exceeds this limitation.
336076 SRVLIB: multthrd example core dumps if no servername is specified on the commandline.
336195 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Add support for some missing Data Source Information types in SQLGetInfo function: SQL_USER_NAME, SQL_TXN_CAPABLE, SQL_TXN_ISOLATION_OPTION, SQL_NON_NULLABLE_COLUMNS, SQL_NULL_COLLATION and SQL_MAX_TABLES_IN_SELECT.
336405 Memory leak in AMD2SPS Module.
336519 Under isql version 10.0.4 compute results were displayed directly under the columm which generate the compute results. Under isql version 12.5 compute results are generated left aligned in the printout.
336538 OpenSwitch gets error "mempool_getblock: mem_alloc() failed".
336585 RCM passes two undocumented parameters to the NOTIFICATION_PROCESS
336607 CTLIB: Using Wide Dynamic/ Cursors can cause a core dump in comnlib mapping routines.
336650 SYISQL fails with a code of -7, the region size must be increased appropriately.
336670 CMON thread makes multiple connections to same ASE
336674 BCP: When bcp reaches its maximum number of errors it does not report the reason why it stops.
336709 Multiple sockets for an OCC transaction are not closed on abend.
337095 OLEDB Provider 2.70.0022/2.70.0023: Precision error when stored procedure input parameter is set to Null
337129 ODBC: ASE varchar was treated the same as char value when ODBC was connected to ASE via Open Server gateway such as Open Switch, and ASE was at version 12.0. The varchar data was being padded so the data displayed was "full length" of the varchar column as defined on ASE. The padding no longer occurs.
337320 Request to support setObject(parmIndiex, NULL)
337422 OLEDB: Literal empty string as parameter in ADO application fails against ASE 12.0 with the error: "While reading characters from the client, the receiving buffer has been detected to be too small." This is ASE Error 4020.
337651 When a client calls updateObject (int index, Object o), and the Object is a BigDecimal, jConnect will respect the value's scale. Previously, jConnect would incorrectly set the scale to 0.
337720 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider does not support encryption of ASE Login password.
337724 Clients can now pass in a Short object to setObject(). Previously, jConnect was missing some internal conversion methods, which resulted in an Exception being thrown in this case.
337822 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider cannot use LDAP to obtain database connection information.
337825 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider does not support setting up connections for fail-over in a High-availability cluster.
338060 ADO.NET:DataOverflow Exception when inserting values greater than 127 into a TinyInt class.
338223 SYGWCTXH is Abending OC4 at Offset 1972
338256 ADO.NET: AseDataAdapter.fill() returns value from previous cell when current cell value is null.
338322 ADO.NET: AseException is generated when AseDataAdapter.Update(DataSet) command is called to update a table with newly inserted rows and target ASE table contains auto-incremented primary key values.
338334 ODBC: Unable to display and input Traditional Chinese (Big5) characters correctly due to Big5 characters were incorrectly mapped into unicode when using datatype SQL_C_WCHAR.
338356 Need to announce "no support" for ODBC/OLEDB in .NET Environment
338504 ODBC: The ASE install master script set incorrect values, that are not within the ODBC 3.X specification. To correct this problem now, you can modify the system tables.
338697 ADO.NET: New feature request to be able to obtain connection information from Sybase interfaces / SQL.INI files.
338706 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider cannot use SSL encryption with ASE.
338799 NETLIB: ct_connect() does not failover to secondary interface entries.
338850 COMNLIB: Change the maximum length of a parameter of SDK utilities to PATH_MAX (Unix) or _MAX_PATH (Windows). This fix is not available on SGI platform now.
339062 ADO.NET: On an exception condition if ASE generates a list of errors, AseException object contains only the first error
339090 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider supports only a subset of charsets supported by ASE.
339123 SRVLIB: Openserver RPC which uses parameters of type CS_UNICHAR_TYPE does not work.
339355 ADO.NET: Internal Error 30002 when a processing a null datetime column under certain circumstances.
339371 BCP: bulk copy in with -t option may crash when copying in a file larger than 2GB.
339464 Customer would like to AND connection attributes in their POOL
339515 Document and test installing OpenSwitch as a service on Windows
339567 CTLIB: OCS 12.5.1 client with its CS_NETIO property set to asynchronous mode will hang when trying to connect to pre-12.0 ASE.
339841 ribo: Ribo throws java.lang.NullPointerException when converting a TDS file.
339984 ODBC: Driver help file has different information about Select Method and Prepare Method than the default driver settings.
340075 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to add support for SQLBulkOperations.
340079 Statement.setMaxRows() should be honored within cursors as well as outside the scope of cursors. Currently the setMaxRows() does not within a cursor.

jConnect should be altered to code around the current ASE behavior to provide the proper JDBC behavior which is to limit the ResultSet to the setRowMax() number of rows whether a cursor is used or not.

340162 ADO.NET: Executing a stored procedure with "print" statements in the stored procedure code causes exceptions.
340163 ADO.NET: Return type for AseParameterCollection.Add method chnaged from Int32 to AseParameter.
340381 Today, only ODBC Driver has the Password Encryption feature. Customer would like to have password encryption feature to OLE DB Provider.
340565 setMaxRows() method is ignored when using setFetchSize() on a statement
340567 DBLIB: DB-Library doesn't return network errors.
340710 Wants OpenSwitch to send message to clients issuing commands to LOCKED server
340715 If a client application set LITERAL_PARAMS to true, jConnect would cause an Exception to be thrown when a database name was in the connection URL, or when a customer called Connection.setCatalog(String dbName). This error no longer occurs.
340817 CM applications that serve more than one OpenSwitch server may not detect the failure of a secondary OpenSwitch server right away.
341065 ODBC:TDS ODBC Driver doesn't connect to an Asymmetric Secondary ASE in a HA setup
341137 ODBC: Set identity_insert tab ON causes SQL_ERROR on execution of stored procedure. Now it returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.
341442 SRVLIB: Some platforms reported SRV_C_DEBUG capability without srv_dbg_stack() support.
341467 blktxt won't build, Makefile misleads customers there is dependency on libsrv
341667 ODBC: Request to configure WorkArounds attributes via GUI.
341807 ADO.NET: If ASE returns informational message(s) as a result of execution of a command or stored procedure then the ADO.NET Data Provider may throw an exception. Typically these messages get generated as a result of print statements in sotored procedure or set commands such as "set showplan on".
341980 Customer needs a way to map language requests to more than one transaction depending on selected criteria, for example, the user's ID. See General Information and Technical Notes, item 1, for reference.
342025 We have updated the jConnect Programmer's Reference Manual and the jConnect Installation Guide. We are now including these documents in the EBF zip files that customers can download from the web. The documents also are available online at
342043 BLKLIB: blk_colval() getting invalid length when client is Windows NT and Open Server is Solaris.
342254 CTLIB: Occasionally fully async connections could lose SIGIO in non-reentrant library.
342554 ODBC: E_FAIL status with AddNew() and CursorLocation set to adUseClient in a Visual Basic ADO applciation. This is resolved by using the WorkArounds2=16 connection attribute. You can add this to the ADO connections string as "WA2=16". Another alternative is to add the "WorkArounds2=16" for the DSN as found in the registry under ODBC.INI.
342620 When client drops from network OpenSwitch makes Recursive Calls to srv__seterr
342785 CTLIB: Odd file descriptor limit causes SIGBUS.
342973 SRVLIB: Open Server does unexpected charset conversion between non-japanese charset and japanese charset.
343024 OCC cannot process a message longer than 512 bytes.
343050 COBPRE: cobpre may generate COBOL codes that violate Columns 73-80 in Japanese environment.
343185 jConnect no longer throws a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in the following case: Customer sets DYNAMIC_PREPARE and SELECT_OPENS_CURSOR conn properties to true, and the query contains a ...FOR UPDATE clause.
343200 When a client tried to set the BE_AS_JDBC_COMPLIANT_AS_POSSIBLE property, and passed that value in with a Properties object to the DriverManager.getConnection method, jConnect would wind up resetting all the prop values that are triggered when the jdbc compliance prop is set. jConnect now sets the JDBC compliance properties properly.
343207 ISQL: Using ASE feature real-time messaging may cause core dump in ISQL.
343251 ODBC: No updates were allowed on disconnected ADO Recordset from a stored procedure call, after upgrading to the 4.20 driver build. Application would recieve the error

"-2147217887 : Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value." To prevent this from happening, a new connection option is required, ReportUnknownForUpdatable, which is False (0) by default. When set to TRUE (1), this option will always return SQL_ATTR_READWRITE_UNKNOWN for the SQL_DESC_UPDATABLE field of the result column descriptors. This will only apply to stored procedure result sets.

343256 DBLIB: Allow dblib on Windows NT to use directory services other than the interfaces file.
343341 NETLIB: sql.ini entries for name pipes using NAMEPIPE are not recognized
343354 jConnect: If you call PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream() and at runtime, the user InputStream throws an IOException, jConnect does not cleanup the network buffers completely. As a result, the subsequent command including the call to rollback() will receive an exception.
343384 jConnect now returns metadata properly when PreparedStatement.getMetaData is called. Previously, we were only returning metadata if the statement was dynamically prepared.
343430 SDK and Open Server 12.5.1 require Solaris patch 108993-18 or later.
343643 OLEDB: Version 2.70 ignores MaxRecords property when Select Method = Cursor
343967 ADO.NET: The "Max Pool Size" connection property is not being utilized to limit the maximum number of concurrent connections to the database.
344035 Open Server leaks memory when shut down from a STOP_SRV event
344071 The DatabaseMetaData.getColumns method no longer fails when used against a server that has utf-8 as the default character set and a non-binary sort order.
344287 ODBC: Table import in Access 2000/2002/2003 hangs with Select Method=Direct
344680 If a server is has a default characterset utf8 and a stored procedure is created using

(french) accented characters, defncopy is adding extra spaces to the text of the

procedure when the client configured with iso_1.

344719 DBLIB: Memory leak of 255 bytes each time client application connects to server using encrypted passwords set by DBSETLENCRYPT(login, TRUE).
344783 jConnect retrieves data with blanks for a "char null" column.
344941 Need stronger RCM analyze functionality. Would like the

analyze functionality check for mismatched configuration

options in the rcm.cfg and the OpenSwitch.cfg files.

344968 SRVLIB: Calling srv_sendinfo with a srvproc that has not logged in complete may cause an access violation.
345019 OLEDB: OLEDB 2.70.0024 hangs when using 2 recordsets on a connection and when retrieving text data.
345068 Explanation of setting SSID to the TCP/IP stack name (or TCP/IP job name) is available in the MFC Server Option a.k.a. Open ServerConnect for CICS Installation and Administration Guide only (see URL below)

345190 Added a JFileChooser to jisql, to allow for greater customization of how the file list is sorted.
345277 ADO.NET: The memory allocated for AseCommand objects is not freed until the underlying connection is closed.
345443 Request to increase length of bounded arrays in tds loginrec for lhostname, lusername, lpw, lappname and lservname.
345689 BCP: bcp prints out warning message when loading data into the table with identity

column without -E option specified.

345719 jConnect: A jConnect application calling PreparedStatement.setCharacterStream() to set a string parameter containing a few characters from languages other than English eg. german,

swedish etc. receives a com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.TdsDataOutputStream exception when the

length is around 255 characters.

345869 ODBC: Raiserror was always returning as SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO in stored procedure call. To provide flexibility a new connection property has been added: SybaseWorkArounds. The following details provide the information on the option:

Connection String name for SybaseWorkArounds

Long Name: SybaseWorkArounds

Short Name: SWA

Possible Values of SybaseWorkArounds for RaiseError:

0 RaiseError as Warning, the default

1 RaiseError as Error

345978 CPRE: An ESQL/C application continuously creating new threads to connect and disconnect to ASE may show an increase in using memory. 'EXEC SQL THREAD_EXIT' can be used before the end of a thread to help to reduce the memory consumption.
346111 A new option called CMON_WAITFOR_DELAY has been introduced. The value for this should be entered in number of seconds. The default is 3600 (1 hour). This can be configured in the OpenSwitch.cfg file. The purpose for this flag is to enable the user to configure the delay period for the waitfor delay command that the cmon connection issues. This will enable a user to set the value much lower than the default so that when the user wishes to shutdown the ASE gracefully it will occur in a timely manner. It is highly recommended that the cmon username not be an administrator.
346120 ODBC: Cannot insert rows in Recordset if square brackets contain the table name in SELECT statement.
346122 DEFNCOPY: Defncopy should initialize the connection properties of host name and program name.
346156 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider returns the count of cumulative rows affected by a query rather than only the number of rows directly affected by the query. For example if one row insert triggers another row to be updated, a count of 2 is returned.
346307 CTLIB:ct_param sets maxlength greater than 255 even when version is less than CS_VERSION_125
346310 ODBC: When executing a stored procedure with or without "EXEC" keyword, and application is using a query timeout (such as CommandTimeout in ADO application, or using QueryTimeout in ODBC API SQLSetStmtAttr call), when the timeout occurs, SQLExecDirect() returns SQL_SUCCESS. The message and SQL_ERROR return code was retrieved during SQLFetch(). This has been corrected so that the execute returns SQL_ERROR on the SQLExecDirect() API call.
346439 SRVLIB: Non-MacOSX 'isql' fails to connect to MacOSX Open Server applications.
346598 When ASE shuts down, OpenSwitch reports it is unable to lock opt_mtx
346765 ODBC: The ASE ODBC Driver 12.5.1 on Linux does not implement all Scalar functions as described in the ODBC specification. Request to implement NOW(), DATABASE(), USER_NAME & IFNULL() functions.
346906 BLKLIB/DEFNCOPY: Square brackets in object names are supported now.
346933 Incorrect error handling occurs for ISQL/CICS. See General Information and Technical Notes, item 3.
347175 The CICS RDO/PPT definitions of Sybase CICS Load Module SYBOPEN, common to both Mainframe Connect (MFC) Client Option (a.k.a. OCC) and Server Option (a.k.a. OSC), and SYCLOS, for OSC only, should have the EXECKEY parameter setting values of "CICS" not "USERS" as indicated in the OSC's Install & Admin Guide

Pls note that the RDO/PPT definitions supplied in the Installation JCL are corrected as of 12.50.01 (see CR 274424)

347201 ODBC: ODBC does not receive all Extended Error Data messages from PRINT statements in a stored procedure.
347227 OpenSwitch reports opt_mtx errors when CMON=0 and clients use TDS 4.6
347471 The Sybase ASE ODBC Driver currently does not fully support the SQLBrowseConnect function call. The SQLBrowseConnect function is expected to prompt user for any missing connection information. The Sybase ASE ODBC Driver will return an error if required connection information is missing.
347535 ODBC: MaxRecords not working with SelectMethod=Direct
347603 OLEDB: Releasing an OLEDB session does not close the connection to ASE.
347640 CTLIB: ct_poll is supposed to return CS_QUIET only if timeout is 0 and the passed-in context (or connection) has no pending I/O. If I/O is pending,then CS_TIMED_OUT should be returned.
347683 NETLIB: On some unix platforms such as AIX, SSL handshake may fail for certificate which has a null extension field.
347799 OLEDB: Unable to get a message returned from a raiserror. Instead a generic message is raised "An unknown error has occurred".
347990 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Data Provider does not support setting the TextSize Connection property.
347992 ADO.NET: Request to be able to send Client Hostname and Client Application Name etc in the ASE login record to track client processes in ASE.
348141 These params are require if customers want to override the Charset:


Full example listed below:




A2E=(21=5A,5B=BA,5D=BB,5E=B0,7C=4F,AA=5F,BD=4A), *


348224 OSC and OCC 12.5.x IMS transactions abend with system 0C4 as a result of SYGWIMSS or SYGWIMSC attempting to call one of the following programs (to send or receive) after the required module, which was loaded at the transaction startup, gets deleted before the end of the IMS transactions.

The following modules are new in OSC and OCC 12.5 for IMS/MVS and must be preloaded under MVS before the IMS region is started:


348329 EXAMPLES: Replace gets() function call with fgets() for ESQL/C and DBLIB samples.
348349 SYBCLOS was Modified, in OSC 4.0 EBFI0186 to be able to run ing the CICS (shutdown) PLTSD.

This now needs to be documented in the newer install Guides there is no mention in the 12.5 guides.

348398 You cannot bind parameters and columns to variables of type SQL_C_WCHAR. No error is reported in such cases however the outcome is undefined.
348465 CPRE: cpre fails to parse recursively defined structures.
348550 CTLIB: Using data confidentiality with wide columns can result in a TDS protocol error with ASE.
348625 ISQL:isql -o option does not support writing to 2GB files.
348669 EXAMPLE: In CTOS sample, cursor 'options' should be checked and set correctly to CS_DEALLOC or CS_UNUSED for ctos_curclose(), and either to CS_RESTORE_OPEN or CS_UNUSED for ctos_curopen().

They cannot be passed as zero, otherwise ct_cursor() call will fail.

348684 OLEDB: ASE char datatype that is nullable was not being padded when selected from the ASE.
348688 An encryption feature has been introduced to OpenSwitch and the CM to allow for password encryption of the username/passwords that reside in the OpenSwitch config file.
348788 ADO.NET: Attempt to insert large image data using variable of type VarBinary will result in error.
349079 jisql: Jisql will not process all results after an exception is thrown. Jisql behavior processing results should not differ greatly from isql results processing. try/catch placement in results processing should allow multiple resultsets to be returned even when there are errors in one or more of the resultsets.
349140 bcp in of system tables fails with message 2812 (sp_serverinfo not found), when manually rebuilding ASE with buildmaster & bcp
349385 ODBC: When retrieving varbinary fields through an Open Server application, the ODBC driver was padding the fields to the max length of the defined varbinary field with 0x00. For example, if the driver was connecting to ASE through OpenSwitch, and the field was a varbinary(4), with the data 0x34 contained in the field, the ODBC driver would deliver 0x34000000 to the application instead of 0x34.
349692 BLKLIB: Dynamic version of bulk library is available.
349897 Open ServerConnect 12.50.04 context handler issues GETMAIN for 32K+ CICS User Dynamic Storage from below the 16MB line.
349948 RCM malfunctions after primary OpenSwitch fails are restarts.

Both the primary and redundant RCMs respond to the same login

request after they reestablish connectivity to primary OpenSwitch.

349973 ADO.NET: Using the "TextSize" Connection parameter may cause only partial contents of Text/Image database columns to be retrieved to the Client.
350092 jConnect: Request to support Savepoint feature as described in the JDBC 3.0 specifications.
350094 JDBC 3.0 provides Retrieval of parameter metadata support for stored procedures to JDBC. This feature request is a request to add this support to the Sybase jConnect driver.
350095 JDBC 3.0 provides for an implementation of named parameter support for Callable statements. This feature request is a request to add this support into the Sybase jConnect driver.
350104 OLEDB: {FN CONVERT(SQL_CHAR, columnName)} fails with syntax error.
350358 jConnect prevents developers from recieving ASE messages 5701, 5703, 5704 and 7326
350487 ISQL: isql returns nothing when LANG=ja(jpn) for select current_time/select convert(time,getdate()) queries
350614 Calls to SQLGetData will continue to return SQL_SUCCESS indefinetely instead of SQL_NO_DATA after an intial SQL_SUCCESS when the underlying bound column contains NULL data.
350685 SRVLIB: srv_rpcname() cannot be called from a service thread.
350716 The "trusted roots" file (%SYBASE%/ini/trusted.txt) is not installed if you choose to install only the Sybase ASE ADO.NET Data Provider and do not install the Connectivity libraries.
350717 The "trusted roots" file ($SYBASE/config/trusted.txt) is not installed if you choose to install only the Sybase ASE ODBC Driver and do not install the Connectivity libraries.
350832 SRVLIB: Open Server failed to handle new CS_DATE and CS_TIME datatype due to capability bits of CS_DATA_NODATE and CS_DATA_NOTIME turned off.
350956 OpenSwitch reports 1205 message when SHOW_SPID=0 and CMON=0
351006 Customer needs a way to simulate a gateway security check in a gatewayless environment. See General Information and Technical Notes, item 2, for a resolution to this issue.
351191 EXAMPLES: ctos sample program bulk.c has no provisions for dealing with slice info when parsing the "insert bulk db..table:slice_num" string.
351218 A HOSTNAME parameter with a length of 24 bytes causes a compile error.
351219 OLE-DB: OLE-DB driver 2.70.0032 hangs in MultipleResults->GetResult when it should return DB_S_NORESULT to indicate that no more pending results exist.
351227 NETLIB: Open Server should set file descriptor limit to the maximum (hard) limit.
351265 The driver does not support SQLAllocHandle for handle type SQL_HANDLE_DESC.
351270 PLI INCLUDE module SYGWPLI causes PLI programs not to compile cleanly.
351488 ISQL/CICS abends with 0C4 at offset 944A for OCC CICS 12.5 and at offset 9AAE for OCC 12.50.04.
351541 ASE.NET: Customer requests idle connection timeout with connection pooling
351549 jConnect: Cloning a PreparedStatement using SybConnection.copyPreparedStatement() also copies the MaxRows property from the previous PreparedStatement executed on the connection.
351558 DBLIB: New Feature of run-time configuration of dblib version level.
351661 EXAMPLE: new CTLIB sample program id_update.c that demonstrates the use of 'identity_update' option.
351776 The OSwitch internal default for CONNECTIONS has been changed from 100 to 1000.
351831 The Open ServerConnect CICS context handler allocates 4K memory blocks for use with parameters but frees them only at client logoff. This is a problem for long-running transactions.
351900 The ASE ODBC Driver does not support the LDAP functionality as documented in the User's Guide. If you specify an LDAP URL for the connection information, an error will be returned.
352033 EXAMPLES: 12.5.1 Open Server returns date and time datatypes to pre-12.5.1 clients
352080 Tested and reproduced with isql 12.5.1.

Customer would like the ability to format the footer divisions and spaces between values for the compute clause in isql.

352097 Openclient/openserver initialization of poll control structure will fail in netp_init_poll() if the number of max. file descriptors is odd. The affects 12.0 and 12.5 OCS programs.
352134 ADO.NET: The precision and scale for a Decimal AseParamater object is recalculated based on the values assigned to the parameter. If you set a value of higher scale than specified in the AseParameter, it retains the higher scale. This could subsequently cause data overflow exception for values within the original precision and scale.
352273 OLEDB: Raiserror messages in update triggers are not seen in ADO applications.
352340 ODBC: If the sql.ini file is flagged as read-only on a windows share, a Windows98 ODBC client is unable to access the file when attempting to connect to ASE.
352438 Provide jConnect class tracing in the debug jar via System Property. So e.g. "java -D"sybDebug=SybDataSource:SybConnection" would activate the same tracing that is currently provided via SybDriver.getDebug() Debug object.

Eliminate the need to activate the tracing programmatically in the jconn2d.jar

352441 Provide a non-programmatic method for trace activation in line with current Java and JDBC standards and practices. This would only be relevant for jConnect 6,0+ and JVM 1.4 and up. Utilize %JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib\ file for settings.
352536 jConnect: Incorrect Database meta-data information (such as MAXBATCHPARAMS) returned for ASE 12.0.
352685 If a user issues the "rp_cfg" command while there are a large number

of concurrent connections, OpenSwitch will report error:

OpenSwitch error cfg_read: Unable to open 'OpenSwitch.cfg': Too many open files

352699 BCP/ISQL: Added new option for both isql and bcp; -x trusted.txt_file: specifiy the alternative name and location of the trusted.txt for SSL.
352819 ADO.NET: The ADO.NET Data Provider corrupts the stream of data it sends to ASE when the blob data exactly matches the buffer size. When this occurs you will receive "Internal error 30002".
352868 Extra data is being passed to the client in a column due to an incorrect length field on a row token.
352877 More information is needed on the functionality provided for fix 300389. See General Information and Technical Notes, SYGWHOST TCP address space name enhancement.
352911 This is an enhancement introducing a new CICS abend handling module that may be used by any Open ServerConnect for CICS application. See General Information and Technical Notes, item 4.
352954 OLEDB: Empty result set in batch command from ASE not populating ADO Recordset when NOCOUNT is set.
353088 Following the execution of a notification process on HP, RCM may hang.
353270 Coordination Module hangs under extreme load, causing OpenSwitch to stall.
353365 jConnect: Request a stored procedure to inquire version of jConnect meta-data (MDA) stored procedures installed on the Adaptive Server.
353377 ODBC: TDS ODBC Driver throws Kerberos error msgs when not using Kerberos.
353584 ADO.NET: Output parameters are not accessible once you close the AseDataReader object.
353618 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to overload AseParameter constructor to allow Integer values for scale and precision. This allows literal values to be specified in a VB.NET program.
353786 CTLIB: Calling ct_options() repeatedly causes small memory leak.
353904 SRVLIB: Under some circumstances, Open Server might not correctly handle the byte swapping for DATE and TIME data types.
353948 ODBC: When Select Method = Cursor is used in the ODBC Connection string, An error occurs: "[DataDirect][ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver]Socket closed.", when executing a query, containing a "--" style of comment line, using ASE This problem is now fixed. ODBC Error message also contained SQLState "08S01", and NativeError = 7503. Problem will not occur with ASE 12.5.2 and higher.
353992 BCP: BCP might get signal BUS error in com__chtoi4_mb when loading integer data in character mode.
354130 cm_ping inadvertently blocks/suppresses client and server error messages
354265 ODBC: Passing input parameters using the Len_Or_IsNull parameter in SQLBindParameter function does not work under the ASE ODBC Driver 12.5.1 on Linux.
354330 Clients that whose versions are less than 12.5.1 will no longer get an error when they

select from a table that contains a column that is of type date or of type time.

354694 BCP: Under boundary conditions, BCP might leave the connection in an unstable state.
354845 PIC S9(3) datatypes never assume CS-COBSMALLINT-TYPE (102).

Tested and reproduced with:

cobpre 12.5 EBF 11508 (NT) and 11510 (AIX)

cobpre 12.0 EBF 11240 (NT) and 11235 (AIX)

cobpre 12.5.1 EBF 11410 (NT)

354891 Add SYGWXCPH load module to released datasets
355133 Customer would like OCC on the CTBCONNECT to be able to support H.A.

Like Open Cleint on the lan customer would like High Availabilty.

Would like CTBCONNECT using SYGWHOST lib to be able to failover to a backup server if the connection to the first server fails.

355161 Batching together multiple commands in a DB-Library client application, may cause OpenSwitch to get the error: srv_sendstatus: State error (0x5a104)
355417 Customer has asked for an extension which enables him to retrieve

the current transaction status which is included in every TDS_DONE/

TDS_DONEPROC/TDS_DONEINPROC packet. jConnect already allows this for

SybExceptions and SybWarnings and further; CT-Lib provides access to

this information via the API call "ct_res_info(...TRAN_STATE...) "

355766 ISQL: Implement the configurable date format for non-English customers.
355797 CM uses un-threadsafe calls like usleep causing CM to exit with "Alarm Clock" message
355803 CPRE: fails to give any warning that it cannot handle 64-bit long int host variables.
355805 CPRE: Documentation should point out that "long int" is only supported in 32-bit applications and NOT in 64-bit applications.
355860 Request for TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE cursor on jConnect
355934 ODBC: The ASE ODBC Driver 12.5.1 on Linux does not support SQLPutData() function for fixed length datatypes such as int, float, double etc.
355936 ADO.NET: The sybaseServerName filter in the DSURL property does not work and throws a NullPointerException
356081 SYGWCTXH is allocating 4K PRM_DESC, and only freeing them at the client logoff.

This is causing a problem for customer that stay connect all day running requests.

At Logoff SYGWCTXH does a TDFREE and cleans up the chained 4K ESDSA Parm Desc, since there is many of them SUGWCTXH is in a tight loop cleaning up the descriptors and causes CICS to abend the TASK with a AICA.

356118 Customer would like a way to test for revoked pswds, using LESCR=U. There is noway to do this at this time with making backend calls to the Secuirty manager. So it makes sense to give the customers a way to code their own security exit.
356225 Incorrect setting of end-of-message TDS packet indicator.
356437 ODBC: The ASE ODBC Driver 12.5.1 on Linux does not currently support SQLColAttributes() function as described in the ODBC 2.x specification, but deprecated in the ODBC 3.x specification. This function is needed for backwards compatibility with ODBC 2.x applications.
356710 current_date() function displays localized date format.
357065 ODBC: The ASE ODBC Driver 12.5.1 on Linux will produce an internal error when a SELECT statement with "FOR BROWSE" clause is executed.
357160 OLEDB: <Fixed in 12.5.1/P-EBF12008 ESD#4/02.70.0038> For table names that have 30 chars, ADO OpenSchema replaced the 30th char by a blank character.
357238 NETLIB: The memory usage for an application may increase dramatically when the size of interfaces file increases.
357239 After the failure of the active database, the first login attempt to the OpenSwitch/RCM will initiate the failover sequence, but subsequent data queries may hang. Both established logins and new logins will be able to successfully perform data queries.
357274 ODBC: When mapping a Sybase ASE stored procedure with Microsoft DTS, in the "Transformation" tab, the columns in ASE are not mapped to the columns of MS SQL Server. When performing the "Execute Step", this should transfer the result set of the stored procedure from the ASE to MS SQL Server. When inspecting the table in the MS SQL Server the rows are not there.
357375 ADO.NET: Feature request to add support for CP949 (Korean) character set.
357574 ODBC: Query Timeout not working in RDO application when ODBC Connection Property Select Method = Cursor, CursorDriver was set to rdUseServer and executing in Asynchronous Mode. If Select Method is set to Direct, and Asynchronous mode is selected, the Query Timeout will not work.
357628 If you drop all existing contexts after ctlib has been initialised and then try and use ctlib again then then netlib error messages are unavailble. netlib errors will result in bus errors or unexpected behaviour.
357833 ADO.NET: Under specific circumstances, the ASE ADO.NET Data Provider could produce an Internal Error: 30002 when a command is executed. This typically happens when large numbers of parameters or parameters with very long names are used.
357847 COMNLIB: The supported character set for section/entry names in Open Client/Open Server configuration files has been extended. Now all seven-bit ASCII printable characters except square brackets, space and equal symbol are supported. Other current rules for section and entry names still apply.
357888 The ct_exit() function will segv on IA64 in a threaded application if one tries to use the

NPTL threads libraries of RH AS 3.0. Note: at the time of this investigative CR filing. The NPTL libraries are not certified but this symptom was observed.

358061 Add section in doc on handling numeric overflow errors when sent as warnings
358163 OpenSwitch returns invalid TDS packets resulting in invalid column status error when a client issues a writetext language command for pre-12.5 clients.
358169 jConnect: Request to add a sample that demonstrates ExecuteQueryNumeric call.
358313 Request to raise an error or warning when jConnect skips a resultset

because the application code has requested to retrieve a registered

output parameter prior to reading the result set.

358325 Customer request to enhance performance on ResultSet.getDate() method when target type is ASE datetime.
358356 The issue is when a Program is linked as RENT CICS puts the Program in CICS KEY, Since We load the Addressed of the Drivers into the SYGWXCPH storage any program that access SYGWXCPH has to also be in CICS Key...
358457 ODBC (CT-Lib) RDO applications that call stored procedures which return both output parameters and RAISERROR messages. If the parameters are fetched the RAISERROR is not seen.
358471 Problem with overriding character sets in SYGWXCPH table.
358496 CTLIB:ct_connect fails to connect to a remote server when CS_TIMEOUT is set.
358596 NETLIB: On NT machines with two or more network cards, ct_connect() will hang when CS_NETIO is set to asynchronous mode and the server it's connecting to is not started.
358760 ODBC: ODBC should also support old connection parameters "ServerName" ("SRVR") as equivalent to "InterfaceFileServerName" ("IFSN") in OpenStrings and DSN registry entries.
358769 ADO.NET: Command parameters cannot be accessed, if the IdbCommand.Add() method is used to add the parameters. A NullReferenceException is thrown when you try to access the parameters.
358978 BCP: New feature to enable BCP to log all the rows that are rejected into a new discard file (-d discardfileprefix).
359418 DBLIB: dbpoll crashes and gets an exception in comn_waitfor_event on Windows platforms
359594 Redhat 3.0 AS is certified with the restriction that one must link applications with the archive libraries. This CR is a request to provide a set of libraries which remove this restriction, thus providing customers the ability to create applications which use dynamic linking for Sybase OCS applications.
359944 jConnect: The setNanos(), getNanos() calls will not set/retrieve nanoseconds precisely in ASE. A value set cannot be retrieved and match the inserted value.
360023 ODBC: Connection.Properties("Server Name") returns hostname instead of Sybase ASE server name.
360138 jConnect: Incorrect Adaptive Server version picked by Meta-data stored prcoedures for Adaptive Server versions 12.x.
360267 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to implement DerivedParameters support in AseCommandBuilder
360368 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to have AseConnection implement ICloneable
361004 COBPRE: Upgrade to 12.5.1 causes Cobol app: 25009 Unexpected CS_STATUS_RESULT received
361150 BCP: Provide -C option to allow support for copying in/out ciphertext from encrypted columns.
361169 ADO.NET: Cannot set charset in ConnectionString property in the properties window when using Visual Basic .NET
361199 NETLIB: Open Server core dumps when closing SSL connections.
361331 Customer's app sometimes hangs in ct_cancel()
361484 Install & Admin Guide OSC for IMS/MVS 3.1 does not explain the SYGWDRIV macro in the OSC Global Customerization module (SYGWICPH). The only references are in the manual OSC for CICS 12.5 (see
361489 Add new DTM coordinator type to stop sending back @xactstatus
361514 SSL:ct_con_props(CS_SET, CS_PROP_SSL_CIPHER) doesn't support comma delimited but null terminated ciphersuite.
361824 Passing zero to the isql -w flag should turn off the line wrapping finctionality completly.
362016 ODBC: Stored procedure with output parameter and raiserror message would sporadically crash during execution.
362082 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to have AseParameter support converting a double literal value to a Decimal type.
362098 ODBC: The ASE ODBC Driver 12.5.1 on Linux does not correctly support UTF-16 encoding.
362119 Customer would like to have one Listener Config that will cross LPARs.

In other word customer would like the same region ID to have muliply TCP SSIDs.

So we need a way to Ingnore the SSID if is not valid on that LPAR, and bring up the correct REGION with the TCP/IP SSID that is up for that LPAR.

362309 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to have AseParameter support upto 255 byte binary output parameter if the length is not specified.
362445 CPRE: cpre occaisionally gives Access Violations precompiling some source files.
362529 SRVLIB:Sending empty text string with srv_send_text() fails.
362886 DEFNCOPY: When using kerberos network security authentication, defncopy should not prompt the user for a password via the -P parameter.
362973 jConnect: Request to add support for 揵ig5hk� character set in jConnect.
362997 Customer would like OSC/OCC to run with CICS THREADSAFE Concurrency option
363126 ODBC: Request to provide support for ASE IMAGE datatype with SQLDescribeParam
363192 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Enhancement request to support SQLDescribeParam()

Workaround: None

363220 Customer wants a CT-Library wrapper for their DB-Library applications
363335 MFC Server Option for CICS needs configurable timeout option for the listener Read
363687 Applying EBF10454 to upgrade OSC for IMS from 3.1 to 12.5.2 will cause IMS App using IBM LU61 Adapter to LU62 (aka the Bridge) to hit TDACCEPT RC -4998; IBM has ceased the support for its Adapter since IMS V5.1 in 1998.
363702 ADO.NET: Selecting a resultset that utilizes convert function to convert data into a smalldatetime datatype may cause may cause an Internal Error 30016.
363732 Customer has difficulty with jConnect during HA Failover because the connection state of AutoCommit=true is not set when a connection fails over to the secondary server. If there were a HA only or connection property then the Application Server pooling could handle this failover and not provide transactional boundary issues.
363778 ADO.NET: Selecting a smalldatetime column that does not allow null may cause an Internal Error 30016 or 30002.
363806 ISQL: When isql is invoked with input redirected from an operating system file and password has not been specified on the command line, then isql should attempt to login using the first line of the redirected input as password. However it prompts for password. This problem occurs only on Windows NT.
363816 InstallShield should allow spaces in directory names on Windows platforms
364174 SYBCLOS needs to be Documeneted in the Installation Guide. SYBCLOS is not documented anywhere. There needs to be documentation on how to use and what it is used for....
364237 ADO.Net: Throws exception "Unsupported parameter type" when parm.DbType is omitted.
364290 ODBC: With "set arithabort arith_overflow off" in initialization string, or if application set this property on ASE, the execution of a stored procedure was returning SQL_ERROR. Now it returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.
364571 OLEDB: After the 2.70.0022 build, default values of ADO CreateParameter method for adChar and adVarChar are no longer NULL, they were empty strings. This was regressing ADO applications. Now the behavior is back to setting the implicit (default) values for adChar/adVarChar parameters to NULL.
364623 OLEDB: When registering the SYDAASE.DLL, the Registry string for

the name of the driver is invalid as follows:"Sybase Sybase ASE OLE DB

Provider". The string should be: "Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider".

364724 ADO.NET: AseParameter class is not derived from MarshallByRefObject as documented.
364762 ADO.NET: AseDataReader.GetBytes() throws null pointer exception if the buffer argument passed is null.
364821 OLEDB: LDAP not working without using Data Source in connection string. Now it will work with this format (example from ADO):

ADO connection string sample: "Provider=Sybase.ASEOLEDBProvider;Use Sybase LDAP=1;Sybase LDAP URL=ldap://aseHost:389/dc=sybase,dc=com;Sybase Server Name=ase1252;Initial Catalog=odbc;"


Use Sybase LDAP=1 (this indicates to Provider to use LDAP scheme)

Sybase LDAP URL=ldap://ldapHost:389/dc=sybase,dc=com (Site specific ldap url)

Sybase Server Name=ase1252 (ase server name as defined on LDAP server)

364878 ODBC: Request for sp_password execution on login, when password is expired
365010 Procedure with decimal/numeric output parameters do not work with ESQL/Cobol.
365054 srv_xferdata returns error 16324 when return NULL integer parameters
365140 Our documentation does not show how to use SYBCLOS (SYCL) in the CICS Shutdown procedure
365179 sp_sql_type_name failing accessing datatypes on a VIEW on diff dbase then table
365613 ODBC: Release home grown Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise ODBC Driver 12.5.1 for Mac OS X platform. This driver will eventually replace the existing ODBC Driver after it reaches it's end-of-life.
365942 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The driver does not support comments in sql

Workaround: Do not use comments in sql you want to execute

366242 SRVLIB: Openserver service thread throws 16145 error while calling srvlib APIs such as srv_numparams, srv_descfmt etc.
366302 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to gracefully handle expired password in SQLDriverConnect/SQLConnect.
366464 ODBC: Runtime error in MS Access with ADO script AddNew() method. Exact message was "run-time error '-2147467259' (80004005) ODBC-call failed. Now there is a different error: Run-time error '-2147217911' (80040e09) Cannot update. Database or object is read-only. This appears to be an ADO limitation and can be resolved by setting the ASE Recordset object CursorLocation to adUseClient.
366580 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The ISupportErrorInfo interface is missing some features.
366695 jconnect: The ResultSet.updateObject() method when used with column name, discards scale for numeric types
366805 CTLIB: CT-LIB application may have performance degradation when receiving large resultsets.
366850 ODBC: Support for Multiple LDAP server entries
366857 OLEDB: Support for Multiple LDAP server entries
366875 CTLIB:ct_cancel fails on a disconnected connection with no error information.
366938 jConnect: Request to add support for Chinese Unicode Charset GB18030.
366986 Prevent sending of null packet after TDS_PRACK from TRS.
367021 ADO.NET: Improve performance of GetValue() methods on DataReader object.
367322 Need more Documentation on the new UNICODE feature.
367480 EXAMPLE: CTOS sample now supports CS_TIMEOUT when linked with re-entrant libraries.
367562 Request for support of roman8 charset
367565 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to support "Connection Lifetime" and "Idle Timeout". If the connection is used for more than the specified connection lifetime, it should be closed instead of

being put back in the pool. If a connection is idle for more than the time specified in idle timeout, it should be automatically closed.

367700 Cust wants to revert ISQL column separator display to 12.0 GA behavior
367722 jConnect: Inconsistent base date set for smalldatetime and datetime columns in ASE 12.5.1 or later when these columns are used to store Time values. This could cause unexpected query results when these columns are used in 搘here� clause of queries.
367798 jConnect: Inconsistent base date set for smalldatetime and datetime columns in ASE 12.5.1 or later when these columns are used to store Time values. This could cause unexpected query results when these columns are used in 搘here� clause of queries. (this is a duplicate of CR 367722)
367804 BCP: Added a new option -C to bcp in/out encrypted column instead of plain text.
367819 With LSECR=N, listener fails to start transaction SYGH.
367836 DEFNCOPY: When defncopy generates a DDL, some spaces may be incorrectly inserted into strings of multiple-byte characters.
367990 ISQL: On UNIX platforms, suppress the password that is visible from the command line when running isql using the command 'isql -U<userid> -P<password>'.
367992 EXAMPLE: Remove entries for DCE security and DCE directory services from libtcl.cfg and correct security example name 'secsrv' to 'secsrv_krb' to indicate the use of the Kerberos security driver.
367993 On Unix systems, under rare circumstances, segmentation fault (signal 11) may occur from SSL function sb_memcopy().
368190 ODBC: Request for sp_password execution on login, when password is expired
368246 ESD's do not contain all versioned drivers from previous ESDs. This means that applications statically built on one ESD may not run in an environment which contains only a later ESD.
368332 OLEDB:

When the advanced option "Print Statement" is set to "MS Compatible" in the OLE DB Data Source, each print statement is treated as a separate result set.

But any sproc containing a print statement called through the Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider

would fire the following error at ADODB.RecordSet.Open :

Runtime error '-214767259 (80004005)'

[Native Print code: 0]

[Datadirect ADO Sybase Provider] This is my message from sproc

This has been fixed.

368571 ADO.NET: Improve performance of AseDataAdapter.Fill() method.
368613 CTLIB: a packetsize larger than 32767 bytes results in an "illegal length" protocol packet error.
368669 OpenSwitch transposes the data for named parameters if the

client application declares them in a different order than

when they were declared in the stored procedure residing

on ASE.

368670 SRVLIB: Gateway applications cannot return the output parameters in the same order as the parameters were originally specified in the stored procedure's create procedure statement. To deal with this, srv_descfmt(CS_SET, SRV_RPCDATA) has been modified to allow it to be called within a RPC handler to reorder the output parameters. Note that this used to be disallowed and is documented in the open server reference manual.
368752 ADO.NET: If an application assigns an enum value as AseDbType to an AseParameter, the provider throws NotSupported Exception

Workaround: Use AseDbType instead of creating new enumerations

368933 jConnect: Unable to distinguish between functions and procedures in data returned by DatabaseMetaData.getProcedures().
369018 ODBC: Print statement within If statement returning SQL_ERROR, now returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO (to be compatible with older drivers).
369077 OLEDB: When executing an ASE stored procedure in this manner: Set sybADORecordset = sybADOConn.Execute("proc_Name"), the execution results in 2 execution calls to the Sybase ASE. This occurs, because by default the ADO Execute method sets the CommandType property for the ADO Recordset to "adCmdUnspecified". When this occurs, the ADO API executes the stored procedure at first as a TDS_LANGUAGE event. If this does not return a row result set, the API then calls the stored procedure as a TDS_DBRPC event, therefore causing the double execution. To resolve this behavior the programmer must set the ADO CommandType property to adCmdStoredProc, either explicitly on the ADO Recordset or by changing the example : Set sybADORecordset = sybADOConn.Execute("proc_Name", adCmdStoredProc).
369511 Customer needs OC/OS to support streaming binary and character data
369522 CTLIB: ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ALL) intermittently crashes when extra results such as extended error data is present in one of its command handles.
369694 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The driver does not support SQL_WLONGVARCHAR as a SQL type when using SQLBindParam()

Workaround: None

369711 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLProcedures() incorrectly returns SQL_PT_PROCEDURE in the PROCEDURE_TYPE column for user defined functions

Workaround: None

369724 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The length indicator in SQLBindCol() always returns 0 when the data being fetched is a fixed type.

Workaround: None

369730 MFC Client Option for CICS, use of EXTRACT-EXIT with TCP/IP has pontential security risks
369732 Parsing of imbeded quotes in a language event request was performed incorrectly.
369790 ADO.NET : Enhancement request to allow the application to ignore errors occuring in a stored procedure statment if there are pending results. This enables the application to ocntinue processing results and access output parameters.

A connection string property NoErrorIfRSPending has been added to the provider to support this behavior.

369814 Customer wants a GUI interface to administer OpenSwitch and RCM
369995 jConnect: Applications using Statement cache have occasional trouble using prepared statements. Receive exception: Exception in thread "main" com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Stored procedure 'xyz' may be run only in unchained transaction mode. The 'SET CHAINED OFF' command will cause the current session to use unchained transaction mode.
369997 NETLIB:Native kerberos appends an extral character @ to the client principal name during login.

This causes the connection to fail.

370125 Customer wants RCM to completely quiesce queue before switching users
370455 loadjava produces ORA-29545 error when trying to add jConnect classes into Ora database.

Tested and reproduced with:

jConnect 5.5 ESD#13 (EBF 11937)

Oracle 9.0.2

370482 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When the application has set the connection property "dynamicprepare=true", SQLPrepare() returns an error if the sql command to be prepared is inserting or updating an image or text column.

Workaround: None

370757 ODBC Driver by Sybase: New feature request to be able to obtain connection information from Sybase interfaces / SQL.INI files.
370778 ODBC: cp850 characters are not displaying correctly in Visual Basic ADO application. To resolve this set the "CHARSET" connection property to "iso_1". ASE defaults to "cp850", so the setting of charset to "iso_1" will force the ASE to translate the characters to "iso_1". This is not a bug.
371179 ISQL12.5.1 has significant performance degradation versus 11.1.1 on Windows
371229 CTLIB: ct_cancel() performance in 12.5.1 on a single engine PC is much slower and has much greater CPU usage than earlier releases.
371359 Improve response time of meta data accessor scripts for ASE 12.5.2 used by jConnect.
371361 Comments were added for generated SYGWMCXL macro parameters.
371557 OLEDB:

When the advanced option "Print Statement" is to "MS Compatible" in the OLE DB Data Source, each print statement is treated as a separate result set.

But any sproc containing a print statement called through the Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider

would fire the following error at ADODB.RecordSet.Open :

Runtime error '-214767259 (80004005)'

[Native Print code: 0]

[Datadirect ADO Sybase Provider] This is my message from sproc

This has been fixed.

371891 OLEDB: Provider used new, physical ASE connection when 1) First ADO Recordset was opened and then closed and 2) a second ADO Recordset is opened. This was consuming ASE Connections when it was not necessary, since the first Recordset was closed.
372072 ADO.Net: AseParameter.DbType. gives exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values when parameter is a user defined datatype on DATETIME.
372075 ADO.NET: stored procedure 'output' parameters returned from AseCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters are incorrectly reported as having direction 'input' when they are actually defined as 'output' parameters.
372101 The coordination module API cm_timer_rem() removes the wrong timer when there is more than one timer defined.
372322 Feature request to produce diagnostic traces on connection events such as opening and closing connections and certain exceptions.
372401 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When "select ... for browse" is used, SQLNumResultCols() returns more columns than being selected.

Workaround: None

372458 OLE-DB: Since 2.70.0034 max rows returned in a RecordSet can be set using DBPROP_MAXROWS but cannot be reset to 'no limit'.
372492 OLEDB: An empty ADO Recordset, after NextRecordset is called, falsely indicated an existing Recordset.
372642 ODBC: Unicode data is getting truncated when trying to insert 4 Chinese Characters into a univarchar column and it fails on the function SQLExecute.
372663 CTLIB: mktemp was used to generate a capture file when protocol debugging was enabled via ct_debug. This caused warnings on Linux when linking applications.
372674 ODBC: Request to support Numeric Precision greater than 16
372729 ODBC: Memory buffer over run.
372893 QTS Close Duplicate please see QTS 363335.

The code below has reduced the Recevie Timeout from 30 Secs to 1. The issue is now that 1 sec is to short for some companies. We are suppling a ZAP for customers to configure this to what ever time will work for them. We need a way to configure this such as a parameter on the listener....

373016 Customer would like a configurable way to suppress the Errno 36 (ECONNRESET) message from getting wirtten to the CSML. The Message means that the Client TCP/IP side of the conversation ended abnomally from a TCP/IP poit of view. Most likely a Client shutting down an Application before it closed the connection properly.
373026 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When an application binds a variable as SQL_C_WCHAR, SQLGetData() returns the same row even when multiple rows are present in the result

Workaround: Use SQLFetch() instead of SQLGetData()

373181 COMNLIB: Performance of threaded libraries is poor compared with version 12.0 or earlier.
373323 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Incorrect Language and Charset setup causing failed connection for some Language / Charset settings.
373344 SRVLIB: Open server leaks 48bytes memory per SSL connection. For failed SSL connection due to invalid certificate used, there is an additional 568bytes memory leak.
373370 SRVLIB: Processing many concurrent srv_createmutex, srv_deletemutex, srv_createmsgq, srv_deletemsgq and srv_getobjid calls on many threads can cause a SEGV in srv_getobjid.
373403 jconnect applications don't receive DONEINPROC tokens when running through OSwitch.
373621 ADO.Net: Using ASECommandBuilder gives exceptions: "Cannot execute a command without opening the Connection" and "Missing Primary Key for table <Table>".
373734 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLFetch() returns Data Trunctaion warning when the application uses the same pointer for length indicator in SQLBindParameter().

Workaround: Use separate variables for the length indicator.

373758 OpenSwitch times out long running queries when the RESPONSE_TIME

configuration parameter is set too low. Customer wants a way to

timeout if the network/host goes down but not timeout active, long

running queries.

373827 Character set translation wrongly defaulted to using the ascii_8 translation table.
374005 Translation overrides for ISO_1 character set in SYGWMCXL macro did not work correctly.
374165 OLE-DB: Visual Basic application sometimes throws an Access Violation while executing a parameterised insert command under heavy load.
374290 jConnect: Add support for JDBC 3.0 retrieval of Auto Generated keys feature using Statement.getGeneratedKeys method.
374586 SRVLIB: When multiple clients continuously connect to open server without doing a full tds login, open server eventually runs out free messages with 16016 error. Note this only occurs when open server is built with the threaded libraries.
375006 ODBC Driver by Sybase: If an application uses SQL_C_DEFAULT as the 'C' type for any fixed type, in the call to SQLBindColumn(), the driver returns an error.

Workaround: Use the appropriate 'C' type

375025 ADO.NET: When using an AseParameter of type AseDbType.TimeStamp as a ParameterDirection.InputOutput the provider throws an Exception with the message "Object reference not set to an instance"
375147 SRVLIB: Open Server deallocates the endpoint in srv__net_stop() which could cause memory corruptions.
375422 ADO.NET: IDataParameter.DbType.Binary does not support Byte[] arrays larger than 255 bytes and throws exception: Data overflow. Increase specified column size or buffer size
375584 OLE-DB TDS 2.70.0041 - VB appl gets Access violation in RecordSet.UpdateBatch
375622 I just show one example of the problem below, teh RSp guide refere to RSP8C being in Appendix 'E' its not, it's at the end of Appendix 'D' there is no Appendix E.

RSP8C shows an example of how to transmit variable text. See Appendix E, "RSP8C variable text sample RSP" for a reproduction of the sample.

376005 Cover letter states to use favorite tool to decompress ZIP - not working with gunzip (UNIX). This CR is a request to change the jConnect Cover letter to be more specific about what can be used.
376200 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Feature request for OLEDB Data Source configuration Manager for Sybase ASEOLEDB Provider.
376214 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request support for SQLDriverConnect SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE / SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE_REQUIRED. ODBC Driver will try to connect if the connect string has enough information.
376428 Added support for ASE 15.0 Features .

> support bigint

> support unsigned datatypes ( unsigned smallint, unsigned int, unsigned bigint)

3> Support Server Side packet Size

376836 CTBCP: Performance fixes; 1: bcp-in in character mode, 2: bcp_r all uses.
377181 ribo: Getting exception when large REAL (float) value is encountered in the TDS steam.
377257 SRVLIB: On Linux Itanium 64-bit, Linux AMD 64-bit and Linux on POWER 64-bit, the minimum stack size (SRV_MINSTACKSIZE) is not sufficient. The new limit is now increased from 131072 to 196608.
377290 CTLIB: Setting the null indicator variable should take precedence over the settings of data and data length in the ctlib routines.
377684 ISQL: The display for multiple-byte character can be corrupted when ISQL starts a new line in the middle of a multiple-byte character.
377765 ADO.NET: Cannot retrieve output parameter from AseDataAdapter, if Connection is closed before retrieving the output parameter value.
377921 For an instream remote procedure call, input parameters were not parsed correctly.
378314 SRVLIB: Open Server with SRV_TR_DEFQUEUE does not display complete index number in error log.
378484 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request support for distributed transactions for MS DTC applications.
378488 Sybase ODBC: Request that Sybase ODBC driver will support distributed transactions for MS DTC applications etc.
378538 OLEDB: Use of IID_IMultipleResults for refiid does not return error code from ICommand:Execute() call in the return code.
378679 jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.getProcedureColumns() returns NULL for ASA stored procedures using double datatype.
378823 jConnect: Request to support IPv6 network protocol.
378944 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Add support for Client-side cursor engine, which is invoked by setting CursorLocation property to adUseClient.
379156 bcp -Y option can not convert small Roman numerals between sjis and eucjis.
379160 bcp -Y option can not convert utf8 data from utf8 client.
379511 Driver should support -1 as a valid setting for Packet Size and then use the optimal packet size for future connections.

Driver does support -1 as a valid setting but defers to ASE to decide the optimal packet size

379612 CT-Lib: Open Client applications send CS_LONGCHAR_TYPE parameters to servers that have un-set the CS_DATA_LCHAR request capability.
379803 Connections may acccumulate many SQLWarnings if the applications are not clearing warnings, getting warnings and are issuing sql that causes many warnings. In the persistent connecton environment, like connection pooling, this can take the appearance of memory leaks.

This CR would limit the number of SQLWarnings chained off a connection object under the assumption that the use does not care about the warnings but does not want to suffer lost memory thru the chained SQLWarnings. Suggest default number of queued SQLWarnngs equal to 5.

379952 CS_PARAM_RESULT and CS_STATUS_RESULT should send SRV_DONE_FINAL as last done.
380009 SRVLIB: jConnect client application might hang when multiple batch update statements or option commands are run against Open Server application.
380112 The TCP/IP Listener needs to be enhanced to handle more Sockets
380175 Open Server: Applications should be able to send non-null zero length values for example empty strings ("").
380235 Customer would like to be able to turn tracing on or off in APST
380342 Customer needs QTS 366986 back ported release OSC 12.50.05 (EBF11927)

(QTS 366986 fixes TCP/IP Resets)

380427 SRVLIB: On Windows, open server applications show memory leaks when handling a large number of clients continuously connecting/disconnecting.
380537 PROXY connection property usage always throws an exception with SSL setup
380652 During a network failure, OpenSwitch will not switch connections until the

"timeout" period expires. The "timeout" being the smallest of the "tcp_ip_abort_interval"

on the operating system or the RESPONSE_TIMEOUT from the OpenSwitch.cfg file.

381575 DB-Lib: command timeout set by dbsettime() produces the following read error 20004:-

"DB-Library error: Err 20004, Sev 2 - Cannot perform more than one read"

381576 Feature request for a new CM API that allows issuance of any rp_ type administrative

call to OpenSwitch.

381794 jConnect: Unable to retrieve rowcount with Statement.getUpdateCount() if Statement.getResultSet() is called first.
381847 Programmers would like to be able to have standard header files like <inttypes.h> parsed properly within esql/c programs so that he may use datatypes in the exec sql declare sections as variables without having to do his own typedefs or make his own custom built header files.

Currently if the header files have both C++ and C syntax in them, esql/c will not handle the parsing properly. Standard OS header files routinely include both C++ and C typedefs.

381963 SRVLIB: Open Server incorrectly reports the CS_DATAFMT.maxlength of CS_LONGCHAR params as their 'actual' length instead of the maxlength as set by the client application.
382506 CPRE: When using typedef to define types, all these types except structure and union types have incorrect scopes.
382539 OLEDB: Hang occurs on ADO RecordSet.Open when CursorLocation=adUseClient, and Select Method=Direct.
382558 MFC Server Option for CICS is not compatible with JAVA programs running within the same CICS
382748 OLEDB: Getting error indicating not a valid type when setting SybaseServerName in a UDL configuration.
382772 OLE-DB: VB appl gets Access violation in RecordSet.CancelUpdate
382962 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Provider is missing support for Bookmarks and Client-side scrollable cursor library. Issues with binding recordsets to controls.
383302 As a result of DB2 deadlock over an extended period of time, Sybase TCP/IP listener CICS transaction SYLB's main program IBMLSTNR repeated outputs the following error message until cancelled by CICS with an AICA abend (runaway CICS task)



> ...

383307 OSC CICS - The Context Handler transaction would not free task storage while the Client stayed connected. That was corrected
383363 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Application receives "Object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation." error when calling Connection.Execute() method specifying adOpenKeyset CursorType.
383622 jConnect: Client connection properties not migrated when OpenSwitch fails over a jConnect client connection. When jConnect makes a connection to ASE, it sets up the connection with default properties such as Auto-commit, Isolation Level, Quoted Identifier and Text Size. These properties do not get migrated when fail-over occurs.
383724 OSC - The iso_1 translation overrides to SYGWMCXL macro would not take effect. These issues were previously reported for problems 374005 and 373827, now they were fixed.
383983 OLEDB Provider by Sybase: Feature request to support Scrollable RowSet.
383985 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: rsData.MoveLast call not supported by OLE DB Provider.
384072 Done in proc related rowsets are always generated by SQL batches when only a few specific cases should return them.
384258 OLE DB: ADO applications which begin transactions using Connection.BeginTrans may hang in RecordSet.Open when the LockType is set to anything except adLockReadOnly.
384285 Customer needs memory efficient way to send large image data through OpenSwitch
384600 Open server configured with Kerberos intermittently crashes while acquiring the credentials for the incoming connection when the keytab file is accidentally deleted.
384762 ADO.NET: Connection.State property remains set to Open when network is disconnected between client and ASE.
384793 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Enhancement request to add support for ODBC Scalar function: CONVERT.
384924 TRANLIB: Timestamps are not correct when libxadtm is used on the AIX platform with dce applications like CICS and Encina. The errorlog shows:

1900/01/00 00:00:00: 0xb00ca,00000001: [xalog_open_file/165]

385153 ADO.NET: With AseDataReader, when last Select has 0 rows, result set not detected. Need to detect the empty result set.
385393 Request for ReadOnly switch
385395 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to add Hostname in the Configuration for ODBC Data Source
385561 Request for Named Parameter Support in ADO applications
385575 ODBC: ODBC Driver sends an incorrect message when default parameters are used in ADO application.
385625 SRVLIB: On UNIX, Open Server application might report wrong error messages in srv__take_mutex, like "WaitForSingleObject() failed in srv__take_mutex".
385902 Customers need a performance and tuning guide for OpenSwitch
385907 ADO.NET: Cannot access stored procedure meta-data if executing stored procedures from a different database using <database>.<owners>.<procedure name> syntax.
386029 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: ADO Recordset.RecordCount always returns -1 when CursorLocation is set to adUseServer.
386031 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO Recordset.RecordCount always returns -1 when CursorLocation=adUseServer.
386186 RIBO: RIBO output does not correctly translate DYNAMIC2 tokens.
386256 ADO.NET: Poor Provider performance when executing batches of SQL Statements.
386553 Customer would like to display bitmap bmp images in jISQL
386560 jConnect: Using column meta-data functions such as getColumnType, getColumnLabel on a user-defined datatype (UDT) column from a table that is not in the current database results in a SQLException.
386892 jConnect: Request for getPrecision to work with other datatypes besides Numeric and Decimal. The JDBC specification seems to indicate that precision should be available, as non-zero value, for all numeric and non-numeric types.
386936 jConnect: Request to implement JDBC3.0 ParameterMetaData interface.
387054 jConnect: Cache TDS RowFormat and ResultSet definitions across PreparedStatement executions to improve performance of jConnect client applications.
387085 jConnect: Interrupting a thread that's executing commands on ASE will result in orphaned connections on ASE that continue to hold locks and resources on the server.
387354 ISQL: ISQL fails to recognize alternative command batch terminators (specified with -c as an alternative to "go") that contain uppercase letters.
387495 ODBC & OLE-DB: Feature request for installer to automatically install Meta-Data stored procedures.
387519 jConnect: Commit current transaction if the value of auto-commit is changed in the middle of a transaction. Requested behaviour is consistent with JDBC specifications.
387661 If one adds schema to a Sun One Ldap server at the 5.2 level, then dsedit is unable to add or modify ASE server entries if schema checking is enabled.
387690 The bcp error filename is limited to 132 characters. The error filename should be permitted to be up to 255 characters which is the Posix maximum file name size.
387826 SYBTRUE is not cleaning up SYBPTTIE and TCPCPROC Storage for OCC apps
388076 Request for Named Parameter Support in ADO applications
388101 New Feature Request: OCS utility allow to work with the default locale when

it was set unavailable one.

388277 ADO.NET: Memory leak detected when connection pooling is used in ADO.NET Provider
388584 jConnect: The Reader object returned by ResultSet.getCharacterStream() terminates when it encounters a Unicode character whose first byte is "FF". E.g. U+FF01.
388681 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Enhancement request to add support for ODBC Scalar function: CONVERT.
389282 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request for OLE-DB provider to support MS Data Link editor.
389455 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using ODBC API cursors, binding (SQLBind) datetime columns as SQL_C_TIMESTAMP, results in "Invalid conversion" error.
389540 jConnect: Request capability to disable Adaptive Server from sending RowFromat2 Tokens to describe Row Format data. Some applications may see improved performance due to reduced network traffic but at a loss of ResultSet meta data information.
389728 jConnect: If a call to DriverManager.getConnection() exceeds the login timeout, the connection is aborted with an exception, but the underlying connection to the remote server is not closed until the application exits or garbage collection occurs. Client cannot explicitly close the connection as it does not have a handle to the connection.
389834 When running bcp through OpenSwitch, bcp reports "bcp copy in failed"

even though it was able to copy all of the rows into the database.

389840 ISQL: On IBM AIX 5.x with CyberSafe GSS-API version 3.x, ISQL might give error "Consistency check performed on the credential failed" and raise SEGV in CyberSafe library call csfC5query_Svcmngr().
390215 SRVLIB: When multiple clients connect to an Open Server application and select text/image data from a multi-column table, the size of memory used by the Open Server application grows very large and may exceed the memory limit of the process. On Unix,a new user API srv_send_data() is provided to transfer text/image data through Open Server in small chunks. Sample program ctos is also updated to use this new API. But this feature is not available on Windows platforms yet. On Windows, you will get a compilation error "unresolved external symbol _srv_send_data" for the ctos sample or when srv_send_data is being used.
390656 ODBC: RPC site login was not working.
390850 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Using updateable cursor on Select statement using "for update of" clause does not result in exclusive lock held on rowlevel access for tables defined to lock at the rowlevel.
391142 SRVLIB: Deadlocks on mutex in comn_take_mutex might cause Open Server to hang.
391294 jConnect: With ServerType=OSW, jConnect is setting incorrect Isolation levels in ASE.
391723 Client does not receive a message for an invalid Server Option license.
391886 NETLIB: libtcl.cfg security section does not allow comments at the end of the init-string.
391961 OpenSwitch becomes unresponsive after a surge of clients disconnect due to RESPONSE_TIMEOUT
392395 ADO.NET: The AseConnnection.StateChange event reports incorrect value for OriginalState The OriginalState is always "Open".
392624 The Installer needs to be able to override SMS
392975 CTLIB: For security sessions, ct_con_drop() may core dump if the security credential has expired.
393327 jConnect: Recieve Error - 3933: "Attempt to start an external transaction failed. It is illegal to begin an external transaction from with in the scope of a local transaction." when starting an external transaction in Weblogic application server.
393343 ADO.NET: Enhancement request to support positional bind for stored procedure calls.
393344 ADO.NET: AseParameter does not accept null input values for stored procedure calls.
393655 ISQL: Isql should have validity check on the values of the -w width parameter.
393764 Transactions abended on a MAX TASK or TCLASS condition, when SYCH timed out before the new task started.
393857 The SYLB Default Trans start error MSGs are confusing and need to be Cleaned up.



393871 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Improve SQLGetTypeInfo performance by caching results from previous queries to ASE.
394010 ODBC: Error 3146 in DAO application on MoveNext command
394097 jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.getProcedures() does not return procedures owned by non-sa_role users if the current login holds sa_role privilege.
394616 Include discussion and example/s of DNS-less connection string in Chapter 2 of the Adaptive Server Enterprise ODBC Driver 12.5.1 User's Guide.
394847 jConnect: New feature request to be able to obtain connection information from Sybase interfaces / SQL.INI files.
395045 Need precise description of the CS_NUMERIC struct and contents so that custom conversion routines may be developed.
395393 Avoid error "rp_lang: Unable to determine language length" which jConnect based clients.
395467 Memory Leak in OCC when calling the OCC initial setup APIs in a loop.
395518 NETLIB: Open Client applications hang in ct_results when SSL is enabled and the negotiated packet size is larger than 4K.
395851 OpenSwitch running as windows service should STOP when requested by service manager.
396157 TCPIP is slower then SNA.
396740 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to add Kerberos sample to sample directory.
396743 ODBC: On Windows platforms, added Kerberos ADO sample to samples directory. This is used for both ODBC and OLEDB Products.
397199 jConnect: Incorrect number of rows affected returned by executeBatch method when IGNORE_DONE_IN_PROC is set to true and statements executed cause triggers to execute.
397247 CTLIB: When using a scrollable cursor with ct-lib, if an array bind count is set to less than the

cursor pre-fetch buffer size (CS_CURSOR_ROWS), the application would return less rows than

expected and could fail unpredictably.

397348 BLKLIB: Bulk copy in via gateway server may fail across platforms.
397481 jConnect: Incorrect return value (XAER_PROTO) when a failed XA transaction is ended. The correct return value is XAER_NOTA.
397650 ADO.NET: Clarification on Character set conversion issues between cp850 and cp1252 code pages on Windows.
397928 OLEDB: Application may see one extra RecordSet when executing a stored procedure using Connection.Execute or Command.Execute (with .CommandType = adCmdText). This is not seen when using Command.Execute (with .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc) or when "Select Method" = Cursor.
397947 Make SRV_TRACE flags dynamic via RPC rp_traceflag
398262 CTCANCEL was not clearing out the result sets properly, affecting the second or third reqexec in CSA processsing.
398330 OLEDB: Command Timeout was not working. Application would behave as if there was no Command Timeout set, and would continue normal processing.
398618 Ribo gets exception when trying to decode TDS_PARAMFMT2 tokens
398925 Cause : BigInt was not Supported when using ASE15.0

Added support for BigInt for use with ASE15.0

399131 jConnect: NullPointerException is thrown when duplicate insert occurs and an OpenServer gateway such as OpenSwitch is being used between jConnect client and ASE.
399274 OCC CSA Sample Transaction RDO Def use 'C' as the first letter of the Tran name.
399350 If both companions in a Mutual Aware OpenSwitch cluster are started with the "-O" command, they will both be running as the Primary Companion, and the companion that started first will be running in a single-server mode. In addition if Secondary OpenSwitch is running and Primary is brought up with -O option the configuration of Secondary Companion OpenSwitch is changed halfway without warning.
399481 OpenSwitch and Coordination Module components now provide MIT kerberos network authentication service for their end-to-end connectivity support.
399542 BCP: On UNIX platforms, suppress the password that is visible from the command line when running bcp with '-P<password>' argument.
399620 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Add support for OLE DB IRowsetLocate interface. This will enable recordsets created to support bookmarks.
399741 OLE-DB: Version 2.70.0052 may hang executing certain stored procedures with "Select Method = Cursor".
399753 Binary output pipes were returned as character instead of binary columns.
399867 CPRE: cpre truncates the size of text inserts to 16K.
399917 jConnect: DatabaseMetadata.getProcedureColumns() returns incorrect length for ASA connections.
399924 sp_capabilities should return 0 for object case sensitivity.
399934 Problem: Need to add breakpoint and bookmark related context menu in SQL Editor.

Workaround: 1. Shortcut key 'CTRL+SHIFT+B' is used to set a breakpoint quickly. This feature may meet the first requirement. 2. Set an individual RulerContextMenuId for SQL Scrapbook, and create a popupMenu "Add Bookmark...". UI changes: a. Added "Bookmarks" view as one of "Database Development" perspective default views. b. Added "Bookmarks" view shortcut.

399989 DEFNCOPY: On UNIX platforms, suppress the password that is visible from the command line when running defncopy with '-P<password>' argument.
400217 jConnect: Unable to create a scrollable ResultSet object that contains a JAVA_OBJECT type.
400339 CTLIB: existing synchronous connections always use the old timeout value even when CS_TIMEOUT has been updated by ct_config.
400577 ISQLCICS abended when running any query after SP_HELP had been run.
400695 OSC performed ASCII to EBCDIC conversion even if the column was NULL, returned a Truncation error.
400805 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Empty record set returned when calling stored procedures with parameters.
400849 BLKLIB: blk_done(CS_BLK_ALL) after blk_done(CS_BLK_CANCEL) can send an incorrect TDS

token stream to ASE causing a server error message. No invalid data is inserted.

400950 OLEDB: In an ADO application, when executing a SELECT statement with CursorLocation=adUseClient and connected to Open Switch, an unspecified error is thrown.
401332 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Add support for scrolling by Bookmark.
401492 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request 32-bit ASE ODBC Driver to be certified on 64-bit Windows x64 platform.
401541 setting dbcctraceon 3604 , 1217 (or 1212) and then selecting from a table that has a text column will cause isql to terminate its connection.
401723 CSP sp_databases did not return correct results.
401774 ADO.NET: Memory leak observed in ADO.NET Data Provider when Connection pooling is enabled.
401992 jConnect: Exception JZ0EM is being thrown on Connection.close() internally and seen in debug output. This causes some unnecessary code being executed.
402050 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Improve SQLGetTypeInfo performance by caching results from previous queries to ASE.
402184 New feature that allows Open Server to cache the interfaces file in memory.

Includes a registered procedure "rp_refresh_interfaces" which allows the user

to refresh the interfaces file at will.

402337 Hostnames greater than 30 characters cannot be handled by dblib interfaces code. Customers are forced to create and use shorter alias names.
402352 OCC used binary zeros instead of spaces to pad Char/VarChar data types.
402365 jConnect: Inconsistent update counts returned by execute/executeUpdate/executeBatch functions when IGNORE_DONE_IN_PROC and DYNAMIC_PREPARE connection properties are set to true and a trigger will be invoked by the query.
402422 Incorrect padding character was used by OCC in ct_bind.
402886 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to add support for SQL initialization string, which will contain SQL statement(s) that will be executed after a new database connection has been established.
402890 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request to add support for SQL initialization string, which will contain SQL statement(s) that will be executed after a new database connection has been established.
402893 ADO.NET: Request to add support for SQL initialization string, which will contain SQL statement(s) that will be executed after a new database connection has been established.
402910 DBLIB: On Windows 32bit, Solaris 32bit/64bit and Linux 32bit, DBLibrary now supports to be activated for the Kerberos authentication and mutual authentication features. To activate this feature, it is required:

(1) For version 15.0

SDK 15.0 ESD #3 (or later) and Sybase DBLib Kerberos Authentication Option 15.

(2) For veresion 12.5.1

SDK 12.5.1 ESD #12 (or later) and Sybase DBLib Kerberos Authentication Option 12.5.

403143 Add an RPC rp_traceflag to CTOS to make SRV_S_TRACEFLAG flags dynamic
403378 Customer wants OpenSwitch 12.5.1 certified on Linux AMD64
403523 ADO.NET: XmlReader.Read() fails when result set contains data from a Unitext table column.
403696 CTLIB: Dynamic SQL client may get stack corruption from ct_fetch().
403838 This feature implements scrollable cursor functionality in Open Server. The 'ctos' sample
has been changed to allow scrolling.
403919 jConnect: Calling setAutocommit(false) twice gives Exception: SQLException: JZ016: The AutoCommit option is already set to false.
403945 jConnect: Request to support JDBC 3.0 ResultSet holdability feature.
404027 ADO.NET: New feature request to provide a connection parameter that will cause driver to ignore raiseerror conditions and continue execution of the stored procedure.
404071 MFC Client Option for CICS API CTBCANCEL ends abnormally or returns TDS_INVALID_CONHANDLE
404088 CTLIB: When HA failover has completely failed during ct_results(), there is no error message displayed to indicate that the connection has failed.
404560 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Cannot get the error number fom an error raised by raiseerror.
404571 OLEDB: A raiserror is not considered as an error anymore. ADO applications exit as if there was no error.
404628 CPRE: HA ESQL/C application crashes during failover in ct__tds_dynres_undo
404648 In a mutually-aware setup, if a network connection is lost with a companion OpenSwitch and later restored, the companion that has experienced the total network failure will shut itself down, but the other companion will not notice it, and will try to connect to it continuously in a loop, and any "rp_*" commands involving communicating with the companion will hang.
404983 MFC Server Option for CICS, dynamic execution of an SQL Insert statement into a numeric column using a parameter returns an error
405263 The CM timer may become a bottleneck if it does an operation such as a cm_ping to a very busy ASE.
405441 An OpenSwitch which has been defined as a mutually-aware companion for another OpenSwitch is currently allowed to start even if its MUTUAL_AWARE configuration parameter is set to 0. Such "hibrid" clusters (where one companion is mutually-aware and the other isn't) should not be allowed, and a check should be put in to prevent the second server from starting. In the meantime please make sure that both companions in the OpenSwitch cluster have MUTUAL_AWARE set to 1 before you start them.
405551 When the network to a companion OpenSwitch is down and CMP_FAIL_ACTION is set to MANUAL, the server status can still be changed before 'rp_go' is issued, even when FREEZE_CFG_ON_FAIL is set to 1.
405561 When OpenSwitch is running with MUTUAL_AWARE set to 1, executing "rp_cfg" causes a core dump. Use the other RPCs instead to change a configuration parameter, for example, "rp_set" to change a [CONFIG] parameter, "rp_pool_*" to modify the pool section, or "rp_server_*" to modify the server section.
405579 If RCM_AUTOSTART is used to start an RCM for a secondary OpenSwitch, and this RCM is later shut down, the secondary OpenSwitch might experience a segmentation fault when it tries to handle a server failover after the RCM has gone down.
405764 MFC Server Option for CICS, Terminal Security needs to work for gatewayless connections
405769 DBLIB: On Windows, dbpoll crashes when NULL dbproc is used.
405858 BCP: bcp in to a table with an index that has "ignore_dup_key" enabled will cancel the batch that contains duplicate rows.
405864 OLEDB: Application hangs when executing simple SELECT of 'text' data from within a transaction if "CursorLocation = adUseClient" and "Select Method=Direct".
406034 MFC Server Option for CICS, using ASE 15.0, tests for unsigned integers with update statements fail
406039 The Install Steps, out of order for TRS CSP, need to create Tables,before binds, in the MFC 12.6 DB2 UDB for CICS install Guide
406102 ISQL/BCP/DEFNCOPY: Closing stdin before an exec of this utility could cause a 'write to pipe' error.
406117 CTLIB: On non-threaded platforms, synchronous connection with CS_ASYNC_NOTIFS set is not receiving notifications.
406384 This doc CR applies to both MFC Server Option versions 12.5.x and 12.6.x.

The Customers may not be familiar with CICS Executive Interface Block Function (EIBFN), thus, would not be able to decipher the cryptic error message in the CICS log and diagnose that the root cause, namely: having MFC OSC configured with trace options enabled (see below)without enabling CICS AUXILLLARY Trace config parameters in the CICS System Initiatilisation Table (SIT).

MFC OSC Trace options:

DEBUGSW=Y (in source module "SYOSCUST")

TRACE=ON (in source module "SYLSCFG")

<Hints & Tips on enabling CICS AUX Trace:

In order for Sybase to write out to the CICS Aux Trace Facility these CICS System Initialization(SIT) Parameters must be on


Code this parameter to specify whether the internal CICS trace destination is to be activated at system initialization.


Code this parameter to control the master system trace flag.


Code this parameter to set the master user trace flag on or off. If this Parameter is set to off, then the EXEC CICS ENTER TRACENUM command will receive an INVREQ condition if EXCEPTION is not specified. If the program does not handle this condition the transaction will abend with a AEIP.>

406401 CTLIB: CT-Lib incorectly enables pthread cancelability which can break existing applications if the user code has this disabled.
406460 ADO.NET: Can't use a cloned connection if the parent connection string is not set.
406589 Currently, a mutually-aware OpenSwitch can start up even if its companion-sensitive configuration parameters are different from those on its companion. The correct behavior is that the OpenSwitch should fail to start, and an appropriate message explaining the nature of the failure should be displayed. The companion-sensitive configuration parameters are MUTUAL_AWARE, MUTUAL_CLUSTER, FREEZE_CFG_ON_FAIL, UPDATE_CFG, SVR_FAIL_ACTION, CMP_FAIL_ACTION, NET_FAIL_ACTION, and all ASE Servernames in the [SERVER] and [POOL] sections.
406707 With PING_THREAD set to 1, OpenSwitch would run out of memory and file descriptors after awhile.
406722 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Installing the Driver Meta Data SQL scripts will leave the Adaptive Server with 'allow updates' enabled.
406830 OpenSwitch CMON connection to set CS_APPNAME and CS_HOSTNAME.
406880 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Arithmetic overflow errors encountered using Decimal or Numeric data types in ADO recordset.AddNew or OLE DB IRowsetChange::InsertRow methods.
406944 In a mutually-aware setup, if a server is in a LOCKED state when a client tries to connect, and the server status is later changed to UP, the clients that were blocking will fail over to the next available server if the command to change the status came from another OpenSwitch.
406946 During a server failure, if the SVR_FAIL_ACTION script (custom or manual) returns with an exit code of '2', the idle clients connected to this server can be left in a hanging state, when they should be disconnected.
407009 ADO.NET: Using DTC transactions with non-pooled database connections may cause errors in application.
407036 If the network of the primary OpenSwitch companion goes down and the primary companion goes down as a result of it, future configuration changes on the secondary companion, such as setting the server status with rp_server_status, are not written to the configuration table on the CFG_STORAGE Adaptive Servers.
407048 If a primary Adaptive Server failure occurs when one companion OpenSwitch is servicing at least one busy client, and another companion is servicing only idle client(s), the user action script (if SVR_FAIL_ACTION is set to CUSTOM or MANUAL) might be executed twice, once on each companion OpenSwitch.
407276 Current documentation does not detail how the signal handling of threaded programs is accomplished. The documentation does not detail customer responsibilites or how he is to setup his own signal handling to coexist with Sybase behavior.
407280 Sybase OLEDB: does not support ADODB.Connection.OpenSchema() functions.
407294 Want blk_rowxfer, blk_rowxfer_mult and blk_done to return CS_CANCELED if canceled

from ct_cancel().

407646 OLEDB: Applications may get Socket Closed error when they request and use larger packet sizes than the ASE default.
407680 Connnection Router Transaction still list the 12.5.01 version String
407783 SP_MDA, COBOL prog SPMDACSP, writing info to temp storage, should be written to Memory
407805 SRVLIB:In srv_dbg_stack(), the return value of the user-provided function is not checked. If the return value is CS_FAIL, the stack trace is terminated.
407845 ODBC: Money output parameter returns an incorrect value.

ASE returns the correct value, but ODBC delivers a huge number.

407931 When a jConnection connection attempt is made with a url like: jdbc:sybase:Tds:localhost:5000/pubs2, if the database pubs2 is unavailable a SQLWarning is thrown and not a SQLException. Because the context of the connection is wrong, SQLWarnings often not checked and the circumstances are relatively rare; user sql can fail/hang presenting production problems.
407939 Ribo does not display the TDS state transition that is recorded in the raw TDS
408233 ODBC: When inserting Chinese character data into Sybase database with charset=UTF8 using invalid SQL_TYPE of SQL_LONGVARCHAR, a crash occurred.
408348 ADO.NET: ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SingleRow) does not restrict a result set to a single row.
408376 MFC Server Option for CICS, Date and Time data types missing from sp_jdbc_datatype_info CSP call result
408575 ODBC Driver by Sybase: A run-time error 40002 is raised when trying to update a row on a Visual Basic 6.0 application using RDO.
408725 SRVLIB: Clients on little-endian hosts (linux, nt386) are not able to connect to open

servers on Linux IBM pSeries.

408741 ISQL: Allow dynamic redirection of query output results to a file (> or append it with >>), or piping them through utility programs. This corresponds to ISUG enhancement request #2801.
408746 ISQL: This CR adds the --retserverror command line option to isql.

When set, isql exits whenever a server error is encountered with a severity >= 11. With this option, when a 'real' server error is received, isql will return '2' to the calling program (shell/command prompt) and write 'Msg[tab][server error nbr.]' to stderr.

408759 Feature request for the ability to customize the isql prompt so that it shows the servername:

isql -Uusername -Sservername -P



408760 SP_MDA CSP writes too many records to Temporary Storage on CICS startup.
408892 DBLIB: A dblib application may hang on HP Itanium or HP PA-RISC platform if the application has more than 32 or 1024 open files respectively.
408906 SRVLIB: Clients connecting to Open Server application using Kerberos may hit error: "ct_connect(): network packet layer: external error: There is a protocol packet error. An illegal length was received "
409120 SRVLIB: This implements a new token TDS_DBRPC2. With this implementation a fully qualified rpc name can now be greater than 255 bytes, but the individual component of the rpc name is still limited to 255 bytes
409193 Certification of OpenSwitch 12.5.x on Red Hat EL 4.0 (AMD64/EM64T)
409358 Existing connections hang if the CMON of Secondary ASE is invalid.
409514 jConnect: Request to update documentation files installed in $SYBASE/jConnect-6_0/docs directory.
409589 CT-Lib: enhance ct_res_info() to return the last error message struct received from the server.
409629 SRYT IMS EBFI0368 is returning the wrong message on an error


409633 jConnect: The length of table name, column name input arguments in the MDA stored procedures used by the jConnect driver are not long enough to account for names with escape characters like [_].
409766 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Add support for OLE DB Services. These are used for automatic transaction enlistment apart from other uses.
409793 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Cannot install OLE DB meta-data stored procedures if ASE db option "allow nulls by default" is set to true.
409921 OpenSwitch crashes on Windows if the environment variable %TMP% has spaces in it. This happens at boot time for Mutually-aware OpenSwitch, or after the first client is connected without mutually-aware but with PING_THREAD set to 1.
414593 MFC Client Option for CICS overlays storage when fetching a Nullabe Char with 1 byte of data in the column
414608 bcp should allow inserts to tables with timestamp column specifying not null even

if the data file to be copied in does not contain data for the timestamp column.

414657 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The length of table name, column name input arguments in the MDA stored procedures used by the ODBC Drivers are not long enough to account for names with escape characters like [_].
414693 RCM attempts to do the replication switch more than once when a failover situation occurs. The subsequent switch attempts will fail and have no impact on client applications.
414784 In a Mutual Aware Setup with SVR_FAIL_ACTION set to MANUAL, CUSTOM or CUSTOM_MANUAL, if all existing clients on OpenSwitch are idle when a ASE Server fails, and a new client attempts to connect after that but before the existing clients become busy again, the new client is connected to the Secondary ASE data server, but the existing clients hang.
414785 If you return with an exit status of 1 from NET_FAIL_ACTION CUSTOM or MANUAL scripts, after the network is successfully restored any changes you make to the pool/server may not get synced with its companion.
415430 Customer and we need to have Milli Secs in the OSC Tracing written to the CSML
415517 Programmer's Supplement missing lower case options for cobpre
415556 When the network between OpenSwitch and the primary ASE server breaks, the first client that tries to connect to the primary ASE Server through OpenSwitch can take several minutes to detect the failure, even with PING_THREAD set to 1.
415689 When CMP_FAIL_ACTION is set to CUSTOM, MANUAL or CUSTOM_MANUAL, OpenSwitch does not execute the custom or manual script during a network outage between the companions. You can see the following messages about failure to suspend the pools and execute the scripts.

manual_action: Executing (server=sosw, reason=1006)

pool_set_prop_atomic: Failed to preset pool status in companion.

coord_suspend: Cannot change status of pool POOL1 to SUSPENDED

manual_action: Suspending OpenSwitch failed.

do__useraction: Failed to execute the manual script for CMP_FAIL_ACTION. Check the error messages above for reasons of failure.

All future changes to the server/pool configuration are prohibited.

415798 The problem occurs if we hit a error while force closing a socket during a network failure. The Secondary Companion OpenSwitch's configuration may get out of sync with the Primary Companion OpenSwitch's configuration.
415891 MFC Client Option for CICS 12.6 documentation does not list error message -275 TDS_LICENSE_CHECK_FAIL
415910 MFC Server Option for CICS, attribute DEFAULT_TXN_ISOLATION row missing from the result of sp_server_info CSP call
416078 CTLIB: Enable MIT Kerberos 1.4.3 support for HPUX64.
416247 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unable to retrieve data from columns of timestamp data type in a ASE 15.0 database.
416248 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLColumns returns type name varchar for timestamp data type.
416250 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLColumns returns type names varchar and char for nvarchar and nchar data types respectively.
416262 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLProcedureColumns does not return correct information for stored procedure parameters of type bigint.
416419 BLKLIB:bcp through open server crashes the open server in blk_50_sendrow when copying in row data that has several trailing NULLs.
416448 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: ASE Data Source Administrator connection fails if the charset is capitalized
416449 MFC Server Option for CICS returns incorrect error code for license key error
416541 ODBC: Request for ODBC driver to implement SQLPutData to handle long data values in manageable chunks.
416737 DBLIB: A dblib application may fail on HP Itanium if the application has set the file descriptor limit to be more than 2048 with the following error:

Operating-system error:

Bad file number

416759 jConnect: Request to support getDatabaseMajorVersion(), getDatabaseMinorVersion(), getJDBCMajorVersion() and getJDBCMinorVersion() functions on the DatabaseMetaData class.
416869 OLEDB Driver needs to return more specific error messages for kerberos to the client applications
417005 IBMLISTNR message thats a catch all


Needs to change.

417041 Require Solaris libsocket patch: #111328-04: SunOS 5.8_x86 to avoid

Repserver memory leak.

417233 An abnormal end occurs in MFC Server Option for CICS with CICS SIT parameter XUSER=YES and CICS surrogate user defined to RACF with insufficient authority
417417 jConnect should throw proper exception XAER_HEUR type return codes when transactions have been "prepared", dbcc complete_xact(commit | rollback) but not heuristically forgotten via dbcc forget_xact().
417539 jConnect: For User-defined datatypes, the DatabaseMetadata.getColumns(TYPE_NAME) returns the underlying native datatype name and not the User-defined datatype name.
417585 An ommission from the Install and Admin Guide for MainframeConnect Server/Client Options (see Appendix A) - when configuring OSC 12.6 to use IBM z/OS conversion utility and services (i.e. USEIBMUNICODE=Y), OSC specific non-ER conversion definition entries must be manually added before generating the IBM z/OS conversion image using CUNMIUTIL.
417628 MFC Server Option for CICS, non-DB2 CSP sp_datatype_info returns an out-of-range precision value of 4GB for IMAGE data type and causes ODBC error message
417711 OLEDB: When sending the statement "WRITETEXT table_name.column_name, text_pointer, text_data" from the OLE DB application to ASE, and if the text_data contains the substring "exec" then the OLEDB provider considers the rest of the string following "exec" as a stored procedure name. Thus, ASE fires the error "Stored Procedure sproc_name not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check that the object exists".
417721 jConnect: Statement.getUpdateCount() does not return a valid update count after Statement.executeUpdate() is executed.
417723 ODBC: metadata is not availble after SQLPrepare...causing the odbc application to stop abnormally
417755 In MFC Server Option for CICS, introduce support for RPC names with the format of "dbname..rpcname"
417760 ODBC: With COMPUTE clause in a SQL query, the compute result set is not being retrieved by driver, but it is being sent in the response from the ASE.
417914 ADO.NET: Connecting to OpenSwitch as an admin user fails
418120 BCP: bcp stops when ASE encounters a duplicate key row in a batch (e.g. -b1)
418124 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using SQLDriverConnect with SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT Option, changes made to the connect string in the prompt dialog are not reflected in the OutConnectString.
418260 jConnect: NullPointerException when updateTimestamp() method is called.
418275 Request for ASE ADO.NET 2.0 Provider.
418335 CPRE: cpre occasionally gives Access Violations precompiling some source files.
418449 ADO.NET: New feature request for ASE ADO.NET Data Provider to trim blanks from a null "char" column.
418530 SQLWarnings chained off Statements should be cleared on execute() of a statement. Not clearing the SQLWarnings can lead to memory leaks.
418625 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Fetching numeric data with scale = 0, bound as SQL_C_CHAR returns a string with a trailing decimal point. So number zero is returned as "0."
418664 jConnect: Implement support for ASE Cluster Edition features: Login redirection, Connection migration and extended failover.
418913 ODBC Driver by Sybase: String columns with null characters embedded in the value are truncated after the first null character.
419030 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Binding a datetime column to SQL_C_TYPE_DATE returns invalid Indicator length.
419306 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLNumParams reports incorrect number of parameters if the query being executed contains "@" sign.
419579 jConnect: The column names used to describe ResultSet MetaData do not conform to the JDBC specifications.
419583 OLEDB: When using the MS DataShape Service and Provider connection property SelectMethod=Cursor, executing a Stored procedure, with SHAPE, or SHAPE and APPEND, application would hang.
419671 When ISQL displays double-byte column data e.g. Simplified Chinese from a resultset, on reaching the end of a line as determined by the -w parameter setting, ISQL does not preserve the integrity of the double-byte data string i.e. it splits the string not at the correct double-byte character boundary but between the two bytes of a double-byte character.
419684 MFC Server Option for CICS caused TDS errors in a gateway environment if the specified packet size was greater than 512 bytes
419724 Customer wants OpenSwitch to cancel query when RESPONSE_TIMEOUT expires
419730 jConnect: PreparedStatement.setObject(paramIndex, String, java.sql.Types.BIT) does not set underlying boolean column to true if string value provided is "1".
419831 jConn: Request for support invoking getTypeMap and setTypeMap (Connection)
419856 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Selecting a smalldatetime column that does not allow NULL may cause an Internal Error 30016.
419921 jConnect: Installing jConnect meta-data stored procedures (sql_server*.sql or installmaster script) on an ASE setup with Japanese character set fails due to character set conversion issues.
419959 jConnect: Output parameters registered as JDBC type of FLOAT are returned as Float objects when getObject() is called. These should be returned as Double as per JDBC specification.
420087 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetInfo SQL_MAX_PROCEDURE_NAME_LEN returns invalid value.
420092 Feature request consider increasing the max-rows bcp out can handle (2^31-1 row).
420176 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to execute queries from Microsoft SQL Server using a Sybase ASE linked server.
420178 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetTypeInfo (SQL_ALL_TYPES) returns no data for subsequent rows after the first, when using SQLGetData.
420271 ADO.NET: Application connecting to ASE using ADO.NET Data Provider hangs when connection is killed within ASE.
420484 NETLIB: A client trying to use Entrust generated server certificate cannot connect to the server. The validation callback exit of a diagnostic program shows: CS_SSL_INVALID_MISSINGNAME. Note that this fix is available on all platforms except Linux AMD64, Solaris x64 and HP Itanium platforms.
420505 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLNativeSql returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO incorrectly even when there are no warnings.
420522 Request to handle readtimeout from OpenSwitch as SQLWarning.
420570 BLKLIB/DEFNCOPY: Using an object name with a right square bracket but without a matching left square bracket will raise a new error message like "Parameter <object> has syntax error."
420734 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Driver attributes returned by SQLDrivers do not contain information for "DriverODBCVer" attribute.
420755 SYGWXLAT ends abnormally if USEIBMUNICODE=Y and the code page used is not defined in the OS Unicode definitions.
420768 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ASE datetime datatype supports accuracy upto 1/300th of a second, but the ODBC Driver attempts to return a higher precision fractional second value. Request to have fractional second values exactly match what is returned by ASE.
420976 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unable to access ASE data from MS-Access using ODBC when key column is numeric or decimal datatype. Data is shown as "#Deleted".
421000 SSL: Open Server needs to fail listening while not successfully loading certificate.
421007 SSL: With this fix, now all anonymous cipher suite, *_anon_*, has been removed from OCS default cipher suite list. This is used to make SSL connection more secure by enforcing server authentication. If customers want to use anonymous SSL handshake, they need to install it explicitly using ct_con_props(,CS_SET,CS_PROP_SSL_CIPHER,,,) and take the risk without server authertication by their own. Also, now libsybflssl does not allow SSL connection to be continued if it fails in setting customize ciphersuite or trusted.txt.
421026 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The ODBC Catalog Functions require the database supplied as the argument to be the same as the current database. For instance if the user is in master and wants a list of tables in the pubs2 database and invokes the SQLTables function, it will fail.
421130 ADO.NET: The Sybase Interfaces file lookup via use of DSURL syntax expects the "QUERY" keyword in the interfaces file to be in lower case. Lookup fails if the keyword appears in upper case.
421218 If any RCM config option is specified with more than 255 characters, it used to be truncated silently. The fix allows RCM config options to have upto 4096 characters.
421646 DBLIB: On Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms, there is a memory leak in dbopen.
421873 SRVLIB: Bulk copy via Open Server in passthrough mode fails with the following errors:

Msg 5702, Level 10, State 1: ASE is terminating this process.

CTLIB Message: - L0/O0/S0/N0/0/0:

blk_init(): blk layer: CT library error: Failed when CT_Lib routine ct_results() called.

422194 OLEDB: Problems with SHAPE object.
422239 cpre -x option disables default ANSI options normally set when not using -x
422264 jConnect: Unable to call setAutoCommit(false) after ending a XA transaction.
422412 cm_get_value documentation shows cm_rp_set in Syntax section
422413 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Buffer overrun when entering more than 80 characters in the properties.
422416 The installer is stopping on a 150 Information MSG on the FTP part of the install
422440 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unable to use connection information from LDAP Server if sybaseServername defined in the LDAP entry is different from the hostname of the target server and DriverCompletion is set to SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE.
422518 ODBC Driver by Sybase: No support for character set koi8.
422531 Customer would like cm_error to format Open Client messages better
422557 jConnect: Implement jConnect 6.0 JDBC Driver with support for selected JDBC 3.0 features.
422598 Customer would like a OpenSwitch registered procedure call, equivalent of cm_rp_rcm_list to list all of the CMs connected to the OpenSwitch.
422618 rp_set fails to display/set some configuration parameters with error 20012
422716 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request to gracefully handle expired password during connection to ASE.
422718 ADO.NET: Request to gracefully handle expired password during connection to ASE.
422781 Test Connect has no Dialog Window - cannot enter connection properties for server, port, login id, password, database. Non-blank passwords on user ids will result in the test connect issuing a message "login failed".
422824 OCS drivers should be able to resolve other Sybase library function calls independant of the customer options for loading the sybase libraries. Depending on resolution of symbols in the Global Symbol Space assumes no symbol collisions and places un-necessary dependancies on ctlib applications wishing to use our drivers.
422998 jConnect: Calling Statement.close() on a statement that's already closed results in SQLException. As of JDK 1.4 specifcication, this should be a no-op.
423033 jisql: Replace use of JPasswordField class with a Sybase specific class that disables copy text functionality.
423072 Connecting via SNA with IBMUSEUNICODE set to Y and the client charset not matching a SYGWXCPH definition entry causes an abend.
423355 ODBC Driver By Sybase: SQLGetTypeInfo should return SQL_TYPE_DATE / SQL_TYPE_TIME for DATA_TYPE.
423445 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLConfigDataSource() to create a DSN always returns FALSE.
423535 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetTypeInfo returns incorrect TYPE_NAME for unsigned types. It returns ubigint, uint and usmallint instead of unsigned bigint, unsigned int and unsigned smallint respectively.
423538 NETLIB: On Windows, Open Server may appear to stop or defer accepting connections when there are many concurrent connections.
423549 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLColumns returns underlying native datatype name for user defined datatypes.
423551 jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo() reutrns incorrect value for TYPE_NAME for unsigned types. It returns ubigint, uint and usmallint instead of unsigned bigint, unsigned int or unsigned smallint.
423713 jConnect: Feature request to gracefully handle login password expiration policies.
423818 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Cannot access certain OLE DB Provider Connection parameters or properties after setting them. List of parameters and properties: Application Name, WorkStation ID, Current Catalog, Provider Version, Provider Name, Provider Friendly Name, DBMS Version, DBMS Name, WorkStation ID.
423838 TRANLIB: Application using the DTM XA Interface and linked with the non-threaded shared libraries fail to retrieve the XA connection handle.
424286 jConnect: If the LANGUAGE connection property is set and localized jConnect messages are available for the language, then display jConnect messages in that language instead of english.
424503 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The length of table name, column name input arguments in the MDA stored procedures used by the OLE DB Provider are not long enough to account for names with escape characters like [_].
424737 SRVLIB: Server properties SRV_S_LOGFILE and SRV_S_TRUNCATELOG cannot be set after srv_init() is called. On windows, if the application calls CreateProcess then the logfile handle is exported to the new process. This prevents the Open Server from truncating the log.
424835 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The sample applications fail to compile on Linux with `SQLLEN' undeclared error.
424947 When COORD_MODE is set to AVAIL and CM drops off network, clients are unable to login and may fail even though OpenSwitch and ASE servers are operational.
425291 BLKLIB: blklib should pass error number and severity to its applications when it reports errors.
425331 isql Kerberos login with -V on IBM PSeries Linux fails with error:

$ isql_r -V -SREGTEST15


ct_con_props(SET): security service layer: internal security control layer error: error string not available

425615 Customer would like to know the root cause why OLE DB hangs. The dump files we provided are from the moment OLE DB gets hung
425811 ADO.NET: AseDataReader.GetOrdinal(<column name>) performs case sensitive search even if ASE is setup to be case insensitive.
425968 ISQLCICS Abends if a LE370 DSA Storage is set to other then NONE.

CEEXOPT STORAGE=((00,NONE,00,0K),OVR) The third Pamater is the issue "dsa_alloc_value"

426302 bcp fails to report an error when attempting to copy an oversized row into ASE
426606 ISQL: The column separator (-s) option is not applied to text or image columns.
427043 During a failover, when the RCM issues multiple 'switch active' commands to the Replication Server in parallel, not all connections are switched over successfully and the Replication Server hangs.
427126 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Applications receive "Unsupported parameter type" error when using numeric(20,0) type parameter.
427175 BLKLIB: An initializing error in Bulk-Library causes Open Server to corrupt data when bcp to columns with default values.
427176 Open Server corrupts data when bcp to columns with default values
427201 jConnect: Add support to have multiple open ResultSet objects per statement as defined in JDBC 3.0 specifications.
427244 jConnect: Calling DatabaseMetaData.getProcedureColumns when auto-commit mode is off raises SybSQLException: SELECT INTO command not allowed within multi-statement transaction.
427638 dsedit on Solaris writes incorrect entries for various Transport types
427937 ODBC: SQLFetch() may hang up if InitializationString of ODBC Connection String has a Sybase command.
428140 CTLIB: 'lnsyblibs create' raises error: "libsyb*.s[o: No such file or directory"
428168 Add new capabilities to sp_capabilities result for ASE 15 support.
428398 LDAP: LDAP Directory Services requests should have timeouts in case LDAP servers are unreachable or fail in such a way that requests against them never complete in a timely fashion or never complete at all. The LDAP Directory Servers lookups should timeout like the rest of the ct_connect process to prevent application hangs.
428417 Open Server: If the CTOS sample program is used with the CT-Lib sample program 'csr_disp'
and the ASE server's version is not 15.0 the CT-Lib sample program fails with a corrupt
TDS token stream.
428546 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetTypeInfo for SQL_TYPE_DATE returns 9 for DATA_TYPE & 91 for DATA_TYPE_2 (SQL_DATA_TYPE). It should return 91 for both values.
428578 jConnect: Feature request - Change sp_jdbc_stored_procedures to use intermediate temp tables to reduce duration of shared intent locks on sysprocedures tables.
428696 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When executing large SQL statement, the connection is timed out 30 seconds after query is executed.
429056 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling stored procedure with T-SQL exec syntax & null arguments fails
429151 Request to add newer warnings to list of SQL Exceptions and Warnings
429175 jConnect: When setNanos() function is used to set nano second values, jConnect may incorrectly report rounding or truncation warnings.
429185 When sp_server_info is called with an attribute parameter, only one row should be returned.
429313 CTLIB: When array binding is in use on asynchronous connections, CS_END_DATA completion status is not returned after ct_fetch has fetched all rows of the current result set.
429436 The list of supported SSL ciphersuites needs to be updated and maintained.
429458 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Applications are not able to retrieve messages from T-SQL 'print' statements.
429608 Request to support Reporting Services extensions
429884 jConnect: Calling getInt() and getLong() methods on ResultSet and CallableStatement will throw SQLExceptions if the column/parameter is of type Tds.UINT8.
429933 ENCRYPT_PASSWORD may result in NULL Pointer exception if you not set charset props.
429948 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Accessing the ADODB.Field.Properties.Count gives error "Row handle is invalid" when the RecordSet contains no rows.
430007 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetData not working with smalldatetime datatype columns when used from Microsoft Access applications.
430140 ODBC: Import from MS Query to Excel causes: "HY021":"[DataDirect][ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver]Inconsistent descriptor information." Occurs on SQLExecute() on a parameterized query, involving a smalldatetime data type. The Sybase driver on Windows crashed the application when EnableDescribeParam=1 and OptimizePrepare=0 and the application called SQLPrepare on a select statement that did not contain any parameter markers.
430157 When attempting to select row which contains binary field and using the select method cursor, OLEDB driver from SDK 12.5.1 EBF13484 ESD #13 gets disconnected from ASE.
430432 blk_done(CS_BLK_BATCH) incorrectly returns CS_FAIL when a batch partially (but not fully) succeeds.
430890 Security: Windows x86 now has Kerberos support using Windows SSPI interface.
430893 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The ODBC Driver may commit unexpected rows in batch insert mode, if a deadlock or other error causes ASE to abort the ongoing tansaction.
431038 Customer needs API to retrieve default value of parameter from stored procedure
431071 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: DBSCHEMA_PROVIDER_TYPES Schema Rowset returns incorrect TYPE_NAME for unsigned types. It returns ubigint, uint and usmallint instead of unsigned bigint, unsigned int and unsigned smallint respectively.
431115 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: OLE DB Provider does not pass connection properties "Application Name" nor "WorkStation Id" to the server in the login packet.
431185 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Using a parameter with valueType SQL_C_CHAR representing Date value in a parameterized query on datetime or smalldatetime filed, causes "Invalid conversion" error on SQLExecute.
431363 NETLIB: On Windows, if a server is shutdown when there is an existing connection, the same server cannot be restarted until the existing connection becomes inactive.
431381 Customer would like the installer to save the params, so that they do not have to reenter them evey time.
431394 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Resultset.GetRows VBScript function does not work in ASP page.
431495 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLExecDirect() fails when SQL statement being executed contains "@" sign(s).
431679 Request to have getColumnName return value from TDS_ROWFMT2 "Label Name" when using property JCONNECT_VERSION=6 for Wide Table support.
431774 jConnect: Feature request to implement a connection property that will return column alias name rather than the real column name when ResultSetMetaData.getColumnName() is called. This behaviour is compatible with older versions of jConnect and some other DBMS JDBC Drivers.
431944 Program SYBLSTNR display the Message below is a non sybase application connects to the new ESD2 IBM Listener.


This message has customers confused on what is going on.

Would like the message to be more specfic like " A non Sybase client try to connect"

432073 Modified cm_rp_get_help to return results in a structure such that the data can be used in the CM in other APIs.
432187 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Call to SQLConfigDataSource() creates DSN with last character of property value truncated.
432346 cm_get_prop fails to retrieve CM_P_USERDATA
432500 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using SQLDriverConnect with SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT Option, changes made to the connect string in the prompt dialog are not reflected in the OutConnectString.
432549 Request for Named Pipes network support
432666 jConnect: Unsatisfactory performance when inserting large batches of records using addBatch() method. Extremely large batches caused client program to hang.
432683 SQLFetch() returns SQL_ERROR, not SQL_NO_MORE_DATA when SelectMethod is set to Cursor, and the application uses SQLFetch and SQLGetData to retrieve a result set if there is at least one row.
433319 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to provide support to distinguish a zero length binary column value from a null column value.
433323 The CSA/RSP stub load modules are missing from

the load library.

433440 SRVLIB: Open server with DBLIB API crashes when connecting to another server in open server start handler.
433444 Problem: Temp table wizard considers any object name prefixed with '#' as a temp table.


Temp table wizard considers any object name prefixed with '#' as a temp table. For example, with the following statement referencing a stored procedure 'pbcatcol', temp table wizard still popped up:

create index #abc on pbcatcol (pbcatcol.pbc_case)

433481 CTLIB: ct_setparam call can cause valid data inserts to be NULL if the null indicator variable was set to NULL before the ct_setparam call.
433578 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The OLE DB Provider fails to retrieve data with DELPHI ADO Provider when the value of a string parameter is larger than 13 byes.
433810 Customer needs documentation on new CM_CB_ASEFAIL cm_callback
433862 Problem: SQL Debugger should prevent the user from setting breakpoints for long-named procedural objects in ASE.

Problem Details:

The user failed setting a breakpoint in an ASE stored procedure with long name, the breakpoint would not be adjusted to the nearest valid SQL statement, stack tracke were displayed in ASE's error log file, and the user will not able to debug any ASE stored procedures from that point on until they perform the following steps:

1. Delete all the breakpoints from the Breakpoint view of SQL Debugger.

2. Shut down WorkSpace

3. Shut down and reboot ASE Server.

4. Restart WorkSpace

5. Do not set breakpoint in stored procedures or trigger with name longer than ~22 bytes.

The problem is caused by a debugging related ASE server problem.


1. Database Development Tooling adds a safeguard mechanism that prevents the user from setting breakpoint for ASE long-named procedural object (SPs and triggers). In additon, there's a new debugger preference for the user to turn off the safeguard so that when the user installed ASE debugger patches in the future, we don't need to take out the safeguard mechanism, and the user only need to disable the safeguard from the preference page.

2. The user is advised to install ASE patch 12.5.3 ESD #7 to fix the root cause.

434139 CICSPING does not work with the socket interface.
434177 OLEDB: Cannot run query through MS 2005 linked server due to asynchronous setting forced by linked server. Added the "Async" connection option to the provider. Setting this option (Async) to FALSE allows the provider to function correctly with some applications. In the configurator this option is a check box, and unchecked is default, meaning FALSE.
434186 OLEDB: Cannot update with IS NOT NULL on datetime column through MS linked server. Fixed conversion from a textual timestamp to a Sybase TDS timestamp to round fractional seconds in the same way as the Sybase server.
434189 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to update datetime columns defined as "IS NOT NULL" from Microsoft SQL Server using a Sybase ASE linked server.
434517 NETLIB: Open Server hangs when accept() returns ECONNRESET.
434545 ESQL/C: A new feature allowing structs and arrays as indicator variables has been added to the cpre pre-processor. This is to allow application programmers to use the array name or the struct name for SELECT or UPDATE lists instead of coding individual indicator variables per query.
434558 jConnect: Receive unexpected update counts / result sets when query calls nested stored procedures and IGNORE_DONE_IN_PROC connection property is set to true.
434567 ESQL products: this CR allows ANSI style binds to be turned off by using a new command line flag named '-u'. This allows for application migration projects to disable ANSI binds for that application without having to resort to the ocs.cfg file which would disable this for all applications running in this particular installation.
434599 CTLIB, DBLIB and SRVLIB: Open Client and Open Server report incorrect program version in TDS login record.
434766 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The informational message callback handler installed is not called on events generated by "print" statements in stored procedures and queiries.
434771 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Slower performance experienced using Sybase OLE DB Provider in a application using recordsets.
434774 When creating connection in new Project, under Server Explorer there is no listing for the ASE ADO.NET Data Provider.
434920 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unable to use Text and Image datatypes with OpenSwitch backends, since the ODBC Driver sends these as TDS_BLOB which is not supported by OpenSwitch.
435118 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The 揟est Connect� option in the Sybase Data Source Administrator application displays password in clear-text.
435127 You may encounter errors if you compile SDK 12.5.1 applications with Visual C++ 5.0.

Programmer's Supplement Open Client and Open Server 12.5.1 for Microsoft Windows explains that Sybase has certified Microsoft's Visual C++ Version 5.0.

But it should be Visual C++ Version 6.0.

To see the correct information, please read Release Bulletin.

435147 Coordination Module application connected to Secondary Companion OpenSwitch Server will NOT receive / respond to any notifications when the Primary ASE Server is shutdown for any reason followed by the Primary Companion OpenSwitch Server going down. Primary OpenSwitch Server would have already handled the initial failure processes when Primary ASE Server is down.
435150 Clients hang when no available server is found during failover in a OpenSwitch setup with CM.
435201 Transaction name and userid are not written to the log in gatewayless environment.
435299 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The properties listed in the DataLink GUI is missing some required information.
435330 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: OLE DB Provider does not fill the some recordset properties such as Count when the recordset is created.
435402 CERTUTIL: OpenSSL cannot read server certificates due to a extra '\0' at the end of the encodings

in the file. OpenSSL gets an error with these certificates. For example, the command "openssl pkcs8 < server1.crt" will return the following error message:"Error reading key

24292:error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line:pem_lib.c:642:Expecting:

ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY". This error is not seen with certicom.

When using an ASE that uses OpenSSL, you may get the following error message:

"Sybase CSI Error Message: Error reading the private key. The specified buffer content

is not in the expected format."

If this error is encountered, the corrective action would be to regenerate

certificate/private key using the new tools.

435658 Memory leak in the CM during the CM_CB_LOST callback while the CM is trying to re-establish a connection to the OpenSwitch.
435799 It's possible to install the Datadirect driver without a installer.

By doing a regsvr32 sybdrvoledb.dll and put the directory in the path.

This seems not to be possible with our Organic drivers.

435876 When selecting data it may be truncated when specifying the exact length x for a column whose data type is char(x).
436080 jConnect: Unable to retrieve return status from CallableStatement when IGNORE_DONE_IN_PROC connection property is set to true.
436132 The new Release needs to have the RSP/CSA DB2 Table creates in teh release
436175 RSP sample assemble JCL has an incorrect parmater name, ALGN, causing assembly errors.
436447 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Modifying the values of a disconnected recordset whose fields are not derived from columns in a table, will give the error: Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. -2147217887 Microsoft Cursor Engine.
436770 Problem: It took about 2 min. to create a trigger in a large database.

Resolution: This performance issue has been fixed.

436773 Problem: It took about 10 seconds to create a stored procedure.

Resolution: This performance issue has been fixed.

436774 Problem: It took 30 sec. to start SQL Debugger.

Resolution: This performance issue has been fixed.

437253 Result varchar column is truncated when followed by a varchar column.
437257 Enhance Sybase Organic Odbc Driver's ability to read values from the interfaces file sql.ini ie. to display a login box but maybe have the server name grayed out and it should show server name from the SQL.INI.

Change of login,password,database should be allowed.

437718 This is a regression from ESQL/C 12.5. When inserting or updating a table with an empty string "", the data is inserted as NULL into table incorrectly. Th issue happens only when adding -G option to cpre. Due to customer's architecture, he needs to use the -G option in his environment.
437843 Abnormal end in CICS when clients connect through TDS 4.6.
437845 SRVLIB: When the conversion of character set is involved, srv_send_text() fails during the second invocation.
437938 ADO.NET: The ADO.NET Provider produces Internal Error: 30016 with a specific query and using network packet size of 8192 or higher.
437958 Interlink TCP/IP support discontinued.
438281 Using the '-c' option with bcp allows copy of data when target table coulmn count differs from column count in data in some instances. Customer would like bcp should report an error if the column counts in the data and target table do not match.
438423 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Accessing ASE using ODBC Driver from Microsoft Access 2003 causes reserved error (-7707).
438584 In ASE11.9.2, "allow remote access" does not need "reconfigure with override" for dynamic parameter.
438587 In Appendix B,libtcl.cfg support only directory and security driver.
438591 dscp does not use tli format. When specified, dscp uses tcp format. But it is not explained by manual.
438735 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unexpected behavior in Crystal Reports when connecting using ODBC Driver, because SQLProcedureColumns returns 揘O� for IS_NULLABLE.
439093 insert after select...get data all...fails with Invalid cursor state (30111)
439714 BCP:bcp out under native mode does not support CS_LONGBINARY datatype.
439724 create 64 bit OLE DB provider for the Sybase 15.x Organic 64bit ODBC driver
439880 Problem Details:

The content assist in SQL Editor gives the user the incorrect syntax when typing in "create index index_name on table_name (". The content assist gives table_name.column_name, which doesn't fit the ASE index. If user select one column from content assist and try to save, error will occur.

440044 NETLIB: If multiple threads are calling ct_connect() using Kerberos security mechanism, a race condition may cause a SEGV in csd_bind().
440092 CTLIB:Memory leak occurs between ct_con_alloc() and ct_con_drop() when connecting to server fails.
440285 Problem: Cannot step into system stored procedure during debugging.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

440308 Problem: Failed to load trigger definition during debugging when the quoted identifier preference is 慜N'.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

440498 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to access subsequent Rowsets if query retuned multiple result sets.
440656 Customer needs way to identify Open Server spid in a network trace/TDS
440827 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC connection to ASE from Microsoft Office 2000 / Excel results in Application crash.
441438 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Setting statement attribute SQL_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPE to Static or Keyset options produces SQL_ERROR.
441451 coord__valid_appname uses non-thread safe function strtok
441465 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLSetCursorName before a SQLPrepare statement doesn't set the cursor name to the user specified cursor name when SQLExecute is called, it defaults to the driver generated cursor name instead.
441476 OpenSwitch truncates the name of CM to 30 characters.
441853 BLKLIB: Bulk copy in of client-side character set conversion from utf8 to iso_1 (-Y option) is incorrect.
441896 Problem: Cannot create procedural objects on ASE 12.5.3 when logged in as a user who is aliased to 慸bo�.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

442470 jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo call no longer returns ASE Local type of "double precision".
442559 NETLIB: Open server core dump when using wrong SSL password, due to inappropriate close.
442593 Mutually aware OpenSwitches started simultaneously will hang. Clients trying to connect to either server will time out.
442632 ADO.NET: When a command with CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess is closed using CommandBehavior.CloseConnection the connection is not closed.
442781 Memory leaks in libintl when tcl config (%SYBASE%\ini\libtcl.cfg) is missing.
442817 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLConfigDataSource will display the DSN configuration dialog even if NULL parent window handle is specified. The ODBC_CONFIG_SYS_DSN function configures DSNs as User DSN as opposed to system DSN.
442936 SRVLIB: Implemented Open Server Connection Migration
442988 Both instances of a mutually-aware OpenSwitch installation are handling SVR_FAIL_ACTION.
443123 Problem: The Database Explorer view is very slow in expanding the 慡tored Procedure� node for a large database.

Resolution: This performance issue has been fixed.

443182 NETLIB: 3rd party certificates may result in SSL connection failure.
443204 DRIVERS: Provide directory schema for Active Directory (AD) and/or Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) to store Sybase Server entries.
443327 jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo returns internal ASE system user types (like longsysname) which should not be returned.
443503 oslib.loc lists SRV_EEINITNET instead of SRV_EINITNET
443570 Change sp_jdbc_getbestrowidentifier so it can run in transaction
444031 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Connection to ASE from ODBC Driver fail from some client machines running non-english locales. The connection fails if the locale matches one of the languages supported by ASE and that language module is not installed on ASE.
444060 BCP: bcp-in of an empty file fails when the table has computed columns.
444136 CTBCP: bcp supports two new arguments --colpasswd and --keypasswd for sending passwords of encrypted columns and keys to database server to gain decryption permission of the encrypted columns.
444301 OpenSwitch crashes/core dumps when RCM_PATH is incorrect
444520 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Modifying the values of a disconnected recordset whose fields are not derived from columns in a table, will give the error: Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. -2147217887 Microsoft Cursor Engine.
444961 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Using the "Import Data" function in Microsoft Excel (Office 2003) fails with following error: "The Data Connection Wizard cannot obtain a list of databases from the specified data source.".
445165 Description: The Procedural Object creation wizard cannot list user-defined datatypes with spaces in the type name.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

445584 SRVLIB: Dynamic SQL commands returning multiple result sets will fail when running against an Open Server gateway application.
445762 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to execute queries from Microsoft SQL Server using a Sybase ASE linked server.
445837 CM should detect network failure and reconnect when network restored
446011 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Test Connect on UDL via the Windows Desktop fails w/ MS VC++ runtime error
446237 DRIVERS: Replace Netscape LDAP libraries by OpenLDAP library on nt386.
446383 Fix 437253 missing from ESD3 release: OCC truncating varchar columns when followed by a varchar column.
446414 NETLIB: On Windows, ct_results() may report an error "ct_results(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect" after a timeout.
446661 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to execute a stored procedure from Microsoft SQL Server using a Sybase ASE linked server.
446825 New listener should not run when started from a 3270 session.
447275 ADO.NET: The sybdrvado11.dll (for 12.5.1 releases) or sybdrvado115.dll (for 15.0 releases) released in recent ESDs is not compatible with older ESDs. This does not allow multiple versions of the ADO.NET provider to be deployed concurrently.
447292 Problem: Enterprise Explorer view throws exception when importing sql.ini and converting them into connection profiles.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

447338 DBLIB: DB_Library routines DBIORDESC and DBIOWDESC always return 0.
447423 Description: ASE Stored procedures that contain parameters with 'univarchar' type do not run correctly if the value of 'univarchar' is null. This issue only happens in ASE 12.5.2.x.

Resolution/Workaround: Change the default value of univarchar to ' ' (space).

Remaining issues:

If the user clicks on 'Null' checkbox in the Configure Parameters dialog, the stored procedure will be running forever.


User should avoid clicking check box 'Null' for univarchar in the Configure Parameters dialog, otherwise the stored procedure will be running forever; but the user can still click on the Terminate button to terminate the running stored procedure in SQL Results view.

447625 Open Server fails to shutdown after SRV_STOP is raised
447730 Client Services Applications (CSAs) fail with a

message about the link to an Attachment Site Parms

not available.

447813 dbpoll() returns DBTIMEOUT or never returns at all on version 15.0 dblibrary after a dbsqlsend() operation.
447910 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unable to export table from Microsoft Access to ASE when the Access table contains a text(255) column. The exact error received:

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]

Can't specify a length or scale on type 'longsysname'

448018 SRVLIB: When multiple clients connect to an openserver application and select text/image data from a multi-column table, the size of the openserver application grows very large and may exceed the memory limit of the process. On Windows platforms, a new user API srv_send_data() is provided to transfer text/image data through Open Server in small chunks.
448089 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to connect to ASE using Data Source Name from Visual Basic 6.0 applications.
448199 ping_host blocks all activity on OpenSwitch
448251 OpenSwitch disconnects CM if cm_kill fails
448369 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When reading a varchar output parameter from a stored procedure, provider returns empty string.
448393 In 12.5.1 all certificates are returned to the client SSL validation callback but in 15.0 only the server certificates and the first CA certificate is returned.
448483 Customer wants to know if we support Linked server between Microsoft SQL and ASE in cluster environment. (Follow up on case CR 420176).
448503 oslib.loc lists SRV_EBADCOMPUTBY instead of SRV_EBADCOMPUTEBY
448508 Should not use ASA debugger API to retrieve SP definition.

Also, the DDL gen wizard should not use the Debug API to retrieve procedural object definitions for ASA/IQ.

448550 ESQL: sqlerr[2] does not reflect the number of rows affected by the most recent command when ASE error 9501 is returned.
448598 Problem: An overflow error occurs after the user expands and clicks the subscription node under a Replication Server connection profile.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

448956 SRVLIB: When multiple clients connect to an Open Server application and select text/image data from a multi-column table, the size of memory used by the Open Server application grows very large and may exceed the memory limit of the process. A new user API srv_send_data() is provided to transfer text/image data through Open Server in small chunks. Sample program ctos is also updated to use this new API.
449013 Need various CM APIs to return more meaningful status than CS_SUCCEED/CS_FAIL
449103 OLEDB: Provided an upgrade of the OpenSSL components embedded within the driver. The new OpenSSL version is 0.9.8d.
449105 ODBC: Provided an upgrade of the OpenSSL components embedded within the driver. The new OpenSSL version is 0.9.8d.
449204 Ribo raises exception when reading TDS_BUF_ATTN token
449274 Request redo of OpenSwitch PING functionality
449514 After migration to MFC 12.6 ESD#2, the ct is getting repeated paired messages as the

followings in the CICS log:

> EZY1261I 22/11/06 08:21:08 EZACIC03 ATTACH SUCCESSFUL, TCB ADDRESS=00895988 TERM=

TRAN=AMD2 TASK=0001965

> EZY1278I 22/11/06 08:21:08 EZACIC03 DETACH SUCCESSFUL TCB ADDRESS=00895988 TRAN=AMD2


449515 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Superfluous prepare calls being made resulting in poor provider performance.
449516 Unlike the third-party drivers, Sybase Organic OLE DB (& ODBC) drivers do not provide any HELP button on any of the DSN configuration tabs to explain the various config settings.
449680 jConnect: An empty scrollable resultset causes SQLException when ResultSet.beginFirst() is called.
449927 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing a stored procedure via OpenQuery() on a Linked Server fails.
449958 If the stored proc uses a variable which contains more than 250 characters, only the first 255 characters will be displayed int he variables view
449987 Request for Winx64 OLEDB Provider for ASE
450003 jConnect sets an invalid length in PARAMFMT tokens for numeric parameters
450056 The fact to modify a stored proc in Wspace and re-deploy it, will delete the previous grand execute permission
450057 Error message : Column can be appended only to an existing table from database explorer when altering a table by clicking Insert column
450079 SRVLIB:srv_createmutex() may cause memory corruption when the actual length of a mutex name is larger than the specified length.
450084 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Provider throws data overflow errors in Visual Basic application.
450087 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Provider returns error when passing null parameter values of some datatypes to stored procedures.
450118 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Calling a stored procedure on a Linked Server via OpenQuery() or direct execution fails.
450378 5.5 metadata scripts for 12.5.X ASE missing sp_version
450386 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to update datetime columns from Microsoft SQL Server using a Sybase ASE linked server.
450478 Organic OLEDB Provider: SQL Update fails when called from Linked Server and syntax contains a 'where' clause
450480 Organic OLEDB Provider: Insert fails from Linked Server when no column names are included in syntax
450481 Organic OLEDB Provider: Simple delete fails when called from Linked Server
451726 OpenSwitch fails to detect a hung ASE and initiate a failover
451776 ADO.NET: Long text data is truncated during insert when using IDbCommand / IDbDataParameter interfaces.
451845 CTBCP: For fixed-length datatypes, bcp in with no row separators may report error "cs_convert: cslib user api layer: common library error: The result is truncated because the conversion/operation resulted in overflow".
452135 jConnect: DatabaseMetaData functions report SQLAnywhere stored procedure output columns as unknown.
452275 In or c# program, connecting to ASE 12.5.3 via ADO.NET 1.1.5xx.0,

when doing update with a varchar parameter without specifying "Size" property,

and the actual parameter value is a string including simplified chinese chars and

the size of actual string parameter is more than 255 bytes,

exception "Data Overflow ......" would happened.

452382 EXAMPLES: ctos sample bulk handler cannot handle arrayinsert.
452444 Problem Descriptions:

WorkSpace crashes when executing a stored procedure with a huge number (5000) of result sets.


1. Added Eclipse preference under 'Sybase, Inc.-->Database Development-->SQL Results view' to limit the number of result sets can be displayed in the SQL Results view in Multiple window display mode and Single window/Grid display mode. When the limit is reached, a proper warning message will be displayed as a tab in the SQL Results view.

2. If the user wants to examine a large number of SQL result sets after a stored procedure execution, the user can use the SQL Results view context menu "Save All Results' to save the result sets into a text file.

3. All procedural object execution are now put in a separate job, and a progress monitor will be displayed to allow the user to cancel or put in the background.

452557 notepad.exe editing of libtcl.cfg file creates entries unable to be parsed by the kerberos driver, libsybskrb.dll.
452767 Customer wants OpenSwitch 15 certified on Solaris 2.10
452897 OSC/OCC to support Mixed Case Passwords, a new feature as of Z/OS 1.7 . See "New Features. Mainframe Connect 15.0"
453017 Customer wants OpenSwitch certified on AIX 5.3
453167 Problem Descriptions:

When using 'Save' or 'Save As' context menu in Database Explorer perspective to save the exported table syntax to a SQL file, the charset was not set automatically to UTF-16, which is the default charset used when exporting table syntax, hence the user need to manually set the SQL file 'charset' property to UTF-16 to be able to read the SQL file.


Database Explorer perspective will set the SQL File charset to UTF-16 automatically when saving the exported table syntax.

453235 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetTypeInfo returns incorrect type mapping for unichar and univarchar datatypes.
453264 Currenty jConnect obtains and sends the initial opaque security token in line with login processing. Request that the initial opaque token that is sent to ASE be one which requires no negotation with ASE given that currently only NETWORKAUTH is supported.
453463 EXAMPLE: ctos dumps core when "isql -X" connects to it.
453574 Allow regular ASE logins to view table definitions in WorkSpace-->DataBase Explorer even though 'Select' permission is turned off for that user.
453601 Problem description:

Database Explorer uses incorrect terminator for ASE when exporting table syntax.


In Workspace 1.7, Database Explorer uses "go" as the statement terminator for ASE when exporting table syntax or logging activity.

453714 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: From a Microsoft SQL Server linked server connection, cannot use a nullable column in the where clause.
453895 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLExecDirect fails with DELETE when using ODBC Cursor library and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).
453987 CPRE: When parsing a structure or union type definition with one or more fields of user defined non-structure or non-union types, cpre incorrectly reports a syntax error "M_SYNTAX_PARSE".
454054 jConnect: Login attempt does not timeout when firewall has blocked the outbound connection.
454109 BLKLIB: Open Server application calling blk_getrow() may lose file descriptor when bcp is run against it with -b1 option.
454252 BLKLIB: Bulk copy of NULL text columns may fail in gateway application.
454376 Memory leak in DB2 CSPs.
454499 SRVLIB: Under certain circumstances srvlib will core while attempting to parse interface file information.
454631 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: From a Microsoft SQL Server linked server connection, inserting into a table with float or nchar columns cause Insert to fail.
454786 jConnect: Implement Extended Password Encryption feature for jConnect.
455098 Customer tries to store Euro symbol in database. He is aware the iso_1 character set doesn't include it, but as long as the client simply forwards the Windows character (hex value) and stores it, it can be extraced without problems. .NET does not work.
455150 ADO.NET: Connection pooling does not work as expected when Microsoft DTC is in use.

When using MSDTC with Sybase ADO.NET Pooling feature to connect to ASE, Pooling is not working. In ASE, we will see all physical connections instead, which may lead ASE to exceed maximum number of connections.

455310 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Accessing linked tables in ASE from Microsoft Access 2002, receives "Function sequence error" after Access changes Autocommit settings.
455488 Legacy Open Server is sporadically crashing in ct_connect and com__err_load_sect
455785 NETLIB: On HP, Open Server rejects connection when setsockopt() returns EINTR.
455958 BCP:Implement BCP new command line option --skiprows to indicate how many rows should be skipped from the begining of the input file. BCP will start copying right after the skipped rows.
455979 Enhance CS_STICKY_BINDS error to include reason for discarding binds
456062 A JDBC Connection under DB Explorer does not allow access to Stored Procs
456141 BCP,DEFNCOPY: bcp and defncopy may fail when the multi-byte table name parameter contains either 0x5b or 0x5d in the lower byte.
456361 CS_STICKY_BINDS discards binds when an ASE error is returned instead of the expected result set.
456574 ADO.NET Occasional AccessViolationExceptions when running NET 2.0 asp page

with bittype on commit statement.

456617 CTLIB:Incomplete release of memory on connection close.
456633 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The Provider does not throw error when "Ignore Errors If Results are Pending" option set to false.
456696 Ribo raises exception when reading token 0x7C, TDS_PROCID
456773 Problem Descriptions:

When the user creates a single trigger with all 3 activation types, i.e., insert, delete and update, and creates another trigger with either insert or update,

and then user modifies and saves the aforementioned 'all' trigger, where the SQL Editor drops the 'all trigger' and recreates it, as in ASE, there is no ALTER TRIGGER command. Thus, in this process ASE server deletes the insert or update trigger as user is re-creating the all action trigger.

In this situation, when we have breakpoint in a trigger in the now deleted 'insert' (or 'update') trigger, ASE servers will get a stack trace during trigger debugging, as there is a breakpoint but the object does not exist any more.

Please refer to the 'Trigger Restrictions' below.



Trigger Restrictions

Adaptive Server imposes the following limitations on triggers:

A table can have a maximum of three triggers: one update trigger, one insert trigger, and one delete trigger.

Each trigger can apply to only one table. However, a single trigger can apply to all three user actions: update, insert, and delete.


The user will need to remove all the breakpoints for the trigger that got deleted, in this case, remove all the breakpoints for the trigger_INS or any trigger that does not exist any more (deleted by the ASE server), only then user can start using the debugger as before.

456778 SRVLIB: Open Server loses table and column names when transferring text columns. An error message similar to "Server Message: Server Name: Incorrect syntax near 'from'" will be generated.
456862 Database View, Stored Procedures, when Browsed and not sorted in alphabetical order.
460863 oslib.loc lists SRV_ELARGBUF instead of SRV_ELARGEBUF
460882 Known Problem:

During trigger debugging using SQL Debugger in the Database Development Tooling, if the tigger contains SQL statements that reference views that are derived from the trigger table, the end user will not be able to see the contents of the view in the Referenced Tables View during debugging, but the debugging session is not affected.

461195 DBLIB: dblib applications now use utf8 encoded message files.
461225 EXAMPLE: ctlib sample application wide_dynamic fails when run against Open Server application ctos.
461446 BCP: bcp'ing to an SSL connection on winx64 and ibmplinux with text columns may fail.
461544 Need to read the MFCLIC file only once, not for ever request
461606 Using the "exec" command to dynamically call SQL Statements is failing.
462113 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Cannot obtain Database Schema information for queries that reference tables from a database other than the one defined in the Datasource definition.
462304 Sample VSAM defines missing for SYGWLSA1 and SYTACCT1.

In an ASE 15 database, create a new user. Do not have this user as the DBO.

Create a new stored procedure, and give ownership to the new user.

In the Enterprise Explorer, create a connection to that database using the sa or DBO information

Browse to the database --> new user schema --> expand the Procedures

You should now see the error

Disconnect the DB session, and modify the properties such that you are logging in as the new user

In the Enterprise Explorer, log in to the database again (as the new user)

Browse to the database --> new user schema --> expand the Procedures

You are now able to see the stored procedure.

You may also now expand the DBO procudures, and see the list available there as well.

462831 SRVLIB: Bulk copy of text/image column that has a default value through gateway server results in server error "16067/10/0: Illegal length (0) for datatype 'CS_IMAGE_TYPE'"
462904 ADO.NET: Executing a stored procedure that returns numerous DONEINPROC tokens results in excessive memory usage on the client proportional to the number of tokens in the result.
463480 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Getting "Access Violation" when loading OLAP database from ASE using OLEDB
463595 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The SQL used in "sp_odbc_datatype_info" stored procedure that is used by ODBC functions like SQLGetTypeInfo, does not produce an optimal query plan. This is increasing the time taken to make an ODBC connection to ASE.
463872 *** Monday, October 08, 2007 3:15:30 PM *** kliu ***

Problem Description:

Some users have experienced that for some ASE procedural objects-- stored procedures and triggers in database other than 'master', the debugger breakpoint cannot be set at the correct location.

Problem Resolution:

The workaround is to restart ASE database server

For some ASE procedural objects-- stored procedures and triggers in database other than 'master', the debugger breakpoint cannot be set at the correct location. Usually, those procedural objects contain SQL statements eRxpanded by the ASE server after the definition is modifed and saved. For example, after the following statement in a stored procedrue got saved and expanded by the server, the user will not be able to set the breakpoint on that statement:

"select * from authors", will be expanded to

"--Adaptive Server has expanded all '*' elements in the following statement

select authors.au_id, authors.au_lname, authors.au_fname,, authors.address,, authors.state,, authors.postalcode from authors",

and when the user tries to set breakpoint at the 'select authors...' statement, the breakpoint will be off.

This problem is caused by an ASE bug, CR463870.

463944 DBLIB: dbsetinterrupt() fails to handle interrupt until after read from server completes.
464319 SRVLIB: ODBC client executing a language command against Open Server application may result in server error message "16227/15/0: Unknown token TDS stream received by spid".
464325 CTLIB, SRVLIB: Allow partial text/image updates to open server.
464833 BCP: BCP fails to truncate trailing space due to wrong interpretation of univarchar space.
464864 TDSETPRM is adding an a binary Zero in front of the Data area of a TDSCHAR parm
464989 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Visual Basic applications using rdoResultset that's opened with rdOpenDynamic and rdConcurReadOnly attributes receive runtime error.
465281 Documentation not clear on PATH where install_odbc_sprocs.bat is located.
465337 CPRE: When parsing recursive structures or unions, cpre incorrectly reports a syntax error "M_SYNTAX_PARSE".
465402 jConnect: Calling DatabaseMetaData.getDatabaseMajorVersion() method fails when connected to a Data Federation (Avaki) backend.
465646 *** Monday, October 08, 2007 2:55:53 PM *** kliu ***

Problem Description:

In WorkSpace2.0, if you use Visual SQL, the Query editor, or the DataWindow editor with a particular connection profile and database, then make a change to the tables/columns of that database (eg, add/delete a table or column), you will not see those changes the next time you use Visual SQL, the Query editor, or the DataWindow editor;

Problem Resolution:

Disconnect and connect to the database server again.

465836 CTLIB: When CS_ASYNC_NOTIFS is enabled and ct_recvpassthru is called with CS_EOM set, message 0x0502070a (A read was attempted on a connection already executing a read.) is raised.
465955 CTLIB: Race condition exists in non-reentrant libraries when CS_ASYNC_NOTIFS is set to CS_TRUE.
466137 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Applications using Microsoft ADO or ADO.NET OleDb Client cannot correctly read Unicode data stored in char/varchar/nchar/nvarchar columns.
466158 ADO.NET provider >System.NullReferenceException on AseDataReader.close() when using the "Using" statment in c#.
466533 SRVLIB: Open Server may core dump at srvr__xi4Swap while reading cursor command sent by the client.
466666 'Connection Lifetime' and 'Idle Connection Timeout properties should be detailed in ASE ADO.NET Data Provider API Reference.
467003 OCC is overlaying the hostvar in a PLI RPC with the length field of the next varaible.
467090 Replication MS SQLServer 2005 to Sybase ASE via 'linked server' and Sybase Organic ASE OLE DB provider fails to connect to subscriber.
467092 Tested and reproduced with:

Version: Sybase DB-Library/12.5.1/P-EBF14280 ESD #17/PCIntel/BUILD1251-048/OPT/Tue Jan 23 01:47:19 2007 (we kept this same version in client side when testing all servers below)

When running C application that calls xp_server, the following error message appears:

Returns error:

Msg 8015, Level 0, State 1

Server 'ase1254', Procedure 'xp_cmdshell', Line 2

Adaptive Server has truncated parameter number 1 passed to rpc '08sybsyespxp_cmdshell' on server 'ASE1254_XP'. The remote server does not support character or binary data wider than 255 bytes.

Issue happens with dblib applications only. Ctlib applications work fine.

467483 If using dynamic_prepare=true and executeBatch() support, very large numbers of inserts can cause hangs between the client and the server. jConnect should batch up the inserts to eliminate hangs.
467510 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The OLE DB Provider exhibits excessive memory accumulation and some leaks executing queries.
467639 DSCP: Dscp deletion corrupts the data of an interfaces file when the first line of the interfaces file is a blank or comment line.
467846 OLE DB Provider by Sybase:

Microsoft Data Link utility fails with "Catastrophic failure" when creating MS Data Link 64bit entry with OLEDB provider. Works fine in 32-bit environment only.

468655 jConnect: Feature request to support passing connection property values as part of directory services URL (dsurl).
468750 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: DSNs created through Sybase Data Source Administrator cannot be created as system DSNs such that they can be used by any user on the system.
468860 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Executing a query that includes a COMPUTE clause results in an Internal Error.
469317 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Some Microsoft ADO/Access/Excel applications make repeated calls to SQLGetConnectAttr(SQL_ATTR_TXN_ISOLATION) to obtain current transaction isolation level. Request to cache this value rather than get it each time from ASE to improve performance.
469452 Clarify documentation about the executeBatch and Dynamic prepare.
469693 ADO.NET: Adding a row to DataTable derived from DataReader with multiple result sets fails.
469739 ADO.NET: NullReferenceException thrown when disposing AseDataReader outside the scope of the using block that created the AseCommand object.
469800 Massive difference in performance with 12.5 driver taking 20 minutes and the Sybase 11 ODBC takes seconds to retrive rows from a query via a linked table in MS Access.
470206 Arithmetic overflow occurs when using NUMERIC OUTPUT parameter
470275 The method AseDataReader.GetGuid() throws an NotSupportedException and it seems that the Method is there but not fully implemented.

Sideinfo: When using AsaDataReader from IAnywhere Ado.Net driver it works fine.

470377 Massive difference in performance with 12.5 driver taking 20 minutes and the Sybase 11 ODBC takes seconds to retrive rows from a query via linked table in MS Access.
470457 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLCancel is not working in VB/ADO applications.
470558 CPRE: When using the -G option cpre generates incorrect T-SQL stored procedures when the host variable is a char type with length given as a numeric expression eg: char myVar[4+1];
470568 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLSetConnectAttr(SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT) returns error.
471060 SRVLIB: Open Server crashes at comn__oidtoname() when client attempts to connect using network security service and charset conversion is not requested.
471451 It would be useful to have the ability to save the

contents of variables and dump the first x number

of rows in the referenced tables at each


Resolution: Added a context menu to allow

the user to invoke the Dump Variable & Table Data

wizard during a SQL debug session to save the

variable values and selected table rows to a log

file specified by the user.

471471 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Error in MS Query: Column 'col_name' can't be used in criteria
471786 OpenServer hits assertion error with invalid TDS length.
471938 Access ASE via Visual Studio Designer 2005 fails with error msg "The given type name was


471996 CSLIB: Add cs_config() properties to specify alternative Sybase home directory, libtcl.cfg configuration file and interfaces file location.
472155 jConnect: BatchUpdateException is thrown by executeBatch, if one of the statements in the batch throws an error.
472296 Feature request so cancel isn't blocked when two statements are not pending
472309 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLExecute() raises error #30128 when binding fixed length parameters as SQL_C_DEFAULT and not explicitly setting the bufferlength or columnsize.
472565 ISQL: ISQL fails to load locales when $SYBASE environment variable is set to a relative path.
472612 Request for adding infos in the following sections in documentation/installer

a.) ITransactionJoin Interface as being implemented in

b.) The MS DTC registry entries for the OLEDB and ODBC dlls had to be entered manually.

( amd tp configure the MS DTC


472651 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: OLEDB Provider returns "-2147467259/Unspecified error" in a COM+ component.
472683 Documented connection parameters that contain a space do not work with OLEDB Provider with VC++.
472694 Intermittent failure of RCM to set the ASE status and switch connections
472710 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Microsoft UDL raises a runtime error when configuring for ASE OLEDB Provider.
472980 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to support iso15 charset.
473031 SRVLIB: Open Server crashes at srv__putchar() when returning row data containing unitext
474154 API call returns an actual length of 2 when a numeric is null.
474307 The TRS CSP program AMDCCPGM will ASRA, if unicode pages missing
474493 The customer would like for DBLIB that is staticly linked to return an error

when the Sybase Environment Variables are incorrectly set.

474626 ADO.NET: AseCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters describes parameters of 搉char� type as 揷har�.
474759 ODBC Driver by Sybase: In VB/ADO application, get MoveNext error when fetching from a LONGCHAR column.
474828 Problem 1 Decription:

In ASE 15, proxy table mapped to external directory/file sometimes can't be opened.

Problem 1 Resolution:

Restart ASE 15 server.

Problem 2 Decription:

Proxy table can't be updated/inserted/deleted when proxy table have datetime datatype column,and the proxy table mapped to the remoted table in Chinese language ASE server.

Problem 2 Resolution:

This is ASE server issue, it will be fixed in the later version.

474846 IQ index has placements tabs and Fragmentation tabs in Sybase Central, so we should add them.

Resolution: Added Placements and Fragmentation read-only pages in the IQ Index Editor.

475273 Iso_1 definition always used for code page translation when IBMUNICODE=N.
475275 DBLIB: dbexit() unpaired with dbinit() causes a core dump after upgrading to 12.5.1 ESD#12.
475457 ASRA in new context handller when IBMUNICODE=Y and a charset override.
475482 NETLIB: Dscp fails to add entry if the interfaces file does not exist.
475640 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: opening multiple connections causings issues with temp tables
475704 LANGUAGE MODULES: "locale = en_GB.UTF-8, us_english, utf8" is now available in the [linux] section of locales.dat.
475806 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Attempting to insert data that includes 0x84 character using iso_1 character set for the connection results in syntax errors returned from ASE.
475963 Cust. would like a List of that Describes all the MF Transactions added to Doc
476196 jConnect: NoClassDefFoundError error raised when connecting to a server that supports extended password encryption.
476201 jConnect: JDBC meta data function calls may return partial results if user has set rowcount to limit results on this database connection.
476239 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unable to access multiple resultsets after executing a stored procedure call using TDS_DBRPC.
476250 ASE CIS proxy table DDL is "create existing". Per an ASE customer, it would be better if we used sp_addobjectdef for DDL.
476487 ability to customise the isql prompt so that it shows the servername:

isql -Uusername -Sservername -P



476497 CTLIB: Open Client does not failover when ASE is configured with HA Active-Passive.
476512 Reproduced with:

- Organic ODBC Driver (03.51) 64-bit

- SQL Server 2005 64 bit

- Windows 2003 Server 64-bit

- Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.1/EBF 11662 ESD#2 on HP-UX 64-bit box

- Visual Studio 2005

When running an SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package from within SQL Server 2005 64 bit by using Organic ODBC Driver 15.0 64-bits, the following conversion errors occur when international characters are present in rows data (�, �, � etc.):

For string values:

Data conversion failed while converting column "di_descripcion" (1817) to column "di_descripcion" (239). The conversion returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page."

For integer values:

4495 OnError carga CC_CTACTE 2007-07-23 14:48:03.000 SSIS Error Code DTS_E_INDUCEDTRANSFORMFAILUREONERROR. The "component "DataReader Source" (1)" failed because error code 0x80004002 occurred, and the error row disposition on "output column "cc_protestos" (145)" specifies failure on error. An error occurre

When there are no international characters involved in rows data, the SSIS package works fine.

In 32-bit environment Windows 2003 (using SQL Server 2005 32-bits, Organic ODBC Driver 15.0 32-bit), the same SSIS package always runs fine, including when there are international characters involved in rows data.

476623 Problem Description: For IQ and ASA, the SQL source displayed in the Stored Procedure Editor is sometimes different from the source entered by the user.

Resolution: For ASA and IQ, there are two ways to retrieve the definition of procedural objects, one is via the debug API, the other is using system tables, but the source retrieved are different. Originally, the procedural object editor was using the ASA/IQ debug API to retrieve the source. Now it is fixed by adding a read-only Debug page in the ASA/IQ procedural object editor which still uses the debug API, but the original Source page is now using the system tables to retrieve the correct definition.

476626 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unhandled exception error when you execute a stored procedure with 28 or more parameters.
476843 Tested and reproduced with:

- SDK 15.0 ESD#9 for Linux

- ASE 15.0.2 EBF 14328 for Sun Solaris

When selecting data via Linux SDK 15.0 isql, the columns display with double of the original size defined in datatype.

476970 Terminal security is not working from Direct Connect.
477078 BLKLIB: blk_init() leaks memory when error occurs during the blklib initialization.
477349 The EBF number of isql or bcp shows the 32-bit edition after installing SDK15.0 ESD#9.
477638 NETLIB: For the non-threaded libraries, when the child process closes a connection shared between the parent and child, the parent process receives a disconnect error.
477725 DBLIB: One of the memory allocated in dbopen was not freed after use.
478185 When executing a group of SQL statements, the results are grouped under a root node, but the user needs to go thru each child node, i.e., individual SQL statements to save and collect the results or result sets in the SQL Results view.

Resolution: Added a context menu in the SQL Results view on the root node of a group of results so that the user can save all sql statements at the same time.

478258 Refreshing db node took a long time after DDL wizard is called.
478310 OCC 12.6 ESD4 is not padding Char field correctly, used to work in 12.5.x, padding with Low-values not Blanks as requested....
478369 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory not released after ADODB.Recordset is closed.
478570 SQL File Editor and SQL Scrapbook connection information field require minor enhancements.

Resolution: Enhanced the usability of the Connection Info. Field in the SQL Scrapbook/File Editor.

478647 jConnect: Add support for unsigned and bigint data types in the Bulk Insert feature of jConnect.
478653 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Feature request to support reading DSN information from a SOD file.
478756 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLPrepare for a stored procedure with large number of parameter crashes the ODBC application.
478871 To support BLOB datatype in ctlib applications.
478901 Customer is requesting ability to search in result sets.

Resolution: Added search context menu to allow the user to search a text string in the SQL Results view in text mode.

478961 Problem Description: Remove the schema (role) folders under database connection profile in the Enterprise Explorer, so that the user does not need to go thru each schema (role) folder to find the data objects.

Resolution: Added context menu Show Schema and Show Owner in Enterprise Explorer to give the user the choice to turn on/off the schema folder grouping and see the owner name along with the object name.

479021 He developped an Excel file, linked to an ASE database via ODBC (syodase.dll).

When he tried to use SDK 15 ODBC (sybdrvodb.dll), he received error messages

479088 jConnect: The header comments in meta-data stored procedure script for ASE 15.0 refer to sp_version stored procedure which does not exist in the script.
479089 jConnect: The sp_version meta-data stored procedure missing in the ASE 12.5.x scripts.
479180 EXAMPLES: Bulk copy via ctos may result in blk_init() error.
479211 MFC 12.6 ESD#3 and ESD#4 raises unexpected messages when starting and stopping the Sybase Listener (SYLB):

> SYBASE 08:22:41 TRANID SYLB TSKNO 00027This transaction is already active (in CSML)

> You cannot cancel a transaction that is not active (in SYCM screen)

479254 ADO.NET: Using tsequal function in the query results in Internal Error 30016.
479397 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO UpdateBatch command is failing with error: "Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have changed since it was last read."
479517 Problem Description: DDLGen wizard should allow the user to change the database name so that the generated DDL can be run on the database specified by the user without modifying the DDL script manually.

Resolution: Fixed, with the exception of for some ASE system stored procedures that require database name (qualified name).

479698 ADO.NET: Provider does not raise an exception if a value for all parameters is not supplied.
479700 ADO.NET: Duplicate parameters incorrectly processed by the provider.
479723 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Missing Data Source definition produces "Invalid Port" error rather than missing data source missing error.
479942 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to port ODBC Driver to Major Unix platform.
479974 When the user expands more than one database object folders in Enterprise Explorer and refreshes a folder, all other database object folders under the same parent object are collapsed as well.



480059 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Milliseconds in Time datatype are not passed by OLEDB Driver
480065 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: RecordSet.Update() may case varchar column value to be truncated.
480253 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: ICommandText reference count not decremented when command times out. Issue resolved by providing clarifications on the Client code.
480609 SRVLIB: On certain platforms such as Sun Solaris and IBM AIX, Open Server may crash at srv__langcpy() when a client sends a command and then force close the connection without reading the result data.
480639 When using the Sybase OLEDB provider (sybdrvoledb.dll ( ChangeDatabase call results in an unhandled exception.
480653 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing an insert statement that fires a trigger from Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server fails.
480709 When using the Sybase OLEDB provider (sybdrvoledb.dll ( and OleDbCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters is called for the connection, the OleDBTpye of the parameter is variant but should be varchar.
480718 Should work similar to the ServerVersion property that works in OLEDB driver.

Makes it easier to get the version number of the server.

480768 Allow the user to add index creation and insert statements in ASE Temp table creation wizard.

Resolution: Now the user can manually type in create index and insert statements in the ASE Temp table creation wizard and proper SQL annotation will be generated. With the annotation in place, indexes will be created and rows will be inserted at stored procedure execution/debug time.

481086 Driver cannot switch to a second query entry in sql.ini like ct_library program
481097 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLDisconnect crashes ODBC application if the underlying connection has been previously terminated by ASE.
481121 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Process on Cube in MS Analysis Server (OLAP), 10% of the time the load fails
481241 cs_convert, On itanium does not double the quote and it truncates the string.
481243 CPRE: Clear a compilation warning message with routine _sqlsetintrerr() in file sybtesql.h. The message says "variable 'ret' may be used before its value is set". The message only appears on HP Itanium with OS version HPUX 11iv2.
481483 Improve memory handling for Dynamic SQL processing and result sets with compute-clauses.
481490 Mechanism to truncate the RCM log file upon start-up
481547 ADO.NET: Memory leak observed when connection is closed after an exception.
481770 Organic OLEDB Provider: Simple select fails when executed from Linked Server
481930 Request to provide information on using Distributed Transactions with jConnect
481938 DSEDIT: On Unix platforms, dsedit did not allow to enter ssl filter information such as ssl="cn=mycluster".
482022 jConnect: Request to support T-SQL queries that include "COMPUTE" clause.
482044 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Get null values for varchar columns with size greater than 255.
482064 Request option in jConnect to "detect" it's in an XA (Global) transaction - throw an exception when transaction is lost. In this case, if some statement failed and the XA transaction is implicitly ended, when the next XA call is made by jConnect client, a SQLException is thrown to the affect of informing the client the XA transaction was ended

implicitly. At this point it's unknown if this requires some new status from ASE/DTM to client, or if this is even within the XA specification. This request comes up because of the ASE behavior to implicitly end an XA transaction when a trigger command fails, such as in duplicate insert, foreign key constraint error, explicit rollback commadn, etc.

482280 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Errors when accessing ASE resources from Linked Server using the 64-bit OLEDB Provider.
482361 Open Client 12.5.1 (all ESDs)

Please, add the following important recompilation information into EBF readme files for customer's orientation on how to proceed with his ctlib applications after applying latest EBFs:

- If the CTlib application is using the OCS shared libraries then there is no need to recompile or relink. Just overlay the ESD and the application should work.

- If the application is statically linked with the OCS static libaries then it needs to be relinked with the ESD OCS libs to use the ESD fixes.

- If the application is modified to use the new features introduced in the ESDs, then it needs to be recompiled and relinked

482529 ADO.NET: Sending parameterized INSERT statement using DbType.String can cause overflow.
482754 Go is interpreted incorrectly by the SQL parser for ASA SQL scripts.

Resolution: Make Go a keyword so that it will be treated as a statement terminator. But notice that the go cannot be used as an alias.

482879 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Customer sees internal error when processing dimension in MS Analysis Services.
482964 1. Procedural object creation cheatsheet: When an object is edited, the Visual SQL dialog comes up and the user can form the query to add into the procedural object. The problem is that the location of the cursor is not remembered so the query always gets added to the end of the procedural object, which is not what the user intended.

2. Event Handler cheatsheet: Using this cheatsheet the user creates an event, completes the edit, and adds the query. If the user then attempts to add another query by using 'Click to redo,' the contents in the editor removes the header and the contents become as follows:


print 'Replace this print line with your SQL statements'


instead of:






print 'Replace this print line with your SQL statements';

insert into T1 (c1)



In addition, items edited before were not saved and are gone. It appear that the reason this problem occurs is that the editor is being reloaded every time 'Click to edit' or 'Click to redo' is selected in the cheatsheat.

For "eventhandlers", when the editor is loaded the code must be retrieved from the point of the header, which is before the begin statement.

483060 CPRE: cpre raises M_INTERNAL_ERROR when parsing extra large ESQL/C file.
483143 CTBCP: For fixed-length datatypes, bcp in may report error "cs_convert: cslib user api layer: common library error: The conversion/operation was stopped due to a syntax error in the source field." when using a data format file without any column separators.
483149 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Setting the ADODB.Recordset.MaxRecords propaty does not limit the rows returned.
483197 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Sybase Data Source Administrator, getting 'Internal Error' with invalid password on Test Connect.
483313 CPRE: cpre may take very long time to process an ESQL/C file containing a large number of continuous empty lines.
483629 Pre-TDS 5.0 clients encounter an error with OpenSwitch when not configured for full pass-through mode, with multi-byte character setting & differs from the character set as that of the client.
483814 When the user switches to the Database Development perspective and then closes WorkSpace, error messages show in the ErrorLog view.
483836 A statement "SELECT COLUMN INTO #PPP FROM TABLE" is executed and the transtate using select @@transtate returns 3, using the DataDirect driver the return is 1.
483926 CTLIB:ct_connect() leaks memory when the server is down.
483939 A null pointer exception is thrown when generating DLL on IQ127(database node) with all options selected.
483946 ADO error collection reports errors in reverse order when multiple errors are returned from a query batch.
483954 Implicit conversion for datatype 'IMAGE' to 'VARBINARY' is not allowed, Use the CONVERT function to run this query

The error is raised when trying to call a stored procedure with a binary parameter through ADO.NET

484459 OLEDB driver raises exception "Domain error during implicit conversion of numeric value to a decimal field" when executing a stored procedure with a decimal value
484460 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: DSNs created through Sybase Data Source Administrator cannot be created as system DSNs such that they can be used by any user on the system.
484463 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Missing Data Source definition produces "Invalid Port" error rather than "Data source not found and no default driver specified" error.
484466 ADO.NET: NullReferenceException thrown when disposing AseDataReader outside scope of using block with AseCommand.
484469 ADO.NET: Sending parameterized INSERT statement using DbType.String can cause overflow errors.
484470 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory not released after ADODB.Recordset is closed.
484471 ADO.NET: Using the same parameter name multiple times in a statement causes incorrect parameter errors.
484473 ADO.NET: Provider does not raise an exception if a value for all parameters is not supplied.
484519 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The sp_odbc_datatype_info procedure gets error 2762 if it's executed in a transaction.
484557 DDL generated for ASE 15 failed to execute for table creation statements with double quoted identifiers.

Resolution: Added annotation in the generated DDL script to warn the user to set the quoted identifier preference correctly.

484753 Table schema editor doesn't show IQ Unique value for column correctly.
484754 1.The CONTAINS keyword in a query is seen as an error. (SQL File)

2. Not recognise no result set as a valid syntax.

484977 CTLIB: Add ability to call ct_send_data()w/o generating a 'writetext' sql command.
485085 Database Development Tooling should be able to add INSERT statement in the temp table creation wizard.
485230 CERTREQ: When req_commonname in the input file specified with certreq -F contains spaces,

it will be truncated at the first space.

485263 Request for KeepAlive setting on the win socket
485324 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Provider can't convert string value representing float value to OLEDB float type for an RPC call.
485371 SRVLIB:srv_poll() runs into assertion failure when processing more than one file descriptors.
485383 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Sending a batch of parameters to insert multiple rows results in only one row being inserted.
485409 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Updating varchar column with Null value results in column value being set as a space (0x20).
485411 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When retrieving Catalog View using SQL Server Management Studio get error 7346.
485663 With OpenSwitch running on UNIX platform, registered procedure 'rp_who' gives wrong 'rspid', for a client connected to it from Windows platform.
485680 CTLIB: ct_get_data() may crash in ct__tds_gd_process().
485704 Customer wants a property to retrieve current number of open connections
485716 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Poor performance when processing Cube/Dimension using parallelism.
485743 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory corruption with SSIS and preview Table List.
485745 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When previewing SQL Command in SSIS get OLE DB error code 0x80004001.
485784 OpenSwitch may crash if TDS 4.6 client built by DB-Library, cannot connect to ASE via OpenSwitch under 'full pass through' mode when OpenSwitch and the client have different character sets.

OpenSwitch may crash in thrd_lock() or mtx_lock() functions.

485809 AMD2 transaction abends with 0C4, reason code 10.
485824 ADO.NET: ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SingleRow) does not return any rows.
485867 LIBRARIES: Debug libraries for IBM AIX not correctly compiled with debug flags in ESD#11.
485876 Tested with Open Server 12.5.1 ESD#14 and ESD#20 for AIX 32-bits

When customer uses ct_init and ct_exit and executes application as asynchronous mode, a memory leak happens.

We need to remove ct_init and ct_exit to get the memory stablized.

485908 SRVLIB: Client using TDS version 4.6 fails to connect to Open Server in passthrough mode.
485986 Content assist should be able to show column type info.
485987 In WS2.0 Database Development perspective, open a external SQL file using "File -> Open File ...".

2. Do some modification to the SQL file.

3. Save and close the SQL file.

4. Reopen the SQL file.

486138 jConnect: Error converting client characters into server's character set.
486219 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Driver does not set the TCP/IP keep alive property for the connection to ASE.
486291 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Selecting varchar columns in ASE from Linked Server results in one of these error messages 7347 or 7356 or 233.
486432 RPC not found message is incorrect.
486499 If the user extracts ASA table data as a sql file and opens this sql file in the

sql editor, the name of the connection profile is lost.

486528 DRIVERS: Drivers are erroneously being looked up in the 'config' directory instead of 'lib' directory in absence of a library path.
486629 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Inserting or updating columns of data type datetime fail with Linked Server.
486684 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing a stored procedure via OpenQuery() on a Linked Server fails.
486685 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory corruption with SSIS and preview Table List.
486687 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Get error when previewing SQL Command in SSIS.
486699 ADO.NET: Request to support System.Transaction.TransactionScope interface.
486887 OpenSwitch Manager gets exception in tokenizeVersionString while connecting to OpenSwitch running on Windows.
486916 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Enabling quoted identifiers in connection string produces syntax errors during command execution.
486961 Parameters were reported as being SQL_PARAM_INPUT even though some were defined as output or input_output.
486962 INOUT/OUT parameters were reported as being SQL_PARAM_INPUT when parameter name contained the word 'last'.
486963 When a Sybase stored procedure had a comment that contained the

keyword "AS", all parameters were reported as being SQL_PARAM_INPUT

when calling SQLProcedureColumns, even when some were defined as

output or input_output.

486989 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Select, Insert or Update from Linked server fails for char columns larger than 255 in length.
486995 Sybase.AdoNet2.AseClient.dll version

Using a SqlDataSource bound to a GridView with parameters in the data source gives AseException "COUNT field incorrect"

487075 Fail to execute script generated by RepServer Multimark wizard.
487252 Open Client/Server crash in free() under heavy load
487278 Examples: Open Server sample program CTOS sends an unqualified select statement when handling a bulk copy request from a DB-Library client.
487281 OpenSwitch sends an unqualified select statement when handling a bulk copy request from a client.
487383 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When quoted identifiers are enabled for Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server connection to ASE, executing any statement fails.
487418 Enhance Mutual Aware error in configuration detection
487531 ADO.NET: Invalid number of parameters error occurs when using Named Parameters and the same parameter is used more then once in the SQL Statement.
487552 NullPointerException is thrown when switching to database Perspective.
487555 From the ASA Table/view editor, if the user completes some operation on the

permission page, switches to another page, saves, takes no further action, and

closes the editor, no warning dialog appears for saving the dirty editor. If the

user switches to another editor and switches back, the revert action is disabled

for the dirty editor.

487584 ADO.NET: Request to add support for AddWithValue(parameterName, value) method on AseParameterCollection class.
487614 For ASE, UDT should not be loaded under data type folder.
487670 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Calling CommitTrans on ADO connection using MSDataShape produces Unexpected error (ACCESS_VIOLATION).
487693 The default values of the variable are not shown correctly in the Stored Procedure Editor.
487792 OpenSwitch does not provide end to end password encryption
487811 ADO.NET: Unsupported parameter type error produced when passing Null parameter values to AseParameterCollection.Add(parameterName, value) method.
487815 When the user clicks on the 'Go to workbench' button of the Welcome page, the

Database Development perspective opens and should show the cheat sheet view with

'Getting Started w/ Database Development.'

487952 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When Microsoft SQL Server is started under its own Windows account, executing statements on Linked Server connection to ASE fail with Access denied error.
487980 ADO.NET: If CommandTimeout is set to 30 seconds, the actual timeout lasts only 10 seconds. Other timeout values behave correctly.
488253 No message is returned when application security prevents SYGH from starting. The problem occurs when RACF facilities (such as the APPL class) prevents CICS from starting a task. See "LISTENER.HTM" document for details.
488254 OpenSwitch gives error message when entered text size is more than its configured text size.
488255 ODBC Driver by Sybase: On Linux platform, ODBC connections terminated by ASE may not timeout.
488285 Request for Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX)
488286 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request for more detailed error information in the ErrorInfo collection.
488326 SRVLIB: In the non-threaded libraries, calling sp_terminate() with "immediate" option can result in a core dump at sybtcp_write(). In the threaded libraries, calling the same procedure may not complete immediately.
488417 jConnect: Request for property to provide failover Host:Port pairs for DataSource.
488439 The values assigned to a variable of type money does not change during the fetch loop during procedural object debugging.
488519 Request full implementation for ISupportErrorInfo
488559 jConnect: Under JRE 1.5, performance of reading UNIVARCHAR is poor.
488564 Tracing of OLEDB provider does not work as documented in build 192. Works fine using earlier build 186 of esd 10.
488566 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Select, Insert or Update from Linked server fails for binary columns.
488588 ISQLCICS will ASRA if there are not Key Entries in SYGWLKEY in SYGWXCPH
488673 Document defaults for SRV_T_NOTIFYPND in srv_thread_props
488759 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Executing a stored procedure that returns numerous DONEINPROC tokens results in excessive memory usage on the client proportional to the number of tokens in the result.
488853 NETLIB: pre-12.5.1 Open Client and 12.5.1 Open Client ESD18 and earlier may not connect successfully via SSL to Open Server 15.0 and Open Server 12.5.1 ESD19 and later.
488944 jConnect: jConnect should send literal DATETIME values with 3 nanosec digits for ASE.
489099 ADO.NET: Request to add GetBytes method for character types in AseDataReader class.
489115 Request to add more explanation about declaring two identically named cursors for static cursor in Embedded SQL/C Programmer's Guide.
489228 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When quoted identifiers are enabled for Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server connection to ASE, executing any statement fails.
489344 Encrypt/decrypt operations fail with null passwords and 15.0.2 and up servers using the new RSA password encryption algorithms.
489466 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Crystal Reports Report Wizard fails to create a report using Sybase

ODBC driver. ODBC Driver fails when SQLMoreResults is called after SQLPrepare.

489639 CTLIB: Issuing a ct_cancel() via Open Server in passthrough mode can result in the client receiving a disconnect when the negotiated packet size is greater than 1024 bytes.
489858 Request for examples and documentation to show how to use jConnect with common Transaction Managers in JTA applications.
489910 EXAMPLE: README file and 'ctos -h' now reflect the SSL capability of ctos sample program.
489932 ADO.NET: Application occasionally throws a 'NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when an attempt is made to open a new connection.
490019 When executing the same client code against the production database there is a different result when calling a stored procedure as compared to the development database in the ct environment.
490230 Connecting to server using ISQLCICS with a bad password several

times leaves connection open in CLOSEWAIT state and memory

allocated. Occasionally ISQL may hang.

490407 NETLIB: Kerberos security driver may raise segmentation violation in pCSF_gss_display_status() when using Cybersafe GSS libraries.
490418 A windows service or replication agent cannot use a system OLEDB datasource due

to a permission error on HKLM\SOFTWARE\Sybase\OLEDB Provider

Full control is needed but a regular user by default only has Read access.

Secondly the application sybdrvadm.exe doesn't properly maintain system and user datasources.

490576 Default application CCSID cannot be changed from 500.
490740 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using ODBC Driver from ADO, updates may fail with "Insufficient key column information� error for ASE server setup with case insensitive sort order.
490851 CTLIB: Password encryption doesn't work with HA failover.
491126 ODBC Driver by Sybase: A Data Connection in Visual Studio using ".NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC" and the Sybase ODBC Driver shows empty table list.
491164 To turn SSL encryption on/off for client applications.
491361 NPE pops up when try to change a table name
491532 ADO.NET: When using DbType.String the provider is ignoring case insensitive data.
491536 OpenSwitch crashes in ct_cancel()
491552 ODBC Driver by Sybase: If ODBC Driver is connected to Direct Connect back ends, the SQLTables call will fail when the criteria for TableType is specified as "'TABLE', 'VIEW', 'SYSTEM TABLE', 'ALIAS', 'SYNONYM'".
491601 ISQL: Help output from isql is not correct syntactically.
491602 ISQL: Added a new command line option --help to give verbose isql usage.
491611 Problem: SQL Editor incorrectly reports a syntax error when using derived tables.

Resolution: This has been fixed.

491692 CTLIB: Clients fail to connect to ASE 11.9.x with an error "ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: internal Client Library error: There is a tds state machine error. An illegal tds token sequence was received."
491726 If you specify 2048 bytes to CS_PACKETSIZE in an Open Server application, you may not be able to connect to ASE 15.0.x through the Open Server application.
491800 DBLIB:dbopen() may not return NULL even if login attempt fails under the following conditions:

(1) Use TDS 4.6 or earlier versions;

(2) Connect to an Open Server application;

(3) Use different character sets between the client and the Open Server.

491801 Feature: a configuration option to suspend failover when RCM detect RS is down
491817 CTLIB: When mis-functioning server does not mark EOM on cancel attention packet,ctlib application may report an error like "ct_send(): network packet layer: internal Client Library error: State error: trying to write when connection is expecting a read."
492036 NETLIB: On Windows, ct_cancel() may hang on queries that return lots of data.
492112 When OpenSwitch encounters a character conversion error, OpenSwitch does not send any error to the client and then the client hangs up.
492149 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: In a Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server connection to ASE, executing a select statement can cause the OLE DB Provider to request the same result two times causing poor performance.
492185 COM+ application crashes in ct_exit()
492854 ODBC Driver by Sybase: For ODBC Driver connected to Direct Connect DB2 Access Service, binding a parameter with ctype of SQL_C_DEFAULT and sqltype SQL_CHAR results in "Invalid conversion" error during SQLExecute().
493079 Option to turn off some or all initialization SQL during login phase.
493106 ADO.NET: Incorrect mapping of ASE float data type causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception.
493309 RIBO to generate output to both window and a textfile when selected

"Translate to a file" and "Display translation in a window" in

Menue File -> Preferences.

493387 The driver returned a '369098752' error in xa_prepare.
493394 SQLProcedureColumns returned incorrect result when stored procedure

had tab characters in the parameter declaration.

493399 When a Sybase stored procedure had a comment containing the keyword

"AS" two or more times, all parameters were reported as being

SQL_PARAM_INPUT when calling SQLProcedureColumns, even though some

were defined as output or input_output.

493400 When a Sybase stored procedure had more than one comment, and one of

the comments contained the keyword "AS" two or more times, all

parameters were reported as being SQL_PARAM_INPUT when calling

SQLProcedureColumns, even though some were defined as output

or input_output.

493432 OpenSwitch might crash in the Open Client library function ct_cancel() under heavy load.
493464 Allow multiple license keys for multiple CPUs in one SYGWXCPH module.
493467 DBLIB: dbcancel() times out when waiting for server to acknowledge attention.
493557 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Invalid conversion error produced for parameters of Real type in Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server Replication to ASE.
493740 AseBulkCopy concept doesn't work when qualifying destination table with database
493913 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to provide application process id for the "Client Host Process" in order to uniquely identify client processes.
493925 Setting CS_TIMEOUT and using ct_callback() for Client messages. On Unix platform, commands are not being terminated via ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ATTN) when the network cable is pulled and remote host becomes unreachable via TCP.
494087 Failed to pause at breakpoint when debugging a trigger on ASE12
494141 SRVLIB: srv_poll() may crash at sybnet__do_poll() when polling on multiple file descriptors.
494309 ADO.NET: Unable to start a second transaction when TransactionOption.Required is used.
494314 DOC BUG: "Open Client Error Messages" doc. is missing from Sybooks' Open Client/Server 11.1.1 (Archive) at :

It can be found at

link should be moved to Open Client/Server 11.1.1 (Archive)as well

494560 OpenSwitch delays new connections by COORD_TIMEOUT seconds when

the CM is disconnected from the network and COORD_MODE=avail.

494571 BCP may insert more rows in a batch then specified if a -b value larger than 65536 is specified.
494616 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: 揝erver Port� label is incorrectly named as 揂lternate Servers� in the Sybase Data Source Administrator.
494807 Problem: A stored procedure cannot be renamed after adding a "no result set" declaration.

Resolution: This has been fixed.

494873 TDGETUSR is not returning the correct code page when TDPROP is set
495289 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO Parameters Refresh doesn't fill the Parameters Collection if the specified stored procedure name contains an underscore.
495351 ADO.NET: MissingPrimaryKeyException thrown when using ASECommandBuilder with MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey setting.
495482 Not all join type shown in SQL Editor
495501 Open Server will core-dump when shutdown if ct_close(CS_UNUSED) is used with SYNC_IO connection.
495581 Error "Invalid amount of parameters" when source query has Alias and more columns then destination table, even though using AseBulkCopyColumnMapping() to map explicit columns to match destination table.
495582 Error "Value does not fall within the expected range" when source query has a constant as part of the column list, even though using AseBulkCopyColumnMapping() to map explicit columns to match destination table. The column isn't being ignored internally.
495667 Problem: Syntax highlighting with RIGHT OUTER JOIN or LEFT OUTER JOIN doesn't highlight the RIGHT or LEFT, e.g RIGHT OUTER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN.

Resolution: This has been fixed.

495672 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver is truncating the data type name on export from MS Access
495754 Problem: WorkSpace locks up when parsing/loading objects with F3.

Resolution: This has been fixed.

496056 Customer would like a Database monitoring option
496159 TDPROPS SET is now prevented from setting Server and Client CCSID.
496486 CTBCP: When BCP copying in data with a format file with the -Q option, it reports error "Unexpected EOF encountered in BCP data-file".
496493 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: OLE DB Application exits with 慡ystem.Exception: "External component has thrown an exception."� when processing a very large resultset.
496944 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The SDK installer does not create the registry entry that sets up the default directory where .SOD files will be located.
497011 ADO.NET: Output values of stored procedure parameters marked with ParameterDirection.InputOutput are truncated.
497110 Organic ODBC Driver:

From a Micosoft SQL Server 2005 Linked Server connection a query on a table having

a nullable CHAR column gives error:

Msg 7356, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

The OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "LINKED_SERVER" supplied inconsistent metadata for a


The column "COLUMN" (compile-time ordinal 3) of object "DATABASE.dbo.TABLE" was reported to have

a "DBCOLUMNFLAGS_ISFIXEDLENGTH" of 16 at compile time and 0 at run time.

Similar query with the OLEDB Provider succeeds.

497120 ADO.NET: Request to integrate Sybase ASE ADO.NET Data Provider within the Visual Studio development environment.
497255 jConnect: ArithmeticException encountered when ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is set to true.
497406 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC Metadata calls fail when using unicode applications on Linux because of parameter truncation.
497508 ISQL: Scratch file was not created in Windows temporary directory.
497527 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When backEnd Type = DB2 Access Service and linking a table with MS Access SQLExecute fails with "Incorrect syntax" error, if there is a quote in the string . This occurs when you select a Unique Record Identifier when linking to the table.
497736 Handle zOS 1.9 changes to IBM listener.
498017 ODBC Driver by Sybase: 64-bit ODBC Driver cannot fetch a negative integer value from an integer column bound as SQL_C_CHAR.
498188 Customer would CSBCONFIG to return the OCC actual version (12.6.4)
498256 Cust would Like more detailed explaination of how Numeric and Decimals are use
498538 MS SQLServer linked Server to ASE using Organic OLEDB Provider 15 ESD 13

When replicating a table parameterized with a table having a combination of datatypes an error occurs:

[ASEOLEDB]Data overflow. Increase specified column size or buffer size (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 30128)

498562 Allow listener configuration to reject gateway connections.
498739 jConnect: Request to limit the number of SQLWarning chained off a connection
498998 encrypt_password fails to encrypt/decrypt a null password
499275 SDK / InstallShield : Request for minimal runtime client install.
499278 SDK InstallShield: Request for MSI installer for minimal client runtime install.
499581 SRVLIB: Open Server application may raise: "Memory allocation for '0' bytes failed in 'srv_get_text' for 'byte-swap buffer'" when updating a unitext column with zero length.
500112 Incorrect message for missing userid.
500144 jConnect: Registering output parameter as Numeric(38,0) results in arithmetic overflow error.
500658 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The 揕anguage� parameter in the connection string is being ignored.
500659 After upgrading application calling a external ini file to parse the server name is

failing with 12.5.1 The DBlib application no longer can connect.

If the customer rolls back to the base version of 12.5.1 it works fine.

All versions of 15.0 and ESD are working fine the defect is only in the 12.5.1 ESD#;s

Error message is unbale to connect to servername and the applicaiton will stop

ERROR: 1028 Unable to open connection to server: MIC_DET_SQL06.

ERROR: 1024 DB-Library error: 20003 SQL Server connection timed out.

500822 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: With Microsoft Linked Server, selecting datalength(column) returns an incorrect length when the column is of type varchar(257) or larger.
523751 ADO.NET: Executing a Stored Procedure with varchar argument of 16000 characters or longer in length results in implicit conversion not allowed error.
528473 connection Time being ignored at run time in Linux SUSE and REDHAT

with Open Client CTlib 12.5.1 and ESD#22

If you involke a time out value on a conenction object the time out will be never happen

the command object will continue to pool for the server after five min of so you will

get a connection time out even thou the connection should of timed out in 15 sec for example.



** Description

** -----------

** This is the example program that is printed in Chapter 1 of the

** Client-Library Programmer's Guide. It connects to a server,

** sends a select query, prints the rows, disconnects, and exits.


** Inputs

** ------

** None.


** Server Tables

** -------------

** This program requires the pubs2 database.



** Language Query Example Program.


#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <string.h>

#include <ctpublic.h>

#include "example.h"

#define MAXCOLUMNS 2

#define MAXSTRING 40

#define ERR_CH stderr

#define OUT_CH stdout


** Username and password are defined in example.h


CS_CHAR *Ex_username = EX_USERNAME;

CS_CHAR *Ex_password = EX_PASSWORD;


** Define a macro that exits if a function return code indicates

** failure.


#define EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, str) \

if (ret != CS_SUCCEED) \

{ \

fprintf(ERR_CH, "Fatal error: %s\n", str); \

if (context != (CS_CONTEXT *) NULL) \

{ \

(CS_VOID) ct_exit(context, CS_FORCE_EXIT); \

(CS_VOID) cs_ctx_drop(context); \

} \

exit(EX_EXIT_FAIL); \



** Callback routines for library errors and server messages.



CS_CONTEXT *context,

CS_CLIENTMSG *clientmsg ));


CS_CONTEXT *context,

CS_CONNECTION *connection,

CS_CLIENTMSG *clientmsg ));


CS_CONTEXT *context,

CS_CONNECTION *connection,

CS_SERVERMSG *servermsg ));


** Main entry point for the program.



main(int argc, char *argv[])


CS_CONTEXT *context; /* Context structure */

CS_CONNECTION *connection; /* Connection structure. */

CS_COMMAND *cmd;/* Command structure. */

/* Data format structures for column descriptions: */


CS_INT datalength[MAXCOLUMNS];


CS_INT count;


CS_RETCODE results_ret;

CS_INT result_type;



CS_INT timeval =15; //<---- set the time out value



** Step 1: Initialize the application.



** First allocate a context structure.


context = (CS_CONTEXT *)NULL;

ret = cs_ctx_alloc(EX_CTLIB_VERSION, &context);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "cs_ctx_alloc failed");


** Initialize Client-Library.


ret = ct_init(context, EX_CTLIB_VERSION);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_init failed");

ret = ct_config(context, CS_SET, CS_TIMEOUT, &tmOut, CS_UNUSED, NULL);//< involking it here,.

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "error setting timeout");


** Step 2: Set up the error handling. Install callback handlers

** for: - CS-Library errors - Client-Library errors - Server

** messages.



** Install a callback function to handle CS-Library errors.


ret = cs_config(context, CS_SET, CS_MESSAGE_CB,

(CS_VOID *)csmsg_callback,


EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret,

"cs_config(CS_MESSAGE_CB) failed");


** Install a callback function to handle Client-Library errors.


** The client message callback receives error or informational

** messages discovered by Client-Library.


ret = ct_callback(context, NULL, CS_SET, CS_CLIENTMSG_CB,

(CS_VOID *)clientmsg_callback);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret,

"ct_callback for client messages failed");


** The server message callback receives server messages sent by

** the server. These are error or inforamational messages.


ret = ct_callback(context, NULL, CS_SET, CS_SERVERMSG_CB,

(CS_VOID *)servermsg_callback);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret,

"ct_callback for server messages failed");


** Step 3: Connect to the server. We must: - Allocate a connection

** structure. - Set user name and password. - Create the

** connection.



** First, allocate a connection structure.


ret = ct_con_alloc(context, &connection);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_con_alloc() failed");


** These two calls set the user credentials (username and

** password) for opening the connection.


ret = ct_con_props(connection, CS_SET, CS_USERNAME,

Ex_username, CS_NULLTERM, NULL);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "Could not set user name");

ret = ct_con_props(connection, CS_SET, CS_PASSWORD,

Ex_password, CS_NULLTERM, NULL);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "Could not set password");


** Create the connection.



ret = ct_connect(connection, (CS_CHAR *)NULL, 0);


ret = ct_connect(connection, (CS_CHAR *)EX_SERVER, strlen(EX_SERVER));

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "Could not connect!");


** Step 4: Send a command to the server, as follows: - Allocate a

** CS_COMMAND structure - Build the command to be sent with

** ct_command. - Send the command with ct_send.



** Allocate a command structure.


ret = ct_cmd_alloc(connection, &cmd);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_cmd_alloc() failed");


** Initiate a language command. This call associates a query with

** the command structure.


ret = ct_command(cmd, CS_LANG_CMD,

"select au_lname, city from pubs2..authors \

where state = 'CA'",


EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_command() failed");


** Send the command.


ret = ct_send(cmd);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_send() failed");


** Step 5: Process the results of the command.


while ((results_ret = ct_results(cmd, &result_type))




** ct_results sets result_type to indicate when data is

** available and to indicate command status codes.


switch ((int)result_type)




** This result_type value indicates that the rows

** returned by the query have arrived. We bind and

** fetch the rows.


** We're expecting exactly two character columns:

** Column 1 is au_lname, 2 is au_city.


** For each column, fill in the relevant fields in

** the column's data format structure, and bind

** the column.


columns[0].datatype = CS_CHAR_TYPE;

columns[0].format = CS_FMT_NULLTERM;

columns[0].maxlength = MAXSTRING;

columns[0].count = 1;

columns[0].locale = NULL;

ret = ct_bind(cmd, 1, &columns[0],

name, &datalength[0],


EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret,

"ct_bind() for au_lname failed");


** Same thing for the 'city' column.


columns[1].datatype = CS_CHAR_TYPE;

columns[1].format = CS_FMT_NULLTERM;

columns[1].maxlength = MAXSTRING;

columns[1].count = 1;

columns[1].locale = NULL;

ret = ct_bind(cmd, 2, &columns[1], city,



EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret,

"ct_bind() for city failed");


** Now fetch and print the rows.


while (((ret = ct_fetch(cmd, CS_UNUSED, CS_UNUSED,

CS_UNUSED, &count))


|| (ret == CS_ROW_FAIL))



** Check if we hit a recoverable error.


if (ret == CS_ROW_FAIL)



"Error on row %ld.\n",

(long)(count + 1));



** We have a row, let's print it.


fprintf(OUT_CH, "%s: %s\n", name, city);



** We're finished processing rows, so check

** ct_fetch's final return value to see if an

** error occurred. The final return code should be



if (ret == CS_END_DATA)



"\nAll done processing rows.\n");



/* Failure occurred. */



"ct_fetch failed");



** All done with this result set.





** We executed a command that never returns rows.


fprintf(OUT_CH, "No rows returned.\n");




** The server encountered an error while

** processing our command. These errors will be

** displayed by the server-message callback that

** we installed earlier.





** The logical command has been completely

** processed.





** We got something unexpected.



"ct_results returned unexpected result type");





** We've finished processing results. Check the return value of

** ct_results() to see if everything went okay.


switch ((int)results_ret)




** Everything went fine.



case CS_FAIL:


** Something terrible happened.



"ct_results() returned CS_FAIL.");




** We got an unexpected return value.



"ct_results returned unexpected return code");




** Step 6: Clean up and exit.



** Drop the command structure.


ret = ct_cmd_drop(cmd);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_cmd_drop failed");


** Close the connection and drop its control structure.


ret = ct_close(connection, CS_UNUSED);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_close failed");

ret = ct_con_drop(connection);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_con_drop failed");


** ct_exit tells Client-Library that we are done.


ret = ct_exit(context, CS_UNUSED);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "ct_exit failed");


** Drop the context structure.


ret = cs_ctx_drop(context);

EXIT_ON_FAIL(context, ret, "cs_ctx_drop failed");


** Normal exit to the operating system.





** Handler for server messages. Client-Library will call this

** routine when it receives a message from the server.



servermsg_callback(CS_CONTEXT *cp, CS_CONNECTION *chp, CS_SERVERMSG *msgp)



** Print the message info.



"Server message:\n\t");


"number(%ld) severity(%ld) state(%ld) line(%ld)\n",

(long)msgp->msgnumber, (long)msgp->severity,

(long)msgp->state, (long)msgp->line);


** Print the server name if one was supplied.


if (msgp->svrnlen > 0)

fprintf(ERR_CH, "\tServer name: %s\n", msgp->svrname);


** Print the procedure name if one was supplied.


if (msgp->proclen > 0)

fprintf(ERR_CH, "\tProcedure name: %s\n", msgp->proc);


** Print the null terminated message.


fprintf(ERR_CH, "\t%s\n", msgp->text);


** Server message callbacks must return CS_SUCCEED.


return (CS_SUCCEED);



** Client-Library error handler. This function will be invoked

** when a Client-Library has detected an error. Before Client-

** Library routines return CS_FAIL, this handler will be called

** with additional error information.



clientmsg_callback(CS_CONTEXT *context, CS_CONNECTION *conn, CS_CLIENTMSG *emsgp)



** Error number: Print the error's severity, number, origin, and

** layer. These four numbers uniquely identify the error.



"Client Library error:\n\t");


"severity(%ld) number(%ld) origin(%ld) layer(%ld)\n",






** Error text: Print the error text.


fprintf(ERR_CH, "\t%s\n", emsgp->msgstring);


** Operating system error information: Some errors, such as

** network errors, may have an operating system error associated

** with them. If there was an operating system error, this code

** prints the error message text.


if (emsgp->osstringlen > 0)



"Operating system error number(%ld):\n",


fprintf(ERR_CH, "\t%s\n", emsgp->osstring);



** If we return CS_FAIL, Client-Library marks the connection as

** dead. This means that it cannot be used anymore. If we return

** CS_SUCCEED, the connection remains alive if it was not already

** dead.


return (CS_SUCCEED);



** CS-Library error handler. This function will be invoked

** when CS-Library has detected an error.



csmsg_callback(CS_CONTEXT *context, CS_CLIENTMSG *emsgp)



** Print the error number and message.



"CS-Library error:\n");


"\tseverity(%ld) layer(%ld) origin(%ld) number(%ld)",





fprintf(ERR_CH, "\t%s\n", emsgp->msgstring);


** Print any operating system error information.


if (emsgp->osstringlen > 0)


fprintf(ERR_CH, "Operating System Error: %s\n",



return (CS_SUCCEED);


528839 ADO.NET: Poor performance from some ADO.NET Provider methods such as AseConnection.Open().
528905 The Sybase XA driver on Windows failed in the final xa_close calls,

triggered by the MQCMIT call.

529395 ASE.Net Internal Error: 30002 when EncryptPassword=1 and connect to a ASE 1502.
529647 jConnect: When connected to SQL Anywhere version 10, the executeBatch method is sending INSERTs in loop, not as a batch.
529673 DSCP: Output for Server Security mechanism shows **Unknown value** when Server information is being requested from an LDAP directory service.
530387 OpenSwitch rejects a login attempt if the user's password has expired and SHOW_SPID property is 1.
530531 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Unexpected characters displayed when character column contains new line characters.
530552 NETLIB: When more than 250 clients are connected to openserver on 32bit Solaris, calling fopen() in openserver code fails.
530581 ADO.NET: Output values of stored procedure parameters marked with ParameterDirection.InputOutput are truncated.
530773 jConnect: Request to update jConnect meta-data stored procedures for SQL Anywhere 10.0 and 11.0 releases.
530926 ISQLCICS does not support DB2 datatype "LONG VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA".
531042 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Operating on very large resultsets from Microsoft Linked Server to ASE using OLE DB exhibits slower performance and/or Msg 7330 揅annot fetch a row from OLE DB provider 厰
531119 jConnect: Request for key sequence support on ASA 10 with primary key constraint (declarative)
531257 A thread in OpenSwitch goes into an endless loop in thrd__dyns_dealloc() while deallocating dynamic prepared statement.
531259 A thread in OpenSwitch goes into an endless loop in thrd__dyns_free() after disconnecting a client connection.
531311 RDO definition for SYBLSTNR CONCURRENCY should be THREADSAFE.
531496 Feature to Server Option (15) for CICS to use the CICS AUTOINSTALL feature
531772 jConnect: Excessive warning messages generated during XA transaction operations.
531804 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Performance issues with some of the Meta-data stored procedures such as sp_oledb_primarykey and sp_oledb_databases.
531876 ASE.NET connection fails if non english in your windows setup and you login have a

language set like this:

suid name language

----------- ------------------------------ ----------

4 sybase_us_english us_english 4

You get this msg from the ASe server.

msg 4017: Language name in login record 'swedish' is not an official name on this ASE. Using default 'us_english' from syslogins instead.

532081 An OCS assertion fails in com__tds_cstotds_map when ASE returns parameter result sets that contain timestamp data.
532108 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Connections to DirectConnect server configured for SSL fail.
532170 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: OLE DB application performance issues due to repeated calls to Meta-data stored procedures such as sp_drv_typeinfo
532201 SRVLIB: On Linux x86-64 and Linux on Power, non-threaded Open Server applications have segmentation fault when running under RHEL 5.0, SUSE 10 or above. The workaround of setting environment variable LD_POINTER_GUARD is no longer required after this fix.
532386 AMD2 transaction abends with 0C4, reason code 10.
532451 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing a Stored Procedure with varchar argument of 16000 characters or longer in length results in implicit conversion not allowed error.
532547 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Some Japanese localized screens for Sybase Data Source Administrator do not display correctly.
532666 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request to set field attribute for calculated columns to "Fixed + UnknownUpdatable" rather than the current "ReadOnly" value to maintain compatibility with the discontinued OEM OLE DB Provider.
532888 After large result set, there's a 1-2 second delay when application ends
533420 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLSetPos doesn't work properly on updating data.
533480 SRVLIB: If a client application connects to ASE through a gateway Open Server application, the client application hangs when srv_xferdata() returns a charset conversion error.
533606 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC applications hang during connection failover event.
533615 After registering Sybase.Data.AseClient.dll and policy.1.15.Sybase.Data.AseClient.dll assembly caches into .NET Framework 2.0, all VB applications compile fine, but produce the following error at runtime:

************** Exception Text **************

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Sybase.Data.AseClient, Version=1.15.320.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=26e0f1529304f4a7' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

File name: 'Sybase.Data.AseClient, Version=1.15.320.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=26e0f1529304f4a7' ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Sybase.Data.AseClient, Version=1.15.320.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=26e0f1529304f4a7' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

File name: 'Sybase.Data.AseClient, Version=1.15.320.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=26e0f1529304f4a7'

533637 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SSL connections from ODBC driver are lost after 20 seconds of idle-time.
533649 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The OleDbTransaction.Commit() times out if transaction takes longer than 30 seconds to commit.
533717 DRIVERS: Using security driver with 'data integrity' or 'replay detection' option may raise a TDS protocol error: "An invalid PARAMFMT stream was received."
533731 Listeners are not displayed from EZAO,INQ,LISTENER.
534166 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access application prompts for login information multiple times, even though same user id is used.
534302 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: OLEDB Provider does not support IRowsetUpdate interface.
534311 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Grid performance is slow with Delphi ADO and adUseServer CursorLocation
534558 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Using a Delphi Data Grid, changed data in a field is not reflected after selecting another row.
534562 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Calling a stored procedure with integer output parameter twice in a row causes failures in some situations.
534811 When CMON_PASSWORD specified in the [SERVER] section of the Mutual Aware OSW config file is NOT NULL, OSW inserts wrong CMON_PASSWORD into the ASE cluster tables.
534956 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Poor performance while updating large RowSets in a Delphi application.
534991 OpenSwitch fails when handling results from ASE executing heavy duty stored procedures with errors like "srv_senddone() was called with a bad count parameter".
535077 rp_kill may be unable to shut down connections established to the specified pool.
535933 Feature request:

Please include the parameters of a stored procedure in the Variables view of the debugger.

When debugging a stored procedure with OUTPUT parameters, and these get changed in the proc, the new values should be reflected in the variables view.

536340 CSLIB: When cs_convert() fails, it should set *resultlen to CS_UNUSED.
536341 cs_convert does not set resultlen to CS_UNUSED upon failure
536623 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory leak observed in the OLE DB Provider during each connect and disconnect cycle.
536837 If you specify NULL to the pool_name when you run rp_switch, rp_switch can switch connections to the alternate ASE but does not change pool name of the connections.
536925 CTBCP: Use of a single backslash character as row/field terminator does not work correctly anymore after fix of CR#331285 in CTBCP version 15.0 ESD#8 and version 12.5.1 ESD#18
537130 Gateway Handler is writing out a trace message "HAND - TDSNDDON".
537371 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When SetData is called on a row containing a calculated column or an alias, IRowsetUpdate::Update sends an UPDATE statement containing that column. This results in the row not being updated.
537376 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing a statement causes a dynamic prepare (DYNAMIC2 / DYN_PREPARE) token to be sent to ASE. The prepared statement is then ignored and a LANGUAGE token is used to execute the statement.
537721 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The datalength() for varchar columns accessed from Microsoft Linked Server thru OLE DB always report the maximum size regardless of the actual data in the column.
538172 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Third party application 'JobVision' crashes when trying to import data from ASE.
538978 When a DB-Lib error handler catches SYBETIME and returns INT_TIMEOUT,

the DB-Library application reports an OS error and automatically exits.

539116 BCP should support the use of a hostname:port in it's commandline syntax. isql supports this syntax and interfaces files may not exist with sufficient entries to use -S syntax.
539292 Update locales.dat to include entries en_US.ISO8859-1 and en_US.ISO8859-15 for Linux.
539316 Customer need to have the SDK installed via Red Hat Package Manager
539684 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Calling stored procedure with return value multiple times results in an error
539732 DBLIB: dbexit() does not release all memory allocated by dbinit(). Memory leak occurs.
539769 OLE DB Driver by Sybase: Invalid syntax on UPDATE statements when more than one field is updated using SetData
539809 Using the jConnect connection property, "protocol_capture", does not include tds information for both the original connection session and failed over/migrated session.
539827 ADO.NET: Disposing AseCommand object closes the AseDataReader.
540012 Problem: Need to add functions to support manual commit/rollback. Workaround: 1. Add a preference "Connection commit mode" in "Sybase, Inc -> Database Development -> SQL Editor -> SQL Files/Scrapbooks" to support commit mode change: auto or manual, and default value is "Auto". 2. Add a preference "Max connection count" in "Sybase, Inc -> Database Development -> Miscellaneous" to limit sum of opened Table Data Editor and active manual-commit SQL Scrapbook Editor.
540327 Problem: Need to add filter function to find column quickly.

Workaround: Add filter function to find column quickly. 1. While switch to column page, the filter function should be work automatically. 2. While invoke refresh form DB or revert action, should clear filter text.

540545 sp_odbc_datatype_info CSP is missing for TRS.
540550 ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_CURRENT) hangs when ASE returns a deadlock message
540656 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Selecting values from a binary column from Microsoft Linked Server thru OLE DB returns error: Msg 7347 搑eturned data that does not match expected data length厰
540697 Need to document ISQL & BCP parameters -X and -W for extended password encrypt
540923 DBLIB: dbopen() does not failover to the second query entry when the connection to the first query entry is not successful.
541065 Issue :

Syntax error in sql_server*.sql scripts causes failure when installing.

541160 OSwitch crashed while calling strlen from log__normal while DEBUG=l enabled
541495 jConnect: Encrypted Password connections fail if password has expired.
542036 RCM crashes with "-a" command-line flag when analyzing the RCM environment upon start-up
542486 CS-Lib: Localisation environment variable LC_CTYPE is not applied as default to CS-Lib locale.
542915 Request to ship Mit Kerberos runtime library with OCS.
543358 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Incorrect row updated after SQLSetPos used to set cursor position. The first row is updated regardless of the position.
543454 jConnect: Cannot use Bulk load option (ENABLE_BULK_LOAD) on temporary tables if using multiple temporary databases.
543456 Mutual Aware setup:

System 'ping' OS command used in OpenSwitch to monitor

and check the health of the participating ASE servers

has the following issues that warrants a different


1. This command doesn't work on non-english windows

platforms as advertised.

2. This command brings in 'root' permission issues

in which end-users have to apply a workaround to overcome

this potential problem.

3. In general, it's not recommended for any server

applications to run OS command more frequently as some

of the OS commands require and runs in a separate shell

which is not desirable.

543531 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The SQLBulkOperations call with SQL_ADD parameter value fails if rows are being inserted to a table in a different database than the current database.
544077 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Deleting a row in a Delphi DataGrid, results in the error "The parameter is incorrect"
544105 ASE OLE DB Provider:

Executing stored procedures with Linked Server using 4 part name fail

544222 DBLIB: Application is disconnected or fails to connect to server when poll gets EINTR.
544328 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory leak observed when calling Connect and Disconnect in a loop.
544336 ADO.NET: Unhandled exception (Access Violation) under certain conditions.
544476 jConnect: Null Pointer Exception encountered when a ResultSet is closed without processing it.
544778 DBLIB:ASE raises an error when dblib application sends a char/varchar parameter that is greater than 255 characters.
544800 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Some Date and Time data formats not correctly processed when using Microsoft SSIS to insert data into Sybase ASE via OLE DB connection.
544918 Feature Request: Implement a way to compress TDS traffic between OpenClient and Server.
545140 bcp-in using a format file may insert longer data than the length of the column into the column and result in column corruption.

This is a multi-byte character specific problem.

545191 This is a request from one of our distributors (MTBASE) in Colombia.

Currently, the Win64 machines are becoming more and more usual among customers and they ask for Sybase to consider making available a PC-Client 15.0 64bits together with ASE products, in the future. This will allow customer to use all 64-bit ADO.NET Provider, ODBC and OLEDB drivers.

545440 Memory leak for varchar/char parameters of 39 or 40 bytes.
545538 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Connection to ASE fails from some client machines running non-English locales, if this locale is supported by ASE but the language module is not installed on ASE.
545561 Feature request for a way to set the default batch size used by BCP
545596 ESQL: FETCH statement does not return the number of rows retrieved in SQLDA structure.
545821 ODBC gets Internal Error 30016 on SSL querys when packet size is 8192
545837 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: In a Delphi application, inserting a row into an empty Rowset causes the error "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done."
545850 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The error "Must declare variable '@full_table_name'." occurs when an application makes a schema call for index information.
545852 OLE DB Driver by Sybase: Access Violation occurs when calling IRowsetUpdate::InsertRow on a row with a calculated column
545853 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Inserting and then deleting the new row repeatedly results in the error: "Bookmark is invalid".
546034 ADO.NET: System.NotSupportedException thrown when calling IDbCommand. Parameters RemoveAt() method.
546103 ASE OLE DB Provider:Complex JOIN is failing with Linked Server using OPENQUERY
546216 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Setting a column to empty string results in the column being set to NULL
546227 Attempting to cancel sql results via ctrl-c aborts the isql application process when the HAFailover property is specified.
546268 Update Documents Jconnect for status on Jdbc 3. The Rel Bull is sort of out-of-date as it was written at time of original GA.


546295 ADO.NET Provider:

Cannot create a connection with MS SQL Server SSIS connection manager as the

dialog to supply the connection parameters is unavailable

546366 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Money datatype with a unique index cannot be displayed using Microsoft Access 2003.
546378 Problem: Need to add Source tab to support edit view definition in View Editor.

Workaround: Add Source page to View Editor for ASE/ASA/IQ, user can now edit the definition in the Source page; Source page also provide syntax validation and content assist.

546609 Problem: Issues if you have multiple owners with the same table name. Issue#1, Show Schema not marked and Show Owner marked in Enterprise Explorer. Right-click on the table object-> properties. On the filter, select Include, there's only the table names, but not the owners. Issue#2, A long list of table objects will move the whole window upward instead of the table list only. This means also you need to scroll down the whole list get to the Restore Defaults or Apply button.

Workaround: Fixed Issue 1, now filter property page will show database object name followed by schema name in parent. For Issue2, this problem is a bug in Data Tools Platform connectivity. DTP bug 268479 was opened. Attached UI change notes.

546719 jConnect: UnimplementedOperationException encountered when using SybConnectionProxy.prepareStatement(String, int).
546741 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Update, then Delete same record in Optimistic mode results in error: "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done."
546761 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Inserting and then updating or deleting the new row results in the error: "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done."
546838 Jconnect DYNAMIC_PREPARE = true and ASE set statstics time on fails back to PARAMETERIZED LANGUAGE tds.
546915 OLE DB Driver by Sybase: Memory usage increases when rowset is opened frequently.
547027 OLE DB Provider:

Error 7346 running sp_catalogs on ASE linked server from MSSQL 2005

when using OLE DB Provider options "Allow InProcess Enabled".

exec sp_catalogs '<LINKED_SERVER>'

Cannot get the data of the row from the OLE DB provider "SQL Server" for linked server "(null)".

Deferred accessor validation occurred. Invalid binding for this column. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)

547087 CT-Lib: Application may get "An illegal tds token sequence was received" and abort when ASE Cluster Edition membership changes during ct_fetch() operations.
547380 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Inserting and then deleting the new row in BatchOptimistic mode causes an access violation.
547553 BCP: BCP dumps core when the datatype of the table column is different from that of the corresponding column in format file.
547704 BCP: bcp in using field_terminator � (umlat) fail to work.
547733 Mutual Aware OpenSwitch issues :

(1) Mutual aware OpenSwitch hangs in SUSPENDED

state when primary ASE goes down. The clients

connected to both primary and secondary

OpenSwitch's are disconnected when the primary

ASE is down.

(2) Secondary/redundant RCM won't perform

replication switch and switch clients to the

standby ASE when the clients are only connected

to secondary OSW when primary ASE goes down.

(3) When primary ASE and primary OpenSwitch hosts

are down, secondary OpenSwitch wrongly detects

this case as a total network failure and

disconnects / terminates itself. Even though

secondary OpenSwitch can contact secondary ASE

host and secondary ASE being up and healthy in

this case.

(4) Client thread state using "rp_dump thread"

command still shows as THRD_S_CLOSED after the

client re-established its connection to the

secondary ASE when primary ASE host goes down.

(5) When clients are connected only to secondary

OpenSwitch, cm_is_active() CM API invoked in the

CM application connected to secondary OpenSwitch

returns CS_FALSE when primary ASE goes down.

(6) Client connections involved in busy

transactions connected to primary or secondary

OpenSwitches might hang when primary ASE goes


(7) Client connections might hang when OpenSwitch

is handling the primary ASE failure and the

client times out when the client application

re-connects to the primary ASE server.

547740 ODBC Driver By Sybase: SQLBulkOperations with SQL_ADD option fails when the client requests to use concurrency type of SQL_CONCUR_ROWVER
547766 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: On some Windows versions like Windows 2003, Access Violation encountered when calling a stored procedure (RPC) that with a 揝ELECT @variable� or 搑aiseerror� clause.
547998 ASEOLEDB DynamicPrepare set to 1 and useing temptables (#tables) give MSG 208 from

ASE this is because the driver send all sql as dynamic token even DDL, this lead to that the 2 execution do not see the #table create in the first execute.

548008 Connect to Open Server Kerberos sample fails w/ error 16369 in SCL_MECH_ALLOC
548011 ASEOLEDB UseCursor=1 and send batch sql generate Msg 3804 from ASE. This is FR to have a option so the driver resend the sql as languages token when we get Msg 3804.
548035 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO Recordset.RecordCount is -1 with CursorLocation = adUseServer
548138 Problem: Performance problem in Enterprise Explorer Explorer for databases with many users.

Workaround: Fixed. Enhanced catalog loader to provide efficient E.E. expansion.

548246 ADO.NET: The DbDataAdapter object instantiated from DbFactory.CreateDataAdapter raises System.InvalidCastException when used.
548285 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Provider exhibits memory leak when calling Connect, Executed stored procedure and Disconnect sequence in a loop.
548347 Wrong command in Programmer's supplement(P96) sp_dboption.
548349 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Using Decimal parameter in ADO.NET OLE DB Provider results in ASE Domain error.
548397 Problem: Duplicated view editor item in Schema Object Editor Configuration preference page.

Workaround: Fixed to remove the duplicated definition in ASE plugin.xml.

548634 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Some string data corrupted due to conversion issues when ASE configuration option "enable unicode normalization" is set to 0.
548726 sp_cababilities returns incorrect value of "1" for "transaction handling" when AMD2 is not installed.
549059 ODBC Driver configured for SSL connects when server certificate has expired.
549072 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The SQLBulkOperations call with SQL_ADD parameter value fails if default column values are used for all columns of a row.
549358 SRVLIB: When a client application connects to ASE through a gateway Open Server application, the gateway Open Server application sends an error message (TDS_EED) per row of data to the client application when there is any character set conversion error in the row. This might cause client application like BCP to lose data as BCP exits when it receives TDS_EED.
549687 Insert NULL value into column defined as NOT NULL returns error
549824 Old Context Handler, SYGWCTXH, sends out the wrong message for a CICS Verify. The correct message is a CICS INQUIRE.
549972 Problem: Should have preference to clean up results history.

Workaround: 1) Added preference to clean result history automatically. 2) The "Max row count" default value was changed to 500. 3) Detached the result set and parameter information from result history file to separated files for performance enhancement. 4) Fixed the bug for the execution can't cancel when the result set content is large. 5) Fixed the bug there is NPE when Sybase Workspace starts.

550191 DBLIB : Applications always print out UTF-8 encoded DB-Library messages regardless of specified character set of Japanese language.
550195 Problem: Need to set option quoted_identifier issue in ASA.

Workaround: The "set option" statement was used when a connection was initialized. It's a server level change, so it affects other users, for example, a user who accesses the database via ODBC in PowerBuilder. Replaced "set option" with "set temporary option", which is the connection level setting and it won't affect other users.

550212 Samples: Using samples in combination with LDAP directory services may raise a segmentation violation and generate a core dump on ibmplinux.
550282 NETLIB: On HP 11.31 and later, ct_connect() fails intermittently with error EISCONN.
550533 ODBC Driver by Sybase: An ANSI application receives bogus truncation warnings when calling SQLGetConnectAttr with SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG parameter.
550543 Add a warning message reminder when license key is about to expire.
550579 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The SQLTables call fails for an ODBC connection to Direct Connect back-ends with "Parameter value was invalid." error.
550689 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access receives conversion errors when accessing Date data from a DB2 database via Direct Connect.
551340 Problem: Failed to get role-based permissions. When the user is not sa, the "Roles" can't be shown. For example, you open a Table Schema Editor and select the "Permission" tab, the "Roles" tree is empty.

Workaround: After fixing, if the user is not sa, when database catalog node was expanded in "Enterprise Explorer" under non-dbo role, there would be some exceptions like "Server user id 11 is not a valid user in database 'model'". It's normal, because no-dbo role does not have permission to access each database.

551421 WorkSpace open 2 connections not just one, to a DB and generating an excessive volume of queries
551491 TCLLIB: Parsing of filter information may allow syntax errors.
551533 jConnect: Request to support T-SQL queries that include "COMPUTE" clause.
551627 Problem: Debugger shows the wrong current line.

Workaround: While loading the source of ASE compiled objects, the content retrieved from 'sp_helptext' should not be trimmed. The trimmed blank line leading to break point toggling error. Fixed to NOT trim the content retrieved from 'sp_helptext' while loading the source of ASE compiled objects.

551942 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The property DBPROP_MAXROWS is not supported.
552097 jConnect: SybSQLException with "Arithmetic overflow" error encountered for NUMERIC and DECIMAL stored procedure output parameters.
552434 Create and include debugging information into the OpenSwitch and RCM executable. No separate .pdb (program database) files are required now for debugging either OpenSwitch or RCM.
552582 Organic ODBC:

Opening a connection to the database using Microsoft DAO DBEngine.OpenConnection and a configurable ODBC datasource DSN:

After the connect, the Connect property of the Connection does not contain the

Database and Server name copied from the DSN as DataDirect drivers did.

552667 Problem: IQ: Need to set a temporary data_order option for event creation.

Workaround: This is an I18N issue. When user uses Sybase WorkSpace in some locales, the date_order may not use US format, which is MDY. Consequently, Event-wizard-generated DDL may fail. Scheduled events require that the database option be set correctly according to the specified date. Added fix to set the correct date_order option in Event-wizard-generated DDL. Also when modifying a scheduled event, you can add a set db option SQL when needed.

552796 If CS_CURSOR_IMPLICIT is used and no rows are returned then when attempting to close the connection one will see error: "trying to write when connection is expecting a read".
552863 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Can't select data from some system tables from a Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server connection to ASE.
552873 Clients hang during failover for Mutual Aware OpenSwitch
552905 jConnect: When using ENABLE_BULD_LOAD, if a batch encounters an error, updates in subsequent batch do not take place.
553039 ADO.NET: MissingPrimaryKeyException when using ASECommandBuilder on proxy tables.
553734 CTLIB: Reopening an implicit cursor may crash at ct__tds_read_coldata() while processing the command results.
553773 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) transfer from integer source column to decimal target ASE column fails with invalid conversion error.
553886 ADO.NET: When performing failover between ASE Cluster Edition nodes, Internal Error received under certain situations.
553893 Secondary RCM does not shutdown after rp_shutdown in Mutual Aware environment.
554068 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Using "INSERT INTO OPENQUERY()" statement fails from Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server connection to ASE.
554280 SYBTRUE listener start up message is not correct.
554294 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Queries from Microsoft SQL Server to a linked ASE Server always start a Distributed Transaction.
554363 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Queries from Microsoft SQL Server to a linked ASE table fail when ASE database name is given in capital case even though ASE is configured as case insensitive.
554366 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing OpenQuery on an ASE table linked from Microsoft SQL Server with dynamic prepare gives inconsistent metadata error on binary column
554419 BLKLIB: Calling blk_alloc() may core dump at intl_fopen() when application is localized to use the Korean language.
554625 Starting from SDK15 ESD13 and SDK12.5.1 ESD23, a new Sybase ODBC property was introduced -

"CommandTimeOut". The property was designed to fix the issue on CR488255. It had been

verified that the problem was fixed on those ESDs and after.

However, there is no official document description for the ODBC "CommandTimeOut"

554887 Socket style listener needs to use the new zOS 1.9 parameter, RTYTIME.
555001 jConnect: Request to optimize sp_jdbc_getprocedurecolumns meta-data stored procedure for better performance.
555032 Clients establishing their connections after the primary ASE dataserver and/or its host goes down might not change the primary ASE dataserver status to DOWN. This might happen where there are no client connections connected to the primary ASE dataserver before the ASE dataserver goes down.
555231 Debug message coord__notif_check_osw succeeded fills log
555233 Debug message 20089 does not report the actual number of spids affected
555299 Problem: While loading the source of ASE compiled objects, the content retrieved from 'sp_helptext' should not be trimmed. The trimmed blank line leads to a break point toggling error.

Workaround: Fixed to NOT trim the content retrieved from 'sp_helptext' while loading the source of ASE compiled objects.

555399 The client connections might hang in OpenSwitch in case of a response time out when fetching the results from the backend ASE dataserver.
555430 CM applications might not receive notifications from the clients establishing their connections when the primary ASE dataserver and/or its host is not reachable. These clients might hang in OpenSwitch in their LOGIN state.
555496 jConnect: The bulk copy option (ENABLE_BULK_LOAD) inserts empty strings as NULL values.
555546 An ODBC property - "connectiontimeout" has been widely used.

However, customer point out that there is not much document on ODBC side and the property is not covered.

555839 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Connection pooling does not work due to missing CPTimeout property in the registry.
555993 RCM crashes during shutdown in ct_exit
556554 Bus errors leading to crash might happen in OpenSwitch when "rp_dump thread" is issued by an OpenSwitch administrator while certain large queries are running
556744 CPRE: ESQL/C application drops connection when it receives ASE 4023 error message which is a password expiration warning message.
556808 Login retry clients might connect to the secondary ASE server before OpenSwitch and CM application handles the failover processing of primary ASE server status upon failure of primary ASE server. This behaviour might possibly cause corruption of user data.
556899 Application becomes unstable after diconnecting.
557347 CTLIB: ribo.jar is unable to decode a tds file capture by using CS_DBG_PROTOCOL.
557463 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver (12.5.1ESD#24 and 12.5.1ESD#25) cannot save the password of a link table in MS-Access 2003. This issue is also reproduced when the Default Login ID is set in the ODBC DataSource.
557558 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetDiagField reports incorrect message length.
557698 In a Mutual Aware OpenSwitch environment, when a client's spid is killed in ASE(using isql kill),

the client might hang inside OpenSwitch.

557805 ANSI SQL reserved key words were used when creating

database tables in the Mutual Aware OpenSwitch server.

557944 jConnect: Need new metadata stored procedures for ASE 12.5.1 to ASE 12.5.4 to support the use of multiple tempdb functionality.
557954 Kerberos-enabled Active Directory authentication and single sign-on for ASE and OCS.
557956 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to support SRVR connection string property to specify ASE Server connection information.
558197 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing OpenQuery on an ASE table linked from Microsoft SQL Server with dynamic prepare gives inconsistent metadata error on binary column
558247 Sybase.AdoNet2.AseClient.dll 1.15.325.0

Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF 13325 ESD#7/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.8/ase1253/1951/64-bit/FBO/Fri Mar 24 11:00:22 2006

OS: Windows 2003 Server SP2

Eng Consult: Our customer changed locales.dat at [NT] section - default - from iso_1 to cp850

After that, whenever he inserted data from within SQL Advantage or ISQL, the international characters can only be correctly displayed via SELECT if client session has cp850 set in its options.

We could not find how to do the same within ADO.NET Provider sections. Is there a way to change charset in ADO.NET Provider in order to behave just like SQL Advantage?

Please refer to repro steps for further details.

558308 Feature: Customer would like a linux GUI ODBC installer
558309 Feature: Change template to match install location
558316 In a Mutual Aware environment, both primary and companion OpenSwitch servers might perform the ASE failure actions when an ASE server is down. This failure action changes the ASE server status to SUSPENDED within OpenSwitch thereby any new client connections won't be connected to OpenSwitch then after.
558375 Problem: Need to support LOCK TABLE syntax.

Workaround: Added functions to support LOCK TABLE syntax.

558543 Operating System Windows all versions

Open Cleint SDK 15.0 ESD#16 and above

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 2008 and above.

32 bit and 64 bit developemnt

Visual Basic Dot Net and C#


When creating a vb .net windows application you add a Data Grig to the project.

The Microsoft OLEDB driver is selected the Visual studio atomaticly add





statment to the data grid propertys.

There for the developer does not have to write all the statment out manualy.

THe customers complaint is the Sybase OLEDB driver does not do this.

We do get a select statment when this is done but nothing else.

As I explained to the customer this may be due to the way the Microsoft Wizards

works and not all providers would be eaual when creating Data Grids.

The customer has requested for Sybase to look in to the issues and provide a seemless

way of creating a data base grid in visual studio and when the OLEDB providers is

selected the insert,update select and deletes statmens get created automaticly,

558563 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The ADO connection property "Mode" is not supported.
558573 Request to support Statement.isClosed()
558727 Client should signal server not to send meta-data when describing row data information (TDS_ROWFMT2)
558924 Need an OpenSwitch Manager plug-in compatible with Sybase Central 6
558960 Environment:

ASE 15.0.3 for HP-Itanium and Open Client 15.0 that comes with same ASE bundle


We'd like to ask you to document the following change detected in ASE 15.0.3 installation for locales directory:

In previous ASE 15.0.2, the following directories are found inside /locales subdirectory:


> >> sunspot% ls

> >> chinese japanese message spanish us_english

> >> french korean polish thai

> >> german locales.dat portuguese unicode

> >> sunspot%

> >>

In 15.0.3 GA directory structure, under /remote/releases2/hpit/rel1503/locales, we have the following structure:

> >> --> checking the directory tree of ASE v 15.03 ga, in special for

> >> $sybase/locales we have :

> >>

> >>

> >> sunspot% pwd

> >> /remote/releases2/hpit/rel1503/locales

> >> sunspot% ls

> >> locales.dat message unicode

> >> sunspot%

> >>

> >>

So, all language directories (e.g: us_english) are missing. This is not documented anywhere, neither in ASE nor OCS manuals.

We'd like to request this change to be properly documented, because customers call CS&S with such doubt and no official documentation is found.

558978 ADO.NET: Table columns in ASE of char() type supporting null values are padded to the full length of the column.
559066 jConnect: Request to implement DatabaseMetadata.getSuperTypes() method.
559470 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request for implementing some performance improvements in sp_odbc_datatype_info meta-data stored procedure.
559651 jConnect: CallableStatement.getParameterMetadata() returns metadata for all the parameters of the stored procedure instead of only registered ones.
559688 Trying to ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ATTN) ct_cursor (CS_CURSOR_OPEN) results, receives an assertion if the debug libs are used.
559817 During failback to primary ASE, new client connections get connected to the standby ASE while it's status is LOCKED.
559883 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When issuing meta-data calls, the command uses the Login Timeout instead of Query Timeout.
560039 JNDI SybSqlIniParserver getValue() java.lang.ClassCastException exception is raised if SQL.ini file entry includes a "win3_query=..." line.
560066 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Accessing ASE data from MS Access fails after reconnecting to the database.
560161 ESQL/COBOL: On Little Endian platforms, applications can not fetch multiple rows into the SQLDA structure.
560299 Request OpenSwitch to leave Standby ASE status always as UP in a Mutual Aware environment
560533 Add Help button to ODBC configuration GUI
560765 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Data Truncation of varchar fields with Linked Server using Insert into OpenQuery construct.
560858 CTLIB: With IQ as the backend, Open Client ctlib applications may encounter an error "ct_results(): protocol specific layer: external error: There is a tds protocol error. An illegal token was received." after ct_cancel() is called to cancel the results of a command.
561070 SRVLIB: srv_descfmt() fails to retrieve a description of a language parameter when the specified parameter number is greater than 1024.
561149 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO GetChunk method fails on Image (binary) data.
561299 The script %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_OCS%\scripts\copylibs.bat does not support long filenames which contain white-space. The script can be edited to 'cd %DLLDIR%' and perform the copy without using the pathname.
561317 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unable to execute SSIS package that contains ADO.NET Source component and uses Microsoft ADO.Net Provider for ODBC in combination with the Sybase ODBC driver.
561339 DRIVERS: When using Kerberos for authentication, the 3rd party errors are only displayed as error numbers which are not human readable. Actual text corresponding to the numbers should also be displayed.
561547 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Inserting data into a #temp table results in an error.
561549 CTLIB: ct_poll() may hang when results are cancelled.
561632 ODBC Driver by Sybase: In a VB Application using ADODB, specifying a cursor location of UseClient and a lock type of LockBatchOptimistic is causing a performance degradation.
561654 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Memory leak occurs in a VB application using a large select statement with bound parameters.
561702 Problem: PERF: It's very slow when typing where clause in SQL Scrapbook.

Workaround: Batchload all tables/procedural objects before listing in content assist. Since the default schema may not match the table's owner, need to widely search all schemas of this database. Side effect is that a table with the same name would be loaded. The best way is input table is using owner name.

561826 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using MS Excel/MS Query, login attempts subsequent to the initial login attempt fail.
561908 jConnect: Request to implement DatabaseMetadata.getSuperTables() method.
562199 OpenSwitch -h output has a mistake for k debug flag. It says it is for the "Death thread" but it is actually for the "timer thread state".
562476 ODBC Driver by Sybase: "Invalid attribute or option identifier" is returned from the SQLSetConnectAttr(SQL_ATTR_MAX_ROWS) call.
562615 PROBLEM: all 12.5 15.0.x and 15.5 are affected by this

The problem is customer installes EBF16012 64 bit.

It does over lay the original isql 64 bit and that is fine the isql is now

32 bit and that is fine we understand the 64 bit isql for this O/S is not

availablem. The issue here is the version out put does not match the EBF numbers

installed.There for the customer think the isql was not only bit version down graded

but EBF down graded even thou the 32 bit isql is from ESD # 24 EBF EBF16010

562664 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Column names get trunacated in OpenSchema call if the name contains an underscore character.
562771 Companion OpenSwitch might execute ASE failure actions thereby suspending the ASE status even though ASE server is UP and can be contacted.
562960 jConnect: Optimize sp_jdbc_stored_procedures stored procedure for better performance.
562963 Libraries: References to the name 'SQL Server' should be replaced in error messages and header files.
563010 Sybase OLEDB: An error is returned when calling IDBSchemaRowset.GetIndexInfo() due to syntax error in sp_oledb_getindexinfo. This error only occurs when connecting to an ASE server older than ASE 15.0; there is no problem with ASE 15.0 and above.
563052 Problem: Temp table cannot be shown during SP debugging.

Workaround: Fixed. When a temp table is created in default schema of TempDB. It cannot be found with default user name. Now find the table in all schemas of TempDB.

563487 jConnect: Request to remove round trip performed to the server whenever Connection.getAutoCommit()is called to improve performance.
563747 Customer using Crystal Reports 8.5 - when retrieving table list it's empty.

ODBC 15.0 affected.

Description: Crystal Reports 8.X displays empty table list

Detail: Problem derives from the following:


- This causes an optimizer scan failure on ASE with the 2 static tables used to contain ASE datatype information



We resolved the error by creating unique index for:

create unique index spt_dt_idx on spt_datatype_info(ss_dtype,type_name)

create unique index spt_dt_ext_idx on spt_datatype_info_ext(user_type, create_params)

564282 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Adding Oledb Driver Compatibility with DDTEK driver
564378 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC application crashes at SQLFreeHandle(SQL_HANDLE_DBC) when ASE is abnormally terminated.
564728 When a Statement or PreparedStatement query starts with 'exec' and you run the query thru executeBatch() for ASE 15.x, a BatchUpdateException occurs.
564847 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request for Help button in Sybase ASE Data Source Administrator
564875 Currently(through JConnect 6.0.5), the return status of a stored procedure can only be accessed through an ordinal position or by naming a parameter when using a callableStatement. This CR is for a feature request to allow using a pre-defined name, such as @return_value, to be used when using ordinals. The pre-defined name won't work if output parameters are specified by name. In that case the specified name will need to be used to retrieve the return status. This feature request is targeted for JConnect 7.
565247 Open Client:

Feature request to add CP1252 support in locales.dat for a new IQ collation 1252LT1ACC

"ISO with euro sign and accent-sensitive"

565434 ADO.Net Provider request for support for LINKQ! and Entity Framework 3.5
565442 RCM disconnects users when standby ASE goes down and the status of the standby ASE within OpenSwitch might be set to SUSPENDED.
566066 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Data overflow error when calling query with the sum for decimal types with large precision/scale.
566270 Mutual Aware Openswitch reports false communication failure with companion:

cmp_chk_ase: Error receiving results from companion.

566386 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request support for Kerberos authentication in the Windows 64-bit Driver.
566388 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request support for Keberos authentication in Windows 64-bit Driver.
566389 ADO.NET: Request support for Kerberos authentication in Windows 64-bit provider.
566532 OpenSwitch crashes in thrd__ctparams() if a cursor is declared and opened twice without deallocating the cursor.
566756 When we do prepareStatement.setNull(1, Types.BIT), 0 was getting inserted, where as we should throw error instead.

With current fix we are throwing error when one tries to do prepareStatement.setNull(1, Types.BIT).

566974 Incosistent behavior when standby ASE fails. If OpenSwitch is monitoring the standby ASE (due to a previous failover), OpenSwitch marks the standby DOWN if it fails for some

reason. If OpenSwitch is not monitoring the standby ASE when it fails, the status remains


567229 Request for Performance Monitor counters
567299 Problem: Incorrect text in Create Multiple Sybase IQ Profiles. On an existing IQ profile in the Enterprise Explorer, right-click Menu > Create Multiple Sybase IQ Profiles. This will pop up the following dialog box: "Text refers to the a ASA profile", but we are working on a IQ profile.

Workaround: In the past IQ used the multiple db action action of ASA. The fix created a multiple db action for IQ.

567400 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: SQLCommand with stored procedure which has no parameters fails using SSIS. An error message about a required parameter is displayed and the execution of the package fails.
567413 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC tests were failing on Linux.
567457 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When Binding TDS_CHAR DB2 TIMESTAMP value to SQL_C_TIMESTAMP the TIMESTAMP value is displayed


567536 Cannot use large memory size when using Adapter.FillSchema method
567552 ADO.NET: Transaction is not being completed after TransactionScope.Complete()is called in ASP.NET.
567572 ADO.NET: When using AseDataAdapter to insert rows into a table, invalid data is stored in resultant table if the UpdateBatchSize property is set to a value greater than 1.
567660 Problem: 'CTRL+C' doesn't work in SQL Results view.

Workaround: Fixed. Also added accelerator key "Ctrl+R" for copy rows action. It avoids conflict with "Ctrl+C" for text copy.

567752 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO.Update method is unable to qualify the object being updated with the targeted database name.
567859 BCP: BCP terminates the operation without a proper message when the rows processed exceed 2^31 -1 row.
568076 TDS is being expanded to add datetime2 and time2 data types.
568093 CTLIB: ct_send_data() may intermittently report error "Cannot perform more than one read"
568223 OSwitch -h parameter has incorrect description for k flag. It is described as the "death thread" when it is actually the "timer thread".
568433 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC application connected to an ASE Logical Cluster does not effectively round-robin the connections.
568459 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When an ODBC application using cursors is connected to ASE 15.01.CE, adding an instance to the cluster generates an error in SQLExecute.
568484 ODBC Driver by Sybase: In an ODBC application connected to ASE Cluster Edition, the connection becomes unsuable after failover and failback are attempted. The error "Could not SQLAllocStmt" is seen.
568612 Customer's existing .NET 2.0 application get problem after migrate to SDK15.0 ESD17.

It is identified that application use the Microsoft's "System.Transactions.TransactionScope" for transaction control on multiple DB connections.

Whenever there is a established DB connection, the second connection will hit error when try to open the second connection within the same TransactionScope.

"Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseException: Only One Local connection allowed in the TransactionScope

at Sybase.Data.ASEClient.ASEConnection.Open()

at WindowsApplication1.Form1.button1_Click( Object sender, EventArgs e)

at C:\......\.....\........\WindowsApplication1\Form1.cs: Line 51"

568629 OLE DB Provider by Sybase:Several applications using the Organic OLEDB driver

of 15 while other applications that still need to be tested require the 12.5.1

OLEDB driver to run simultaneously.

569007 BCP: When bcp is invoked with argument 'in' to copy in character data and there are some illegal characters in the data, bcp should truncate data from the position of the first illegal character and continue to process partial data. A warning message should also be generated in this case.
569215 jConnect: Enabling password encryption feature causes login errors in a multi-threaded client.
569511 Problem: Need to support customizing file name and hierarchy.

Workaround: Fixed.

569545 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLFreeStmt(StmtHandle, SQL_DROP) after executing a statement asynchronously causes SQLGetInfo to return the error "SqlState:HY010;NativeError:30102;[Sybase][ODBC Driver]Function sequence error".
569749 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Cannot select columns with reserved names in linked ASE table from Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server.
569842 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Cannot insert Japanese text into an ASE text column from Microsoft Access 2003 application.
570119 Customer requestion 64 bit isql not to be replaced by current ESD

To have two versions 1- isql 32 bit 2- isql64 64 bit.

rather then just replacing the base release of 64 bit isql and reverting it

back to 32 bit isql.

570771 jConnect: A JDBC connection to ASE Cluster Edition becomes un-usable after a connection failover followed by failback are attempted.
570914 OCS: Use Visual Studio 2005 for Windows 32bit.
570920 Listener will get AICA ABEND if SEC=U and a bad User ID is used.
571081 ct_data_info does not return fully qualified column names when connecting to an Open Server.
571241 Cause


Bottlenecks in data processing before sending the rows to the server.

571263 Missing rcm.loc for character sets other than iso_1 causes error 'Unable to open Locales'.
571283 ADO.NET: Executing a command using CommandBehavior.SingleRow does not return any rows.
571603 jConnect: Using Statement.executeUpdate() on large batches of T-SQL containing many "EXEC <stored_procedure>" commands may cause java.lang.StackOverflowError.
571908 Migrating from 1103 to 1502, some charset cannot display correctly
572170 Product: OpenSwitch 15.1 for Windows

The Release Bulletin states that "Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition � Service Pack 1 or later" would be certified to work with OpenSwitch 15.1.

According to OpenSwitch Engineering, Windows 2003 was never tested with OSW 15.1.

This may cause confusion to customers, who will probably install OSW 15.1 on Win2k3. So, we'd like to ask you to correct the Release Bulletin documentation to place correct platforms and remove Win2k3 reference.

Also, I'd like to ask you to update the information about OpenSwitch 15.1 at . There's no OSW 15.1 there at this point and customers ask us for it.

572317 ODBC:

The ODBC Driver cannot connect to a database having capital names.

This problem is solved by installing the ODBC stored procedures of SDK15 ESD 18.

572720 In a Mutual Aware setup, upon the failure of active ASE, new clients might get connected to the standby ASE even before RCM completes its replication server failover procesing functions. This might cause data corruption in the ASE server which is undesirable.
573315 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetData() with SQL_ARD_TYPE may return SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND for decimal and numeric columns.
573978 Listener needs to check if there is already a listener started.
574127 jConnect: Implement JDBC 4.0 interfaces in jConnect driver.
574144 as per jdbc4.0 specs jConnect have nchar/nvarchar related features implemented now.
574414 When a jConnect application is connected to an English server, getColumnType method returns CHAR ans VARCHAR as "-1".
574441 jConnect: Exception when the bulk load is done with ENABLE_BULK_LOAD=true on a table with single column
574454 jConnect: ENABLE_BULK_LOAD with numeric datatypes can cause wrong value inserted.
574464 Organic OLEDB Provider

MS Link Server replication (parametrized) fails on German Umlaut characters

574489 jConnect: Bulk insertion with ENABLE_BULK_LOAD=true throws exception when data is inserted to a table in different database than the currently connected one.
574694 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD=true, clearBatch() does't clear the batch.
574751 Request SybTimestamp class to implement variable serialVersionUID
575147 ISQL: Introduction of isql --help option reports help when option -i is immediately followed by a script starting with the word "help".
575167 BCP raises "Warning: Option "-E" is not set, DataServer will be generating the values for the identity column." for each batch if the source file does not contain an identity column value. This seems excessive, request is to raise the warning no more than once, and not at all if -N is used.
575312 EXAMPLE: When a client executes a stored procedure through sample ctos, ctos can not return correct row counts to the client.
575758 OLEDB Provider:

The euro symbol is not replicated from CP1252 to ISO-1 as was done in older drivers.

576012 OSC/MFC Needs to support the BIGINT Data Type
576053 BCP: bcp in -c (character mode) of unichar data may truncate.
576126 jConnect: Exception in bulk load with ENABLE_BULK_LOAD=true when table name in the insert statement is provided in the form dbname..tablename
576443 OLE DB Provider by Sybase:

Memory leak when updating across servers in MS Link Server configuration

execute('update ds_ase.ase_db.dbo.tCross set = ''_'' + a.Name from

ds_ase.ase_db.dbo.tCross a, #f b where a.myid = b.myid ')

576898 Make ISQL's command line argument checking strict
576920 jConnect: DataSource.setLoginTimeout() is not working as expected.
577424 DBLIB: dbcancel() sometimes does not respond for 60 seconds.
577629 BCP:BCP reports truncation error when doing client side conversion between character data that has different character set and the size of the character is different.
578154 OpenSwitch Mutual Aware cluster tables are replicated from primary to standby
578389 OpenSwitch doesn't return the expected row count back to the jConnect app. executing a stored procedure when one of the statements (for example, select) didn't return any rows from the ASE server. getMoreResults() and getUpdateCount() JDBC API's doesn't work as advertised by the JDBC specification because of this issue.
578667 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using the MaxRowsReturned property against MainFrame Connect DB2 Access Service, no message is received when MaxRowsReturned limit is reached.
578735 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Custom error messages received from ASE are not displayed in the order received.
579389 Samples: Add new sample 'sendrpc' to the srvlibrary samples.
579415 ADO.NET Driver by SAP : The driver fails to enlist in a distributed transaction with an access violation.
579611 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The ASE Extended password encryption feature does not work with ASE 12.5.3 ESD#5 or later and ASE 15.0 versions.
580020 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy property BatchSize isn't working.
580147 jConnect: setMaxRows() method is ignored when used along with setFetchSize() on a statement.
580226 Under certain circumstances, when the network between OSW's is severed, OSW might allow the server/pool configurations to change when FREEZE_CFG_ON_FAIL=1.
580414 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The ADO OpenSchema call returns invalid data when CursorLocation is set to adUseClient and call field is greater than 127 characters.
580586 RCM cfg parameter rs_user...should state explicitly...grant sa to this user in RepSrv

presently states this ...

Parameter Description Example Default

RS_USER The user name that the RCM uses to connect to the Replication sa None

Server. The user must have privileges to execute the following

commands: switch active, suspend log transfer from all, admin

quiesce_force_rsi, admin logical_status, and admin_health. This

is a required parameter.

it should read something like this...

Parameter Description Example Default

RS_USER The user name that the RCM uses to connect to the Replication sa None

Server. The user must have Replication Server sa privileges

(grant sa to <this_userid>). Below is an example of the steps

to create a new user in Replication Server and grant this sa


1. login into Replication Server using sa userid

2. create user rcm_user set password "rcm_user_ps"

3. grant sa to rcm_user

This RS_USER userid must have sa priviledges in Replication

Server in order to execute the following commands: switch

active, suspend log transfer from all, admin quiesce_force_rsi,

admin logical_status, and admin_health. This is a required


580745 ADO.NET:

The applicaion is crashing in version 1.15.335.0 of Sybase.AdoNet2.AseClient.dll with sybdrvado20.

580761 DBLIB: If an openserver has dblib connections to a remote server then during the dblib connection processing, the openserver is blocked while waiting for tcp replies from the remote dataserver.
581077 Provide Makefile for CEP sample programs
581092 ODBC Driver by Sybase: User ID is incorrectly required for connections using Kerberos authentication in the ODBC Data Source Administrator User Interface and at run-time if SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT is set for the connection.
581419 jConnect: When the 揈NABLE_BULK_LOAD� property is enabled on connection to SQLAnywhere or IQ database, misleading 揓Z0SJ: Metadata accessor information was not found on this database� error is thrown.
581959 example_query_window.c references wrong location for NamedWindows project
581970 example_query_window does not run due to incorrect public window name
581972 C/C++ sample programs do not have adequate error handling out of the box
581973 Request API to install error handling callback
581977 Sample programs lack standardized comments/instructions
581988 example_register_query errors out and does not return expected results
582106 DSCP: Dscp crashes when a new security attribute is added.
582108 CTLIB: A multi-threaded Client-Library application fails when it creates multiple threads to connect to an ASE via a ssl-enabled LDAP server.
582125 DBLIB: User API dbconvert() fails to convert a floating number into a string when the value of its parameter destlen is -1 or -2.
582169 Unable to compile C++ SDK sample programs. Compilation fails with an unresolved symbol "_main" referenced in function "___tmainCRTStartup".
582792 Certify with CICS TS 4.1
582966 ASE odbc driver for linux to Support odbc gui configuring.
582985 Sybase Organic Odbc driver for linux need odbc.ini in $SYBASE also with a driver managers.
583082 OpenSwitch and RCM configuration option mismatches should be identified

during RCM's startup. RCM functionality enhancement.

583687 jConnect: ExecuteBatch call receives NullPointerException, with ENABLE_BULK_LOAD True and ESCAPE_PROCESSING_DEFAULTE False.
583882 Product: Organic ODBC Driver (ESD#26)

OS: Windows XP SP3

Visual Basic 6 with ADO 2.8

When issuing an update after closing a VB Recordset, the following error occurs within VB Application:

"Transaction cannot have multiple recordsets with this cursor type. Change the cursor type, commit the transaction, or close one of the recordsets."

Customer took all extra cares according to and used cursor with ForwardOnly and UseClient characteristics.

584468 Feature request: make it possible to include index DDL in the DDL tab of the table editor. Similar to the "Genrate DDL -> Table Objects DDL" context menu in Sybase Central.
584470 Feature request:

Introduce code folding in the stored procedure editor.

584504 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Opening a table with Timestamp column in Microsoft Access results in ODBC Call failed error.
584686 Feature request:

Introduce the ability to refresh source code and propertis in the DB Development editors.

584688 Currently syntax highlightning shows reserved words if they are all lower case or all upper case. Please make the syntax highlightning work also with mixed case words.
584734 jConnect: Request to support snapshot isolation level in SQLAnywhere.
585050 Two sets of Java5 samples shipped, Coral8 and SybaseC8
585269 stopProject() method not only stops the project, but also unloads from workspace
585316 Persistence is not working when program is deployed via Java SDK.
585318 R3 Java programs raise warning log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger
585458 ct_bind() fails with user error whenever any integrity constraint violation occur. Client library marks this as a dead connection and makes the connection unusable.
585751 Need OpenSwitch to support extended password encryption
585753 jConnect sends the incorrect data length for NUMN tokens
585954 CTLIB: Multiple failed connection attempts may result in memory related stacktraces in Ct-library and hang up the server completely.
585981 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The SQLForeignKeys()function does not return complete data according to the ODBC specification.
586457 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Change to the default value of SQL_ACTIVE_STATEMENTS from 1 to 0 affecting Visual Basic / ADO applications.
586611 Improve RCM's analysis of configuration options

to detect non-existing logical connections.

586884 Request for Linked Server support of stored procedure execution call using 4 part naming convention:

EXEC LinkedServerName.database.schema.stored_procedure [parameters]

587137 Examples: Providing samples for the srv_timedsleep(), srv_createmsgq(), srv_putmsgq() and srv_getmsgq() API functions.
587419 publisher.getStatus() fails to populate SessionID when running asynchronously
587685 ODBC Driver by Sybase: If a Microsoft Access Form that executes a query that returns large result set is closed before entire result set is processed, Microsoft Access remains unresponsive until ODBC driver completes processing of entire result set.
587900 jConnect: Receive ArrayOutofindex/NullPointer exception for quoted identifiers when ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled.
588072 ADO.NET: Calling a stored with with arguments in different casing on a case insensitive database gave following error:

Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseException: Invalid amount of parameters

588491 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Optimize stored procedure execution performance by introducing option to cache some stored procedure meta-data.
588501 Open Client support for MIT Kerberos on Windows 64 (x86-64) platform.
588505 Open Client support for SSPI Kerberos on Windows 64 (x86-64) platform.
588544 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Executing a query in Microsoft Query against a table with 512 or more rows causes the Query application to crash.
588574 DBLIB: Dblib applications of version DBVERSION_46 crash when accessing date of type bigint in ASE.
588969 Clients involved in busy transactions are not canceled immediately when rp_switch

is executed either with force = 1 or with grace period > 0.

589627 Add a bracket to DataSource ds = (DataSource ctx.lookup("jcbc/myASE") command in section 2b, page 92
589847 COMNLIB: Applications which load/unload OCS shared libraries may core dump while exiting the program.
590087 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The ODBC Driver connection to ASE may hang in some situations when ASE server goes down precisely when the driver is executing a command.
590381 Whenever the client sends an attention to OpenSwitch to retrieve cursor state information, OpenSwitch might fail with error like "thrd__cur_info: Internal error, invalid cursor id found". When such errors happen on a connection, Open Client library marks such connections dead and make them unusable.
590510 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access do not correctly represent data for bigint and unsigned bigint types from ODBC Driver connected to ASE.
590565 DBLIB: On Windows, dbregwatch() may fail with error "DB-Library: Cannot perform more than one read".
590797 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetInfo(SQL_DBMS_VER) call fails for MFC Gatewayless connections.
590978 jConnect: The Bulk Lib implementation (ENABLE_BULK_LOAD) does not filter SybSQLWarnings but throws them as Exception.
591020 Tested and reproduced with:

- Sybase ADO.NET 2.0 Provider Sybase.AdoNet2.AseClient.dll version 1.15.353.0 (also reproduced with Sybase.Data.AseClient.dll 1.15.353.0) ESD#19

- .NET Framework 2.0 SP 2

- Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF 13325 ESD#7/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.8/ase1253/1951/64-bit/FBO/Fri Mar 24 11:00:22 2006 (also reproduced with ASE 15.0)

- Visual Studio 2008

When querying ASE with DataSet and Fill command, ADO.NET Provider returns the following errors:

Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseException: Internal Error: 30016

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.CheckResult(Int32 res)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.Perform_RetrieveHasNextRow(Boolean isNeedInit)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.Peform_Skip_Next()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.RetrieveNextResult()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.GetNextResult(Boolean isNeedProcessOutParams)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.NextResult()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.CloseUrsHandle()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.Close()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseDataReader.Close()

at System.Data.Common.DbDataReader.Dispose(Boolean disposing)

at System.Data.Common.DbDataReader.Dispose()

at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.FillInternal(DataSet dataset, DataTable[] datatables, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)

at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)

at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet)

at Simple.Form1.btnConnect_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\download\votorantim\Simple\Form1.cs:line 157

8) If you terminate the application, the following detail is displayed in VStudio Interface:

System.OverflowException was unhandled

Message="Value was either too large or too small for a Decimal."



at System.Decimal.FCallMultiply(Decimal& result, Decimal d1, Decimal d2)

at System.Decimal.op_Multiply(Decimal d1, Decimal d2)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient.MTNumeric.MTNumericToDecimal(MTNumeric mtnum)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient.DataInputStreamBuffer.ReadNumeric(Byte precision, Byte scale, Int32 length)

at Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseDataReader.Peform_Next()

at Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseDataReader.Read()

at System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.FillLoadDataRow(SchemaMapping mapping)

at System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.FillFromReader(DataSet dataset, DataTable datatable, String srcTable, DataReaderContainer dataReader, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, DataColumn parentChapterColumn, Object parentChapterValue)

at System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet, String srcTable, IDataReader dataReader, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords)

at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.FillInternal(DataSet dataset, DataTable[] datatables, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)

at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)

at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet)

at Simple.Form1.btnConnect_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\download\votorantim\Simple\Form1.cs:line 157

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)

at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)

at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.DebuggableCallback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

at System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.DispatchMessageW(MSG& msg)

at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ComponentManager.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop(Int32 dwComponentID, Int32 reason, Int32 pvLoopData)

at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoopInner(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)

at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoop(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)

at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form mainForm)

at Simple.Form1.Main() in C:\download\votorantim\Simple\Form1.cs:line 90

at System.AppDomain._nExecuteAssembly(Assembly assembly, String[] args)

at System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssembly(String assemblyFile, Evidence assemblySecurity, String[] args)

at Microsoft.VisualStudio.HostingProcess.HostProc.RunUsersAssembly()

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()


591527 ADO.NET: Difference in behaviour displaying spanish characters between CT-Lib and ADO.NET
591557 jConnect: Unable to de-serialize SybDataSource object serialized on a previous jConnect EBF.
592297 OCC/OSC Install Guides Still Refer to Relase 12.6
592924 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access Linked Table Manager connection does not work for ASE data sources
593034 Customer would like a license expiration message written to the Logs from 30 day out.
593284 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request for ODBC SQLBulkOperations API to allow use of Bulk Library protocol for increased insert performance.
593349 OCC CTBBIND has an issue with packed Dec Pic s((3) comp-3 and Precision
593393 Request to port ASE ODBC Driver to UNIX operating systems, such as Sparc 64, AIX, HPUX, etc.
593427 Cannot browse ASE tables linked to a MS database using MS SQL Server Management Studio.
593453 Need to document Autocommit ODBC configuration parameter.
593468 Request for better exception handling in CEP
593652 Fixed to address SYGWSKTH ABENDS under a certian Conditions
593945 JDBCInputAdapter doesn't read any rows from the datasource and raises exception:

Throwable caught: The list of values must be 2 elements long. List of length 0 passed.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The list of values must be 2 elements long. List of length 0 passed.

594085 Response timeout clients in OpenSwitch's full passthro' mode throws errors

and busy clients throws errors and its resources not cleaned up properly

when an ASE failure happens.

594703 When CMON is set to 0 and primary ASE fails, clients are not able to failover to the

secondary ASE server. Instead thrd_lock() errors will be noticed.

594789 PB 10.x/11.x fails to connect to ASE 12.5/12.5.1 via ODBC driver from ASE SDK 15

ASE SDK 15 ESD#19 ODBC driver "SYBDRVODB.DLL" version

Error connecting to ASE 12.5/12.5.1. Error Message: � an error occurred, but no messaage was returned by the database driver.

594902 OCC programmers Guide there is an issue with the CTBIND, Max length and CS-UNSED
595249 xpserver on windows hangs when using unsupported language
595403 DSEDIT: dsedit can not run if both LANG and LC_ALL are set to zh_CN.
595418 ADO.NET, ODBC Driver by Sybase and OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request to add version check for installed MDA script version against the driver version being used.
595885 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request for supporting SSL access to LDAP server.
596094 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetInfo(SQL_USER_NAME) fails when BackendType=DB2 Access Service.
596210 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When connecting to DB2 through MainframeConnect z/OS, with BackendType = DB2 access service, the ASE ODBC Driver replaces ";" with " " used as DB2 SQL delimiter when batching commands to the DB2 subsystem. This resulted in -199 illegal use of keyword DB2 errors, resulting in failed execution.
596504 ADO.NET:Duplicate of CR#623611
596522 ADO.NET: Optimize ADO.NET performance by caching current database name and removing some unnecessary transactions being created.
596560 ISQL: When japanese language is specified for isql via the parameter -z japanese, it reports cs_convert() error when selecting a time field.
605093 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Korean characters are not displayed correctly when retrieving data from text/varchar/nvarchar columns from an ASE server with UTF-8 default character set.
605187 jConnect: In a pooled connection, Statement.getConnection() returning a SybPooledConnection object rather than SybConnectionProxy.
605223 SRVLIB: The maxlength information for parameter datatypes CS_LONGCHAR_TYPE, CS_LONGBINARY_TYPE, CS_UNICHAR_TYPE is set to the actual length of the incoming data for these parameters. For Return Parameters, the maxlength of these datatypes must remain to what the client had specified.
605688 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Recordset is ReadOnly error is raised when trying to insert row into table.
605801 NULL values in integer or float columns cause exception in .NET SDK
605951 BLKLIB: blk_textxfer() may core dump during bulk copy of text data when character set conversion is performed by the client.
606201 RCM fails to connect to OpenSwitch with dcl_read() errors when the

directory service file is in the location other than its default.

606226 First byte of a long char data type overlaid with binary zeros.
606645 DBLIB: DBLIB bcp failed to copy null data into datetime column with default value "Jan 1, 1900" when setting DBSETVERSION_100.
607098 NETLIB: Memory leak when multiple contexts are used. API cs_ctx_drop() does not drop contexts in some cases.
607696 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Row value out of range error occurs when select returns 0 rows in MFC application.
607727 Parameter index out of range calling getColumnTypeName on DB2 Access Service
608209 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Japanese text column data is truncated when using OLE DB Provider and CursorLocation is set to adUseClient.
608324 608324 - .NET SDK sporadically fails to connect or retrieve tuples and returns no errors
608420 SRVLIB: Open Server application may hang if many concurrent DB-Library clients exit without calling dbclose() or dbexit().
608518 ADO.NET

The documentation of the connection parameter CumulativeRecordCount

does not mention that the rowCount returned by a ExecuteNonQuery

can be affected by a trigger on a table that performs only a select (of the @@rowcount)

608537 Request to build all DLLs in C#, that is managed.
608734 jConnect: NullPointerException in ResultSet.getObject when parameter is accessed by parameter name.
609311 CTBIND is not returning a -181 TDS_INVALID_DATAFMT-VALUE to program
609883 COMNLIB: On 64bit platforms, using IQ 12.7 ESD #6 or above as the backend, an ESQL/C application may report a binding error from ubigint to long, like 'SQLCODE=(-16843065), ct_bind(): user api layer: external error: A result of type ubigint cannot be bound to a program variable of type long'.
610139 The SDK IsConnected method does not report when a client is disconnected
610145 CT-Library: When ct_dynamic is used to execute a prepared statement, remember last row format information so the server doesn't need to resend it.
610493 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: A memory leak is experienced when inserting data over a Microsoft linked server connection.
610546 jConnect: Using ENABLE_BULK_LOAD fails on BIT type with CastException
610754 jConnect: Using ENABLE_BULK_LOAD fails on datetime default value
611437 jConnect: Using ENABLE_BULK_LOAD not accurate on numeric field
612046 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Executing a query on a view from Microsoft Linked Server where the view contains join to table from another database with user defined columns based on char, nchar or varchar column may fail.
612227 SAMPLES: updtext sample may fail to start on sunx86, linux.
612368 OpenSwitch doesn't re-forward kerberos ticket even if client requested tickets to be forwarded.
612436 Entity Framework to have GUI to create a new model from and Existing connection.
612721 CEP feature of subscription with predicates doesn't work
613066 ODBC Driver by Sybase : When a command times out the driver returns "connection lost" error leaving stale connection objects in the database.
613491 COMNLIB: Using isql to add a value to a CS_BIGTIME variable results in overflow.
613985 ADO.NET: When using AseCommandBuilder.GetUpdateCommand() on table that is owned by another user, MissingPrimaryKeyException is thrown.
613995 ADO.NET: SharePoint application throwing System.InvalidCastException due to thread mode changing from MTA to STA when connections in connection pool are unexpectedly severed.
614585 Redundant RCM won't be started from Secondary OpenSwitch

using rp_rcm_startup() without any arguments or rp_rcm_connect_primary()

after Primary OpenSwitch and its RCM is re-started.

614661 SRVLIB: When a client accesses LONGCHAR data columns in an ASE through an Open Server application and the character set of the client is different from that of the Open Server application, the maximum length of the columns may be incorrectly calculated by Open Server.
614973 DBLIB: If a dblib application installs an error handle which returns INT_TIMEOUT for a timeout error, the application crashes when a timeout occurs.
615357 In the "SQL Results" view, if you are viewing the results in "Display results in single tab"-mode and make one of the columns wider, a horizontal scrollbar will automatically appear at the bottom, hiding/masking the last row without compensating for this by adding a vertical scrollbar.
615365 Enhancement request:

Currently you only have the option to Copy/Save/Export/Print the entire result set from the context menu.

Please implement the ability to copy the value of a single cell.

615371 When changing the Connection profile using the second dropdown in the SQL Scrapbook or the SQL Editor, the previously selected syntax in the editor is lost.
615918 In a web-based environment where clients are connected

and disconnected in a continuous fashion, when backend ASE fails for

some reason, clients send a login retry notification to CM application

when OpenSwitch is busy handling the ASE failure which is incorrect.

616185 OCC TCP connection needs to set TCP_NODELAY socket option.
616189 OLEDB Provider:

MS Linked Server OpenQuery statement containing a where clause in a subclause gives error

select * FROM openquery(ds_link,

'SELECT getdate() as test,

(select max(getdate()) from sysobjects WHERE 1=1 ) as test2

FROM sysobjects WHERE 1=1 ')

Msg 7350, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

Cannot get the column information from OLE DB provider "ASEOLEDB" for linked server "ds_link"

Msg 7357, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

Cannot process the object "

The OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "ds_link" indicates that either the object has no columns or the current user does not have permissions on that object.

616421 OpenSwitch doesn't handle new clients establishing at the time when

backend ASE server fails and OpenSwitch is handling the ASE server


617416 Customer want to set service name with oledb driver.
617636 ADO.NET, ODBC Driver by Sybase and OLE DB Provider by Sybase: ASE Drivers require larger amount of procedure cache on ASE to update text columns and also encounter occasional drropped ASE connections attempting to update large text columns.
617823 CEP Java SDK leaking memory in TuplImpl
617866 Busy clients are terminated in a mutual aware setup and a HA environment

when the entire ASE HA cluster fails instead of getting deadlock (1205)

errors when CFG_STORAGE is set to 0 in OpenSwitch config file.

618044 Integration Guide spells C8ErrorGetMessageLength API incorrectly
618218 C8SubscriberGetNextMessage returns C8_ERR_TIMEOUT erroneously
618940 CTLIB, DBLIB: ENV to change path to interfaces file (sql.ini) in ctlib, dblib.
619021 jConnect: Request to remove SQLWarning objects from the SQLException chain. Added DELETE_WARNINGS_FROM_EXCEPTION_CHAIN connection property to enable this. Enabled by default for jConnect 7.0
619127 ODBC Driver by Sybase:

Linked Server is failing for tinyint fields.

619140 ODBC Provider:

Delphi connection with ASE using the MSDASQL Provider through ODBC

An access violation occurs when preparing statements like:

'insert into rate(source_code) select :p1 where not exists(select 1 from rate where source_code = :p2)';

'if not exists(select 1 from rate where source_code = :p2) insert into rate(source_code) values(:p1)';

'if not exists(select 1 from rate where source_code = :p2) update set rate source_code = :p1 where source_code = :p2';

'insert into rate(source_code) select :p1 where not exists(select 1 from rate )';

619373 Java asynchronous publisher thread can't keep up with input flow
619419 With RCM, login retry clients fail to connect to the standby ASE server.
619840 Update locales.dat to add ja_JP.utf8 to [linux] section and JA_JP.UTF-8 to [aix] section.
619927 ADO.NET, ODBC Driver by Sybase and OLE DB Provider by Sybase: When a connection request is re-directed by ASE Cluster Edition, sockets are left in CLOSE_WAIT state.
620037 setAddressList and getAddressList are the new functions to SybConnectionPoolDataSource

interface. However, there is no corresponding document and in JConnect's Programmer

Reference. The only description occurs in javadocs of SybDataSource but it is far not

enough for Java developer, especially it is key feature for JConnect to support ASE CE.

Also there is no sample code bundled with the JConnect 6.05 / 7.0 package to demo the feature.

620134 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Call to sp_odbc_getprocedurecolumns returning NULL for DATA_TYPE_column when the stored procedure has a numeric parameter.
620147 In a Primary ASE network failure case with RCM, existing OLTP

clients hang and fail to connect to the Secondary/standby ASE.

620247 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Windows ADO client receiving wrong results for decimal types when precision for the number exceeds precision supported by ADO.
620808 MFC Server Option does not process the TDS_OPTIONCMD token for a gatewayless connection.
620831 Java c8-sdk-java5.jar contains com.coral8
620832 pom.xml provided with Java SDK is for appl. using SDK, not for the SDK itself.
621429 NETLIB: With the UNIX threaded libraries, the SIGCHLD handler may not be invoked when a child process terminates.
621450 ADO.NET: Memory leak if the AseCommand object disposed before the AseDataReader object.
622465 ADO.NET, ODBC Driver by Sybase and OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request to add ESD number to the TDS login record's program version field.
622518 RPC is not passing correct value to the webservice procedure
622884 ODBC Driver "Sybase CEP Public Windows" fails to connect

when using the link/import table features from Access and Excel

623464 ADO.NET: Unable to connect to Adaptive Server using encrypted password.
623551 MDA stored procedure sp_jdbc_getxacoordinator doesn't work properly on SDC with multiple instances
623611 ADO.NET: Applications compiled with older provider releases do not work with latest provider due to issues with the policy files.
623631 ADO.NET: The ADO.NET Provider policy files shipped with 15.5 versions do not redirect applications built with SDK 15.0 versions of the provider.
623792 When Visual Basic ADO application explicitly sets CommandTimeout=0 on Command object, ODBC Driver doesn't set a timeout. The result is the driver internally sets the timeout to 180 seconds. This is resolved in 15.5 releases.
623804 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When Visual Basic ADO application explicitly sets CommandTimeout=0 (infinite) on Command object, ODBC Driver still times out in 180 seconds.
624012 The "Open Client and Open Server Programmers Supplement for UNIX", section "Compile-and-link lines" needs to be rectified for 64bit modes.
624199 Unable to run CEP applications compiled on Sun x86 with Sun's CC compiler. If

the server is down or an unused port is given in the URI, the application crashes in


624257 Link errors like "unresolved external symbol: cm_get_server_status"

is seen when compiling CM1 sample on Windows.

624340 This CR covers the request to provide a more descriptive error when bcp in determines that

a row is too large for a single page. Currently if this condition is true at the point of

building the row in preparation for the insert, we will just return 'bcp copy in failed'

or 'bcp copy in partially failed'

624402 ADO.NET: When a thread running a long query is killed, Client intermittently receives Internal Error: 30016 in AseDataReader.
624561 jConnect: Request to add ESD version information in the TDS login packets program version field.
624804 ADO.NET: Request to hide the password value from the Connection String.
625022 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Improper handling of DateTimeResults when BackendType is DB2.
625222 DSEDIT: On first screen, dsedit shows wrong LDAP configuration file path.
625517 Enable CS_BIGDATETIME and CS_BIGTIME capabilities

by linking with OCS 15.5 libraries.

625778 CICS Socket listener is

Starting Transactions uses the Default Prefix of "DF", for TSQ's.

625942 Gateway handler now Checks to See if CICS Autoinstall is active before it issue a CICS INQ Program.
626113 Unable to install directories with spaces in the name, on the Windows operating system
626305 Starting from 15.5 ESD #4, the TDS login packet now includes the ESD#.
626472 Client connections might linger and hang inside OpenSwitch

when the query response timeout happens.

626479 ODBC Driver by Sybase: AdoNet2ManualTests did fail due to environment changes.
626763 Need the ServerType property of the connection to be documented.
626765 Implement extended ASCII charachters as row delimiters in BCP
627067 sp_oledb_primarykey can create a plan that have X worktables
627242 jConnect: Error 4837 thrown with ENABLE_BULK_LOAD = true
627244 jconnect: Error 4837 thrown with ENABLE_BULK_LOAD = true

com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybSQLException: Bad row data received from the client while bulk

copying into object 969051457 partition 969051457 in database 5.

Received a row of length 4108 whilst maximum or expected row length is 17.

627267 Unable to send large BLOB values through CEP
627422 When OpenSwitch is installed on Windows with

directory containing spaces in it,

OpenSwitch's standalone configurator

utility %OPENSWITCH%\CFG-1_0\bin\oswcfg.bat exits with the error similar to

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Files\osw\OpenSwitch-


627489 jConnect: Pooled SybConnectionProxy receiving JZ0C0: Connection is already closed error.
627532 jConnect: Statement.getUpdateCount() not returning correct count with specific sql batch.
627899 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Heap corruption in odbc driver when running MFC application.
627973 RTD Adapter for Excel cannot connect to an SSL enabled server
628005 Publishing messages with BLOB data fails very frequently
628238 When sending a For Update statement in a cursor via version 15 ODBC driver it results in

DIAG [ZZZZZ] [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]FOR UPDATE can not be used in a SELECT which is not part of the declaration of a cursor or which is not inside a stored procedure. (7305)

It works in previous non organic driver (ie. version 03.11.0000).

628321 ISQL: Password encryption reports error when password length is 30 characters.
628445 OLE DB Provider by Sybase:

OLEDB should be able to return to VB clients correct decimal values upto the precision that VB can deal with.

628447 ODBC Driver by Sybase:Charset radiobutton was not saving its state.
628722 SYBLSTNR abends with code AEIP on the CICS Set FIle (EZACONFIG) command.
628753 ADO.NET: Unable to Cancel active result set on separate thread. Requesting implementation of cancel capability on active result set(s).
628946 SDK i18n file is located in the wrong directory
629011 CTLIB: Segmentation fault occurs and a core file is generated when the ct_param() api call is used with the varchar paramter data setting to NULL and the data length setting to 0.
629063 ADO.NET: Internal Error and other Exceptions when canceling command.
629072 The customer has many tables with many columns and finds it tedious to create a format table interactively, continuously hitting carriage return.

The customer's request is to add an option to the bcp utility that will automatically read the table format and create a default format file. Then the customer would just have to modify via a text editor those specific columns that need values other than default.

e.g. bcp pubs2..titles -Usa -P -create_format_file <filename>

This would reduce the overall work and tedium needed to create format files.

629213 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Setting enableserverpacketsize=true or false has no affect and packet size specified in the SOD file not used when this is set to false.
629214 jConnect: Receive XAException during SybXAResource.start due to Adaptive Server error 3933.
629462 ODBC Driver by Sybase: MFC application cannot insert large image data.
629521 UNIX dsedit does not support space characters in path/file name
629565 BCP: bcp exit with 0 instead of 255 when bcp in partially failed.
629649 Update locales.dat to add ja_JP.UTF-8 to [linux] section.
629858 On a windows machine without Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 installed, debug mode binaries and dlls might fail. The application event log has SideBySide errors like: Activation context generation failed for <the name for the binary or dll>. Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.DebugCRT,processorArchitecture="x86",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="8.0.50608.0" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis.
629863 LDAP for Directory Services is not working. LDAP libtcl.cfg is not used. Reverts to sql.ini.
630102 When a client application sends a language command

with parameters greater than 1024 to OpenSwitch, the

gateway server might fail with an error message

"srvlib_error: Invalid item number(1025)"

630355 MFC Client Option needs to support KERBEROS Secuirty
630883 ODBC Driver by Sybase: MFC application cannot update rowset when where clause is not specified.
630902 ODBC Driver by Sybase: MS Excel application fails on connection when getting external data
631106 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to automate the ESD number in the Tds Login packet.
631143 jConnect: The DatabaseMetaData.getJDBCMajorVersion() method returns 3 instead of 4.
631267 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Truncation occurs when retrieving data with SQLGetData on character string with embedded NULL (0x00).
631284 Data Source under UDL only displays OEM properties

Detail: Some applications use UDLs for connections to databases. In our case, when we create UDL using our OLE DB Provider, we can't set our own properties in the facility provided (see repro for the details). All DataDirect OEM Properties show-up in the display. We'd like it so only our properties are displayed.

631480 ISQL: ISQL produces a truncation error when converting data of date, datetime or bigdatetime type to strings.
631646 SQLSETPOSIROW and SQLUPDATE fails with 102 syntax error.
631714 jConnect: Data from ASE using default character set “cp949” not correctly converted with jConnect.
631780 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory Leak observed with adExecuteNoRecords when the ActiveConnection of the command is set to Null.
631926 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Text parameters corrupted in MFC based applications under certain situations.
632152 Want to use multiple oledb driver (ASEOLEDB) with the same version.
632425 ODBC Driver by Sybase:

Error Message for null was not displayed in the dialog box.

632447 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLSetPos or SQLParamData not returning error text for duplicate key insert errors.
632734 Write To CSV Socket Adapter: When the socket connection breaks or the server goes down, no error was being placed in the log file when using default logging level. The error is now being logged at the default level.
632835 The Write To CSV Socket Adapter did not reconnect after a connection was lost during adapter execution and the server was restarted.
632852 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The Sybase Data Source Administrator (sybdrvadm.exe) crashes when used by a user without Administrator privileges.
632886 ADO.NET: Non-nexistent column error when not issuing Connection.ClearPool()
633161 ADO.NET: Creating Update command with CommandBuilder kills current result set.
633395 ADO.NET: Executing a query that returns a column of type Java Integer results in error.
633645 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Calling stored procedure with long string argument causes "Implicit conversion from datatype 'TEXT' to 'VARCHAR' is not allowed" error.
633801 LOCALE: CSI locale messages were incorrectly installed in $SYBASE/locales/unicode/csi/en_us instead of $SYBASE/locales/unicode/csi/en_US.
633805 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The statement "exec sp_a 1; exec sp_a 2; exec sp_a 3;" is sent to ASE with the semi-colons.
633940 Linux OpenSwitch log has references of 64

in the OCS version strings upon startup

though OCS libraries are built with mode

set to 32.

633945 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Runtime error received when sending a "create procedure" SQL from ODBC Driver.
634082 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using "exec ? = <procedure_name> ( ?, ? )" syntax, SQLNumParams() returns incorrect number of parameters and SQLExecute() fails.
634495 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Cannot retrieve stored procedure output parameters before calling SQLMoreResults from VB/RDO Application.
634539 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Character data is still converted for INSERT statements when Charset=NoConversions is selected.
634621 ODBC Driver by Sybase:

MFC application is crashing when the image data file is missing.

634634 DEFNCOPY: defncopy reports error when it handles an identifier whose length is larger than 30.
635039 Socket Listener crashing with a Errno ECONNRESET
635090 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Prepared SQL queries that begin with "if exists" or "raiserror" or "waitfor" perform poorly.
635827 ADO.NET: Request to ship source code for Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 adoption for Sybase Adaptive Server ADO.NET Data Provider.
636198 ADO.NET: Adding a new parameter to Command.Parameters with the name spelled with the wrong case, results in "COUNT field incorrect" error.
636449 ADO.NET: The native .NET data type used to retrieve decimal and numeric data cannot accommodate the full range of the underlying Adaptive Server data type causing overflow errors.
636496 When inserting data using a PreparedStatement, jConnect truncates data under the following conditions:

- The column type is univarchar

- The first value inserted into the column is less than or equal to 128 characters in length.

If these two conditions are true, then every subsequent value inserted into the column will be truncated to 128 characters, if greater than 128 in length.

If the first value inserted into the column is greater than 128 characters, then no subsequent truncation occurs.

636518 Under special circumstances invocation of CallableStatement.execute() can

lead to incorrect protocol data to be generated. The dataserver will

reject such protocol data with error 3814/16/2.

636584 ODBC Driver by Sybase: RDO application displays ASE numeric type as money.
636954 dbopen() returns unknown os error 18446744073709551615 for 64bit db-library application when using a host name in the interfaces file > 32 characters.
637213 When using Microsoft SSIS [from SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio 2005] and inserting data from flat table to an ASE target, using ASE OLE DB Provider, and the ASE target has an identity column, the insert column list omits first column and either NULL value is inserted, or error is thrown in the SSIS application due to attempt to insert null value in column that doesn't allow null values.
637273 ADO.NET: The Scale or Precision may be not be set when recasting AseParameter class as IDbDataParameter.
637886 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Some queries with left outer joins return char(n) column data with whitespaces trimmed.
638397 When OpenSwitch is configured for non concurrent CM

(COORD_TIMEOUT = 0) and when CM application is

terminated, OpenSwitch wrongly decrements the

no. of coordinators twice.

638658 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Connections to MainframeConnect DB2 Access Service sends unrecognized sp_drv_typenfo stored procedure, resulting in errors.
638744 Improve NULL support for BIT Datatype with in Jconnect.
638782 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Semicolons in RSP calls to the mainframe are causing DC/zOS failure.
638917 In a concurrent CM and network glitch case, OpenSwitch doesn't

maintain its internal CM list thereby notifications won't be

sent properly to the the CM in the list which is active.

638962 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Multiple versions of the OLEDB Provider cannot be installed on the same machine.
638974 jConnect driver to support Uppercase UTF8
638994 .NET3 SDK in a web service application gets exception:

System.ArgumentException: exePath must be specified when not running inside a stand alone exe.

639034 FR: the ability to specify the TMPDIR on unix platforms for isql so that they have the option to shut off OS buffering.
639096 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Retrieving text\image data containing NULL entries using ADODB.Recordset.MoveNext may suffer from poor performance
639470 ADO.NET: Virtual memory used and not released when Client perform open connection, execute query, read results and close connection in a tight loop.
639664 CTLIB: In deferred asynchronous mode, a completion callback routine should only be called after ct_poll() has been called.
639715 ADO.NET: Cannot connect if Windows regional setting is set to "Turkish"
639816 ADO.NET: The behaviour of the method in ADO.NET 2.0 provider has changed when there is a mismatch between data in the row read and the buffer allocated. The System.OverFlow execption is raised sooner preventing accessing further rows.
639998 C8SubscriberGetNextMessage() Error number: -4000 Error: exception while receiving messages
640000 HOSTPROC is the Open Switch not the the client.

Where as the Open Switch is acting like a client to the ASE

the value HOSTPROC is picking up the Open Switch.

We need to have an option where as the value for HOSTPROC is the true client process and

not OpenSwitch 15.1, feature request to support jConnect HOSTPROC connection property.

Currently, when customer looks at jConnect process going through OpenSwitch from sysproccesses, they see the hostprocess column populated by the OpenSwitch connection proccess ID instead of the jConnect HOSTPROC connection property:


640175 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Use of ADODB::FieldPtr->PutValue under ADODB::_RecordSet using ASEOLEDB with connection property UseCursor=1 could lead to Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors.
640357 The message handler after jConnect6.0.5 ESD#10 ignores the duplicate key error of proxy table with a direct_connect class(Oracle). An exception is not caused within a Java program.

The duplication key error number of Oracle is "1." However, error number"1" is reserved at CT-Lib. jConnect will ignore error number"1."

640657 Upgrade to Visual Studio 2005/2008 compiler


You might notice similar warnings when

compiling your application with compiler version

14.00.50727.42 and linker:8.00.50727.42. Take

actions to correct these warnings.

Message: 'This function or variable may be unsafe.

Consider using strcpy_s instead. To disable deprecation,

use _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE. See online help for details

640936 Open Server and Open Switch is acting like a client to the ASE

the value HOSTPROC is picking up the Open Switch or the Open Server Application such as ctos.

We need to have an option where as the value for HOSTPROC is the true client process and

not OpenSwitch 15.1, feature request to support jConnect HOSTPROC connection property.

Currently, when customer looks at jConnect process going through OpenSwitch from sysproccesses, they see the hostprocess column populated by the OpenSwitch connection proccess ID instead of the jConnect HOSTPROC connection property:


641141 Upgrade to Visual Studio 2005/2008 compiler


You might notice similar warnings when compiling on

Visual Studio environment. Take actions to

correct these warnings in your application.

warning C4996: 'strdup' was declared deprecated

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\string.h(205) :

see declaration of 'strdup'

Message: 'The POSIX name for this item is deprecated. Instead,

use the ISO C++ conformant name: _strdup. See online help for details.'

641150 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Statement batches, with semicolon statement delimiters, are incorrectly parsed by the ODBC driver, resulting in errors.
641224 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The OLE DB Provider from 15.5 release does incorrect conversion for CP932 to EUCJIS conversions. Same issue applies to the ODBC Driver.
641476 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Use of ADO Data Control with DataGrid in Visual Basic 6.0 not displaying data
641676 Clients upon response timeout switches to sec. ASE

when it's not supposed to in a non Mutual Aware OSW.

642218 OpenSwitch built with OCS 15.5 ESD#7 core dumps in blk__make_bulkcmd()

when CTLib sample program uni_blktxt is executed. This is Linux specific.

642595 Under some cases where OpenSwitch operations are CPU bound especially

when handling the [ASE] failures, CM applications falsely detects

the network between CM and OpenSwitch as faulty and closes the

connections even though the network is healthy.

If you turn on

DEBUG = f in OpenSwitch config file, you will see msgs. in the

OpenSwitch log file as below :

coord_rem: CM being removed, cmid: 1, appname is asriniva-sun:2017:p

coord_rem: The number of Coordination Modules connected to the OpenSwitch is 0.

coord_rem: Closing the Coordination Module connection from the OpenSwitch side since the network connectivity between OSW and Coordination Module could be down.

643026 Tested and reproduced with:

Workspace 2.5 Database Development

OS: Windows 2003 SP2

When editing big stored procedure script and saving changes back to database via Database Explorer, Workspace hangs

643249 CTLIB: event notifications might be lost when multiple event notifcations arrive at the same time.
643501 CM applications might throw an assertion failure

and core dump when run with debug libraris of

Open Client with the message.

assertion failed, file 'generic/ct/ctconpr.c' line 3481

Abort (core dumped)

643586 ADO.NET/ODBC/OLE DB: Login failure encountered with ChangePassword connection property when the old password is null.
643589 Tested and reproduced with:

Organic OLEDB Provider 15.5 ESD#5 and ESD#7

SQL Server 2000 with Data Transformation Services

ASE 15.0.3

OS: Windows 2003

Organic OLEDB Provider leaks memory when dealing with big amounts of data in SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services. Issue does not occur if using Organic ODBC Driver or old DataDirect OLEDB Provider instead.

643601 Attempting to login to ASE with a jconn3.jar fails with error, JZ0P4.
643714 Core dump when doing a bcp in and the ASE and the ASE has set "select into" turned off,

BCP will generate a exception and a core file there may be other ways to reproduce this

issue I get a segv if the "-Y" parameter is used on the command.

looking for BCP to handle the condition better than it is. It really should

not stack trace or core. We would or at least be looking for an errors message.

NOTE: looking for BCP to handle the condition better than it is. It really should

not stack trace or core. We would be at least be looking for an errors message.

Need to look at the BCP error handaling in the CS_PUBLIC server messages

643718 COMNLIB: When converting a floating number with an exponential part into a string, some comnlib routines concatenate ".0" to the resultant string. For example, these routines convert 4e+132 to "4e+132.0". The correct result should be "4.0e+132".
643938 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is true, executeUpdate() on statement with no parameters fails.
644133 Client connections fail to connect to secondary ASE

upon failure of primary ASE because of the failure

in pool_get_server() function.

This might happen when OpenSwitch is configured for Mutual Aware Support

and CFG_STORAGE is not set in the OpenSwitch configuration file.

644331 Gateway handler not closing Socket if Transaction Abend before the Takesocket cal,

Leaving DC connections Hanging.

644825 COMNLIB: Allow conversion of non-unicode characters if CS_DATAFMT 'format' element has CS_FMT_SUBS_ILL_CHAR set.
645006 Open Server state errors in Concurrent CM setup. When

CM app's network is disconnected, state errors are noticed

in OpenSwitch log file.

spid 16: srvlib_error: N16236: srv_sendinfo(): State error (0x5a024)

645780 Add a method on Jconnect Jdbc connection object to see transaction status.
646561 Request Open Client SDK 32 bit be ported over to 64 bit for the MacOS. *** Currently no plans to do this port ***
647085 jConnect: When using BigDateTime column, specific date and time columns are returned incorrectly.
647214 Using Cluster Edition and enabling HAFailover on a CallableStatement with registered output parameters fails with JZ006, JZ0EM End of Data after failover

Tested and reproduced using:

- jConnect (TM) for JDBC(TM)/6.05(Build 26655)/P/EBF18285/JDK14/Thu Sep 9 12:51:54 2010

- Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.5/EBF 17798 Cluster Edition ESD#1/P/RS6000/AIX 5.3/asear155/2495/64-bit/FBO/Thu May 27 02:16:42 2010

- IBM Websphere WAS (in customer's case - we are able to reproduce it outside Websphere)

When using com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybConnectionPoolDataSource, if failover occurs over a CallableStatement(), jConnect throws "JZ006: Caught IOException: JZ0EM: End of data." when CallableStatement.execute() is re-issued and no CallableStatement.prepareCall() is re-issued right before the execute().

Customer hits this issue in WebSphere. We were able to reproduce the issue outside WebSphere.

647223 Using Cluster Edition and enabling HAFailover on a CallableStatement with registered output parameters fails with JZ006, JZ0EM End of Data after failover
647500 Calling RSP on mainframe in transfer command or singly direct to DC/zOS is causing failure.

ASE ODBC Driver is removing ";" characters used to delimit the RSP command when using the 'WITH DATA' clause:

Send this:


ASE ODBC removes semicolons and failure occurs:

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise][VENDORLIB] Vendor Library Error: RSP Completion Code = MYERCODE <DB2>"

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise] ERROR WITH CALL TO OPENPIPE - SPRC CODE: EOF

The semi-colon after "RSPS3C" needs to remain in place for the call to succeed.

647508 Unexpected data truncation happens when ESQL/C application inserts TEXT variables with roman-latin characters in an UTF8-based locale.
647652 MFC Server Option for CICS should support LU62 style pre-set security under TCP.
647865 Bad Javadocs for AdapterSdk and RpcSdk
648015 Sample embedded Java RPC program "TestRpc" has several bugs in it
648019 Request for some automatic way for Provider to copy un-managed component
648061 Fixed a memory leak when using the embedded Java RPC/in-process adapter feature
648072 Calling RSP on mainframe in transfer command or singly direct to DC/zOS is causing failure.

ASE ODBC Driver is removing ";" characters used to delimit the RSP command when using the 'WITH DATA' clause:

Send this:


ASE ODBC removes semicolons and failure occurs:

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise][VENDORLIB] Vendor Library Error: RSP Completion Code = MYERCODE <DB2>"

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise] ERROR WITH CALL TO OPENPIPE - SPRC CODE: EOF

The semi-colon after "RSPS3C" needs to remain in place for the call to succeed.

648077 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Specified case is not valid error occurs when opening the SQL Server Import/Export Wizard in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
648483 jConnect: jConnect 6.05 reports errors when calling getSchemas on DatabaseMetaData.
648520 jConnect: When calling getProcedureColumns, parameter names greater than length 30 are truncated at 30.
648586 SDK Organic ODBC driver follows ASE TSQL's standard of using default column property of not NULL
648858 NETLIB: Interfaces files now support up to 64 master/query entries per server.
648865 Dynamically prepared SQL is not executable after HAFailover in the Cluster Edition. This data is currently lost and the application program must re-prepare the data before execution on the HAFailover's connection.
649056 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetInfo(SQL_USER_NAME) fails when executed against the MainframeConnect DirectConnect for z/OS TRS access service.
649356 ADO.NET: Error "invalid amount of parameters" received when sending certain SQL such as "create procedure" or "create rule".
649368 Request to send actual query on Linked Server OPENQUERY command to retrieve metadata instead of a SELECT with the "Where 1=2" clause.
649645 ODBC driver fails to connect using encrypted password on some unix platforms.
649935 The SDK 15.5 ship additional dll's for SSL support CSI-OpenSSL CSI-Crypto 2.6,

sbgse2.dll, sybcsi_certicom_fips26.dll, sybcsi_core26.dll and sybcsi_profiler26.dll.

Request to remove the static runtime dependency on the SSL support dll's for all drivers when no SSL is needed.

649968 Customer would like to see TCP KEEPALIVE socket setting be a JConnect connection property rather than having to implement a custom socket.
650309 Need information on threading model used for the Java asynchronous subscription
650353 ADO.NET: Wrong exception for chained_off mode
650548 If the server is using chained certicates and it sends the complete chain, then the 15.x client fails to handle the certificate chain properly.
650553 As a recommendation from Microsoft, OpenSwitch and RCM

executables now embed manifest files that are generated

in a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 environment. This

ensures proper runtime behaviour in all cases.

Customer Coordination Module application's Makefiles

should be modified accordingly to embed the manifest

files within CM executable itself. Sample CM Makefile

is changed to reflect this behaviour.

651017 A SP in ASE 15/12.5, if the stored procedure has a $ symbol in name, error:
651202 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Some third-party tools cannot connect to Adaptive Server using the OLE DB Provider after installing SDK 15.5 ESD#8 (Build 8000). Recive errors such as "Provider cannot be found" or "ClassFactory cannot supply requested class"
651321 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: adoResultSet.Filter function fails in Organic OLEDB Provider 15.5 ESD#8.
651326 Documentation Request Required Files:

The Kerberos dll is not required if you don't use Kerberos.

But if you don抰 use SSL sbgse2.dll, sybcsi_certicom_fips26.dll, sybcsi_core26.dll and sybcsi_profiler26.dll are still required.

These dll's are also used for password encryption.

651408 OpenSwitch executes "ping" OS command to check the

health of the ASE host machine even when

PING_THREAD config option is set to 0.

651434 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Memory leak from using OLE DB Connection SDK15.5 ESD8
651673 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Excel (VBA) An empty cell gets passed as a arbitrary number like 132100 or 132068 to a stored procedure instead of NULL.
651745 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Command timeout during result set processing causes the ODBC driver to return an internal error message.
652914 bcp may fail due to memory allocation failure if -T option is specified with almost 2GB text data length.
652958 When assigning the .NET parameter value to null, for tinyint (using ADO.NET parameter for integer type), 0 is sent to the ASE instead of a null value.
653206 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Use of ADO Recordset may crash in sybdrvodb.dll when calling

SQLFetchScroll if CursorLocation of ADODB Connection is adUseServer or is not specified.

653698 Connection properties not exposed when creating a DataSource in VS2008.
654101 Mutual Aware OpenSwitch server takes greater than

4 minutes to start when primary ASE host is down.

654195 ODBC Driver by Sybase: A dialog prompting for Username and Password appears for each query if "db=<name>" element appears in the connection string.
654230 jConnect: Request to set information from getRuntimeMXBean().getName() function as the default process id for the jConnect connection.
654471 include a sample of regproc.c that will accept named RPC in Open Srv Build
654731 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Receive ODBC errors when using "SELECT INTO" SQL in conjunction with "UseCursor=1" connection attribute.
655186 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Replication from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Adaptive Server does not complete successfully.
655349 Customer would like to remove Contaxt Handler from Gatewayless Connections
655408 ISQL&BCP: Release 64bit isql and bcp, using �64� as a suffix of the binary names.
655540 jConnect: Server messages with severities 0 to 9 are thrown as SybSQLException. When severity <= 10 the message should be thrown as SybSQLWarning.
655545 CTLIB and SRVLIB: Support for batched parameters.
655997 CM libraries and Mutual Aware Support feature

doesn't support ASE shutting down gracefully.

656922 When using the "certauth" utility and a certificate is signed the returned message make one unfamiliar with the utility unclear as to whether the signing was successful or not.
657156 BLKLIB: In deferred or fully asynchronous mode, blk_textxfer() may not return CS_PENDING when there is a pending I/O operation.
657181 SRVLIB: Malformed TDS vulnerability.
657329 ADO.NET: TestBulkCopyTextandUnitext failure
657338 ADO.NET: TestBulkCopyBitMinMax failure
657408 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: VB/ADO application sees junk trailing characters for a char(n) column where blank spaces are supposed to be seen.
657583 Request for OpenSwitch to initiate socket close when ASE does the same. In other words, Open Switch will terminate the client socket when necessary.
657801 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Exception thrown in destructor or while closing recordset and connection after traversing/scanning a recordset.
658005 The LoginTimeOut does not work on the initial TCP connect to a host.
658367 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Large data transfer from Microsoft SQL Server to Adaptive Server using SSIS results in higher memory utilization and slower performance.
658368 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Request to improve Adaptive Server to Microsoft SQL Server transfer performance using SSIS.
658709 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Under Microsoft Linked Server connection to ASE, executing OPENQUERY with quoted literal input parameters fail.
659352 ADO.NET: Using SQL Statements with COMPUTE clause throws an Internal Error 30016 Exception
659818 Memory Leak caused by missing freemain for Unicode work area when

using IBM unicode translation.

659834 Tested and reproduced with Workspace 2.1 and 2.5

Workspace licensed as Workspace Studio.

"Debug" option does not appear in Enterprise Explorer

659897 BLKLIB: Respect ASE column's varbinary/binary null truncation property.
660193 Enhancement Request for a tool that provides a security mechanism for authentication and authorization services for ASP.NET similar to SASetupAspNet.exe for SQL Anywhere.
660209 CTLIB: When ct_close(CS_FORSE_CLOSE) is called to close a connection, completion callback event occurs.
660596 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Steady increase in Client memory usage seen when IDbCommand.ExecuteReader is called in a loop using OLE DB provider for .NET.
660620 ct_close() with CS_FORCE_CLOSE returns CS_BUSY

instead of CS_SUCCEED/CS_FAIL for a synchronous connection

between client and backend ASE server.

661424 Behaviour change from 15.1ESD4 on CANCEL_QUERY_RESP_TIMEOUT
661426 Wrong parameter value sent for parameter when DYNAMIC_PREPARE true.
661504 ADO.NET: Executing SQL text with incorrect syntax - badly formatted comments results in an Internal error.
661694 SRVLIB: Login packet vulnerability.
662276 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Update in Microsoft SQL Server Replication fails with "type 'XX' not implemented� error when varchar data contains special characters such as carriage returns (0x0A 0x0D).
662662 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetData buffer not populated with ASE integer value when buffer length is greater than 4 bytes.
662911 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access/VBA Clients receiving run time error '3146' when using "Access Passthrough Query".
663262 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLPrepare multiple times results in multiple ASE prepares
663406 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Steady increase in Client memory usage seen when IDbCommand.ExecuteReader is called in a loop using OLE DB provider for .NET.
663562 Update and Delete Failed with 15.5ESD8 ODBC driver
663665 OpenSwitch may log an overflow error in the error log during character set conversion when expanding a parameter coming from a client.
663696 SRVLIB: Open Server may get a common library error 'The result is truncated because the conversion/operation resulted in overflow.' during character set conversion when expanding a parameter coming from a client.
663831 Bulk load "array inserts" to insert large number of rows

in a batch fails in OpenSwitch with the error.

ERROR: BulkCopyIn: batch blk_done() failed

664114 A 'Select into' statement generates an error and weird driver behaviour.
664158 INTLLIB: Increased interfaces and configuration file IO buffer to 8K for better performance.
664320 ADO.NET: Request to support Adaptive Server data source thru ADO.NET Provider in Microsoft SSIS.
664341 BCP core dumps when inserting data into a partitioned table

in ASE 15.0.3 dataserver.

664464 etParameterName context is lost for output parameters on SybCallableStatement.
664514 ADO.NET: Error "invalid amount of parameters" received when calling a query in "execute <stored procedure>" format syntax.
664528 BLKLIB: CS_LOCALE leak in blk_init() when BLK_CONV was enabled. This could cause performance problem in applications that frequently call blk_init(). Client-side character set convertion using the BLK_CONV property did not correctly work when operating in full async or deferred network modes.
664894 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Driver does not return error message when statement parsing fails.
665391 A segmentation violation occurs with utilities certreq and certpk12 when the

password is provided as a parameter on the command line.

665506 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy throws exception when table name is set using format <catlog>..<table>
665989 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy fails on decimal identity columns with InvalidCaseException.
666547 ADO.NET: Request to integrate Sybase ASE ADO.NET Data Provider within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
666548 ADO.NET: Error "invalid amount of parameters" received when calling a query in "execute <stored procedure>" type syntax.
666621 .NET SDK stores tuples in wrong order
666839 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO Client using ODBC driver receive 慍onversion from type "DBNULL" to type "String� is not valid� error for text columns.
667021 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The default charset has been changed to ServerDefault on all platforms
667663 jConnect: Executing CallableStatement with float parameter values fails if "LITERAL_PARAMS=true" connection setting is in use.
667979 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopyMapping may load/insert unmapped column values.
668308 COBPRE: Precompilation may fail when there are ANSI comments in the fetch statement.
668483 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Syntax error received when executing stored procedures against TRS backend with literals and parameters mixed.
668604 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ADO.NET Applications using ODBC Bridge for ADO.NET do not receive exceptions when invalid database or table names present in the query.
668609 DSEDIT: On Windows, dsedit may crash when users change the value of an unchangeable attribute of a server. These attributes are "Server Entry Version", "Server Service" and "Server Status".
668647 jConnect: A sequence of English / Western European character data followed by Unicode / non ISO_1 data for a given parameter produces errors during query exection.
669673 "bcp in" incorrectly trims trailing multibyte space characters for CHAR NULL and VARCHAR columns on ASE 15.x.
669726 The requested feature would enable the usage of multiple subversions of the ODBC driver. This request is similar to CR 638962 but this time for our ODBC driver.
670550 Switch (rp_switch) between ASE1 and ASE2 of user connections

causes CMON to spawn for each switch request. In this scenario,

there is no ASE failure. rp_server_status is set to DOWN for ASE's

before rp_switch is initiated.

671047 Request to change default value DYNAMIC_PREPARE connection property.
671091 COMNLIB: In isql, datediff(week, date1, date2) returns wrong result when the type of its date is bigdatetime. For example, 'select datediff(week , cast('05/05/2011' as bigdatetime), cast('05/14/2011' as smalldatetime))' returns 2, but the correct result is 1.
671115 SRVLIB:Memory leaks in srv_langlen().
671133 SRVLIB: Open Server hangs in srv_senddone().
671415 ADO.NET: Request to support faster transfers to Adaptive Server destinations in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) by supporting Bulk Inserts.
671611 BCP:bcp native mode fails to copy into univarchar column with more than 128 unichar.
671666 CTLIB: the fix for CR 639664 has been backed out temporarily.
671744 Request for HTTP_PROXY connection property
671904 Environment:

Product: ASE 15.5 ESD#3, ISQL 15.5/P-EBF18221 ESD #7, BCP 15.5/P-EBF18221 ESD #7

Platform: IBM-AIX 6.1


Problem Description:

From one environment customer extracted data (BCP out) from one table (with IDENTITY column) and when tried load it against another environment in the same versions of OS and ASE/BCP get the following error message:

cs_convert: cslib user api layer: common library error: The result is truncated because the conversion/operation resulted in overflow.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

Column 0: Illegal precision value encountered.

The total number of errors in this BCP operation is greater than the maximum number of errors (10) allowed. BCP has stopped.

bcp copy in failed

671974 Busy clients might hang when Primary ASE machine's

network is unplugged. This connection will be in

BUSY, SWITCH & DEADLOCK state when rp_who is issued

in OpenSwitch adminstrator connection.

672200 The 64 bits version of libsybsspiwrapper.dll is missed.

Cannot use kerberos on windows64BIT

672273 On Windows platforms the certreq utility hangs when entering password while creating a


672301 COMNLIB: On AIX, memory leak may happen when CS_SEC_EXTENDED_ENCRYPTION is set.
672383 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Driver hangs in SQLDriverConnect when password contains a closing bracket.
673507 Update the Open Server components of OpenSwitch Server

to provide essential Open Server vulnerability fixes.

673849 ADO.NET Provider 15.5 ESD#9

Customer would like feature request to be implemented for LINQ (please refer to:

Currently, LINQ's Skip method is not supported. When invoking a code like below:

var posts = context.Posts.Include(p => p.Author).Where(p => p.Blog.Id == blog.Id).OrderBy(p => p.Title).ThenBy(p => p.Id).Skip(4).Take(4);

The following exception is generated at System.Data.EntityCommandCompilationException, as System.NotSupportedException when executing method Sybase.Data.AseClient.SqlGenerator.Visit(DbSkipExpression e).

673851 ADO.NET Provider 15.5 ESD#9

Customer would like feature request to be implemented for LINQ (please refer to:

Currently, LINQ's DDL generation is not supported. They would like it to be supported.

674310 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Visual Basic or Visual C++ application using ADO library and enabling the DynamicPrepare option observe memory leak.
674432 Calling ResultSetMetaData.getTypeName on large result set throwing out of memory errors.
674534 Products:

ASE 15.5 ESD#3

ISQL 15.5 ESD #7

ISQL 12.5.1 EBF13166 ESD #1

SQL Advantange 12.5.3 EBF 12338

Problem Description:

Customer reports that ISQL does not report as much detailed message compared with SQL Advantage.

As SQL Advantage is deprecated customer is requesting FR to be implemented.

This repro can be performed in any platform.

675019 A client application can't close and re-open a cursor

after ct_fetch() fails. For example, when a deadlock

happens from a client application.

675025 CTLIB: In deferred asynchronous mode, a completion callback routine should only be called after ct_poll() has been called. The fix for CR 639664 is available again.
675144 jConnect: Using large number of parameters in PreparedStatement causes SQLExceptions like "Message empty." and/or "The token datastream length was not correct. This is an internal protocol error."
675443 Please document the StripBlanks property that was introduced.

(see eg. CR 558978).

675631 ADO.NET: Query timeout causing incorrect results to be returned under certain situations.
675832 Currently the connectivity utilities do not support the syntax for servername identical to the isql program. This feature request is to support the use of -S<host>:<port> in the utiltity syntax.
676095 As distributed the 64 bit version of OCS is softlinking the libtcl64.cfg to libtcl.cfg This causes problems because the libraries must be 64 or 32 bit in their respective configuration files.
676365 In a Mutual Aware OpenSwitch setup, OpenSwitch

might not disconnect the heartbeat connection between

OpenSwitch and ASE properly in the TCP layer when the

ASE network goes offline. These connections are established

when OpenSwitch is started initially to check and

monitor the health of the participating ASE servers.

676471 OLE DB Provider:

First parameter is not past with parameterised query in .net application

connecting with OLE DB or Ado.Net

676855 Linked server failure when selecting table via four part naming convention when connection is configured for utf8 charset, whether ASE is default of utf8 and client uses ServerDefault or the client is specifically set for utf8.
677025 ADO.NET: Client program receives "Internal error" when multiple raiserrors follow a SELECT result.
677205 A client application can not re-open a cursor after ct_fetch() fails due to a deadlock and ASE 15.x automatically closes the cursor.
677728 OSW to support login redirection feature
677963 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Executing stored procedures with fully qualified / multi-part names produces syntax errors.
678260 NETLIB: Using interfaces file entries having hostnames and SSL server certificate commonNames which both exceed 30 characters are not working properly with directory services. The commonName from the SSL certificate appears to be garbled. Error is Network error - Failed to install network filter.
678477 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy throws exception when inserting values in Numeric Identity columns.
678678 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy fails on numeric columns with InvalidCaseException.
679678 CTLIB: A new connection property CS_PROP_BRACKETED_IDENT is added to Client-Library. When this property is enabled, object names retrieved by calling Client-Library APIs, such as ct_data_info() and ct_describe() are bracketed.
679782 jConnect: Login with password encryption enabled may hang if default network packet size is set to greater than 512KB.
679821 SRVLIB: Provide a new server property SRV_S_ADJUSTRECVPARAMLEN to support adjusting maxlength of parameter upon charset conversion (multi-byte) between client and Open Server gateway applications.
679853 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Memory leak observed in multi-threaded application performing SELECT queries.
680395 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The sp_oledb_datatype_info stored procedure performs slower as compared to sp_odbc_datatype_info.
681179 Added zh_CN.GB18030 in the [sun_svr4] section of locales.dat.
681442 Add new parameter to the listener to allow RPC's sent via a Direct Connect gateway to run using the DC Service Name as the userid. This will require the new "sendservicename" parameter being introduced in Direct Connect 15.0 ESD7.
681990 Would like to see OCS Directory Services augment an interfaces file on the fly as LDAP entries are accessed by client usage.
682239 DSEDIT: Stop ship old dsedit_dce helper files for UNIX platforms.
683621 Feature Request, ct_param, ct_dynamic to support array binding.
683748 ADO.NET: Unable to connect to Adaptive Server with roman8 character set from Microsoft Visual Studio DDEX plugin.
684306 provider:

Memoryleak when using AseCommand.ExecuteReader to call a stored procedure returning a resultset

684626 ADO.NET: DataReader does not work with a new connection if the original connection is killed.
684706 CTLIB: A Client-Library application may crash if it calls ct_config(CS_USER_ALLOC) and ct_config(CS_USER_FREE) to install user defined memory allocation and free routines and then calls ct_config(CS_IFILE) to set new interfaces file.
685112 ESQL: cpre does not print Japanese error messages even if the LANG environment variable is set to ja.
685357 Internal Only:

Re-align the codepath where current CM

is the CM to be disconnected and make

it handle for both regular and refreshed

CM cases.

685876 Request for data source lookup table from SSIS when creating connection
685980 ADO.NET: Entity Data Model entities incorrectly mapped when using ASE user datatypes.
686147 Even if bcp in with -e raises an overflow error on character types columns, an error file is not created. This is expected behavior, but Open Client and Open Server Programmers Supplement has the opposed explanation.
686570 ADO.NET: Executing a statement with parameters where the statement's SQL text begins with "CREATE" fails with "Must declare variable '<parameter name>'" error.
687285 Our customer Caixa Economica Feredal will migrate the following env:

OC and ESQL/Cobol 11.1.1


Sun Solaris 5.8 32Bits

MF Cobol 4.1


OCS and ESQL/Cobol 15.5 ESD#4

ASE 15.5

Sun Solaris 5.10 64Bits

MF Cobol 5.1

Customer reported 2 errors during migration process, on specific fields below:


For the field WH-EM85-NR-CCDEBI defined as 揚IC 9(012) COMP� he got the error: An integer had too many digits for the PIC of the data item was fetched into"

The table datatype on ASE is a Numeric (12). He was able to solve the error by changing the code 揚IC 9(012) COMP� to 揚IC 9(013) COMP�


The other error was reported on the WH-EM01-CDCLIENT-F field, defined as 揚IC 9(011) COMP� that report the error: The conversion/operation resulted in overflow"

The table datatype on ASE is a Numeric (11). He was able to solve the error changing the code 揚IC 9(011) COMP� to 揚IC 9(011)�


Customer needs to know whether this kind of behavior is now default in new OCS 15.5 version, or it is an issue related to SDK (ESQL/Cobol) or Microfocus Cobol.

687423 ADO.NET: Cannot execute a statement with SQL text that includes "DECLARE" keyword, receive "invalid amount of parameters" error.
688158 jConnect: Request to implement getClientInfo() and setClientInfo() API on the Connection object.
688267 ASE ODBC Driver Data Overflow when login uses kerberos ticket size >8K
688565 Java SDK: several Stream methods are not documented
689183 CSLIB: A truncation error may be reported during unichar to char conversion.
689186 New Feature Request for Sybase Python module to support current stable versions of Python 2.7 and 3.2 on 32 & 64-bit.
689201 CTLIB: Program version in TDS login package does not match with ESD version.
689221 Introduce randomization in TDS login protocol.
689515 SDK 15.5 ESD#11 installer is not registering 2.0 Provider in the GAC.
689846 BCP: bcp does not work with ASE version 12.5.4 or earlier.
690143 EXAMPLE: Ctlibrary sample "lobrpc" requires input file "lopsum.txt".
690228 jConnect: Request to provide an option to have Adaptive Server char() nullable column values not to be blank padded.
691029 SRVLIB: Native support for password encryption.
691030 SYBLSTNR - BACKLOG Param Hard coded as 5, does not pick up the CFG #
691044 jConnect: The getGeneratedKeys() call to fetch generated keys does not work if called after Statement.execute().
691188 jConnect: Introduce randomization in TDS login protocol.
691288 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When Dynamic Prepare is enabled and SQLPrepare fails due to a fatal error such as a table does not exist, the Driver does not propagate this error back to the application and executes the statement as SQL language command instead.
691462 In a Mutual Aware OpenSwitch setup, OpenSwitch couldn't

handle the ASE failure properly because of ASE network

glitches (where ASE host machine goes offline and back

online more frequently.)

692352 BCP: BCP includes a new command line option �--clienterr errorfile�. The functionality of this option is the same as -e option in OCS 15.0 ESD #8 and earlier.
692433 jConnect: Meta-data stored procedure sp_jdbc_getindexinfo, called by javax.sql.getindexinfo(), fails if the table has more than 2 billion rows. This limitation is part of the JDBC specification as CARDINALITY is defined as "int => When TYPE is tableIndexStatistic, then this is the number of rows in the table..."
692441 Customer would Like Listener to WTO when ever the Listener Shuts down
692448 ODBC/OLE DB/ADO.NET: Introduce randomization in TDS login protocol.
692758 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Providers no longer appear in Add References dialog under Visual Studio.
693036 ODBC Driver by Sybase: In the SQLBindParameter()API, the ODBC Driver checks the columnSize specified for SQL_BIGINT columns. This is a fixed length column and as per ODBC specification, the columnSize should not be checked.
693500 ADO.NET: A Decimal parameter with value of null and implicit Precision/Scale is sent with Precision = 0, this query fails if ASE statement cache is enabled with message "Length or precision specification 0 is not within the range of 1 to 255."
693767 BCP:Increase the number of rows that bcp can handle to the max of an unsigned 64bit integer(18446744073709551615).
693965 Fix manual: "Ping Server" parameter is false by default in 15.5 ESD#11

The information at URL below needs to be changed:

Manual states Ping Server=true by default. However, according to our tests, the "select 42" produced by the Ping Server in ADO.NET 15.5 ESD#11 is returned only when we explicitly write "Ping Server=true" in connection string. By default Ping Server is assumed false in 15.5 ESD#11.

694021 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Stored Procedure output parameters of varchar type are corrupted if length exceeds 4095 bytes.
694329 To assign severity levels on OSW error messages
694698 OCS: Request to use SYBOCS_TCL_CFG environment variable to specify the location of libtcl.cfg/libtcl64.cfg.
694860 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: SSIS OLEDB Component throws error "incorrect syntax near where 1=2", while moving data from ASE to MSSQL using SQLCommand that is a stored procedure.
695334 Mutual Aware setup :

In an architecture where site 1 has Primary OSW

and Secondary ASE with Repl. server and site 2

where Secondary OSW and Primary ASE runs,

if there is a network outage between these

two sites, both Primary and Secondary OSW's

might take independent decisions which is not


695607 Object permission issue with ODBC driver 15.7 after drop/recreate stored procedures
695797 Documentation CR for the changes made in 15.1 ESD#6.
695803 CPRE: precompiler throws argument inconsistency error when the variable used to represent a text column in a SELECT is defined as a pointer to CS_TEXT.
696129 Mutual Aware setup:

Deprecate RCM's MONITOR_STANDBY_ASE config option.

Standby ASE's status was monitored conditionally

based on this option. With this fix, Standby ASE

is monitored and status changed at all times as

Primary ASE to be consistent and not to differentiate

between Primary and Secondary ASE's.

696262 BLKLIB: Applications may encounter memory leak during bulk copy of two or more text columns.
696285 ADO.NET: Executing a command with parameters where the SQL statement includes references Transact-SQL variables (such as @variable_name) produces errors like "must declare variable".
696562 ODBC samples use incorrect compile & link flag on Solaris
696568 CPRE/COBPRE: precompiler may core dump when not all host variables have indicator variables specified.
696736 JConnect with OSW to have the same properties as with ASE with autocommit=false
699038 jConnect: Request to support timestamp data type for Bulk Insert.
699564 jConnect: Incorrect major and minor version reported by getMajorVersion and getMinorVersion functions in DatabaseMetaData and Driver classes. The same incorrect versions are passed in the TDS login packet to the Server.
699567 jConnect: Request to add Debug or Normal string into Version string embeddded with the jConnect jar files to distinguish the type of build.
699586 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request support for ODBC Driver Managers with 8-byte SQLLEN definition on Linux 64-bit platforms.
699889 jConnect: Initial GA release for jConnect 7.07.
700060 jConnect support for multiple bit columns when using Bulk Inserts for the Jdbc Batch Interface. (ENABLE_BULK_LOAD)
700172 Error: 揅OUNT field incorrect� occurs when executing stored procedure when using Microsoft Report Writer
700577 In certain scenarios involving a language based procedure call with named input

parameters it is possible that the driver may fail to send the bind value for the

first input parameter. This is caused by a missing PARAMFMT toekn (and child tokens).

700592 jConnect: Calling PreparedStatement.clearParameters() before PreparedStatement.executeBatch() is executed clears previously added parameter sets.
700609 ISQL: Need a command line flag for ISQL to specify remote password.
700628 ADO.NET: StackOverflowException using AddRange in AseParameterCollection
700636 CT-Library: Provide CS_PROP_INITIAL_DATABASE, CS_PROP_CURRENT_DATABASE, CS_PROP_USE_LAST_DATABASE to allow applications to connect to specified database at connection time.
700838 install_odbc_sprocs for ASE fails with some syntax errors because odbc_mda_12503.sql contains the SET statement and the CAST function which are not supported in ASE
701464 jConnect: Executing PreparedStatement with the QUERY that contains more than 500 parameters fails with: java.sql.SQLException: Message empty.
702172 SRVLIB: Performance improvement of Open Server message queue operations.
702209 ODBC Provider by Sybase: Positioned updates with cursors producing "Internal error (30002)".
702467 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access displays #DELETED if a numeric column is selected as primary key.
702740 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Update the SQLCancel() implementation in the ODBC Driver to match ODBC 3.5 and TDS 3.11 specifications.
702747 jConnect: Request to add support for DatabaseMetaData.getClientInfoProperties().
703448 ADO.NET: Sybase ADO.NET provider fails to store user credentials in Microsoft's reporting server(SSRS).
703996 BLKLIB: blk_init() in 15.7 ESD #1 may throw errors or 'invalid pointer' and core dump if it attempts to access a non-existing temporary table. It should produce error 208 instead.
704044 jConnect: NullPointerException is thrown while listing the available charsets.
704149 Improve metadata collection for libblk.
704187 Tested and reproduced with:

- jConnect (TM) for JDBC(TM)/7.00(Build 26548)/P/EBF19559/JDK16/Thu Sep 29 9:30:50 2011

- jConnect (TM) for JDBC(TM)/7.07 GA(Build 26686)/P/EBF19793/JDK 1.6.0/jdbcmain/Tue Dec 20 04:39:14 PST 2011

- ASE 15.5 ESD#3 one-off EBF 19324

Problem description:

A "SELECT @@IDENTITY" after an insert into a table with identity column returns zero in jConnect 7.0x. It's a regression from jConnect 6.05, where the same works fine.

704310 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Starting a batch while another batch is in progress can cause a hang.
705099 jConnect: Syntax error in metadata stored procedures raises Msg 105, "Unclosed quote before the character string..."
705369 ISQL: On Windows, ISQL may fail silently when the value of environment variable %TMP%/%TEMP%/%USERPROFILE% is longer than 65 characters.
705371 Valgrind reports invalid memory error on ctlibrary
705528 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Memory leak detected after closing statements using SQLFreeStmt and SQLFreeHandle().
705572 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Observed some memory leak in SQLDriverConnect function.
705623 Change odbc Driver default setting for 'password encryption' to enable.
705625 Feature request to have the option to change default settings for Sybase ODBC Driver

when you created a new DSN.

706202 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Incorrect syntax in getversion.sql results in not being able to update metadata stored procedures.
706347 Feature request to enhance the Sybase perl driver to use RSA encryption.

DBD::SybaseASE (supplied from 15.7 GA) to set CS_SEC_EXTENDED_ENCRYPTION for the connection

properties when specifying encyptPassword=1 in the connect. Currently only the open source

driver can make use of encyptPassword=1 in the connection and this will use Sybase

proprietary encryption (CS_SEC_ENCRYPION).

706385 Admin install needs to state the EZAC backlog parameter is a value greater than zero.
706459 BLKLIB: In Bulk-Library, we had a limitation when copying LOB data into a database table. Namely, if a LOB column is marked for transfer using blk_textxfer(), all subsequent columns of these types must also be marked for transfer using blk_textxfer(). The limitation has been removed now.
706723 ODBC Driver by Sybase: MFC ADO applications executing stored procedures receiving missing table exception.
706841 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Crash/Core in SQLDisconnect when used with Boost library(shared_ptr)
707027 Separate environment variable that preside the Posix LC_ALL or LANG environment for CS_LOCALE.
707235 jConnect: Clients redirected to another Cluster Edition instance not establishing the connection with server's default network packet size.
707355 jConnect: Encountering java.lang.NullPointerException exception when connecting with connection property USE_METADATA set to false and CHARSET property set to utf8.
707568 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Garbled Data is returned for columns that are nullable user defined types based on datetime type.
708298 ADO.NET: NotSupportedException being thrown when an Entity Data Model project tries to retrieve stored procedure column information
708864 SRVLIB: srv_xferdata() returned CS_PARAMS_MORE without copying parameters when using batched parameters in an RPC.
708904 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLBulkOperations() does not correctly propagate errors encountered during metadata collection.
709008 Openswitch doesn't allow disabling truncation of OpenSwitch log file.
709161 Openswitch doesn't check the range value of MAX_LOGSIZE in config file
709224 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Executing SQL statements with arithmetic functions such as SUM on numeric or decimal columns result in "Data overflow" errors.
709439 Performance issues might be noticed in a Mutual Aware Support OpenSwitch server.
709763 jConnect: Bulk Insert writes wrong data value in non-APL tables if last column in the table is a variable length column.
710440 ADO.NET: Stored Procedures in EDM passing null parameter instead of actual value
710528 jConnect: Using qualified table names like dbo.table_name for Bulk Inserts raises exceptions.
710593 ADO.NET: Using AseBulkCopy class raises Exception: Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseException: Incorrect syntax near '@table_id'.
711278 jConnect: Calling PreparedStatement.clearParameters() before PreparedStatement.executeBatch() is executed clears previously added parameter sets.
711303 jConnect: Failed to insert into table with 663 columns using PreparedStatement.
711523 NativeError property in OledbException Errors collection returns 0
711929 jConnect: Performance regressions observed in Bulk Insert code path for jConnect 7.07 GA driver.
711996 A new feature request to implement the bulkcopy functionality in Extension Module for Python.
712291 ADO.NET: Driver does not return correct error message when non logged version of bulk copy fails.
712293 jConnect: Using jConnect 7.07 to bulk insert rows in Adaptive Server versions earlier than 15.7 results in JZBK7 exception.
712354 jConnect: Request support for setClientInfo() and getClientInfo()API for SybConnectionProxy class.
712581 ISQL: ^D at password prompt on AIX crashes.
713017 Product: ADO.NET Provider 15.7 ESD#3

Client: VStudio 2008

OS: Windows XP

Issue description:


This is for Banco BMG customer.

Customer executes a stored procedure and populates an AseDataAdapter. This routine is run as a batch many times. Sometimes, the following exception occurs in VStudio application:

System.NullReferenceException occurred

Message=Object reference not set to an instance of an object.



em Sybase.Data.AseClient1.AseDataReader.GetFieldType(Int32 index)

em Sybase.Data.AseClient.AseDataReader.GetFieldType(Int32 index)

em System.Data.ProviderBase.DataReaderContainer.CommonLanguageSubsetDataReader.GetFieldType(Int32 ordinal)

em System.Data.ProviderBase.SchemaMapping.SetupSchemaWithoutKeyInfo(MissingMappingAction mappingAction, MissingSchemaAction schemaAction, Boolean gettingData, DataColumn parentChapterColumn, Object chapterValue)

em System.Data.ProviderBase.SchemaMapping..ctor(DataAdapter adapter, DataSet dataset, DataTable datatable, DataReaderContainer dataReader, Boolean keyInfo, SchemaType schemaType, String sourceTableName, Boolean gettingData, DataColumn parentChapterColumn, Object parentChapterValue)

em System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.FillMapping(DataSet dataset, DataTable datatable, String srcTable, DataReaderContainer dataReader, Int32 schemaCount, DataColumn parentChapterColumn, Object parentChapterValue)

em System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.FillFromReader(DataSet dataset, DataTable datatable, String srcTable, DataReaderContainer dataReader, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, DataColumn parentChapterColumn, Object parentChapterValue)

em System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet, String srcTable, IDataReader dataReader, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords)

em System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.FillInternal(DataSet dataset, DataTable[] datatables, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)

em System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)

em System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet)

em asp023.clsSybase.RetornaDataSet(IDbCommand objCommand) na C:\vainner\asp023_acesso_seguranca_negocio\aplicacao\ASSybase.vb:linha 161


713038 BCP: BCP includes a new command line option �--quoted-fname�. The functionality of this option is to allow users' data file names to contain special characters, such as commas and double-quotes. Besides using this option, users also need to quote their file names using double quotation marks preceded by backslashes(\").
713327 NETLIB: On AIX platforms, isql may fail to execute with the -X parameter or fail to load SSL filter depending on the order in which shared libraries are specified in the LIBPATH environment variable.
713538 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Some numeric values being fetched with incorrect sign.
714081 jConnect: The error code field in SQLException is not populated for the exception raised when password has expired.
714096 jConnect: Executing a batch update PreparedStatement with DYNAMIC_PREPARE=false with numeric values may cause numeric overflow, JZ0BE exception.
714583 PHP: Error "An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information." is reported while running PHP programs on Windows. Note that even after applying this fix, a compatible PHP installation that is built using Visual C++ 8.0 (part of Visual Studio 2005) must be used as the Adaptive Server Enterprise extension module for PHP 15.7 is built using the Visual C++ 8.0 compiler.
714671 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver does not correctly process row count results.
715074 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver sends wrong date literal value for DB2 Access Service back ends.
715188 ADO.NET: The stored procedure used to collect index information for tables does not return correct index information.
715717 ADO.NET: GetSchema() API returns incorrect information for indexes on a table.
715926 jConnect: Incorrect results returned by execute for "SELECT INTO" DML statements.
716362 Request for Provider to set SYBASE variable within context of the AseConnection. If possible provide charsets in comprehensive ASE ADO.NET Provider dll.
716426 Document all the connection property for Jconnect in one place.
716432 Solaris x64 dsedit core dumps when started.
716527 Problem: ISQL Performance is reportedly slow retrieving large datasets with IQ 15.6

Solution: ISQL performance has been improved by reworking number-to-string conversions that appeared a major bottleneck. A new commandline flag (--fast) has been added to invoke faster processing at expense of existing output format.

716689 ADO.NET: Insert operation on text column truncates the data for chinese charset.
717104 TCP gatewayless connections are utilizing excess cpu and other resources due to the practice of having a seperate socket handler (SYSH) transaction for each connection.
717281 Secondary companion OpenSwitch shuts itself down while connected to primary ASE in a Mutual Aware OpenSwitch setup when there is a site failure.
717412 BCP: "bcp -h" does not include option '--initstring'.
717791 Jconnect to include a default ASE SSL implementation this is current done with plug in an socket implementation see the manual.
718250 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled, NULL values can be inserted in NOT NULL columns.
718402 Request to create bcp format file without having to use the "out" option.
718677 ADO.NET: Driver throws exception if bigdatetime value is null.
719180 jConnect: Feature request to improve efficiency of getTransactionIsolation() and getCatalog() Connection methods.
719236 NETLIB: Connection fails to server with 64 master/query entries in interfaces file.
719510 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Issues with result set processing if warnings are encountered in result set stream.
719703 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The invalid conversion error message does not contain any information about the cause.
719720 When application user inserts data using PreparedStatement.executeBatch that contains insert query with mixed dynamic & non-dynamic parameters, "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" is thrown.
719947 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy class does not correctly insert null and default values in the destination table.
719996 ADO.NET: Chinese data incorrectly stored in ASE with default character set gb18030.
720001 Jconnect to include a default ASE SSL implementation this is current done with plug in an socket implementation see the manual.
720030 Jconnect change the default for IS_CLOSED_TEST.
720301 SSPI: To ship 32bit libsybsspiwrapper.dll for 64bit Windows platform.
720312 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLFreeStmt(stmt, SQL_CLOSE) at some time after calling SQLFreeStmt(stmt, SQL_RESET_PARAMS) results in a core dump or windows crash.
720463 MySSLSocketFactoryASE sample NullPointerException.
720484 Request to add driver-side PreparedStatement caching, rather than requiring use of additional third party products.
720535 In jConnect for JDBC 7.07, package name for character-set converter classes (TruncationConverter, PureConverter, etc) has been changed from "com.sybase.jdbc4.util" to "com.sybase.jdbc4.charset".
720573 Update the PHP driver supplied with ASE\SDK to be based on later release (5.4.6\5.4.7 or

whichever is latest version at point of implementation)

720579 When using a discard file bcp will automatically adjust the batch size to 1 for wide rows, such as

ones with a text columns. This is a feature request for revisiting the current behavior and possibly

making some enhancements.

720585 jConnect: Request to enhance performance of the isClosed(), isReadOnly() and getAutoCommit() methods on java.sql.Connection class.
720693 DBLIB: On AIX, compiling with dblib dynamic library fails with many unresolved symbols.
720762 Jconnect Failover to use Dual TCP connection to stop connection storm.
720809 Memory leak.
720921 SQLGetInfoW SQL_CONVERT_NUMERIC with ASE Odbc driver does not work correctly.
720990 ISQL: Plain text password is visible in memory.
722918 ADO.NET: When command timeout is encountered on a local transaction, connections are improperly closed leaving rows locked on ASE table.
723012 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access displays #DELETED if a bigint column is selected as primary key.
723100 jConnect: Unable to use getLineNumber() function on exceptions thrown by jConnect.
723210 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver crashes on a call to SQLFreeStmt(StatementHandle, SQL_RESET_PARAMS)
723620 Product:

Organic ODBC Driver (one-off provided to customer from previous CR#714671)

Visual Basic 6.0

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.5/EBF 19324 SMP ESD#3 ONE-OFF/P/RS6000/AIX 5.3/asear155/2532/64-bit/FBO/Thu Jun 9 19:17:14 2011

OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise.

Tested and reproduced it here with /indigo61/rfucuhar03 database (replica from BMG database). The issue happens when there is a trigger involved in update operation.

723762 Request for bcp to log character truncation information in the error file.
723826 jConnect: Incorrect updates performed when ENABLE_BULK_LOAD connection property is set and execute() or executeUpdate() API is used with an UPDATE statement that specifies columns out of order against the table schema.
723860 Product:

Organic ODBC Driver (one-off provided to customer from previous CR#714671)

Visual Basic 6.0

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.5/EBF 19324 SMP ESD#3 ONE-OFF/P/RS6000/AIX 5.3/asear155/2532/64-bit/FBO/Thu Jun 9 19:17:14 2011

OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise.

Tested and reproduced it here with /indigo61/rfucuhar03 database (replica from BMG database). When a stored procedure returns more than one result set, the following error occurs:

Run-time error '3251':

Current provider does not support returning multiple recordsets from a single execution.

724039 jConnect: A NullPointerException is encountered when client performs a HA fail-over for ASE Cluster Edition.
724040 JDBC Jconnect Fast Connection Failover for ASE Cluster Edition.
724243 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When the connection property SkipRowCountResults is set to 0, the Driver does not identify the end of a result-set correctly thereby causing some VB applications to produce an error when using conditional statements such as "ADODB.RecordSet is Nothing".
724253 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The OLE DB provider throws unsupported type exception on DeriveParameters() call.
725009 OLEDB Provider by SAP: sydbrvadm utility does not have the correct privileges when run in 64bit mode on certain Windows platforms.
725161 CSLIB: CS_UNICHAR conversions were slow and did not scale.
725467 Request to change default on enablebulkload from 0 to 2
725844 SSIS Execute SQL Task failing when executing stored procedure with parameters
725991 The bcp data file is created with permissions 600, not 640 as documented
726089 Incorrect varchar binding when table used as a proxy in ASA or IQ.
726982 ESQL: ESQL/C generates incorrect code when it parses embedded SQL INSERT statement with values to be inserted in the form of element of a structure.
727119 A 96 byte memory leak was detected.
727379 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver throws Data over flow error for numeric value between -1 and +1 (-1 < n < 1).
727590 Request to certify SDK on Windows 8
727861 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetData() API does not retrieve entire column data if buffer length is passed as 0.
728185 jConnect: Internal query used to retrieve list of stored procedures can select bad query plan.
728251 Request to support msdev 2012, .NET 4.5 and EF 5.X
728471 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver does not return database name, user name and password in output connection string when SQLDriverConnect() is called with SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT.
728480 OLE DB Provider by Sybase : Sybase 15.7 OLEDB Provider performs slower than 15.5 provider.
728797 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Application crashes in SQLMoreResults()
729587 ADO.NET: SSIS Custom Destination component does not work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
730336 Organic OLEDB Provider 64-bit on Windows 7 with Kerberos and Active Directory as the KDC:

If the OLEDB data source is configured with a blank user principal in the security tab then

there is a connection error: Acquiring Kerberos Credentials Failed.

If the User Principal is explicitly given then the connect succeeds.

730359 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: The substitute character for non-convertible characters was changed to ASCII 26 from the previous versions where the substitute character was ASCII 63.
730404 CTLIB: Memory leak may occur when ct_cursor() fails to declare a cursor.
730742 SRVLIB: Support for blocking message queues when full.
730972 DBLIB: bcp_sendrow() may fail due to a 20074 error (Attempt to bulk-copy an oversized row to the server.).
731196 When user calls setByte on a PreparedStatement using the connection properties DYNAMIC_PREPARE=false & HOMOGENEOUS_BATCH=true, a batch Update Exception "java.sql.BatchUpdateException: JZ0BE: BatchUpdateException: Error occurred while executing batch statement: A query plan cannot be generated for DML command executed with homogeneous batch parameters. The batch was aborted." was thrown.
731197 SRVLIB: srv_log() adds newline after timestamp in the server log.
731476 ADO.NET: AseBulkCopy class fails to insert data using bulk insert protocol if data contains empty string in it.
731833 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: SSIS project fails to map columns if sql is parameterized.
732130 jConnect: A large batch update operation can hang the jConnect client connection if DYNAMIC_PREPARE connection property is set to false.
732159 CTLIB: Connection fails with error "ct__string_extended_encryption: user api layer: internal common library error: Client password encryption fails."
732321 ADO.NET: ADO.NET Provider can磘 accomodate a computed column decimal number (1.43456000000000000000000000000000000) returned from ASE and throws the following error:

Unable to cast object of type 'System.OverflowException' to type 'System.IConvertible'.Couldn't store <System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for a Decimal.

732349 CPRE: Precompiler generates unsigned integer data format when unsigned long parameter is used. For backward compatibility with pre-15.0 cpre, it will now generate signed integer data format if precompiler option -V CS_VERSION_125 or earlier is specified.
732491 ADO.NET: DDEX GUI not updating the properties for Quoted Identifier and Enbale Tracing correctly.
732677 On attempting to insert BigDecimal value using setBigDecimal() api of PreparedStatement, scale part of value got lost and instead value present before decimal point.

Issue seen with SQL Anywhere 11 & 12 server

732746 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The SQLBulkOperations API raises an error when a column has a streaming length.
733229 ASE ODBC Driver by Sybase : SQLGetData() does not get a correct double-byte character data if client and server charset's are different.
733365 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Sybase ASE ODBC provider fails to retrieve special Japanese double byte character if ASE's charset is eucjis and communication charset is ServerDefault.
733384 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLExecute() with SQLBindParameter() does not send correct double byte character to ASE if server and client charset's are different.
733458 jConnect: Prepared Statement objects created on SQLAnywhere database not implicitly removed if Prepared staement objects are not explicitly closed by the user.
733490 ADO.NET: Microsoft IIS Webserver application becomes unresponsive when the Webserver Application Pool is recycled.
733504 ASE ODBC Driver by Sybase : A new feature request to implement an option to filter out informatinal messages at login time.
733938 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Syntax error in OLE DB MDA script that was introduced in SDK 15.7 ESD2
733940 OLE DB Driver by Sybase: MDA install fails, but no errors are reported.
734045 ODBC Driver by Sybase: MDA install fails on servers between 15.7 GA and 15.7 ESD2.
734147 ADO.NET : Crash in sybdrvado20.dll when using connection pooling, parallel LINQ and Entity Framework.
734208 While executing a long running query, jConnect internally executes meta-data stored procedure to retrieve information about the column metadata of the query. This internal query was piped to Adaptive Server's Request queue. When user cancel the execution of the query, the cancel request is also piped to the Adaptive Server's Request queue next to the meta-data query request. This causes delay in cancel request processing by Adaptive Server. In some situations, the cancel would take as much time as it would take to execute the query.
734300 BCP copies in illegal columns
734403 When using PreparedStatement.executeBatch() to insert data using query which has embedded parameters containing built-ins, an IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown.
734474 ADO.NET: The substitute character for non-convertible characters was changed to ASCII 26 from the previous versions where the substitute character was ASCII 63.
734607 ADO.NET: AccessViolation exception seen when trying to cancel command.
734719 Added kerberos as DSN option to SybaseASE Perl Driver.
735506 jConnect: When HOMOGENEOUS_BATCH is enabled, LOB data is truncated at the length of 16KB.
735556 jConnect: Session temporary tables created by 揝ELECT INTO #<table name> 厰 query executed from a PreparedStatement go out of scope immediately after execution of the PreparedStatement when DYNAMIC_PREPARE is true.
736691 ODBC Driver by Sybase: MS Access application returns ODBC Call failed when accessing a DB2 DATE field defined as a primary key, through DB2 Access Service (backendtype = MFC DB2 Access Service) and initialization string is DateResults=char_odbc. The final Data is displayed as "#name?" or #deleted.
736780 ODBC Driver by Sybase: It is possible for a statement to fail to execute in circumstances whereby the previous statement effected no rows and operated against an empty batch.
736790 When Adaptive Server Enterpise version 15.5 ESD#5.1 (updated with installmaster of ESD version 5.2) was used to execute insert query using PerpareStatement object, a "java.sql.SQLException: S0022: Invalid column name 'ENCRYPTED_COL'" is thrown.
736920 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetDiagRec does not log output parameters
737307 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLFetchScroll with orientation SQL_FETCH_FIRST incorrectly returns SQL_ERROR.
737348 ADO.NET : Visual Studio 2010 crashes when adding a DataSet using TableAdapter.
737650 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Using SQLBincColumnDA can corrupt date columns.
737717 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When receiving a large response the driver might report an unsupported TDS token.
738023 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Windows 2012 64-bit ODBC Administrator crashes when editing an Adaptive Server Enterprise DSN
738609 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver will hang sometimes if the connection to ASE dies
738626 Feature Request for BCP utility to verify that the format file matches the target table for BCP in.
738673 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled, setting NULL values for trailing columns can lead to DBCC CHECKSTORAGE reporting consistency errors.
738697 Jconnect method setClientInfo gives java.sql.SQLException, java.sql.SQLClientInfoException. "EXECUTE permission denied on object sp_jdbc_set_client_info, database sybsystemprocs, owner dbo"
738962 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Using server side cursors and SQLBindColumnDA may result in not fetching all rows.
738998 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Fixed memory leak from unbound columns.
739095 ADO.NET: Introduce new AseBulkCopyOptions to allow the BulkLoad option to be set for each AseBulkCopy
739503 DBLIB: On certain UNIX platforms, dblib applications fail to compile with unresolved symbols unless it is explicitly linked with libsybunic.
740087 jConnect: Request for validation of data such as NULL constraint violation when ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled.
740224 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Under some conditions SQLFetch may incorrectly report a bad TDS stream.
740899 BLKLIB: If quoted id's is set on the server, blk_init() may fail on a quoted tablename.
740915 ADO.NET: CommandTimeout or killing SPID produces unexpected AccessViolation exception.
741176 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQL fails if parameters are unbound in TSQL.
741345 TBD
741956 Update release bulletin to point out problems with missing Linux package. Installer fails if Linux 64-bit system (Redhat 5/6) is missing library
741998 ASE ODBC Driver by Sybase and OLEDB Provider by Sybase show garbled Japanese ODBC/OLE DB error messages.
742170 OLE DB Driver by Sybase: Query Timeout property set on a Linked Server Object is not being honored by provider, defaults to 30 seconds instead.
742618 JConnect to support random from the list of host,port specified in the URL, sql.ini or


742851 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC data batching with Bulk insert option selected falls back to regular inserts if SQL statements include embedded comments.
742961 CTLIB: Binding more parameters than the number of placeholders in a dynamic SQL command could lead to a memory corruption.
743044 BLKLIB/BCP: BLKLIB created incorrect rows for 'not null not materialized' decimal/numeric columns.
743690 jConnect: Wrong/misleading error message is returned when Bulk load ENABLE_BULK_LOAD=BCP option is used and the 'select into/bulkcopy/pllsort' database option is not enabled on the target database.
743836 jConnect, Change default value for EARLY_BATCH_READ_THRESHOLD property.
743933 Request for RCM's to handle/manage Replication Server in Multi-Site Availability
744035 jConnect: Trailing space characters are not truncated for fixed length character columns when using the ENABLE_BULK_LOAD connection property.
744143 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Binding a column to SQL_C_DOUBLE on numeric calculations can cause overflow error.
744150 ESQL/Cobol: On little-endian platforms, heap corruption may occur when using indicators with array fetches.
744269 jConnect will send PARAMFMT tds Token as BIGDATETIMEN(bigdatetime) when we expect DATEN (datetime).
744583 CTLIB: Plain text passwords are visible in memory.
744688 Request to support Perl 5.16.
744691 Request to provide Perl Module source code.
744973 ADO.NET: When an application running a query on a Adaptive Server Enterprise proxy table encounters a command timeout it causes the provider to hang.
745193 ODBC Driver by Sybase: In Microsoft Query applications, adding a table with a unique index fails with General ODBC error.
745337 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLNumParams returns incorrect number of parameters causing SQLDescribeParam call to crash.
745339 ODBC Driver by Sybase: With quoted identifiers enabled, Dynamic SQL execution fails with "Dynamic SQL error - Prepared statement '0' does not exist." for sole older ASE releases.
745412 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The username and password fields in the user specified connection strings are visible in the OutConnectionString of SQLDriverConnect.
745443 ADO.NET: Multi-byte data retrieved from text columns contains trailing blanks when ASE is configured with charsets such as utf8.
745541 jConnect: PreparedStatement ParameterMetaData processing is substantially slower than previous releases.
745916 Odbc driver fail to convert some of the cp1251 character correctly.
745973 CSLIB: In Japanese environment, after applying ESD#7 or later, cs_convert() may fail to convert from CS_CHAR to CS_DATETIME with an error "The conversion/operation was stopped due to a syntax error in the source field."
746274 ADO.NET: Exception occurs in a multi-threaded application using Microsoft.Practices.Enterprise Library with Sybase ADO.NET provider.
746483 SSL FILTER: Provide ability to set FIPs mode for OpenSSL.
746558 blk_describe() to set 憇tatus� field in datafmt for BCP IN.
746772 ADO.NET: Microsoft IIS applications using ADO.NET provider fails with Type Initializer exception when more than one IIS application pool is configured on the same IIS server.
747255 ESQL Cobol: Output parameter value (int) not populating parameter buffer.
747436 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Performance regression observed when calling SQLExecute that executes successfully followed by a SQLCancel in a loop.
747529 ISQL/BCP: Output files created with restrictive permissions.
747557 Performance Jconnect 7 is six times slower than Jconnect 6.05
748004 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Access applications receiving error #3407 "The server's MSysConf table exists, but is in an incorrect format. Contact your system administrator" when failing to create a new linked table, if "IgnoreErrorsIfRSPending" connection property is set.
748011 Product: ADO.NET Provider 15.7 SP110 (both 32 and 64-bits)

New Feature request:

Customer would like a new Feature Request to implement the Session State Providers interface on our ADO.NET driver.

Details about the MS interface:

748241 The "select @@identity" works differently with DYNAMIC_PREPARE true or false this need to be documented in the JConnect documentation.
748462 ADO.NET: IIS web application under load periodically receives unable to establish connection errors during application pool recycling.
748904 SQLCancel should not send a cancel if there is nothing on the statement handle to cancel.
749006 ADO.NET: AccessViolationException periodically encountered in AseConnection.Close on a multi-threaded IIS application after connection to ASE times out.
749174 jConnect: With HOMOGENEOUS_BATCH enabled, incorrect decimal values may be inserted if the first batch element is set to a NULL value.
749382 Linked server RPC call to ASE does not work with OLEDB driver for some of valid syntax.
749732 Compiler errors were noticed when C++ application is built with CM libraries using C++/g++ compiler.
749931 Msg 7306 in Microsoft sqlserver Linked Server with oledb driver ASEOLEDB.
750053 CTLIB: ct_setloginfo() could leak memory.
750427 ODBC Driver by Sybase: After SQLColAttribute() is called with an invalid identifier, subsequent calls to the function continue to fail for valid identifiers as well.
750920 Internal Only : Build Enhancements
750971 internal only: regression from bug fix.
750999 jConnect: When a host was configured to have multiple addresses, jConnect was unable to connect to it if the dataserver was listening on any address other than the fist one in the network interface.
751147 CTLIB: Login packet is incorrectly generated during login redirection and HA failover.
751451 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Add support new diagnostic fields in SQLGetDiagField() API which will report fields from EED token.
752961 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Stack trace does not look meaningful when crash occurs in ODBC application. Request to ship PDB(debug database files) with the ODBC driver.
754157 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Values for nullable smallmoney user defined type (UDT) displayed incorrectly.
754291 SSL_TRUST_ALL_CERTS is not documented in the jConnect manual.
754321 ADO.NET: Executing a stored procedure with output parameters of varchar type results in an exception.
754396 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in com.sybase.jdbc4.utils.LogUtil.logObject(

This only occurs when log level is set to FINEST (or ALL).

754609 CTLIB: Memory leak in ct_connect, ct__api_translate_servername() when re-using same connection handle.
754967 ISQL: Using the --URP flag fails with > 30 character remote passwords.
754996 ADO.NET : Template DDL folder for EDM not being created by ADO.NET installer.
755521 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled, setting NULL values on trailing compressed columns can lead to errors in dbcc checktable().
755548 ADO.NET: The AseBulkCopy class does not pad the data with spaces when destination column length is greater than source column. Also it does not trim the data when destination column length is lesser than source column.
756424 Missing module, SYPGCICS, and alias, SYGWCAI2.
756499 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Multi-threaded applications observing periodic crashes with invalid pointer access in memcpy.
756815 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Incorrect values fetched for negative money values when bound as SQL_C_DOUBLE.
756861 NullPointerException when enable SLL and use one of SybConnectionDataSource Classes.
757053 ODBC Driver by Sybase: On Windows 2008R2 operating systems a VB application that sends text / image data may fail with a multi-step operation error.
757056 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLNumResultCols() throws error on queries such as "SELECT * INTO ...".
757836 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Request to improve performance of parameter array operations.
757975 ODBC Driver by Sybase: On Windows OS where both SAP ASE ODBC driver and the other vendor's ODBC driver have been installed, SAP ASE ODBC driver with a System DSN works but the other ODBC driver may fail to find a User DSN.
758006 CTLIB/SRVLIB: Correct initialization of TLS/SSL properties.
758448 ADO.NET: User interface controls do not render correctly on VS2005, VS2010 and VS2012.
758776 Abend OC1 in the new socket handler, SYBSOCKH.
759103 ADO.NET: Request to improve SAP Sybase ASE to Microsoft SQL Server transfer performance using SSIS.
759274 ODBC Driver by Sybase: For ODBC connections with EncryptPassword set to 2, under some login failure conditions, ASE ODBC driver retries login with plain text password even if ASE support password encryption.
759457 jConnect: If PROTOCOL_CAPTURE is suspended and resumed during life of a connection, translation of the TDS file may encounter errors.
759506 ADO.NET: The DDEX configuration UI fails loading with TypeInitializerException.
759517 jConnect: An error message in reported on calling DatabaseMetaData.supportsTransactionIsolationLevel() function when connected to SAP ASE version 16.0 servers.
759952 jConnect: A numeric overflow error may be reported when calling DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() function against a table with a very large number of rows.
760021 Product: SDK 15.7 SP110

OS: AIX 7.1 with XLC 12 compiler


Subcase: 11812289-11

Customer would like to have an official certification timeframe of SDK 15.7 products on XLC 12 IBM compiler.

760063 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Under some situations, calling SQLCancel causes the driver to hang.
760076 ODBC Driver by Sybase: An UNION query with untyped NULL value for the first row may return incorrect values for subsequent non NULL values.
760136 Internal Only :
Performance enhancements
760448 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Performance regression observed in SAP ASE OLE DB Provider when transferring data from ASE to Microsoft SQL Server using SSIS.
760536 CP/IP Stack Shut down Listener repeats SYBTP09,SYBTP17 message
760771 ODBC Driver by Sybase: TDS response errors observed with SSL connections to ASE.
761343 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC driver fails to connect to ASE if there are any extra spaces in in sql.ini file.
761488 jConnect: Loss of scale for float data types when setting them as Decimal values on PreparedStatement and CallableStatement.
761887 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET Provider throws exception when GetSchema() API is used in a multi-threaded application.
762055 ESQL Cobol: Output parameter value (int) not populating parameter buffer.
762132 jConnect: A scale of zero is used for Decimal parameters when setObject(int parameterIndex, Object x, int targetSqlType) method on PreparedStatement and CallableStatement classes is used with SQL Type Types.DECIMAL.
762595 SRVLIB:When running a select query in dynamic mode (with ct_dynamic) on an IDENTITY column through OpenServer CTOS sample program,

the OpenServer is not able to describe the IDENTITY column for the Open Client client.

OpenServer raises a srv_descfmt() message:

srv_descfmt(): Invalid status (0x85c0) in CS_DATAFMT

762651 OpenSwitch aborts query with identity column with Msg Number 16159
763064 jConnect: A SQLException may be encountered when executing a batch on CallableStatement with literal parameters in the SQL text.
763109 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLDescribeParam call does not return valid error messages or crashes application on certain insert sql statements with nested select and long table names.
763324 CTLIB/ESQL: CS_NUMERIC/CS_DECIMAL precision/scale can be incorrect when parameterformat suppression is active for dynamic SQL statements.
763344 ISQL: Remove default client limit of 32KB in isql for text/image data.
763566 CTLIB: Race condition exists in full asynchronous mode between completion callback and initiation of new API routine in separate thread.
763622 CallableStatement using batch interfaces with property "HOMOGENEOUS_BATCH" set to "false" generate error JZ0BE: BatchUpdateException: Error occurred while executing batch statement: Incorrect syntax near 'procedurename'.
763626 ADO.NET: The ASE ADO.NET provider inserts negative Money value as positive when using AseBulkCopy class.
763713 ODBC Driver by Sybase: While connecting with a DSN the driver returns a "Null ini file or ini file not found" even though the environment variable SYBASE or ODBCINI is set correctly.
763805 jConnect: A call to Connection.close() may result in " Stream closed" stack trace being printed.
763991 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetData() with SQL_C_CHAR does not return correct double-byte character data.
764140 ODBC/ADO.NET/OLE DB: With password encryption enabled in a multi-threaded environment some connection attempts fail.
764227 ADO.NET: In multi-threaded applications using connection pooling, when ASE is unresponsive bad connections are left in the connection pool resulting in 300004 "Connection Does not Exist" exceptions that render the application unstable.
764275 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Query does not show a list of databases correctly because a 911 error occurs when ODBC Driver runs "%..sp_odbc_tables" to get a list of databases.
764500 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Driver reports SQL30292:HY000 Attempting to read past stream EOM when fetching a cursor and no rows returned after a warning.
764514 jConnect: Using parameter names to set parameter values for CallableStatement results in SQLExeception JZ0BE.
765442 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When fetching a negative float value as SQL_C_CHAR or SQL_C_WCHAR it is returned in scientific notation.
765499 CTLIB/SRVLIB: Add support for On Demand Command Encryption.
765836 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLNumResultCols after SQLPrepare may fail for backend type Gateway (TRS or Gatewayless).
766002 ODBC Driver by Sybase: If a server is not listening or reachable at the specified host:port address the ODBC Driver performs multiple redundant connection attempts for the duration of the timeout.
766039 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled, setting NULL values for variable length columns can lead to SQLException or DBCC CHECKSTORAGE reporting consistency errors.
766090 PYTHON: Failure in discarding resultsets and incorrect exception location.
766200 jConnect: Error 213 may be reported when calling DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() function.
766206 jConnect: RTRIM_FOR_ENABLE_BULK_LOAD does not work correctly when connection property DYNAMIC_PREPARE is set to 'false'.
766285 jConnect: Debugging utility class - com.sybase.jdbc4.utils.Debug - fails to print debug information when used with "ALL" flag.
766591 If ocs.cfg exists and an application name contains both a space and a hyphen, CT-Library programs may not be able to connect to ASE with a common library error "Configuration file syntax error line NN near (-)."
766668 COMNLIB: multi-threaded programs could see login failures due to encryption errors.
766748 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Unexpected changes to Float values converted to string, displays excess precision
767041 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Calling SQLTables API against an ASE server with older ODBC MDA scripts may result in "Table qualifier must be name of current database" error.
767146 ADO.NET: AseDataReader throws exception when using CommandBehavior.SchemaOnly
767147 Internal Only:
use setfmtonly on for returning schema information rather tahn appending where 1=2 to the sql statement
767230 jConnect: In version 7.07, a java.sql.Date object constructed without zeroing the hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds components will retain the time component when inserted to a datetime column. Previous jConnect versions did not retain the time component.
767291 jConnect: Request to improve performance of "LITERAL_PARAMS=true" option for PreparedStatement execution with Text columns.
767517 jConnect: Unicode value insertion in a text column of a SAP ASE database can throw an SQL exception with wrong message of "Operand type clash: VARBINARY is incompatible with TEXT" when DYNAMIC_PREPARE is set to false and LITERAL_PARAMS is set to true. Moreover, by sending Unicode values as binary, ASE was not performing byte swapping, so if target ASE is on little endian platforms (Linux or Windows), then the column values were being corrupted.
767784 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Table names larger that 64 characters are truncated.
768185 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When using offset bindings and scrollable cursors the driver may crash.
768309 jConnect: When ENABLE_BULK_LOAD is enabled, NULL values cannot be inserted in NULL column which is compressed.
768315 jConnect: Setting parameter values using Parameter name for Callable statement results in SQLException.
768473 CTLIB: Correct data race condition with ct_cancel.
768912 ODBC Driver by Sybase: The ODBC driver reports "Attempting to read past EOM" when executing a prepared statement with SELECT query that returns an error or warning for the first row. This error occurs only if SuppressRowFormat connection property set to true, which is the default setting.
769170 ODBC Driver By Sybase: SQLDescribeParam call returns errors on certain sql and causes PowerBuilder application to take an undesirable code-path.
769411 Build and release Open Server 15.7 SP130.
769479 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetData() may get a wrong data after setting a row position in the result set by SQLSetPos() and UserCursor Connection property is set to 0. A 30088 error with the message "Attempt to read past the end of the result set." may occur in the end.
769568 CTLIB: Correct SEGV issue when CS_FORCE_CLOSE is used.
769623 OpenSwitch Install Anywhere installer support.
769869 OLEDB Provider by SAP: New Provider String property called ReturnPrepareErrors has been added to return errors on a prepare call when set to 1. The default value is 0.
769873 BLKLIB: If there is a trailing lob column that will fit in row, data will be transferred incorrectly to ASE.
769885 Request to optimize the isClosed() test so the default query sent to verify the state of the connection is something other than the stored procedure call sp_mda(?, ?).
770117 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Passwords are exposed by Excel when specified as pwd in the connection string.
770194 ODBC Driver by Sybase: When retrieving time values as character data, a warning message for string truncation is returned even when there is enough buffer length allocated.
770201 ODBC Driver by SAP:
770240 jConnect: Driver wrongly raises error "JZ0PC: The number and size of parameters in your query require widetable support......" when the number and or size of parameters in a prepared statement exceeds 65535 bytes.
770308 jConnect: Data values stored in ASE may differ from the values sent when LITERAL_PARAMS connection property is set to true and value sent includes a backslash followed by a newline character.
770385 jConnect: Request to improve performance of "LITERAL_PARAMS=true" option for PreparedStatement execution with Text columns.
770401 jConnect: SybConnection.getMetaData().getImportedKeys(String catalog, String schema, String table) method throws SQLException when table name is more than 30 characters.
770405 ODBC Driver by Sybase: A small memory leak detected during ODBC connection open sequence.
770585 ODBC driver by SAP : Support the Certicom FIPS provider on AIX
770861 ADO.NET: Unsupported charset Exception is thrown when using charset sjis.
770865 CTLIB: ct_results failed to report a CS_CMD_FAIL for errors in dynamic sql

PYTHON: Errors in parametrized commands were not correctly detected and the exception was raised too late.

770925 AIX platform hits An Illegal Value of 4096 with no scroll insensitive cursor parameter called.
770986 ODBC Driver by Sybase: Microsoft Excel VBA macro using DAO with ASE ODBC Driver connects to Adaptive Server every time the macro runs without closing the existing connections.
771219 jConnect: The jConnect driver incorrectly retains time values in a java.sql.Date object or date values in java.sql.Time object if these objects are initialized with some values in those fields.
772211 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC Driver crashes if a statement executing asynchronous statement is freed.
772564 ODBC Driver by Sybase: SQLGetFunctions needs to be implemented in the driver.
772750 SYBPYDB: rowxfer on a blkcursor failed for numeric columns.
772911 CTLIB: Connection failure due to incorrect login may result in core dump at comn_malloc().
772977 ADO.NET : The driver would return a TDS stream error while processing some queries with compute clauses.
773013 jConnect: Use of batching (addBatch/executeBatch) for CallableStatement with large number of parameters could cause a hang or BatchUpdateException.
773281 BLKLIB: blklib can send ASE incorrect offset entry(s) in the offset table from blklib for trailing LOB cols.
773688 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC Driver fails to create a connection to deactivated primary server when DRNoKillDuringDeactivation connection property is set to 1.
775118 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ODBC Driver does not return correct error when failover happens from primary to secondary HADR server.
775320 - Sybase ASE ODBC Driver for Linux:

[oracle@stbdoracle01 bin]$ ./odbcversion -fullversion

Sybase ASE ODBC Driver/15.7.0/ESD#1/P/x86_64/Linux/drvmain/Build 104/64-bit/Normal/Sat Jan 28 UTC 04:19:45 2012

[oracle@stbdoracle01 bin]$ ./odbcversion -version

- ASE 15.7

- Oracle Database Link 11.2g

- OS: Linux Red Had 64-bit Linux 2.6.18-194.el5 #1 SMP Mon Mar 29 22:10:29 EDT 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Customer is trying to configure Oracle Database Link with our ODBC driver and he is getting these errors:

Failed to load ODBC library symbol:


Log below:

Oracle Corporation --- MONDAY NOV 24 2014 17:09:49.543

Heterogeneous Agent Release

Oracle Corporation --- MONDAY NOV 24 2014 17:09:49.542


Entered hgogprd

HOSGIP for "HS_FDS_TRACE_LEVEL" returned "255"

Entered hgosdip

setting HS_OPEN_CURSORS to default of 50

setting HS_FDS_RECOVERY_ACCOUNT to default of "RECOVER"

setting HS_FDS_RECOVERY_PWD to default value


setting HS_IDLE_TIMEOUT to default of 0


setting HS_NLS_NCHAR to default of "AL32UTF8"

setting HS_FDS_TIMESTAMP_MAPPING to default of "DATE"

setting HS_FDS_DATE_MAPPING to default of "DATE"

setting HS_RPC_FETCH_REBLOCKING to default of "ON"

setting HS_FDS_FETCH_ROWS to default of "100"

setting HS_FDS_RESULTSET_SUPPORT to default of "FALSE"

setting HS_FDS_RSET_RETURN_ROWCOUNT to default of "FALSE"

setting HS_FDS_PROC_IS_FUNC to default of "FALSE"

setting HS_FDS_MAP_NCHAR to default of "TRUE"

setting HS_NLS_DATE_FORMAT to default of "YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS"

setting HS_FDS_REPORT_REAL_AS_DOUBLE to default of "FALSE"

setting HS_LONG_PIECE_TRANSFER_SIZE to default of "65536"

setting HS_SQL_HANDLE_STMT_REUSE to default of "FALSE"

setting HS_FDS_QUERY_DRIVER to default of "TRUE"

setting HS_FDS_SUPPORT_STATISTICS to default of "FALSE"

Parameter HS_FDS_QUOTE_IDENTIFIER is not set

setting HS_KEEP_REMOTE_COLUMN_SIZE to default of "OFF"

setting HS_FDS_GRAPHIC_TO_MBCS to default of "FALSE"

setting HS_FDS_MBCS_TO_GRAPHIC to default of "FALSE"

HOSGIP returned value of "32" for HS_FDS_SQLLEN_INTERPRETATION

setting HS_CALL_NAME_ISP to



setting HS_FDS_DELAYED_OPEN to default of "TRUE"

setting HS_FDS_WORKAROUNDS to default of "0"

Exiting hgosdip, rc=0



Port Rls/Upd:2/0 PrdStat:0

Agent:Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC


Class:ODBC, ClassVsn:, Instance:TJPEFIN

Exiting hgogprd, rc=0

hostmstr: 0: HOA After hoagprd

hostmstr: 0: HOA Before hoainit

Entered hgoinit








Entered hgolofn at 2014/11/24-17:09:49



Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49





Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Entered hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49







Exiting hgolofns at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Failed to load ODBC library symbol:


Exiting hgolofn, rc=28500 at 2014/11/24-17:09:49

Exiting hgoinit, rc=28500 with error ptr FILE:hgoinit.c LINE:417

FUNCTION:hgoinit() ID:Loading ODBC aray of function ptrs

hostmstr: 0: HOA After hoainit

RPC Calling nscontrol(0), rc=0

hostmstr: 0: RPC Before Exit Agent

hostmstr: 0: HOA Before hoaexit

Entered hgoexit

HS Gateway: NULL connection context at exit

Exiting hgoexit, rc=0 with error ptr FILE:hgoexit.c LINE:110

FUNCTION:hgoexit() ID:Connection context

hostmstr: 0: HOA After hoaexit

hostmstr: 0: RPC After Exit Agent

775393 ODBC Driver by Sybase: ASE ODBC Driver does not account RetryDelay value in seconds.
775560 When calling DBDEAD on a killed ASE spid, after dbpoll() is called, the process status returns false and the dbproc is not dead as expected.


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