SAP PB Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(10)

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考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。
在SAP Support Portal网站或者google上搜索Targeted CR List for ASE,可以看到针对不同版本的CR(CR表示Change Request)简单描述信息列表。
需要注意的是:Targeted CR List for ASE列出的CR虽然绝大多数是BUG,但有一些是更改需求。
以下提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息!

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PB Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(10)

666115 When a NUMBER type column is added to the table created to Oracle Database, the data pipeline of PowerBuilder cannot recognize correct.

A NUMBER type column changes to a FLOAT type.

This issue is reproduced by Oracle 11.

666583 When setting different levels of Print.Preview.Zoom, inexact positioning leads to artefacts, specially when using boxes around columns.
666678 Z order of the button control located to the header area of DataWindow is not correct.
666957 The customer has a tab with many tab pages on a very small response window. There are so many tab pages that the tabs are wrapped at the top. This pushes down the area where the tab pages display. In the tab constructor even, he makes several tab pages invisible such that only 2 or 3 tab pages are visible and there is no longer any need to wrap the tabs. But the tab page display is still pushed down as if the tab pages were still wrapped. Because there window is so small, text gets chopped at the bottom.

As a workaround he is using a popup window. This works fine, and re-displays the non wrapped tab pages correctly. But he needs this to work for a response window.

666982 BUG * Treeview RowFocusIndicator issue. Behavior not consistent when changing SelectNodeByMouse property.
667239 PageCount() DataWindow expression function on a Datawindow control may return incorrect values in non-Preview mode if the DataWindow has a control in the summary area.
667533 Crash dump analysis request. Customer migrated a PB 7 app to PB 11.5. Now their users are crashing intermitently. Not reproducable. They occasionally crash in development, but the users seems to see it more.

They have reviewed code in the areas of external calls. They do have a number of external calls and they eliminated many and checked on string allocation for those they need. But crashes still happen. Has uploaded a couple of crash dumps.

667603 This is a feature request to make the DB Painter to rollback an uncommitted transaction at disconnection

if "Commit on Disconnect" of the Database Profile is turned off.

667928 When adding data to the RTE, you can insert

page breaks by CTRL+Enter. When you save to PDF using SaveDocument(), the page breaks are not included in the PDF file.

The pagebreaks are included in the PDF file if the RTE control has header/footer

checked. But this property, according to the customer, changes the format and where the page breaks are inserted in the PDF file.

667963 In PB 9.0 when you set the password property on an SLE, when you input characters at run time they are displayed as asterisks. Starting in PB 10.0 and continuing in PB 12.0 they are displayed as little circular blobs, not asterisks. The documentation has not changed and still says "asterisks".
668046 The new function could look something like this:

PBWINAPI_(INT) PBORCA_SetApplicationIcon ( HPBORCA hORCASession,

LPTSTR lpszLibName, // PBL where appicon resides

LPTSTR lpszEntryName, // Application object

LPTSTR lpszIconName ); // Icon object on the file system

668083 Calling a COM object method that returns a reference to another COM object generates

this error messagebox:



"PowerBuilder application execution error (R0063)


"Application terminated.

Error: Function/event with no return value used in expression at line 64 of object cb_1

668123 After installing PB 12.5 beta (build 1511) and then

opening a wpf window in PB 12.1, the following message appears in the PB 12.1

wpf window design view:

Intentionally Left Blank

The document root element is not supported by the visual designer

The XAML on this PB 12.1 WPF window is:

<pbwpf:Window x:Class="w_main"




PBHeight="2000" PBWidth="2500" MinBox="True" MaxBox="True" PBTitle="" TitleBar="True" ControlMenu="True"

Center="True" Resizable="True" Uid="4">


<pbwpf:CommandButton Height="28" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,110,84" Name="cb_1" TabOrder="10" Text="Move Me in IDE" TextSize="-10" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Width="88" PBHeight="112" PBWidth="402" X="1495" Y="1400" />



668303 When running an incremental build on a WPF

window target, the following error returns:

Error 1 Illegal data type: array.w_base.instance variables -1 -1 wp_interfaces (C:\pse\pse-12\testarraybug\TestArrayBug)

A full project works works.

668310 The customer has a PB application originally in 11.1 but upgraded to 12.1 for the dump analysis that is being executed on a Windows 2003 server. The application has no user interface and is invoked manually from a command line or automatically from their Enterprise Scheduling software. They recently changed the Enterprise Scheduling software from CA Autosys to CA ESP Workload Automation. Since the change to CA ESP, the PB application processes about 440 transactions and then stops. It works correctly under the old CA Autosys scheduler or from the command line. They don't see any excessive memory or CPU usage. They don't see any signs of abnormal termination.
668599 Customer's application crashes at times but at other times it does not.
668777 Of the last line of a nested report within a composite report only the upper part of the characters were displayed.
669225 PB is crashing when using IBM's Rational Functional


The crash is happening with a BAD_INSTRUCTION_PTR error.

669356 After calling a print method, as for the value of the Zoom property of a child datawindow, the value of a parent datawindow overwrited copied necessarily.
669457 Customer previously was using a SATO label printer and his labels printed correctly. They are now trying to change to use a Zebra ZM400, 200 dpi (ZPL) printer with a predefined label datawindow (Laser Business Card 2.00 X 3.50). Once the printer for the datawindow is defined, the label becomes distorted and does not print preview or print correctly.

Customer has tried using the print driver that comes with the printer and also one from Seagull Scientific (Zebra ZPL-II Driver version 7.2) with the same results.

669539 Application often crashes after scrolling many times a DW containing rows with .png images.
669594 After upgrading to PB 11.5.1 (build 4897) from (build 4675)

application is crashing in the pbvm.

Adplus dump file shows:


PBVM115!WndInitTabs+2f [e:\pb115\runtime\function\fnwnd.cpp @ 1340]

669964 Customer's large application is crashing frequently and he is unable to find the source of the problem.
669988 PB/EAS crashing with an exception_access_violation.

The eas log shows:

JaguarServer] cavii: : DEBUG>>...from n_cavweb_webpage Deactivate!

[JaguarServer] cavii: : DEBUG>>...from n_cavweb_webpage Deactivate!

[JaguarServer] n_cavweb_trans>DB Connectivity Logging (PB11.5): O10*CAV*

[JaguarServer] PB INTERNAL EXCEPTION on: Thread : 1268, Address : 0x10BA34D2, Type : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x00000018. CPB_Component::activate

[JaguarServer] Dump Ignored

[JaguarServer] Fatal Error Occurs when try to activate PB Component CAVWEBOnline/nvo_cav_entry.

[JaguarServer] Fatal Error Occurs in PB Component, Jaguar Terminated.

670381 When updating a datastore after using setfullstate,

the update fails with 'Row changed between retrieve and update'.

The sqlpreview event shows PB is sending:

Delete from rmcmaster where repairmanufcode = ''

PB should be sending an update to database:

UPDATE RMCMaster SET repairmanufcode = '00021', repairmanufcodestatus = 'A', repairmanufprogram = 'CO', repairmanufcodename = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx., 707 xxxxxxxxx,', primevendorcode = 'XX', repairmanufcodecity = 'ANAHEIM', repairmanufcodestate = 'CA', logid = 'campagna', lastupdatedate = '5-16-2011 12:39:34.109' WHERE repairmanufcode = '07421'

Problem happens only on solaris. Works ok on windows. Windows is sending an

update sql statement to the database.

670488 Using the PBDOM code, there are a lot of silent exceptions ( Exception that thrown from a threads inside the application) when attaching the debugger to the created executable.
670519 PB 12.5 beta background color = transparent for window controls. Transparent is available in the dropdownlistbox for background color in the [Properties] tab on the right side of the window painter. Dropdown list of background colors in the menu toolbar icon when dropped down does not include a transparent option.
670895 When saving a wpf window with the following powerscript:

oleobject lole_ole

lole_ole = create OleObject


destroy lole_ole

The following message appears:

Cannot destroy a non-object type instance.

The wpf window appears to save ok. This message does not appear in PB 12.1.

671019 In PB 12.5 beta the Intellisense/autocompletion does not work for this WPF control.

When trying to save a valid syntax you get: Error :

File save cancelled or caused an internal error during the save.

671211 When minimizing a user object (Dock window from DevComponents) containing a PB treeview control, with the treeview populated, the application crashes.
671223 The Getrow function returned the previously selected row in the itemchanged event on a child DataWindow.
671276 Memory leak occurs when performing dw.object.DataWindow.Column.Count each about 700bytes.
671503 Performance degradation after installing PB 11.5.1 EBF.
671538 After migration to EAS6, a soap request fails if datatype not specified.
671949 OS: Windows XP SP3

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.1 .NET Build 6807

Database/Driver File/Version: SQL Anywhere EASDemoDB V12 that comes with PB installation

Comments: When creating a datawindow based on stored procedure, PB "forgets" to add a "@" preffix right before the argument value. As a consequence, PB .NET hangs when retrieving datawindow object in DW.NET Painter.

672074 Customer requests a way to import saved xml dw source. There is an example XML2DW Wizard ( on Codexchange see

But this fails with xtab, label or group dw because these presentation styles are much more complex and are not supported in this sample.

672195 Computed field should not be editable in a RichText datawindow.
672201 When selecting an item in a ddlb in a datawindow,

the dw appears to freeze. You can no longer select any items in any other ddlb

or enter in data.

After selecting an item, the itemchanged event is not firing. Works ok in PB 12 classic.

672547 Customer has a large pb 11.5 application that is crashing randomly and has requested engineering review their dump file to see if they can determine the cause
672716 Wants DBnotification event to be used with Sybase ASE.
672803 3-D Look of Datawindow.checkbox does not work correct, when Windows Aero is used. On WindowsAero, Checkbox of DataWindow will always use a 3-D style.
672824 Rich Text inputfieldlocate problem.

Customer is generating richtext letters in a loop and he finds that the the inputfieldlocate function fails unless he creates and destroys the control with each iteration. This create and destroy is not a good workaround since it slows down his processing.

672860 Crash dump analysis request.

Application is deployed to 30+ client locations. It uses a lot of com objects to communicate and they are seeing random crashes. App was originally written on PB 9 and migrated to 11.5.

The crash doesn't necessarily happen while they use the app. Sometimes they do something then will go to Outlook or some other program and when they come back to the application it crashes.

672992 App migrated from PB9 is crashing on CloseWithReturn.



10bc0bef 813abe400000 cmp dword ptr [edx],offset

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 10bc0bef (PBVM120!WndInitTabs+0x0000002f)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 00200042

Attempt to read from address 00200042



LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 10bbf688 to 10bc0bef

RESOLUTION: Resolved in PB 12.1 EBF19259

672993 When generating .Net webservice proxy then no structure is generated for a

complex sequence type containing: maxOccurs="unbounded"

Secondly with a webservice call on a structure containing a structure

string parameters were include in the call but datetimes were missing.

673001 When using the ORA driver connecting to Oracle 11, the

customer is experiencing the following crash.



00000000 ?? ???

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 00000000

ExceptionCode: 80000003 (Break instruction exception)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 0


ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0x80000003 - {EXCEPTION} Breakpoint A breakpoint has been reached.

EXCEPTION_CODE: (HRESULT) 0x80000003 (2147483651) - One or more arguments are invalid

RESOLUTION: Customer worked out configuration issue Oracle.

673005 Using UpdateBlob and the ORA driver connecting

to Oracle 11, the application generates a application fault.



76a6fbae c9 leave

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 76a6fbae (kernel32!RaiseException+0x00000058)

ExceptionCode: ebf00baa

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 0

TACK_COMMAND: dt ntdll!LdrpLastDllInitializer BaseDllName ; dt ntdll!LdrpFailureData ; ~0s; .ecxr ; kb

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: APPLICATION_FAULT_ebf00baa_orageneric11.dll!slcra


RESOLUTION: Customer worked out configuration issue Oracle.

673025 Customer recently upgraded their PowerBuilder 11.5.1 application and components from EAS 5.2 to EAS 6.3. Previously everything ran without a problem and now they appear to be running into memory issues that cause them to experience severe performance problems with the need to restart the server several times a day. EAS support worked with them for a while to tune EAS and that turned up a PB Heap Exception.

They have not been able to isolate the problem to a specific component but it does seem to be at least partially related to load.

673303 Customer would need to display also week numbers in Drop-down Calendar, so it would be good to have similar capabilities like the date picker control for window objects (weekNumbers property).
673314 Using the modify statement in a loop, the

following error results:

PowerBuilder application execution error (r00006)

Application terminated

Error: Invalid DataWindow row/column specified at line xx in clicked event of object

When migrating the application to PB 12.5 .NET, application will hang. Problem happens in PB 11.5.1 and PB 12.1.

673514 An execute immediate statement is failing with the following



PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "DBMS_SESSION" when expecting one of the following:

:= . ( @ % ; immediate

The symbol ":=" was subsituted for "DBMS_SESSION" to continue

Using the following code:

sCommand = "execute dbms_session.set_nls('nls_date_format','''YYYYMMDD''')"

EXECUTE Immediate :sCommand USING itran_trans_object;

673662 Treeview node currentrow issue. After navigating the treeview with the right and left arrow keys, currentrow reports 0 and not currentrow
673839 Updatable Columns listbox is malfunctioning when the list of columns is large ie. more than what fits on one screen and you need to scroll to the bottom of the list. An automatic deselection of columns start to happen.
673888 Customer has successfully built and ran his webservice client on his development machine and is now trying to deploy to a windows 7 64 bit server and the client is crashing.

He is actually not crashing in a PB dll but in mscorwks.dll.

Fault Module Name: mscorwks.dll

Fault Module Version: 2.0.50727.4952

We have created crash dumps, run listdlls and process monitor and it looks as though all PB files are present and available on his server but he still crashes.

Looking for help in diagnosing this crash even though not crashing in PB dll.

674143 3-D property of checkbox control does not effect in a Windows XP style.

While using the Windows XP style, checkbox control is always a 3-D display.

674204 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.1_6807

Database/Driver File/Version: ADO.NET with MS SQL Server 2008

This is a regression from PB 11.5.1. Datawindow that was migrated from PB 11.5.1 now produces the following error:

DataWindow Error

Select Error: Columns list do not match

The same works fine in PB 11.5.1.

674527 .NET IDE : Insert of decimal values via DW and german regional settings (comma for decimal seperator) fails. Eg. an insert/update against the bonus table of the easdemo db gives:


[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Wrong number of values for INSERT

No changes made to database.

INSERT INTO "bonus" ( "emp_id", "bonus_date", "bonus_amount" ) VALUES ( 102, '2011-11-11', 22,22 )

674543 Calling a java webservice from PB results in the

following error:

Client found response content type of 'multipart/related; boundary="MIMEBoundary_680e47b18b3b242093047718b087a6f4b466384a42920555"; type="application/xop+xml"; start="<>"; start-info="text/xml"', but expected 'text/xml'.

The request failed with the error message:



Content-Type: application/xop+xml; charset=utf-8; type="text/xml"

Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary

Content-ID: <>

Customer java webservice is MTOM enabled

RESOLUTION: MTOM is not supported in PB classic. Customer decided to go

ahead without attachments in PB classic.

674577 Customer is running to same issue

as listed in cr639879.

Need PB 12 linux patch to include cr639879.

Resolution: Linux120_5530R_110621.tar.gz fixed the issue

675597 SetFullState is supported in WPF DataWindow, however note that the full state information for WPF DataWindow is in XML format. For classic PB, the full state information is in binary format! WPF client needs to be anhanced to handle such situations ie. that the setfullstate can also assign binary blob to Datawindow.
675600 If I send an event/function (trigger-event) from PBNI to PB, it will crash unpredictably.

This happens specially when many events occur, or if multiple threads send different events to PB.

675627 The customer has set the following on a treeview datawindow:

dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Tree.SelectNodeByMouse = 'Yes'

When they click on a treeview row it gets highlighed. If they then downarrow, each new row becomes highlighted. As they reach the bottom of the viewable rows, the rows are scrolled into view.

Now if they click initially on the first row and then hit the pagedown key, the new page is scrolled into view, but no rows are highlighted. Sholudn't the first row now in view be highlighted?

675787 OrcaScript stops building executable due to an incorrect syntax in a datawindow object.

It does not log errors to the log file but displays a messagebox:

"DataWindow Error - Line .. Column ..: incorrect syntax."

675788 Event order is different for OpenTab/selectionchanged between PB 12.0 GA and PB 12.1 build 6807. Sample with demo is provided.
675811 When trying to save a datawindow that contains turkish characters, in the resulting pdf file they are not correctly rendered using XSL-FOP PDF printing.
676016 Specifying an unevaluated expression as an initial value can cause crash on save eg, using this code will cause PB to crash in pbcmp dll:

string filtre = "date_reference="+string (ld_date,'yyyy-mm-dd')+" AND no_version="+string (ld_version)

workaround code:

string filtre

filtre = "date_reference="+string (ld_date,'yyyy-mm-dd')+" AND no_version="+string (ld_version)

676413 As for the background color of an active column, only a part will come back to a default color, even if it changes the background color of a column using the next code.


676470 PowerBuilder Build 4964 (also 4897) introduced a crash in the application.

The customer is unable to reproduce in house, only the deployed application at his customer's site shows the problem, hence now he is unable to apply newer builds/EBFs.

676657 When highlighting an editmask column with a mask of

[currency(7)] and then hitting the delete key, the value to the right of the

decimal is not deleted.

For example if you have a value of $234.87 and you place the cursor to the right

of the dollar sign. Then highlight the entire number of 234.87 and then hit the

delete key, you will see the value changed to $.80.

According to the Users Guide/Display and Validating Data/Defining edit styles,

'Delete deletes everything that is selected'. That doesn't appear to be

happening in this case.

Problem also occurs with editmask control on a window.

676829 A nested DW's OLE control within a composite Datawindow can not be accessed.

Code used that failed:

dw_composite.object.dw_ole.object.ole_test.object.SetLicenseNumber( "xxxxxxxxx" )

dw_composite.object.dw_ole.object.ole_test.object.displayfromfile( "test.pdf" )

677045 SaveAs method does not generate an XLSX file which can preserve white spaces.
677158 DW display issue after migration. After migration PB12 version shifts the DW up a hair which causes the Col1 and Col2 boxes to be clipped.
677278 1. Why is the IsPassword attribute being set on read only controls in

DataWindow? We have used Microsoft's accessibility tools to prove that

it is.

These fields are clearly not readable by Windows screen reader. So, how

does this meet the Accessibility Requirements.

2. Rational Functional Tester reads the data buffer used by the

DataWindow control. How do they do that? Is there an API for it?

Or is it something proprietary that just IBM folks know how to do

without the assistance of Sybase?

677293 Customer has an application using a rich text datawindow and on some machines, when the user goes to insert a document the application crashes and on others it does not. Both have been checked to make sure all pb dlls are the same version.
677645 When retrieving a datawindow using a stored procedure

as a datasource and the jdbc driver connecting to Oracle, the following error


DataWindow Error

Select Error: PowerBuilder JDBC Interface Error

The jdbc log file shows:

JdbcOdbcDriver class loaded

registerDriver: driver[className=sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver,sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver@cdedfd]

DriverManager.initialize: jdbc.drivers = null

JDBC DriverManager initialized

registerDriver: driver[className=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver,oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver@1e97676]


trying driver[className=sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver,sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver@cdedfd]

*Driver.connect (jdbc:oracle:thin:@//

trying driver[className=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver,oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver@1e97676]

getConnection returning driver[className=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver,oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver@1e97676]

Java PbjdbcCommand::Execute for Oracle Cursor Exception thrown

Problem happens when using the ojdbc5.jar or ojdbc6.jar in Oracle 11.

Works ok in Oracle 10 using the Also works ok using the ojdbc14.jar.

677654 When executing a select statement in the db painter after

canceling out of migrating an application, the ctrl+c and ctrl+v don't work

on the result set. Also certain menu items in the db painter are greyed out.

Works ok if there is a workspace open or if you had a workspace opened and then

closed it.

677818 When trying to browse to an unmapped drive

using the unc format, GetFolder() does not browse to the directory.


677911 Setting the value of a variable to an empty string, the ok button gets disabled.

This used to work fine up to versions 10.5 of PB.

678092 When calling an Oracle overloaded function thru rpc

where the package name is a synonym, results in the following:

- Using Oracle 10 client will crash pb

- Using Oracle 11 client results in the following error:

ora-01024: invalid datatype in OCI call

Using dbparms of timestamp=0 and rpcstringcheck=0

678096 PB 12.1 .net, major formating display and printing issue in pb .net when using nested datawindows
678122 Ceiling function returning a different value in PB 11.5 than it did in PB 9.0.3. It appears to be incorrect in 11.5.
678325 background color of DropDownListBox set a certain style is not transparent.

This issue is reproduced when fulfilling the following conditions.

1. Style type is DropDownListBox.

2. "Always Show Arrow" in the Edit tab is available.

3. The Border type in general is Lowered (5) or Noborder(0).

4. Windows desktop is XP style.

679102 A .Net class exposed as a Com object is not released when destroying the UO.
679247 Deploying PowerBuilder applications to IIS on Windows 7 remotely ran into Error "IIS is not accessible. Please check server adddress and port number".
679278 The cursor jumps to an unexpected position in the last field on a DataWindow by tabbing

if AutoSelect of Edit of the field is OFF.

679361 Performance degradation when loading a PSR report from network.
679390 Several issues with webforms:

1 - When deployed as a webform, a format of '00' on a datawindow column reverts back to '00' if '08' or '09' are entered. '01' to '07' work correctly.

2 - If you enter in a integer column an incorrect value for instance "abc" no validate event is fired for the first time or the first row. once you have entered a valid entry and the replace it with an invalid one the validation event is fired.

3 - Under certain conditions if two inserted rows have the save value chosen for the drop down, only the first one updates.

679487 DataWindow with a huge # rows fails in the output to a XLSX file.
679817 When trying to save to HTML, the following error


Runtime Error!

Program: C:\ProgramFiles\Sybase115\InfoMaker 11.5\IM115.EXE

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information."

Opening a psr in the IDE and trying to SaveRowsAS to HTMLTable, that is when

error happens. Works ok for XML, excel and pdf formats.

Crash is happening in the PBSHR115!SH_DYN_STRING_BUFFER::internalAppend.

679952 PB crashes, if Windows TabletPC input (TabTip.exe, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink ) is activated and when a column as style type 'richtext' in the datawindow has been declared.
679999 The customer recently migrated an application from PowerBuilder 10.5 to PowerBuilder 12.1 and now email creations that used to work have a problem. The emails now appear with garbage characters instead of apostrophes in some instances and also a garbage character at the top of the email for some reason. The application saves the contents of a rich text edit control using the SaveDocument function as an HTML file. This HTML file is the source of the e-mail. You can see differences in the HTML files generated by PB10.5 and PB 12.1.
680351 OS: Windows 2003

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB.NET 12.1_6875

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Customer generated the proxies to consume the following external web service that has an entry for a binary file argument:

While in runtime, PB.NET returns the following error:

PowerBuilder application execution error

Application terminated.

Error: Exception thrown has not been handled.: System.InvalidOperationException

680538 A crash occurs when trying to create a DataWindow on a long Informix synonym name of 30 characters or more.
680541 When the IsAllHebrew function used in a computed column

then inserting a new row in the datawindow causes a crash.

if ( isallhebrew(col), "T", "F" )

This crash did not occur when first is tested for a nill value as in:

if (isnull(col), "N", if (isallhebrew(col), "T", "F" ))

680643 The focus rectangle doesn't appear Radio botton and Check Box controls using Windows Classic style on Windows7 ,Vista.
680695 SetSeriesStyle can cause application crash. On some machines it seems more predictable than on others.
680708 Ado.Net DB interface gives error in IDE when installed Sybase.Data.AseClient is different version than the ADORelease='1.15.325.0' eg. '1.155.800.0'
680756 The customer's Web Server application uses load balanced (i.e. Cisco Load Balancer) EAServer PB NVOs to perform SaveAs PDF!. Very intermittently (ONCE EVERY FEW MONTHS!) the SaveAs is creating PDF Files without having any content in them (0 KB size). Once this happens on a server the problem tends to occur more frequently on that server until the server is rebooted.
680838 Fails to call a WS on a server. The same WS service works on another one.
680889 PB 12.1 Application hangs when handling large data sets in a SharedObject
681440 While installing the 12.5 .NET prerequisites, the

following message appeared:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated) -ENU

The feature you are trying to use is on a network

resource that is unavailable.

Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a

folder containing the installation package 'vs_setup.msi'

in the box below.

Use source:


This problem happened when selected the option to reinstall the Visual Studio prerequisites.

(Must had something left over from beta, even though, I had uninstalled all PB 12.5

beta and VS 2010 isolated shell.)

681604 Deploying .NET assembly that contains structures

returns the following error:

Error when compiling generated C# code:

CS0052: Inconsistent accessibility: field type 'c__s_order_line_items[]' is less accessible than field 'robs_dupe.s_sales_order.order_line_items'

Structures are referencing other structures. The structures are used

as parms in the methods.

681724 Gradient background causes flashin groupboxes.
681802 The customer has a treeview datawindow. Select node by mouse is set. When it initially displays the top level (before anything gets expanded), he clicks on a node and it gets highlighted. He then arrows down to the next node and it becomes highlighted. Now he wants to be able to programiatically know which node is currently highlighted and the level it is on. There is the treenodeselected event which gives you the node level and the detail row that is selected every time it changes. This is the infomation he needs, but he desn't want to have to keep track of all this using that event. He wants a function he can call that gives him the same information; the the node level and row for the currently selected node in the treeview.
681902 Enhancement request:

Provide charset unicode support for classic MAPI interface

682206 Powerbuilder crashes on TriggerEvent() function
682321 Error searching PB 8 library using Migration Assistant in PB 12.1
682519 Crash dump analysis request. Customer has an application that when running in the IDE, crashes occasionally. If the app is deployed to another machine the error does not happen.
682661 The customer has an 11.2 application with external datawindow with one number column. It is precisely sized on a window. It has an editmask and a format for dollars. At runtime the user clicks on the column and enters numbers. When migrated to PB 12 however, they are not able to click on the column to give it focus. So they are unable to enter numbers. If they tab into that datawindow from other objects, then the column does get focus and numbers can be entered. They need the click to give it focus as well, as it did in 11.2.
682888 Error's are received when passing parameters to Ingress stored procedures through ODBC:

Error converting value for the database procedure parameter 'ibatch'. The formal and actual parameter types referenced by an EXECUTE PROCEDURE statement or database rule invocation are not compatible

SQL data type out of range

682916 An external datawindow is not updating the table

in PB .NET WPF target. The same application works in PB Classic.

In the PB.NET DW painter, if you select the Update Properties they appear to be

incomplete under the SQL tab. The Update Properties show up ok in PB Classic.

683017 Enhancement request:

Add an object search option to the search function of the development environment.

683162 Customer migrated their application from PB 6.5 to PB12. When that version of the application is opened on a terminal services machine and no other action is taken the application shuts down without any warning or message. It seems to be at approximately the 5 minute mark consistent.
683190 Division of LONGLONG data type results in an unexpected value.
683283 When retrieving data using a datawindow with a stored procedure

as the datasource results in the following error:

DataWindow Error:

Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

Parameter name: index

Stored procedure using the like operator in the select statement.

Syntax that fails is in .NET but works in Classic is:

this.Retrieve(ia_args[1],ia_args[2],ia_args[3],ia_args[4],ia_args[5],& ia_args[6],ia_args[7],ia_args[8],ia_args[9],ia_args[10],& ia_args[11],ia_args[12])

683393 Customer has been on PB 10.5 and experiencing a crash at their customer site. They have upgraded to PB 11.5.1 build 4964 and still see the crash and have submitted crash dumps that they would like to have looked at by engineering.

The crash dump indicates that they are crashing in pbdwe115.dll.

683426 PowerBuilder built-in icons when used in menu, tree etc will make the application 搒earch for something� across the library path. All files get opened for some reason, but no error is returned. When part of the library path items are on network, this poses performance issue in multi-user environment.

Only specific icons cause this behavior. Customer claims that their customers are complaining as the network traffic is affecting performance.



























683681 Drawing text is exceeded width of the text control and some letters are displayed outside of the text control

on a DataWindow of a printed report if the border style of the text control is NoBorder.

This problem does not occur in print preview mode.

683714 The customer is migrating a PB 5 app to PB 12.5. They have a datawindow with a dropdowndatawindow with lots of rows, 5000 or more. When the user clicks on a different column in the main datawindow there is a long delay before the next field gets focus. It seems related to the dddw as if those are taken out of it then the problem goes away.
683738 A Static Text control in a window gets bold when you click on it. And continues to get bolder with each click. I was able to see the behavior described by the customer if I made the static text larger, a 16 size for example. I also have 2 st controls on the window and in a button I looped 100 times alternating focus between the 2 st controls. You can see them darken up and get a little fuzzy.

I googled the behavior and found a hit, nothing to do with PowerBuilder but some product where the same behavior was occuring. The speculation was with each new focus the text is redrawn over the old without erasing the old. So each refresh is additive. That description does fit with what I'm seeing in PowerBuilder.

683859 Customer is looking for new and improved Datawindow filtering and sorting functionality similar to what is seen in products like Microsoft Excel, and
684098 Error message when running the MSI on deployment machine without PB 12.5 installed.

Error writing to file:

Sybase.Powerbuilder.Webservice.Runtime.dll verify that you have access to that directory.

684099 Error message when running the MSI on deployment machine without PB 12.5 installed.

Error writing to file:

Sybase.Powerbuilder.Webservice.Runtime.dll verify that you have access to that directory.

684208 The customer has code in a button on a window that posts an event twice, and then does a yield. The start of the button clicked event is logged, each post is logged, each posted event when it executes is logged, the yeild is logged, and the end of the button clicked event is logged. If you click the button 3 times as fast as you can, the order of the logged messages has changed in 12.1 from 11.5. In 11.5 all the messages appear in order 3 times. In 12.1 all the messages except the end of the button clicked event appear in order, and all the end of button clicked messages are now clustered at the end.
684218 Enabling the Just In Time debugger significantly degrades performance. The customer thinks this should not happen until you actually start the debgugger.
684513 When a very long SQL statement is executed with MS SQL Native Client interface, an application may run into ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation." or crash.
684565 When trying to upgrade from PB 12.5 GA (build 2511) to

build 3059, the following errors result from the installation:

ComponentMoveData Error Information

Setup encountered the following error:

Media Name:DATA


File Group: IM_Core_Files_32


Error Number:-2147024773

Feature transfer error

Feature: NewFeature1

Component: IM_Core_Files_32


Error: The filename, directory name, or volumne label syntax is incorrect

Installation just stops after these messages. The GAC doesn't appear to be


684768 After calling an EAServer 6.3 EJB component that uses a java.math.BigDecimal argument, the value is not correct after the argument transfer.
684904 Calling a webservice returns a null

object reference error. This same webservice worked ok in PB 10.2.

In PB 10.2, the tns_oilchange structure was instantiated. In PB 12.1, tns_oilchange

structure is not instantiated.

Using EasySoap but same error happens using .NET.

Resolution: PB engineering recommended a code workaround. See resolution for details

685077 This is a follow on issue to CR 635316. The same customer has piplines in Infomaker that fail when connected to SQL Server via ODBC SQL Server Native 10.0 driver. If the pipline source table contains a column with a datatype of varchar(max), this cannot be handled and generates an error "COUNT field incorrect or syntax error". Create a dbtrace.log and the CREATE TABLE statement contains ????? for the datatype. Both PB and Infomaker piplines fail. Customer needs this fixed in 11.5, 12.0, and 12.5.

The original issue has as part of the solution to have entries in the pbodbXXX.ini like below:

[Microsoft SQL Server]




But they do not help with this pipeline problem.

685085 After entering an invalid date and seeing

the 'Item does not pass validation test' messagebox, once you hit the ok on the messagebox and re-enter a valid or invalid date, the application appears hung.

If you re-enter an invalid date, the validation error messagebox doesn't appear.

You cannot close out the application. If you re-enter a valid date and hit enter,

nothing happens.

685087 Customer is calling an Oracle stored procedure as an RPC call. Passing in an argument to an IN OUT argument and PB is adding a trailing space.
685126 When you press Tab key on an N-up DataWindow object to move between rows, RowFocusChanging event is always fired, but RowFocusChanged even is only fired under certain conditions.
685274 OriginalSize property not working in IDE mode for a picture button.
685283 OS: Windows XP SP3

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 11.5_2506

Database/Driver File/Version: Connecting via SYC interface to Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.5/EBF 18378 SMP ESD#3/P/ia64/HP-UX B.11.23/asear155/2531/64-bit/FBO/Fri Jan 14 06:18:59 2011 by using OCS 15.0 on PB machine

PB SYC interface does not list tables within PB 11.5 DB Painter treeview. It seems the metadata for user "usprueba" is being returned as incorrect, and user tables can't be visualized.

685314 Datawindow update causing invalid or null pointer crash.

Happening at:


RESOLUTION: Using incorrectly

685316 PB crashing with an invalid pointer write when

there is a lot of window activity, opening and closing a number of windows.

Crash is happening at:



RESOLUTION: Fixed in PB 12.1 (build 6977)

685415 InkPicture control not painted properly in an N-Up DataWindow.
685418 When prompting for a database connection the Connection Profile does not allow

to enter more than 21 characters for the password while Database Profile Setup

allows up to 33 characters to be entered.

685505 If there is a compute column and it's a check box edit style on an N-up DataWindow, pressing the space bar on a check box may move the focus back to a check box on the previous row and toggle it.
685671 date functions return wrong values when DW is in QueryMode.
685855 Enhancement Request to allow the use of an existing XSD file as xml template in a DataWindow.
685998 Do a select in the ISQL of the Database Painter, so that you have rows in the Results tab. Select the menu Rows->Sort screen and drag a column from the left over and drop it on the right. Normally ou can now see a checkbox labelled "Ascending" that is checked. But in Windows 7 if you have the Control Panel screen resolution was set to Medium (125%), you do not see the checkbox. Resetting the resolution back to the default (100%) resolves the issue.
686191 Returning an autoinstantiated NVO from a PowerBuilder component method

deployed in EAServer 6.3.1 gives an java.rmi.RemoteException or CORBA_MARSHAL error.

686280 EditMask does not have a character insert mode.
686301 Feature Request to be able to specify more complex outer join conditions for the DataWindow then the basic inner joins and left outer join or right outer join.

It should be possible to add additional conditions in the ON join condition instead of only the where clause.

686405 window has an event "ue_event"

button on the window calls the event -> EVENT ue_event()

works fine in PB10.5 and 12.1 ! 12.5 compiles, but when the window is modified and saved, an error is output: Cannot find the element "ue_Event".

686768 Powerbuilder in classic mode builds/deploys code much slower on WIN7 64 bit OS against WIN XP, and can be noticed for a Full Build, or eg. a Deployment of a huge workspace to EAServer. Time raises from 7hours to 18hours. PB 11.5, 12.1 and 12.5 show same symptoms.
686880 Hide() function sometimes does not work if another application gets focus.
687397 String function truncation to 32657 when using large CLOB.
687619 Find() function with String Argument Retuns Zero (0) for the rows number with a Datastore populated by ImportString. A datawindow or datastore populated with a retrieve works fine.
687688 Click event called from TriggerEvent function crashes PB application.

In the called event, a retuen statement is included in try and finally.

687709 A FileExists function returns the wrong result, when access to a network drive fails.
688113 Writing OLE data to a .docx file via SaveObject() or saveas() generates a corrupt document.
688501 Users Guide does not include the description correct about font escapement.
688657 Editmask of decimal column of DW should not validate a only minus sign.
688887 Cannot pass credentials to a WCF web service with a soap connection.
688920 When the righttoleft (RTL) property is checked on

certain window controls and you have the text populated, the following results:

window 7

?Question mark test


Question mark test

On win7 the question mark comes before the text and on winxp it does not happen that way.

This is happening for:

window object - title property





statictext hyperlink







RESOLUTION: In unicode encoding, punctuation characters can appear in both LTR and RTL languages. On WinXP, you can control the behavior by 'Install files for East Asian Laguages' option under Regional Settings. For Win7, it is native unicode. Not to be fixed.

688980 Under rare circumstances, you may be able to enter an invalid value to a date column with EditMask on a DataWindow.
689298 If only one table is selected for creating the DW the table prefix is not used in the columns object name. If you have more tables selected in the DW painter it will add the table name.
689302 PB XML export ie. doing saveas XML for Time fields adheres to regional settings, so if regional settings are eg. italian and the TIME is set to the export is likewise and therefore creates invalid XML syntax for certain XML tools.
689333 From the PB .NET, if you select View/Toolbars there

is a Dialog Editor Options toolbar. Items on this toolbar always appear to be greyed out.

This option is not available in PB 12 .NET.

689643 Customer created a .NET assembly using PowerBuilder 12.5 Classic. The namespace for their assembly is 搗asont�. They added a reference to the assembly to a C# application written in Visual Studio 2010. As you can see in Figure 1 below, the customer is attempting to create an instance of a class defined in the assembly. However, as soon as they attempt to create the instance (搗asont = new n_vasont_com();�), they get the following error.

A call to PInvoke function 'sybase.powerbuilder.common!win32.user::towctrans' has unbalanced the stack. This is likely because the managed PInvoke signature does not match

the unmanaged target signature. Check that the calling convention and

parameters of the PInvoke signature match the target unmanaged signature.

Quick reply from engineering.

"The issue is a bug in our PB WinForm runtime library. The bug is harmless for creating an instance defined in the assembly. The exception is just shown in the Visual Stdio IDE but not at runtime. The instance can be created properly no matter in IDE or at runtime. But it will be fixed so it doesn't show in the IDE. "

689718 The wrong value is set to X positions of PowerBar of a floating state. For example, PB may be terminated when Power Bar has been located on the left side of workspace with a floating state.
689753 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB.NET 12.5 Build 2511

Database/Driver File/Version: ODBC interface with EAS Demo DB

Comments: Autosize height does not work on PB.NET when exporting dw rows as PDF - data gets truncated. It works fine in PB classic.

689754 Faulting application xpofleet.exe, version, time stamp 0x4dca34b8, faulting module PBSHR120.dll, version, time stamp 0x4dca34bb, exception code
689762 Oracle Datawindow with code in rowfocuschanged event appears to hang or be in an infinite event loop when set into Querymode
690068 The powerscript and datawindow string function always uses

thousands separators even when a different number format is provided.

string(number value, number format)

This is unlike a DataWindow column for example having Indian format '##,##,##0.00'

that will display the grouping as specified by the format.

690107 Customer believes that there should be a direct cast of a PB long datatype to an ASE numeric stored procedure parameter. When a PB long datatype is sent as a parameter to an ASE stored procedure with a numeric(18,0) parameter, an error, Retrieve argument 1 does not match expected type. A PB decimal datatype sent as the parameter works as expected.

If however, the ASE stored procedure has an int datatype for the parameter, there is an automatic cast if a PB decimal datatype is sent as the parameter.

Customer reported this as a regression from PB 5/ ASE version unknown. I did not go back that far and could not see any change in behavior.

690353 Calling any of the following datawindow functions in the SQLPreview event of a datawindow will cause a GPF: Dr Watson reports the crash in PBDWE115!dwTableAggrSortCmp

ResetUpdate Reset RowsMove

690364 Support 64 bit Informix native drivers, IBM no longer has 32 bit in newer versions
690593 Error: Dynamic function not found.

Possible causes include:\npass by value/reference mismatch. at line 5 in event clicked of object m_calldynamicenvent. This message should not show- it should fail silently.

690596 Code that shows problem. the constructor/destructor events of the button is triggered.

w_cb win

win = create w_cb

destroy win

690609 The customer has a simple nvo that uses a datastore in one of its methods. They are deploying this NVO as a .NET assembly using PB 12.5 Classic. After creating the datastore, the dataobject name is assigned to it. They confirm in the code that the datastore is valid. But, InsertRow(0) fails, saying the datawindow is not created.

If they export the dw syntax, include it in the code as an instance variable and do a datastore1.create(<syntax>), it works as expected.

690610 Crash when trying to 'Save As...' of a DataWindow having a long name of more than 40 characters in the DataWindow painter
690727 When a DataWindow is created from syntax and the syntax is a join between a table and a derived table,

the dbName properties in the DataWindow may become wrong.

690732 PBTrimCharColumnsOnly should only work with CHAR columns, as the PBTrimCharColumns also works on VARCHAR columns.
690789 The customer has a datawindow colum that is autosized and the detail band is autosized. The column has 250 characters but it's width is very narrow on the datawindow, only about 2 inches. The text normally autosizes and word wraps correctly. Except when there is a very long word, a word that has more characters than can fit in the 2 inch column. Then PB is truncating that word. For this cusotmer the long words are web site urls and they are not displaying completly. He needs the PB word wrap to break the word up if it is too long and wrap all the text in the word as needed to get all of it displayed.
691166 When a datawindow was created using Powerbuilder (japanese version) and then migrated to PowerBuilder (english version), statictext fields appear truncated.

Static text fields appear truncated. If you have both versions on the same

machine, you can see that the statictext fields are truncated when opened with PB (english). Appears to be using the same fonts.

Resolution: Not a bug. Working by design.

691311 A FETCH on a dynamic embedded SQL statement in Format 3 crashed

when connected to DB2 using an ODBC connection.

691511 PB may crash due to a PB Heap Manager Error "invalid guard suffix" after resizing or moving a graphic object on a DataWindow.
691637 Specific to PB 12.1 and 64-bit OS.

F1 Help: Some HTML books still do not open on Windows 7 64-bit even after the 2 DWORD values were created under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432node\Microsoft\WinHelp as described in documentation.

691716 Using easy soap, Get a Null response when calling a web service method which returns a sub-structure containg an array of structures.

Works fine when using the .Net engine.

691727 Request to properly scroll and highlight the current value of a DropDownDataWindow

when changing the sort in the itemfocuschanged event

691745 Customer would like PB upgrades JARs to be added to EAServer releases along with upgrades to the documentation relating to installing them.
692230 RSP call failing using pbdir with the following error:

(0.002 MS / 3657.667 MS)

(3d63028): SRV 16 #21012 DG21012: [VENDORLIB] Vendor Library Error: DB2 Access Module error (Abend, code = ASRA) <DB2> (0.002 MS / 3657.669 MS)

(3d63028): SRV 16 #21012 DG21012: [VENDORLIB] Vendor Library Error: DB2 Access Module error (Abend, code = ASRA) <DB2> (0.001 MS / 3657.670 MS) (5520.813 MS / 9178.483 MS)

(3d63028): *** ERROR 21012 ***(rc -1) : DG21012: [VENDORLIB] Vendor Library Error: DB2 Access Module error (Abend, code = ASRA) <DB2>

Connecting pbdir with the following dbparms:


Customer believes it is failing or truncating after 32k of data.

692254 Customer is running their application in a Terminal Services hosted environment and are seeing a crash. They would like to know the source of the crash.
692547 Update() & Setrow(1) faulty triggers Rowfocuschanging event if called the first time.
692578 In the DataWindow drag events the dwo object stays "datawindow"

when dragging an object over a textobject instead of the text object's name.

This happens with classic PowerBuilder but winform does not have this problem

and also GetObjectAtPointer is correct.

692649 When DataWindow Unit is "1/1000Inchi(2)" or "1/1000Centimeter(3)", for example,

Y1,Y2 property of line control in DataWindow is warong negative value, a display property values is incorrect after applying it.

692798 When a decimal value is passed to Ceiling PowerScript, MachineCode Exe causes an exception.
692977 This crash occurs only on customers client computers. We are not able to reproduce it on our own systems. ADPLus dump is provided for engineering analysis.
693258 A crash is encountered while doing a describe of a datawindow database column #2.accessiblename property

if there is no visible object counterpart that displays the column value in the datawindow.

This happens for AccessibleDescription, AccessibleRole and AccessibleName.

693550 Issues with date/time datatype mapping in the datawindow

when connecting to MSSQL 2008

Table defined in MSSQL 2008 as:








Connecting with OLEDB driver or with ADO.NET using the provider of SQLOLEDB shows that

date, datetime2(7), datetimeoffset(7), and time(7) are mapping to the char datatype in

the datawindow.

Connecting with ADO.NET using the System.Data.SqlClient namespace is mapping

datetimeoffset(7) to a char datatype in the datawindow.

Connecting with SNC or ADO.NET using the System.Data.SqlClient namespace is mapping

datetimeoffset(7) to a char datatype in the datawindow.

693786 Retrieving 780,000 rows takes up to 2 min on XP but 5 min on Seven.

Executing the same SELECT statement outside PB takes approx 100 seconds either on XP or Seven.Then it takes 20 seconds to display results on XP and more than 3 min on Seven.

693842 When a very long editmask is set with maskdatatype Decimal Mask! or Numeric Mask!,

a PB application may encounter an access violation.

693995 Generating a .NET webform msi file, a resource file

on a network drive, such as a bitmap, is missing from the msi.

Resource file is included if you deploy directly to IIS server. Problem

is only when generating a msi file. Works ok in PB 11.5.1 and PB 12.1.

694459 After migration of PB classic app to WPF when running the WPF app you will get a null object reference runtime error.
694671 PB 12.1 and PB 12.5. In preview mode the DW looks fine but final print result is broken: Starting with page 3 the numbers are shifted by +1. The last number is twice therefore.

The behavior is not easy to reproduce, and so far it happened only once while trying to reproduce the case when printing to the pdfFactory pdf converter.

It is likely to be a 3rd party issue.

694806 Cannot consume an HTTPS web service (EasySoap engine) which uploads an XML file whose size exceeds 1 200 000 bytes.

Error returned is : "Error writing to secure socket, expected to write 1460 bytes, wrote -1 bytes"

695171 Case statement can't pass validation testing in DW Expression dialog.

This issue exists already in PB12.1, and needs to be fixed there as well.

695563 ScrollToRow() does not work in ItemChanged event of a DataWindow object.
695756 Excel12! format results in unreadable content for a DataWindow datetime column, when the regional settings are set to have a comma , as decimal seperator.
695791 ustomer has a WSE webservice that includes WSE security headers that he would like to call using a PB 12.5 NET WCF Client Proxy. Although WCF has username and password, these are not the same as the WSE security header. Can this be done?
695802 Engineering Consult - Customer is having stability issues and crashes with his webform app and has turned on tracing and is seeing exceptions written to the pbtrace.log. The application appears to be working properly and he has resolved some of the errors but he is asking us if these exceptions and/or writing them to the log could be a source of the stability issues.

One such exception he sees frequently is the following:

Exception Type: Sybase.DataWindow.InvalidExpressionException

Exception Message: Sybase.DataWindow.InvalidExpressionException: FindRow had an invalid expression, Expression is : name = Visor

at acy.a(IntPtr A_0, String A_1, Int32 A_2, Int32 A_3)

at Sybase.DataWindow.DataWindowChild.FindRow(String Expression, Int32 BeginRow, Int32 EndRow)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Web.WebDataWindow.a(Int32 A_0, Int32 A_1, String A_2, String A_3, Boolean& A_4, Boolean& A_5, Boolean& A_6, Boolean& A_7, String A_8)

Exception Source: Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataWindow.Win

Exception StackTrace: at acy.a(IntPtr A_0, String A_1, Int32 A_2, Int32 A_3)

at Sybase.DataWindow.DataWindowChild.FindRow(String Expression, Int32 BeginRow, Int32 EndRow)

Question is whether or not these exceptions have any effect on stability and/or memory issues and if undetected could they be contributing to crashes.

696073 Trying to run a WPF .NET 12.5 application from a network drive gave the error:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.IO.FileLoadException' occurred in mscorlib.dll

Additional information: Could not load file or assembly

The executable was build with the option 'Create resource-only assembly on executable'

on the assemblies tab of the project

The issue is due to the .NET security model that has been changed with Framework 4

that by default disallows this operation.


Manually add the following within the <configuration> section of the

application.exe.config file next to the application.exe:



<loadFromRemoteSources enabled="true" />



However each time the application is rebuild the .config file will also be overwritten

and the edit change needs to be re-done.

696083 Enhancement Request to support menu icons for menu items with submenus like

for example in the FireFox bookmark menu.

696744 Performance problem calling a WCF web service with serialization. How to take advantage of the assembly generated by sgen.exe in PowerBuilder ?
696922 With PB 12.5 .NET if you select multiple objects/olumns in the datawindow painter and attempting to move them all at once, it does not work well. It seems as though if you move the group to an edge and you go too far, it still keeps the objects moving independently and not as a group. You end up with them superimposed on one another. This makes it hard to work with complex datawindows unless you move one object at a time. Customer reported giving up and having to start over again many times. Undo works but still frustrating to work in the painter and move several objects at once.

In Classic, if you attempt to move a group past the edge, it stops the entire group and seems to treat all selected objects as a whole.

697058 Customer is trying to use a custom .xaml skin file at the application level and it is not working. When the custom .xaml file is applied to individual controls, they work but customer believes he should be able to use his custom .xaml file at the application level.

From the doc I see the following which says that custom skins can be used on applications.

At design time, you can select system-defined and custom skins for PowerBuilder .NET applications and individual visual controls. You can also allow customers to change skins on applications and controls at runtime.

697060 In PB 12.5 the RTE print margins are slightly different from the PB 11.5 RTE. It looks like the whole document was shifted slightly down and to the right. This customer puts text right to the limit of the margins and this change affects the look of his printed docs. Also one character is now truncated on the right edge in the test case.
697255 Cust has moved a large application from PB 12.0 build 5530 to PB .Net 12.5 build 2511.

He is now facing issues regarding shared code and mainly building times. We would need a best practices guide on how to increase compilation speed/building times.

697735 Customer has crosstab datawindows that at times return no rows. In PB 10.5.2, if they then used GetFullState on these datawindows it worked and returned 0 for the return code. In recent versions including PB 12.5 that they are migrating to, GetFullState on a crosstab datawindow with no rows returned, returns a -1. Tabular datawindows with no rows returned still returns a 0 when using GetFullState.
697748 Customer has a XLSM Excel sheet that he is loading into an ole object from a file. If at this point he activates it offsite, the xlsm file works as expected and displays correctly.

If the customer saves the objectdata to a blob and then tries to reload it to the control, it appears corrupted and once activated offsite either freezes or crashes the application.

Simple xls files work as expected both initially and when saved to a blob and reloaded.

CR 688113 might be related but workaround is not applicable.

697765 When a datawindow is first built from a table, which

has an owner name prefix to the table name, the update works fine. If the

column update properties are changed via the update properties dialogue, the

update then fails as it can't find the table since the

table owner name prefix is lost.

Only a problem in the .NET version of the product.

For example, the datawindow source code is:

retrieve="PBSELECT( VERSION(400) TABLE(NAME=~"" ) COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~""))" update="" updatewhere=1 )

After a change is made via the update properties dialog, the value of the dw source is:

retrieve="PBSELECT( VERSION(400) TABLE(NAME=~"" ) COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~"") COLUMN(NAME=~""))" update="country" updatewhere=1 )

The update="" changes to update="country" causing the update to fail.

697893 RTF datawindow, right edge of text block is truncated after migration from PB 11.5 to PB 12.5. In PB 12.0 or 12.1 it shows also correctly.
698004 "New Page on Group Break" option set as group of DataWindow does not work on DotNet WebForm.
698205 If it exists, PB will open the browser indicated in in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.htm when the user clicks a StaticHyperlink control.

PB should not be using this key anymore and that Microsoft is not maintaining this key.

PB should use other way of determining what is the default browser on the system.

698220 Application using SharedObjectRegister/SharedObjectGet for multithreaded behaviour hangs when compiled to machine code.

The problem only occurs when instantiating a number of shared objects in an array.

698232 When I have a nested report that takes arguments, PB will not prompt to save changes after I modify the argument to the nested report using the ... expression button. Close the painter making no other changes and it never prompts to Save Changes and the changed argument is lost.
698454 PowerBuilder incorrectly handles an output parameter in "%type" format returned from Oracle if NLS_Charset is 'JA16SJIS'.
698500 When many objects are included on a wpf window

of type canvas such as userobjects, group boxes, static texts, and you open the window

in the IDE, the following error appears:

Problem Loading

The document contains errors that must be fixed before the designer can be loaded.

Reload the designer after you have fixed the errors.

Reload the designer

RESOLUTION: Not a bug. XAML was corrupted.

698508 Compiling Winform or webform the following error results:

In PB 12.1 - C0352: Unknown error

In PB 12.5 - C0312: An object reference is required for a nonstatic field, method,

or property

698530 A window has a static text that is bolded, and an sle, mle, and rte. At runtime as you type text into the sle, mle, or rte. The bolded text keeps getting bolder until it becomes fuzzy and almost unreadable. It appears that on each keystroke the bold text is getting refreshed or written over itself again. Similar to CR 683738 on which there has been no action.
698934 Transparent color of icon is not shown correct on 16bit color depth of desktop.
698943 At runtime, we want to change the library search path of the application using SetLibraryList. Whenever an object is used, it is cached and used from the cache next time.

We need a way to clear the objects from memory/cache.

699124 The Randomize function does not work the same in webform as in classic PowerBuilder.

In classic PowerBuilder you always get the same series of numbers if you provide the same seed in Randomize(seed) with subsequent Rand() calls.

But in webform and winform you get different series.

699208 datetime2(3) datatype using SNC and SQLNCI10 is not as described in PB documentation in the column specification for the datawindow.

When using the above driver I see the datetime2(3) column in the column specifications as a simple datetime. The database painter displays as described.

Precision settings When you map to a table column in a SQL Server 2008 database, PowerBuilder includes a column labeled 揇ec� in the Column Specifications view of the DataWindow painter, and a text box labeled 揊ractional Seconds Precision� in the Column (Object Details) view of the Database painter. These fields allow you to list the precision that you want for the TIME and DATETIME2 columns.

699247 Creating a crosstab datawindow in PB .NET causes the

following error:

Unable to create crosstab: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range.

Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection

Parameter name: index

at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)

at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException()

at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.get_Item(Int32 index)

at fv.a(Int32 A_0, Int32 A_1, String A_2, Int32 A_3)

at fv.o()

at fv.p()

at fv.q()

at fv.r()

at fv.s()

at fv.b()

at fd.k()

at fd.aa()

at Sybase.DataWindow.Common.DWDesignTimeService.a(IDWDataSourceInfo A_0, String A_1, String A_2, String A_3, String A_4, String A_5, Boolean A_6, Boolean A_7, String& A_8)

at Sybase.DataWindow.Common.DWDesignTimeService.GenerateCrosstabSyntax(IDWDataSourceInfo dsInfo, String style, String rows, String columns, String values, String sources, Boolean dynamic, String& error)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVSX_PlugIn.PBVSX_DataWindowManager.CreateCrosstab(String DWName, String libraryPath, String select, String style, String rows, String values, String columns, Int32 type, Int32 selectType, SByte isDynamic, String spmr, String args)

699385 Customer would like us to make the Crosstab definition window resizable.

Customer feedback:

"Please make the crosstab dialog screen resizable or at least bigger. Attached ( is a screenshot that shows what the Crosstab Report Generator screen looks like when creating a new crosstab report and then what the Crosstab Definition screen looks like when editing the definition for an existing report. Both screens should look the same and behave in the same manner."

699547 Engineering CR 699208 and they have requested a documentation CR be opened.

datetime2(3) datatype using SNC and SQLNCI10 is incorrect in PB documentation in the column specification for the datawindow. Engineering has confirmed that the SQL Server data type datetime2 is mapped to datetime in PowerScript.

Below is what is in the documentation:

Precision settings When you map to a table column in a SQL Server 2008 database, PowerBuilder includes a column labeled 揇ec� in the Column Specifications view of the DataWindow painter, and a text box labeled 揊ractional Seconds Precision� in the Column (Object Details) view of the Database painter. These fields allow you to list the precision that you want for the TIME and DATETIME2 columns.

This is what engineering has requested it be changed to:

Precision settings When you map to a table column in a SQL Server 2008 database, PowerBuilder includes a column labeled "Dec" in the Columns view of the DB painter, and a text box labeled "Fractional Seconds Precision" in the Column (Object Details) view of the Database painter. These fields allow you to list the precision that you want for the TIME and DATETIME2 columns.

699624 PB crashed using ShowHelp() in PB Classic 12 .NET Windows Forms applications
699822 The customer has an Oracle stored procedure with and OUT parameter of type number. This has a precision of up to 38 digits. They were calling this from PowerBuilder 9 as a transaction object RPC. PowerBuilder maps the number argument to a double. Since they needed more precision, they changed the PB external declaration of the argument from a double to a decimal. This worked fine and they got the precision they needed.

Now they have migrated to PB 12.1. It is no longer working. If they map the external function declaration to a double, then it does work, but they can't get the precision they need. Prior to the call they do a SetNull on the argument and they notice if they comment this out then it works again. This is fine but they have hundreds of calls with setnulls and the do not want to hunt them all down. They also notice that they must now connect in PB 12.1 with a SQLCA.dbParm = "NLS_CHARSET='WE8ISO8859P1" for everything to work correctly. If they remove this the RPC decimal call works correctly even with the setnull. But they need this dbparm for other areas of their application to work correctly.

So they are hoping there is a way to fix this setnull issue and allow the RPC to work with a decimal argument, setnull on the argument prior to the call, and connecting with the NLS_CHARSET='WE8ISO8859P1'.

700100 PB 12.5 Autosize Height does not work correctly on RichText DW columns, but it seems it has worked in PB 11.5.1 build 4566.
700205 A decimal type is converted by double when truncate is used in the formula of DataWindow.
700761 According to the PB doc the return values when doing a setitem to a datastore or datawindow is:

"Returns 1 if it succeeds and �1 if an error occurs. If any argument's value is null, in PowerBuilder and JavaScript the method returns null."

When the datastore or datawindow does not have a datawindow object assigned the return is coming back as null. The customer believes this should be a -1 as the although there is no dataobject assigned, the datastore or datawindow is not null.

700863 If you choose to select "External manifest" in Project > Security painter, PB generates an .exe.manifest file, which must be deployed with the executable file.

Customers may also use tools such as Microsoft.msi, IStool, InnoSetup or InnoIDE.

Once the application is deployed, is it possible to use a custom/generic .exe.manifest file created by customer or does cust always have to use the one generated by PB?

701018 DW Column property DBName has incorrect value when Column Alias is used.

For example if you use the following sql for the DW to be created:

SELECT "emp"."emp_id" as colalias, "emp"."emp_fname", "emp"."emp_lname" , "emp"."dept_id" , "emp"."salary" FROM "employee" "emp"

WHERE ( "emp"."salary" > 50000 )

dbname= employee.colalias in that case.

Expected would be employee.emp_id.

701021 FileReadEx cannot load in ablob a file over 200 Mb.
701111 Copy of cell of Excel cannot be pasted on an Editmask column.
701134 The DW Find function returns True when the test is an expression comparing two strings containing ~n and ~t.

Using the same expression in a DW If() function works as expected (i.e. the expression ("~r" = "~n") evaluates as FALSE).

701399 Even after you close a sheet in an MDI frame window, the toolbar menu on the MDI frame window may be kept highlighted.
701504 Customer has a web form application and they used a tool called WebInspect to see if they have any security issues.

Customer has questions on the results they are seeing and would like to know if there is a solution for what they see as security issues.

701514 Migrated app from PB 10 and eas 5.3 to pb 12.5 and eas 6.3.1.

Java component is passing large amounts of data to a pb component and are getting the following errors:

2012-03-13 00:46:20.134 INFO Thread-85 [JaguarServer] n_cst_alternate cannot get a database connection.

2012-03-13 00:46:20.134 INFO Thread-85 CACHE: jonview_host

2012-03-13 00:46:20.134 INFO Thread-85 SQLDBCODE: 3113

2012-03-13 00:46:20.134 INFO Thread-85 SQLERRTEXT: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 [TransactionManager] Failed to rollback transaction: javax.transaction.SystemException:

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: cm__oci_error: Error rollingback Transaction.

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | 3114 ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at Method)

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at com.sybase.djc.transaction.Transaction.rollback(

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at com.sybase.djc.transaction.Transaction.jdbcRollback(

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at com.sybase.djc.transaction.Transaction.rollback(

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at com.sybase.djc.transaction.TransactionManager.invokeRequiresNew(

2012-03-13 00:46:20.148 ERROR Thread-85 | at com.sybase.djc.transaction.TransactionManager.invokeRequiresNew(

Customers says they disconnect from the database in the deactivate event.

n_cst_xml and n_cst_alternate transaction support is set to requires new transaction

RESOLUTION: Patch from cr694125 resolved issue

701830 New Page on Group Break" option does not work on PB.NET WebForm.
702226 StaticText field in a dw that ends with && shows

incorrectly in the preview view when autosize height is checked.

The text property shows the value as Id&&

From online help for ampersands:

If you want an ampersand to display in the text, type two ampersands, and if you want an ampersand to display and serve as the accelerator key, type three ampersands.

702237 When defining object functions:

Request to not show an error message "Return type is not a valid name"

when leaving the return type of a function blank at the moment you tab out;

instead for example generate "(none)"

702243 Failed to read a file on a Japanease Windows.
702249 Customer EAS on Linux is crashing occasionally and he would like to know why. There is nothing in the log file but he sees hs_err*.log files with PB files being referenced. Can these be used to diagnose the problem?
702465 The following from CR 445351 never made it into the doc set. Customer confirmed that this works in PB 12.5.

Currently in Application Techniques for PowerBuilder components on EAServer is the documented in Table 36-14: PowerBuilder files required on EAServer host with the following:

SOAP clients for EasySoap and .NET Web services (for .NET Web services, the two Sybase.PowerBuilder DLL files must be deployed to the EAServer\Bin directory)

This is wrong for EAS 6 as described in the resolution for CR 446351, and confirmed by the customer. See below copied from the resolution.

We need to document this in our manual and help. The description should look like:

for EAServer 5.x:

Consuming a .NET Web service from a PowerBuilder NVO If you call a .NET Web service from a PowerBuilder component running in EAServer, you must deploy the Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.Runtime.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.RuntimeRemoteLoader.dll and the dynamically generated .NET assembly to the EAServer bin directory.

For EAServer 6.0:

Consuming a .NET Web service from a PowerBuilder NVO If you call a .NET Web service from a PowerBuilder component running in EAServer, you must deploy the Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.Runtime.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.RuntimeRemoteLoader.dll and the dynamically generated .NET assembly to the JDK/bin directory.

702720 Using the DropDownCalendar property for .NET WebForms applications make the application looping endlessly when there is a some coding in the ItemChanged event
702729 Len (space (0) ) and Len (space (-4) ) computed expressions return 1 in a DataWindow but 0 in a PowerScript.
702737 ItemChanged event is triggered when focus is moved from a Date column.

After migration from PB 11.5 to PB12.5 the ItemChanged event is triggered when focus is moved from a Date column even there is no change in the data.

703092 Autoselection not working for a dw column

of type edit. The autoselection property is checked when tabbing thru

the dw, the column is not highlighted.

703094 Datawindow button with picture associated overlays the button text in a web form application.
703782 Script view not displayed when openning a child WPF
703851 PBESCAPEMENTMODE option does not affect background color area.
703900 Customer has a PB 12 WPF application that has been deployed to many workstations. The workstations supposedly had the same image but the customer knows that some may have had additional software installed on them. On most, the application works fine but on some, a small percentage, the application crashes on load.
703902 String value passed to nvo not displaying correctly

in a dw computed field. Computed field is populated by retrieval argument.

String passed into function is used as retrieval argument

On Linux, only the first character is show.

On Solaris, no characters are showing up

Works ok on windows

703921 Customer would like to be able to create a WCF services that he can access from a web services based DataWindow when the service requires arguments.
704189 When connecting to a ASA database using

ADO.NET, it works ok in PB Classic and from the db profiles in PB .NET environment

without specifying a Datasource

When you run an application that is connecting to ADO.NET in WPF runtime, if

the DataSource is not specified, you get an error message is 'Data Source is not provided'

and the connection to the db fails.

RESOLUTION: Use the following syntax: DATASOURCE='DatabaseName=peat125;ServerName=peat;

instead of:


704625 With PowerBuilder being 32 bit but being able to run on 64 bit platforms there are times when the application needs to read the 64 bit registry for values. Current registry functions (RegistryGet, etc) redirect the registry query to the Wow6432Node. PowerBuilder needs new functions for use on a 64-bit computer to read a registry entry from HKLM\SOFTWARE without that redirection.
704661 Trying to create a .NET assembly that implements the following




1. The interface methods pass arguments of type System.Object that PB.Net will not let customer assign to other more restrictive data types (Application and AddIn). Note that he has the same problem with the return from a GetEnumerator function, customer can't assign it to anything useful.

2. Also the code compiles cleanly in the IDE, a full build results in 17 errors.

3. PB.Net does not allow customer to add enumerated values:

StatusOption = vsCommandStatus.vsCommandStatusSupported! + vsCommandStatus.vsCommandStatusEnabled!

705104 WPF datawindow where the source is a stored procedure

and taking in 1 argument. The dw sp argument list has 2 retrieval arguments listed.

When retrieving, it will hang in PB .NET.

Works ok in classic.

705370 OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4015

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: On Windows 7 Enteprise, the WebForms application does not format the editmasks according to the regional culture in ASP.NET and according to machine Regional Settings. English/USA is always assumed.

On Windows 2003, the issue doesn't happen and all works fine.

Original customer needs culture and regional settings set to Spanish/Peru which is ###,###.00.

705372 PowerBuilder.NET 12.5.1. A WPF Window Application connecting to ASE with ASE 15 client does not display retrieval arguments in a datawindow computed field.
705519 After instantiating a soapconnection object and instance,

memory keeps increasing when the webservice is continuously called from a timer


Problem happens in application executable. Memory appears to be reclaimed

when running webservice client from IDE.

705602 DataWindow in preview mode scrolls in an unexpected position.
705833 When using DownloadFile(tmpfilename,false), a

popup window will open and immediately close. There is no option to open or

save the pdf file.

RESOLUTION: Issue caused by IE9's new behavior change

705835 When clicking on a dot notation in a dw,

the pdf will open but in the same window as the webform. There is no way

of going back to the original webform.

RESOLUTION: Not to be fixed. PB Webform limitation.

705983 Application migrated from OLEDB to SNC and seeing different

results with SNC.

The following sql is returning different results for OLEDB vs. SNC:

select *, (select (value_2) from table2 where table2.value_1 = table1.value_1) from table1

With OLEDB, it returns the following error:

Select Error: SQLState = 21000

Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, ,<=, >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression

With SNC, it returns a result set.



OS: winxp

Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 12.5

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.1 (build 7068) and PB 12.5 (build 4525)

Database/Driver File/Version:

Comments: Customers application is handling the OLEDB db error and is causing

problems when they migrated app to SNC.

Customer tried using Mars_Connection=no and MultipleActiveResultSets=false

and same results. Customer would like to see the same from OleDb to SNC

RESOLUTION: Use dbparm of Block=1 to see same behavior as OLEDB

706152 Customer has an old application written in PB 6.5.1 that was using SQL Anywhere 9. He is now migrating the application to PB 12.5 and his new customers have been purchasing SQL Anywhere 11/12.

In powerscript the customer dynamically creates a datastore from SQL syntax such as:

select keyid, signature_id , '' dummy from table

They then import data into this datastore using the datastore function importfile(filename)

The data in the filename contains two numeric columns and a character column. The character column is quoted and is longer than 1 character.


1010 2010 "some data"

2010 3010 "some data2"

When their application executes against a Sybase 9 database the importfile works. When it executes against a Sybase 11 database the importfile generates an error.

The difference is that in Sybase 9 the computed column is created as type char(0) whereas in Sybase 11 it is created as char(1). This is breaking their application. This appears to be a difference in how the database creates the char computed column in PB so it may be a deliberate change from SQL Anywhere 9.

706172 Customer has an EAS 6.3.1 application with PB and other components that runs fine but then crashes every day when it runs out of memory.
706381 When using DownLoadFile() in a webform, provide

same options as the FileManager->Download File link.

The FileManager-> Download file link has the options to open or save a file.

Provide the same 'bar' option to the DownloadFile()

706548 Enhancement request to update the built in PowerBuilder mail functions to work with newer mail standards. With newer mail systems and operating systems, simple mapi is no longer supported.

Support extended MAPI in outlook 2010 or 2013 and allow 64 bit support.

706672 Customer is using a .Net List object (System.Collections.Generic.List<string> names). It creates and you can add elements. If you access it using normal Powerscript array syntax, it works fine if using a long variable as the index:

long ll_index

string ls_name

ll_index = 0

ls_name = names[ll_index]

There are no errors and it works fine. But if you us a literal in the script as an index, there are compile errors. There is a squiggle under the [0] in the script editor. When you hover over the [0] you see the error Cannot find the element "". And when you close the window you'll see the same error. However it runs fine, and a Full Build shows no errors:

string ls_name

ls_name = names[0]

706719 Building a large array and pre-populating the values seem to create a memory issue resulting in an R0015 execution error. Smaller array does not have a problem.
706776 Customer has turned on autosize height on a nested datawindow within a trailer group band. If this nested report in the trailer group band is larger then one page the nested datawindow is truncated. This is long time documented behavior.
706874 Customer uses SyntaxFromSql to create his datawindows and would like to use bind variables (DisableBind=0). When using SyntaxFromSQL the retrieve does the full describe regardless of the setting.

Should PB use the bind variables with SyntaxFromSql or is this not supported? I could not find any limitation in the documentation.

Customer is using Oracle but same behavior can be seen with the demo database and SQL Anywhere.

707498 A mdi application executable that worked in PB 12.5

build (3072) is crashing on opening window in build 4015.

The crash is an invalid pointer read in the gdiplus!CopyonWriteBitmap::GetPixel.

If customer uses the pbshr125.dll from 3072, that app exe works with the 4015 dlls

707674 OS: Windows XP SP3

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5_2511 and 12.5.1_4015

When reading data from a CLOB Oracle column that has a file stored on it into a BLOB variable, the resultant BLOB variable size is the double of the original data/file that was saved on CLOB column. This is affecting customer's routines that depend on file size and he can't migrate from PB 9 to 12.5.x due to that.

It worked fine in older PB 9.x.

707740 Difference in psr file when using "Save File As". opposed to "Save rows as"..

This main datawindow is saved as a Powersoft report and this .psr file is assigned to a datawindow control via .DataObject property.

It returns error: "Load of the nested report failed".

707972 Memory leak can be observed if repeatedly opening and closing a sheet having a menu with icon images (.ico files) within an MDI frame window.
708161 When the CheckBox type column has been located to DataWindow, DataWindow control scrolls and displays a column without the tab order located out of control size.
708370 Is there any way to change an object of type xloc_ReverseSearchOption into an object of type xloc_searchoptionbase? How to avoid a compilation error in Powerbuilder with complexTypes?
708504 Clicking on the header of a column in a multi-table Grid DataWindow caused a crash in PowerBuilder 12 and 12.5.
708506 Customer has EAS 3.6.1 on Linux is crashing occasionally and he would like to know why. Customer installed on new hardware and thought the old CR (702249) was resolved but he is now crashing again.
708923 App is crashing on lds.object.sync_build[1] running

on vmware on thinapp 4.7. App is crashing in the user32.dll.

708926 When an app has print preview set and then

retrieves, app will crash in the pbdwe.

The dw control has setredraw(off) in the retrievestart event and setredraw(on) in the

retrieveend event.

App crashes with a access violation in the PBDWE125!aggrcomputesum

709030 When using setredraw(false), computed fields are

not getting updated after a retrieve.

The computed fields are on the d_icbs12_1_1 datawindow. They are similar to

the following:

Round( Sum( if( GlDeleteCode = 'N' and RecvFlag = 'Y', recvqnt, 0)), 3)

709063 Customer has several applications that they rebuild in the IDE and also with orcascript. On a few, when using orcascript he gets errors but it works in the IDE.
709268 When changing two or more vertical positions of control, Power Builder will replace the order of control.
709321 .Net cvuo assembly feature : When calling Popup() from an assembly returns error-> 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in Sybase.PowerBuilder.WPF.dll
709693 An LF (0x0a) may remain in a column with EditMask "X" of the DataWindow when pressing Ctrl+Enter key in the column.
709758 Toolbar of RichText column overlaps top-part of the text on Windows 7 \ Vista.
710061 When using DataWindow SaveAs PDF with ghostscript 9.x 64-bit

on 64-bit Windows the generation failed.

It was possible to get it to work by performing the following two steps:

- Install the "Sybase DataWindow PS" printer using ghostpdf.inf

Add a new printer as printing to file and use the "have disk" option

Browse to the ghostscript \lib folder and select the file ghostpdf.inf

The printer must be called "Sybase DataWindow PS"

- In the ghostscript \bin folder make a copy of gswin64c.exe and name it gswin32c.exe

710101 Calling webservice issue

Calling webservice from easysoap returned the following response:


SRECV: 1024 bytes

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

content-language: en-US

content-length: 615

content-type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8

date: Tue, 29 May 2012 16:59:22 GMT


server: IBM_HTTP_Server

Set-Cookie: PD-H-SESSION-ID=4_1_o0nWfbKfMHKfe8hAzwFTkLnB4znwwrIbzkzSHsiLctFF65T5; Path=/

Set-Cookie: PD-ID=fRtMg8OgiwDd+wJyvo-WGokwZ2p0STGMl2XPPNaJlI8UY4zMb+v1cLfaTYynlNfPNnwKXILq83SjPpAsmgvvOEO+0j85EkrLCpxWrU1hRBnGUcEkChD-dhROykeIiUZp3cTw8s3umxpkl6saErL4JqtGzLjkZtPWrrxtiM9Ro2bBrURlKE3F9vpRFv5BbYFnSPbZcIZGBCzqiFZUqqv7yjC9ivUhCWwBWQVPqXxieLkygGAw7pecK9ytaIKr2jGNl7L0MImS+N3aB1VQruN6mhojEelwfPD7oHW+AOJdf0Wp1fKRLC50bMf6YicXNRHcKlNb1VoAx531D+Setlu5n3zHKPTjhg303fg48QluFND-A+JNGmv1DPhB6Z0+0bjI8HEdMye38WuJRtlPCpDs6g==;; Path=/; Secure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<Envelope xmlns=""><Body><Fault><faultcode xmlns="">Server</faultcode><faultstring xmlns="">CSMSPEC03 :



</faultstring><faultactor xmlns="">Server</fSRECV: 348 bytes

aultactor><detail xmlns=""><ns1:BusinessError xmlns:ns1=""><LongDescription/><ListEntityID/><TimeOfError>2012-05-29T12:59:22.739-04:00</TimeOfError><ErrorCode>Server</ErrorCode><ShortDescription>CSMSPEC03 :





Connection Disconnected

Customer then tried using .NET to call webservice and receiving a 401 unauthorized request

710391 The MapWinGIS ActiveX SelectShapes function did not pass an array of integers or longs back to PowerBuilder.
710609 Memory leak can be observed if repeatedly opening and closing a sheet having a menu with many submenu items within an MDI frame window.
710886 In previous versions of PB, you could search

on any control, for example datawindow control, and see a button for properties,

events and functions.

If you click on any one of those buttons, you could see all the properties, events

or functions associated with that control. Each of those properties, events or

functions was a link so you could drill down and read the help.

In PB 12.5, that doesn't appear to

exist anymore.

711006 A text field in the footer band with a computed expression

on the visible property is not working properly when used with Filter().

If you clear the Filter first (setfilter("")), than it works ok.

The computed expression is:

if ( sum(if ( (LineAudit > 0 or DetailAudit > 0) and SystemFlag = 'Y', 1, 0) for page) = 0, 0, 1)

computed field - DetailAudit:

if( ( describe('datawindow.table.filter') LIKE "%(gldeletecode = 'N' or gldeletecode = 'Y' or gldeletecode = 'R')" ) AND ( recordtype in ( '4', '5' ) ) and ( tagauditflag = 'Y' ), 1, 0 )

computed field - LineAudit:

if( ( describe('datawindow.table.filter') LIKE "%(gldeletecode = 'N' or gldeletecode = 'Y' or gldeletecode = 'R')" ) AND ( recordtype in ('1' ,'2') ) and ( not isnull( timestamp ) ), 1, 0 )

Customer is setting two separate filters:

isFilter[1] = "( ( recordtype = '2' ) OR recordtype = '4' or recordtype ='5' or recordtype ='8' ) AND (gldeletecode = 'N' or gldeletecode = 'Y' or gldeletecode = 'R')"

isFilter[2] = "( ( recordtype = '2' ) OR recordtype = '4' or recordtype ='5' or recordtype ='8' ) AND (gldeletecode = 'N')"

711021 Customer is using the VSPELL32 OCX. They have a window with an invisible olecustomecontrol associated with the OCX. They use the ocx to spell check text entered into an MLE. It works fine after being migrated to PB 12.5 from PB 10.2. But if they make any change to the window, the olecustomecontrol is being corrupted and it no longer works.
711084 WPF/PB.Net IDE: How to set CVUO position and properties on Grid panel dynamically at runtime

We need to dynamically create user objects and place them at the right positions. So I have to set tup the above properties at runtime. The manual has a brief introduction as using XAML to set the Width parameter of a user object to "auto" but that is not enough.

711091 Problem: A .NET Web Service running as a Windows Service ( URL = https://localhost:8080?wsdl ) is causing PB to hang when accessing the WS.

The Web Service proxy classes are created successfully but when calling the method of this Web Service PowerBuilder hangs. Adding settimeout(10) method of soapconnection class then

the operation times out with run time error and if they stop the Web Service

then PowerBuilder crashes.

711119 Stress testing PB application causes

EAS6 to crash with a invalid pointer error in the pbvm125 dll



RESOLUTION: Use the EAServer's libjcc.dll instead of PowerBuilder's libjcc.dll.

711210 When evaluating the value of the DataWindow function FontHeight()

outside the datawindow then the value of the current row was returned

instead of the specified row.

711455 In standard PB applications, if the ToolbarItemText does not fit on the Toolbaritem square region, it gets truncated with an ellipsis (...) to indicate to the user that there is more text. In a WebForm application, there is no ellipsis. The text is just truncated.
711742 If the datawindow object has a column which is Radio Button edit style, SaveAsAscii & SaveAsFormattedText only generate Radio Button's data value instead of the display value in the reports
712405 WPF Compiler error C0352: Unknown Error on a structure s_mystructure.instance variables

The generated error message was however wrong and was caused by

an error in a different object a global function missing a return value

as indicated by the Compiler log.

712547 SQL statement fails if containing sub-statement
712582 Performance issue:

Components can take 3 to 10 times as long to deploy to EAServer 6.3.1 compared to EAServer 5.5.

712583 Inconsistent behaviour in tabbing if first column is protected
712849 Documentation update request for description of the new dwbuffer argument of the DataWindow function Find()
712858 Enhancement Request for an option to give protected datawindow objects or

datawindow objects with taborder 0 the disabled look that also Window controls have.

713116 Migrated app from PB 12 and when running 'Full Rebuild'

and then running the executable, the application icon (AppIcon) does not appear.

From the project, the 'Create resource-only assembly for executable' is unchecked.

Running the 'Full Build' should copy the icon to the executable, but it does not.

713254 Calling a web service with a proxy array argument from a Webform, Winform or Webservice application did not execute.
713361 When starting the debugger with a breakpoint that is not enabled and enabling it

after the application was started by switching back to the debugger then this

breakpoint may not take effect when switching back to the application.

713900 Allow PB to be proxy aware when it comes to parsing XML. If the DTD is external and behind a proxy server, it will fail even if the system default settings are pointing to the proxy or HTTP_PROXY variable is set.
713925 OS: Windows 7 32-bit Professional or Enterprise

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4015

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 12.0 EASDemoDB125

Comments: On Windows 7 32-bits (Professional or Enterprise) the dw.SaveAs PDF! format always fails with -1 in Web Forms. The same configurations work fine in Windows 2003.

714076 After upgrading from PB 12.1 (build 6639) to (build 6950),

the following error appears when calling a webservice using the .NET engine from a webform.

The XML message cannot be created. Invalid content was found starting with the element 'LoginData'.

No child element is expected at this point.;nested exception is: cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found

starting with element 'LoginData'. No child element is expected at this point.

714418 Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.1_6950

Database/Driver File/Version: Oracle 11.1 and 11.2 client with PB ORA, O10 and O90 interfaces

Comments: By using Oracle 11.2 client, tf tnsnames.ora has this following syntax (for failover purposes), PB ORA, O10 or O90 profiles will result in error "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied"






(HOST = cuda)

(PORT = 1521)




(HOST = cuda)

(PORT = 1521)



(FAILOVER = yes)





(failover_mode =

(type = select)

(method = preconnect)

(retries = 180)

(delay = 10)




If using above syntax to connect from outside PB (e.g. SQL*PLUS), connection is successful.

It seems only the simple syntax (no failover) is accepted:




(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = cuda)(PORT = 1521))






The issue happens only if you use Oracle 11.1 or 11.2 as client. If you use Oracle 10g as client, all syntaxes are accepted.

714420 Multiple attachement fails if the property position is not set.
714508 When DotNet WebForm is used, Header Band of DataWindow scrolls together with Detail Band.
714537 Customer has an application that needs to meet Section 508 accessibility requirements. When running through their automation testing using a third party tool (Testcomplete) problems were noted.

If rows are added to a datawindow, testing tools including AccExplorer.exe do not pick up any added rows even if the testing tool is restarted. The PB application must have all rows in the datawindow prior to starting up the testing tool. If that is the case, all rows show up in the testing tool.

In testing the application the customer believes that the problem is with PowerBuilder.

714553 The customer has text displayed in the footer of a datawindow. It is only displayed in certain conditions so there is an expression in the visible property of the text. The customer is also using setredraw, setting it to false before the retrieve or importing of the data, and setting it to true after the data is loaded in the datawindow. The problem is that if there is only one page of data, and the conditions exist so the footer text should be displayed, it is not being displayed. If there is more than one page of data, then the footer text displays properly on all pages. If there is no setredraw, then the footer text displays properly on a single page.

So the issue seems to be the combination of having a visible expression on footer text, using setredraw false around the retrieval or loading of the data, and only one page of data. In those conditions the footer text is not displaying when it should.

715058 When customer passes the following initdir to GetFileOpenName

ls_initial_path_name = "C:\Users\" + Trim(sle_current_user_id.text) + "\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent"

If this has been run previously and the user navigated to a different directory, the initpath is not used.

715172 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5 GA and 12.5.1 GA

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

SCC: Microsoft SCC: TFS 2010

Comments: When customer has 3 or more users checking in/out objects at same time on same PBL, the following error messages occur:

"Item is already checked-ou elsewhere: $/SIC/Fonte/acesso/acesso.pbg"

Also, sometimes SCC check in is successful although above errors.

715193 Customer has an old application that calls a NADA webservice that he recently converted to a PB 12.5.1 Webform application. The webservice works in both Classic and Webform when the VIN(vehicle identification number) is in their database but in the Webform version if an exception is thrown back, it is not being caught.

As per the PB documentation mscorib.dll has been added to the project. I found the base soapexception, System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException, in the win32 app and tried catching it after adding System.Web.Services.dll to the target but that wasn't caught either and I get the same error coming up.

When running the webform with a bad VIN #, the exception is not caught and you receive an error stating that there was an uncaught System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException exception. As you will see in the testcase, we tried catching the exception many ways and still could not. Is this a bug or do we need to catch this exception with different code?

715352 The customer has a datawindow with data that they are doing a SaveAs (Save Rows As in painter) and selecting Excel12(*.xlsx) with headers. It takes a while but it produces an xlsx file. But Excel is not able to open the file. It does not seem to be generated properly. Doing a SaveAs Excel with headers works fine.
715435 PBDEBUG tracing is being enabled when it shouldn't be when using -deb

As it seems '-deb' is an undocumented equivalent of '/pbdebug' and

it is being parsed inside a string which is not intended for this purpose.

This happens in PCode mode.

715797 Customer has some applications that when they do an orca build from a Team Foundation Server build agent, they always have the error below. When this occurs, the build does not succeed and no executable is generated. If they then relaunch the build directly with the command "orcascr120 build.osc" (build.osc is our command file), the build succeeds without problems.

Faulting application name: orcascr120.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4bb82674

Faulting module name: PBSHR120.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4bb8260f

Exception code: 0xc0000005

Fault offset: 0x00097a00

Faulting process id: 0x17e4

Faulting application start time: 0x01cd644ac7a795bc

Faulting application path: e:\PF\PowerBuilder12\Shared\PowerBuilder\orcascr120.exe

Faulting module path: e:\PF\PowerBuilder12\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSHR120.dll

Report Id: 449a4a1a-d03e-11e1-852a-0050568a00df

Occasionally they see the above error when built on the command line. Other projects build without a problem and the customer cannot figure out the difference.

Customer's TFS build infrastructure is on Windows 2008 Server R2.

715951 When the pbm_keyup event is mapped for a sle,

the pbm_keyup event is not firing.

pbm_keydown is firing ok. Works ok in PB 12.1.

716161 SharedObjects thread freezes the main thread in PB .NET WPF application

In a small example it is demonstrated it works fine for PB Classic and fails for PB .NET WPF.

716164 When using European numeric control panel settings the

data tab of the WPF Datawindow painter shows errornous values and

fractional values cannot be entered.

716636 When inserting '123'||CHR(0)||'456' into a Oracle

varchar(100) column, PB is only returning 123.

This happens in the datawindow and isql.

In sqlplus, it returns 123 456

717182 In PowerBuilder 12.5 the rich text edit control SaveDocument function

created a 0 KB document for FileTypeDoc!

717300 Turning SetRedraw on and off with a filter shows wrong data on second tabpage.
717359 A nested report works ok using the datawindow.PushCutControlToNextPage=yes property. However when that rpt is nested in another datawindow, it no longer works.
717691 The customer has an MDI app. They open a login response window from the frame post open event. If the user fails to log in a Close with return False is done and back in the post open event if a false is returned a Halt Close is done. However, the customer says the app does not completely exit. The powerbuilder app remains on the task bar. But nothing is running that can be seen. This app was migrated from PB 8 where it all worked correctly.

The customer is not able to provide a testcase. My attempts also fail to show anything left on the task bar. However, according to the help a halt close should execute all the closequery, and close event on open windows, and the destructor events on instanciated objects. This is not happening. The closequery and close events on the ancestor frame and descendant frame are not executed. Also there is an instanciated userobject and the destructor event does not fire there either. The only close event that fires is the application object close event.

717778 Ability to align just the text for radiobutton and checkbox controls
717858 Customer is trying to install PB 12.5 on his Windows XP machine. He has successfully installed the pre-reqs but when trying to install PB 12.5 he is receiving the following InstallShield error.

Sybase Common Install - InstallShield Wizard

An error (-5011 : 0080040707) has occurred while running the setup.

717973 he PB compiler is not checking hard datawindow object references in a datawindow control.

You can create a datawindow object and a window with a datawindow control. In the window painter you set dw object name in the dw control dataobject field. All works well. If you then delete the datawindow object from the pbl. You can still do a FullRebuild with no error. You can build an exe with no error. This behavior goes all the way back to PB 9.0 or farther. But it does not seem correct. You can put anything at all in the dataobject field in the painter and it is accepted. It's like it's never verifing a valid dataobject.

In the exe project, if you uncheck the pbd check box on the PBL with the dataobject, then you do get an error at build time for the missing or incorrect dataobject name. But shouldn't you still get that error if the PBD checkbox is checked too? The dataobject doesn't exist.

718120 In PowerBuilder 12.5 the ceiling function returns errornous values

for decimals larger than 32767

718123 The debugger doesn't accept European number format when modifying a variable.
718173 "Transparency (DataWindow objects)" description is wrong. The correct argument is "DataWindow.transparency {= integer}."
718552 PCODE of PB12.x does not detect Runtime Error (R0018).
718713 Compiler Build Error when trying to build a WPF application containing an external assembly:

Error The build was aborted because of an internal failure.

System.ArgumentException: The project file "C:\test\pbtest\main.out\.csproj" was not found.

718849 Customer is migrating their application from PB 8 to PB 12.5 and is having a problem with the number of lines displayed for their dddws. They have a lot of dddw that set the detail height to 0 for some of the rows in the dddw. Once the code is run to set the detail height to 0 for those rows in the dddw that are not to be displayed, and if the first row is the one clicked, the dddw has the full 12 rows as set in design. For all other rows clicked on, the dddw opens with just two lines in the dropdown instead of the 12 lines. All the other rows for the dddw are there, as one can scroll to them, but there are only two lines in the dddw.
719404 When trying to insert more than 16383 spaces on an embedded

insert statement, the following error appears:

ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL

719821 Tested with a PB 12.1 WPF application

Customer has a WPF application which connect to a .Net Web service. He wants to use the Open() and close() method of the base ancestor of the proxy because he sends messages in blocks of 200. With more than 200 it stops for 10 minutes and then works again.

He found out that in VB .NET when he closes and opens the WebService it works fine, but in PB .NET WPF he cannot use Close() and Open().

I could verify in a C# WPF application that the intellisense does show the Open and Close methods but not in PB.

719832 The customer has a Win32 app that is deployed to many hundreds of user's with no problems. They have one user who consistantly experiences a crash. An empty gray window with no text and no title appears. They have been unable to isolate to any code, or find a repeatable sequence that will reliably cause the crash. But this user gets the crash often enough to not be able to use the application. The application is deployed to Windows Server 2008 R2 (Terminal Services).

Looking for anything that will help the customer identify the issue.

719931 Customer is using the month calendar control and trying to set the calendar that initially opens to show the 2014 calendar year, January 2014 to December 2014.

The following code sets it and opens correctly on Windows 7 but on XP the current year opens up until one clicks on one of arrows and then it is set to be the correct dates.

mc_1.setdatelimits(date('2014-01-01'), date('2014-12-31'))

OS: Fails on XP only, works on Windows 7

719934 Customer is trying to create a PB .NET assembly that used global variables.

The documentation states the following:

The global objects in the PB Assembly are not instantiated. They require a reference to the instantiated variables from the application. Pass the global variable instantiated in the application into the PB Assembly and assign it to the global variable defined in the PB Assembly target.

Writing code in a function in a PB Assembly to set global variables to those of the main app does not compile and results in the following errors.

Target CoreCompile

Csc: Error CS0200 f_setglobals(QRCerror.Cmessage.Ctransaction.Cdynamicstagingarea.Cdynamicdescriptionarea.) (1,3): Property or indexer 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBApplication.Error' cannot be assigned to -- it is read only

Csc: Error CS0200 f_setglobals(QRCerror.Cmessage.Ctransaction.Cdynamicstagingarea.Cdynamicdescriptionarea.) (2,3): Property or indexer 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBApplication.Message' cannot be assigned to -- it is read only

Done building project "ClientFramework.csproj" -- FAILED.

This same code will not compile in an application target

It does compile in Classic

720022 Deploying an inherited WebService that was based on pfc objects gave an error:

Error: C# compilation error when invoking pbwsemit.exe

720061 Customer reports that the old Informix 9 and 10 native drivers included with PB 12.5.1 do not work in some situations with the newest Informix 11.7 Client software.

When upgrading our Informix driver to V11.70.FC5, we started receiving a database error for Decimal or money value exceeds maximum precision for some of our datawindows. The datawindow causing the problem has computed fields in the SQL defined as an amount field from the database table times 0.00 and the field is defined as decimal(2) in the datawindow. The data type of the field in the table is decimal(16,2). We found that if the new driver is being used and the SQL is modifed in the Datawindow Painter, the data type of the computed field is changed from decimal(2) to decimal(0) and then the error does not occur. But we can't have this field as decimal(0). We also found that the error does not occur if we update the date type of the computed field to be decimal(4) in the datawindow. While this is a workaround, we do not want to have to make this change everywhere in our application so for the moment we are using an older version of the Informix drivers.

Most recent Informix support info found in documentation is the following for the previous version of Informix.

Informix 11.5 Support

PowerBuilder 11.5.1 applications and components work correctly with the Informix 11.5 DBMS through the I10 interface, although new Informix 11.5 features are not supported in this release. You can use the 110 Informix v10.x database driver to connect to the Informix 11.5 DBMS, but this also requires that you upgrade the Informix client from Informix SDK 2.9 to Informix SDK3.5.

720138 Using setbasicauthentication for a soapconnection will use the first call unauthenticated, and then will do a second one with uid and pwd.

PB works against spec like, however we require a setting such as preemptive authentication in order to prevent the first call.

720212 A datawindow button that is first in the tab order is skipped and initial focus is on the next object.
720241 PB IDE/PCODE of PB12.x does not detect Runtime Error (R0018).
720297 The customer has windows with lots of objects on them. Often a descendant window inherits from a parent, and both have many objects so the descendant can have hundreds of controls. This causes the tab order values to exceed the 999 limit that you see if you change a tab order. Since PB always re-numbers the tab order with intervals of 10, some of their windows end up with tab order values that exceed 3000. This was not a problem in previous versions of PowerBuilder. But now in PB 12.5, if they open the window in the panter and do a Format->Tab Order, PB crashes.
720398 In a PB.NET WPF target, if you have an existing datawindow and you add a new column, PB crashes.
720437 A child window has a datawindow and an MLE on it. If the chaild window has a titlebar, you are unable to edit the MLE. Also the you can't click in the datawindow string column or date column, although you can tab to them. If the child window has no title bar then it behaves as you would expect, the MLE is editable and you can click in the string column and the date colmn of the datawindow.
720479 PB 12.5 includes SQL Anywhere 12 and the doc cites a restricted runtime SQL Anywhere 12 engine that can be freely deployed. There is no rteng12.exe included with SQL Anywhere 12. Doc has mixed versions, path for SQL Anywhere 12 but db is rteng11.exe, which is not installed with PB 12.5.

Several places in the PB 12.5 documentation reference rteng11.exe and/or the restricted runtime SQL Anywhere db engine that customers can distribute freely. Is there still a version of the db engine that customer can distribute for free? If so, updated directions need to be included.

Several issues:

1 - rteng11.exe would have been the version for SQL Anywhere 11 and not 12. There is no rteng12.exe included with the SQL Anywhere 12 database installed with PB 12.5. See below for one instance where the versions seem to be mixed, SQL Anywhere 11 and 12.


"Driver"="C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\


"Start"="c:\program files\sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin32\

rteng11.exe -c9m"



"Description"="Database for my application"

"DatabaseFile"="C:\Program Files\myapps\myapp.db"


2 - This might be a bigger issue as it is now unclear if there is a free runtime version of SQL Anywhere that can be deployed. See below from the doc, there is also no RuntimeEdition.html file installed with SQL Anywhere 12 and the one for SQL Anywhere 11 appears to be in Chinese.

"If your application uses a standalone database, you can deploy the SQL Anywhere Desktop Runtime System to users� computers without incurring additional license fees. The runtime system allows the user to retrieve and modify data in the database, but does not allow modifications to the database schema. It does not support transaction logs, stored procedures, or triggers.

A full installation for the SQL Anywhere driver, runtime engine, and supporting files is available in the PowerBuilder setup program. Table 36-9 lists some of the files that are installed. For more information see the RuntimeEdition.html file in the installed SQL Anywhere directory. It contains a list of all the SQL Anywhere files that can be freely deployed with PowerBuilder applications to end users' computers."

720492 WCF WS namespace attribute being ignored
721055 Customer has EAS 3.6.1 on Linux is still crashing occasionally and he would like to know why.
721256 Datawindow saveAs in Excel12 format does not work on W2008 64 bits
721280 Performance of .NET web service using xml serializer

is slower than in PB 11.5.

Performance is slower on first call and subsequent calls.

Webservice is using xml serializer workaround with the sgen.exe tool.

RESOLUTION: Upgraded to PB 12.5.1 (build 4953) and performance improved

721495 Using OLEObject for Microsoft Web Browser, can't select the item in the drop down list
721647 Customer has a treeview datawindow that has a tab order on the header text fields and when run and tabbed to PB crashes. Also crashes for simple tabular datawindows with a tab order on the header.
722533 return value of Upperbound() is different between pcode and machine code applications
722575 When editing Tab and Tabpages in the XAML Editor sometimes edited names can get

out of sync with the the script editor, solution explorer and PB Object Outline views.

722681 The child window which inherited Windows with a tab control cannot save the change

at the time of a design for the order of a tab page.

722764 Strange errors from libjcc.dll from PB 12.5 on stdout or stderr when connecting to EAServer:

- Jaguar or Jaguar_client_root environment variable not set.

- Certicom Security Builder GSE not installed.

Please refer to EAServer troubleshooting guide.

Failed to load library: C:\Work\EAS\6.3.1\EAServer\dll\defaultmem.dll, reason: The specified module could not be found.

- JAGSSL=(null)

722817 When data with a line fewer than the size of DataWindow control is shown, the lowest line may hide by HScrollbar validated at the time of execution.
722958 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows 7 32-bit

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4595

Database/Driver File/Version: IN10 native interface


We have a customer that migrated from:

PB 6.5

IN7 native driver

Informix cli 32

OS: Windows 2000

Processor: Intel Pentium 4


PB 12.5.1_4595

IN10 native driver

SDK Informix 3.7 TC2

OS: Windows 7 32-bits

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

After that, customer is experiencing two migrated datawindows that, when in QueryMode enabled, the query below delays around 12-15 seconds more to return response:

SELECT re_s47_tapa.cia_genera_s47 , re_s47_tapa.ofic_genera_s47 , re_s47_tapa.ruta_oper_s47 , re_s47_tapa.fecha_s47 , re_s47_tapa.num_s47 , re_s47_tapa.sesion_s47 , re_s47_tapa.status_s47 , re_s47_tapa.cia_destino_s47 , re_s47_tapa.ofic_destino_s47 , re_s47_tapa.nro_valijas , re_s47_tapa.cantidad_comp , ruta.nombre_ruta , re_s47_tapa.ap_012_num_cta , re_s47_tapa.num_cli , re_s47_tapa.orden_apertura , re_s47_tapa.nro_plomo , re_s47_tapa.nro_envases , re_s47_tapa.monto_comp , re_s47_tapa.fecha_sinc FROM re_s47_tapa , ruta WHERE ( re_s47_tapa.cia_genera_s47 = ruta.num_cia_ruta ) and ( re_s47_tapa.ofic_genera_s47 = ruta.num_ofic_ruta ) and ( re_s47_tapa.ruta_oper_s47 = ruta.num_ruta ) and (((re_s47_tapa.fecha_s47 = DATETIME (2012-10-05) YEAR TO DAY))) ORDER BY re_s47_tapa.cia_genera_s47 ASC, re_s47_tapa.ofic_genera_s47 ASC, re_s47_tapa.ruta_oper_s47 ASC, re_s47_tapa.fecha_s47 ASC, re_s47_tapa.num_s47 ASC (13.219 MS / 7202.009 MS)

The same query is fast with previous PB 6.5 (1-2 seconds only). And curiously, this above same query also runs very fast from within PB 12.5.1 DB Painter and by using same IN10 interface. So, it磗 isolated that queryMode is causing some slowness in 12.5.1 somehow - not sure why.

Both syntaxes below cause the slow response from datawindow. And if customer uses syntax #1 (below), the query delays +2 extra seconds else.

1.- dwc_1.Modify("Datawindow.QueryMode = yes")

2.- dwc_1.Object.DataWindow.QueryMode = "yes"

722961 There were intermittent crashes after 10 minutes of inactivity in a shared EAServer PowerBuilder component that performs OLE functions on Word.
723204 Migrated application from PB 10.5 to PB 12.1 and pb

is crashing on a large retrieve using nested datawindow.

Customer is trying to retrieve approx 3000 pages. Using sql server 2008. Customer

running app on winxp

Crash is a access violation in the pbdwe120.dll -- pbdwe120!dwtable::resetcontent

RESOLUTION: Application had reached the UserProcessHandleQuota of 10000. Once that

was increased to 16000, application worked ok. No more crash. After the change, the UserObject (in taskmgr) for the application reached 14805

723383 PB IDE cannot detect the user DLL who exists in a current folder after connecting with Orace Database using Oracle Client.
723465 When compiling WPF application using the Ribbon control,

the following error results:

Unknown build error, 'Method 'get_Command' in

type 'System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.RepeatButton' from assembly 'PresentationFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' does not have an implementation.

Line 8 Position 140.' 9 141 wpfapp (D:\pse\pse-125\11761843\WPFRibbon)

723865 A nested report works ok using the datawindow.PushCutControlToNextPage=yes property. However when that rpt is nested in another datawindow, it no longer works.

cr717359 fixed the datawindow.pushcutcontroltonextpage=yes

for pb classic but pb .net still having issue

RESOLUTION: datawindow.pushcutcontroltonextpage=yes not supported in PB .NET

724031 Consult on:

When changing application Right to Left using WinApi SetProcessDefaultLayout the DataWindow dddw and ddlb don't expand.

724043 Customer uses copyrtf() with just an image that has been cut and pasted from Excel and in PB 10.5 they received back an rtf string. They are currently using PB 11.5 and they are getting back an empty string. Tested in PB 12.5.1 and this still returns and empty string.

Through testing, if there is any text including a space along with the pasted image, an rtf string is returned.

724378 App migrated from PB 11 to PB 12.5.1 stops responding.

The mdi application has an external datawindow with a taborder

724524 Ability to set paper size in script so that

when you print the rte control, it will go to the automatic paper tray and

print the document out.

Customer can set the paperheight or paper orientation in script.

For example, when they want to print legal size, it does not automatically print

to legal size paper

724597 Pb component is EAServer cluster environment is not failing over correctly when cluster member(s) is/are down.
724644 A call is executed with an array argument to a webservice, but only a nill argument is passed to the webservice call.
724798 Customer has problems to call a web service that requires basic authentication with user and password in soap header security information.

We tried both classic (.net ws proxy) and including with WCF proxy and it did not work. After I asked that the web service should send the required question to the client in order for the client to respond using the header infos we now get an 401 authorization error.

724809 Datawindow with computed fields referencing other compute fields with cumulativeSum() cannot be opened anymore once migrated to PB .Net.
724824 Customer is trying to migrate a very large legacy PB application to PB 12.5.1 .net. When they add pbls to the target, they get errors with no helpful information to lead them to what they need to change. This results in many hours of work to find what object is causing the problem.

The customer is aware of CR 647772.

In earlier builds the customer was getting the following error on a full build:

Dependency Check Error code -1073740791 Unable to continue

The pbcompiler log says : Compile Report is corrupt

With build 4953, I am getting the following:

-------- Full build target: Trax2 --------

Checking project settings...

Using Project p_Trax2_wpf

Building Trax2.exe:

Launching PowerScript compiler process...

Generating XAML descendants...

XAML generation complete.

Copying PowerBuilder resources to output directory...

Copy complete.

PowerScript compile in progress...

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724846 Customer has an application that when deploys crashes in pbshr120.dll once their login window comes up the second time as a result of a timer event.

For me this application also randomly crashes in the IDE but not for the customer. I'm not sure if there is some kind of corruption as the objects have been migrated through many versions of PB starting in PB 6.5. The crash in the deployed application is consistent though and changes I've tried to the code have not resolved the problem.

725084 OS: Windows 2003 SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4595 older PB 8.0 GA (no patches)

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: A large (11.2GB) txt file populated by FileWrite method delays 7 minutes to complete in PB 12.5.1. Same exact application delays around 3 minutes in older PB 8.0 application to populate same file.

725289 Treeview datawindow, scrolling through the rows shows a memory leak only in the executable. Tested with both pcode and machine code. When run in the PB IDE, the memory leak is not present.
725298 The customer has a app the uses the RTE control. They have user's that type in text and also use the Print Screen button or Alt-PrintScreen button to capture a screen print and paste it into the RTE control. They may do this many times. Then subsequently they use the rtename.SaveDocument ( filename ,FileTypeDoc!) to save a .doc file. This file in PB 10.5 contained all the screen shots embedded in the document. They then process this file external to PB.

But now in PB 12.5 when the doc is saved both a .doc file and a separate .wmf for each screen shot is created. The screen print graphics are no longer embedded into the document file. Both PB 10.5 and PB 12.5 use the TX control, so this apprears to be a regression after the RTE change over to the TX Control.

We found another issue than mentions the PB function rte.InsertPicture(). This does embed an image, but is not very useful to this customer for the way they are constantly grabbing screen images and pasting them into the RTE. There is no easy way for them to use insertpicture for their users to workaround this issue.

According to this link: the TX control does have a property to determine if images are embedded or linked, and another property to set the format on images. So it would seem that if these properties were made available in PowerBuilder, that users could have the flexibility to do what they need either way.

725442 The issues customer would like answered or enhanced to work in PB.NET:

1. When a .Net method allows a null to be passed for an object reference, how do we do that in PowerBuilder.Net?

2. When a .Net method expects a certain type or interface, how can we explicitly cast an object to that method or type so that the PowerBuilder compiler will accept it. It's the PowerBuilder compiler that isn't accepting the value, not .Net.

725507 After migrate from PB6.5x, customer reports that a batch process at PB side take much longer than before.
725975 The customer has an EAS 6.3.1 failover cluster. He is using PB 12.5 components. The testcase has a simple function call that returns a string. They are putting up a messagebox in the function before returning the string. This messagebox displays on the server node handling the call. If you shut down that node without clearing the messagebox, the client is getting an error. It is not failing over.
726042 SaveAS does not save the data over column display width at a WMF file.
726113 Customer's users are complaining as they are seeing their CPU usage spiking to 25-30% on datawindow expression global function calls.
726215 OS: Windows 2003

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4595

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: AddLargePicture() method takes longer to finish from within executable when .png or .ico pictures are involved.

The same repro application takes around 1 second to finish from within PB interface and 3+ seconds to finish when run from within executable generated by PB (either P-Code or Machine Code generation).

726695 When leaving a RighToleft column to move to a Non-RTL column, PB keeps the RTL keyboard.

With useDefaultKeyboardLayout it would switch the keyboard.

In PowerBuilder 11.5, 12.0 and 12.5 the parameter useDefaultKeyboardLayout=yes

does not have the same effect anymore when switching between RTL and LTR languages.

726700 In a nested report, objects are overlaying the footer, when they should be pushed to the next page. This happens when you have an environment variable DW_PUSH_CUT_CONTROL_TO_NEXT_PAGE=yes or =no defined! Either way it does not push the cut controls. If you do not have this environment variable defined then it does not push as expected. In this case when it is not defined if you set the datawindow property dw_1.Modify('datawindow.PushCutControlToNextPage=yes') then it pushes the cut controls correctly for that datawindow. But if you have both the datawindow property and the environment variable set to yes, it should push obviously but it does not. This is a problem with the environment variable.

It would also seem that what should happen is that the code should override the enviornment variable such that I could have all datawindows do what the enviornment variable is set to and override that behavior on specific datawindows with the dw property. I think that is how it should work.

726726 Starting with build 4953, PrintOpen is returning a -1 any time the showprintdialog argument is false:

Job = PrintOpen() //this fails with -1

Job = PrintOpen("Print Window",false) //this also fails with -1

Job = PrintOpen("Print Window",true) //this code works

726731 RightA() may return empty or crash on PowerBuilder .Net if a very long multi-byte string is specified.
726814 The following is the documented behavior for sorting data on a column with null values. Customer would like an enhancement request to be able to sort by a column with nulls and have the sort follow the sort order on the database side.

"When you sort a DataWindow on a specified column, rows with null data remain at the top, regardless of whether you choose ascending or descending order for your sort criteria. The sort order is performed on a result set returned from a database, but is not necessarily the same sort order used by the database (to return the result set) when an ORDER BY clause is used in a SQL query. "

727162 Webservice proxy client using decimal datatype in return structure is ignoring the decimal seperator in non english environment.
727287 A Paint() function fails in initialization of the Graphic class of GDI Plus.
727449 When using the 'Windows Style Classic' property from the application project, an exe does not have the same behavior as in the IDE when 'Use Windows Classic Style for XP' is checked.

When 'Use Windows Classic Style for XP' is checked, pb adds UseVer5Control=1 in the

pb.ini. By using that property, when a commandbutton has focus, a dotted line

around the control on focus.

When checking the 'Windows classic Style', in the application project and then

running the executable, the dotted line is missing around the commandbutton on focus.

727829 A feature request to implement an option to make RB raise a runtime error when arithmetic overflow occurs.
727830 Overflow of real, double, and decimal values doesn't cause a runtime error.
727843 Tested with PB

The webservice worked in 11.5, but when migrated to PB 12.5.1 (classic), they get this error when trying to deploy it:

a_wf_ctn_act.asmx.cs(2111,28): error CS0012: The type 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.WinWebDataWindowCommon.PBDataStore' is defined in an assembly

Error: C# Compilation error when invoking pbwsemit.exe

728607 OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows 2003 SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: When inserting a standard visual UO into a Window and running the app that opens this window, PB hangs and CPU peaks to 100%.

728619 Customer is trying to use ASE 15 with a a function based index on a table. In PB ISQL, the rows are retrieved but when trying to create a datawindow with this table the following error is seen:

Cannot Create Datawindow

Name 'sybfi2_1' is reserverd for internal use by Adaptive Server.

Please use a different name.


'sybfi2_1' is the name of the function based index.

Is this a bug or is the use of function based indexes not supported?

728727 In the Users Guide -> Creating Executables and Components -> Defining an executable application project, it list the following for the Windows classic style option:

Select this to add a manifest file to the application that specified the appearance of the controls as an application resource. When a user runs the application on Windows XP with the Windows XP style for controls set in the control panel, all PowerBuilder windows, DataWindows controls that mirror standard Windows controls and other controls, display with the new style.


However when the Window classic style is selected in the application project painter, no manifest file is created.

According to engineering:

It 抯 actually for an option 揘ew Visual Controls Style� in application project before PB11. The option was changed to 揥indows Classic Style� from PB11. Checking the option 揥indows Classic Style� will remove the manifest file from the exe file. the manifest file is embedded into exe file by default from PB11.

728740 Customeer has a ddlb that dynamically initializes its list in its constructor and opening it in code.

dropdownlistbox iddlb

openuserobject( iddlb, 'u_ddlb_pbllist',1,1)

When the userobject is dynamically opened inside a CVUO, the constructor is double

But when dynamically opened on a window the constructor is only singly called.

Statically creating the ddlb inside a CVUO by placing it in the form surface in the painter, the constructor is only single called.

728832 Print Preview of a DataWindow may show garbled characters on .NET of PB 12.5.1 if the DataWindow has 2 or more Text objects and the fonts of those Text objects are different Japanese fonts such as MS Gothic, MS P Gothic and MS UI Gothic.
728848 The Source Control currently used is Perforce ( ).

It can use Unicode but if the HEXASCII behaviour is right its not necessary.

Now when exporting using HEXASCII encoding Umlaut characters are not encoded correctly.

Problem exists in PB Classic, earlier Build 4595 is OK.

As it seems also characters with accents are not correctly translated in HEXASCII.

728876 The customer is asking how PowerBuilder supports line breaking rules for complex languages such as Thai. They have installed the appropriate Language Pack for Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 and that works for other applications such as MS Word. But it does not work for the Datawindow's Column and Computed fields.
728964 Rand PowerScript function not working in a PB .NET WebService
729260 Migrated from PB9 to PB12.5 and when calling db2 stored procedure in the datawindow or isql returns the

following error:

[IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0115E Invalid cursor state. SQLSTATE=24000

The following is from the odbc trace:

PB125 ba4-1964 EXIT SQLPrepareW with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)


WCHAR * 0x01211008 [ -3] "{call SYSPROC.DB2CONC4(IPARM1 = 'RR70293 SUNDARS 36644139322', IPARM2 = 'RR70�12�10398034� � � � �000.00�XXXX� � ')}\ 0"


PB125 ba4-1964 ENTER SQLExecute


PB125 ba4-1964 EXIT SQLExecute with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)


PB125 ba4-1964 ENTER SQLNumResultCols


SWORD * 0x0012C928

PB125 ba4-1964 EXIT SQLNumResultCols with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)


SWORD * 0x0012C928 (0)

PB125 ba4-1964 ENTER SQLNumResultCols


SWORD * 0x0012C910

PB125 ba4-1964 EXIT SQLNumResultCols with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)


SWORD * 0x0012C910 (0)

PB125 ba4-1964 ENTER SQLSetStmtOption




PB125 ba4-1964 EXIT SQLSetStmtOption with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)




PB125 ba4-1964 ENTER SQLExtendedFetch




SQLULEN * 0x0012A2A8

UWORD * 0x01265008

PB125 ba4-1964 EXIT SQLExtendedFetch with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR)




SQLULEN * 0x0012A2A8

UWORD * 0x01265008

DIAG [24000] [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0115E Invalid cursor state. SQLSTATE=24000 (-99999)

PB125 ba4-1964 ENTER SQLErrorW

HENV 0F211C18



WCHAR * 0x0EE29094 (NYI)

SDWORD * 0x0012A28C

WCHAR * 0x0139F610

SWORD 1026

SWORD * 0x0012A29A

RESOLUTION: Customer used workaround of DB2CODEPAGE=1208

729293 Customer is trying to create a webform application and when he tries to save it, he crashes. We have checked to make sure he has all .net requirements and he appears to.

He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the crash still appears to be happening.

729380 PowerBuilder 12.5.1. Build 4953:

When importing numeric XML data into a decimal(2) DataWindow column only the first digit is imported

729670 Customer is trying to create a PB .NET 12.5 Assembly and receives the following when trying to add a reference for a third party assembly:

Could not load file or assembly 'acPDFCreatorLib.Net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8aedc7a81d17941d' or one of its dependencies.could not load file or assembly 'acPDFCreatorLib.Net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8aedc7a81d17941d' or one of its dependencies. Attempt to load an unverifiable executable with fixups (IAT with more than 2 sections or a TLS section.) (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131019)

(IAT with more than 2 sections or a TLS section.) (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131019)

I can add this assembly to a C# class library, to a C# WPF application and also to a PB Classic .NET assembly but I cannot add it to the PB .NET assembly or PB .NET WPF application.

Is this a PB. NET bug or a limitation because of the third party assembly?

729698 When editing a large string in the debugger, the string

variable will get truncated and data will be lost.

The string variable has over 20,000 characters.

730021 Customer has some datawindows that they have been running connected to SQL Anywhere. They now have some customers that use SQL Server so are trying to migrate their application so that these customers can use their application.

If their datawindow has computed columne defined in the datawindow such as the following:

.01 + .01 as net_grant

when they run the datawindow created in SQL Anywhere with SNC and do anything to the datawindow to force the datawindow to update, the update properties now have the computed column as the identity column which is incorrect. You can change it back to (none) but if there are multiple computed columns and you remove one, the next one shows up.

In the datawindow source you can see that this has been changed. The

SNC datawindow that it has added identity=yes, see below.

SNC dw = column=(type=decimal(2) updatewhereclause=yes identity=yes name=net_grant dbname="net_grant" )

Original SQL Anywhere = column=(type=decimal(2) updatewhereclause=yes name=net_grant dbname="net_grant" )

730125 Customer has a COM Interop .NET assembly that works in VS 2010 but in PB 12.5.x .NET does not seem to expose the GET and SET methods.

In VS 2010, one must 'Embed Interop Type' to False. This appears to be new .NET 4 functionality for COM Interop.

This code compiles in PB 12.1

EpicPremier.ConceptOne.Interop.PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveX i_pdfapp

i_pdfapp = create EpicPremier.ConceptOne.Interop.PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveXClass

System.Object x

x = i_pdfapp.get_ObjectAttribute("x", "y");

In PB 12.5.x .NET the last line of code generates IntelliSense error 'Cannot find the element 摂.'

EpicPremier.ConceptOne.Interop.PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveX i_pdfapp

i_pdfapp = create EpicPremier.ConceptOne.Interop.PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveXClass

System.Object x

x = i_pdfapp.ObjectAttribute["x","y"]

This version is OK with Intellisense

x = i_pdfapp.ObjectAttribute

but the project compiles with

揑ndexed property 'EpicPremier.ConceptOne.Interop.PDFCreactiveX.IPDFCreactiveX.ObjectAttribute' has non-optional arguments which must be provided�

730387 Long standing and documented limitation of the datawindow is to not have one row span multiple pages. In older versions of PB the wordwrap utility was a workaround but as that is not officially supported, customer would like this functionality implemented into the core PowerBuilder product.

The following is contained in the documentation link below. Customer's immediate problem is a very large text column that may at times be larger than the size of the custom page, he would PB to handle this automatically.

"Handling large rows To avoid multiple blank pages or other anomalies in printed reports, never create a DataWindow object with a data row greater than the size of the target page. To handle large text-string columns, break the large string into a series of small strings. The smaller strings are used to populate individual data rows within a nested report instead of using a single text column with an autosized height. "

Customer's justification for this is below:

"It would be helpful if the software performed this automatically instead of using the work around by utilizing the wordwrap.dll. Since the wordwrap.dll is no longer supported, that means that it could stop working with any release with no other resolution in place.

This is an important aspect needed for my application and many other from all of the message boards that I have read over the last two days. While reviewing this, I noticed that even Microsoft Access performs this functionality with no issues and no additional coding needed. This should be part of PowerBuilder to stay as part of the leaders in Application Development, otherwise users will start moving to products that perform these functionality effortlessly."

730479 Do we offer MAPI mailsend for Mail/outlook 64bit support in powerbuilder 12.5 on 64 bit OS ?
730752 Customer is using a Word 2010 .dotx template file and retrieving the data from the database. When finished filling in the data, the data fields are misplaced and all up in the left hand corner of the document.

Is Word 2010 and .dotx files supported in PB? Customer believes the code is correct as they have done this in older versions of PB and Word but I am not sure if there might be changes in the WORD object model.

730809 Even if you try to open a Help window from the Properties of the DataWindow painter, the Help window does not appear.
730921 Customer has an app the does a HALT CLOSE in the destructor event of an nvo. It is causing a crash.
731412 Please add to docu:

We support only Outlook 32bit versions, and Simple MAPI in PB 12.5.

Outlook 64 bit is currently not supported.

731712 Thread safety problem; when calling a PowerBuilder nvo, deployed as a .NET assembly, within a multithreaded environment, sometimes a Messagebox appears:

System.NullReferenceException: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.PBSession.get_Currentsession() at c__testproject.InitAssembly()

731714 Handle leak when calling PowerBuilder 12.5 generated assemblies.
731949 The customer has a PB 9 app that processes very large reports. He retireves the reports in a separate thread and once retrieved does a GetFullState to pass a blob back to the main PB thread. He can retrieve reports up to just under 1 Gig, and then the GetFullState will double the memory usage but still be under the 2 Gig limit. All works fine as long as he keeps the reports under 1 Gig. He does this by monitoring the datawindow storage property.

He is migrating this applcation to PB 12.5. But he is finding that the thread in PB 12.5 is crashing when it reaches just 1 Gig of total memory. So he is limited now in PB 12.5 to reports of under 500 meg which when doubled by the GetFullState will stay under the apparent new limit of 1 Gig.

Why is this happening in PB 12.5? Why can't he get the same 2 Gig of total memory usage as he had in PB 9?

732053 Customer is saving a group datawindow using SaveAsFormattedText as a csv file and when later opened in Excel the computed fields in the header have extra cells between them. When one opens either the .csv or .txt file you can see extra comma separators.
732087 Setting transparency property does not make a selected item transparent in a DropDownListBox.
732089 Transparency property does not take effect on an EditMask if getting and loosing a focus on the EditMask control.
732125 When using Isolation Level Read Uncommited ('RU') with a SNC SQL Native Client\OLEDB connection to MS SQLServer a retrieve in the DataWindow and DataBase Painter blocked on a retrieve on a table having an update lock on it.

In a running PowerBuilder application however, setting SQLCA.Lock = 'RU' did take effect and the retrieve was not blocked.

732127 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: During DW runtime while in Web Forms, the row datawindow variable does not return zero when dw object header is clicked

732188 PowerBuilder may crash if a very long expression is specified in the SELECT list if NLS_Charset is 'JA16SJIS'.
732312 Customer is using a Citrix farm with PB IDE installed using served licenses. Every time the developer logs in, he might get a new hostname from the Citrix farm, requiring a new license from the server. Hence the uses are running out of licenses quickly.
732457 A Button placed in an N_Up DataWindow evaluates expressions for the wrong row when firing the buttonclicked event.
732478 Customer calling a .net webservice from a PB client application

and PB is hanging. Problem only appears to be a win7.

The webservice is using xmlserialization. Customer created a 'pregen' xmlserializer dll. From process monitor, it shows the pregen xmlserializer dll being loaded. However, PB is still creating the *.cs temp files and compiling it to another pregen dll.

casemgt.exe CreateFile C:\coris\DocMgrRetrieverForPowerBuilderService.XmlSerializers.dll SUCCESS

Notice that the executable is still generating temp files and compiling to a dll even though there is a pregen xmlserializer

casemgt.exe CreateFile C:\Users\nuser\AppData\Local\Temp\cbizvben.tmp SUCCESS

casemgt.exe CreateFile C:\Users\nuser\AppData\Local\Temp\cbizvben.0.cs SUCCESS

casemgt.exe CreateFile C:\Users\nuser\AppData\Local\Temp\cbizvben.dll SUCCESS

casemgt.exe CreateFile C:\Users\nuser\AppData\Local\Temp\cbizvben.cmdline SUCCESS

732502 remove RAD control in EBF installer
732586 DW Activex does not display in PB 12.5 using Internet Explorer

Cannot register the psdwc125.dll, it returns an error

DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80040200

According to the PB documentation:

The DataWIndow Web Control for ActiveX is a deprecated technology and might not be supported in future releases of PowerBuilder.

732879 When set to a non-zero value of (Background / font) Transparency property of the columns in the DataWindow, PB Runtime issues a frequent event.
732935 Customer requests for the DataWindow to automatically handle a user trying to paste multiple lines into a DataWindow Column where it can only have a single line or I need the paste event to fire when pasting into a DataWindow Column.
733107 PB 12.5 installer outputs a dialog box with incorrect messages "EAS Demo DB V120" when the installer detects that SQL Anywhere is not installed on the machine.
733175 Customer has XML that includes the following datetime format that fails validation when imported into a datetime column in a datawindow using ImportString

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


<list xsi:type="searchDisbursementData" xmlns:xsi="">






In the resolution for CR 290457 I see the following, customer says XMLSchema and XMLSchema-instance should be treated the same.

1. If the meta data type is XMLNone or XMLDTD then the datetime format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

2. If the meta data type is XMLSchema, one of the acceptable formats is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss where T is the letter to seperate date and time (speciifed in 5.4 of ISO8601)

733182 When you have a webform datawindow with a phone number field

as string, aligned left and an edit mask of (###)###-#### and another string editmask

column aligned left with an edit mask of #####-####, once you tab into the edit mask

column and hit the End keyboard key, the cursor goes to the end of the edit mask. Then

hit tab again the cursor positions to the end of the next editmask field.

Also if you position the cursor in the middle of the editmask column and then

hit tab, the cursor will move to the middle of the next edit mask column.

733709 When you open a window containing a dw that calls a global function that returns a global variable, editing the global variables causes PB to crash.
733727 Customer has the following questions:

1) Is it actually necessary for the four PB12.5 assemblies listed above to be registered in the GAC? Why? Is there any way to avoid it? We attempted to distribute those four in the self-contained folder but it didn抰 seem to find them, until they were GAC抎. Is there a way to get our PB app to find and use these assemblies in the self-contained folder, without GAC抜ng them, as MS suggests should be possible (even preferable) above?

2) Why do the four Assemblies listed above report their version as �� even after we upgraded them for 12.5.1? Is this because there抯 an implication that all 12.5.x versions are backward compatible and a more-recent version will always work with older executables?

3) If we do need to GAC them, how do we manage multiple PB apps which need to co-exist on the same client machine, when they may have been built with different versions of PB? Assuming the answer to #2 is 搚es�, then it sounds like it should be safe to always GAC the latest versions. Even if a PB application was compiled with an earlier version of PB 12.5, the more recent GAC抎 assemblies should work fine. Can you confirm?

733729 PB crashes when closing a window with the ms webbrowser control.

Microsoft provided the following feedback:


643801fc 8b01 mov eax,dword ptr [ecx] ds:002b:0aff4adc=00000000 労================== note this address 0x0aff4adc is supposed to be a VTABLE containing the location for the Release method in that pbvm125 component but it does not look to be a valid memory address

the crash is due to customerˇs component pbvm125.dll executing a method at an invalid memory address

733888 In PB 12.5 .NET the script editor doesn抰 show the ActionScript IntelliSense of System.Net.Mime.MediaTypeNames.Image.Jpeg as it does in VS 2010

As a workaround, you can use it directly without build error: s=System.Net.Mime.MediaTypeNames.Image.Jpeg

733968 Importfile() returned -1 to Empty File.
734047 OS: Windows 7 (both 32 and 64-bit)

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A


Regression from PB 12.5.1_4595. When you try printing a datawindow for the 2nd time from within datawindow painter, printing fails with "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup.".

734305 Customer has an application that runs up through PB 11.5.1 build 4788. Once he migrates to PB 12.5.1, application crashes with no error but the event viewer shows a crash in pbshr125.dll.
734565 A webform ddlb on a dw will show ** in the column instead

of its value.

The PBDataWindowEnableDDDW is set to true. Also the website was added to the IE compatiblity view.

735054 If there is a Line control in Header or Detail or Summary or Footer band of a Grid DataWindow,

an extra blank page may be printed out when you print the DataWindow.

735420 When Customer open the window object over 25 using the PB IDE, the application is terminated abnormally due to an exception.
735468 Customer is trying to call MS Exchange Webservices and cannot cast an object directly or using DynamicCast.

Using dynamiccast results in a runtime error.

R0023 Error: Cannot assign object of type n_cst_esb_messagetype to variable oftype n_cst_esb_itemtype at line 147 in function of_send_mail ofobjectn_cst_ews.

735764 The function OleControl.InsertFile() fails if the length of the full pathname is larger than 128 characters long.
735774 Landscape orientation ignored if printername greater than 30 characters.
736236 PB classic should be dpi aware. Currently, screen

resolutions can be different sizes and pb cannot detect that.

736244 Customer has an internally developed Sybase PowerBuilder 12 application. This has been running fine on XP and is deployed to 6-7000 users. They are migrating to Windows 7 64 bit and the application is experiencing significant slowdowns and is having a big customer impact to the point it is not usable.

pb.ini entry resolves the problem

[DataStore Behavior]

UseHwnd = no

736338 The Users Guide APPENDIX B incorrectly states that the full ORCA tool kit is available to Sybase partners only.

It has been included in the enterprise product install in the PowerBuilder SDK\ORCA directory and the orca dll in the Shared\PowerBuilder directory.

736348 Customer has an application that displays tooltips with an expression. Once enabled and you move down the rows with the arrow keys, the tooltip is still displayed for rows not meeting the expression.
736442 Enhancement request: Support password protected certificates for web service client calls
736450 * ENHANCEMENT * Allow WCF Wapper to add customized settings

Customer had question - Does the WCF client support using standard WCF config entries in config file?

Feedback from engineering:

"By design, Endpoint address and binding should be set in PB .

And now, we do not support custom bindings. We do not use

settings in the application configuration file ."

736475 WPF Window target. Customer has an existing external datawindow. He adds a new string column in the DW painter. But at runtime he is unable to click in the new column and enter or edit data. The string length defaults to 0 (instead of 10 like classic) and it seems you are not able to change it. Any length changes revert back to 0. But that does not seem to be the main problem. You can change the length by exporting the srd, changing the source, and importing it back in, but the problem remains a run time. Can't enter or edit the new column.
736549 OS: Windows 7 32-bits

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: SQL Server SNC 10 Client

Customer has a pfc PB app that, when clicking back and forth between two datawindows, application crashes. The issue happens with the P-Code exe generated, only. It never happens when inside PB IDE.

736647 Customer tried to create a PB.Net Assembly target that uses iTextSharp. Resulted in illegal datatype compile errors. This works in Visual Studio.
736788 The customer is using UpdateBlob and SelectBlob to get and retrieve a Word document saved as a blob in Informix. In PB 9 he did this with an Informix column of type text. But now in PB 12.5, the text column is no longer working. It does work with a byte column, but he needs the text column to work to access the existng database.
736803 After migrating application from PB 11.2 to PB 12.1,

application is crashing randomly:



10bc0cbf 813abe400000 cmp dword ptr [edx],offset <Unloaded_dll>+0x409d (000040be

736912 DW Modify destroy column syntax does not work correctly for example if destroying columns in the middle of a column range - we destroy the columns and while we calculate the new column count that is correct, it seems that we cannot get the column array to move correctly so that we cannot report the column names correctly anymore.
736921 JBoss 6.0.1 WSDL file use different notation and hence .NET engine webservice proxies are not created correctly, but it worked fine for WSDL file from JBoss 5.1.2.

Since we are using underlying wsdl.exe from microsoft to generate the needed classes we can spot differences in the output of wsdl.exe.

The question is if this can be changed, ie. to enable generation of proxies with jBoss 6 wsdl files or if there are other methods to make jBoss to generate different/backward compatible wsdl file structure.

736934 Commit command returns 0 and looks like it works successfully. However, when I check the database using SQL Plus or SQL Developer, the new record is not there. If you wait a few minutes the record will appear. Customer thinks the autocommit of the data source eventually kicks in.
737238 EBF installer can not find the correct Shared folder name.
737269 Does Powerbuilder supports MS Data Execution Prevention feature.
737371 A Web Service deployed to Tomcat is returning an array of classes, but a DataWindow with this Web Service as datasource does not retrieve any data from it.
737494 Enhancement request to be able to sort the DataWindow with similar results as the SQL Anywhere sortkey() function
737500 Unknown error when doing a full build on classes that implement interfaces. Repro'd with Extensibility.IDTExtensibility2 interface.
737502 Customer is requesting an enhancement to have custom controls show binding rather than separate retrieve options.
737710 GetFullState on a datastore with a crosstab datawindow object returns a -1 in PB 12.1 but does not in PB 12.5. Works with other datawindow presentation styles such as tabular.
737711 Toolbar icons disappear after customizing PowerBar1.

When you add the icons back to PowerBar1 and restart PB. The icons are still missing.

It will only show 2 icons.

737760 Oracle Error ORA-12704: character set mismatch when compiling script in embedded sql select with host variable with N prefix ie. ls_host="N'c1 default'" and

SELECT Coalesce (c1,:ls_host)

INTO :ls_c1 FROM t1 WHERE pk = :ll_pk;

737908 Customer is seeing the following error:

Select ErrorL SQLSTATE = 42886

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT64]SQL0469N The parameter mode OUT or INOUT is not valid for a parameter in the routine named 揇B2CONCT� with specific name

揋LTCDEV.DB2CONCT�(parameter number �2�, IPARM2). SQLSTATE=42886

When calling the COBOL stored procedure with the following syntax:

EXECUTE GLTCDEV.DB2CONCT IPARM1 = 'RR70382 CAREDB 2164491642W', IPARM2 = ' RR70�01�10442781';

737989 Ability to dynamically turn accessiblity message on or off.

When third party accessiblity software is running in the background, it causes PB to

send accessiblity messages (WM_GETOJECT). The outcome is it floods the third party

software message queue and causes PB and the third party software, OneClick to hang.

738006 Formatting issues with nested reports in 12.5.2 using


RESOLUTION: Not a bug controls exceed page.

738017 Customer is trying to use third party SyncFusion WPF controls in a PB .NET application and has run into some issues and also has questions.

Customer is writing an event handler from the SyncFusion WPF controls DockingManager. The ActiveWindowChanged event passes in a reference to old and new windows cast as System.Object.

Customer has a workaround that works but believes it should not be necessary. There should be a language method or property that implements it. See below:

PB WPF controls often must interact with Microsoft and 3rd party controls. When they do so, the MS or 3rd party control interacts with the PB's InnerControl generally as a System.Window.Framework element or sometimes just as a System.Object. When coding in 3rd party control's event handler, the reference is typically know as Sender cast as a System.Object or as an ArgumentObject parameter of type System.Object.

It should be possible to write code such as this:

UserObject luo

luo.innerclass = Sender

luo.GetPBClass( ) <<this should get the PB reference into the variable luo

luo.triggerevent('ue_customevent') //<<All PB class members should now be available

738102 A EAServer 6.3.1 \ PowerBuilder 12.1 application crashes with PowerBuilder heap panics.
738358 The issue is an extension of CR 726695 on useDefaultKeyboardLayout=yes and inconsistent behavior.

For a certain datawindow after clicking on a first column and switching to Russian and entering some characters then clicking on a second column; the keyboard stayed in Russian instead of switching to the default US input.

But on the same datawindow the same test without clicking on the second column but clicking on the fourth column the keyboard switched to default as expected.

738361 When using Windows APIs (SetProcessDefaultLayout , SetLayout) to change the layout of an application from LeftToRight to RightToLeft, background position for a GroupBox inside a DataWindow does not change and remains in its original place
738366 In customer site adding a Custom visual object on a Inherit windows causes a crash in windows 7, the same action in windows XP works with no problem.

Cannot be reproduced in some enviroments. Crash dump analysis required.

738516 Response Windows and Popup Windows don't mirror when SetLayout is changed to RTL
738623 Customer put MS controls inside a PB CVUO already containing PB controls and then dynamically skinned the Window with a custom skin. All the Non-PB controls get skinned-including the MS and SF controls included in the window - but NOT any PB controls.
738757 Contemporary Menu Style displayed wrongly when SetLayout is changed to RightToLeft
738759 DataWindow RitchText Edit Style for a column not accessible when SetLayout is changed to RightToLeft
738765 The position of the DataWindow control changes when resizing the control after SetLayout is changed to RightToLeft.
738866 Product: PowerBuilder 12.5.1_4953

OS: Windows 8 64bits

IIS version: 6.2

Comments: After deploying web forms application, when running the web forms app, it gets stuck prior to entering 1st screen and then we see the following error messages on Event Viewer after a while:

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Application Error

- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 100

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2013-04-05T18:11:58.000000000Z

EventRecordID 1396

Channel Application

Computer alorenzo-HP


- EventData














And also the following http errors are displayed on IIS httperr1.log:

2013-04-03 01:43:04 ::1%0 58478 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:43:22 ::1%0 58480 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1600&clientHeight=743 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:43:28 ::1%0 58481 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1600&clientHeight=743 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:43:34 ::1%0 58483 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1600&clientHeight=743 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:43:34 ::1%0 58508 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:43:40 ::1%0 58509 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:43:47 ::1%0 58513 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:45:40 ::1%0 58514 ::1%0 80 - - - - - Timer_ConnectionIdle -

2013-04-03 01:47:36 ::1%0 58579 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:47:43 ::1%0 58580 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:47:49 ::1%0 58584 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:47:55 ::1%0 58583 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:48:01 ::1%0 58587 ::1%0 80 HTTP/1.1 GET /adela/default.aspx?clientWidth=1584&clientHeight=797 - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_ReqQueue PBDotnet4AppPool

2013-04-03 01:52:08 ::1%0 58701 ::1%0 2869 - - - - - Timer_ConnectionIdle -

The same web forms app display the 1st screen fine when using Windows 2003 Server 32bits instead.

738965 Product: PowerBuilder 12.5.1_4953

OS: Windows 8 64bits

IIS version: 6.2

Comments: We磀 like to request official PB 12.5.1 certification (both classical, .NET targets and PB.NET) on Windows 8 platform. We have customers planning to migrate their existing PB application to such platform.

738973 This is a follow on to CR 714553. Fields in the footer not being displayed properly when setredraw is used. That issue was fixed and the customer was running in build 4015 with no problems. Then he upgraded to the latest EBF 4953, and started seeing issues again. The original testcase seems to work, so a new testcase ( is submitted.

The 2 computed fields in the footer will show the problem The green calc is the 慒or Page()� and the yellow is the 慒or All()� - they should be the same. Also the 揝YS � Indicates a system generated entry� is not displayed when setredraw is checked but does display when it is not.

739052 In a production Application a crash is occuring and dmp files have been created.

Environment: PowerBuilder 12.5.2 GA - Dump file analysis is required.

739185 Customer was crashing using Informix driver in PB 11.5. Customer migrated to PB 12.5.2 and the crash is still occurring.

Although the crash occurs using a CURSOR, it is not consistently reproducible.

739197 SaveAs function creates an XLS file that cannot be referenced from other excel books.
739265 Using third party wpf controls from SyncFusion and PopMenu results in an unhandled exception being thrown.


An exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in Presentation.Core.dll but was not handled in user code.

Additional Information: The Visual is not connected to a PresentationSource.

739479 Treeview items in treeview controls that have the checkbox property checked, are not displaying the checkbox properly. You get nothing at all or a big red X.
739551 A dw computed expression on a column that changes the color

of the column does not work when a skin is applied. The only skin that works with the

dw computed expression is PBDefault.

The dw expression that is applied to the color property of the dw column is:: if( textcol = '123', 255, rgb(0,255,255))

RESOLUTION: Not a bug. If you use a skin that includes the background color of a control, the DW control抯 background.color property will not worked.

739567 When customer makes code changes in his application, does a full build and runs the application, the menu disappears.
739596 The user-defined function that is input to the Compute Expression, not verified the existence in application generation or application runtime.
739785 Implement GenerateResultSet along with supporting methods in PB .NET. Customers used GenerateResultSet to pass data back and forth along with Get/SetChanges in PB Classic. This is documented as not being supported in PB .NET but customers are looking for it and/or an alternative method to accomplish the same thing in PB .NET.

Get/SetFullState involves passing too much data at times and other options do not replicate the functionality of GenerateResultSet.

This has been discussed several times on the SCN forums also and is now on the top of the ISUG enhancement requests.

740093 There are two sets of properties for fonts in the property sheet (CommandButton, SLE, static text, etc.): PBFont and Text. Which one are we supposed to be using? It seems like PBFont properties work properly, but the native WPF ones (Text) do not. please clarify and document.
740173 When reaching the USERProcessHandleQuota limit PB ends with a crash. This can apply to GDI quota as well.

We need to handle this limit properly in code, for example raising of errors ERROR_NO_MORE_USER_HANDLES 0x486

Currently, our trace (post crash) does not show these.

Optionally a nice to have: a trace feature shall report this problem if it cannot be handled in PB code.

740299 PowerBuilder IDE 12.5.1 and 12.5.2 is crashing when updating a DW with Retrieve Option "Rows to Disk" selected. It was working with PowerBuilder 10.5.2 (Build 7757) as it is a migrated application.
740307 When a date or datetime column has a value of 12/31/9999

and you try to save to an excel .xslx or .xlsb file, it will fail. In the IDE, you get an error of 'Save Rows As Failed'. In powerscript, dw_1.saveas("qqqq.xslx",XSLX!,false) will return -1.

740608 Customers would like the cursor scrolling features that are available in ODBC under the TRANSACTION tab in the database profile to exist for OLE DB Drivers.

- especially the Scrolling Options.

The OLE DB driver does not have cursor scrolling options which makes it difficult for people who currently use the MSS Native Driver or the ODBC driver AND open multiple cursors at once to migrate to the OLE DB.

- by default Microsoft SQL Server opens a Forward Only cursor, which only one is allowed to exist per connection. - The ODBC and Native drivers automatically changed the cursor type to Dynamic which allowed multiple cursors to be open during a connection.

740696 When converting a large application from PowerBuilder Classic to PowerBuilder .NET a crash occured in pb2cs.
740875 DataWindow numeric editmask enters numbers in the wrong direction when mirrored with SetLayout changed to RTL using Windows RTL API GETDC() and Setlayout()
740890 Using FileOpen to open a PDF shows a valid return code even though the pdf file is corrupted.

Different results appear when running in the IDE versus runtime and PB 12.1 versus 12.5.

741167 OS: Windows 7 x64 (also reproduced with Windows 2003 SP2)

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5550

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: When deploying a webservice project from a .pbw located in a mapped network drive (e.g. Z:) you will get the following crashes on pbwsemit.exe during deployment. If deploying from a local drive C:, deploy works fine.

- Error reported on Windows Event Viewer

Faulting application name: pbwsemit.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x518b0560

Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17965, time stamp: 0x506dbe50

Exception code: 0xe0434352

Fault offset: 0x0000c41f

Faulting process id: 0x2384

Faulting application start time: 0x01ce62eb304fdc97

Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.5\DotNET\bin\pbwsemit.exe

Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll

Report Id: 6ed884e9-cede-11e2-a596-7ce9d3ecd39b

Application: pbwsemit.exe

Framework Version: v4.0.30319

Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

Exception Info: System.IO.FileLoadException


at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly._nLoad(System.Reflection.AssemblyName, System.String, System.Security.Policy.Evidence, System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly, System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)

at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.nLoad(System.Reflection.AssemblyName, System.String, System.Security.Policy.Evidence, System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly, System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)

at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.InternalLoadAssemblyName(System.Reflection.AssemblyName, System.Security.Policy.Evidence, System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef, Boolean, Boolean)

at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.InternalLoadFrom(System.String, System.Security.Policy.Evidence, Byte[], System.Configuration.Assemblies.AssemblyHashAlgorithm, Boolean, Boolean, System.Threading.StackCrawlMark ByRef)

at System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom(System.String)

at PBWebservicesTools.TypeLoader.SetAssemblies(System.String[], System.String)

at PBWebservicesTools.PBWebservicesEmitter.Run(System.String[])

at PBWebservicesTools.PBWebservicesEmitter.Main(System.String[])

741208 Image transparency not set when Tabpage is disabled.
741222 OS: Windows 2003 SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: ORA (using Oracle client and Server 11g)

Comments: When using NLS_Charset='Local',DecimalSeparator=',' properties in ORA DB Profile connection, the newly created Primary Keys are no longer available after disconnecting and connecting again into same ORA DB Profile.

741247 OS: Windows 2003 SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: ORA (using Oracle client and Server 11g)

Comments: When using NLS_Charset='Local',DecimalSeparator=',' properties in ORA DB Profile connection, customer is always unable to select source table on Pipeline for Append - Insert Rows. Sometimes if executing the pipeline anyway, a "Table not found" message occurs.

741283 Can you define, if empty values as <tag/> or <tag /> or <tag></tag> are exported ?

Currenly an emtpy field is eg. exported as <tag/>

The same applies for tags which contain attributes

Here he would need <tag att="1" />.

741394 When autosize.width is set to widest shown for columns on a

dw, columns are not getting resized when less than 1 page.

741458 OS: Windows 7 x64 (also reproduced with Windows 2003 SP2)

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5550 and PB 12.5.1_4593

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: When exporting (SaveAs) a datetime data from datawindow into excel8! format, two space characters are incorrectly placed between date and time components. By exporting to excel! the issue doesn磘 happen.

741506 Please be assigned to type Any array data array of the DataWindow.

You do not assign a DataWindow array to Simple Any Datatype.

741558 When autosize.width is set to widest shown for columns on a dw, columns are not getting resized when less than 1 page.
741609 CopyRTF and PasteRTF do not keep pages numbers
741616 Running the following embedded SQL in PowerBuilder will report

Failed: SQLSTATE = 22001

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]String data, right truncation

select t1.c1, t2.c1 into :ls_1, :ls_2

from t1 left outer join t2 on t1.t1id = t2.t1id and t2.n1 = :ll_2

where t1.t1id = :ll_ID;

741617 PowerBuilder.NET.

There is a datawindow that has fields in the Header and Footer. In the

Detail section, 2 (child)datawindows are placed. The first datawindow

will mostly contain multiple lines (records). The 2nd datawindow has

always 1 line/record. This Detail section has autosizeHeight = True.

Pagenumbering is placed in the Footer section (Page() + ' of '


When the lines of the 1st datawindow reach exactly the most lines

possible on the last page, the last page is empty and restarts the page

number from 1.

741705 The IsNumber function is returning true on a number a value that uses a comma "," as the decimal when the regional settings have the value for decimal separator as a period. It should be return false.
741783 The grid datawindow Selected.Mouse property is allowing

to select values in the datawindow when set to no. It happens when unselecting

the Mouse Selection property in the datawindow painter.

It also happens when using dot notation or modify:




RESOLUTION: To get the results wanted, set some columns to protected and the "selected.mouse" property will take effect.

742035 When saving to pdf, the carriage returns are not getting

recognized. They appear as squares in the datawindow and it is throwing off

the format of the report.

The column is of type string. Works ok in PB classic using ghostscript.

In the PB .NET datawindow painter, the dw appears formated ok. Carriage returns

are being recognized.

742124 Changing the X position of datawindow columns does not change the scrollsize of control scrollbar. It happens when the new value for col.X is lower than the older value.
742142 * CONSULT or Enhancement Request * How to have REST client do an HTML POST with FORM data?
742254 "InkPicStretched!" And "InkPicAutoSize!" Will have the same behavior.
742277 In a webservice call an array of inherited objects contains another array of inherited objects. This array gets passed as nill when passed as argument in a webservice call.
742354 When connected to ASE or SYC in PB 12.5.2, a ribo trace

shows that pb is still calling the sp_pb120% instead of sp_pb125%.

ribo trace:

select name from sybsystemprocs.dbo.sysobjects where name like 'sp_pb120%'"

742359 Using role base security and in the database painter,

tables are not listed.

this issue has been reported in other cases. Cr347511 had been created and

the solution was to run the pbsyc.sql but not seeing the expected results.

742518 PB classic via RDP/Citrix look and feel gives raster scrambled menus

Old problem that according to Microsoft is a known Problem but therefore customers are asking to re-design the menu implementation of classic PB IDE.

In the PB. NET IDE this is working fine since we use underlying MS IDE.

742536 PB to ASE Stored procedure with output parameter is too slow.

Witout it takes a few MS, with > 300 MS. No matter if ASE or SYC interface being used and DisableBind shows no effect.

742537 DataWindow DDDW and DDLB don't mirror when using API to change layout from RTL
742546 Customer has a report in PB 10 and has migrated it to PB 12.5.2. A column with autosize height on when viewed in Print Preview mode cuts off the bottom of letters such as 'y' and 'g'. As this worked in previous versions this should work in PB 12.5.2. Tested the customer's datawindow and the change occurs in PB 11.5.1, previous versions of PB 10, 10.5.x and 11.x do not cut off the bottom of the letters.
742547 Picture Button and Picture control remain black and edit mask control does not work when using API to change layout from RTL
742557 OS: Windows 2003 SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.1_4953

Database/Driver File/Version: ORA (using Oracle client and Server 11g)

Comments: When using NLS_Charset='Local',DecimalSeparator=',' properties in ORA DB Profile connection, PB is unable to find datawindow table and select primary key at Rows... > Update Properties.

742723 PBDOM issue with the AddNameSpaceDeclaration function: when multiple instances of same PB NVO are created at once and call the AddNameSpaceDeclaration function, this method no longer has the desired effect of adding a namespace to the pbdom_element.
742730 After switching to RightToLeft layout the DataWindow Rich Text column has following problems:

- When you open the window and enter the column; it is always Left Aligned instead of mirrored the popup toolbar always has Left Aligned selected.

- The cursor is on the right instead of the left of the text.

- When the column looses the focus, contents are not visible anymore until you click that column again.

- Numbering and bullets are displayed to the left even if the alignment is set to Right

742954 PB .Net assembly : Inconsistent behaviour in an inherited object.
743387 dbalias is not added when use the wizard for the DataWindow.

But when edit the DataSource of the DataWindow, dbalias will be added.

743524 Incorrect exit code returned by ERRORLEVEL to a BAT file from a PB app if the last closed window of the PB app contains a CommandButton control.
743831 Cannot use parenthesis is a column name alias.
743930 Memory leak when reading large file with FileReadEx
744056 PB IDE uses the black circle in the password character in Windows Classic Style.
744058 PowerBuilder not possible to set the mask characters of a password in a SingleLineEdit control.
744203 Do not want PBDOM to convert the quote character to '
744277 percent EditMask not working properly in WPF datawindow.
744362 Opening the preview pane for an external datawindow

in the dw painter, causes pb to crash in the pbdwe125.dll

744722 PBDOM issue with the AddNameSpaceDeclaration function: when multiple different PB components reference PBDOM and call function AddNameSpaceDeclaration, this method no longer has the desired effect of adding a namespace to the pbdom_element.

Root cause: Instance Pooling is turned on for each component.

Workadound: turn it off

Fix: Seems to be fixed in build 5586 (after 10th of July)

744874 Menu Toolbar not set to right in a RightToLeft application
744891 With a recent "Security update for Microsoft windows (KB2846071)" installed results in webform deployed application not usuable unless the update is uninstalled.

Clicking on any menu item brings up a response window with the choices of "Are you sure you want to leave this page " when clicking on a menu item.

This seems to be a IE security update issue and reported with other applications, still customer would like PB engineering to look into it as his users are not under his control and he cannot expect them to uninstall the security update.

744933 A PowerBuilder component B is called by a PowerBuilder component A.

After the function workcomplete() in component B has called EnableCommit(), and if component A then calls SetAbort() a java.lang.IllegalStateException or Unexpected Deactivation! is thrown at components timeout.

745086 Clickable area of the zoom DropDownListBox Allow is narrow.
745295 SaveAs function with these SaveAsTypes XLSX! and XLSB! requires .Net Framework 4.0.
745320 PSR files generated by PB 8 containing Cyrillic characters do not display properly when opened in PB 12.5.
745450 Calling MonthCalendar.SetBoldDate() repeateddly sometimes causes PB to crash.

The crash sometimes occurs while executing the application, but most often when closing the window.

745535 After adding a Visual Object with a DW object with

DW with transaparency over a button in a window PB freezes.

745649 Nothing displays when typing a French accented characters to display in a text field on a window that has a menu. For example typing �.in a text field on a window with a menu attached nothing displays. If the menu is removed it works properly.
745704 Opening a dw in the dw painter on a 32-bit machine

causes PB to crash in the pbdwe125.dll with a access violation.

Problem happens when saving null data to the datawindow.

For example, if you run Edit-> Source, the following line appears to cause the crash:

data(null )

Same problem when running application executable, app executable will crash at

dw_control.DataObject = 揹_open_ex_windows_buttons�

Worked ok in PB 12.5.1 (build 4953). Works ok on 64-bit.

745708 If you dropdown a dddw for the first time after opening the windows the height

of the list is not enlarged, you see only 2 of 3 values and there is a scrollbar.

Change focus to another column and open the dddw for a second time shows the complete list of all 3 values.

745804 PowerBuilder application execution error (R0108)

Application Terminated

Error: Not enough memory to execute the operation at line 3 of............

User is seeing the above error with varying large values dependent on machine specs with following code:

String a, b, c

//a = Space (250000000)

b = Fill("y",250000000)

Long parameter values are much less than documented string lengths. Watching memory in task manager, one can see the memory used increasing until it fails.

746084 In the the cumulativesum function in nested reports doesn't work anymore.

If you use the function in a main report it's ok.

746287 The customer has an .Net app that runs with no problems. He steps through it in the debugger, and at the end gets a lot of output including some errors, data valaidation errors in this case. Is all this information including the errors expected? If it is how is a user to tell the difference between real errors that he cares about from all these under the cover errors that don't really affect him?
746426 error:Cannot convert type 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.WPF.PBDataWindow' to 'int'
746474 Customer complaining that in PB.NET drop down data windows have a large white space at the bottom of the drop down. Compared to drop downs in Classic that do not have this empty space at the bottom. It also seems like the lines property is not exact in .NET. In Classic a lines of 3 displays 3 lines in the drop down with no white space. In .NET it displays 2 lines with a large white space at the bottom. A value of 4 will display 3 lines with the same large white space.
746502 Customer has a column in their datawindow that is set to autosize height. In the testcase from the customer, this is not a large text column like the known issue, it is a relatively short text value that goes just over the limit to wrap.

When the datawindow is printed or in print preview if the length of the text is close to the edge of the width, it is cut off.

Does not seem to be the same issue documented below:

746753 In a complex composite report having two groups bitmaps and expressions in visible properties, the upper part of a text line got printed on one page and the other half on the next page
746756 In a complex composite report having two groups, bitmaps and text with expressions in the visible property the last part of the report is not displayed.
746757 In PowerBuilder 12.5.2 Build 5006 and later a crash was experienced viewing a complex composite report on XP
747138 OS: Windows 2003 SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5550 and 12.5.2_5583

Database/Driver File/Version: SQL Anywhere 12.0 ODBC

Inside DW painter, when switching between design and data source mode for a datawindow, PB crashes with following log:

Application exception occurred:

App: C:\Program Files\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.5\PB125.EXE (pid=3024)

When: 17/09/2013 @ 14:47:02.796

Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

747190 When rebuilding or migrating a large complex application a crash occured when rebuilding types.
747226 The customer has reports with expressions for background color for both columns and the detail band. When run as a datawindow, they all work fine and display the appropriate colors. But if the report is in a composite datawindow, then the column background color works fine, but the detail band background color does not.
747422 Intermittend exceptions when calling AddNameSpaceDeclaration() with multiple deployed PowerBuilder components that use the PBDOM library within EAServer:

'An invalid argument is passed into this function.

Extra Information :

Function Name : pbdom_element::AddNamespaceDeclaration(string strNamespacePrefix, string strNamespaceUri)

Input parameter for NAMESPACE object is invalid.'

747701 The PB application hangs intermittently. The hang always occurs when executing Embedded SQL commands against an Informix DB.
747873 Sqlsyntax argument on the DBError() event becomes NULL even if DBError() event is fired when a database error occurs on a child DataWindow.
747917 Using Orcascript the currency symbol '�' is changed to $$HEX1$$a400$$ENDHEX$$ in the sru file when added to source control and also changes the source code when using PBORCA_CompileEntryImport in the original source code pbl.
747958 Customer cannot return a served license. When they

run the following command, they get the following error:

lmutil lmborrow -return -c C:\Sybase\SYSAM-2_0\licenses\TLC_Infomaker12_5_2.lic -d xxxxxx Infomaker

lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2007 Macrovision Europe Ltd. and/or Macrovision Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Error: Infomaker not currently borrowed.

748005 when use transaction user object, isnull(bit type,0) returned incorrect results using oledb with SQLServer.

When use the bit type, this problem will reproduce.

748233 Setbolddate() of MonthCalender display only 1 month causes a GPF.
748468 Informix driver not returning error from RPC call
748513 Have PowerBuilder 12.5.2 or later support

Internet Explorer 10

The customer is migrating web datawindows and notice the html does not display correctly in IE 9 or 10 in standard mode.

They did not send in a testcase but notice checkbox alignment differences. They

also mentioned that a red x is appearing in text boxes. After doing some

testing that appears to be a IE10 'feature' or issue.

748619 The WPF script editor doesn't find syntax errors behind a "do loop while" statement.
748803 An implicit type conversion can prevent an object to be saved when the option "Allow scripts with errors to be saved" is turned off in the PowerBuilder .net (WPF) development environment.

For example:

long ll_1, ll_2

ll_1 = 1 + ll_2 + 3

748947 When you use Search Library Entries tool to search for a member of a structure, PowerBuilder does not display the result correctly.
749098 Customer has a newly migrated PB 12.5 application migrated from PB 10.5 and now one module is continually crashing. It appears to be random but only in this one module. Customer has tried to debug the crash and has been unable to determine where the crash is occurring.
749257 Deploying ejb proxy and the following error appears

when using jdk 1.7:

---------- Deploy: Deploy of mobilityejb (8:23:53 AM)

Retrieving PowerBuilder Proxies from EJB...

Generation Errors: Can't get information of java.lang.Comparable<java.lang.Long>

Deployment Error: No files returned for package/component 'com.telcordia.transport.mobility.json.NGNRecordListBean'. Error code: Unknown. Proxy was not created.

---------- Finished Deploy of mobilityejb (8:24:03 AM)

749335 When you use Search Library Entries tool to search for instance variables, PowerBuilder can't find any instance variables if you select only "Variables" in the Search In box.
749715 When a datawindow contains a column with a datatype of number

and you provide an Initial Value in the Column specification view of a decimal value, for

example, 123.93, PB will display that value ok.

However, if you change the regional settings so that decimal uses a comma instead

of a period, than the Initial Value displays incorrectly.

For example, if you change the regional settings to Germany. Reopen the datawindow

Initial Value: 123.93 will now display as 12393

Initial Value: 123,93 will display as 123

749829 GetItemString does not return an error when the row is invalid.

It will return an error when the column is invalid.

For example, when a column is invalid, GetItemString(1,"coluxx"), will return the following error:

PowerBuilder application execution error (R0006)

Application terminated

Error: Invalid DataWindow row/column specified

RESOLUTION: Invalid column name will generate an error. When a row doesn't exist or is invalid, it does not generate an error message. This behavior has always been in the product and changing it now may break too many apps.

749891 Computed fields in the summary band of a DataStore are not getting printed.
749895 On some Windows 7 64bit machines random hanging problems or infinite loop problems were encountered.
750010 SQL request cannot be validated as in PB Classic
750671 If Ceiling() is called with a decimal arg twice, raises a compile error.
750715 After apply build 5602, PB .NET debugger still list errors

when the app run cleans.

The errors that are appearing are:

System.Windows.Data Error: 6 : 'SystemConvertConverter' converter failed to convert value '' (type 'String'); fallback value will be used, if available. BindingExpression:Path=LibraryName; DataItem='TabPage' (Name='tabpage_1'); target element is 'UserObject' (Name=''); target property is 'LinesPerPage' (type 'Int16') FormatException:'System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)

at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)

at System.Int16.Parse(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)

at System.String.System.IConvertible.ToInt16(IFormatProvider provider)

at System.Convert.ChangeType(Object value, Type conversionType, IFormatProvider provider)

at MS.Internal.Data.SystemConvertConverter.Convert(Object o, Type type, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture)

at System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression.ConvertHelper(IValueConverter converter, Object value, Type targetType, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture)'

System.Windows.Data Error: 6 : 'TargetDefaultValueConverter' converter failed to convert value '' (type 'String'); fallback value will be used, if available. BindingExpression:Path=LibraryName; DataItem='TabPage' (Name='tabpage_1'); target element is 'UserObject' (Name=''); target property is 'ObjectType' (type 'PBUserObjects') FormatException:'System.FormatException: is not a valid value for PBUserObjects. ---> System.ArgumentException: Must specify valid information for parsing in the string.

at System.Enum.TryParseEnum(Type enumType, String value, Boolean ignoreCase, EnumResult& parseResult)

at System.Enum.Parse(Type enumType, String value, Boolean ignoreCase)

at System.ComponentModel.EnumConverter.ConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, Object value)

--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

at System.ComponentModel.EnumConverter.ConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, Object value)

at MS.Internal.Data.DefaultValueConverter.ConvertHelper(Object o, Type destinationType, DependencyObject targetElement, CultureInfo culture, Boolean isForward)

at MS.Internal.Data.TargetDefaultValueConverter.Convert(Object o, Type type, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture)

at System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression.ConvertHelper(IValueConverter converter, Object value, Type targetType, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture)'

System.Windows.Data Error: 5 : Value produced by BindingExpression is not valid for target property.; Value='NaN' BindingExpression:Path=Width; DataItem='GroupBox' (Name='gb_1'); target element is 'Border' (Name='Header'); target property is 'MaxWidth' (type 'Double')

750813 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows 7 SP2 32-bit.

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5583

Database/Driver File/Version: Informix I10 native interface. Using SDK Informix 3.70 32-bit

Crash at pbi10125.dll. It occurs whenever customer executes an .exe generated by PowerBuilder when using Remote Desktop to above described environment, and the crash occurs when running an embedded SQL inside PowerScript.

750818 OS: Windows 2003 and Windows 7

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5583

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: PB Datawindow objects does not follow Windows Desktop appearance changings, correctly.

750839 When the AutoHeight property of the column of DataWindow is enabled,

a new line for the continuous multi-byte character is started by the position which is not intended.

751253 Ceiling function returns wrong value using a negative value.
751297 A column added to a grid datawindow, the header text object is added but is not enabled.

When adding a simple text object to the header by itself, it is by default enabled.

751369 Customer is using the Microsoft ActiveX Msxml2.XMLHTTP.4.0 to do a POST from a webservice. This works except for when the ResponseText includes accented characters.

Returned with PowerBuilder with data loss

<LegalBusinessName>Institut de Cardiologie de Montr</LegalBusinessName>

Returned with Java without data loss

<LegalBusinessName>Institut de Cardiologie de Montr閍l</LegalBusinessName>

751391 Customers application crashes when shut down, cannot reproduce behavior so crash dump analysis requested.
751582 When Windows regional settings are set to use non-US date formats, there is unexpected behavior if you enter a date in the wrong format.

For example, if you enter '11/30/2013' instead of '30/11/2013' (when using UK regional settings) PB will actually accept this and will convert it to '30/11/2013' automatically. But the time component shows non zeros.

751797 Behavior of Autoresize height of DW differ in PB12.5.2 and PB8
752101 OS: Windows 2003/ Windows 7

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5583 and above

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: The The Integer() and Dec() are performing wrong conversions in PB 12.5.2_5583 and above:

Integer("9.2") = 0

Dec("9.2") = 0

Integer("9,2") = 9

Dec("9,2") = 9,2

PB is unable to convert all decimal comma-separated numbers whenever regional settings are set to Portuguese (Brazil).

We confirmed PB 9.0 brings correct results and is able to convert both decimal comma or point separated numbers without problems, regardless Regional Settings:

Integer("9.2") = 92

Dec("9.2") = 92

Integer("9,2") = 9

Dec("9,2") = 9,2

752197 With some SOAPExceptions no useful error messages were received as getMessage(), getDetailMessage() and GetFaultString returned only empty strings.
752339 Customer is migrating his PB 9/EAS 5.5 application to PB 12.5.2/EAS 6.3.1 and he is reporting a difference in the ability to scroll with the mouse read only columns in his jsps.

To make the datawindow read only, the modify each column setting the following properties:

ll_return = dw.modify ( as_column + '.TabSequence="0"' )

ll_return = dw.modify ( as_column + '.Protect=1' )

ll_return = dw.modify ( as_column + '.border="0"' )

The jsp is the result of the ds.Describe("DataWindow.Data.HTML"). He says that in PB 9/EAS 5.5 this allowed scrollbars to appear when only Auto Vertical Scroll was checked for the column. He has now changed this to include Vertical Scroll Bar checked which makes the scroll bar appear and work with non-readonly columns but does not work with read only columns.

He believes the issue is in the CSS classes and changes made from PB 9 to PB 12.5. The overflow property is set to hidden instead of auto (or scroll). (Note that I removed confidential field data from the HTML.) The field whose data starts with 'ADDENDUM' is getting cut off instead of scrolling. If you change the overflow property from hidden to auto in the dynamic-formA321 CSS class, it will scroll.

752573 HScrollbar of zoomed DW does not respond to the operation of the mouse.
752800 Using Pipeline objects with "Replace Drop/Add table" option may run into an access error to pbcattbl even though both "Extended Attributes" of the Pipeline and "Use Extended Attributes" of the Database Painter are OFF.
753120 The background color of a checkbox is ignored if Scale is checked and 3-D look is unchecked.
753290 Saving a SNC db profile is not saving the password.
753291 Customer has an MDI frame window with a posted event, ue_PostOpen, in the Open Event of the window. In the ue_PostOpen event, an event is triggered which opens a "Response" type window for the user to log into a database. This works OK with the window type defined as MDI! and MDIHelp!. If the property is changed to MDIDock! or MDIDockHelp! then the "Response" window is not application modal. Processing continues and the window is still open.

A MessageBox() is modal with all these window types

753360 PB hangs after entering in a superscript
753361 PB 12.5 application running on Windows 2008 is causing a Bluescreen and a Dump is being provided by customer.
753366 There is no way to know when 1)PB is running on or 2) has been compiled in 32bit or 64bit.

According to customer: This information is needed when you instantiate a class that is

using external functions (32-bit or 64bit).

Customer believes this info should be in the environment object.

753379 When creating a new "Application Wizard" project, there is no choice for the "platform" (32 or 64 bit)

You can only choose it afterwards by editing the project. The wizard should be changed to reflect the ability to deploy to 64 bit and not give the user the ability to choose machine code.

753470 Display and printing anomalies with richtext in a DataWindow when the rich text crosses the page boundary.
753497 imple MDI! application that posts an OpenSheet and the sheet when opens posts a resize. Crashes in PB 15 but not in PB 12.5.
753611 Memory continues to increase when repeatedly opening a window and calling a script that is using a string array declared as a local variable.

Even when the window is closed and the string array is out of scope memory will continue

to increase when the window is reopened and the script is called again.

The 32-bit application executable will eventually crash.

The 64-bit application executable continues to increase in memory

753712 This appears to be a regression of CR 695756. Excel12! format results in unreadable content for a DataWindow datetime column, when the regional settings are set to have a comma , as decimal seperator.

Using the following script:


results in an xlsx file that when opened in Excel shows the following message.

"Microsoft Office Excel - Excel found unreadable content in 'file.xlsx'. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes."

753916 Exponential result difference from PB 12.5 when operands are int, correct result when operands are ulongs.

int li_basen, li_index

ulong ul_value

li_basen= 36

li_index = 6

ul_value = li_basen ^ li_index

PB 15 beta: ul_value = 2147483648 (incorrect)

PB 12.5.2: ul_value = 2176782336

If you change li_basen and li_index to ulongs, it returns 2176782336

753918 CR 678171 converted pbtutor.hlp to pbtutor.chm to work with newer operating systems and PB but the Getting Started Tutorial Manual was not updated. As this is used for new users of PowerBuilder, this needs to be updated.
753920 CR 678171 converted pbtutor.hlp to pbtutor.chm to work with newer operating systems.

Using this newer help file, pbtutor.chm, and the tutorial does not bring up the help topics. The following in the tutorial does not bring up the help for the topic.

ShowHelp ("pbtutor.chm", Topic!, 200)

ShowPopupHelp("pbtutor.chm", this, 200)

This may just be a problem with pbtutor.chm and the topic index but as this is a SAP provided file and part of the tutorial, it needs to work correctly.

754229 When customer tried migrating app that contained the following


integer ii_value

ii_value = int(message.wordparm)

The following error popped up:

Assertion failure

'Invalid type in cm_instrinsic_int, file cmintrin.cpp, line 375'

Abort, Ignore, Retry?

754293 The Quick Search sample in the PB code examples is not working.

When you enter in a value in the sle_find, it is not finding the items.

In the u_selection_list.sle_find.key_pressed event, the following code doesn't appear to working:

ls_character = char(message.wordparm)

754306 Customer would like an option so that the toolbar for the sheet could be part of the window instead of up in the frame. He would like a way to get these actions tied to the window it is on (exactly how the Advanced GUI has done it). When users float their windows to a separate monitor, it becomes real annoying that you have to click on the actions in a separate window. Customer days VS has done this with their tabbed document as well but you can set the Solution Explorer as a Tabbed Document which then has the result I am looking for.
754323 An application that was migrated from PB 11.5.1 (build 4675)

to PB 12.5 is now randomly crashing.

It is crashing in different dlls--pbshr125.dll, pbdwe125.dll and pbvm125.dll.

Customer said for a given day the application crashed at 10:48am and then again at 3:40 pm.

Customer upgraded to the latest PB 12.5.2 ebf (build 5602) and they still see the crash.

Customer has the following desktop heap setting:

%SystemRoot%\system32\csrss.exe ObjectDirectory=\Windows SharedSection=1024,20480,768 Windows=On SubSystemType=Windows ServerDll=basesrv,1 ServerDll=winsrv:UserServerDllInitialization,3 ServerDll=winsrv:ConServerDllInitialization,2 ServerDll=sxssrv,4 ProfileControl=Off MaxRequestThreads=16

754524 The Win API function GradientFill is not working properly in the PB 15 beta.

Testing with PB 10.5 through 12.5.2 this works correctly. If you run them side by side, you can see that color2 (right side on horizontal) is not the correct color. It seems to be showing as Fuchsia when it should be something else. If you choose Lime for color2, it shows Blue instead.

Stepping through the debugger in all versions tested, the same long value is sent to the API call. Also tried changing the long to longptr as I wasn't sure if that might be the issue but it did not resolve the issue.

754629 Customer has an application that runs successfully in the IDE but when deployed, even on the same machine when run from the deployment directory it crashes. Customer initially thought it was related to a patch he received for CR 749257 but he commented out that code and is still crashing.
755062 Feature Request for the support of (rich) text in a DataWindow control that spans more than one page
755436 LibrayDirectory change CR-LF's and tabs to spaces in the comments.
755443 LibrayDirectory change CR-LF's and tabs to spaces in the comments.

However, the description is not in the manual for that specification.

755507 When saving a datawindow as PDF using XSL-FOP, hebrew characters are rendered in a

wrong order : xyz ----> zyx

755713 PowerBuilder does not have a component that generates (syslog) application log.
756093 The IDE will crash when building PBDs/EXE when the source it has been imported from has a certain size. The PBDs/PBLs are generated from source files by ORCAScript, and the crash happens when the source file has a certain size.
756525 Please document in the Release Notes that to use the OData example of ODataSalesOrder

in PB15 with SQL Anywhere 16, you will need to apply SQL Anywhere EBF22392: 16.0 SP7 Build 1761. (this is a SQL Anywhere issue reported in cr749821.)

PB15 installs SQL anywhere 16 (build 1691).

Otherwise, you will received the following error

Schema specified is not valid.Errors:

(0,0): error 0005: The 'Default' attribute is not allowed.

(0,0): error 0005: The 'MaxLength' attribute is invalid - The value 'max' is

invalid according to its datatype ''- The value 'max' is not valid according to any of the memberTypes of the union.

(0,0): error 0005: The 'MaxLength'attribute is invalid - The value 'max' is invalid according to its datatype.

756597 Problem exists in both PB 15 beta and PB 12.5.2 latest build. Using SaveAs with an XLSX! format, the resulting xlsx file is much larger than when the file is then opened in Excel and saved.

In my simple testcase the file saved from PB was 5223 KB and when opened in Excel and then saved with a different name, the file was 842 KB.

In customer's actual application with a large xlsx file, the size of the PB xlsx file is causing issues.

756628 When you install PowerBuilder and choose all

the components except 'PowerBuilder .NET', when you try to create a .msi (selecting the PowerBuilder 32-bit Components or PowerBuilder 64-bit option)

with the Runtime Packager, you get the following error:

Required files for PowerBuilder.NET C:\sybase\PowerBuilder 15.0\DotNet\bin\candle.exe can not be found.

Please install the required files and try again

This issue appears to happen when you do not select the PowerBuilder .NET component option.

See screenshot under Attach.

It appears the following files are not installed, however, are required to generate a .msi file:








You cannot generate a .msi file if you do not select the PowerBuilder .NET component.

757514 When in the function painter if you right click and choose Paste Special -> From File the dialog box that comes up has an initial 'Files of Type' as Function Source (*.fun) instead of Script Files (*.scr).

According to the documentation, script files should be saved with a .scr extension to identify them as script.

758430 A number of RichText DataWindows are constructed for printing including also pasted RTF PasteRTF(). After a while PowerBuilder becomes unresponsive and appears to hang with CPU going to 100%.
758545 Transaction handle lost in a multi-threaded application
758674 Customer previously reported CR 746474 with PB 12.5.2 .NET and has applied EBF 22375 (build 5609. He can see that when there is a dropdown, the extra white space is no longer present but when the lines in dropdown exceeds the data, in PB 12.5 .NET there is still whitespace. PB Classic does not show the extra white space.
759531 SelectedText() should return the text in both a DropDownListBox when the AllowEdit property is set to true and in a DataWindow with a DDLB edit style. In both cases an empty string is returned.

Other controls, return the text correctly.

759800 PowerBuilder crashes when calling SaveAsAscii() if the report contains a large number of objects.
759844 Customer has previously reported these errors in CR 746287 and 759844 but is still getting the debugger errors when the application itself appears to run correctly. He is concerned as he would like to not see these errors when run in the debugger.

He cannot upload his entire application but would like to know what these errors/warnings are and if they are PB .NET errors or errors in his application. This was asked in the last two CRs and some things were fixed but the errors/warnings continue.

He wants to know which errors he should try to resolve and how to resolve them.

759982 DataWindow requires more memory than the database size.
760058 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.1_6950 and 12.1_7298

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: Customer is attempting to compile a Windows Forms application that has webservices inside. When compiling, the following error messages are displayed:

---------- Error messages: (14:55:01)

Error when compiling generated C# code:

collections.cs(64,25): error CS0621: 'c__collections.__get_empty_set()': virtual or abstract members cannot be private

collections.cs(76,23): error CS0621: 'c__collections.__set_empty_set(c__set)': virtual or abstract members cannot be private

collections.cs(93,26): error CS0621: 'c__collections.__get_empty_list()': virtual or abstract members cannot be private

collections.cs(105,23): error CS0621: 'c__collections.__set_empty_list(c__list)': virtual or abstract members cannot be private

collections.cs(122,25): error CS0621: 'c__collections.__get_empty_map()': virtual or abstract members cannot be private

collections.cs(134,23): error CS0621: 'c__collections.__set_empty_map(c__map)': virtual or abstract members cannot be private

760085 If a DataWindow contains a numeric value (an ASCII control code) in a string column and you try to save the DataWindow into an XLSX file using SaveAs(), PowerBuilder creates the XLSX file, but MS Excel can't recognize data in the XLSX file and asks you if you want to repair it.
761595 SaveAs() makes a corrupted Excel12 format file if a DataWindow has a blank row.
763013 Customer has an application that they migrated from PB 6.5.1 to PB 12.5.2. No errors on the migration or when doing a full rebuild but after running a sequence of steps, application crashes when opening a sheet from a menu button. Crash did not happen in older version.
763139 Customer migrated their application from Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 and are seeing significant performance degradation.
763631 Using eas 6.3.1. Customer app was working with PB12.5.2 (build 5602). They now upgraded to PB 12.5.2 (build 5609) and seeing a crash at:

[SystemException] java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException was thrown by method

INFO Thread-64 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: remove

INFO Thread-64 at$invoke(

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at Method)

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_server_EJB.of_getusermessage(

Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_serverRemote.of_getusermessage(

INFO Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_serverRemote_DJC.access$1001(

INFO Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_serverRemote_DJC$11.invoke(

INFO Thread-64 at com.sybase.djc.transaction.TransactionManager.invokeNotSupported1(

INFO Thread-64 at com.sybase.djc.transaction.TransactionManager.invokeNotSupported(

INFO Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_serverRemote_DJC.of_getusermessage(

INFO Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_serverRemote_DJC.$invoke_0(

INFO Thread-64 at ejb.components.gwseaf.gwseaf_n_usermessageservice_serverRemote_DJC.$invoke(

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at

INFO Thread-64 at com.sybase.djc.rmi.iiop.server.MessageHandler.processRequest(

INFO Thread-64 at

Here is a script from creation of inv_SessionInfo. It is called at the

beginning of some public functions ( TS is typeof


inv_sessionInfo is typeof sessioninfo):

IF NOT IsValid( inv_sessionInfo ) THEN

TS.createInstance ( inv_sessioninfo, "CtsSecurity/SessionInfo" )


RETURN inv_sessioninfo.getListener( )

This inv_SessionInfo will be destroyed at event deactivate.

IF IsValid( inv_SessionInfo ) THEN

IF TS.Which( ) = inv_KS.CI_SERVER THEN

DESTROY inv_SessionInfo



The component type itself is shared. But the variable exists only during the function call

RESOLUTION: Path \www-easerver\patches\EAS631\win32\743329-1\ resolved issue.

763643 When trying to instantiate the CTSSecurity/SessionInfo, the following error appears:

:\pb\EAServer6\genfiles\java\src\CtsSecurity\iiop_stubs\ CtsSecurity.iiop_stubs.SessionInfo is not abstract and does not override abstract method remove() in CtsSecurity.SessionInfoOperations

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 public class SessionInfo

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 ^

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 1 error

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.compiler.JavaCompiler.javac(

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.compiler.JavaCompiler.compile(

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.compiler.JavaCompiler.compile(

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.compiler.ClassWriter.compile(

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.rmi.iiop.client.JavaStubCompiler.getStubClass(

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.rmi.iiop.client.StubFactory.loadStub(

2014-05-08 19:05:32.409 INFO Thread-46 at com.sybase.djc.rmi.iiop.client.StubFactory.getStub(

RESOLUTION: Removing the files under ....EAServer6\genfiles\java\src\ejb\components\solarisbug resolved issue.

763791 PB 12.5 winform debug crash. Same as cr756792 but this is

for pb 12.5.2

Faulting application name: PB125.EXE, version:, time stamp: 0x50f93412

Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18229, time stamp: 0x51fb1116

Exception code: 0xe0434352

Fault offset: 0x0000c41f

Faulting process id: 0x20a8

Faulting application start time: 0x01cf6abd6dccb344

Faulting application path: D:\pb\pb125\PowerBuilder 12.5\PB125.EXE

Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll

Report Id: b89a365c-d6b0-11e3-b783-463500000031

Application: PB125.EXE

Framework Version: v4.0.30319

Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

Exception Info: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException


at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi.ICorDebugFrame.GetChain(Sybase.PowerBuilder.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeApi.ICorDebugChain ByRef)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Debugging.CorDebug.CorFrame.get_Chain()

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Debugger.NdbgEngine.DbgILFrame.get_NextUp()

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Debugger.NdbgEngine.NDebugger.GetStackFrameCount()

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Debugger.NdbgEngine.NDebugger+<>c__DisplayClass23.<STAGetStackFrameCount>b__22()

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(System.Object)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object, Boolean)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object, Boolean)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object)

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()

763849 Customer is converting their PB Classic application to .Net Windows Form Application. An extra constructor is being called that is not called in the win32 version of the application.

He is seeing a lot of instances where these extra constructor calls are occurring which results at times in incorrect result and causes slowness.

764190 When you set focus to a DW control with no taborder (by clicking on it), the GetFocus event is not triggered. The LoseFocus is triggered when focus leaves the control.

Other controls like a MultiLineEdit gets GetFocus triggered, even if they have taborder set to zero.

764221 Migrated application crashes randomly in datawindow.

Application was migrated from PB 9.0.2.

764303 Memory leak is experienced when calling a stored procedure as an RPCFUNC through the OLEDB database interface.
764327 Trying to migrate the codeexchange example of

and application is crashing during the migration when applying the pb2java.pbd.

The crash is happening in the MSVCR100.dll

resolution: Regenerate pb2java.pbd with pbx2pbd150.exe (using the pb2java.pbx in the test directory) and migrate the test case again.

764764 Customer has an application running on a Dell Windows 7 64-bit and they notice its 20 percent or more slower on Windows 7 than on XP or when they run it through Citrix. The performance is most noticeable on windows with tab pages that is retrieving data. The application is PFC based and the PFC was migrated from an older version. If they disable the Dell video card they regain some of the performance.
764826 A winform application calling a method on a .net

assembly where the method is using the 'create using' to create a datastore.

The datastore is not getting created.

765016 When calling a stored procedure as external function of the transaction object through the OLEDB interface then the raiserror number is not returned as the SQLCA.SQLDBCode and the returnvalue is not returned.
765210 OS: Windows 2003

Versions and Build #s Tested: PowerBuilder.NET 12.5.2_5609

Database/Driver File/Version: SYC using PC Client 15.7 (Any EBF/SP) and ASE 15.x

Comments: A crosstab datawindow with retrieval arguments returns "Incorrect syntax near ':'." error and hangs preview pane in PB.NET. During runtime, PB.NET application hangs when retrieving the crosstab datawindow.

Issue never happens if using PB Classic 12.5.2_5609 instead.

765435 Application technique manual still list the pbdwr120.dll/pbdwr125.dll under the Powerbuilder runtime files section.

According to cr640188, pbdwr120.dll/pbdwr125.dll no longer exists.

765676 Library painter window state is not kept maximized after every PowerBuilder restart
765699 Embedded sql returning a blob while connected to MS SQLServer

with SNC is returning the following error:

Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0

Could not create an acceptable cursor.

765810 In a Grid DataWindow with buttons, if you change the display order by reordering columns, you will see that pressing the TAB key does not reflect the new display order.
765900 Difference in behavior between PB Classic and PB .NET when window opens and initial TabOrder.

In PB Classic the column with the lowest TabOrder value gains initial focus while in PB .NET the column with the lowest Column ID value has initial focus.

766359 PowerBuilder crashes when calling SaveAsAscii() if the composite DataWindow contains a large number of objects
766642 If you change the SELECT statement of a DataWindow by adding new columns to it, you can observe that initial values of existing columns are reset
766661 A rich text DataWindow is constructed using rtf templates.

When printing the report the entire page text seem to have shifted upwards compared to

the same report in PowerBuilder 9 so that the footer gets printer much higher.

767214 OS: Windows 7 and Windows 2003

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5609 and 12.5.2_5629

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA EASDemoDB 125

Customer: Ness A.T. Ltd.

Incident: 688738 / 2014

Comments: Selection of parts of editable columns inside datawindow via mouse clicking and dragging is never possible when datawindow control has the property "TitleBar" enabled.

767217 OS: Windows 7

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5583 and 12.5.2_5629 + GhostScript 9.1 installed

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA EASDemoDB 125

Customer: Energia de Entre Rios S.A. (ENERSA)

Incident: 556796 / 2014

Comments: Whenever customer issues a SaveAs() into PDF format, resultant PDF comes with pages in reverse order by default.

768292 In PB .NET, when creating a webservice datawindow, it generates the following error:

An invalid input parameter type was detected

When creating the webservice dw, it is adding a boolean datatype argument even though the webservice does not have a argument type of boolean.

RESOLUTION: Select the XMLSerializerFormat checkbox on the project/objects tab and redeploying resolved the issue.

768310 In PB Classic, when creating a datawindow using a webservice as the datasource, if the method selected has a boolean value as an input, the following error message


An invalid input parameter type was detected

768390 Treeview datawindow, scrolling through the rows shows a memory leak in .NET. Not present in Classic version, this looks similar to CR 725289 fixed in Classic
769018 When multiple targets have been registered in the workspace, the contents of the output windows will be cleared for each target.
769303 In the What's New (or New Features Guide), under the 64-bit Windows Application, limitations, the followings issues are incorrectly listed:


- The RichTextDatawindow header does not display when the HeaderFooter property is true until you call ShowHeaderFooter(true).


- CopyRTF(false, header!) works only when you call ShowHeaderFooter(true) when Header/Footer is true

The property is called ShowHeadFoot(true) and not ShowHeaderFooter(true).


- Regardless, autofocus does not work

What is that referring to?

Item #3

There are several bullets with no text

Item #4

- SaveDocument (string f, {FileTypeDoc!|FileTypeHTML!|FileTypePDF!}) retuns -1 ....

retuns is misspelled.

Item #5

Under OrcaScript section,

build executable exeNameiconNamepbrNamepbdflags x64

should be:

build executable <exename> <iconName> <pbrName> <pbdflags> <machinecode> <newvstylecontrols> x64

769393 Parameterized constructors and inheritance. PowerBuilder missing the constructor at the 3rd level of inheritance.
769395 OS: Windows 7 32-bit + IIS 7.0

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5629 (Classic and .NET)

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: During runtime, when debugging client PB classic app that connects to PB.NET WCF WebService deployed to IIS 7, the datetime values obtained get inconsistent (with ?? characters) after changing client PB classic code. Please refer to repro steps for details.

769675 When updating a datawindow based on an HANA ODATA datasource, the following error is seen. Unsure if this is a problem with ther service or PowerBuilder.

OData Execute failed. Syntax: SaveChanges table= PBDEMOCustomer

An error occurred while processing this request.

Error processing batch response.

At the start of every operation, exactly two headers need to be specified: 'Content-Type' and 'Content-Transfer-Encoding'. Make sure these headers are present and have the correct values.

No changes made to database.

769695 When set on the object property "HyperLink!" Pointer, PB to always display the mouse pointer of the old-style.
769876 If only PB 12.6 Classic is installed, PB 12.6 .NET was unchecked during installaion and you try to create an MSI, it fails with the following error messages. Both 32 bit and 64 bit MSI errors are seen, seen below.

When creating a 64 bit msi you will see this error.

PowerBuilder Runtime Packager

Required files for PowerBuilder Base Components: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\pbrth126.dll cannot be found.

Please install the required files and try again.

If you try to create a 32 bit MSI you will also receive errors as .NET dlls are not installed. You can uncheck these options to successfully create a 32 bit msi if you do not need these features.

Required files for Required component:C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6\DotNET\bin\Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataWindow.Excel12.dll cannot be found.

Please install the required files and try again.

Required files for Required component:C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6\DotNET\bin\Sybase.PowerBuilder.ODataClient.dll cannot be found.

Please install the required files and try again.

Also an issue for ADO.NET connections in the IDE

769919 With SAP PowerBuilder 12.6 Build 3506, GetItemNumber (or GetItemDecimal) DataWindow functions return a wrong result on a dynamic computed field whose expression is the sum of a column in the DataWindow
770036 OS: Windows 7 32-bit

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5652

When using global variables in a PB.NET WCF web service, the global variable values are not isolated in between two or more concurrent PB client apps that access same web service and value from session 1 is then read in session 2, which is incorrect. According to customer, until PB 12.5.1_4953 that was not an issue.

770039 OS: Windows 7 32-bit

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 12.5.2_5652

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA EASDemoDB 12.5

By using PB.NET, when datawindow is in query mode, datetime values entered produced "Specified criterion is invalid" error message.

If using PB Classic, the issue never happens.

770043 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Customer has a multiThreaded application named rtos.exe that takes usage of Powerbuilder functions SharedObjectRegister & SharedObjectUnregister.

Sometimes, the application crashes at PBVM125.dll at both Windows 7-32bit and Windows XP.

Dr. Watson confirms the crash always occurs at the very same point, according following stack in Dr. Watson:

*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for c:\rtos\prod\PBVM125.dll -

function: PBVM125!ob_is_vers2_obj

770082 A null object reference is raised if you access a DW column by dot notation using the DWObject variable and the column is removed from the DW object
770193 EAServer 6.3.1 crash dump analysis.

Prior to crashing he is receiving a memory allocation error but there appears to be enough memory, please take a look at the included log file.

770492 .NET c# application calling amyuni (using COM)and calling a PB .NET assembly, to access the datawindow object, prints to a pdf file.

In PB 12.5 (build 4015), everything works ok. In PB 12.5.2 (build 5583 and 5652),

a prompt appears to enter in the filename and hit 'ok'.

770532 Ancestor's methods are not exposed when deploying an inherited non visual object in a WCF project
770696 When you specify the argument of more than 32768 DataWindow.Retrieve, Power Builder will cause a GPF.
770744 DW HTML generation not working in PB 12.5 .Net
770941 EAServer 6.3 crashing randomly in the libpbvm125

In the hs_err_pid24514.log, it shows the crash is happening in the The last entry is ob_func_indirect.

The goe_02.log.030 shows that the process virtual memory keeps going up to 99%.

771036 Repeated pasting rich-text code in rtf datawindow gives crashes or errors like:

- Load rich text edit module error

- Unsufficient memory error

- error PasteRTF

771543 When a datafield has an editmask of ######## and one enters 99999999 and tabs off, the number gets rounded up to 100000000.
771544 When a data field is an upper case and the color is modified if and the field isas an empty string and it has focus, if you click on another field and then than, the field text is changed to what appears to be garbage characters. This only seems to happen when the backgroup color of the fields have had their color modified.
771755 Customer is migrating their application to PB .NET and SlideUp AllAbove is not working the same as in Classic. After placing a text object in the datatwindow there is extra space
771869 Calling a certain webservice that uses a complex datastructure gave the error:

The definition of the method signature in Web Service proxy is wrong -- the data doesn't match the parameter definition

772186 FindClassDefinition cause a memory leak.
772204 Application crashing with an unhandled exception during

a user callback in the pbvm125.dll.


pbvm125!EvtQueryClose+47 [e:\pb125\runtime\function\fnevent.cpp @ 7555]

10b528b7 c7422800000000 mov dword ptr [edx+28h],0

772216 Deploying a Classic dotnet assembly failed with C0352: unknown error
772469 When you ran the DataWindow.SaveAs function from PowerBuilder WPF application, PowerBuilder cannot create PDF with Japanese characters correctly.
772493 When trying to setup the "Window" menu via opensheet to show the windows that are open they do not appear.

The same code in classic seems to add the open windows to the menu's "Window" list.

772629 If your pointer is over a column in a DW that is assigned a Pointer value then any Filter action will cause the DW to flash the pointer a bunch of times. If the pointer is not over that column then everything works properly.

The users are reporting a slowdown when keying in values. Customer's application has validation that occurs when the user enters data. This validation uses DataStores and Filters quite a few times which is causing the slowdown.

772830 Random access violation crash in the pbdwe125.dll


pbdwe125!dwGobUnderPoint+312 [e:\pb125\dw\engine\common\dwutil2.cpp @ 185]

117338d2 8b02 mov eax,dword ptr [edx]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 117338d2 (pbdwe125!dwGobUnderPoint+0x00000312)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 00000000

Attempt to read from address 00000000

773118 application is randomly hanging


Dl Eid Cid WaitType

-- --- ------- --------------------------

0 a9c.39c Event



773164 Error when invoking a WS : Invalid content type text/xml
773585 CR 544600 remove the extra space from the SQL statement of the DataWindow.However, the start switch for users who do not wish to change this behavior does not exist.
773597 A user control was developed in WPF and incorporated in a tab folder in a PowerBuilder application (Client Server application).

At unexpected moments the application crashes and not necessarily inside the WPF user control.

773775 Request for clear documentation of supported or certified versions of different Windows versions

With the current version PowerBuilder 12.6 are now tested against the following Windows versions:

- Windows 7 SP1

- Windows 8

- Windows 8.1

- Windows Vista SP2

- Windows XP SP3

- Windows Server 2012 R2 (runtime only)

- Windows Server 2008 R2 (runtime only)

773923 Columns with Lowered border style on a DataWindow don't look lowered if Windows 7 thema.
774183 When comparing 2 values of datatype double, pb is returning incorrect boolean value.

double ld_limit,mydouble

mydouble = 0.045

boolean lb_found

string ls_string

ld_limit = double(dw_1.getitemnumber(1,"myr2"))

// ld_limit is now set to 0.045

lb_found = (mydouble < ld_limit)

The lb_found is returning true when it should be returning false.

If mydouble and ld_limit values were 0.03. Then lb_found = (mydouble < ld_limit) returns the correct boolean value of false.

774215 When creating a dw using a Hana OData datasource, it results

in the following error:

Select ODT jam_test

OData Execute failed. Syntax Retrieve table=Test


Could not load file or assembly

'file:///C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\uugm1uz0.dll' or one

of its dependencies. the system cannot find the file specified.

Do you want to correct errors?

RESOLUTION: Looking at the wsdl file it showed the EntityContainer and EntitySet Name were the same name. By changing that the name so that EntityContainer and EntitySet name were different, resolved the issue

774420 With SAP PowerBuilder 12.5.2 and 12.6, a computed field located in the header band of a nested report whose expression is CumulativeSum (<column> for page) won't get displayed but will get printed
774489 In a dw control when you drag/drop a row to a new location,

the dw control does not show the change (it is not redrawn)

775145 Customer found that in PB12.6 Classic he is not able deploy .NET Web Service targets which are using Microsoft 4.0 windowbase.dll assembly references.

Deployment to .NET fail. It look like PB12.6 has bug on deployment process of .NET targets where it look like it is not including this assembly reference.

775867 When opening a particular easerver project, it crashes

PB 12.6 in the C:\windows\system32\msvcr100.dll.

This project will open ok in PB 11.5 and 12.5.

776316 Customer has an application that crashes randomly and has been doing this for two years. This is an online venue ticket vendor so attaching AdPlus to the running process would be very difficult.
776326 The 'Remember retrieval arguments' option is missing from the


If you did save the retrieval arguments in the dw painter, they do not appear under Run/Preview

This option used to be there in PB 11.5.1.

776509 Customer is migrating their application from PB 12.5.2 to 12.6 and have the following line of code in an inherited PictureButton Other event:

Mod(lparam, 256)

Results in the following assertion failure:


Assertion Failure


Invalid type in cm_intrinsic_mod,

file cmintrin.cpp, line 2264

In PB 12.6, the parameters passed to the Other event have changed from Long to Longptr. According to the PB 12.6 docs the Longptr is the same as Long although there is a note that doing complex operations on longptr datatypes may not work. As this is a PB function, customer believes this should work.

Customer has also noticed that "Handle(this)" does NOT return a long. The PB 12.6 doc states that you can use the longptr to hold handles but the customer believes that a migration from PB 12.5.2 to PB 12.6 should migrate without error and that if these are not longptr datatypes they should work as the previous long values did in the past.

He is aware that if he changes his code to cast the return to a long as below

Mod(long(lparam), 256)

it works but doing this in his full application is a very large task and may prevent them from migrating to PB 12.6.

776745 Request for the PB 12.6 Localization Builds
776970 png files included in a .pbr are not showing in contemporary

toolbar menu

777038 If you create an SDI application with a main menu and submenu items and you change the Text property of a submenu item by script, you will no longer be able to drill in into the main menu to see its submenus if you generate a 64-bit executable
777196 Customer has a reporting service which uses Shared Objects to retrieve the data. At some point in time the application will just become unstable and eventually crash. The crash does not happen in the same spot but it does have seem to have something to do with DB activity.

Customer is able to run successfully if the SharedObject does not do any DB retrieval.

777624 Customer is using an old version of Crystal Reports that included an ActiveX object. Newer versions of Crystal Reports do not include the Active X and so the customer cannot upgrade to a newer version.

With PB 12.5.2 the ActiveX works but with PB 12.6 it does not.

777627 Print issues when orientation set right to left in code. Datawindow displays correctly online but is missing data when printed. When orientation is changed to left to right, print is the correct.
777799 Handling of a complex nested structure as a reference paramateter for an external function call to a cobol dll is incorrect.

The values in the structure are misplaced/shifted during the function call and the result is always an error from the called function.

This happens in an application, migrated from Powerbuilder 12.5.2 to Powerbuilder 12.6 (EBF 23645).


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