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416605 Get NotModified! for modified data after Filter and GetFullState/SetFullState
416610 The Today Item is not included correctly into the registry when using the enhanced cab generation tool. Whe using the project painter it works fine.
416662 WM5 Specific - SIP doesn't always go down when it should - for MAIN! window only

(works fine in WM-2003)

Using "Reeds Tests"

a) SIP Tests - MAIN

a1) focus on any control, the SIP remains up.

Even though the property "ShowSIPOnFocus" is either true or false

**this is an error**

a2) button SIP_DOWN never happens

**this is an error**

a3) button SIP_ForceDown works properly


b1) all conditions work properly

Even though all the code and properties are the same

c) TrackBarTest works fine

c1) focus to the SLE - you get the SIP

c2) focus to the master trackbar - SIP goes down

416742 WM5 Specific - DW SIPOnFocus for does not work properly

The SIP panel comes up when there is a datawindow column with the "Set SIP on focus" property enabled. However, when there is a NEXT column with this property disabled, the SIP panel is then kept down for subsequent columns even if they have the property enabled.

1. The "Show SIP on Focus" property doesn't work on the 1st datawindow column.

2. The "Show SIP on Focus" property works from the 2nd datawindow column onwards.

3. If there is a datawindow column that has the "Show SIP on Focus" property unchecked, then the SIP panel will be turned off for subsequent datawindow columns regardless of whether the property has been enabled.


If i hit the tab key into a datawindow column with the property checked, the SIP panel comes up. Then I tab into the next column which has the property unchecked, the SIP panel comes down. I tabbed again into the next column with the property checked, the SIP panel stays down.

416749 Two problems with PasteRTF() and CRLFs/{par}:

1) PasteRTF() with contents containing two CRLFs (i.e. two {par}) at the end will only produce one CRLF.

2) Pasting in the CRLFs separately from the text. The end result is again mssing CRLFs.

416770 When running an embedded sql statement in powerbuilder

where a column contains an @ sign, the following sql statement returns in the dbtrace log:

Select b @b From a where a @a =1

It appears to add a space before the @ sign and that generates a db error message occurs.

416825 Detail Band Autosize Height in DataWindow behaves differently between dot notation for DataWindow object and SetItem() DataWindow control method
416853 PowerBuilder 10 with ODBC connection to Microsoft SQL Server

When calling a stored procedure with a large text variable in embedded SQL

with PBNewSPInvocation true then the text variable gets truncated to 128000 characters.



416855 PB application hangs on exit when XP runs in hyperthreading mode.
416856 Portion of the nested report is cut off even

when autosize height is turned on.

416880 Application using Chinese characters fails migration from PB 9 to PB 10. OS is Simplified Chinese XP.
416886 .js and .css files stored in Jaguar/bin versus PublishPath directory.
417003 A regression from PB 9.0. PB 10.5 crashes when using a certain expression in the visible attribute of a column. The same expression works for other attributes. The expression is:

if ( CurrentRow() = GetRow(), if ( menge < 0, 1, 0 ), 1 )

Where menge is a column name. This may be related to CR 416438.

417054 Composite reports with newspaper child report creates a blank page or overlapping of details to a second page.
417093 A computed expression in a computed field will return

different results.

For example:

Computed_zero with a expression c1/0 will return 'Zero'

Computed_null with a expression c1/0 will return 'NULL'

The format for these 2 fields is the same:


RESOLUTION: The order that the computed fields were added (as in the repro instructions) are what causes this to happen.

If the expressions are entered as indicated in the repro instructions they are compiled in the following order -

1.)computed_zero gets compiled first - and since the engine does not (yet) know what "C1" is going to be it is an expression of type "unknown", the default value is 0.

2.)C1 is compiled... it is just the value 1 ... no problem there.

3.) computed_null is compiled and now we know what C1 is so we know the expression is for a number the default value is dbl_max.

At runtime, when the expressions are evaluated, divide by zero is invalid and the default value is returned for the expression. computed_zero's default is 0, computed_null is dbl_max. dbl_max is a negative number so the format rule displays "NULL"

When I edited the source and moved the syntax for "C1" above the other two then both the other expressions displayed "NULL".

417112 The help file indicates: "The .NET Web service engine can handle the XML-type array datatype. It also supports header sections in the SOAP message envelope." There is no indication of how to do the latter.

This is functionality that is to be delivered for the GA version, but isn't yet part of beta 2. I checked the release notes that are posted on 12/22/2005 and there is no mention of this not being part of beta 2.

417220 On PB10.2 with MYSQL (PB9.x also), if try to dw.update with same value,

a message will be prompted out as "Rows changes between retrieve and update" even only one

user on the MYSQL DB server.

417231 When OpenUserObject function is called from inside a certain DW event ie. pbm_dwnmousemove or pbm_nchittest it causes the CPU to raise to 100% utilization

for several minutes. Also a small memory leakage can be observed.

417232 When building a machine code exe, PB will hang when

building the runtime library.

417235 The UnitsToPixels and PixelsToUnits function take and return integer values. It is possible (though not common) for the coordinate values to exceed those that can be represented by an integer. The functions should take and return longs.
417241 With 2 or more levels of inheritance (3 or more objects in the inheritance heirarchy, open the lowest descendant object script painter and go to the highest ancestor script, then close down PB with the painter open in this state. (You must have PB System Options set to reopen the Workspace on startup, and reload the painters when opening the workspace.) When you restart PB it can't find the ancestor object and displays an error message to that affect. If you have just one level of inheritance, it works fine and the painter reopens just as it was when closed down, with the ancestor script selected. This same behavior is in PB 10.2. It appears to be only looking up one level of inheritance when reopening the painter if you close it down with an ancestor script selected.
417292 Negative number in the where clause freezes PB
417295 If you delete an object function or event from the function list or event list tab (right click on the function name in the list) you can undo the delete by selecting the

Edit->Undo Function Delete menu, and the deleted function or event is restored. The same is true when you delete the function or event by right clicking in the script painter. You can restore the deleted function with the Edit->Undo Function Delete menu. But if you delete the function or event by right clicking in the prototype area, then the undo menu is not available. It should be.

417315 On PB10.2.1 bld 9537, PB IDE's isql session cannot handle a specific SQL.

PB just keep used up CPU to 99% with no result return. problem sql :

" select 4 - 2 from department; "

417324 computed field expression not reevaluated when rowfocus changed.
417327 If any select statement in a datawindow has a minus (-) sign, PB hangs. It was fine in 10.2.1 build 9004, but something has regressed. The customer says it's related to a minus sign, but in 9004 I was able to do a "Select 1 from Dual;" in the Database painter ISQL as well as "Select -1 from Dual;" with the expected results, but neither statement works in build 9537.
417350 : Application error when PB COM Object use NVO as argument
417360 When using the Datawindow object print properties "CustomPage.Length" &

"CustomPage.Width", PowerBuilder does not accept value with decimal point. Thus,

customer find no way to specify the printing page size.

417366 PictureButton image color changed when Map3DColors is checked
417379 SELECTs using "dateadd" or "CASE" hang PowerBuilder with ASE using Release='12.5'
417473 Read and write data to a bluetooth device from a hand held using the filedirect object. Writing to device works, but will not read.
417740 Problem getting primary key when ODBC driver doesn't support SQLPrimaryKeys (i.e., MS Access). When PB gets the "DIAG [IM001] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not support this function (0)" message back from the ODBC driver, it uses the SQLStatistics function to get the name of the first unique index. What it should also do it attempt to make a SQLSpecialColumns call for SQL_BEST_ROWID. SQLSpecialColumns is a Level 1 function call, so all drivers should support it (even those that don't support SQLPrimaryKeys). If you do have to use SQLStatistics, how about reporting the list of unique indexes back to the developer and allowing them to choose the one to use rather than assuming it's the first one you find.
417743 When running a stored procedure in the retrieverow event,

the following error returns:

Cursor is not open

Only the cancel command is allowed when the rows are pending.

Using the following code in the retrieverow:

integer i, j

i = row

DECLARE p PROCEDURE FOR case11194444_proc(:i) USING SQLCA;


IF SQLCA.SQLCode < 0 then

MessageBox("RetrieveRow Failed", SQLCA.SQLErrText, StopSign!)


FETCH p into :j;

IF SQLCA.SQLCode < 0 then

MessageBox("RetrieveRow Failed", SQLCA.SQLErrText, StopSign!)

ELSEIF i <> j then

MessageBox("RetrieveRow Failed", "Expected value not returned from stored procedure", StopSign!)


this.SetItem(row, 3, j)




417844 When opening a window sheet in a mdi application,

where the x and y properties were set, they don't appear to take if the center

property is checked.

417864 Request for AutoSelect property on datawindow editmask field. This is to alleviate problems when trying to enter a zero in a numeric field with a mask ending in zero, for example ###0
417947 Webservice object function call cause error : "Error calling method of a PBNI object" in deployment enviroment if using PB Packager and pbsoapclient pbd/pbx. Application works fine if running in PB IDE.
417981 When running a full rebuild in the workspace or

generating pcode or mcode and full rebuild is checked, the following warnings


Warning: C0209: Function or event must be declared before it can be compiled

Although it is a warning it is causing problems running application.

RESOLUTION: PBL contains undeclared events and now PB will generate a warning

message (cr407177). Manually remove undeclared events will resolve problem (edit source).

417984 The customer is migrating a PB 10.2.1 application to 10.5. When they open the base ancestor menu and try to convert it from a "traditional" to a "contemporay" menu the whole menu painter begins to flash and cpu usage goes to 100%.
418141 The customer is migrating his application from PB 8 to PB 10.2.1. He has bmp's which are digital signatures that are captured by a third party device. He is showing these bmp's on a picture control in a window. After upgrading to 10.2.1 the bmp's are not showing up anymore. He gets an empty black image.
418196 Oracle DB error when staticbind=0 and connecting thru a DB link.
418204 PBVM 10.2.0 crash under load conditions on datawindow import XML
418207 PB 10 libraryexport/import should be backwards compatible with ANSI PBLs and PBDs.

The ability to dynamically use non-migrated (already deployed)libraries containg DW objects on the fly in PB10 applications is desired.

As of now, LibraryExport for instance fails exporting/importing a DW from a PB 9 PBL.

418209 When placing two Signature controls ( sig_1) on a Window, then freezes on Handheld device in 2 thirds of the Tests. Seems to be mainly with DELL Axim.
418477 When a PowerBuilder client application is using a bad proxy object for a PB10 component

then the pbvm 10 in EAServer gets a fatal error on the server side.

If PBOnFatalError is not set to "Continue" then EAServer goes down aswell.

418487 The customer is requesting an enhancement to standardize the paper tray selection for datawindows. The PB documentation indicates DataWindow.Print.Paper.Source is an integer indicating the bin that will be used as the paper source. The integer you use depends on the tray number used by the printer. To determine the actual bin setting, you can query the printer with a 3rd party utility that makes API calls to the printer driver.

Since the 3rd party vendors (e.g. will give the numbers used for a certain printer vendor. He wonders why PB can't integrate that same functionality into PowerBuilder and produce a standardized set of values instead of having to use these 3rd party products.

418490 When customer runs debugger and tries to expand an array variable to examine the array, PowerBuilder crashes.
418499 The customer is migrating an OLE 2 datawindow from PB 9 to PB 10. He ran into a problem where a graph was not displaying in PB 10. This was fixed in CR 383929. Now he's discovered that if he retrieves more than approximately 40 rows of data in the datawindow, PB GPFs in PB 10. Less data and it's OK. Follow on to CR 383929.
418541 DropDown arrow marks incorrectly remain in a Data Window after scrolling back to the leftmost position of the horizontal scrollbar.
418610 Memory problems are experienced after the fix for CR 416853

on stored procedure invocation with PBNewSPInvocation through ODBC.

Request to use PBMaxtTextsize

418620 When an expression is entered in the Watch view of the debugger, the expression is truncated if you close the debugger and reopen it later. You also cannot edit the truncated expression. The only workaround is to Clear the expression and Insert it in the Watch view again.
418637 The customer sets the Toolbarvisible property to false in the window properties of the sheets in their MDI application. Then they set Toolbarvisible=true in script in the open event of the sheet. The sheet is then incorrectly positioned about 1 inch further down the frame than it should be. If they initially set the Toolbarvisible property to true, then the sheets open positioned correctly.
418679 Same as CR# 389126 fix need to be applied to PB 10
418718 Problem opening cursor when using complicated sub-select statement (Oracle) in

declaring cursor Error parsing command: Unexpected token in FROM clause; could

not create table list.

418740 Description of Problem: Implement OCIEnvNlsCreate() instead of OCIEnvCreate() and allow NLS_LANG setting in current session.

The Unicode encoding of PowerBuilder 10 causes some previous behavior (in terms of NLS_CHAR settings) to no longer work as before.

418790 This issue is basically a regression of Issue #2 in CR# 394004. Executing a Dynamic Sql Returns -1 when executing within EAServer in a PB comp. Outside EAServer it works fine if DisableBind=0.

The problem was that the following sql statement returns -1 when it should not.

ls_sql="insert into TE_USER_PREFERENCE "



ls_sql+="from TE_PREFERENCES_TEMPLATE a where not exists (select PREFERENCE_ID from TE_USER_PREFERENCE b where a.PREFERENCE_ID=b.PREFERENCE_ID and b.EMPLY_ID=?)"

prepare sqlsa from :ls_sql using itr;

execute sqlsa using :as_login_id, :as_login_id;

if itr.sqlcode<0 then


of_log(-15,this.classname()+" of_web_login",itr.sqlerrtext)

return -1

end if

The original symptom was that If inner select returns no data, sqlcode is -1. This was fixed in internal build PB 9.0.2 7697.This same statement is now failing. However, it is now always failing even if the inner select returns data.

This is what customer has tested :

9.0.2 build 7661 - fails if inner select is empty

9.0.2 build 8004 - fails if inner select is empty

9.0.3 build 8506 - pass

9.0.3 build 8511 - pass

9.0.3 build 8536 - always fails <- PSE tested version

9.0.3 build 8546 - always fails

9.0.3 build 8565 - always fails

9.0.3 build 8614 - always fails

They cannot use release 8506 or 8511 due to other problems and they are concerned that this problem appears in all EBFs since 8546.

418863 In PowerBuilder 9.0.3 build 8511 or later, if you create a new

datawindow, specify a WHERE clause with a retrieval argument, but return to the DataWindow

Painter WITHOUT defining the retrieval argument, the whole PowerBuilder will then crash.

418866 If users call Retrieve method (DataWindows) on a DataWindow for External source, it returns -1.

Any retrieve events, such as RetrieveStart and RetrieveEnd, should not be triggered.

But PB 9.0.x triggers RetrieveEnd event at this condition against our expectation.

PB 10.x does not trigger RetrieveEnd event any longer at the same condition.

Users should call ImportFile() method or other import methods to import data into the DataWindow for Extrenal sources.

418891 Customer used PB7.x to develop DBCS application.

Migration to PB10.x seems successful but find that Datawindow Column property - limit has

different meaning. In PB7.x it count in Byte, now PB10.x it count in CHAR.

Customer would like to check for the possibility to have PB10.x behave as PB7.x in this datawindow property - edit.limit

418917 The SetMask function fails to set the MaskDataType when an editmask is a Spin Control (em.spin=true). However, the function still returns 1 (success).

Workaround: In the script where the mask is changed, if spin=true, set spin=false, call SetMask, then change spin back to true.

418969 Fatal error when trying to load a PB NVO in EAServer:


pbshr100!SH_MI_DATA_BLOB::Reserve+4d [e:\pb10\shared\pbshr\shmiblbd.cpp @ 138]

07a81b4d f3ab rep stosd

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 07a81b4d (pbshr100!SH_MI_DATA_BLOB::Reserve+0x0000004d)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000001

Parameter[1]: 01a5f000

Attempt to write to address 01a5f000

419011 Failure to print the job on Citrix if the selected printer (through PrintSetup dialog box) contains a space char. No problem outside Citrix.
419021 When you have a dropdown toolbar on a menu and you

click on the arrow to open, the dropdown toolbar does not close when you click on

a sheet.

When you open a sheet the dropdown toolbar behavior appears to be more like a toggle.

Click to open the dropdown and click to collapse it. But that behavior is not consistent with other dropdown toolbars.

For example, even in the PB IDE, open a window and click on the Foreground Color. The color

palette will open. If you click back into the window, the color palette will close.

419043 Oracle 9i database. When declaring a RPC on a transaction object, PB does not list procedures within a package. A stand-alone procedure that has no arguments is shown, but PB crashes when selecting the procedure.
419054 DelimitIdentifier is not being applied consistently during DataWindow creation, resulting in failure if the column or table name is a reserved word or other nonstandard identifier.
419067 RowFocusChanging: Insert a new row and the newrow argument returns 1 rather than the documented value of 0.
419137 Both Ctrl and AltGr (or Alt) keys have same keyflags value 2 if you use a different keyboard layout than US. It may be interesting to have a different value for Alt/Altgr as it exists for web dw (value is 4).
419142 OrcaScript operation "scc set target" fails with -13 if an object function throws a user exception (inherited from Exception).
419151 When exporting XML using the datawindow dot notation, the wrong encoding results. In the PB 10 users's guide section on Exporting XML, no differentiation is made between using the SaveAs method and accessing the XML via the dw dot notation. However, when the encoding is not the default, referencing the XML via dot notation uses the default encoding, but using SaveAs correctly applies the encoding defined in the template.

Is this is a documentation error, or a PB bug ?

CLOSED as duplicate of CR 346555.

419158 Three possibly related debugger breakpoint problems:

1) Breakpoint disappears when removing line of script above it. (Duplicate breakpoints sometimes appear from a similar operation, but I cannot reproduce that reliably).

2) Context menu in script painter is not aware of breakpoint setting and doesn't allow clearing it.

3) Breakpoints cleared in Debugger, come back if script painter is left open.

419170 Under Tools ... System Options, click on the System Font tab. Don't make any changes, but click the Okay button. The fonts in the IDE will be 'messed up' until you restart PowerBuilder.
419270 Documentation issue

In PowerBuilder 10 the example for the internetdata function needs to be updated to:

messagebox("HTML from GetURL", string(data, EncodingAnsi!))

419286 Customer has a large datawindow that is 2 pages in Print Preview. At runtime he hides and then destroy objects so that the resulting dw should take up only one page. The size is not adjusted, though - Print Preview still displays 2 pages, one of them being blank.
419308 If you try to destroy a blob, PB crashes at runtime. This is not leagle and it really should give an error at compile time as it does for other datatypes like string if you try and destroy them.
419383 Pressing dot key "."scrolls to the next Entry a DropDownDataWindow. If there exists an entry in the dddw that sounds like "a..e" this will not be found when typing following sequence "a" "." "." Selects the second entry after "a" in the dddw.
419424 When calling the itemsearch function, the itemsearchresponse.items is null resulting in a null object reference.

Using the AWS 4.0 syntax.

419431 When you install PB 10.5, PBNAT105.DLL is automatically registered as the "PB Native" SCC provider. It's like a tiny independent product (PB Native Source Control) is being automatically upgraded during installation. PB 8.x, PB 9.x, and PB 10.x all use whatever PB Native SCC driver is registered, so PBNAT105.DLL becomes a shared resource for all of these PB releases.

Once the PB Native SCC upgrade takes place, PBNAT105.DLL should not be deleted if PB 8.x, PB 9.x, or PB 10.x are still installed on the machine.

Users can manually uninstall PB Native Source Control from a DOS command prompt:


regsvr32 -u pbnat105.dll

del pbnat105.dll

419500 On Client-Server (2-tier) PowerBuilder Application, certain kind

of Uncaptured Runtime Exception and System Exception will lead to transaction to commit as

default instead of rollback. PB6.x - PB10.x has the same behaviour. Thus customer request

for possible enhancement.

List Out testing result for reference :


1) Fatal Error (Divided by zero) -> Transaction Committed

2) Fatal Error (Missing OLE object) -> Transaction Committed

3) Kill application -> Transaction Rollback

4) Power-off -> Transaction Rollback

419541 The expression dw_1.object.reccnt[ll_row] = dw_1.object.reccnt[ll_row] + 1 caused PowerBuilder to crash because of an attempt to free memory twice.
419546 Small sample application shows memory leak

using OLE connecting to a word document.

The sample application has 3 scenerios where you can see different memory leaks.

Although this was reported when running the application as an executable, you can

also see the memory leak when running in the IDE.

Scenerio1 - shows connecting to a word doc, opening the doc, closing the doc and

disconnecting from ole

Scenerio2 - shows the above and ole getting the word and character count,

paragraph alignment and myole.selection.font.bold, myole.selection.font.italic,


Scenerio3 - same as scenerio2 except the myole.selection.font.bold, myole.selection.font.italic and myole.selection.font.underline are commented out.

Scenerio 2 shows the greatest memory leak

RESOLUTION: Using the workaround of garbagecollect() appears to resolve the problem.

419570 Table Not Found error in Datawindow Update Properties.

Create a DB profile for an Ultralite database.

Open an existing datawindow and go to Rows --> Update Properties. Click ok to come out of it and it will report error that the Table is not found. If you create a new datawindow, you will get the same error.

419664 A DW column has "SIP on focus" property set. But the keyboard is not displayed since moving to 2.0.4.
419691 The PB105.exe.config may have installation specific information added to it with the installation of PowerBuilder (just like the PBODB105.INI or the PB.INI does). New installs should not overwrite this file, but instead provide the same type of options as the installer now does for the PBODB105.INI file.

PB 10.5 Build 4516 installed the PB105.exe.config file over the build 4510 file.

419716 FarEast text is displayed as small rectangles in some fonts - related to whether the column has focus and also with autosize setting.
419780 EJBClient

The function ConnectToServer does not throw an exception when

no connection with the serer can be made or the URL is bad.

419787 Unable to change properties of a migrated uo of type

richtext. The user object was created in an earlier version of PB (6.5 (build 444).

The properties of HScrollBar, VScrollBar,HeaderFooter and PopUPMenu was checked.

When this pbl was migrated to a PB 10.5 (problem also occured in PB 10.2.1, 9.0.3),

you are unable to uncheck these properties.

The source code of the migrated uo shows:

on uo_test6rich.create










end on

When you create the same uo of type richtext in PB 10.5 it shows:

global type uo_new from richtextedit

integer width = 571

integer height = 600

boolean init_hscrollbar = true

boolean init_vscrollbar = true

boolean init_headerfooter = true

boolean init_popmenu = true

borderstyle borderstyle = stylelowered!

end type

global uo_new uo_new

419789 Customer is unable to invoke a webservice in 10.5 because it seems the SOAP request is not being correctly built.
419806 Casting to ANY datatype results in mismatched datatypes after migration from PB 9 to PB 10.

Duplicate of CR 419494. The error message is the result of a bug fix and will not be changed. It will be necessary to modify the code by assigning the Any array to another Any array instead of using a PowerObject array as in the original code.

419812 When connected to OLEDB and you retrieve an

embedded sql statement with a UniqueIdentifier, PB will crash when you close

the application or issue a disconnect.

The gpf will happen in the following:

Exception code: 80000003 BREAKPOINT

File Name: C:\pb\pb10\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSHR100.dll

File Version:

Fault address=10BC4787 Section:Offset=01:000C3787

419815 The SoapLog option for the SetOptions for the SoapConnection only works with EasySoap. We need some built in method for tracing .Net proxy calls for debugging.
419871 A PB local variable becomes undefined after a Windows SendMessage API call that passes the local variable. The code:

wparam = 0

lparam = 0

rc = SendMessage ( hWin, TX_FONTDIALOG, wparam, lparam )

In the debugger, after the call, lparam has no value, and you can't double click on it for details.

419876 There is some out of date information in the documentation for the OLEActivate command for the DataWindow. The documentation (online help) indicates: "The verb you specify determines what action occurs when the OLE server application is invoked. The default verb (0) generally means you want to edit the document. Each OLE application has its own particular set of supported verbs. You can find out what verbs the application supports by using the advanced interface of the Windows RegEdit utility (run REGEDIT /V)." According to Microsoft, the /V option was only valid for Windows 3.1: Using it with later versions of RegEdit appears to make the utility hang.
419898 Text in a text GOB on a datawindow is truncated when rendering as HTML (or XHTML). The truncation occurs at 511 characters OR at the length of the largest column field defined.
419905 In PK 2.0.4 build 940 fonts do not show up in the dropdown in the Style bar.

The are listed in the Properties view okay.

419929 When changing menu properties at runtime for

contemporary style menu, will result in corruption.

What happens, in this testcase, when you move the cursor over the menu item

Windows, there is code that fires in the m_windows.selected event. The code

is changing the menu item properties. The problem is any menu item you select

after this, will show incorrect menu items under the dropdown.

The menu also has 4 level of inheritance.

419961 The Multiple Checkout feature (which produces compound icons) is enabled if either of these conditions apply:

1) User specifies SccMultiCheckout=1 in PB.INI

2) No entry in PB.INI and SCC vendor responds positively to SccIsMultiCheckoutEnabled API function request.

Multiple checkout feature is disabled whenever:

1) User specifies SccMultiCheckout=0 in PB.INI

2) No entry in PB.INI and the SCC vendor does not support the SccIsMultiCheckoutEnabled API function request.

419988 When you create a table in DB Painter, PB will insert some rows into PB system table "pbcatcol"

and "pbcattbl" automatically. But when you drop this table, these corresponding rows saved in

pbcatcol and pbcattbl will not be deleted.

420021 OS: Windows 2000 SP4 and XP SP2

PB Version and Build: 10.2.0_8100, 10.2.1_9004 and 10.2.1_9537



When calling a PB COM component deployed into COM+ Server, it fails when called for 2nd or 3rd time.

420025 PictureButtons with FlatStyle have aquired a bounding box at runtime (there was no border in older versions). Also the painter does not display the GIF, or displays the wrong GIF in the PictureName and DisablesName property box in some cases. Some GIFs display OK, some do not.
420034 Getting an error calling ebay web service when

using the custom header security service.

Getting a ebayapi is not properly configured or not found or disabled

How C# makes the ebay call:

using System;

using; // use your project name here

namespace TesteBaySoap405 // use your project name here


class GeteBayOfficialTime



static void Main(string[] args)


string endpoint = "";

string callName = "GeteBayOfficialTime";

string siteId = "0";

string appId = "yourAppId"; // use your app ID

string devId = "yourDevId"; // use your dev ID

string certId = "yourCertId"; // use your cert ID

string version = "405";

// Build the request URL

string requestURL = endpoint

+ "?callname=" + callName

+ "&siteid=" + siteId

+ "&appid=" + appId

+ "&version=" + version



// Create the service

eBayAPIInterfaceService service = new eBayAPIInterfaceService();

// Assign the request URL to the service locator.

service.Url = requestURL;

// Set credentials

service.RequesterCredentials = new CustomSecurityHeaderType();

service.RequesterCredentials.eBayAuthToken = "yourToken"; // use your token

service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials = new


service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials.AppId = appId;

service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials.DevId = devId;

service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials.AuthCert = certId;

// Make the call to GeteBayOfficialTime

GeteBayOfficialTimeRequestType request = new GeteBayOfficialTimeRequestType();

request.Version = "405";

GeteBayOfficialTimeResponseType response = service.GeteBayOfficialTime(request);

Console.WriteLine("The time at eBay headquarters in San

Jose, California, USA, is:");





How PB makes the call:

ebayapiinterfaceservice lnv_ebay

getsearchresultsrequesttype getsearchresultsrequest

getsearchresultsresponsetype getserachresultsresponse

customsecurityheadertype security

security.ebayauthtoken = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"



security.credentials.authcert = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'

getsearchresultsrequest.query = 'PowerBuilder'

SoapConnection sc

long ll_sc

sc = Create SoapConnection

sc.CreateInstance ( lnv_ebay, "ebayapiinterfaceservice" )

getserachresultsresponse = lnv_ebay.getsearchresults( getsearchresultsrequest )

Destroy lnv_ebay

420041 The customer is creating a universal datalink (udl) file in PB script. He is using code that Sybase supplied in techdoc 1014690. This code uses a file opened in Stream! filemode with Replace! as the writemode. The code was originally in a PB 8 application and worked fine in all cases.

But after migrating to PB 10.2.1, the code only works if the file does not currently exist (only the first time). Once the file exists, the new file is not valid (Replace! writemode option) in PB 10. You can open the first time file and see it is fine, and then open a replaced file and see it has weird characters and blanks.

A workaround is to delete the file if it exists and then create it again.

CR Resolution: The UDL file is a unicode file and the techdoc code does extra stuff to insert the unicode header characters and 00 bytes after each character in Ansi mode to make it a valid UDL file. Now since PB 10.0 is unicode enabled, this extra stuff is no longer needed. So the changes to make are:

1) Delete the of_filewrite function (that inserts the 00 bytes) and replace it with PowerBuilder FileWrite calls.

2) Include the encoding argument of EncodingUTF16LE! in the FileOpen call.

3) Delete the line of "FileWrite(ll_fh,"~hff~hfe")" after the FileOpen.

420083 The HALT PowerScript statement acts like HALT CLOSE. That is to say the application Close event is called when HALT is called i.e. The Close event should not be called with HALT,

only with "halt close".

No workaround.

420086 Contemporary menu with menubitmap checked has

too much vertical gap if you compare it to Office Word 2003.

420115 After upgrading 2.0.2 to 2.0.4 different ARM operating systems show different behavior than for the SIP functionality. Using version 2.0.2 the behaviors were the same.
420120 When calling up the windows activex in a browser,

the following error returns:


The PowerBuilder runtime DLLS could not be loaded

Used the following object tag:



<PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"></PARAM>

<PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="5962"></PARAM>

<PARAM NAME="_ExtentY" VALUE="2164"></PARAM>

<PARAM NAME="_StockProps" VALUE="0"></PARAM>

<PARAM NAME="PBWindow" VALUE="w_window"></PARAM>

<PARAM NAME="LibList" VALUE="http://localhost/window_activex.pbd;"></PARAM>

<PARAM NAME="PBApplication" VALUE="rknnt"></PARAM>


420348 Placing a new RTE on a window defaults to a zero font size, and the font face is blank on the Properties pane. There is a font on the toolbar, but it seems to vary (Adolescent on my machine when placed, Tahoma when saved and retrieved). Can we have a reasonable initial default face and size, and have the toolbar reflect the same as the font properties pane?
420379 Problem: An MDI application that brings up a response window does not end properly when the response window and MDI window are closed. The Close button on the response window contains the code to close both the response window and the mdi window, e.g.,



Although both windows close, the PB IDE does not get reactivated. If you bring PB IDE back to the front and exit, you will still see a PB100.EXE process in Task Manager. POSTing the calls to Close have no effect.

This is a regression from build 8035 where it works OK. CR 161515 was fixed just after this, and has apparently caused the regression.

420456 When deploying PowerBuilder components to EAServer you cannot specify a default timeout for the component through
420463 When using IN9 to update a table and DisableBind=0

is set for the connection, a -766 - String must be null terminated error

will result when you try to update a column.

According to Informix:

String must be null terminated.

With IBM Informix ESQL/C, if you use a host variable in an INSERT statement or in the WHERE clause of an SQL statement, and the database is ANSI compliant, the string must be null terminated.

420465 The Appearance panel is too large when the top menu item is selected. The Menu and the Toolbar appearance options should be split into two separate panels.
420594 DirectoryExists function leaks memory, specifically the amount of memory used to allocate a copy of the string argument. The memory leak occurs because of a copy of the string argument is not freed after the call to the internal function implementing DirectoryExists.
420609 Enhancement request for a new DateTimePicker control and allow it to be used to depict date, time, or datetime database fields. Control would speed input and increases accuracy.

This came in as a DataWindow.NET enhancement request but applies also to PowerBuilder.

420705 In MOPView different positions for View types are not saved. If he changes between Landscape and Portrait the positions are not saved.
420730 VB.NET and C# printing methods does not achieve the same behaviour / functionality as PrintDatawindow() function. Request to include the PrintDatawindow() functionality within the product.
420733 regarding CR 406993 and 394367 ANSI issues. Changing Between ANSI AND PB cause differences in resultset or cause DW SQL Syntax corruption if switching between graphic and syntax mode.
420901 OS: Windows 2000

PB Version and Build: 9.0.3_8546, 9.0.3_8614

DB/DLL: JDBC (connecting to Oracle 10g via Oracle JDBC Thin Driver)


Oracle DATE columns are retrieved into PowerBuilder 9.0.3 (Windows), PBVM 9.0.3 (AIX and Sun) without the time part. Only date part is retrieved.

420912 When the clicked event of a DW contains code to set focus to another control, the ButtonClicked and ButtonClicking event fail to fire - behavior seems to have begun in builds after PB9 8536.
421125 Oracle requests failed when several threads
421131 For the properties DataWindow CustomPage.Length & Width, decimal or double values cannot be specified.
421171 When running an application exe that was just upgraded

to build 9557 is now getting the following error:

Application access violation error



10bc6300 895004 mov [eax+0x4],edx

421321 WM-5 Specific

The SIP button does not always appear on the window like it should. Seems to be related to the 2-wide menu feature. When the menu is made 3-wide the SIP appears.

421379 In PowerBuilder 10 the DataWindow property ReplaceTabWithSpace causes a crash after closing the window containing the DataWindow
421385 When saving a UDDI profile in the web service proxy project,

the UDDI profile is being saved to:


It should be saved to:


421387 Include default profiles on the UDDI Search window.

When you select the 'Search For UDDI' from the web service proxy wizard,

there is a dropdown for UDDI Profile, provide several default profiles.

The customer suggested:

http://localhost/juddi/inquiry (EAServer)

http://localhost/uddipublic/inquire.asmx (Windows 2003)

421388 For an InkPicture control in a datawindow, set the InkEnabled property off. Save the datawindow and close the datawindow painter. Reopen the datawindow. The InkEnabled property is set back to InkEnabled = true.
421389 When adding a Query URL on the UDDI Search window and

then clickiing the 'Save Profile' cb, a message appears:


Save UDDI profile failed

It is not clear why the UDDI profile failed. Improve the error message so that

it clearly states that the UDDI profile failed because the profile name was not entered.

421440 When calling Amazon's itemsearch, no items

are returned to the itemsearchresponse structure

itemsearchresponse = lnv_amazon.itemsearch( itemsearch)

421533 Since moving from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4, printing a DW in Landscape mode doesn't work correctly.

There is missing data. If it prints in portrait mode, all data is printed (but on different pages of course.)

421542 The test case includes a datawindow with 2 dddw columns. Both columns use the same dw as the dropdown source. The colors are set up the same. Yet at runtime, one column displays buttonface (correct) and the other does not.
421551 When setting a value in the htmltable.width and then

you select Design/HTML Preview, the value in the <TABLE> tag in the html source is not what was entered in the property field.

Save problem when you use dw_1.saveas("C:\dw_one.html",HTMLTable!, FALSE).

421558 The text property of a button placed on a DataWindow can be assigned an expression, but the Properties dialog in the DW painter does not show a button (the = sign button) to get to the expression builder. The capability to set the expression is there, but it is not exposed in the IDE.
421562 The MenuTitles option should be grouped with TitleBackColor and TitleGradient. The latter two options should also be disabled when the first isn't selected. The MenuBitmaps option should be grouped with the BitmapBackColor and BitmapGradient. The latter two should be disabled when the first isn't selected. When a gradient is applied (TitleGradient or BitmapGradient) the user should have the option to select a second color used in the graient fill.
421564 This option would turn off the default behavior of ampersand & to cause the next character to be the hotkey for a text field.
421721 PBVM inconsistent crash on EAServer production system with 2 EAServers.

Dump file available for analysis.

ERROR: OBJECT_NOT_EXIST (p11177617/n_test/$Activate - bind)

Jan 30 15:38:56 2006: PB INTERNAL EXCEPTION on: Thread : 2688, Address : 0x10E6D34E, Type : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000000. CPB_Component::destroy

421740 Needs Right To Left Support for Menu toolbar.

In Hebrew/Arabic applications, the toolbar is set at the left of the window when it should be at the right. Custome is asking for a RTL property for the toolbar.

This property should be selected on the programer purpose because Hebrew or English applications may be runnning on the same machine.

421752 When calling a stored procedure with datetime parameter

and using RPC, PB will return the following error:

The parameter of type 111 did not have a valid value

Problem only happens the first time calling the stored procedure dbo.RefreshMVControl.

RefreshVMControl calls the RefreshMVAppraisal.

Works ok if the datetime parameters are defined locally. When the datetime parameters are set as instance variables and the PropMeasure table is empty, then error

happens when calling the dbo.RefreshMVControl.

421766 Using Autosize Height on the Group Header band. In print preview mode the column headers on the bottom of the group header band get shifted too low, and are cut off by the detail band.
421785 When pasting a table from Word into the DW RTE painter, the border style is lost (Word-visible borders aren't visible in DW painter).

From engineering: The RichText control is provided from a third party. They do not support the border styles and have no plans at this time to add support. This cannot be resolved within PowerBuilder.

421805 The customer is having a problem using QueryMode with a SetFocus. When in Querymode they sometimes see the query criteria as they should, but other times see the previous retrieved value for the column. Works as it should without the SetFocus.
421960 Application crashes when doing a setitem on any computed field. In PB 9.0 it returns a -1 as it should.
421995 PK to PB Migration - a couple window and control fields are not being filtered out.

The standard window properties:

ShowSIPButton and SmartMinimize and CloseButton

are not being properly filtered out in the PK -> PB Migration

422057 When connecting to a COM+ object and call a function which returns a adoresultset or using the ADOResultset generated from datastore resultset

PowerBuilder doesn't cleanup the memory correctly. In each loop memory will be lost.

422062 The online help and documentation should reflect that InsertPicture supports .bmp, .wmf, .jpeg, .png, .gif

and .tif file types.

InsertPicture should also be documented under "RichTextEdit control changes"

422067 Using a rte control to display a *.tif file using

insertpicture. Example shows 2 different *.tif files. One will display ok

in the rte control and the other one will return -1 on insertpicture.

422071 Winodw size changed after removing a variable declaration
422114 Using certain numeric editmasks or format masks, digits are shifted right incorrectly.

Behavior varies with Regional settings. Sometimes there is a leading zero. Examples:

Mask: German: English :

###,##0.00K 045.700,00K 045,700.00K

#,##0.00EUR 4.570,00EUR 4,570.00EUR

#,##0.00€ 45.700,00€ 4,570.00€

Solution: The mask must be large enough to handle all digits. EG: change #,##0.00EUR to ##,##0.00EUR. For the leading zero, if there is an ASIS char in the format string, such as 'K', or "EUR", then the format will be manipulated in an ASIS state. In that state, the mask '#' is the same with mask '0'.

422118 Enhancement request.

The PocketPC SIP-UP and SIP-Down events should only go to the window with focus (the active window). It seems that the event goes to all the windows.

A condition to test is a response window that's the parent of another response window. All of which are on a main window.

422200 When calling a method on a webservice using EasySoap,

the method will return the following error:

Error calling method of a pbni object"

Works ok in PB 10.5 using .Net engine

422349 Database Painter: PowerBuilder 9.0.x Crashes when executing an illegal Select statement

SELECT owner, object_name FROM ( SELECT owner, object_name, subobject_name FROM all_objects WHERE owner = :arg ) ORDER BY owner, object_name ;

PowerBuilder 10 correctly reports an error to the user.

422350 Verified fixed in 9.0.3 build 8660, and 10.2.1 build 9597.

A Datawindow SetItem has an expression that adds 2 decimals together for the value argument to be set. This works the first time, but executing it a second time crashes PB.

This is a regression that started in release build 8580. Prior builds worked fine.

This also fails in the current builds on 10.2.1 and 10.5, but in both of these versions you can see that the value set in the datawindow the first time is not correct as it was in PB 9.0.3. The second SetItem still crashes PB.

If you take the addition expression outside of the SetItem, do it in a statement before the SetItem, put the result in a variable, and use the variable in the SetItem, then it works. But this is not an acceptable workaround for many existing applications.

422464 Cannot print a Web Control in a DataWindow.
422485 Customer's application is randomly crashing on one input screen. The screen has three or four datawindows and many dddw. Its a data entry screen and sometimes it works without a problem and other times the user crashes.

Customer has tried but cannot reproduce the problem and at this point the crashes although numerous appear random.

422526 DataStore Retrieve() can evaporate the application

PK 2.0.4 error specific.


When running a special version of the customer application, there's a loop which retrieves() into a datastore. This would kill the application (a quiet evaporation) on both the desktop and the device.

422614 The customer is requesting an enhancement request to allow an application programmer to set the default encoding for an entire application. PowerBuilder as a product sets a default encoding of EncodingUTF16LE! but currently the default encoding is not a settable option.
422773 Customer is using SQLOLEDB. A datawindow accesses a table with an identity column, and there are complex triggers on the table as well. Because of the triggers, the customer is not using 'select @@identity' to get the new value for the identity column. He is using 'Select max(IDENTITYCOL) from &TableName'. The option is set in the PBODB100.INI file, in the [MS_SQL_SERVER_SYNTAX] section, the GetIdentity setting. It worked for him using PB 6.5 but it doesn't work using PB 10.

Workaround: GetIdentity='select scope_identity()'

422780 There is no documentation for datatype "number" in an external datawindow
422783 The user invokes a stored procedure using the JDBC driver (PBJDB90.DLL). SP uses a string argument in the WHERE clause, and no result set is generated. The ASA log shows that a string argument ('ASE1254_pre_rel') is being passed as 'ASE1254_pre_r'. Same stored procedure works fine when SP is invoked while connected to the ODBC driver. Using build 5077 (PB 9.0 GA) build from 2003.

Problem has been verified fixed in PB 9.0.3 build 8652, PB 10.2 build 9593, and PB 10.5.

Fix may exist in earlier maintenance builds of PB 9.x and PB 10.x as well.

422950 PowerBuilder 10 and O84 interface to Oracle

Remote procedure calls with unitialized Oracle OUT or IN OUT parameters give the following errors:

- ORA-03106: Fatal two-task communication protocol error

- ORA 03120: Two task conversion routine integer overflow

With the O90 or O10 interface the following is returned:

- ORA-24334: no descriptor for this position

423008 PDF and tiff files in an OLE container active offsite even when Activate InPlace! is used. Word documents active in place.
423027 Tested and reproduced with PB 10.2.1_9537.

When executing a PBScript containing dw expression, PowerBuilder crashes. This is a regression. Works fine in PB 10.2.0_8100.

423131 PowerBuilder use the importstring syntax to import XML data into the datawindow buffer.

datawindow.importstring(XML!, ls_myxml )

It is discoverd that the importstring function fail to handle Simplified

Chinese or Traditional Chinese. That make the datawindow item buffer either messed up or get empty (non-printable ?). This eventually cause datawindow send out incorrect sql statement to database.

423135 DataWindow Group Boxes are not drawn correctly when using New Visual Style Controls or XP style.

Part of the groupbox of a next row can be drawn at the bottom of the datawindow when it should have been drawn on the next page.

423172 OS: Sun Solaris 2.8

PB Version and Build: PBVM 10.2_7516 for Sun Solaris using EAServer 5.2



When a PB NVO component code execution encounters a SELECTBLOB, the code is ended prematurely and skips to deactivate event of component. This issue is Sun Solaris localized. For PBVM on Windows, issue does not happen (tested 10.2.1_9537 PBVM).

423196 Enhancement request for a Informix 10 native driver for PB 10 and above.

Customer is concerned that us use of Informix features such as stored procedures and other

Informix SPL commands will be impaired without a PB native driver for Informix 10. He believes that using generic interfaces such as JDBC, ODBC, etc. would require extensive recoding and testing and that all of the needed functionality may not be in generic drivers.

423477 Datawindow error: Line xxx Column yyy: incorrect syntax " in crosstab datawindow if clicking Design -> Crosstab -> ok button.

This is caused by expressions in a column. Removing this expressions and the error message is gone.

423490 PB generates:

" Error: Failed to find the proxy to represent the Java class "

if calling a method of a Java class.

423830 Autosize height columns in a datawindow are NOT wrapping when using anything but 0x0020 as a space in Unicode PB. Only a conventional space (0x0020) causes a line break, but there are about 18 other characters codes that also represent a space and they should wrap also.
423860 OS: Windows 2000

PB Version and Build: PBVM 9.0.3_8004 on Sun Solaris

DB/DLL: JDBC with Oracle Thin Client


Character � is displayed incorrectly when retrieved into PB client from within PBVM via SetFullState.

423868 Accelerator keys used with command buttons and statictext objects do not work (display correctly) with the Windows keyboard navigation indicators settings in the control panel. Menu's however do work correctly. So if you have menus, command buttons, and statictext objects that have an & to indicate an accelarator key to be used with ALT, and if you set the Control Panel->Display->Effects setting "Hide keyboard navigation indicators until I use ALT key" to true, PB 10 with new style controls will initially hide the underscores in the menus and the command buttons, but not in a static text. The biggest problem however is with the underscores hidden, pressing the ALT key does not display the underscores in the command buttons (with a statictext they always show even when they shouldn't) Menus work as they should.

So there are 3 problems. The first 2 problems below happen on both Windows 2000 and XP new style or classic style.

1) StaticText objects that use accelerator keys (&) always display the underscore even when the Windows setting says to hide them until ALT is pressed.

2) Command buttons that use accelerator keys (&) do hide the underscore when the Windows setting says to hide them. But pressing ALT does not display the underscores as it should.

3) If on Windows 2000, or on XP and PB set to not use new style controls, if the Windows setting is set to Hide the underscores, the command buttons do not initially hide. If you then toggle and apply the Windows setting to not hide and then to hide, the command buttons then start to hide underscores correctly. So command buttons don't pick up the initial Windows setting. (Neither do StaticText objects)

Both command buttons and StaticText should work as the menus do with displaying accelerators according to the Windows settings.

Note that in all cases the actual accelerator keys when pressed with ALT do work, it's the hiding of the underscore or the display of the underscore that is incorrect.

423870 In 10.5 GA when the retrieve is done on the datawindow shared with a datastore a crash will occur. The same code works with PB 10.2.1 build 9567/9597.

OS: All

424010 Grid DataWindows with Computed Columns and Buttons behave strangely when grid columns are resized. When one column is narrowed sometimes columns to the right are not moved accordingly.Resizing of these columns afterwards can make them vanish.

No workaround.

424026 When in the debugger and you have a long string value,

moving the cursor over the string value will display the value.

Provide a way so that users have the option whether they want to display

this value as a tip or not.

424096 Describe ( Evaluate... ) in a loop for a 5500 record datawindow. The time it takes to do the describe increase with each pass. It's up to 1 second by the time you hit the 500th record.
424206 When debugging an application and you have multiple

breakpoints, if you are stopped on a breakpoint and you select edit breakpoints,

highlight the breakpoint that you are stopped on. It will be easier to set

an occurrence or condition.

424236 Vertical Spacing using Contemporarymenu! Menu style too large. The Customer would like to see the Vertical Spacing between Contemporary Menu Items be reduced.

FROM ENGINEERING: This is the design style for PowerBuilder so this will not be changed.

424386 When viewing a psr report in a html page using the

datawindow activex, the column borders are not displaying.

Column borders are saved ok with the psr. If you open psr in IM or PB, you can see

the column borders ok.

424390 Calling an Oracle function from PB/EAS returns wrong characters on Unix
424637 Customer wants NO automatic SIP behavior at runtime

Customer wants a setting for the SIP that always leaves the SIP manually in the user's control. In PK 2.0.4 build 942 modifications to the SIP behavior were done to make the behavior consistent across OSes and devices, and to incorporate changes requested by other users. Currently, if the SipOnFocus checkbox is NOT selected, if the user runs an app, places the cursor on an editable control, and brings up the SIP, moving to another control that also has the SipOnFocus NOT selected causes the SIP to disappear. This was requested by several users. For this user, however, the functionality is inconvenient for some of his users. He would like the option to have the SIP remain unchanged (either if up, stay up, OR if down, stay down) when the user moves focus through editable controls on a window AND fields on a datawindow when the SIPonFocus option is turned of (Not selected.) Customer still wants to be able to control SIP behavior within the code by using SetSIPPreferredState, but wants the default SIP behavior (with no explicit code) to have the option to not change the SIP from it's current state

set by the user.

-- Solution starting with --

Added internal property to disable/enable all automatic SIP handling.

To use:

a) In your PowerBuilder code, declare the external function:

function integer SetRuntimeProperty( &

readonly string PropertyName, boolean fValue ) &

system library "PKVM20.DLL" alias for "fnSetRuntimeProperty"

b) To disable ALL automatic SIP handling:

SetRuntimeProperty( "AutomaticSIPHandling", FALSE )

c) To enable ALL automatic SIP handling:

SetRuntimeProperty( "AutomaticSIPHandling", TRUE )

424649 OLE-DB interface does not return column names in the correct order - they are alphabetized for MS Access.
424652 When connecting to a MS Access database using

ADO.NET and the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Provider, PB will crash when trying

to create a Quick Select Datawindow.

424654 When connected to MSAcess using OLEDB and the Microsoft

Jet OLEDB 4.0 provider, once you built and save a dw, you get the following error

if you try to go back to the dw source in graphic mode:

Microsoft JET Database Engine

The parameter is incorrect

Do you want to continue in graphic mode?

424715 FileExists PowerScript function didn't return FALSE value if the file (arg filename) is locked by another application.
424755 SIP problems moving cursor within a single DataWindow field

With "Show SIP on Focus" turned off, when you are editing a field in a datawindow, moving the cursor within the input field using the stylus causes the SIP to disappear. Same problem does no occur when modifying data in an SLE on a window.

-- Solution starting with --

Added internal property to disable/enable all automatic SIP handling.

To use:

a) In your PowerBuilder code, declare the external function:

function integer SetRuntimeProperty( &

readonly string PropertyName, boolean fValue ) &

system library "PKVM20.DLL" alias for "fnSetRuntimeProperty"

b) To disable ALL automatic SIP handling:

SetRuntimeProperty( "AutomaticSIPHandling", FALSE )

c) To enable ALL automatic SIP handling:

SetRuntimeProperty( "AutomaticSIPHandling", TRUE )

424951 OS: Windows 2000

PB Version and Build: 10.2.1_9537 and EAServer 5.3 on Windows



Today, we can use a maximum of 5 arguments when retrieving a web dw from EAServer. Customer has a long number of arguments and would like to have the ability to use 12 or 13 arguments in web datawindow in future.

424957 Customer would like the ability to have optional element attributes in an XML export / import template.
425110 OS: Windows 2000

PB Version and Build: 9.0.3_8546 and 10.2.1_9537


When scrolling a DW with a PSR content down and up again, some portions of PSR content get blank in DW display.

425239 SetSeriesStyle for a line width is incorrect during printing. Using Syntax 2 of SetSeriesStyle function to set a line widht in a DataWindow. -> Line width becomes thinner during printing or when saving the graph as a PDF. PowerBuilder is not fully WYSIWYG
425252 Retrieve fails with MSS OLEDB connection on SP DW after migration from Powerbuilder 8.0.4 to PB 10.2.1

Workaround: Edit the source of the DataWindow and change procedure call For example:

procedure="1 execute dbo.byroyalty;1;0 @percentage = :percentage" arguments=(("percentage", number)) )


procedure="1 execute dbo.byroyalty;1 @percentage = :percentage" arguments=(("percentage", number)) )

425282 EasySoap Web Service Engine: Function has a return value that could be null. This is causing an error "Could not find element by name: base64Binary
425474 The example code used for the Dynamic SQL Formats 1 through 4 is technically correct, but the code will not work with the Demo DB that ships with the product. The code examples should work with the demo db.
425475 When generating a proxy on the CtsSecurity package, the

following message results:

Warning: A full or incremental rebuild should be performed. The following object(s) may not be usable in their present state. x509certificatechain

425490 Tested and reproduced with PB Version and Build: 10.2.1_9597 and 10.5_4523

In datawindow runtime, if editmask is set to 00 with Autoskip enabled, when positioning cursor at beginning of editmask and typing 1st digit (like |00 ), cursor skips prematurely to next column without letting user to type the 2nd digit.

If you change the editmask to 000, then autoskip works with no problems.

425522 Using the WebDataWindow when a column has an editmask on a date column when one tabs into the previously null column the date changes to reflect the editmask. This was examined in several recent CRs, CR 378630 where development decided that this was correct behavior and in CR 385316. In this customer's case the workaround of using a return 2 in the itemerror event is not acceptable. They have worked around the problem by editing the PB generated .js files but as we advise customers not to do this they would like to see the problem corrected. This worked as the customer expects with not filling in the blank editmask in PB 8.0.3.
425599 Changing the DW graph propety "Value Axis Text" has no effect.
425616 Changing the resizeable property of an MDI crashes PB
425626 OLEDB MS SQL Server

A (DataWindow) Retrieve on a SELECT FOR XML statement fails

when connected through SQLOLEDB but works fine with an ODBC connection.

425652 When calling PB 11, the InitPath registry

shows the path for the pb10.5 install.


425762 On changing Menu Style from old to New style ( PB10.5 ) all images are cut of the menu object and have to be added again. On Tab Appearance, Menu Style when changing to "contemporarymenu!" the images in the PB 10.5 IDE just disappear.
425785 When creating dynamically a package wich contains comments, gets error :

"Parsing attributes of a column object in an ALTER or CREATE is not currently supported."

425906 Object not saved in its original library.
426102 AutoSkip and DataWindow EditMask '##'

In PowerBuilder 10.2.1 Build 9517 and higher the focus skips prematurely

to the next column after entering the first digit with editmask '##'

The editmask '###' works normal.

426108 Failed to bind a variable in an embedded sql using a DB function
426594 PowerBuilder 9.0.3 Build 7563 and higher

Class cast error with EJB Client and 3rd party Application Servers

cannot assign instance of [Ljava.lang.Object; to field of type [xxx.selection.ConditionItemData; in instance of xxx.selection.ConditionItemPar ]

426600 A computed expression with a decimal is not

evaluating properly.

The following expression is expected to return test1.00 but is returning null:

s1 + d1

where s1 = test and d1 = 1.00

Works ok when using a number, ulong, long and real datatype: For example,

s1 + r1 will return test1

s1 + n1 will return test1

s1 + l1 will return test1

s1 + u1 will return test1

where s1 = test and r1 (real) = 1

where s1 = test and n1 (number) = 1

where s1 = test and l1 (long) = 1

where s1 = test and u1 (ulong) = 1

426731 Display issue when changing menuitem text at runtime with new menustyle "contemporarymenu!". The width of the menuitems does not change, so that the new text gets truncated.
426781 For the Byte datatype, which is values in the range of 0 to 255, the examples in "using literals" uses 1200 and +1200. 1200 is out of range for the byte datatype.
426796 A dw detail band is set to autosize. A column in the detail band has an initial height less than the detail bands initial height setting so you see the entire column. The datawindow control has an even larger height than the detail band. Then you change the column height in script to a size larger than the current detail band height. If the dw does not have focus, you see the column increase, but only up to the current detail band, ie the detail band does not resize and now hides the portion of the column that is larger than the detail band. If however the same column increase is done in script while the dw has focus then the column increases and the detail band resizes as well. It should resize the detail band when it doesn't have focus in the same way. It may be a painting issue, as it does display correctly when you click on the dw and it gets focus.
426800 Customer is using the new RichText Control in an application that is deployed to the company's file servers. The users run the application from there as they do not have a copy of the application on each individual PC. With the old rich text control this was not a problem but with the new rich text control being an OCX, this only works when the user's machine has the OCX resident and registered. For this customer requiring each PC to have the OCX installed locally will be difficult and time consuming since the users do not have administative rights on their PC's.

The only related CR found was CR 409840 with the resolution below and the PB Runtime Packager does package everything up and register the control when used.

From CR 409840:

Since PB10.5 introduce a new TX to PB, if customer want to use RTE control or Datawindow in runtime & designtime,they should register tp4ole11.ocx and include all files under $\shared\powerbuilder\TXControl & Pbrtc105.dll. Add a component for new RichTextEdit Control and RichText Datawindow in PB runtime packager.

This only works when the deployed machine has the application and all the deployment dlls and does not work when the deployed application is run from a file server. As many large corporations use this method for deploying applications is there any solution for this deployment scenario when using the new Rich Text Edit Control in PB 10.5?

426985 MS Application Verifier reports an Application exception C0000008 (Invalid handle Exception)

with Label DataWindows when Acrobat 4 PDFWriter 4 as default printer.

The exception occurs when exiting the application.

426987 Please increase the limit on the number of characters for DBParm Sec_Server_Principal and ServerName.

The customer is connecting to an ASE 12.5.3 database using Kerberose network security. While connecting she uses following profile:


SQLCA.DBMS = "SYC Adaptive Server Enterprise"

SQLCA.Database = "master"


SQLCA.LogId = "kubotei"

SQLCA.AutoCommit = False

SQLCA.DBParm = "Release='11',Sec_Mechanism='csfkrb5',Sec_Server_Principal='SADSSYBTESTDEV1/',Sec_Network_Auth=1"

And they get error:

ct_connect(): Security service layer: Internal Security control layer error: Security service provider internal error -1765328377 occured

Explanation for -1765328377 error -

KRB5KDC_ERR_S_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN Server not found in Kerberos database

This is because the DBParm Sec_Server_Principal is limited to 30 characters and it gets truncated and the error occurs. The same limit is also present for servername.

427013 Connection to ASE db from PowerBuilder application when using Kerberos security still requires that the login id be included in the db profile or transaction object. This should not be necessary.

The logid is in the format username@client_principal_name or it fails and prompts for a logid. Note that the password is correctly not requested.

427080 In PB 9.0.1 and prior versions, 0000 is valid year for PB.

Since PB 9.0.3 up to PB 10.5, the behaviour has changed.

Caused by CR 381722. Documentation is inconsistant.

427118 PowerBuilder 10.5, Build 4523.

When changing the MenuImage in the Toolbar very often (> 1000), the operation becomes very slow and memory is leaking.

427150 PB crashes with an access violation in pbdwe90.dll when

retrieving error messages from the PFC Error Service.

Customer using the pb9 pfc. Problem happens in development and executable. Using

Informix and the IN9 driver. Problem happens when retrieving.

The pbtrace.log shows:


(a127b0): USERID=cxxxxxxx

(a127b0): SERVER=xxxxxxxxxxxx@tecsysdev

(a127b0): DATA=vvvvvvv (4866.783 MilliSeconds)

Customer submitted the following dump file:


pbdwe90!dwTblAddItem+245 [dwtretr.cpp @ 647]

1162d555 8b02 mov eax,[edx]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 1162d555 (pbdwe90!dwTblAddItem+0x00000245)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 3032323b

Attempt to read from address 3032323b


0012cdac 11630912 01b7ba74 00000001 00000001 pbdwe90!dwTblAddItem+0x245 [dwtretr.cpp @ 647]

0012cde4 1162e74b 0197b520 01a78008 7ffffffd pbdwe90!dwTblSelectRows+0x242 [dwtretr.cpp @ 2866]

0012ce94 1162dc34 01979830 00b02da0 00000000 pbdwe90!dwTblInsertSelect+0xa0b [dwtretr.cpp @ 1535]

0012cef0 1162cc91 01979830 00b02da0 00000000 pbdwe90!dwTblInsert+0x44 [dwtretr.cpp @ 946]

0012cf28 11501d1d 01970001 0197b520 00b02da0 pbdwe90!dwTableRetrieve+0x271 [dwtretr.cpp @ 255]

0012cf90 11684b8c 00000000 00b02da0 00a06d70 pbdwe90!datawindow::Retrieve+0xed [dw.cpp @ 642]

0012cfc4 10c70753 00a06d70 10c7076c 00b02da0 pbdwe90!DW_Retrieve+0x1ec [fndwm.cpp @ 798]

0012d020 10c703d0 00000000 01958118 001200c1 pbvm90!OB_RUNTIME_CLASS::invoke+0x373 [obclass.cpp @ 2404]

01958118 019581c4 00000009 0000000f 0000000f pbvm90!OB_RUNTIME_CLASS::invoke+0x1f0 [obclass.cpp @ 2233]

WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.

10dd9cb8 10c866e0 10c866f0 10c90ef0 10c8feb0 0x19581c4

10c866c0 000000c7 02b80000 c2800040 9090000c pbvm90!OB_OBJECT::AddRef [d:\pb90\runtime\h\obobject.h @ 237]

427290 The customer has a complicated datawindow, when he creates datawindow, datawindow gets created fine but when he clicks on SQL (Data Source) button to view/edit SQL, PB crashes.
427361 Problem resizing picture within RichTextEdit control in PB 10.5
427398 When a DW with a computed column that contains a - (minus) sign is being used in PB 10.5 it will result in a DW error when the dw is created in graphic mode. When saved in syntax mode it works fine.
427421 Informix 9 native connection and with different informix versions, the retrieves of datastore iterations produce take a lot memory causing execution failures.
427435 SyntaxFromSQL not returning entire syntax back

to client.

It appears that syntaxfromsql has several problems.

1) There is no value for print.preview.buttons

2) Font.face has no value

3) The return string from the createdw() appears to be truncated.

If you add a len(dwsyntax_str) in the createdw(), you will see that it

returns 2032. Once the dwsyntax_str returns to the client, the len(dwsyntax_str)

will return 925.

427442 BlueTooth Communication Failure during printing may hang application.

Printing problem where the application hangs (seems to crash) when communication to printer cannot be established OR when communication is broken during printing.


Pocketbuilder V2.0.4.940

Symbol 9090 with Windows Mobile

O'Neil Printer V6.67

Fieldsoft V2.950

Bluetooth Communication


Field delivery print customer invoices from the field. Printing works for

the most part but they average 3 failures out of printing 20 invoices.

Intermec model HH has the same problem but fails more often.

Datawindow print routine:

// Register code for - 3rd part printing software.

SetRegistrationCode(1, "xxxxxxxxxxxx")

// Bypass printer settings prompt window.

PrintSetupPrinter("", "", 14, 6, 1) // 6=COM5 // 14=O'Neil

// Remind user to wait for printing to finish before continuing.


w_message.st_message_1.Text = "Waiting..."

w_message.st_message_2.Text = "Please wait until printer has finished printing."

w_message.cb_ok.Visible = False

// Print datawindow.



**** Printer connection failure, then application waits forever

427452 This is a request for Engineering to analize the ADPlus dump files provided by the customer. His application gets errors and crashes when the main part of his app is run as a service in windows. This main app launches other processes. If the main part is run interactively, there are no problems. And there are no problems when run as a service up to a point of 6 launched processes. More than that and errors start to occur.
427473 Runtime java class crash when running exe. Works

ok in IDE.



00000000 ?? ???



10c51b5e 8b54240c mov edx,[esp+0xc]

427678 Unable to get focus and events stop working for a

large web datawindow report. You can see the problem when you click on the

Last page button. You can no longer can get focus on a column and itemchanged event

doesn't get fired because column focus no longer works.

427758 PB Crashed Calling SetSelectedRange() function MonthCalendar ctrl
427768 32 bits colors icons cannot be used in runtime mode.
427832 PowerBuilder 10 and PowerBuilder 9 Build 7661 or higher

When changing the SQL statement in syntax mode of existing crosstabs then

tablenames are prepended before crosstab columns

when the select includes multiple tablenames or an alias

427854 In PB 8 using MSS to connect to MS SQL Server db, embedded SQL statements create a temp table and insert duplicate data into the table. A second table with the same columns and a unique index with ignore_dup_key is created and the data is copied from the first table to the second. It works in PB 8 with MSS. But in PB 10.5 using OLE DB to connect to the same db, it gives an error "Duplicate key was ignored" when inserting into the second table. It appears that this warning message is being treated as an error. Similar to CR 163802.
427942 After import RichText document with Data, PB10.5 fail to display "Data Value" of those

Input Fields. All Data Value turn into "??".

427999 OS: Windows 2000 SP4

Tested and reproduced with PB 10.2.1_9597

In runtime, web datawindowParameter does not return rows after 2 or 3 PageNext in webdw, when placing a new parameter and querying dw again, the datawindow returns empty.

428003 PB\EAServer Internal Exceptions in production systems with OLE Automation under load conditions.
428039 The customer is getting "Assembly sybase.powerbuilder.db was not found" error when trying to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 using ADO Microsoft ADO.NET.
428213 In DW scroll event, if Object.Datawindow.FirstRowOnPage property is referred to, when scroll bar is moved slowly, column may be painted black.
428221 Consult: Customer wants official opinion of SYBASE about whether this patch(KB912812) influences DW ActiveX.
428222 Consult: Customer wants official opinion of SYBASE about whether this patch influences DW ActiveX.
428265 In PB 10.5 Application Techniques Manual, Chapter 13 -

Using Mobilink Synchronization, minor doc changes needed:

1) Page 184 - Refers to Powerbuilder 10 instead of PowerBuilder 10.5

(Under Consolidated and remote databases)

2) Page 201 - Bottom of page it refers to dbmlsrv8 instead of dbmlsrv9

428463 Enhance query mode for incorrect values

If you've a datawindow you can enter for instance only a minus - in a numeric column.

If you tab out and do a retieve the datawindow build a wrong SQL.

428667 PB 10.5 introduce new RichText control.

With the new RichText control to open pervious version (PB9, PB10.x) RichText file,

some of the Inputfield cannot be recognize and only be regarded as plain text.

428698 An Oracle stored procedure with output parameters produces an ORA-01036 error at runtime when using the Oracle 8 ( O80 ) database driver.
428991 Using DDE and ExecRemote command to open a Lotus Notes document. It works fine in PB 9.0.3, but does not work in PB 10.2.1. It returns a -2 (Request Denied). I suspect that the core issue here has something to do with Unicode. There was a similar issue in CR

414463 with SetRemote. I tried the solution to that CR, setting the environment variable PB_DDE_ANSI to true. But it does not work in this case.

429008 When calling a webdw page using PBVM 10.5 (build 4523),

getting a Unexpected Signal 11 occured under user-defined handler 0xff340004

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.

Unexpected Signal 11 : occurred at PC=0xFDF47558

Function name=realloc


Problem happens just calling up the jsp page. Turning on the component trace shows

the DataWindow/HTMLGenerator105 (create container) and DataWindow/HTMLGenerator105

(constructor) were processed.

429018 Window with MLE and SLE with text in each. Tap/Hold on the MLE brings up a Popup Menu. Tap one of the menu items and focus returns to MLE. Tap SLE and focus goes to the correct text position of tap, but wrong control - cursor will be in MLE at the position in text that corresponds to where you tapped the SLE. Cursor and focus should be in SLE where user tapped. A second tap will get you to the place you wanted to go. You should not have to tap twice.
429126 Label data window, the slide up property is not working correctly.
429242 Starting from PB10.2.1 build 6044, "Autosize Height" in datawindows of fail to wrap a long

DBCS string to the second row.

429296 Setting a text value in a datawindow using dot notation gets a a System error if the string you are setting is 'yes' or 'no'. All other strings get assigned OK.

If the datawindow has a text object called t_1. The code is:

dw_1.object.t_1.text = sle_1.text

If the string value (sle_text) is yes or no, PB gives a system error. All other string values get assigned OK.

429317 The customer is using OLE to interface with Excel. He is using Excel macros, and all worked fine in 8.0.3 build 9704. But in the latest version of 8.0.4 and all later versions, he is now getting a PB application error when running the macro.
429593 Arabic not rendered in an Ole DB connection.
429845 When calling the 'Edgar Search' from the WebServices

Code Examples, the following error results:

Invocation Error

Error opening the SRL file.


The uo_edgar/cb_invoke/clicked has the following:

sHTML = px_Service.processSRL("EDGAR.SRI","EDGAR", sle_term.text)

Works ok using the following and according to the :

sHTML = px_Service.processSRL("/xml/EDGAR.SRI","EDGAR",sle_term.text)

429943 Calling a web service from the PB Code Examples

results in the following error:

Unable to connect to remote server

When trying to redeploy the proxy (p_ws_07_stockquote), getting the following


Cann't access the WSDL or the WSDL file is invalid

Trying to call the netxmethodsservicesstockquotestockquoteservice.getquote() webservice

(uo_stockquote/cb_invoke/clicked)using the following wsdl:

430001 A simple datawindow has a decimal 15 column. There are two rows, one with a value of 0.838670729897168 and the other a value of 0.048715519623168. When the datawindow is saved as text, the resulting text file has both numbers correct. When saved as Excel, the first number is correct, but the second has been truncated or rounded to 0.048715519620000.
430048 Modifying the underlying datawindow, eg. Adding columns dynamically to a dataobject causes crash on later sharedata.
430118 Customer migrated from PB 9.0.1 to PB 10.5 and now their dw shows a extra page at the end, and it is blank.
430163 Eg.defining boolean variables in a UserObject and checking them in the User Object Properties view and then saving the parent object results in the user defined boolean variable property setting not being saved
430172 OS: Windows XP SP2

PB Version and Build: PowerBuilder 10.5_5034



When regenerating one of the objects inside a PBL, sometimes the regeneration returns the following error message:

Assertion Failure

Invalid type in cm_intrisic_trim, file cmintrin.cpp, line 2905

Abort, Debug Break, Ignore?

Sometimes, the regeneration goes fine, sometimes the above error happens.

430201 Access violation errors happen randomly when

running application exe.

Same app works ok in PB 7. Migrated app to PB 10 and errors happen when

running application exe. Works ok in IDE. The customer is using PFC from PB7

and is not forcing garbagecollection. They are not using garbagecollect().

The app uses db2 connecting to odbc with a neon driver.

The crash dump shows the following:



ExceptionAddress: 112663f2 (pbvm100!ob_run_garbage_collection+0x00000142)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 00000002

Attempt to read from address 00000002

430208 On retrieve of datawindow with stored proc as source, PB crashes. Crash occurs only when Stored Proc is returning error and not resultset. If error mesg is less than 195 char, GPF doesn't occur, if error mesg is more than 195 char, GPF occurs.
430237 The PB datawindow needs to become aware of XMLSchema representations of the date and datetime datatypes to enable interop with Web Services, specifically.
430238 When changing the printer using printsetprinter, and then

calling dw.print(), the dw will print to the previous printer.

Using dw.print(true,true), the print dialog appears but the printer highlighted

is the one before the printsetprinter was called.

430315 DW Activex doesn't display properly when using

IE browser refresh and then moving the browser to the background. When you

bring IE back to the foreground, the DW Activex doesn't display anymore.

Problem appears to be related to MS security patch 912812.

From KB 917425:

This rereleased compatbility patch resolves a display issue for ActiveX controls that

were developed by using MS VB Security update 912812. May prevent a VB script

from controlling the visibility of these ActiveX controls.

When you deploy this patch, it disables the behavior of the Internet Explorer ActiveXupdate that is contained in update KB 912812. The security updates that are

contained in update kb912812 are still present and are still functional. Only the

Internet Explorer Activex update behavior that is described in update kB912945 is disabled.

430328 When calling the PBDOM SaveDocument, the

following error results:

Error calling method of a PBNI object

Using the following script:

if isValid (new1document) then


end if

430331 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5034

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 9.0 EASDemoDB10

Comments: In runtime, the retrieve() of a crosstab for 2nd or 3rd consecutive times causes GPF in PB.

430456 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5034

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: When issuing the following piece of coding for Rich Text Datawindows (only), the code still triggers the Print Dialog, ignoring the "false" argument in PrintOpen()

job = PrintOpen( string(1) , false )

PrintDataWindow(job, dw_1)


430522 SharedObject functions crash PB with PB DLLs (machine code)

when the application is going to be closed. A Dr. Watson error is generated.

430558 Using a bit datatype with an OLEDB sp is not

working as expected.

The sp defines 2 bit arguments:



The Declare statement is passing in:

@mybit0 = 0

@mybit1 = 1

After the Fetch call and 'Include Output Argument' is checked then both

the first 2 columns in the datawindow are 0. If you leave 'Include Output

Argument' unchecked, than the second column (which is expected to be 1) is -1.

430585 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5034 and PB 10.2.1_9597

Database/Driver File/Version: Ingres 3.0 with respective Ingres 3.0 ODBC Driver

Comments: UPDATEBLOB does not work when connecting against Ingres 3.0 ODBC driver. The issue does not occur when connecting to ASE or ASA databases.

430715 Increase the table name and column name

30 character limit . This is a new feature in ASE 15.

430733 An ancestor window has a control on it, a static text for example. There is a descendant window. If you open the ancestor and delete the static text object, save the ancestor and then do a Full Build, you get an error on the descendant object because the source code has references to the ancestor static text control. And now you can't open the descendant object because the compilation failed.

If you open the descendant window in the painter after deleteing the control on the ancestor, it tells you that there are undefined references and you need to save the object to remove them.

This is an enhancemet request to have a warning message if you delete a control on an ancestor window (or other appropriate objects), telling you that you must open all descendant objects in the painter and save them before rebuilding.

430797 Enhancement request for PowerBuilder : Would like to have more options to search a pbl by: object, for type of object or in different parts of application.
430807 Cannot access directly a constant variable in a PB component.
430856 When using the IN9 driver connecting to

an Informix server, char fields are retrieved back padded

to the right of the data. You are unable to update a character field unless

you delete the characters or padded space first.

Problems happens connecting to Informix 9 server using Informix client 2.81

or 2.9 with:

PB 9.0.3 - not ok

PB 10.2.1 - not ok

PB 10.5 - not ok

Connecting to Informix 7 server using either Informix client 2.81 or 2.90 with:

PB 9.0.3 - not ok (changed from ok to not ok - revised on 7/7/2006)

PB 10.2.1 - not ok

PB 10.5 - not ok

430884 Very large customer application that once migrated to PB 10.5 crashes upon opening of a response window. Application does not crash in PB 10.2.1
431106 Expanded datawindow dropdowns are sometimes displayed behind the taskbar if set to 'Always on top' in Windows settings.
431145 Connect to Oracle w/account status of expired(grace) results in crash.
431153 The customer has migrated some richtest datawindows to PB 10.5 He has a tabular type of richtext datawindow and was using the fixedsize property on the columns to keep all the

columns line up vertically for all the rows. But now in 10.5 that property has been obsoleted, and his datawindow is a mess. This is a request to reinstate the fixedsize property (both in the painter and at runtime) for richtext columns.

431154 The TX TextControl does not get the edit cursor when the function setfocus() is called.
431200 The customer is dynamically changing a numeric editmask to a datemask! using em_1.SetMask(datemask!, "MM/DD/YYYY"), and setting a date value as "01/01/1900". In PB 8.x it shows the correct date value when we run the app. But in PB10.5 it shows 1,011,900.00, as if it is still a numeric mask.
431309 If the table has both datetime and timestamp columns, then datawindow update fails with error "Incorrect syntax near 'TSEQUAL'."
431339 In PowerBuilder 10.5 the menu painter may crash when a menu has a toolbar icon that does not exists.
431475 Wait for reproducing of the test.

A PowerBuilder 10 crash occured within EAServer when testing with restricted resources.

431499 Doing a SetItem() on a RichText datawindow and the values are not showing up in display. It comesup as (??) question marks. Subsequently calling GetItemString does display the correct data, so it seems to be getting set, but is not visible in the display.
431657 A Tab control can show a nonvisible tab page when it is the selected tab page.
431695 When trying to use a embedded sql variable where

the variable is a constant, the following error appears when you try

to compile the window:

Error: C0189: SQL host variable or SQL name cannot be a constant or

read-only variable,

Using the following sql:

constant long ll_idd = 20

select rb_department.dept_name into :ls_name from rb_department where rb_department.dept_id=:ll_idd;

RESOLUTION: Unable to fix by design.

431703 Error importing a PBX file into a PB 10.5 target, although it was used with PB 9. Workaround is to use the pbx2pbd105.exe tool instead of trying to import in the IDE.

PER ENGINEERING: This is not a bug. The following changes will correct the problem:

Copy dependent dlls(under the directory of PBFP\dll\ in test case) to the same directory as 11256726_PBFP.pbx. This will fix the issue of "The file is not a valid dll or pbx file. "

Also change the content of method PBX_GetDescription() inside pbfp.cpp.Change connect and disconnect to some other names because of conflicts with PowerBuilder keywords.

431836 An error occurs when attempting to deploy a project to generate EJB proxies when using JDK 1.5. The error does not occur using JDK 1.4.
431838 If you copyRTF and paste it into another control, it works, but if you SelectTextAll and then Clear the control and pasteRTF again, none of the formatting is retained. Failes in 10.5 (TxText control) works in 10.2 (with HighEdit)
431875 InsertDocument() ignores margin settings stored in RTF File.
431911 Migration / Rebuild cause Warning C0209: Function or event 'xxx' must be declared before it can be compiled. The event declaration is NOT missing in the ancestor.

no workaround

431913 Setting the date to ' ' (Blank) in a char column generates in PB10.2/10.5 the error "SQLSTATE=07006 Restricted data type attribute violation:

Cannot convert to a date/time"

when retrieving the column.

In PB 9.x it will display '??.01.0000' and retrieves ok.

432010 PB IDE crashes with Compute Expression string(compute_1,"[GENERAL]")
432030 Extra space at the top of the page even though the Top Margin is set to 0.
432091 Repeatably calling connect, retrieve and then

disconnect when the FreeDBLibraries is checked, in the application object, will

cause the following error:

Unable to initialize Client Library Context

In the sybinit.err, the following error is logged:

Open Client Message:

Message number: LAYER = (5) ORIGIN = (3) SEVERITY = (5) NUMBER = (131)

Message String: ct_init(): network packet layer: internal net library error: There was an error encountered while initializing Net-Library.

Problem happens using the SYC driver.

432106 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9597, PB 10.5_5034

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 9.0 EASDemoDB10

Comments: When dragging and dropping all windows from layout into Export/Import XML Template window, it will alter the layout as default, but next time you try to open the dw painter, PB crashes with GPF.

432109 Needs assistance investigating a memory problem experienced during Load Testing. Using "stateful" PB components on EAServer, need information on how much memory an NVO and associated datastores consume.
432192 Print jobs sent from PowerBuilder via DW.Print() calls are not being processed by Citrix when being used by clients that go through their universal print driver.

For clients that have the appropriate print drivers local, it works ok.

The customer has contacted Citrix and Citrix is asking specifically if PB is sending the data to the printer in RAW or EMF format.

432220 Click on graph or move the mouse over the

graph, causes graph to change. There is no script in the clicked event.

Dw with 2 group levels contains a graph object in header of group 1.

432221 Dragging app outside of the windows desktop

causes the dw graph object to change.

Group dw contains graph object in header of group #1.

432300 Using a mouse wheel to scroll a dw graph, causes the graph to change.

Problem happens for on a group dw with a graph object in the first header group.

432308 PB crashes if menu toolbar bitmap is invalid (path) and it is disabled. It becomes a critical issue since the customer is using the Dirlist() function which is called before the menu is loaded, which changes the current directory and causes the PB to crash. This can be reproduced in the IDE menu painter itself/
432322 When running a cursor/fetch, pb 10.5 is much slower using the SYC/ASE driver than the odbc driver.

PB 10.5 is much slower than PB 10.2.1 or PB 9.0.3.

Using the following code:

declare cur cursor for

select mw_test_ase.test_id, mw_test_ase.test_name

from mw_test_ase

using sqlca;

open cur;

do while (sqlca.sqlcode = 0)

fetch cur into :li_id, :ls_name;


432429 PSE NOTES


OS: Windows XP SP2

PB Version and Build: PB 10.2.1_9637 and old PB 7.0.3_10243



The CreateMutex external function call is not working as expected: If no {;ANSI} is declared in external function call, CreateMutex call will identify different applications as if they were the same and returns 183. If {;ANSI} is declared, 2 instances of same application will never de detected as equal - will never return 183 in CreateMutex.

432473 PowerBuilder 10.2.1

When running a PowerBuilder 10 application under Terminal Server

a wrong keyboard setting may be used.

432513 Setting data values in a rich text datawindow causes the values to be displayed as "??" in multiple circumstances. Probably related to CR 431499 also.
432523 Computed Field 慞age n of n?in the footer band is not numbering correctly.
432610 Requirement of an option to change the way the TreeView DW handles null columns in result set.
432627 When using date('01-JAN-1900'), pb returns the

value of 1/1/2019.

When you run the same code in PB 9.0.3, it will return as 1/1/1900.

RESOLUTION: When using the Date('string') function, pb will try to match a date format (from regional settings). When it can't find a complete match, a part match will happen.

For example, if you use Date('01-JAN-1900') pb will convert it to 1/1/2019. It

finds a part match (dd-MMM-yy), it then parses the first 2 numbers of the year and it

gets 19. The 2 digit year will be interpreted as a year between 1930 and 2029, thus it gets 2019.

432760 When using dw_1.print to print a datawindow, the

printed output is missing part of the dw.

The workaround is to set autosize height on the bands and all the objects.

432783 On a treeview datawindow, where you manually expanded the nodes, when calling RowsMove pb will collapse all the treeview nodes.
432786 Using Autosize Height on a computed field in the summary and footer bands, the field does not resize correctly and not all data is shown. Autosize Height is set on for the fields and for both bands.

Workaround: Set Autosize Height on for the Detail band as well, even though it is not set on for any of the columns in the detail band.

432807 A PB app creates a ejb connection and javavm, calls

a method on the java class and calls another method which creates a thread and

after 5 seconds will issue a System.exit(0) in java. PB will hang at this point.

Background Info:

App opens: Memory: 6,620K; Thread count: 3; Modules: 31; Description: Opening the window simply displays the window and initializes the "Number of calls" field to 2.

Initialize: Memory: 11,720K; Thread count: 9; Modules: 39; Description: This step creates a user object which creates the JavaVM, EJBConnection, and initalizes the proxy object.

Run: Memory: 11,844K; Thread count: 9; Modules 39; Description: This step executes the speedtest Java class which simply adds a large number of doubles. The number of times of class execution is specified by the "Number of calls" field. The datawindow displays the time taken to execute the class.

Reset: performs a Reset() on the datawindow. No change in resource utilization.

StopJava: This will invoke a method in Java which creates a thread and after 5 seconds will issue a System.exit(0) in Java. About 5 seconds after clicking this button the application will lock up and I will have to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to manually kill the app.

De-Reference: Memory: 11,548; Thread count: 9; Modules: 38; Description: This step destroys the user object containing the calls to create the JavaVM, proxy, and EJBconnection. References to the proxy object are set to null and destroyed.

RESOLUTION: There are no DestroyJavaVM or similar interface.We always do not destroy it before current thread is destroyed.

If PB initiated the createjavavm,It can not shutdown or unload the jvm too.It is because it can not create it again.We actually try do this before.But failed for the reason of JVM does not support it.

432875 colon character inside comments not ignored and produces DW error.
432895 After migration the menu toolbar in the application is not drawn properly.

Also the microhelp field at the bottom of the window is not displayed.

433050 ustomer has a datastore that is inserting a decimal{2} value into a datawindow with the column defined as decimal{0}. In PB 8,9 and 10 the actual value inserted seems to override the decimal{0} and get inserted as decimal{2}. In PB 10.5 this doesn't happen and the decimal values are truncated.

This is what I would have expected to happen but in all versions of PB tested PB 8 through PB 10.2.1 the truncation does not happen until PB 10.5 GA. Works the same when using a datawindow.

Customer's application uses this in many places and although he knows how to correct it he would like to know if this change in behavior is intentional.

433163 Customer has datawindow with blob fields, print preview of the report shows data in Nested report overlapping with blob data.
433187 In the System Tree you can right-click on an object and choose "Edit Source" for any type of object except a project object. Customer thinks you should be able to do an edit source of a project object, too. You can export/import the source, so you should also be able to edit the source.
433200 When using dw.print(true,true), pb appears to

be saving the 'print all pages' in the page.range and a

subsequent dw.retrieve and dw.print(true), will print the total pages incorrectly.

433241 Can save OLE objects to Oracle Database and retrieve them but not redisplay them in higher PowerBuilder version. PB Application Execution Error (R0021). Application terminated. Error: Bad runtime function reference at line xx in ...
433271 SaveAs PDF Ghostscript using certain versions of Ghostscript will cause either the saveas to fail, or generate strange syntax for Arial font.

For example : the GPL 7.6 or AFPL Ghostscript 8.14 will cause problems.

No problems using AFPL Ghostscript 8.54 and PB 10.5.

433275 Executing a SELECT statement on number(28,15) column in db painter, in an Isql session or in dw painter returns a Select Error. Works fine in PB 9.0.3 and 10.5.
433278 In chapter 41 of the Application Techniques

manual, it list the additional PowerBuilder runtime files under

Table 41-4. In the PB 10.5 App Techniques manual, it list pbdwe105.pbd

incorrectly. It should be pbdwr105.pbd.

433294 With DDDW in querymode with a string column, a certain selection results in the error "Specified Criteria is invalid." even though the data should be valid.

Workaround: In this case, the data began with "In" which happens to be a SQL operator. The PB parser apparently is confused and thinks "In" is part of the criteria but the syntax for the rest of the statement is not correct. A similar problem occurs it the data starts with "Like". In that case, there is no error because the SQL syntax is correct, but the Select statement is not really what the user wants. It will have the Where Clause or "Like 'value'" instead of "= 'Like value'". If possible in your application, avoid strings in query mode that begin with SQL operators such as "In", "Like", "<", "=", etc.

433411 wrong dbname generated by the DataWindow painter
433569 PowerBuilder crashes with a memory overwrite error when exporting a window that contains an OCX object. The crash is seen only (?) when setting PB_HEAP_DEBUG=true as an environment variable; however, the conditions of the memory overwrite would still be in place and likely cause instability at some later point when using PB. This is a regression as there was no crash in build 4523.
433570 When running a pb component on easerver where the datawindow is using the ASA rowgenerator and retrieving 60000 rows, easerver is shutting down on the following error:

B Heap Manager Exception:

allocVM(117379072) failed


PB Heap Manager Exception:

MemAllocPtr(type void*, size 74893815) failed

RESOLUTION: Not a bug. Reached maximum memory limits on machine.

433581 PB 11.0 Windows and Web forms: Array retrieval argument not working correctly. Only the first element of the array is getting retrieved. Works fine in regular PB.
433589 Data truncation is not being consistently detected in a datawindows selecting from an Oracle database.
433689 WinForm Error when Building: no suitable method found to override
433707 When calling a webservice that uses a certificate,

the following soap exception appears:

The underlying connection was closed. Could not establish trust

relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel

After setting the EventLogging to 7 in the registry:


The following warning appeared in the Event Logging:

The remote server has requested SSL client authentication, but no suitable client certificate could be found. An anonymous connection will be attempted. This SSL connection request may succeed or fail, depending on the server's policy settings.

But the following informational messages also appeared too:

An SSL client handshake completed successfully. The negotiated cryptographic parameters are as follows.

Protocol: TLS (SSL 3.1)

Cipher: RC4

Cipher strength: 128


Exchange: RSA

Exchange strength: 1024

RESOLUTION: Added the following in the pb105.exe.config:



<servicePointManager checkCertificateName="false" />



433712 "Transparent" images no longer work correctly in PB 11. This is also true for PB 10.5 GA. However, transparency works perfectly in PB 9.0.3 and PB 10.2.1. With a transparent image in 9 and 10.2 the window color shows through. In 10.5 and 11.0 the window color does not show through. You see a black box around the image.
433802 When using the InputFieldLocate to locate

the first occurence of a field, the first inputfield of the word document

is always returned.

For example,

rte_1.inputfieldlocate(First!,"transaction_number") will return transaction number

rte_1.inputfieldlocate(First!,"title_number") will also return transaction number

433807 Checkbox text dsplays differently in .Net Win form than in Win32, The question mark which is at the end in Win32 is at the beginning in .NET Win form.
433812 For an ASE connection, when the user password is expired and the DBParm PWDialog=1 is set, the dialog that comes up for the user is not at all user friendly. Customer would like to be able to customize this dialog, or at the least would like the dialog to be enhanced so that it is more user-friendly for non-programmer types.
433830 Customer migrated his application to PB 10.5. In PB 10.5 PrinterFooter events of RTE control are obsolete. He has coded the printfooter event for adding page information. He wants to know now that printfooter event is obsolete, how he should print page number in RTE? It is possible to get the information in the footer, but only for the current page. So depending on when the function is called, you will get, for example "page 1 of 3" on all pages of the document.
433921 PB 10.5. Using syntax like w_1`cb_2::event test() to trigger ancestor events with return values causes crash in PB 10.5, Works fine in previous versions (PB9, 10.2.1)
433925 On windows with several controls RTE didn't show cursor if using tab key.

Open the window RTE has focus ignoring the specified tab order of the window.

no workaround

433950 When the Rows to Disk option is used on base and nested DataWindows then the

nested data can be corrupted when displayed in the nested DataWindow.

433963 Customer is calling rte_1.Clear() and the Clear fails. (Also CUT()) It is called after rte_1.SelectTextAll(Detail!). In the CR that is fixed, the call for Clear comes after rte_1.SelectTextAll()
434078 Switching the mle hscrollbar property when there is large mle content (>250KB) causes a crash
434087 Desktop (probably in WCE only - need to generate a testcase)

Discovered while testing for CR-422526

When running a special version of the customer application, when poking around, we brought up its cute calculator. When the calculator popup is closed, the application would core.

We see that when the popup closes itself it does things in an "unusual" order. The end result is that it is still referring to the DW after it has been removed from memory.

434121 Under load the customer's EAS shared PB printing component causes the application to crash. Customer creates a PB NVO service component on EAS that fails under load. It uses the PDF generator Amyuni DLLs. If he unchecks concurrency, it doesn't crash.
434131 PB 9 Help in HTML books reference PBRX100.OCX and PBRXS100.OCX instead of PBRX90.OCX and PBRXS90.OCX in registeration and deployment instructions.
434138 RadioButtons/Checkboxes in datawindows when run with JAWS accessibility software lose focus whenever focus is on a radio button or checkbox. This only occurs when the dialog is a "datawindow." Radio Buttons and Checkboxes on Windows work as expected.
434140 In PB 10.2.1, PB 10.5 and DW.NET 2.0 when one is running an application and a change is made to the input language ( ie. from English to Russian) only the column that has been changed changes to the new language.

According to the customer it is expected behavior that the input language is changed for the whole application when you are running and application and change the input language. Not for the window instance or field instance in DWC. It should be for the whole application.

434206 Calling a SQLServer stored procedure containing an UPDATE statement through ODBC, resulted

in no rows being returned.

This happens when it is called from a PowerBuilder 10 component deployed to

EAServer 5.2 or 5.3 and not from a PowerBuilder application.

The issue is due to EAServer using ODBC 3 instead of ODBC 2.

434306 Large performance difference working with large result sets using Soap connection to Informix.

Web Service and SOAP message are not designed for large data transfering over internet. It uses HTTP over TCPIP and XML SOAP message as its payload so that adds a lot of overhead to the data transfer.

If the data becomes bigger, the HTTP message will be divided into many packages (called Trunked data). These packages will go over the internet separately and independently. The data flow of a typical Web Service is as follows.

On the Client side:

1. The client gets data of the client application (could be PowerScript or others).

2. open a tcpip connection.

3. construct the payload of SOAP message of the data.

4. construct http header info

5. put the http header and SOAP payload on the wire, then return immediately. If the data is big, it will be divided in trunked package.

6. stop and wait for the data return from the server.

On the Server side:

1. wait for all packages to arrive.

2. parse the data and process.

3. construct the payload for return value in SOAP format.

4. construct the HTTP header.

5. put the http header and SOAP payload on the wire, then return immediately. If the data is big, it will be divided in trunked package.

Once the data is on the wire, it will go from the machine --> DNS server -->FireWall --> Internet. Even if the service is running on the same machine it still will go to LAN and DNS server, then come back again. This is completely different from the direct call (such as datawindow or rpc), which transfers binary data and transfers directly.

The client/server will return immediately (at step 5) after putting the data on the wire. They even didn't check whether go out or not. So putting timing events in the server side or client side (within the function) only can say the processing of data is fast or not (step 1-5). It cannot say anything on the whole performance.

As the service provider, it will put these packages onto the wire, then return back immediately. It doesn't care whether these data transfer to the destination or not, and it also doesn't care whether there is somebody over there to receive it. As a client, it must wait for all the return packages to arrive. Then it could start to combine the data together, then parse the data.

In my experience, 10 times the overhead is quite normal for a web service for a fairly normal volume of data. For large data, it could be more. But I cannot exactly say how much overhead it is because the overhead heavily depends on the network speed and traffic at that time even when you use local machine only.

434346 In PB 10.2.1 the PB system option Use Windows Classic Style on XP seems to have no affect checked or unchecked. A groupbox on a window always has square edges (classic style).

PB 10.5 does just the opposite. The PB system option Use Windows Classic Style on XP again seems to have no affect checked or unchecked. But in 10.5 a groupbox on a window always has rounded edges (XP style.

In both cases the edges should be rounded if windows classic style is unchecked and square edges in it is checked.

434353 The stock icons for PB show up with mismatched sizes when used for icons in a contemporary menu. The icons should be re-worked so this does not occur. CRs 415276 and 415413 explain why this is happening, but the icons used as stock icons for PB should be fixed to resolve the problem.
434417 VerticalScrollMaximum and VerticalScrollPosition sometimes become negative values on a DataWindow.
434462 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9651 and PB 10.2.1_9637

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: The EditMask mm/yyyy now produces "Item does not pass validation test" when typing incomplete data. This was detected as a regression from old PB 7.0.3 where issue worked.

434465 A datawindow object populated using SetFullState from another datawindow (in the SAME application) does not display images in a picture control, when that image has been specified in a PBR file. It does show the image when the image is available on disk.
434468 When using the ejb2pXX to generate a proxy, the first line

in the *.srx files are missing the line feed.

When using the TextPad tool and you open a *.srx file in binary format, the

first line is terminated with 0D. All the other lines end with 0D 0A.

434476 When using the ejb2pbXX, pb should be generating

the files in unicode or have the option to generate them in unicode.

434584 DW column with editmask (mask is XXXXX - default) causes that only the first letter is upshift while pressing the shift key and enter some text. When you release the shift key after every letter and press again it works. Same issue occurs with normal Editmask object on a window as well

No Workaround

434725 Request a possibility to disable / filter Warnings or specific Warnings.

Some solution like the Design -> Options -> Script menu where you can disable Warnings, for all Library operations, like Regenerate, Migrate, Full Build, and Check out.

This request is based on "CR 431911 PB 10 regression, getting false warnings when migrating / rebuilding" where a enviroment varaible was implemented to supress a warning introduced / caused by CR 407177.

434736 Documentation issue:

With the new Byte datatype there is also a new parmtype TypeByte! introduced for

use in dynamic SQL format 4 SQL statement using the SQLDA object.

The Byte datatype matches an ASA database type TINYINT.

In the helpfile documentation of the TypeByte! is missing.

Also TypeLongLong! is not described in the helpfile.

434741 BindSPInput is missing the Oracle 10g under

the 'Applies To' section in the Connection Reference Manual.

From the online help for BindSPInput, it list the Oracle 10g but is not

listed in the Connection Reference Manaual

434745 compiling a script with a nested loop with an undeclared variable crashes PB instead the normal compile error
434748 Customer would like to have more specific error codes returned from the CreateSession method so that it is easier to determine the exact cause of a problem. Adding more detail to error information would greatly reduce time spent trouble shooting development and deployment.
434777 Customer gets the following error when compiling an application to Winforms: Error CS0117: 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBBoundedDecimalArray' does not contain a definition for 'Value'.
434788 Menu toolbar icons do not display "down" image properly when deployed as a Winform application.
434791 In a WinForm compiled MDI application. During the CloseQuery event processing .. when the PowerScript code requests that the dialog not be closed (Return -1), the dialog will close anyway. It works as expected in PB IDE and PB executables(both dll , pbd).
434810 Resizing on an MDI Frame dialog does not work properly in Winforms.
434861 PB 10.x. Application runs as Windows Service written in C++. It listens for a TCP connection from another Service. Windows Service written in C++, "Connection Closed by Host". Analysis of dump files shows that error was occurring in pbshr100 / 105.dll.
435074 When trying to deploy winform project, the following errors appear:

ns_timing.cs(39,3): error CS0200: Property or indexer "Sybase.Powerbuilder.PBTiming.Running' cannot be assigned to - readonly

ns_timing.cs(40,3): error CS0200: Property or indexer "Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBTiming.Interval' cannot be assigned to - readonly

435107 Enhancement: Customer would like to run a PB generated Webforms application in the Microsoft Web Control of a Window of a PowerBuilder application. However the .NET Webforms app greates a new Browser Window. Would it be possible to include an option to prevent this?
435200 When the print dialog appears from using dw.print(true,true)

and you select the number of copies, the selection does not propagate to

the next print of dw.print(true).

Example #1


dw_1.print(true,true) // print dialog appears and you select 2 copies. (2 copies of Page 1 of 2 and Page 2 of 2 will print)


dw_1.print(true) // no print dialog appears but the 2 copies that were selected from the print dialog from previous print should propagate to this print(). (So 2 copies of Page 1 of 3, Page 2 of 3 and Page 3 of 3

should print. But only 1 copy prints out).

435210 Using PBDOM in PB.NET WebForm, results in the

following errors at deployment:

m_ta_main::m_xml::clicked(361) Error C1: Illegal data type: pbdom_builder

m_ta_main::m_xml::clicked(362) Error C1: Illegal data type: pbdom_document

m_ta_main::m_xml::clicked(363) Error C1: Illegal data type: pbdom_element

m_ta_main::m_xml::clicked(364) Error C1: Illegal data type: pbdom_element

m_ta_main::m_xml::clicked(365) Error C1: Illegal data type: pbdom_element

m_ta_main::m_xml::clicked(366) Error C1: Illegal data type: pbdom_attribute

Failed to compile the PB application

435231 Customer requesting the Silent install option (-r) for PB9, 10 & 10.5. They have to install PB on over 100 developer machines and require this feature.
435234 PB ejb client application crashes randomly.

ADPlus files included.

RESOLUTION: More info is needed. To find if it is caused by "out of memory".Please run windbg and attatch it to customer's pb100.exe and then run this command to set a condtion breakpoint.

bu pbvm100!fndwDescribe+0xd5 "j @eax = 0x00 '';'g'"

If PB break at this line,it should be a "out of memory" issue and then please run this command to dump all info.

.dump /ma c:\xxx.dmp

435290 profile routine tool cannot read specific line.
435317 When using the RTE control with polish keyboard settings, typing polish characters will trigger RTE shortcuts, in addition to the character.

For RTE control a workaround can be implemented, but for RTE DW it is not working.


- Right Alt+a gives a 'small latin letter a with ogonek' and it has erased the whole text

- Right Alt+e gives a 'small latin letter e with ogonek' and it has set the text alignment to right

- Right Alt +l gives a 'small latin letter l with stroke' and it has set the text alignment to left

Same troubles with upper chars while pressing Shift key,

435346 In a datawindow with a char(1) field, do a SetItem() with a long string, the first 512 characters of the string in SetItem are assigned to the char(1) field. The char(1) field length is not enforced. Also, the Len() DataWindow function on the field will report the actual number of characters in that field, even if it's more than the truncated display.
435366 Adding objects to Clearcase source control, getting Error message for each object is similar: "Unable to access M:<path>\object.srw: No such file or directory". The object does appear to be added to source control, but when adding large numbers of objects this gets very annoying to have to click through multiple error messages.

FROM ENGINEERING: sccextensions=0 in the PB.INI file [library] section will make pb only use SccQueryInfo() instead of SccQueryInfoEx() and that made the error messages disappear.

435499 Unable to enter more than 1 character in a string

editmask. Problem happens using a editmask of AAAAAAAAAA or !. The cursor is getting placed before the character and replacing the previous character.

There is code in the editchanged event:


dw_1.SetItem(row, 'other_id', (upper(dw_1.GetItemString(row, 'other_id'))))

435506 Application repeatedly calls InsertDocument for a rich text control. Memory use increases substantially and is not freed until PowerBuilder exits.
435597 Long expressions in DataWindows button cause gpf.

The root cause is in the expression of the X property of the button in the DW. Seems this expression is too large.


Shrink the expression by using shorter coloumn names.

435642 The customer is doing a Modify on a datawindow to do an Evaluate of a datawindow expression at runtime:

dw_1.Describe("evaluate('if( junk ,1,0)',1)")

If the expression is not valid, he gets a datawinow messagebox saying something like: "Expecting True/FALSE expression" depending on what's wrong with the expression he is evaluating. But he wants to be able to supress this messagebox and trap the error in a try catch if possible. This is a request for that feature.

If a datastore is used instead of a datawindow then the messagebox is suppressed. But the error is not trappable.

435744 If RichTextEdit control's DisplayOnly is true, a call to InsertDocument will cause a runtime error message "Cannot insert a document into rich text edit", and return -1.
435745 The InputFieldChangeData gives the wrong result. The field name is inserted instead of the data.
435746 Since upgrading from PB 10.2.1 to PB 10.5, the RichTextEdit control no longer shows info about paper size and margins in preview mode.
435749 Need to customize the objects style of the HTML and .Net DataWindow
435796 When you open a main window which has the Center property turned on, PowerBuilder displays it in the top left corner of the MDI.

No workaround

435804 Needs to save a DataWindow as an image ( .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, etc.) We tried using GetAsBitmap ( graphincobject,blob ) but it saves only the visible area of the object.
435851 PowerBuilder 10.5 with Label type DataWindow and sliding text.

Text is wrongly displayed or printed resulting in overlapping text or text

displayed in the wrong rows.

435916 Customer migrate application to PB10.5 and find that the menu

object disappear ( corrupted ) at runtime. After investigation, find that problem seems

caused by multiple calls of menu item function show() or hide().

PB10.5 Menu object may corrupt at runtime, and lead to crash in some condition

435946 Event pbm_enupdate is no longer triggered in an editmask spin control when the spin arrows are clicked.
436048 CSV file created by dw.saveAS() is not based on RFC4180.
436100 When a userevent has an argument of visible type, then deployment to EAServer fails without an error message being displayed.
436102 According to the Documentation ( PowerBuilder 10.5, Application Techniques, Chapter 41: Deploying Applications and Components )we expect several DLL's after installing PB 10.5.

eg: For DataDirect OEM 5.1 SQL Server 6.5




436113 GroupBox within a DW and the Border style of the GroupBox is "Raised" or "Lowered" the GroupBox is displayed during runtime like the "box" style if the Windows design is "XP Style".

No workaround

436258 Migrated PB Application from 8 to 10. A C program is being used to create exe+pbd via the orca interface. Same program logic and code as from PB 8. Now 45 of 50 applications created fine but for some apps the process crashes in pb10.exe.
436294 When using the trimspaces dbparm, it removes

all the spaces for a char field in a datawindow and embedded sql.

Customer would like to see the functionality where it trims the spaces

in the datawindow but leaves the embedded sql as is. Spaces are not trimmed

on columns for embedded sql.

436300 The .Net projects for Web Forms and Win Forms have dialog pages that don't scroll all the way to the right properly and aren't resizable. For really long directory paths, they become unusable.
436308 Conversion to C# is losing return statement. The customer has PB code in the form of:


do something




Return 1

end try

What PB is generating on the C# conversion is


do something




end try

It's losing the Return 1 statement in the finally block, and then throwing an error on the compile because there's no return value.

436420 When clicking on a RTL dddw column if the data that was in this column is the first value in the dddw list, then the data is not displayed in the column itself. After selecting one of the values from the dddw list, the dddw closed but the selected value is not displayed. Moving to the next column, the selected value is displayed but the value that was in the next dddw column disappeared: if this value is not the first in the dddw list, but if the value is the first in the dddw, then it抯 displayed. If the next column is without dddw edit style, then the value displayed.

no workaround

436421 The behavior of edit- and format masks in editmask fields should be redesigned.

- to enter a "0" in the field with a mask "##"

- to clear the field if the value is "null" and the mask is "#0"

- to use masks without "." and trailing "0"

- to use the functionality without coding a own function to empty the field.

It is not reasonable for me to code such a function for all editmask fields

and to provide a comfortable way for the end user to use this function.

- to distinguish between "0" and "null"!

436536 PowerBuilder Database Profile cannot connect to the ODBC Datasource when you provide a password string, which contains Turkish characters.
436579 Change in behavior from PB 10.5 GA version in build 5048 and above. Customer has set delimitidentifier='No' in dbparm but some of his SQL has double quotes around the column and table names. This worked in past versions of PowerBuilder including PB 10.5 GA but fails in recent builds.

Is this an intentional change in behavior? Possibly related to CR 419054 and an intentional change in behavior.

436599 The customer wants to be able specify graphic resource files that need to be included in the build for a WinForm project. Currently it's fixed to the PBW directory and the directories under that directory. His graphic resources are in an entirely different directory that are in the app path for the PB IDE. So he would like to have a way to specify where his resources are.
436661 During first deployment (when the PB crash occurs), the corresponding .props file is generated in the EAServer repository but NOT the .pbd file. During second deployment, the .pbd file is generated as well

No workaround

436674 It is observed from PB Heap dump summary, on each call of SyntaxFromSql with Oracle, there

are around 500 byte memory fall into "in use" catagory of PB Heap.

436693 Enhancement request: We need better management of the output information. Note the VS 2005 approach (attached) where errors are seperated from other output, and filtering capability is provided for the three different severity levels.
436702 Customer was using PB 9 with OpenLink ODBC driver connection to ASE. When they retrieve rows from a table, only 100 rows were retrieved unless they set CursorLib='ODBC_Cur_Lib'.

In that case all rows were retrieved. When they do the same thing using PB 10, still only 100 rows are retrieved, although 126 reside in the table.

WORKAROUND: In the ODBC DSN, set "Disable rowset size limit" to On (checked)

436720 When the .Net Windows Forms Application project is

opened and you click on the Browse cb from the Build Options on the General Tab,

some of the text on the 'Choose Output Path' dialog box is cut off.

436729 According to OpenLink support, we are not using the correct check to find out whether a SQL statement is successful. They say we should use SQL_SUCCESS, not SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.

Two workarounds:

Adjust OpenLink ODBC DSN setting to allow more than 100 row size, from article ''''


Set PB DBParm Block=1 or Block=100

436757 With OpenLink ODBC to ASE database, retrieve of integer columns does not retrieve correct values.

WOrkaround: Set DBParm Block=1

436819 PB10.5 application will be crash when a window sheet need to change the window title dynamically and the sheet is opened by OpenSheet or OpenSheetWithParm. Problem happens in

DBCS WinXP ( simplified & Traditional Chinese) and application is using Menu Styple -


436833 Searching a string within a pbl mechanism is not working properly. Sometimes search doesn't find any result even pbl contains the specified string.

Also, the search menu option doesn't show up the dialog.



When doubleclicking the pbl before performing the search, then the search dialog comes up, and when adding the target, and doing also a doubleclick again on the pbl to be searched, then the search functionality itself is also working correct.

436835 If a decimal value is sent to a number argument, via pbscript, argument field displays no value. From dw painter, sending a decimal value or a long value to the number argument, a value is displayed.

workaround: use new decimal argument type

436849 An ActiveX control including a modal dialog box is able to loose the focus in a PowerBuilder application.

No workaround

436903 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9671

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 9.0 EASDemoDB10

Comments: When having a JSP 4GL page with a web datawindow, if we configure more than one button to interact with Web DW, only one button works and others will result in following error message:

Jul 13 11:25:45 2006: 060038-Error: Unable to service request for servlet: jspservlet.

Jul 13 11:25:45 2006: 060039-Error: ServletException contained the following root cause exception:


This issue prevents having more than one button to interact with WebDW.

436984 Computed field is not re-evaluated / repainted after related value change

Workaround : activate "Slide Left" option for computed field

437112 When regional setting is m/d/yyyy, the only

MaskDataType available is mm/dd/yyyy. You cannot use a single month or day as part

of the mask

RESOLUTION: Editmask of 'm/d/yyyy' is not supported but the display format of 'm/d/yyyy'

is supported.

437259 A PowerBuilder COM+ object that can be called successfully from PowerBuilder cannot be called from a Visual Studio C# application when using the standard .NET interopservices wrapper.

With PB 9.0.3 and VS 2003 the error is System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

With PB 10.5 and VS 2005 the error is a SystemAccessViolationException and the message test is Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

437263 Application opens a Main window with a menu. In the Open event of the Main window, the application opens a Response window. When the Response window is closed, the menu on the Main window does not appear.

Workaround is to post an event from the Open event, and in the posted event make the call to Open(w_Response_Window).

We often call this the "ue_postopen" event concept...

437350 Even if you set 1 (=Transparent) to Background.Mode of datawindow dropdown list boxes, the background colors of them are not transparent on Widnows XP.

This problem happens when the display is set to "Windows XP" as a Theme in the control panel on your PC.

437397 retrieval argument not passed correctly to report when Dec separator is comma
437421 PB should be picking up C# errors before the


For example, pb allows to put a return statement in a finally portion of a

try..catch but the syntax warning is being issued at the c# generation/compilation.

PB should be scanning code and catching this before the c# compilation/generation.

437535 DW CheckBox Edit style can't be printed in 3D it will result in normal checkboxes and the third state is a grey box. Also in GUI, if scale is turned off, the 3rd state is not shown.
437538 Problem with display of truetype and most fonts in scripts in the IDE when ClearType is enabled on the desktop. Workaround is to use Fixedsys font.
437540 Map3dColors property does not work when Colors are set to 32 bits
437543 When retrieving multiple result sets via ODBC using the DC TDS ODBC driver, PB causes this error to occur if it fetches from a result set having fewer columns than a previous result set in the same RPC call
437568 Add more printer query functionality.

Example, dw_1.object.datawindow.print.paper.source does not use consistent

values and the printer must be queried in order to obtain the correct values.

437703 The customer is using an Oracle 8 client and the O84 PB driver in PB 10.5. He is getting an Oracle error "Ora-06502 pl/sql numeric or value error character string buffer too small" when calling a stored procedure as an rpc and passing in a string argument to a char datatype in the procedure. This is very similar to CR 371710 and may be a regression of that CR. Adding the ;ansi to the external function call changes the error but it still doesn't work. Fails the same way in PB 9, PB 10.2.1 and PB 10.5. I tried several builds and O90 and O84 and nothing seems to work. Customer needs a fix in PB 10.5 and the O84 driver.
437829 When the cursor gets moved across the groupbox borders in a very fast fashion, and also across the labels of the radiobuttons or checkboxes it will result in a flickering of the groupbox line and tag.
437863 Use SQLOLEDB OLEDB connection to MS SQL Server.

Previously all developers had sysadmin privileges in the db. Then they were changed to db_owner role instead of sysadmin. This causes a change in the syntax for dws, etc: when sysadmin, table names are not qualified, eg: employee, but when db_owner and not sysadmin, table names are qualified eg: dbo.employee. Looking through the MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager help, I think this is correct behavior, but you can see how this might cause problems for an engineering team. A similar problem can exist using ODBC but adding the PBTableOwner option in the PBODBxx.INI file can work around that. Customer would like a similar option for OLEDB.

FROM ENGINEERING: The current behavior for SQLOLEDB is correct and it is not possible to implement PBTableOwner for a workaround. However, this problem can be solved by the customer by moving to SQL Server 2005. In SQL Server 2005, schemas exist independently of the database user that creates them. Ownership of schemas can be transferred without changing their names.

437866 The customer is currently in PB 10.2.1. They have an in house Web Service that was written in .NET and uses DIME attachments. When attempting to call functions on these services from PB, they crash. They want to know:

1) Will PB be supporting DIME attachments for Web Services? In what version of PB will this happen, PB 11?

2) Is there a workaround for current versions of PB that will enable them to access/download the DIME attachments.

437936 Modify for datawindowchild results in gpf when changing the table syntax. Uses GetChild with a DataStore.
437940 Even though the icons are specified in a PBR file, they need to be present on the disk in order to show up in menu and in menu toolbar
437945 The customer has an existing C++ component, and they wish to use PB but not change ANY of their C++ client code, so they want to use the same package/component

name pair as already exists in EAServer. Their primary intention is to not to recompile the C++ client by maintaining the same Package/component combination.

437962 A PB7 -> PB10 migration sees the application crashing 'randomly'... two crash dumps show the same root cause. Need help from engineers most familiar with the garbage collection, diagnosing that root cause (which seems to be the fact that group names within the group list are being truncated).
438126 The customer is using an Oracle 8 client and the O84 PB driver in PB 10.5. He is getting an Oracle error "Ora-06502 pl/sql numeric or value error character string buffer too small" when calling a stored procedure as an rpc and passing in a 6 character string argument to a char(6) datatype in the procedure.

This works in PB 9.0.3 and it also works in PB 10.2 build 8116 with the DisableUnicode=1 dbparm. However in the latest builds of 10.2.1 this no longer works getting the string buffer is too small error. The same failure occurs in PB 10.5. Sett the stored procedure variable declaration to char(13), then and all the PB versions will work. So it needs (2 * 6) + 1 for the buffer to accept the 6 character string which seems like it could be a unicode related issue.

Calling the same procedure from SQLPus and passing a 6 character string to a char(6) variable works.

438256 Customer is using many commandline arguments to run his EXE. When the exe is built using Machine code, the argument list is truncated.

WORKAROUND: Compile the EXE with P-Code instead of machine code.

438268 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9671

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A


PSR Document name gets truncated in Printer spooler window.

438291 Value of DataWindow.Print.Paper.Size is invalid after calling PrintSetupPrinter().
438361 Customer finds that her printing application crashes intermittently.
438364 Looked like CR 390230, However the crash is still occurring

Printed a report with long printer name (over 31 Characters). When they close the report window Application crashes. We have used the PB Build.

438400 In a Web Forms Application when a datawindow loses focus, all dropdown and dropdownlistbox edit style fields become invisible. When the datawindow get focus again these fields become visible again.
438486 Deploying with the runtime Packager of two different versions of PowerBuilder on the same machine fails due to duplicate use of the registry key:


438504 Datetime values in a .Net Web Form datawindow are not displayed / interpreted correctly.
438518 The property "Suppress Prompts to Overwrite Read-Only Files" only applies to SCC opertations where the PowerBuilder IDE EXPORTS source from the PBL to the local project path. These operations are: "Add to Source Control", "Check In", "Show Differences", and "Refresh Status" (if the vendor doesn't support diff by version number).

We cannot control the behavior of the SCC vendor when it writes files from the SCC repository to the local project path. These operations include: "Check Out", Undo Checkout", "Get Latest Version", and "Remove from Source Control". Some SCC vendors provide a configuration setting on their "Source Control, Advanced Options..." dialog that provides functionality similar to our "Supress prompts..." property. Others do not. PBNative silently overwrites read-only files on the local project path. That's why you didn't see the prompt on a check-out operation. You should see the prompt if you chose one of the other SCC operations where the PB IDE attempts to export code from the PBL to the local project path.

438610 A crash occurred in Oracle client when executing an update stored procedure

of a dynamically created datawindow (SyntaxFromSQL).

With an Oracle 9 client there could be an ORA-00932 error.

438647 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows 2000 SP4

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9597

Database/Driver File/Version: SYC with Open Client 12.5.1 EBF11786 and ASE 12.5.3


After many connections and disconnections to ASE 12.5.3 by using OCS 12.5.1 and SYC interface, customer receives the error:

(2300008): *** ERROR 999 ***(rc -1) : Unable to initialize Client Library Context.

438726 OS: Windows 2000 SP4

Versions and Build #s Tested: PocketBuilder 2.0.4 Build 940

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A


When issuing a PostURL, the arguments are not retrieved from web page. If testing same page from outside PocketBuilder, it works.

438727 Pass a Null via SetItem() to a DDDW click in the DW, tab to the DDDW, the Value displayed is not NULL (or blank/empty)
438821 When executing statements in the ISQL view of the Database Painter, comments

that can contain hints for the Oracle optimizer are being stripped.

438912 When fulfilling specific conditions, paper size of DW is changed into paper size selected by PrintSetPrinter().
438923 Extra network traffic in Oracle 10g DB connection upgrading from PB 9 to PB 10
438931 Memory leak when setting null to a string in a pb component.
438942 Arabic Data saved in PB 8 is being displayed as Junk characters in PB10.x Unicode after migration.

No workaround

439046 Insert of GeoXEvent ActiveX and GeoXMap ActiveX makes PB crash.
439073 Problems with flashing and delays of the value "staying" in the field when using an editmask of ###### in a dw field. Under certain circumstances if an update is called for the dw, a value of NULL ends up in the DB even though a valid number was entered. The test case does not reproduce the update as he did not provide a test case or know the exact steps for follow to result in the Null value. However, by tabbing through the dw and entering values in the fields, you can see that the data entered disappears for a bit and then reappears. Customer reports removing the editmask and using a format mask instead enabled him to work around the problem for now.
439160 When changing a SELECT statement of a DataWindow with .Modify there is a memory leak , which becomes bigger as the retrieve arguments increase or if the name of the retrieval argument is longer.
439161 Uses functions SetFilter / Filter in DataWindows, seems to cause memory leak.
439172 RPCFUNC call to Informix returns empty string when the return data type is char.
439174 Embedded sql on a missing table does not generate an error against Oracle
439202 When querying for the build number, it does not

show up for the shared libraries.

When running the following command (for build 9671), the build number is not listed:

strings | grep Version

The following is returned:


Version: %s


CtsSecurity::X509Certificate::getVersion -- unknown user exception '%.100s'






Version 10.0.1 5502

439232 Can抰 call external window function GetWindowLongA or GetWindowLongW
439349 The first page down does not trigger RowFocusChanged and does not set cursor to next editable column if the first one is protected.
439358 When there is no toolbaritemname and you modify it

at runtime and add a toolbaritemname and then enable it and set visible to true, the toolbar picture does not appear.

If at design time the ToolBarItemName has a value (even a couple of spaces), then when you modified ToolBaritemName at runtime, the picture will appear ok on the toolbar.

439368 An array of chars that is copied to an array of strings

and then you reference one of the string array elements will cause the following error:









SS:ESP:0023:0012E398 EBP:0012E4C0

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

10C5D4ED 0012E39C 0295A94C 00000061 0295A7A4 0295A94C obFreeDebug+33D

10DC2F6B 0012E3B0 0295A94C 0296AE74 0295A94C 0012E3D8 PbHeap_traceOff+A45B

10CF11B9 0012E4C0 0295A94C 0296A13E 0296ADE4 00000032 rt_set_pcode_to_line+789

10CEEB7D 0012E4F8 80190002 02967014 00000000 00000000 rtRoutineExec+165D

10CED896 0012E568 02967014 00000019 02967590 00000000 rtRoutineExec+376

10C4D6EB 0012E628 0295A94C 02967590 000003E9 003E06BC fn_txnservice_create_instance+6B1B

10C4C419 0012E654 0295A94C 02967590 000003E9 003E06BC fn_txnservice_create_instance+5849

10C4B31B 0012E788 004E075A 00000111 000003E9 003E06BC fn_txnservice_create_instance+474B

10BDDBCC 0012E8F8 004E075A 00000111 000003E9 003E06BC FN_WindowWnd+B4C

77D48734 0012E97C 77D48830 00000000 0012E9BC 77D4C63F GetDC+6D

77D70467 0012EA88 77D48830 00000000 0012EAD4 77D4B89B DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

77D70467 0012EC50 77D48830 00000000 0012EC90 77D4C63F DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

77D70467 0012ED98 77D48830 00000000 0012EDD8 77D4C63F DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

77D70467 0012EF10 77D48830 00000000 0012EF80 77D489CD DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

77D70467 0012EF70 77D489F0 FFFFFFFF 0012EF90 77D496C7 DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

77D70467 0012F028 10DDAB00 FFFFFFFF 0295A94C 10C6E460 DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

10DB8D08 0012FDE4 77D48830 00000000 0012FE54 77D489CD PbHeap_traceOff+1F8

77D70467 0012FE44 77D489F0 FFFFFFFF 0012FE64 77D496C7 DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

77D70467 0012FFB0 10006198 00000000 0012FFF0 7C816D4F DeregisterShellHookWindow+1CF

10002800 0012FFE0 7C816D58 00000000 00000000 00000000 0001:00001800 C:\pb\pb9\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBCR90.EXE

7C8399F3 FFFFFFFF 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 FindAtomW+94

439484 At datawindow dropdown listbox, after specifying a long value

> 255 chars (either data or display value), PowerBuilder will crash on SetFullState or GetValue.

439490 Memory leak when loading an XML file using ImportFile.
439495 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9671

Database/Driver File/Version: SYC ASE 12.5.3

Comments: When inserting a new row in datawindow and typing a value into the 1st column that is a dropdown datawindow, PowerBuilder GPFs.

439505 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9671

Database/Driver File/Version: SYC ASE 12.5.3

Comments: When tabbing to 1st column of row, which is a dddw, the dddw incorrectly displays the same value as previous row.

439507 SaveAs PDF is not saving when PDF when the Ghostscript files are in the relative path of pbdwe105.dll as described in documentation.
439551 Without specify default value, it is expected that all data

items of New Insert row only contain null value. Cust. reported that start from

Powerbuilder 10.2.1 build 9671, the dropdown datawindow of New Insert row has the edit

control holding up previous data value, which is the value of the last focus dropdown datawindow control.

439567 profile routine view does not show object or event which is not used.
439592 Using PB.INI setting [Datastore Behavior] usehwnd=no causes ItemError event of DataWindow to fire (instead of Datastore ItemError event) when SetSort/Sort is called with a datawindow object that has Required column(s) with row(s) inserted but no data. Reference to is null in DW itemerror event and results in runtime error. Same problem reported for SetFilter/Filter.
439600 Datawindow prints some text half with Minolta printer with PCL 5 driver.
439666 Modifying a DataWindow causes crash on later SetFilter / Update after sharedata
439680 PB crashes when running an app with a custom OCX, but on the second time around after running it once and shutting the app down without any problems. Start the app again and PB crashes.
439699 Customer migrated from 9.0.x to 10.5 and are seeing a different behavior in response windows. Script in a main window opens a response window, which then opens a 2nd response window. The second post closes the first resp window and closes itself. In PB 9 (build 6533), the original script then continues after the windows close, but in 10.5 it does not. Not until the application closes and then references are invalid and cause problems. Recent builds of 9.0.3 behave the same as 10.5. But clearly there is a problem here as code is running after the app is closed that should have run earlier.
439781 Treeview DataWindow does not stay expanded when deleting or inserting a row.
439800 Computed fields in a datawindow that refer to decimal columns are not computing. Works fine in previous versions as do other datatypes. I know decimal precision was increased in 10.5, so it looks like a regression was introduced.
439867 In progress
439887 Using Numeric retrieval args against a DB Int column will sometimes not work.

The data is not found.

439927 Executing sp in easerver results in a 4043 error.

Using a stored procedure having output parameter

RESOLUTION: Using the OCI9_U or OCI10_U resolved the problem.

439971 Extra space at page top of NEW RTF even with Top Margin = 0 in Rich Text Object
439990 A stored ANSI format BLOB that gets selected via SELECTBLOB will be returned as

a.) if short as a ANSI formatted BLOB

b.) if longer than as a UNICODE formatted BLOB.

440003 GetUrl returns 1 or cause gpf if connetion is broken during the download
440019 TRY CATCH FINALLY did not work properly when a popup window was closed in the finally block

that also started new try catch blocks.

440043 Consult: EAServer is crashing with unknown root cause after migrating from PB 9.0.3 to PB 10.5.
440047 Customer sees GUI regression issue where the WebDW DDDW Frames doesn't function the same for highlight & selection.
440115 Code structures in NVOs. Declare the structure in another object using the accent: uo_test`str_test lstr_test.

Compiler returns "C0001: illegal data type: d`window" then PB crashes down.

440128 Customer is trying to use a db profile name that includes brackets. He can use it in PB and connect, and he can export the profile. However, the exported profile cannot later be imported.

The reason for this is that DB Profiles are saved as INI files on export. An INI file is read using sections delimited by brackets. Using brackets in the DB Profile name "confuses" the function used to do the import, and the import fails.

Per Engineering: According to MSDN, a section in an INF file begins with the section name enclosed in brackets ([ ]).

The section name "demo [myname]" in the customer's db profile will cause Windows API GetPrivateProfileString() fails to get the section's field.

440130 Extended attributed are not getting applied correctly

when you build a datawindow where there are 2 tables with 2 different owners

and the extended attributes are applied to the database columns.

There are 2 display formats created:

Mark = [RED]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Mike = [BLUE]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

There are 2 tables:

"OWNER1"."CUSTOMER" (Col_2 and Col_3 have Mike's display format)

"OWNER2"."CUSTOMER" (Col_2 and Col_3 have Mark's display format)

When you connect to the db (under owner2) and create a datawindow, the extended

attributes are not getting applied properly.

440138 When using the new notation for a decimal constant

(1.05d or 1.05D), causes incorrect calculations to occur. It appears the decimal point is completely ignored, so in the case of 1.05, the value used is actually 105.

440152 Dataobject font enlarges when multiple WebDWs are generated.
440210 When INOUT parameters are not initialize before

calling Stored Procedure, will result in a ora-03106: Fatal two task communication protocol error.

No error when using space(XX):

string ls_test1, ls_test2

ls_test1 = space(50)

ls_test2 = space(50)

lds_sp = Create n_datastore

lds_sp.DataObject = 'd_sp'


ll_rc = lds_sp.Retrieve(li_test, ls_test1, ls_test2,'c','d', 'e',1)

440228 Customer has a report with nested datawindows that was migrated to 10.5 from 9.0.x. In each nested report are autosized columns, one with text. In print preview (and printing) the text is sometimes chopped off. Displays OK when not in print preview. They do not think this was happening in 9. He can move the detail band and stop the text chop, but that can leave a larger space between rows then he wants.
440233 A pipeline object with a numeric retrieval argument works fine in versions of PB up to 10.5. The ASE database column is a numeric(8,3) datatype and the pipeline retrieval argument is numeric. In 10.5 it fails with a -16 return code of the pipeline Start function (Error in Source database). A PB trace show the error: Incorrect syntax near ')'.
440304 The backquote notation to refer to ancestor subtypes crashes in PowerBuilder 10.5 Builds after the GA release.
440323 On SOME WM-5 devices, the "Show SIP on Focus" does not work after a soft reset.

You have to manually activate the SIP (once) to make it work. After the SIP has been manually activated once, it then works as expected.

Introduced the new runtime properties:



440329 When previewing a datawindow that contains a

database blob using ADO.NET (System.Data.OleDB), the following error results:

Select Error: Index #0 Message: Login failed for user ''.NativeError 18456 Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server SQLState: 42000

440482 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5063, 10.5_5048

Database/Driver File/Version: EAS Demo DB V105

When migrating RichText Datawindow from PB 10.2.1 to 10.5, the column fields are converted to simple plain text. For instance, field {AU_LNAME} that is understood as a column in RichText DW in 10.2.1 is now just a plain text in 10.5.

440568 Issues with the appearance of #temp tables in the db painter.
440578 The JavaScript function DW_TimeToString in a Web DataWindow has the following line: var i = inStr.length(); which causes a syntax error because length is not a JavaScript function, it's a property.

A second issue is the argument theTime is declared but not used. This is not a huge problem, but it's not clean code and if you look at the 'sister' methods of DW_DateToString and DW_DateTimeToString, neither have arguments.

440662 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5063

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 9.0 EASDemoDB105

Comments: In dw graph, during runtime, today there's no need to add vertical scroll into dw control when dw object is DW Graph. As customer uses many graph objects on same dw object, he'd like to be able to enable a vertical scroll bar so that he can scroll into the multiple graphs inside dw graph object.

440663 The X and Y properties are not being updated

when the toolbar is in the 'Float' position.

When a custom event is mapped to the pbm_move and you have the following script:

integer li_xpos

integer li_ypos

string ls_microhelp

li_xpos = this.x

li_ypos = this.y

ls_microhelp = " window.x: " + String ( li_xpos ) + " window.y" + String ( li_ypos )

this.Setmicrohelp( ls_microhelp )

Once you change the MDI Toolbar to 'Float' and Show Text is enabled, the this.x

and this.Y are not getting updated.

440665 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5063

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 9.0 EASDemoDB105

Comments: In dw graph, during runtime, today there's no need to add vertical scroll into dw control when dw object is DW Graph. As customer uses many graph objects on same dw object, he'd like to be able to enable a vertical scroll bar so that he can scroll into the multiple graphs inside dw graph object.

440687 The Search option in the drop down menu of System tree needs to be separated from other selections. Right click on a target in the System Tree, the "Search" and "Incremental Build" options are too close together. Click on a library and "Search" and "Optimize" are too close.
440782 Using the WebDW Code Example pbl (pbdwrmt.pbl) and deploying the COM component to ASP results in the following error with Server.CreateObject:

Error Type:

Server object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3)

Invalid class string

/TryWebDW/test1.asp, line 8

440866 Datawindow is not able to save data as OEM cp866. Only ANSI and Unicode is available
440871 Using HALT statement in dberror event crashes PowerBuilder.
440879 The Pointer enumeration (used as argument for SetPointer) does not support AppStarting! (IDC_APPSTARTING), None! (IDC_NO), Hyperlink! (IDC_HAND), Help! (IDC_HELP). These are defined in WInUser.H as having been added after Win 3.1.
440954 When Nup Datawindow with protected columns, it is expected that

keyboard Tab Key will place the edit focus correctly. However it is observed that "Tab" and "Shift + Tab" incorrectly place the focus.

440987 When you assign a ICO to a treeview item and the ICO contains both a 16x16 16 color and a 16x16 256 color icon, the 256 color icon is used when you run the app from within PowerBuilder, but the 16 bit icon is used when you run as an executable.
441097 If using dw create() using a 2 page dw and modify the dw to fit on one page cause printout of two pages, where the second page is empty. Using dw as nested report in composite with ( x:0.001 cm, width: 1.000 cm ) cause two pages as well.

Workaround: do first the modification and then do a create before printing. With nested reprot use LibraryImport function to import the modifed report with only one page size.

441109 When saving text to a .jsp that contains html tags, the

jsp editor will save the tags as upper case.

The html tags changing to uppercase are:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">


<title>DevGuru XHTML label Tag Example</title>





<legend>Please Enter Your Name</legend>

<label for="firstname">First Name</label><input type="text" id="firstname" />

<br />

<label for="lastname">Last Name</label><input type="text" id="lastname" />






<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<HTML xmlns="http://www.w3.orgߏ/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">


<TITLE>DevGuru XHTML label Tag Example</TITLE>





<LEGEND>Please Enter Your Name</LEGEND>

<LABEL for="firstname">First Name</LABEL>

<INPUT type="text" id="firstname"/> <BR/>

<LABEL for="lastname">Last Name</LABEL>

<INPUT type="text" id="lastname"/>





441200 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9671 and EAServer 5.2

Database/Driver File/Version: ASE 12.5.1


When inserting two rows in datawindow, when updating it via GetChanges/SetChanges, one of the rows is saved and the other not, within the same transaction.

In 2-tier (client-server) architecture, both rows are not save within the same transaction instead.

We need to know if the behavior in 3-tier is normal (because of the dw modify flags) or really an issue, when compared to 2-tier architecture behavior when saving the rows into ASE table.

441256 Customer is experiencing crashes in his application when running under Citrix. The same application does not crash when run under windows. Customer does understand that we do not test or support deployment to Citrix.

Customer states that the crashing is happening when the printer name is greater than 63 characters. CR 402992 fixed a problem related to long printer names on Citrix with the note that the fix should enable PowerBuilder to handle printer names up to 220 characters.

441321 Trying to deploy large PB app as both WinForm and WebForm.

Winform and Webforms gives you this erros if deploy projects. Works fine if deploying as PB exe.

441359 From the PowerBuilder and InfoMaker IDEs, in a database profile for ASE, using the 慞rompt for Database Information� connection option, the call to the PB System Procedures is not getting made. This is causing Users not to see a complete Table list in the Database Painter.
441372 The Login.aspx.cs appears to be missing when a

webform is deployed to IIS. The Login.aspx references it as follows:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Login.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>

441434 DW performance on a tablet PC is severly degraded due to response to WM_GETOBJECT messages generated from the Tablet's Input Panel
441539 EasySoap => Webservices.NET, doesn't work ! When generating a Web Service Proxy with the wizard by using the .NET Engine, the deployed fields in the structures contain the wrong datatype for Datetime fields.
441556 After migration from PB 8 to PB 10 application crash when printing labels without any error messages. Happens after printing several times, but can also happen on the very first time.
441561 When previewing a composite report that contains

a multinewspaper column group datawindow, any data beyond the first page is blank.

Using 3 newspaper columns and 1 group.

441563 Customer sees 1/0/1900 value when tabbing out of a date field when the data should be Null.
441588 Response window with multiple drop down list box controls displays blank after entry and focus changes to next control, tablet os, xp theme
441593 WordWrap in a RichText control is not working properly. There are 2 issues:

Issue 1:

This is a regression. In PB 10.2.1 with the WordWrap property checked on a RichText control, when entering text it wraps properly. But in PB 10.5 it does not wrap as it should.

Issue 2:

This fails in both PB 10.2.1 and PB 10.5. Again the Richtext control has the WordWrap property checked. But when you use the PasteRTF function to paste in some text, that text does not wrap.

441597 When you have a winform project open and

the output path for the 'Build Options' is the directory where the pbls, resource objects are located, once you deploy the project all

pbls, files, etc are deleted.

When you create a new winform target and project, the output path

for the Build Options is the name of the project + WinformOutput. But if

you select to change the output path, the new output path will not contain


441604 When deploying a winform application, the following error


Error Summary:

n_cst_find_output_datawindow::n_cst_find_output_datawindow::of_match(94) Error C109: Private or protected function cannot be accessed: of_remove

n_cst_find_output_dbcolusagerpt::n_cst_find_output_dbcolusagerpt::of_match(70) Error C109: Private or protected function cannot be accessed: of_remove

n_cst_find_output_richtext::n_cst_find_output_richtext::of_match(299) Error C109: Private or protected function cannot be accessed: of_remove

Failed to compile the PB application

The of_match references:

n_cst_list lnv_contextlist


The n_cst_list/of_remove is public and is inherited from

pfc_n_cst_list/of_remove is also public. Pfc_n_cst_list is inherited from

n_cst_linkedlistbase/of_remove is protected. N_cst_linkedlistbase is inherited from

pfc_cst_linkedlistbase/of_remove and is protected.

441652 Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of DATE value '01 Dec 1700' to a Datetime

field. This error occurs when selecting a Hijri date through the SYC interface.

ASE date/time type is an ASE1251 new feature.

Therefor the appropriate client must be installed dbparm ''Release='12.5.1'''

or higher must be set for this feature to work.

441662 When deploying a winform PFC application, the following error


error CS0117: Sybase.Powerbuilder.PBAny does not contain a definition for Session

441769 PowerBuilder creates datawindow definitions for long varchar columns as char(32766) although the length can be up to 2 GB. It becomes even more of a problem in the silent truncation that is taking place when using dw_1.SaveAs and dw_1.ImportFile / ImportString.
441773 Drag and Drop from the System Tree to the window

painter is not working for ActiveX (Ole) controls.

441782 Customer is experiencing problems/differences in behavior with new PB 10.5 RTF control.

Problems/Changes in Behavior:

1) When filling the form it goes to 2 pages.

2) After printing the data disappears.

Customer is aware that the PB 10.5 control is a new control but this behavior did not happen in PB 10.2.1.

441788 Ct is using PBO10105.dll for connecting Oracle 10g provided to ct. When ct executes the proc, he gets error ORA-06650 (PLS-00703)
441867 The customer needs to update an image column in the database with a large jpg image. They can do this with UpdateBlob in PB, but thay also need to be able to do dynamic SQL as the table name and column names are not known until runtime. Dynamic SQL Format 2 would work perfectly except that it does not support the UpdateBlob SQL statement. So they have a stored procedure that does the dynamic SQL, but they are unable to pass it a blob of more than 32767 in size when calling the SP as an RPC in the transaction object.

This CR is a request to remove the blob size limit on RPC calls.

441871 Missing message in Exception object thrown by EAServer EJB called from PB.But the message can be captured from Java client.

PER ENGINEERING: This is a known limitation because PB does not have the information it needs to marshall/unmarshall the data. The message is accessible by java because java handles marshall/unmarshall differently and in this case the information is known for java. For PowerBuilder, the workaround suggested for the customer would be to change their code and put this text message to a public field of MyException, instead of put it to the private field of his ancestor.

441872 A winform application is not displaying the

menu 'checked' or menuimage property correctly. The backcolor is not correct.

Also the MenuTitleText is getting cut off.

441949 Wrong javascript genearated for a computed field expression.
442013 CopyRTF (and PasteRTF ) funciton in RichText control has

observable memory leakage. As customer's PB10.2.1 application need to call the function

frequently, the PB application eventaully will be crash when "Virtual Byte" climb up to

around 230MB.

442022 During the design phase of Datawindow object, we can specify a stored procedure from

Database side as the source of query statement. PB document also mentions that PB Datawindow

Wizard allow to select EAServer's components that return TDS stream to be source. However,

in Powerbuilder 9.0.3, 10.2.1 and 10.5, the datawindow wizard only show empty wizard.

442028 When DataWindows have Autosize Height enabled then a describe ( evaluate ( Page(), row )) does not

return correct values for the page function.

442029 HTMLDW in EAS 5.2 on solaris generates wrong tag ID for detail row and header.
442032 When a datawindow has /*...*/ embedded in the sql

and then you either retrieve or return to the dw painter from the datasource, the

following error results:

ora-01742: comment not terminated properly

Using the following sql:


"EMP"."ENAME", /*---- Test ---- */








/*---- More Testing ----*/


From the pbtrace.log, it doesn't appear that the ending comment '*/' is getting

picked up:


442037 Performance issue when using dot notation to

populate a dw column of type decimal.


w_Detail.object.Labor_Charge[ll_Detail_row] = sc_Labor_Charge[il_index]

dw_Detail.object.Materials_Charge[ll_Detail_row] = sc_Materials_Charge[il_index]

Where Labor_Charge and Materials_Charge are of type decimal.

When using the Profiler, the following routines have the highest performance times:



442039 In PB 10.2.1. Build 9696 generating EJB proxy objects leads to the warning message:

"Warning: A full or incremental rebuild should be performed.

The following object(s) may not be usable in their present state."

Full Rebuild may lead to a crash.

The issue is also in PowerBuilder 10.5

442131 PrintSetup looses settings after switching to different network printers. This seem to be default behavior. Customer would like to see an option to enable the printer settings to be hold.
442132 It should be possible to print nested reports with different paper orientations in a composite datawindow in a single printjob.
442143 Application batch jobs are crashing with error in PB dlls. As a result even non PB jobs running on the system are getting impacted which in turn has led to complete system being down.
442177 Customer is experiencing treeview display issues when working with Dual monitors.
442180 If a dropdowndatawindow column is greater than 255 characters, the data argument passed into the itemchanged event, and the data value assigned to the main datawindow cloumn from selecting the dddw value is corrupted. The same thing happens if you paste a large amount of text into an editable dddw. It appears to be a 255 limit. The customer is in 9.0.3, but the issue still happens in PB 10.5 as well.
442292 Enhancement Request: Customer would like DWObject name accessible through a computed field function in the datawindow.
442295 Customer is requesting an enhancement to PowerBuilder so it allows installation in Windows Standard User mode (No administrator privileges required to install). This is explained in the following Windows document:

442370 As default, when a window button get focus, a "Dotted line rectangle"

occur on the surface of the button. Also when specify Ampsand "&" with Button

label, the first right character(e.g. &Save) stick with the Ampsand will has an underline

to remind user that the Button can be access by hot key (e.g. Alt + S).

It is reported that after PB10.2.1 build 9726, the PB runtime does not show the "Dotted

line rectangle" and the Hot Key underline indicator.

442394 After entering a value in a Webdw jsp page

that contains a comma, once you tab out of the column

the value changes.

Enter: 10,000.

Resulting value once you tab out: $10.00

442523 In WebDataWindowControl using the automatic sorting feature (clicking on the header will sort by that column) fails if the columns are also a link.
442540 Crash when calling getFormat on non-existing column
442547 Problem: EasySoap Web Proxy generated for a UO Business Service is creating invalid syntax causing a failure to import the proxy syntax. With the .NET Web Service implementation, the proxy can be generated and the service invoked successfully.
442566 Windows groupboxes are incorrectly displayed with Visual XP Style.
442628 Cannot read with PB10, arabic datas entered intially with PB8/PB9.
442633 After an "item does not pass validation test" error the statements : Double d_test, Long l_long, d_test = 100. l_long = 50, d_test *= l_long lead into a wrong runtime error.
442639 Memory leak with PBNI application.
442675 The customer has migrated from PB 8.0.3 to PB 10.5 build 5063. Now they are runnig into crashes when they run several reports in a row. It is not a particular report but the number of reports that seems to bring on a crash. So this seems resource related. Unable to predict the crash or narrow it down.
442678 Menu Painter: For some menu properties, if a change is made to the property, and then the Edit->Undo Property Change menu is selected, the change is not reflected in the WYSIWYG view. The property change is reverted, and will show if you click on the WYSIWYG view, but it does not reflect automatically in the preview the way it does when you make the change in the Properties view.
442721 SetAutomationPointer() failed due to execution error (R0035) with Excel worksheets

if your executable file is generated in machine code.

442776 Moving a toolbar menu icon effecting the powerscript move function so that the x and y values of the moved control are not correctly updated.

Workaround is to set the x and y values in script instead of using the Move function.

442852 Result from using AddNamespaceDeclaration() is incorrect, XMLNS missing
442878 * JFS1051 PB NVO deployment as a web service fails.
442880 * JFS1051 When a PB component is deployed with a PB project on EAS6 as a Web Service, it does not appear in the Web Services Collection of EAServer 6.0.
442883 When using an editmask control on a window or

an editmask on a dw column, you cannot spin to min value.

Using editmask of ###% with min value of 20. If you enter in a number, such

as 23, and then use the down arrow, it will stop at 21 instead of the min value of 20.

442895 Using DelimitIdentifier=no, dw select that worked with PB 10.2.1 build 9004 now gets Select Error; SQL State = 42000.
442919 1) Highlight a block of text. Just like of you were going to copy a block of code. 2) click somewhere inside the highlighted text. 3) click somewhere else in the code and a vertical line appears where you had previously clicked. Sort of a "shadow" of the cursor is left behind.
442962 PB IDE crash when assigning ext dw object with no column
443006 The autosized height of a Detail Band is too low when using boxed or 3D-lowered controls on the bottom line.
443021 Zeros at right disappear when deleting the first digit at left
443022 When tabbing out of a column on a jsp page or in dw painter,

validation is firing incorrectly.

The dw column is defined as char(9) and has a validation defined in the

datawindow as: len(gettext()) < 10

The column has a display format defined as: @@@@@-@@@@

When entering the last portion of the zip code and tabbing out of the column

causes the validation error to fire.

443067 When you run a PB exe with the /PBDEBUG switch from the commandline, the debug file is created in the same directory as the exe. But if you are in an environment where the workstations are tightly locked down, users can't always write to the directory where the executable is. This CR is a request to provide a way to specify a directory and filename on the commandline for the debug output file. Like:


443068 This is a request from Team Sybase to update the PBNI documentation:
443151 Using Saveas XML in datawindow an XML layouter is included, decimal numbers in a computed filed factored by an integer are saved with comma instead of point if using comma as decimal separator.
443161 If ToolbarItemName has a value, an empty toolbar will display if ToolBarItemVisible is turned off. No toolbar should display.

Similar to CR 440797.

443167 Deploying winform application and the following error


error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.PBStaticText' to 'int'

error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'int' to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.PBStaticText'

Application contains structure object with array of "static text" controls.

443183 In the 'Configuring ASP.NET for a PowerBuilder project' section of the Deploying Applications and Components to .NET manual, it refers to

Setting up IE Web Controls on the server.

In the 'Required Software' section of the Install.txt for PB 11 Beta 2:

PowerBuilder .NET Web Forms use Internet Explorer Web Controls to

display correctly and to provide functionality for the Tab, TreeView,

and Toolbar controls. You can install IE Web Controls (version 1.0)

from the file. Install the files into a temporary

directory and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file that

displays to build and run the controls.

Customer believes that IE Web Controls [and .NET 2.0] need to be installed before PB

is installed. If that is a prerequisite, it should be documented.

RESOLUTION: IE Web controls can be installed after PB11 is intalled.

443293 Crash in pb 10.5 following migration from pb 10 when using a olecontrol userobject to integrate their application with MS Word.
443346 * JFS1051 EAServer 6.0 SYJ SP non-english unichar/nchar/char output/resultset truncated.
443357 * JFS1051 htmlgenerator testcase cause EAServer to crash.
443437 When you pass a NULL string of DataWindow object using dot notation to your function,

Len() with the string data returns -1 in the function.

443452 PowerBuilder DataWindow and Oracle Database.

When a DataWindow retrieve includes an array retrieval argument

then all retrieval arguments are no longer binded.

443496 Commandline arguments not working in a PB generated Winform exe. They work fine in a PB

p-code exe.

443502 Looking for customized javascript for Web Datawindow generation. Problem involves changes in date handling with format masks.
443504 PB 11 Beta 2 Winform: There is a tab control on a window (sheet). If the selectedtab property for the tab control is set to zero the sheet will not open on an OpenSheet.

If the selectedtab property is set to other than 1 then the sheet opens fine.

443505 PB 11 Beta 2 Winform: A crash occurs when calling the popmenu function from a sheet opened in a Winform exe. The Popmenue call is in the Sheet rbuttondown event.
443519 Erratic firing of modified event on editmasks.

First Issue: Behavior if you programatically set dates in an editmask. If you programatically set dates in an em nothing happens. But once an em with a changed date first gets focus and loses focus then the modified event fires. This could be much later than when the date was set.. If the em has a date set and it then happens to have focus, the modified event fires as soon as it loses focus even though you have done nothing to it right then. Would not it make more sense for the modified event to fire when the date was set programatically, and not wait for the em to first gain and then lose focus?

Second Issue: Behavior of editmasks with a dropdown calendar. If you do not have focus on an em with a dropdown calendar and you click to drop down the calendar you can change the date and no modified event fires. If you then click off of it, then the modified event fires. But if the editmask has focus to begin with and you drop down the calendar and change the date, the modified event fires right then. This seems to be the best behavior. Shouldn't it do the same thing even if it does not have focus to begin with?

443554 Ordering window events on main window may become wrong if you close multiple response windows at the same time.
443576 Grid datawindow with Headers with Raised border. When user drags columns to a new position, the left line shown between header column in new dragged position is slightly darker than the other grid lines shown between headers.
443585 Stored Procedure comments and formatting are lost after executing an Alter or Create in the ISQL view of the Database Painter. Changing "Strip Comments" option in ISQL view has no effect.
443753 When the user clicks a Menu object, a Clicked event is triggered. If there is a drop-down or cascading menu under the clicked object, the script for the Clicked event for the object is executed, and then the menu displays.
443760 The .tld file generated by the JSP web service wizard is wrong.
443838 The complete header and footer are not showing

in a richtextedit control when using insertdocument.


rtn = rte_1.InsertDocument("Choices Exempt -TXK.rtf", TRUE, FileTypeRichText!)

Part of the header is missing and all footer is missing.

444020 When deploying a winform application, the following errors


pfc_n_cst_dssrv.of_getitemany(ALSCdwbuffer.B)(44,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAny' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addpicture(SSSIICborder.B)(46,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LLB)(54,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LLB)(54,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addline(SSClinestyle.IIIIILLB)(48,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVTextAlignValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LL)(52,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.)(50,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBB)(46,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSII)(40,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addline(SSClinestyle.IIIIILL)(46,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVTextAlignValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.)(43,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addline(SSClinestyle.IIIII)(44,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVTextAlignValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addpicture(SSSIICborder.)(44,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addpicture(SSSII)(41,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LL)(52,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.)(50,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBB)(46,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.)(43,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dssrv_report.of_addtext(SSSII)(40,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_dwcsrv.of_getitemany(ALSCdwbuffer.B)(63,16): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAny' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv.of_getitemany(ALSCdwbuffer.B)(44,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAny' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_find.of_replace(ILSS)(200,3): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addpicture(SSSIICborder.B)(46,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LLB)(54,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LLB)(54,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addline(SSClinestyle.IIIIILLB)(48,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVTextAlignValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LL)(52,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.)(50,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.BBB)(46,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSII)(40,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addline(SSClinestyle.IIIIILL)(46,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVTextAlignValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addcompute(SSSIICborder.)(43,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addline(SSClinestyle.IIIII)(44,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBVTextAlignValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addpicture(SSSIICborder.)(44,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addpicture(SSSII)(41,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.LL)(52,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBBSICfontcharset.)(50,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.BBB)(46,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addtext(SSSIICborder.)(43,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_dwsrv_report.of_addtext(SSSII)(40,14): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBAlignmentValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_objecttype.of_getlibdirfromorca(Clibdirtype.S)(28,15): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBLibDirTypeValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_platformunicode.of_registrytype(Cregistryvaluetype.SS)(6,18): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBRegistryValueTypeValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_platformunicode.of_registryvaluetypes(ISRS[]RCregistryvaluetype.[])(13,13): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBRegistryValueTypeValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_platformwin32.of_registrytype(Cregistryvaluetype.SS)(6,18): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBRegistryValueTypeValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_platformwin32.of_registryvaluetypes(ISRS[]RCregistryvaluetype.[])(13,13): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBRegistryValueTypeValue' because it is a value type

n_cst_processor_datawindow.of_validatesql(BCn_cst_object_datawindow.RS)(14,3): warning CS1717: Assignment made to same variable; did you mean to assign something else?

n_cst_processor_searchandreplace.of_replaceinscript(BRSSSBBBB)(31,3): warning CS1717: Assignment made to same variable; did you mean to assign something else?

n_cst_processor_searchandreplace.of_replaceinsql(BRSSSBBBB)(31,3): warning CS1717: Assignment made to same variable; did you mean to assign something else?

pfc_n_cst_tvsrv_levelsource.of_register(IISSCdatawindow.S)(10,40): warning CS0219: The variable 'ldw_control' is assigned but its value is never used

pfc_n_cst_tvsrv_levelsource.of_register(IISSCdatastore.S)(11,35): warning CS0219: The variable 'lds_control' is assigned but its value is never used

pfc_n_cst_tvsrv_levelsource.of_registerdatasource(IISSCn_tr.SCpowerobject.[]Cdatawindow.Cdatastore.S)(140,3): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected

pfc_n_cst_winsrv_sheetmanager.pfc_undoarrange(41,16): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBArrangeTypesValue' because it is a value type

pfc_n_cst_winsrv_sheetmanager.constructor(1,16): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBArrangeTypesValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_lvs.pfc_insertitem(60,3): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontbold(SB)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontbold(SB)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontitalic(SB)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontitalic(SB)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontunderline(SB)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontunderline(SB)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontface(SS)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontface(SS)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontfamily(SCfontfamily.)(41,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontfamily(SCfontfamily.)(42,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontpitch(SCfontpitch.)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontpitch(SCfontpitch.)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontsize(SI)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontsize(SI)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontcharset(SI)(40,20): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontFamilyValue' because it is a value type

pfc_u_progressbar.of_setfontcharset(SI)(41,19): error CS0037: Cannot convert null to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBFontPitchValue' because it is a value type

444021 Executing a PB application calling a web service returns: WSWS3047E Error: Cannot deserialize element.
444092 SIP appears although you code to make it hidden

It does not happen on device where Win 4.xx is installed

444109 When deploying a winform application and

the regional settings are set to French (Belgium), the following error results:

w_test(17,3): error CS1501: No overload for method 'PBVariableAttribute' takes '5' arguments

bin\Sybase.PowerBuilder.Core.dll: (Location of symbol related to previous error)

444115 When debugging a winform application, some

local variables are not displaying in the debugger.

444207 The following samples don't seem to work on this Symbol device.

* BarcodeScannerSample from CodeXChange

* Barcode_MK2 from the code samples with PocketBuilder 2.0

* scannerppt8800 from CodeXChange

Problem is with the interaction with the barcode scanner and InfraRed beam drivers.

To fix:

a) goto Settings -> Connections -> Beam

b) turn off "Receiving incoming beams" (this is the InfraRed data comm stuff)

c) soft boot the device

You may have to repeat the process once because of the way WinCE works, but after the second reboot it all should be configured.

444247 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 9.0.3_8716, 10.5_5063

In runtime, DECLARE...EXECUTE of a store procedure from a different database than declared in SQLCA.Database and using output variable produces the following error message in execution:

"Can't use the OUTPUT option when passing a constant to a stored procedure."

If same PBScript code is execute when SQLCA.Database declared to same database where stored procedure is located, then execution goes fine.

444257 With PB 10.2.1, the results of the same calculation using Double datatype vs. Decimal datatype are very close. Using later builds of 10.5 and 10.5.1 the results are quite different:

MessageBox("Results", "As double: " + String(double(35878.378302)/double(45878.378302)) + "~r~nAs decimal: " + String(35878.378302/45878.378302))

444269 Customer has an application that is crashing when a datawindow with over 200 columns is assigned in the clicked event for the tabpage with the following script.

this.DataObject = 'd_test'

Customer claims he used this same code in PB 7 and it did not crash. Datawindows with less columns are assigned without a crash.

444431 A 16x16 icon used for drag and drop is blown up to 32x32.
444434 RichTextEdit control does not save margin properties selected to PDF in PB10.5
444440 When you have deployment runtime files installed

from the .msi created with the Runtime Packager and then you want to update

to a different version, you are unable to do so.

When you run the .msi with the updated runtime files, the installer ask

to Repair or Remove. If you select, Repair than it looks like the files are

getting copied. But there not.

The Runtime Packager generates the.msi file and the msi file follows the rules of the

windows installer.

The RuntimePackager doesn't appear to have the ability to do either:

Patching or Upgrading

444448 For the windows and datawindows controls the border style StyleLowered! no longer display with a 3D lowered effect.

Per Engineering: The style of a lowered border is ''flat'', not 3d in Windows XP. If you set Control Panel to use Windows Classic (or set PB Option to use Windows Classic), then the style will have a 3d effect. The Lowered! style still has a visual effect, but it is flat (and differs from Box Style)

444551 A boolean comparison of two strings will be TRUE if one contains 'ss' and the other a greman sharp s (0xDF or 223 in both ISO-8859-1 and Windows Ansi CP1252), even though the two strings have different length.
444557 Not able to step in to a global function when

debugging a winform/webform application.

Using the following code:

string ls_test

ls_test = "Hello"


ls_test = "Complete"

When clicking on the "Step In', once the debugger hits the f_test_func, it will just

go to the next line of ls_test = "Complete" instead of stepping into the f_test_func


If you place a breakpoint in the f_test_func, than the debugger will step into

the f_test_func ok for a winform app. This is different behavior then with a

regular app where if you place a breakpoint at the f_test_func and step in, it

will step into the code of f_test_func. This is the behavior in PB 9.0.3,10.2.1,

10.5 and 11.

444564 Setting DisplayOnly on a RTE control (in 10.5 and later) causes the control to be 'disabled' and not respond to the doubleclicked event.
444574 When Building an EXE, if the Library list includes a PBD and the PBD is not checked in the project painter, the EXE will crash at runtime.
444616 This works interactively - but not programmatically - when script is:


Then the SaveAs dialog will display with the Encoding field enabled and selected with ANSI/DBCS. Users are left confused wondering which option they should select for encoding. In actuality - they are saving a file of type Excel - such that encoding is not relevant and should be disabled so as to prevent user confusion. If the user changes the TYPE from Excel to something else and back to Excel - then the encoding field is properly disabled. This field should be INITIALLY disabled if the dialog opens with the type set to Excel (and also of course the other types for which encoding is not relevant).

444703 Unable to call Oracle overloaded procedure
444726 PB crashes when running a big application agains MySQL database and the user clicks inside one of the treeviews, to retrieve further data.

The crashhandler output and crash dump suggests this to be at run of ob_run_garbage_collection+142

444747 Enhancement request for option to set flatstyle picture property in a datawindow. Property exists for picture controls on a window but not on a datawindow.
444761 PB NVO will not deploy as a .Net Assembly if code contains a "Case else" statement. If "Case else" is commented out then there is no problem deploying.
444884 Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9731 and 9716 (internal)

Database/Driver File/Version: SYC with Open Client 12.5.1 EBF 13692 ESD#15 and ASE 12.5.3


After many connections and disconnections to ASE 12.5.3 by using OCS 12.5.1 and SYC interface, customer receives the error:

(b20008): LOGIN:

(b20008): CLI 5 #4 ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints

failed (0.010 MS / 0.010 MS) (1.676 MS / 1.686 MS)

(b20008): *** ERROR 4 ***(rc -1) : ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect

two endpoints failed

Another variation of this same error in customer environment is that sometimes he also receives the following error message:

2300008): *** ERROR 999 ***(rc -1) : Unable to initialize Client Library Context.

445019 PowerBuilder 10.5:

Quickly scrolling a Retrieve as Needed Grouped DataWindow with the Mouse

can give white space displayed within the datawindow.


Add a "this.setredraw(true)" statement in the scrollvertical and retrieveend events.

445054 Open a Winform or Webform application. RMB and there are selections for Deploy and Debug right near each other. It is too easy to accidentally select the wrong one and lose a lot of time waiting for the deploy or debug when you want the other.
445061 The customer finds that launching the debugger takes up to 8 minutes for his application (100 PBLs). This makes debugging burdensome.
445117 Performance issue due to an unexpected SQL request.
445142 If using the numeric keypad to enter value in an Editmask. The point '.' should be automatically transferred to comma, ','. If using Frensh settings this cause beep. Works fine for instance with German settings.
445150 Key ArrowUp has not the same behavior like ArrowDown. This is a followup CR to 439349
445174 PowerBuilder 10 only:

When opening PSR files created in older PB 8 Builds, PB 10 gives the error:

DataWindow syntax has incorrect release number.

445187 For groupbox font background color, Transparent is available for dw groupboxes, but not for window groupboxes. The available choices should be the same.
445190 PB 10.2.1 component deployed in EAServer 5.3

MASP call on generateresultset gives incorrect precision and scale error

and EAServer crash

445191 If the C# code does produce an error, and if you're not going to leave the C# code so we can examine it, how about at least showing the line in question as part of the error output. That would at least give us some hint as to how to address the issue.
445192 Unclear and unresolved messages in p-code compilation.
445208 The error summary that is given at the end of the deploy is nice, but it doesn't list what PBL the object is located in. For a very large application, that's a bear to figure out. It would be great if the error summary allowed you to navigate directly to the offending error.
445213 When the errors/warnings are generated from csc, they are intermingled. If I've got one error and 100 warnings, it makes it a bit difficult to track down the one error that cause the build to fail. Can the error and warning information be seperated? Can I get some option I can set in the IDE that will control the command line to csc so I can essentially send a /warn:[X]? (Where I have control over the value of X). Perhaps even the ability to pass in a /nowarn:XXXX,YYYY,etc. so I can ignore certain warnings?
445221 Application gets internal exception on deploy.
445223 System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid. at Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBDynamicDescriptionArea.GetDynamicNumber(PBInt n)
445227 Web form deployment messages (see attached): Create virtual directory successed. Generating assemblies successed. ASPNET [IIS 5] is not exist! IIS_WPG [IIS 6] is not exist! IIS_IUSRS [IIS 7] is not exist!
445259 PB raised GPF when Modify() executed to the DDDW as an edit style.

And, the following conditions are required for this problem.

1) The two computation fields are located in the DataWindow used as DDDW.

1st field is "compute_1", 2nd field is "compute_2".

2) Set "compute_1" to [Data Column] property of which defined the DDDW.

* [Data Column] property needs to specify the 1st field.

3) Set "compute_2" to [Display Column] property of which defined the DDDW.

* [Display Column] property needs to specify the 2nd field.

4) Excute Modify() to the DropDown DataWindow as an edit style.

Ex.) dw_1.Modify("aa.background.color=255")

445272 Calling modify() on DDDW gets it to display data col instead of displsplay col.
445317 Modify a ShareData DW causes a crash on a DeleteRow/RowsDiscard.
445337 Customer complains that the way global variabes are displayed causes debugging delays.
445340 Install error "The instruction at <hex address> referenced memory at <hex address>. The memory could not be read. Click Okay to terminate the program."
445346 Unable to see Constants in WInForm debugger
445352 PB will crash after activating an OLE-Blob column

in a datawindow and then re-retrieve.

PB crashes with an access violation in the pbvmxx.dll and a callstack of:

Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

115050B6 00000548 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 PBROI_ControlGetBinary+36

445364 Generates "identifier expected" and miss-leading line number when using character array as in-line sql parameter.
445386 Customer is experiencing errors on deploy when referencing SQLSA and SQLDA.
445399 DW groupboxes are not painted correctly in XP style - rounded corners present, but display is not identical to regular group box. Font color is also not consistent.
445480 Customer's Web application get Access Violation after migrated

to PBVM 10.5 and EAS5.3 (before is PB8.0.4 and EAS4.2.2). The problem only happened on the

first loading of a PBVM / PB Component. It is caused by one of the PB Component Calls from

a HTML Frame which has divided the into 3-4 JSP pages and each page make a PB component call.

445557 Setting a margin in a rich text shows the header and footer.
445574 Option to do full rebuild should be available to avoid the perception of object corruption as described below in steps to recreate.
445583 Customer has an application with menu items that have toolbar item bmps assigned using a relative path: for example, the bmp file is assigned as "bmp\open.bmp" where the leading "bmp" is a subdirectory of the folder where the workspace/target/pbl reside. This works okay until the application executes a ChangeDirectory, and then the bmps from the toolbar disappear.
445658 Datepicker's default format is always 'mm/dd/yyyy'(US type), even if the server's regional option to UK('dd/mm/yyyy').
445666 *** Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 17:15:59 *** ***

Modify the stacksize of Jaguar Server, can make this CR work.

Can't reproduce this CR now. Need help from PB engineer.

*** Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 17:09:37 *** ***


A workround can let this CR work.

445673 Error when executing a SP on ASE 12.5.4
445711 WebForm truncates & wraps texts in most of the Static Text controls. On Normal Appl, texts wrap to the next line appropriately. On Webform appl, it truncates at the point that fits the size of the control, even if that is in the middle of a word, and then it continues the word on the other line.

PER ENGINEERING: This is a limitation of web form application, on web form truncating and wrapping texts depend on the word-wrap attribute behavior of Internet Explorer. Documentation was added to the section "Modified display of visual items and controls" to the source documentation (Deploying Applications and Components to .NET book). It includes a table with the following entry on one of the table lines:

Table Column Heading Table Value

Visual component or control: StaticText

Behavior in Web Forms applications: Text is truncated to fit the size of the

control, even if that is in the middle of

a word.

445834 PB 10.5 client application of .NET webservices:

Data is missing when calling a WebService method that takes a class as an argument having complex datastructures.

445961 CR 404960 introduced a feature to set the statement executed to retrieve the identity value (so you can use select scope_identity() if desired). The documentation example code for this DBParm is incorrect.
445973 PowerBuilder is using wrong SQL to get list of stored procedures that can be used a the source for a DataWindow.

What it's sending is: SELECT owner, object_name FROM sys.all_objects WHERE status = 'VALID' AND (object_type = 'PROCEDURE' OR object_type = 'FUNCTION') UNION SELECT DISTINCT owner, package_name || '.' || object_name FROM sys.all_arguments WHERE owner <> 'SYS' AND package_name IS NOT NULL AND object_id IN (SELECT object_id FROM sys.all_objects WHERE object_type = 'PACKAGE' AND owner <> 'SYS') AND data_type = 'REF CURSOR'

As a result, it's returning all of the stand alone procedures and functions, whether they have a REF CURSOR argument or not.

What it should be using is something more along the lines of:

SELECT owner, case when package_name is null then object_name else package_name || '.' || object_name end FROM sys.all_arguments WHERE owner <> 'SYS' AND data_type = 'REF CURSOR' AND object_id IN ( SELECT object_id FROM sys.all_objects WHERE owner = sys.all_arguments.owner AND object_type in ( 'PACKAGE', 'PROCEDURE', 'FUNCTION' ) ) ;

Then when you want to see system procedures as well you only have to remove the one "owner <> 'SYS' AND' rather than two of them...

446016 When print.preview.zoom is called, display of DW column is truncated.
446047 When uninstalling Infomaker, the following error appears:

set3f.tmp - Application Error

The instruction at "0x773e0d8d" referenced memory at "0x773e0d8d".

The memory could not be "read"

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Installed only PowerBuilder and Infomaker.

446070 MDI sheet is not opening in .Net Windows Form.

Application object opens an mdi frame with a logon window. Clicked event of OK button on logon window should open an mdi sheet. It does running normal PB app, but not when running as winform.

446075 Customer getting random crashes when

using the HP odbc driver. Retrieving a datawindow just using dw_1.retrieve().

ConnectString='DSN=HP ODBC 1.0;Schema=DEV;DisableBind=1;Block=1;Request=1;UID=trundo;PWD=trundo'



7c9111de 8b10 mov edx,[eax]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 7c9111de (ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap+0x00000567)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 2e202020

Attempt to read from address 2e202020



ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".

READ_ADDRESS: 2e202020



LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 77c2c3c9 to 7c9111de


019efe38 77c2c3c9 00540000 00000000 00000020 ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap+0x567

019efe78 77c2c3e7 00000020 019efe94 77c29cd4 msvcrt!_heap_alloc+0xe0

019efe84 77c29cd4 00000020 00000001 019eff1c msvcrt!_nh_malloc+0x13

019efe94 04c13e5f 00000020 015c4fc4 015c4f50 msvcrt!operator new+0xf

WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.

019eff1c 77c2e556 00547130 0054f418 7c90ee18 hp_odbc0100!Ordinal999+0x13e5f

019eff34 7c91056d 00000000 00000000 00000000 msvcrt!_unlock_fhandle+0x25

ffffffff 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ntdll!RtlFreeHeap+0x647


446121 *** Friday, Nov 03, 2006 16:08:51 *** ***

After removing all the log related code in this CR, find COLUMN CHECK ERROR, which cause EAServer crashed.

Seems a pbvm issue. Need pbvm debug first. Thanks.

*** Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 17:54:54 ***

Reproducing this CR.

446142 *** Tuesday, Nov 07, 2006 11:00:02 *** ***

Proved that its root cause is pbjdbc.jar in pbvm is incomplete.

*** Monday, Nov 06, 2006 13:37:51 *** ***


Confirmed that pbjdbc.jar has relation with the CR. Wait for some fixes of pbvm team.

*** Friday, Nov 03, 2006 18:27:22 *** ***


446203 PowerBuilder 9, 10 with Oracle DataBase

A DataWindow crashes in the PBSQL90.DLL when trying to enter the DataSource

The SQL statement is a join on several tables and contains a subselect in the where clause

446225 Select with Sort on non Indexed column causing the Painting of a DW to Slow down... The more rows of data, the slower the DW will Paint (retrieve on Preview IS Unchecked)
446234 When using two open instances of the same HTML datawindow the context from one is applied to the second resulting in a wrong row being deleted.
446236 The Integer(ic_mci_return) is returning 0 when

ic_mci_return is defined as char [256].

Problem happens when app is deployed as winform. Works ok running as normal


446238 When in the Instance, Shared or Global variable Pane and you try to

paste the conditional Preprocessor commands using the RHMB, they are gray

out. However, you can paste them into the Script Pane and then copy them to

the target "Variable" section, save & compile. The pasting of the

Preprocessor commands should be allowed in the "Variables" section of the

Script Painter!

446239 Listbox not getting updated when scripted in the timer


Problem appears to be in the wn_cd_player_ae/timer().

446390 Customer contends that array access differs on webform application.
446404 If you try an "IF" statement at the far left hand side of the script painter and pause typing, the autoscript pops up with the syntax as it should. However, if you start another IF inside the 1st if and pause - autoscript will never pop-up.
446411 Carriage returns removed from SQL in pipeline painter when moving from graphical view to syntax view within the pipeline painter.
446513 Pictures inserted to a rich text control and

then saved as a rtf file are saved to a wmf format.

When you open a rtf file with a picture inserted, the following is the format:


446522 Using OLEDB to call RPCFunc does not prevent

padding of char columns.

PBTrimCharColumns='YES' is in the pbodcXX.ini.

Using code of:

ls_ret = space(5)

ls_val = "ab "

u_tran. sp_test(ls_val, ref ls_ret)

function long sp_test(string input_char5,ref string output_char5) RPCFUNC ALIAS FOR "dbo.sp_test"

446525 This is a regression probably caused by CR 406259. A datawindow has 4 rows and row 4 is the current row and the rowcount is 4 as expected. Then row 4 is moved with a RowsMove from the primary buffer to the delete buffer. Now the datawindow (primary buffer) has

only three rows. In the past the correct behavior is for the rowcount to go to 3, the current row changes to 3 and the rowfocuschange events fire for the new current row. But what is now happening is the rowcount goes to 3, but the current row stays at 4 and no rowfocuschange events fire. A dw.getrow() returns 4. This is clearly incorrect and can lead to crashes for example the customer uses the (invalid) current row for other calls like GetItemString and a crash results.

This should be corrected in all versions affected by CR 406259.

446526 When closing a response window, the following

animation types are not working:






446528 When trying to open a sheet in a MDI application

using opensheet(), the openanimation is not working.

CloseAnimation appears to work ok when closing the sheet.

446541 Autoscript should use the PB.INI PasteLowercase setting. Alternatively, instead of using PB.INI, add PasteLowercase as an option in the script painter Design...Options... Script tab, but have both Paste and Autoscript use the setting.
446549 Using the "Windows XP" theme for the desktop settings, dragging the mouse pointer up and down a submenu off of a main menu, sometimes the window titlebar flickers.
446626 On Traditional or Simplified Chinese WinXP, if specified Toolbar

label text with 6 Chinese characters or above, PB10.5 will show the Toolbar label text

with half characters at 1st and 6th Chars (Traditional Style Toolbar). As there is limited

display area on the toolbar buttons, toolbar's label text may be trimmed down. But a whole

Chinese character should either be fully displayed or fully trimmed down.

446632 Description of Problem: Toolbar button label text has limited space to display.

When using PB10.x contemporarytoolbar style, the displayable text will shrink a bit more.

PB10.5 at runtime can show 7 English alphabets or 7 digits.

However, in T-Chinese environment, PB10.5 can only diplay 3 T-Chinese characters.

446650 Longlong is not displayed in the Object Browser

under the Datatype tab.

446664 Customer finds that installing the PB11 Beta in folders other than the default folders causes the Webform deployment to error when opening the default.aspx page: FileNotFoundException: The specified module could not be found.
446665 Cannot compile an application referencing a menu located in a .pbd library
446683 Customer has an application migrated from PB 10.x. When he runs it with PB 11 he is crashing. Customer was unable to isolate the problem to a small test case so he has supplied crash dump files.

Per Engineering: Cannot recreate without a test case and no test case can be provided. Issue closed as not reproducible.

446763 In PowerBuilder 10.5 the Global Function Painter crashes on the next Save action

after having saved on existing function using "Save As"

446766 The conditional statement #IF is not autoscript sensitive.

It should be included as part of the statement templates.

446770 As part of the discussion of saving retrieval argument values in the Datawindow Painter, was adding a way to pass in a null value as well. This CR was requested by Team Sybase and Jim O'Neil as a reminder to add that capabilty in PB 11.0. They suggest a checkbox to the right of each argument that says "null", just like on variables in the debugger.
446794 Suppressing warning messages for objects in source control is not desired functionality.

I don't want to suppress the messages. I want to be able to do the check-out once I've been reminded that the object is under source control. That is, I *always* want the message. I don't want to have to cancel it, check the object out, and then have to re-attempt the object open....

446797 A group datawindow with a summary band is not displaying all of the summary data in print preview. The last page which contains trailer bands and the summary band exceeds the size of a single page. The last 3 lines of the summary band should go on to another page. But in print preview they just are not displayed. If you print the report out, all of the summary information is displayed correctly on the last two pages, BUT they both have the same page number, the very last page number repeats the previous page number.

This problem occurs in all versions of PB tested from 8.0.4 up through 10.5.

446801 Customer is reporting that a Child DataWindow retrieve causes the application to crash.
446912 In a complex PowerBuilder 10.5 Application sometimes a crash occurs

when using the Alt key to switch windows.

446917 Menu not displayed in RightToLeft mode when contemporarymenu style is selected.
446929 Oracle hints now showing in pbtrace log

when using embedded sql.

Using the following sql:

string ls_sql,ls_text

ls_sql = "select /* This is a Test */ 'hello' from dual"



SELECT /* This is a Test */ 'hello' from dual;

open emp_curs;

integer ii_emp

string s_ename,ls_text

FETCH emp_curs into :s_ename;

close emp_curs;

The following works:

declare mycursor dynamic cursor for sqlsa;

string ls_sql,ls_text

ls_sql = "select /* This is a Test */ 'hello' from dual"

prepare sqlsa from :ls_sql;

open dynamic mycursor;

fetch mycursor into :ls_text;

close mycursor;

In the pbtrace.log, only the following shows:

SELECT 'hello' from dual

RESOLUTION: Hints are removed by third party compiler (Lexer) and not from PB. Unable to resolved.

446941 To control the database trace settings and not show the dialog to an end user, we have to mainupate registry entries in:


However, access to the registry (even the HKEY_CURRENT_USER key) is often restricted nowdays. What we do have access to is certain areas of the users profile:

Documents and Settings/ <username>/Application Data Documents and Settings/<username>/Local Settings

I'd suggest that instead (or in addition) to reading the registry, that we could set values in a configuration file in that area to provide the same control. Or perhaps a simpler solution, just default the database trace (and pbdebug trace while you're at it) to the following area:

Documents and Settings/<username>/Local Settings/Temp

That way we know we have access to it regardless of the user's privileges on the machine...

Another suggestion is to add a Browse... button for the location for the trace file?

446949 Comments from Team Sybase on the changes to the EAServer Deployment Project: "Cool, except that one portion of the revised EAServer Component project is almost unuseable as it is. You can barely read the list of PBLs that you're supposed to be selecting from (see zip file). What would be real useful is if the controls on the project resized as I resized the project. There's a whole lot of real estate open on that page which PB isn't taking advantage of. "
447033 Whenever there is a window of Response! type opened, PB Script

"Halt Close" will only close those window sheets but the actual

process can still be found in Task Manager.

447036 Buttons objects within a DataWindow Object have no enabled property checkbox at Design time and in code to enable / disable the buttons leads to a runtime error.
447064 When a function has a return type of libexporttype, and the last line isn't a RETURN statement, the implicit return statement is generating an error "Cannot convert null..."

This is only a problem with .NET deploys.

447066 From Team Sybase: "One of the values in the web service project should be a reference to the WSDL file for the generated service. Otherwise I have to run it to get it's description page to show up and then copy the URL from that page. (I know that it's just the URL for the web service with ?WSDL added to the end. But let's try to make this a bit more foolproof...)."
447077 From Team Sybase: "I created a small web service target. When I deploy it, I get both the webservice directory and the webservice_root directory. In addition to the bin directory for the webservice directory (12MB), I'm getting an images directory with 99 objects, an images/res directory with 851 objects, a scipts directory with 49 objects (all under the webservice directory). There aren't any files in the webservices_root directory, but the entire file directory structure is being created. A web service target should only create the webservice directory and the bin directory."

In a similar vein, there should be some option, if the <appname>_root

directory structure is needed (both for WebForm and Web Services) to

put it *underneath* the <appname> directory. When we're deploying to

the production server, we're generally only going to be able to set up

a single directory for the application.

447229 An application that has datawindows on tab pages in a sheet of their application runs fine as a pcode application. However, when deployed and run as a Winform app, no data appears.
447242 In WinForm compiles, warnings aren't displayed if there are no errors. But if there are errors then warnings are displayed. Either the warnings have no value and should never be displayed, or they have value and they should always be shown.
447322 If you put a computed field first in a search string (i.e "compute_1 D, column1 A" it does not sort the values as expected.
447324 We need some sort of browser for .Net classes. Particularly for those that are part of the .Net Framework.
447325 Import .Net assembly should be a RMB option on the target

instead of going to the target property page.

447326 When you import an assembly that has a large number of classes within hierarchies (e.g., System.Web), the classes are shown with the final name, but not in order of their full class name. Probably need to show the full class name in the system tree.
447335 In the Window Painter, when the Layout View is closed, the width and height properties for the window are increased. When the Layout View is reopened, the values for width and height revert to their original amounts.
447336 I create a web service target to retrieve data, and then a web service sourced datawindow that calls that previously defined web service to retrieve and display the data. How do I define a datatype for the web service target that the web service sourced datawindow can accept?

It appears that the web service based datawindow only takes simple datatypes or an array of structures. That's not an option for the output of the web service, at least not without a lot of work that shouldn't be necessary.

That is, I create a web service that retrieves the employee data from the sample database into a datawindow. What to do with it now? The simpliest thing is to extract the XML and return that as a string. The problem is that the web service based datawindow reads this into a single column in a single row. It doesn't appear to be able to determine how to parse the XML return.

In order to create an array of a structure and return that, I'm going to have to manually create a structure that matches the structure of the employee table and then manually transfer the data from the datawindow in the web service to the structure in order to return it.

And the next issue is that (AFAIK), I can't return an array of a structure from a PB object method. There has to be a better way. What am I missing here?

447365 ProfileString is failing on WIn and Web Form projects.
447366 Once you compile a webform application successfully

and then you try to run it, if you get the following error:

The specified module could not be found (Exception from HResult: 0x8007007E)

Exception Details: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The specified module

could not be found.

This is normally because IIS can't locate PB runtime DLLs, such as pbdwn110.dll, pbshr110.dll. Make sure the directory where the DLLs locate is in the PATH.

447468 When modifying a column and tabbing out in a webform,

the webform app is doing a post back to the server.

447474 The customer is connecting to an MS SQL Server databasse via OLE DB. When retrieving from tables that have text datatypes he is seeing very slow performance relative to what he saw in PB 8. My testing here shows that PB 10.5 is about 20 times slower than PB 8!

I tested with PB 10.2.1 and see the same faster retrievals as in PB 8. In PB 10.5 I increased the block size to 1000, and set ServerCursor='NO' in the PBODB105.ini file, but neither of those had any impact on retrieval time. I did notice that in the Datawindow painter in PB 10.5 if I retrieved in the preview pane, it's fast. But at runtime retrieving the datawindow is slow. I did PB traces but could not see anything different except slower times.

447475 When deploy a winform application, the following

error will result:

c:\pse\pse-11\11300279\cc.pbl(cc) Error C0001: Illegal data type:

c:\pse\pse-11\11300279\cc.pbl(cc) Error C0001: Illegal data type:

An internal exception was thrown.

C:\pse\pse-11\11300279>if ERRORLEVEL 1 exit 1

Deploy failed.

447581 In PowerBuilder 10.5 a Return 1 in the Key even of a RichTextControl

does not prevent the event to be processed and characters can be deleted

or cursor can move when using the arrow key.

447593 DW compsite pages not displayed after calling setItem
447596 We need to add an option to issue a warning when a WebService contains an unsupported data type.
447608 Customer reporting some typos/errors/inaccuracies in the html help file for PB 11.
447615 From Team Sybase: "I find it confusing to have some contemporary style options under System Options and others (toolbars) under Toolbar settings. Shouldn't they all be under System Options?"
447619 When creating a Web Service DW and it prompts

you to enter a retrieval argument, once you enter the argument PB will crash

in the pbshr110.dll:

PBSHR110!PbHeap_panic+237 [e:\pb11\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 1414]

447623 The customer has a table in an MS SQL Server database with an INT column. They are selecting the int column into a string variable. This worked fine in 9.0.x using MSS driver. But using OLE DB driver, the string gets truncated (In 9.0.x, 10.2.1, and 10.5). With a datawindow retrieving the INT column into a char column it gets garbage. This too used to work with MSS. Both also work fine using JDBC to the MS SQL Server db, and doing similar things with an ASE database work fine. Only OLE DB and MS SQL Server are failing.
447732 1. In the Select Web Service dialog, change "Structs" to "Structures"

2. The dialog does not show higher level checkboxes as checked (or in 3rd-state) when lower level checkboxes are selected. When the tree is collapsed it gives the impression nothing is selected, even though something in a child node (hidden) may be checked.

3. The tab showing services has a list view title Selected Services - this should be "Selected Services and Structures" (or perhaps "Selected Objects")... likewise the data item for column 2 will show "Entire Service" even when it's really a structure. If we can't distinguish the service fromt he structure at this point, then perhaps "Entire object" will work?

447742 Customer finds that MCI commands are not executing properly on WinForm deployment.
447745 The message prompt that occurs when copying one object from a PBL to another PBL that already has an object of that name does not include any date/time information, so it makes confirmation of the copy more difficult for the developer.
447772 When saving a document with rte_1.SaveDocument, if the cursor is in the header, the detail and footer text do not get saved and the header text is saved as the detail text.
447774 Right-click an input field and select Properties. Change the data value in the properties dialog and click Apply and/or OK, the change doesn't apply with either the apply or ok button.
447777 If the window with the rich text edit control is "behind" another window (in front-to-back order), if user clicks the rich text edit control, RTC gets focus, but the window does not come to the front.
447778 When user uses rte_1.InsertDocument, the margin settings are not being converted to inches in the properties dialog. The document is presented correctly but if you bring up the properties dialog, the margin settings are incorrect.
447795 PrintEx is printing 4 copies of a document, when only two are selected. - Works fine in PB10.2.1.
447801 PowerBuilder IDE takes a long time to repaint when trying to debug a PB Web Service with IE as the client application (the default).
447802 Debug windows shows "Start debugging:" when you've actually stopped.
447804 When debugging a Web Service application, the application being 'run' remains active after the debugging session has ended.
447805 The welcome screen you see when first opening Powerbuilder after a new install needs to be updated (and preferably an updated look as well). It makes no mention of .NET capability, Web Services, etc.
447909 Adding script access to Object Browser

You can select an event or function in the system tree and hit edit and PB

takes you to that script. Customer would like to see the same functionality

in the Object Browser

447916 In the NVO painter, Design menu, there is an option for EAServer/Application Server Validation and for COM/MTS validation, but there is no option for Web Service validation. There are restrictions to deploying Web Servcies, e.g.,

1. no method overloading

2. can't return an ANY varaible

these need to be detected BEFORE deployment.

447925 Application property on the Run tab of the .NET

Web Service project gets overwritten with the default value of

'c:\program files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'.

447934 Customer requests added enhancements to better manage icons in PB IDE.
447938 After adding an application server profile, you cannot edit its name.
447942 EAServer project Advanced tab has an EJB Properties area, but it's not clear when they would be used in EAServer
447943 Delete Function and Delete Event are always disabled from the context menu in the prototype area of the script painter.
448067 SetPosition function call cause PB to crash if change column position to background.
448073 When calling a intercomponent call and passing

a string array by value, the value of the string array is truncated and garbage.

448104 When deploying an NVO as a Web Service that has an overloaded method name, a warning message appears ... yet when you build a proxy for that service, you get an illegal data type message
448182 When quickly opening and closing again a window containing the TeeChart ActiveX (OLE) a crash

can occur

448190 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM for Sun Solaris in EAServer 5.3.0(Build 53016) for Sun Solaris

Comments: In a intercomponent call within EAServer 5.3 for Sun Solaris, when component writes in log, the following error message is displayed in EAServer log:

org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: offset (24) + length (4) exceeds message size (24)

minor code: 0 completed: No

If commenting out the PBScript that writes in log, the component works fine. This issue is PBVM Sun Solaris localized only. It works fine with Windows PBVM + EAServer 5.3.

448197 Provide a SelectAll/DeselectAll button

on the library tab in the project painter so that users can check/uncheck dlls/pbds quickly.

448213 A long time customer has an application that deploys and runs fine as a normal pbd exe. But when attempting to deploy this same application as a Winform app fails.
448220 InputFieldChangeData method is not working properly.

PER ENGINEERING: This is a documented change when migrating to PB 10.5. Users must explicitly set InputFieldNamesVisible property to "true" in the Rich Text control properties. See the online help "New Features in PowerBuilder 10.5", "New and Updated PowerBuilder Controls", "Rich Text enhancements", "RichTextEdit control changes" topic, "Migration issue" section at the bottom of the topic.

448226 User Interface clean-up issues in the UDDI search page of the Web Service Proxy Wizard
448227 Several issues occurr when trying to deploy a simple application executable in PB 11. Iall in the general area of consistency/usability.
448238 Within the various project painters, there are editable listviews, but the editing mechanism is inconsistent, hampering usability. While these seem like just minor issues, our instructors have repeatedly said that these things hamper their ability to teach the product and user's ability to be successful - especially new users.
448242 Multiple project painters have listview controls, yet they are not sortable. All ListView controls in the projects (and elsewhere, if applicable) should be sortable by clicking on the header.

In the WebForm project, Configuration tab, for instance the items are listed in some non-intuitive order making it very diffitcult to find what you are looking for.

448328 Can't see primary indeces if you use OLE DB.
448338 After you create a WebService datawindow, there

is no way to view the source or modify it.

The DataSource menu item is disabled.

RESOLUTION: This is actually fixed in PB .NET 12.0.

448348 When running a Winform application, the pictures

on the on Tab pages show up incorrectly.

448351 Multiple calls to SetFilter/Filter eventually cause PowerBuilder to crash.
448352 Creating a new function, when specifying argument types, the built-in type resultset is not in the argument type dropdowns. Workaround is to type it in: the listbox is editable.
448355 Customer requests a written reference for specific compile time errors and how to address them.
448356 When the RaggedRight property is unchecked for a tab

control, the property is still rendering RaggedRight for a WinForm app.

448359 Tab pages are rendering much larger for a

Winform application.

After you deploy and then run a winform app, you can see the tab pages are much


448375 Web form Target: Configuration Tab, The list of Editable properties is not User Friendly.

1) Not in Alphabetical order

2) No Descriptions to explain what the Properties do

448376 If you open the window painter, userobject painter, menu painter, the panes all have title bars by default and are pinned. The default for the datawindow painter and the database painter are to NOT pin. That makes these painter more difficult to use 'out of the box'. The default behaviors should be the same for all.
448378 When working with an external datawindow you have to constantly close and open the preview pane to see the data that can be added via the data tab.

PER ENGINEERING: Use the "ShareData" popup menu in the Data view to see any saved data reflected in the Preview view. Any changes to current functionality would be risky, so no new menu from the Preview view will be added.

448382 The Show item on the context menu of a .NET target needs a .NET Assemblies option, currently it has only Libraries. But since .NET assemblies are also shown in the tree, they should be 'filterable' as well.
448383 If you build a WebService DataWindow, a .NET assembly is created with the DataWindow object, however there is no way to recreate the assembly after the fact.
448384 Right Click on a .NET Winform target in the systemtree and select properties. You'll see the properties window with four tabs. The .NET tab should be renamed to ".NET Assemblies" and it should come immediately after the library list, since it is a similar type of list. Additionally, for consistency in the interface, the Library List tab should contain a listbox, not an MLE, and have similar navigation buttons as does the .NET tab.
448386 Several issues with 'jump to code' in warning

messages for .NET winform deployment

1. Jump to code will work for most warnings. It will

open the script and scroll. But the cursor is not on the line. If you

click on the scroll bar, it will then move the cursor to the offending line

of code. It may not be intuitive for users to do that.

2. Scroll to the top of the warnings and you will see an invalid line number

next to several of the warning. For example:

m_quickfind.clicked -1948

m_customfilter.clicked -1766

m_filter.clicked -1601

3. Jump to code not working for all warning message. For example,

n_cst_dxsrv_export.of_exportdata.55 jumps to the n_cst_dxsrv_export.of_buildcomparison

pfc_n_cst_luw.of_updateprep.106 jumps to pfc_n_cst_luw.of_accepttext

448387 The Add Files dialog for a WinForm (and perhaps other?) project Resource tab needs better options. You get one option called "Resource Files" that lumps in a bunch of unrelated file types. Let's think usability here.. You can't even see the list of extensions when the dialog is at its default width. There should be multiple options such as:

Image files (*.bmp; *.jpg; *.gif)

HTML files (*.htm; *.html)

JavaScript files (*.js)

PowerBuilder Libraries (*.pbl; *.pbd) (or is this what the next tab is for? users are confused)

Also the text on this tab "Resource Files and Directory" is wrong - you can't see directories, only files.

448389 When deploying a WinForm application, both the DEBUG and the RELEASE versions are being deployed to the same output directory. A separate Debug and Release directory should be created automatically so there is no confusion over what is actually generated in the output directory.

The output directory name is also very long and redundant:


The word Output doesn't seem particularly useful as part of the name. Perhaps it could be removed?

448392 When deploying an application as a Web Form, the UI (and internal logic) should handle the appropriate client locale based on the incoming browser request and NOT just reflect the locale of where the application is running on the server.
448451 In PB10.5, when using binding variable "disable=0" with MSSQL optimizer

switch - "rowlock" and with MS ODBC driver, the PB Client keep busy with 90% CPU while

the MSSQL server spid is sleeping.

448497 In the SQL painter (within the Query painter), you'll notice a Preview icon on the tool bar that you can use to preview the SQL you are working on. In the SQL painter launched from the DataWIndow painter, you don't have this option, and you have to actually 'commit' to saving the SQL in progress so that you can return to the datawindow designer and then see the results in the preview pane.

It would be useful to be able to view the results as you are building the SQL so that you can determine if you got it right.

448513 When you select an menu item in the treeview view,

there is a delay to refresh the WYSIWYG menu view.

448515 When deploying a .NET application, the warnings that appear in the warnings window do not provide information on the object or line number where they occurred.
448517 The option in the Query painter to Convert to Syntax is missing. This is not new, but it prevents you from using the Query object when using cut-and-paste of SQL from another source or for anything moderately complex that the graphical painter doesn't allow.

Not sure if this was just an oversight or if there is a reason it's not included. Also in the DW Painter when you go into the SQL Painter in graphical mode, you can save the current syntax as a Query (via the File menu), but in syntax mode you cannot so there may be a reason it's not there.

448529 This is a subjective matter in part; however, this request comes from a PB instructor who teaches people LEARNING the product. It's more important to make the product intuitive out of the box for new users. Experienced users will have no problem turning off this option, but new users are overwhelmed with the product and don't need to be bothered learning how to turn it on.

It's a trivial issue, but given that it comes from the most customer-facing group at Sybase in terms of PB Users, it merits implementation.

448531 In order to publish a smart client application, you must select a "Publish Application" option from the Design menu. Why?

The smart client publication is an option of a WinForm project, with a checkbox on the General tab. With that option checked, users will expect the deployment of the project to create the WinForm EXE AND the SmartClient. It's not clear that a separate option is need. And that option doesn't appear on the context menu for the project either.

Making the publish option more promimnent is one solution; however, that would increase the scope of support because then OrcasScript needs to support it, etc. Making it part of a standard deployment of a project action would simplify it altogether... if the Publish option is checked, it goes as a Smart client, if not just as a WinForm. the settings for SmartClient would be retained if the checkbox is disabled.

This is of course subjective... one reason for perhaps separating the tasks is that Professional may not support Smart Client and so it should appear as a distincitve operation. If the decision is to retain two separate actions, then the fact you have to publish separately should be more obvious ... and it should be in the context menu at a minimum. Some additional text in the project painter would probably also help.

448532 You get an error when publishing a smart client application:

"Error when generating application manifest file. Check that the .Net Framework 2.0 SDK is in the system path."

A workaround is to add the bin direcotry under C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 to the path; however, that is not a solution since we shouldn't be adding .NET 'stuff' to the path. The code that PB invokes here needs to be certain that the bin directory is dynamically in the path or prepended to the command that is issued.

448638 When the clicked event of a DW contains code to set focus to another control, the ButtonClicked and ButtonClicking event fail to fire for subsequent rows.
448639 When you edit a function script and close the painter, then reopen the painter, the function displayed is the first one alphabetically and not the last one you edited. For events it works as desired and remembers the last event script opened and you are placed into the that event script when the painter is opened.
448658 The ordering and grouping of items in the PB IDE File menu needs addressing to make it more intuitive and usable. The placement of Set Current Target and Open Workspace seem to be misplaced throughout all the menus, but the DB and DW painter have additional issues that I have pointed out in the attached Word document. It has two examples of how this menu seems to not have been thought out well at all.
448670 Value of string variables are corrupted during calls to ansi external functions with readonly string argument.
448769 Transparent GIF image can be posted on DW. However, when DW is printed, a GIF image is not transmitted but is painted black.
448804 On any device with bare ce and not having windows mobile the Application terminates when it attempts to create the signature control: "create window error"
448812 A case statement in a computed expression is not interpreting the column value properly when the column is not of type string.
448891 DB painter crashes on an IN9 profile when editing a table.
448925 Performance of some DataWindow operations slows significantly under WinForm deployment.
448926 Trying to use the new custom headers feature results in "Soap Authentication failed"


448931 While UNINSTALLING PowerBuilder 11, the status screen shows the following message:

PowerBuilder is configuring your new software installation

During uninstall, the term 'new installation' is a bit confusing for customers.

449017 I create a PB 11 Web Service. I create a PB 11 Smart Client application that can be installed locally that uses the web sourced based DataWindow. When I run it, I get an error:

Specifically, I'm told: --------------------------- Web Service Error --------------------------- Operation: Connect Buffer: Primary WSDL: Method: getemployee Error message: That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

A PB Smart Client application needs to be able to call a PB Web Service. How do I enable the PB web service to allow partially trusted assemblies to call them? I found I could increase the security level for the Local Intranet in the .Net Configuation to Full Trust and that resolved the error. However, most developers are not going to have rights to do that on production or shared servers, and most admins would be hesitant to do it. What we need to be able to do is have an option that allows us to specify that the assembly should be created with the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute: [assembly:AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers] . For more information:

449126 When you have a .NET webservice say in c# and you have a function

[webmethod] myfunc(sendstr astr_info) and the sendstr contains public DateTime adtm_start

and we call it from Powerbuilder we pass it, eg. german datetime format 15.10.2006

it will arrive as 01.01.1900 on IIS.

449136 Web Service Proxy Project options can lead to loss of code.

The web service proxy wizard (unlike the EAS Proxy Wizard) asks for the PBL in which to store the project AND the proxy objects. If you also select the option to clear the deployment PBL you will lose - at a minimum - your project object. If you store your project in a PBL with other code, you will lose ALL that other code!

449185 The application toolbartips property does not change when you change the toolbartips state by right clicking on the menu and changing the selection. The toolbartext property works correctly. If you change the toolbartext state on the menu, the toolbartext property reflects that correctly when accessed in dot notation.
449270 When a child grid datawindow is modified in run-time with columns made invisible or made

wider and saved as a Powersoft report(PSR) then the PSR can be displayed incorrectly after reopening it.

449273 Calling hide() and show() methods on a menu item in the open event of a window.

This will cause PB to crash but ONLY if the MenuImage is of type GIF. ICO and BMP works fine.

Workaround: posting of the hide/show() method on the menu item.

449380 Description of Problem: PB10.x internal is unicode. When it need to work with external

ANSI function call or import a file, a conversion take place to convert those ANSI string

to Unicode string. A situation reported is that cust. use external function call to map an

ANSI call C function dll. And it rely on the function call to read and ANSI S-Chinese file

data. A problem happen when the ANSI data fiile is not a PURE S-Chinese data, PB10 only

return the first part of the file string and Truncate in the middle to the end of the file

string. It is observed that the first part of the file string stopped at a Character

which is not S-Chinese. However, there is no warning or error message at all when the

problem happened. On PB8 and PB9, both can import all the string even there is a non

S-Chinese char.

449520 When a DW is within a GroupBox and you are using

dw_1.create(), PB doesn't automatically move the dw control to the top. You have

to use dw_1.bringtotop=true.

For example,

dw_1.create(ls_syntax,ls_errors) //shows blank in the dw control when dw is within gb




449524 When trying to import a nvo object in PB, it causes

an access violation in pbvm110.dll:


PBVM110!ob_add_const_data+e3 [e:\pb11\runtime\obj_mgr\obconst.cpp @ 502]

116f05c3 f3a5 rep movsd

Customer trying to migrate application from PB 6.5 to PB 11 and is running

into this problem.

449534 Several dialogs are missing icons:



File/Run Preview

Browser Window

ToDo List

449561 Deployment of PB application as web form throws an internal exception. Customer indicated that in earlier builds, PB actually crashed with an access violation.
449630 Cust. apply PBVM 10.2.1 build 7661 but hit different stack trace on crash.

Need help to investigate and narrow down the possible root cause.

"Access Violation - pbvm100!ob_get_class_entry"

449637 ChangeMenu changes style of Menu, but not style of Toolbar.
449652 When selecting a blob column and there is more

than one blob column to select, the destination column in a database pipeline

does not get updated. It remains the previously selected blob column name.

449664 The problem is made worse in recent PB releases because you are prompted to save TWO templates XML and XHTML just because that pane is open (whether you want to change them or not).
449689 01/02/2007: The following problem has been fixed in 10.5.1 EBF build 6551 and after.

The customer has datawindows that are in syntax mode with a /* comment */ at the head of the SQL. The customer is using Oracle but the problem happens in ASA as well. These dws work fine in all prior versions of PB. They migrated to PB 10.5 and they open the dw in the painter, but when they click on the Data Source the sql is empty - nothing is there. Edit the source of the dw and the SQL with the comment is there, but you can't get at it in the painter. You can see the problem in any PB 10.5 datawindow. Select Data Source, Convert to syntax, and add a /* comment */ at the top of the SQL statement and save it, then go back into the Data Source and the SQL is gone.

A second problem in the same area is that in all prior versions of PB if you have a complex datawindow SQL and you convert to syntax you can format the SQL nicely, indent etc. so it looks good and is readable. But if you then add a comment as noted above and save the dw, in previous versions you then lose all your formating. PB has moved things all around double spacing etc. It would be very nice if when fixing the comment problem above in PB 10.5 you also could address the format problem and leave what ever formating the user has done in syntax mode alone...

449714 PB 10 converts some sort of character manipulating functions (len(), fill(), left(), mid() etc...) during upgrade

if customer checks "Automatically convert DBCS manipulation functions".

For instance, len() is converted to lenA() when the application is upgraded from PB 9 to PB 10.

Neverthless those functions in DW are left as it be.

Function described to DW should change manually.

449780 Per documentation deployment of the registry.xml file requires IIS admin interaction to physically move the file the IIS server.

The deployment of the registry.xml should be part of the application deployment process. Expecting IIS admin access to the file system on the server is not viable for some customers.

449795 Enhancement request for PowerBuilder SYC native driver to provide windows integrated security access to ASE AIX running with MIT-Kerberos. Currently, Open Client (on which SYC depends) does not provide that functionality, but it is planned for the Open Client 15 release for windows and slated for release in the first half of 2007. So PowerBuilder should enhance SYC to support this in the same timeframe.
449796 Change the Output path on a .Net target (General Tab) and the Application path gets changed (Run Tab) automatically. However the Start In path (Run Tab) maintains its original value.
449828 In a composite datawindow containing some datawindow objects, becomes wrong name

in "clicked", "doubleclicked" and "rbuttondown" events when you click one of the datawindow


449836 When an OpenSheet() function and an OpenSheetWithParm() function open sheet and close() function is invoked in the OPEN event in sheet, a memory leak issue will occur.
449871 Trying to call a dynamic Oracle stored procedure and it is returning an Error "ORA-01008: not all variables bound" executing dynamic SQL.

Workaround: Use RPC calls

449904 OS: Linux Red Hat 3.0

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM 10.0.1_5502 on Linux

Database/Driver File/Version: O90 (

Oracle Server:

Oracle Linux Client:

EAServer 5.2 for Linux

PowerBuilder 10.2.1_9731 at Windows XP for client access to PB NVO


When having PB_HEAP_DEBUG=true set on Linux environment, when PB NVO component tries to connect to Oracle DB via OCI_9U connection cache, EAServer crashes.

449936 When DDE server built by VisualC++ is used, "HotLinkAlarm" event is not started by PowerBuider side.
449955 For a DataWindow with edit style dddw the itemchanged event the data argument can get

truncated after 4 characters with PB 10.2.1 Build 9761

449967 In PB 10.5 the DataWindow dec function does give errornous results

when the string is in European number format or string

This happens also when the control panel settings for

decimal separator and grouping symbol do not match with the string.

449971 Changing a property in an OCX crashes PowerBuilder.
449997 If you copy (manually) a registry.xml file over to the IIS server directory and redeploy, the file is deleted and the file must again be copied over manually (by IIS Admin).
450000 Set the Open/Close Animation property of a Child window at runtime. Open the Child, the Close the Child Window. The redraw if the Main Window is not done successfully.

Repeat for Response and MAIN windows.

Sometimes issues like this are fixed with first setting the transparency of the closing window (the popup or whatever) to 1%.

The user does not see the difference, but the internal buffering (layering) is different.

this.transparency = 1

450001 Setting Transparency property of main window in Closequery of a response window fails to work in Winform application.
450074 Customer has application that rebuilds and regenerates in PB 9 but when migrated to PB 10.5 crashes when several objects will not migrate or regenerate.

Customer has been told these object could be corrupted and will need to be recreated but he feels as though if these regenerated successfully in PB 9.0.3 then they should also migrate successfully.

450104 If you set Transparency to 50% for example and then use OpenAnimation with the option of FadeAnimation, there is NO animation OR fading.
450108 If you use the "CentreAnimation" option for the "OpenAnimation" sequence, the DataWindow object does not paint within the DW Control at Open instantiation time.
450109 If you choose any animation type for the "CloseAnimation" property and close the window using the "X" control on the upper RH side of the window dialog - No animation occurs!
450189 OS: Linux Red Hat 3.0

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM 10.0.1_5502 on Linux

Database/Driver File/Version: O90 (

Oracle Server:

Oracle Linux Client:

EAServer 5.2 for Linux

PowerBuilder 10.2.1_9731 at Windows XP for client access to PB NVO


When dealing with cursors within Oracle OCI_9U connection cache, the cursor returns

strange characters and/or empty strings instead of correct content of the column data.

450207 change of behaviour with Keyboard locales
450326 Failed to pass a blob to a stored procedure having a long binary input parameter.
450328 Zoom function causes DW objects in a datawindow to be repositioned while scrolling the datawindow vertically. Then the text will overlap and the displayed info is hard to read.
450333 When there is a process running, the animation stops (waits) and continues when the action is done. In PB9 we seem to use an older version of comctl32.dll ie. 5.xx, whereas in newer PB versions we seem to rely on a higher version ie. 6.xx.
450344 If you use dot notation to get a datawindow column numeric value, use it in an expression to add another value, it should return null if the column value is null, but it does not. It is returning a 0. If you use GetItemNumber in the expression instead, it works correctly and the expression evaluates to null.

If you first put the dot notation value in a variable and use the variable in the expression that also works correctly and evaluates to null. This is a workaround.

450377 The RTF InputFieldChangeData method is not working properly. It doesn't replace the contents of the specified input field.
450446 New PB 10.5 Rich Text Edit Window Control prints Letter pagesize Format on printer that has A4 as default
450467 If you choose ANY animation option for the "CloseAnimation" property AND you code a CloseQuery Event - the animation can dissolve the dialog even though the user/code stops the actual close operation.
450502 While debugging a winform application and

clicking on the different variable tabs, pb will crash.

A Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger window opens with the following:

An unhandled exception ('System.NullReferenceException') occurred in PB110.exe

451328 A PK application uses Mobilink to synchronize via TCP/IP and the support channel is GPRS (PDA has a phone card to do that). The problem is that the mobilink client doesn't start the GPRS connection and the user has to create manualy the GPRS conection and after begin with the synchronization process.
451330 InputFields are not deleted properly with Backspace and then pressing TAB key
451334 After upgrading to PB 10.5.1, saving to pdf will

result in a empty file when using ghostscript 8.14.

Problem happens with deployed application and ghostscript is in the relative

path of pbdwe105.dll.

Not working in development where ghostscript is also in the relative path of


451338 Running Winform window. Changes to transparency property not effective.
451341 Private instance variables not showing in debugger for Winform.
451347 When you have an imported assembly in the system

tree and you rmb and uncheck one of the properties (.net types, structures or

enumerations), it causes the contents of the pbl to disappear.

451351 Run() command failing in WinForm application
451354 OS: Linux Red Hat 3.0

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM 10.0.1_5502 on Linux

Database/Driver File/Version: O90 (

Oracle Server:

Oracle Linux Client:

EAServer 5.2 for Linux

PowerBuilder 10.2.1_9731 at Windows XP for client access to PB NVO


When updating VARCHAR columns from Oracle with 30-character or bigger strings, the NVO component fails when executing setChanges() and then becomes unstable. If accessing same NVO for the second time, EAServer crashes.

If executing setChanges() with small strings instead, the setChanges() works fine.

451363 The CancelAsync method is exposed in PB Web Services. This is an enhancement request to hide that method.
451370 The Window object's "WindowState" is not interogated properly in a Winform EXE.
451458 When deploying a winform or webform application that has a goto in a nested if, the following results:

c:\testnet.pbl(testnet) C0322: No label 'test1' within the scope of the GoTo statement

RESOLUTION: This information is already in the Best Practices chapter. See "Avoid the GoTo statement" under the Coding Restrictions section of chapter 16 in the Deploying Applications and Components to .NET book. (With the restructuring of this book, the Best Practices session applies to Web Forms and Windows Forms.)

451470 When debugging a winform application and

you select the All Variables view, it appears to be slow to open and show

the variables.

451548 In Native Double Byte Operating System (e.g. WinXP T-Chinese), each column of Datawindow

Control has it's own edit control. And each individual column can bind to specific Double

Byte IME (Input Method). In the past, PB8, PB9 and earlier PB10, the last column's IME

method will be retained when tab out from col1 to col2. Thus col2 will use the last touched

IME as default. However, in current PB10.2.1 and PB10.5, all columns will use the OS default

IME as default and ignore the last touched IME. This introduce a lot inconvenience to PB

Application End User.

451558 Getting ugly raster effect in contemporary menu over Remote Desktop.
451588 Customer's application crashes once the screensaver has come on and they try to enter the password. He has been unsuccessful in creating a small testcase to replicate the problem.
451707 Winform EditMask's MinMax property is read differently.
451832 PBDOM cause memory leak
451841 The problem occur on a special condition: N-up datawindow report has more than 1 column and

data can fill up EXACTLY full page with the last row but leave not enough space for

summary band. Thus the Summary Band has to be print out on the follow up page. However,

the last data row occurs two times.

451857 RegistryGet () crashes in PB 10.2.1 and 10.5.1. Only happens with this specific key. Reg key has 1088 characters but other, bigger ones are not crashing app.
451913 In some situations, the resize event fill fire twice when a MID sheet is opened.

Resize fires BEFORE the open event.

451927 The customer has migrated from PB 9 to PB 10.5.1. They have a 3 tier app and have this problem which can be distilled down to this: A datawindow retireves 1 row. They SetItem to one column. The column status is datamodified and the row status is datamodified. They filter out the row, do a getfullstate, then a setfullstate to a new dw. They then undo the filter so the row is back in the primary buffer in the new dw. But now the column status is notmodified while the row status is still datamodified. In PB 9 the row status and the column status were both still datamodified.

I tested in the latet build of PB9.0.3 (build 8836) and do not see the problem. But in the latest build of 10.5.1 (build 6556) the problem exists.

451950 Random crash when closing a window containing

multiple tab pages in a tab control.

From the dumps provided:



0037b301 8b4348 mov eax,[ebx+0x48]

451961 OS: Linux Red Hat 3.0

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM 10.2.1_9671 on Linux

Database/Driver File/Version: O90 (

Oracle Server:

Oracle Linux Client:

EAServer 5.2 for Linux

PowerBuilder 10.2.1_9731 at Windows XP for client access to PB NVO


The GetFullState() method improperly transforms a computed field that should display "001 - PERU" into "0 - PERU". We could isolate that the GetFullState() function is improperly transforming "001 - PERU" into "0 - PERU", which prevents any kind of workaround by changing the computed field concatenation, for instance.

Also, Jaguar log displays "001 - PERU" correctly before passing through GetFullState() method. So, the datawindow engine inside PBVM for Linux is working ok. The issue is erradicated in GetFullState() method.

452017 PowerBuilder hangs when you edit the Data Source of a DataWindow which has been converted to the Syntax Mode.
452029 Incorrect results when calling 3rd party DLL from PB 10.5 and GPF

Works in PB 9.0.3.

452184 After deploying a .NET web service proxy, some

of the elements of the structures have incorrect datatypes.

For example, from the syb_quote structure:

<s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="LineOfBusiness" type="tns:LineOfBusiness" />

<s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="PaymentPlan" type="tns:PaymentPlan" />

<s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="InsuredPaymentMethod" type="tns:PaymentMethod" />

<s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="QuoteType" type="tns:FinanceRequestType" />

After deploying the proxy, lineofbusiness,paymentplan,paymentmethod and financerequesttype are all defined as long.

For example, LineofBusiness simpletype is defined as a string.

<s:simpleType name="LineOfBusiness">

<s:restriction base="s:string">

<s:enumeration value="Unspecified" />

<s:enumeration value="Commercial" />

<s:enumeration value="Personal" />



RESOLUTION: Not a PB bug.PB uses the Web service engine based on VS.NET. VS.NET does not allow strings for enum. For this Web Service, the default base type

is long with values as Unspecificied=0, Commercial=1, and Personal=2. Simply use the 0,1,2 instead.

452257 Class BCD.BinaryHolder not found.
452281 If datawindow control height is such that all columns can't fit in a single view, we experience a problem while scrolling vertically in order to see those columns which are not in a view. If user clicks in empty area of the scrollbar (in order to scroll down), the scrollbar doesn't move.
452289 When you look in PB10.5.1 Help under 'File Functions', it shows:

FileLength Obtain the length of a file of any size

FileLength64 Obtain the length of a file whose size is less than 2GB

These are reversed.

452386 Using RPCFunc calls to stored procedure with resultset on MS SQL Server.

The procedure is returning a return value, but in PB the function always returns zero.

This dows not work with JDBC ODBC and OLE DB but works finw with Native MSS and ADO.

452388 In a 6 EAServer 5.2 cluster with PowerBuilder 10.2.1 components

sometimes (~once a day) a PowerBuilder "PB INTERNAL EXCEPTION" occurs

at the method end but before deactivation.

452397 Calling Modify() of DDDW in dw constructor event causes PB to crash.
452401 When running a Winform or WebForm application that uses

dynamic sql, the following error results:

Error: Null object reference at line 0

Error happens on the following line of code:

Execute Dynamic psql_proc1_g using descriptor psql1_g.da;

452402 When deploying application the icons in Menu is enlarged from 16 to 32. Not the case on the Development Computer. Though the icons are specified in a PBR file, they need to be present on the disk in order to show up in the Menu.
452419 Dynamic SQL Format 4 with a procedure not working when used with MS SQL Server 2005 and an ODBC connection. The resulting error is:


[Microsoft][SQL Native Client] COUNT field incorrect or syntax error

452480 Error while trying to add a new object to the Clearcase source control via SCC.

PB90.exe Application Error: The exception unknow software exception (0xccccdead) occured in the application at location 0x7c59ba80

Did not occur in previous versions eg. 9.0.2.

452620 The Treeview DataWindow does not stay expanded when deleting or inserting a row argument 0 (zero).

The collapse does not take place with the following script: dw_x.InsertRow(dw_x.RowCount() + 1)

452639 removal of the WebTarget support in PB 11 for Basic and ASP. This feature has been in PB since at least version 8 and is a perfect vehicle for proper ASP.Net 1.x and 2.x development right from within PB 11 even today. I can create the proper target in PB 10.5.1 and then migrate it to PB 11 and everything works perfectly (see attached)! You

just can not create a new WebTarget of that flavour in PB 11 Beta 2.

452749 Right to Left support is not fully functional in all controls and aspects of PB11 Win Form and Web Form development.
452750 The property layoutrtl on the TreeView Control does not work in Webforms. The property works OK in Client Server and WinForms.
452842 If you import an object into a PBL using a workspace that is NOT under SCC control, we have no way to know which revision of that object was imported. So, as part of the import processing, we should look to see if there is any SCC revision number associated with this object in the PBL. If so, remove it.
452877 FreeForm DataWindow becomes empty when deleting last row

Workaround: 1. Change the source code in the Open event of the Application to connect to your MS SQLServer 2005 server.


SQLCA.LogPass = "sybase"

SQLCA.LogId = "sa"

SQLCA.AutoCommit = False

SQLCA.DBParm = "Namespace='System.Data.OleDb',DataSource='jzittoun-xp\sqlexpress2005',Database='TestPB',TrustedConnection=0,Provider='SQLOLEDB'"

P.S. : You should have more that one database in the MS SQLServer 2005 to show the problem

2. Run the PB 10.5 application

3. Select menu File-->Open

4. Click button ">>" to go to last row

5. Click button "delete1"

==> DataWindow will become empty.

There is an easy workaround:

Edit Source and change this line to introduce the height.autosize property:

Before the change:

detail(height=952 color="536870912" )

After the change

detail(height=952 color="536870912" height.autosize=yes)

452914 Team Sybase enhancement request:

I guess what concerns me most is that when there is a assembly loading issue, PB gives also no helpful information about what the issue is. You can see a number of threads in the beta newgroups where people are struggling to figure out what is missing when they get module load errors. And deploying FileMonitor to a production server probably isn't a feasible solution. If PB generated an exception that indicated "Unable to load the Sybase.Public.PowerBuilder.Interop assembly version" or something along those lines it would be a lot more manageable. At least you'd have some indication where to start.

453008 Using CTRL+I to italicize text in a Rich Text control does not result in text that is italic. If you immediately use CTRL+Z (Undo) then you do get the text in Italic, but obviously this is not correct behavior.

There are additional problems with the shortcut key combinations documented for assigning font attributes as well.

453093 EAS 5.5 (Solaris) pbvm 10.5 gets a core dump when a PB 10.5 Message Listener component is called or a PB component implementing the Message Service interface is calling another PB component.
453104 sqlcode = -1 after closing Cursor stored procedure
453124 Customer is requesting more information about the IMEMODE property. The documentation doesn't go into details about how it is used and what values are valid for this property.
453135 MailMerge fails when opening an existing document with Office 2003.

PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0035)

This occurs on the following line of code:

lo_ole_word.ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Destination(0) //0 = New Document

This appears to be a duplicate of CR 408573 which was not resolved by engineering but determined to be a Microsoft Office 2003 issue.

The same behavior was seen by development and myself when using VB.NET and searching the internet, it appears as the problem is related to new security features in Office 2003.

This document from Microsoft is relevant.

I believe the problem we are seeing is related to the following from the above document:

A mail merge main document that is opened by using VBA does not have the data source attached.

Note It could be that you are using a program, for example Microsoft Access or Microsoft Visual FoxPro, to programmatically open a mail merge main document file when you experience the symptoms in this article.

Note Setting DisplayAlerts=none through VBA suppresses the prompt when the file is opened by using VBA, but uses the NO option to open the document and no data is attached to the mail merge main document.

Intention is to open a case with Microsoft to find out if there is a resolution to the above when using Word with OLE automation.

453246 MenuTitleText value is clipped at runtime.
453376 Toolbar changes in PowerBuilder 10.5 fail to adjust window size with ChangeMenu

Work-around: Hide the toolbar with ToolbarVisible off before triggering ChangeMenu()

453413 After executing an AcceptText on a datawindow, GetItemString returns the expected value in PB Native mode, but returns Null in .Net Winform mode.
453425 The data length of univarchar and unichar are

different in the column specification of a datawindow.

For example, if you create a table:

create table dbo.test_unicode (id int not null, col_uni30 univarchar(30) null, col_unichar30 unichar(30) null) ;

It gets defined as: (I believe this is documented per ASE doc)

id int

col_uni30 univarchar(60) null

col_unichar30 unichar(60) null

But in the column specification view of a dw it will still show the column length as 30.

453536 TreeView DataWindow with a column with editmask spincontrol

When a GroupCalc() function is called in the ItemFocusChanged of a treeview datawindow,

then the column on the other rows may become protected.

453559 RMB on dw text field click SelectAll and the context menu remains displayed.
453670 In a stored procedure should a value defined as numeric and stored in a double variable in powerscript is incorrectly converted.

Workaround: Store the value into a decimal {9}

453697 With a datawindow graph, for MinorGridLine setting on Axis.. Values, the style of the MinorGridLines is not showing up as it is set in the dw painter. In this case, it is set to be Dot (3) but shows as DotDash. Workaround is to explicitly code the below line, which solves the problem at runtime.

dw_graph.Object.gr_epd.Values.MinorGridLine = 3

453707 Saving a Datwindow as Excel5 or Excel8 is substantially slower than SaveAs Excel. It takes 25% longer to SaveAs Excel5 as opposed to saving it as Excel. Saving as Excel8 takes 75% longer than the time it takes to SaveAs Excel. This problem is exacerbated when saved over a slow network. The customer is seeing a hanging situation when saving large reports over the network having a limited bandwidth.
453712 In the PB IDE, when selecting a value from the ddlb for DropLines, the value is not mapped properly to the Values.DropLines property.

If you set the value at runtime than property workes ok. If you set at runtime the


dw_1.Object.gr_epd.Values.DropLines = 5

Then DashDotDot appears ok in the graph. However, in the PB IDE if you select

DashDotDot(5) from the ddlb and save the dw, in the dw source the value of 0 shows.

For the following values:

In the PB IDE, if you select the following:

DashDotDot(5) - In the dw source, Values.DropLines = 0 appears

DashDot(4) - In the dw source, Values.DropLines = 5 appears

Dot(3) - In the dw source, Values.DropLines = 4 appears

Dash(2) - In the dw source, Values.DropLines = 3 appears

Solid(1) - In the dw source, Values.DropLines = 2 appears

None(0) - In the dw source, Values.DropLines = 1 appears

453723 Customer is using dw.Modify / create column statements in datawindow. The result is a dw whose columns can be tabbed all the way through at runtime. When the application is migrated, for some reason the very last column of the last row of the dw is not accessible.
453785 A ghost datawindow appears when PB application has a status of 'Not responding'.

W/A : Using Windows2000 compatibility mode. OR Modify application. {yield(),setfocus()}

453828 How can you use the Sybase ( ASA 9.0.2 ) External Function db_stop_engine ?

Suggested workaround was to use the db commands STOP Database UNCONDITIONALLY or STOP ENGINE UNCONDITIONALLY. But both of them require to have a connection to db.

453836 When creating a .msi file with the Runtime Packager

and using the OLEDB interface, the .msi file is not including the pbodbXX.ini file.

453841 DropDown Datawindow display problems running a .Net WebForm when a Response window is displayed.
453996 CheckMenuRadioItem winapi not working

with winform or webform applications.

CheckMenuRadioItem is defined as:

function boolean CheckMenuRadioItem(ulong hmenu, ulong idFirst, ulong idLast, ulong idCheck, ulong uFlags) library user32.dll

The function is called in the app as:

CheckMenuRadioItem(menuHandle, 0,0,0,MF_BYPOSITION)

454159 Customer gets an external function call error after recompiling their DLL under VC++ 2005
454161 Memory not released after closing a window.
454170 Customer's developers all access the same pbls over the network. Starting in PB 10.5.1 build 6537 they have noticed that they see each others breakpoints. With 20 developers all setting breakpoints this is causing a problem for them. This did not happen in prior versions of PowerBuilder.

The customer is aware that Sybase recommends that each developer has the pbls locally.

454295 Request for an additional tab within the graphical editor of a query listing the joins used in the query and providing the ability to add custom joins that may be based on fix values or column values.
454350 When a transaction object is created locally and you

connect to a db, the dbhandle() value retains it value when the transaction object goes

out of scope and then recreated again.

For example, if you use the code on a clicked event of a cb_1:

transaction mytrans

mytrans = create transaction

mytrans.dbms = 'o90'



connect using mytrans;

long ii_handle

ii_handle = mytrans.dbhandle()

destroy mytrans

When you rerun the code, the sqlerrtext says that the 'Transaction is already connected' and the dbhandle() retains the same value (from the first run).

The best practice is to use a disconnect and the dbhandle does get reset.

But if the transaction object goes out of scope and then recreated, it appears the db connection remains and the dbhandle() is the same value.

454352 Setting the TextSize property on a RichTextEdit control in script does not have any effect. It does works in the Painter.
454442 DW.Find() is returning the incorrect value when

used as: dw_1.Find("test<>'.'", dw_1.rowcount() + 1, dw_1.RowCount() + 2)

The statement returns the last row number, but it should return 0 since

the start and end value are higher than the total rowcount.

454445 Calling a method on a PB component with a structure reference parameter crashes the server. If user removes one of the string attributes on the structure, it does not crash anymore.
454606 Using a Treeview DW in an application. When deployed as a Webform application and run, the pictures do not display, and the buttons show display problems. The gif files are deployed to the webserver, but they do not show up. They work okay in PB Native and in PB .Net Winform.
454728 DelimitIdentifier DBPARM gives error whith columns having keywords as name.
454735 A secondary DataWindow which has Rows > Retrieve Options > Rows to Disk set, used in a ShareData operation, on which an initial value has been set, causes PB to crash in the datawindow engine, upon a GetItemxxx call
454743 CR 441593 created an entry in the pb.ini file to have the new rte page size be the size of the control:



However if you check wordwrap on the rte control, the page size is off by several characters. It wraps a few characters too late. And then a character or two of each line is out of view on the right side. This problem is exacerbated if there is a vertical scroll bar on the rte. That does not seem to be taken into consideration for when to wrap and even more characters are out of view on the right side if there is a vertical scroll bar.

454772 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.1_6021 and 10.5.1_6565

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: At runtime, PB COM+ components freeze client applications when they are being accessed by multiple PB clients at same time.

For immediate reproduction, use an Intel Core-Duo machine or a physical duo-processor machine. If you use a single-processor machine, the issue gets reproduced after 10-15 min of runtime.

454861 Support GUID handling when building Web Service structures.
454983 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.1_6021 and 10.5.1_6565

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: inkPicture control inside datawindow does not show pictures from image columns. The inkPicture control displays blank data.

Customer can't use OLE Database Blob since the images were stored in database image columns via UPDATEBLOB, and not stored via Datawindow OLE Database Blob.

455108 When you have an ampersand before a umlaut, the char

looses its umlaut.

For example:


Will appear as:


455110 RPC call to an Oracle function fails.
455142 Customer has PB components in EAServer and starting with PB 10.5.1 build 6551 they are crashing when destroying NVOs and data stores for cleaning memory when user click close page on a screen.

This crash did not occur when they were using build 6537.

455149 Retrieving a large list of Stored Procedure during datawindow building wizard crashes PowerBuilder. The crash only occurs if PB_HEAP_DEBUG variable is set.
455208 PB Developer can control the isolation level when open connection to Database by sqlca.lock=[0,1,3] (in ASE's SYC)

The feature works as expected in Two Tier Client Server.

Customer has problem on the EAServer / PB application and need Sybase clarify two issues:

1) Is SQLCA.LOCK=[0,1,3] work with SYJ in EAServer under Official Support and recommended to use ?

see CR266321 was not fixed. Does it mean problem only affect JDBC connection

but SQLCA.LOCK feature can still be used with SYJ driver in PB Component and under support?

2) A transaction object DOES NOT submit a Clause with SQLCA.LOCK, thus only rely on the Default, (ASE Database Default is isolation level = 1, i.e. LOCK=1, committed read),

there is a chance that PB Component get connection from Cache which was using SQLCA.LOCK=0.

In that case, it is always expected the PB Component use Database's default LOCK=1.

However the actual isolation level obtained from Connection Cache may be LOCK=0.

455303 Error "pbxRuntimeError: Error calling method of a PBNI object"

when trying to call a static method in a Java class

455426 Customer's production server - EAServer5.2 + PBVM 10.0 of Corba Runtime Error:

"CORBA Runtime Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method........."

Side effect occurs when the database connection push back to Connection Pool and reuse by

other PB component.

After turn on the IIOP Trace log in EAServer side, Jaguar.log get hundred lines of the

error. Thus need Engg. help to investigate the investigate the IIOP log, and trace out

the possible cause of the Corba Runtime error.

455480 ALT + 10 does not display the good character on some machines.
455527 The customer is doing a SaveAs from a datastore to a CSV! file. They have string fields in the datawindow that have embedded carrage returns. These string fields are not being handled correctly. When the CSV file is opened in an editor or by excel you can see that the carrage return caused a wrap and the rest of the data following the carrage return is now in the next row and the first column.

Saving the same datawindow to a TEXT! file works correctly. PB puts delimiters (double quotes) around the string fields with the carrage returns. It seems that something similar should be happening to the CSV! output as well. If you SaveAs Text! and then ImportFile the created text file it imports back into a datawindow the same as the original. But if you SaveAs CSV! the same datawindow, PB is not able to ImportFile the created csv file back into a datawindow. It should be able to import it's own file back in and have the datawindow look the same.

455538 When retrieving and using the retrieval arguments of AAA%,

the following error results:


[DataDirect][ODBC DB2 Wire Protocol driver][UDB DB2 for Windows, UNIX, and Linux]Character data, right truncation occurred; for example, an update or insert value is a string that is too long for the column, or a datetime value cannot be assigned to a host variable, because it is too small."

455657 retrieve() of datastore via O84 interface and DisableUnicode=1 fails with -1.

Possible caused by DB Error: "Select Error: Decimal conversion error. PowerBuilder supports only 18 decimal digits." with EAServer 5.2 on Solaris, PB, Solaris 5.8, O84, DisableUnicode=1

455723 When '<' is specified to be filter of dw, PB10 returns the wrong result.

For example, when the following data is shown on DW.















The following codes are added to application.


string fil

fil = "(col_1 >= 'a' and col_1 < 'c')"




PB10 will return the wrong result.

An uppercase letter must not be contained.











The right result.







455787 Refresh status problem with ClearCase 2003.
455817 When pressing the Help cb from the

Exception Setting window in the debugger, online help doesn't appear.

455821 When using the Exception Setting for 'Break into

debugger', PB is not showing the proper message and not pointing to

line where exception happened in debugger.

When setting off a dividebyzero exception in PB Native the error is:

PowerBuilder Exception Thrown Out

Type: dividebyzeroerror

Text: "Divide by zero at line 13 in clicked event of object cb_1 of w_main"

When running Winform, the error is:

PowerBuilder Exception Thrown Out

Type: E

Text: "Divide by zero at line 0 in function clicked of object cb_1 at

line -1 in Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBRuntimeError.Throw

455920 PowerBuilder 10.5.1. memory usage. So, the problem is not that PB allocates memory for classes, it's scripts, and structures. But that memory used by each instance of a class for variables, does not seem to be freed. Not with PB memory allocation itself
455924 Problem Desc : The description of Changemenu need update due to new toolbar style.

In MDI application, if the changed toolbar's style is not same with current toolbar's style in sheet window, after change menu, it will keep current toolbar's style.

455925 Using mask "000", and highlighting the first two zeroes and then entering a number will give the wrong result.
455932 Has a Datawindow with an expression in a height property of a line object.

When printing the DW, it takes too much time with PB10.5 comparing to previous versions.

455947 When opening a *.xls file in excel that

was saved in PB using Excel8!, it looses the fractional decimal places

when the decimal separator is a comma.

Problem started happenning in PB 10.2.1 (build 9681). Works ok in PB 10.2.1 (build 9676).

Problem using dw_1.SaveAS('c:\test.xls',Excel8!,true) and saving *.xls from

dw painter using File/Save Rows As.

455967 After using SelectTextAll(), Clear() and PasteRTF(),

input fields are not set properly when using InputFieldChangeData().

If you RMB on an input field and select properties, you can see the Data Value

is incorrect.

455975 When moving a mouse over a PowerTip, in PBNative, and if the powertip is larger than the display, the text appears to be cutoff.

When using Winform, the text appears to wrap correctly within the display area.

However on Winform and PBNative, if you click on the Picture Button where the powertiptext is assigned, the powertip will not display again.

456050 The Rich Text Edit Control of PowerBuilder 10.5 is printing in Letter format

when using default A4 paper when populated using the InsertDocument function.

456082 Web form application aborts at start-up with InvalidCastException error.
456089 Customer has a webDW with bad syntax which he believes should result in a -1 return code from


method. When looking at the following help it is unclear whether or not this should result in a -1 or not. If bad DW syntax does not result in a -1 what failure would result in a -1?

What does "..database error messages, are also generated inline." translate to in order to catch errors? Customer is currently using GetLastError().

Following is from Help on Generate:

Return Values

Integer. 1 indicates success, and -1 indicates failure.


At runtime, Generate performs the tasks required to generate the dynamic HTML including retrieving the action context and generating the HTML inline. Connection errors, including database error messages, are also generated inline.

456093 Application has 2 menus, one has accelerator keys defined and one does not. At runtime, the menu with accelerator keys shows extra "white" space. Also, the Underline of the key that should display does not. (Example: &File should show "File" with the "F" underlined.) The underline shows up in the menu painter preview view but does not display at runtime. Also customer notes that the window resizes when issuing a ChangeMenu call.
456125 Customer wants documentation to clarify how to correct "Unsupported Features" and "Warnings" on .Net conversions. Customers comments:

How do I resolve .Net migration the issues? What changes in the code do I need to make? There is NO guidance as to how to make them compliant.

Take the following error, as an example:

C0324: Calling an indirect ancestor event ('connection') is not supported in .NET

How should that be remedied? I have no idea and there are NO examples ANYWHERE!!

I would think that MANY long-time PB developers, when making the leap to a .NET deployment would/could have similar issues. Things that are legal in PB are no-no's in .NET.

Help us long-time PB developers out. Help us make the transition easier or risk losing us entirely.

We need an enhancement to clarify the steps to be taken on unsupported features and warnings.

456173 PB is crashing when rowscopy is called after modify function is called. Followup issue from regression CR 439666 and CR 445317.
456184 Please update documentation.

PKB ScannerNAme property is mandatory to make barcode Open() work

456190 SaveAsAcii and SaveAsFormattedText function repeats header texts of the output file
456301 LineCount function does not work with RichText DataWindow.
456333 dw_1.Object.Data[1,1] after a modify on datawindow crashes PowerBuilder.

Workaround: Add an dw_1.InsertRow(0) statement before dw_1.Object.Data reference.

PER ENGINEERING: This has been fixed by other CRs. The crash does not occur in PB 10.5 build 6597 and later.

456363 Report takes a long time to release control back to PB after printing.
456400 Enhancement request:Get the current method / event name dynamically for logging to EAS
456417 System error after fully rebuild the application
456442 The Automation Server (Wizard) in PB 10.5 and 10.2 generate improper .reg files that fail to merge into the registry.


Change encoding from Unicode LE to ANSI/DBCS of the .reg file by using the Save As feature of the PB editor.

456478 The customer would like to add the forms listed in the Windows/Printers/Server Properties (See psp.jpg) to the DataWindow /Printer Specifications/Paper Size list. (See dw_psp.jpg).
456548 WebService that returns NULL gives Client error:

Could not find element by name: Entity

456605 When customer builds a web service with the Web Service Proxy Wizard using their wsdl, it appears to build the structure with the type <choice> (as in xsd file) incorrectly. When he tries to use the structures that are built in his request, the sent xml does not pass on the correct request id in XML.

The error message is : "Error Of Unmarshal of request. Request XML may not be valid"

456622 Shortcut key on menu item not working on Winform app when

a sheet is opened in mdi application.

Problem happens when menu is traditional or contemporary.

Works ok in PB Native code. The F6 key works when you close the sheet.

456626 Regression issue related to migration of dynamically created crosstab datawindow.

PowerBuilder 10 application using dynamically created crosstab datawindow is not working in PB 10.5. Upon migration, execution of the application give an error "Please refresh crosstab definition". After doing that, initial retrieve succeeds, but subsequent Modify() and retrieve gives the same error.

456670 Serena PVCS and Get latest version fails to refresh objects using "REFRESH_ALL EXCLUDE_CHECKOUT"
456800 A Memoryleak is experienced when calling a .NET web services engine with a large structure array as argument.
456880 When deploying a Winform or Webform app where

a script is calling a function that is passing a datwindow by reference and

the function name has dashes, the following error results:

Error when compiling generated c# code:

w_desc.ue_pre_save(7,40): error CS1002: ; expected

w_desc.ue_pre_save(7,41): error CS1520: Class, struct, or interface method must have a return type

460684 Application Object Close event is not triggered after HALT CLOSE in the PB Debugger.
460708 In PB 10.5.1, if you go into the SQL of a datawindow in syntax mode and make a change, when you come back you get tmessage "The action just taken has forced the preview view to be rebuilt. You may need to re-retrieve your data." This message is still given even when the preview pane is closed. Is this a bug?

The message doesn't exist in earlier versions of PB or in PB 11. Is this behavior going away?

460774 The window is printed when print() of a window object is called.

But if another window is shown on the target window, two windows will overlap and will be printed.

460832 When calling a webservice, an exception occurs

with the following message:

//<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""><SOAP-ENV:Header/><SOAP-ENV:Body><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Client</faultcode><faultstring>reqId UNKNOWN: Unable to retrieve lookup user/req_id.</faultstring></SOAP-ENV:Fault></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>

Customer believes the header is not being sent with the ws request. Testcase includes

11325882_valid_request.xml and 11325882_INvalid_request.xml shows difference in

output is the header. The 11325882_valid_request.xml taken from another app

where web service worked ok.

RESOLUTION: Workaround is to initialize the following values:

security.encodedmustunderstand = "0"

security.encodedmustunderstand12 = "0"

security.encodedrelay = "0"

The reason is the .NET framework required above variables to be set. PB doesn't care what the values are, but .NET requires it to be either "0" or "1"

depending on what the customer wants. In the customer's case, the values were not set and PB defaulted to an empty string. But .NET didn't allow them

to be an empty string.

460857 When deploying a pb component to easerver 5.5, the

following message appears in the log file:

Feb 26 11:27:39 2007: 180916-System exception 'CORBA::BAD_OPERATION' thrown by component 'Jaguar/Management' method 'isEjbProxyServer'

Feb 26 11:27:39 2007: SystemException: BAD_OPERATION (Jaguar/Management/isEjbProxyServer - jagadmin@

Component appears to deploy ok.

461005 If the text in a editmask column is selected and then pressing the cursor left arrow key the cursor moves to first column.
461010 Debugger doesn't display arrays with more than 1000 elements
461014 When a pbl is shared between two targets

and that pbl contains a userobject with a external global function, you

cannot open a userobject unless you regenerate the object.

When you try to open the object, the following message results:

Select User Object

Open of User object failed. It has been migrated to current version format,

but must be successfully regenerated.

461023 Customer is using their own DLL and making external function calls. After migrating from PB 8 to PB 10 the results are not the same.
461035 Customer wants Source Editor to display entire selection on a Find.
461044 When deploying a winform or webform app that

has a local external function defined as:

function int AT_BeginAcquire() LIBRARY "ocx\traxappbio.dll"

The following deployment error results:

w_start(32,97) error CS1009: Unrecognized escape sequence

461156 In the PB IDE workspace and connected to source control,

after you expand a pbl and then rmb on a object, the context menu for source

control doesn't appear. It shows the context menu as if your not connected to scc.

If you wait a few seconds and then retry, the scc context menu appears.

I realize a separate thread is running in the background. But the objects

show that they are registered within source control (green dot).

461176 If you initialize a decimal variable with an integer value, it behaves from that point on as an integer.
461260 Column data not fetched if datatype is 'text'.
461279 DBcancel function does not work with staticbind=0.
461287 migrated application from 9.0.3 to 10.5.1 build 6565 and is consistantly crashing when running the application. It seems he can do a full rebuild and then run the app but if he gets out of powerbuilder and then goes back in and runs the application he will crash.
461292 Getting errors during deployment of a WebForms Target when it has a function that accepts a argument of type "PowerObject" by reference and you make dynamic datawindow calls.
461443 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5_5079, 10.5.1_6565 and 10.5.1_6595

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

In debug mode, if you hover the mouse over the PDOM_ELEMENT declaration inside button code to see the alt value, PowerBuilder crashes.

461526 In a function of user object on Popup! window a forced call to GarbageCollect causes PB to crash. This doesn't happen with
461548 When destroying a component containing composite

datawindows, the following crashed occurred:


PBSHR105!PbHeap_panic+237 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 1421]

10bdd127 cc

065ce1ec 10bdd666 0cd04d20 ffbbffbb 00000021 PBSHR105!PbHeap_panic+0x237 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 1421]

065ce1fc 10bdc7c7 0cd04d20 065ce21c 065ce224 PBSHR105!PbHeap_sizeEx+0x66 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 2681]

065ce60c 10bdd076 00000000 0cd04d20 0d7d0b94 PBSHR105!print+0x27 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 1256]

065cea78 10bdeba2 0cd04d20 0cd04d20 0cc56138 PBSHR105!PbHeap_panic+0x186 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 1387]

065ceacc 107ee52f 0cd04d18 0d7d0b94 00000000 PBSHR105!PbHeap_free+0xb2 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 2288]

065ceaf8 107eea8f 0f3959c8 0d7ff804 00000001 PBDWE105!dwTableResetNestedReports+0x1af [e:\pb105\dw\engine\table\dwtretr.cpp @ 3592]

065ceb34 107eefe2 00000000 00000001 00000001 PBDWE105!dwTblResetcontent+0x30f [e:\pb105\dw\engine\table\dwtretr.cpp @ 1847]

065ceb54 1066143c 0d7d0b94 0d0fb924 0d7d0b94 PBDWE105!dwTableReset+0xe2 [e:\pb105\dw\engine\table\dwtretr.cpp @ 125]

065ceb70 107d27ed 115d9c72 07adac78 0d7c7320 PBDWE105!DWDataWindow::Reset+0x5c [e:\pb105\dw\engine\object\dwofun.cpp @ 1665]

065ceb74 115d9c72 07adac78 0d7c7320 065ceb90 PBDWE105!DWSemanticFunctions::Reset+0x5d [e:\pb105\dw\engine\external\dwesf.cpp @ 1351]

065ceba4 1162a7fc 0d0fb924 00000000 00000001 PBVM105!fnReset+0x62 [e:\pb105\runtime\function\fndwm.cpp @ 550]

065cebe8 1162a339 00000000 0def0060 000000c0 PBVM105!OB_RUNTIME_CLASS::invoke+0x4ac [e:\pb105\runtime\obj_mgr\obclass.cpp @ 2523]

065cec30 1164851d 0d0fb924 0def0060 000000c0 PBVM105!OB_RUNTIME_CLASS::invoke+0x1c9 [e:\pb105\runtime\obj_mgr\obclass.cpp @ 2332]

065cec54 11690e42 00000000 000000c0 00000000 PBVM105!OB_OBJECT_LOCAL::invoke+0x2d [e:\pb105\runtime\obj_mgr\obobjloc.cpp @ 1252]

065cecc8 1174fb8a 0d0fb924 00000040 00000000 PBVM105!ot_process_dotfunccall+0x4c2 [e:\pb105\runtime\obtools\otcalls.cpp @ 327]

065cecec 116a81e1 0d0fb924 0e3e25ba 0d0fb924 PBVM105!sf_dotfunccall+0x3a [e:\pb105\runtime\semfuncs\sfcalls.cpp @ 90]

07983888 115d9c0f 07969080 00000000 079690b0 PBVM105!rt_exec_pcode+0x371 [e:\pb105\runtime\engine\rtengine.cpp @ 2722]

07969050 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 PBVM105!fnModifiedCount+0x9f

461677 The default printer for the webform can not be changed. Also the webform uses ghostscript to print PDFs and it can not be changed. If you remove ghostscript from the OS it no longer prints PDFs at all.
461683 When you use helpcontextid and the id isn't found, the showpopuphelp dialogue box shows directly next to the control. If the helpcontextid is found the showpopuphelp dialogue is displaying centered on the datawindow control. The showpopup dialogue should display next to the control.
461684 Using SYC Native Driver, returning a Null to a datetime column in Datawindow throws error. WIth ODBC, the error is not thrown.

Workaround: In stored procedure, instead of "select null;" use "select convert(datetime,null)". Obviously this is an over-simplification of the situation, but using the Convert function should work.

461685 RighToLeft DDDW turns to left when getting focus.
461786 It is reported that the PowerBuilder will hit Access Violation when try to access the

OLE object function in certain condition.

Problem seems related that small size of the OLE Control cannot

display the OLE Object. Testing result show that OLE Object is not instantiated when the

size of control is too small (or invisible ).

Problem may be workaround by one of or combination of below.

- Adjust the Control size by code at runtime.

- Resizeable = true (resize manually)

- SizeToDisplay = true.

However, it may not be considered as the resolution to the problem.

461856 If the protect expression on datawindow columns is used and the situation occurs where the user uses the Page Down key (or the Page Up key) that would scroll to a row where all the columns are protected, PowerBuilder hangs. The down (and up) arrow seems to work OK, it just stops and does nothing when there are no more unprotected places to go, but the page down and the page up keys cause a hang.
461863 A case statement is not being evaluated properly

for a winform application.

A uo function calls another uo function returning a long. That return value of

type long is evaluated in a case statement and always evaluates to the case 0

expression even though the value 211288064.

rett2 = rett // both values are 211288064

choose case rett2

case 0 // pb winform falls into this case statement

err = 'System was out of memory'

461879 A checkbox on a window with StyleLowered, the text color does not change when changed in painter or in runtime. If one changes the border style to StyleRaised the text color changes.
462015 SELECTBLOB against a long varchar column results in the following error:

SQLDbCode= 999

SQLErrText= SQLSTATE = S1090 [Sybase][ODBC Driver]Invalid string or buffer length


PocketBuilder version 2.0.4

ASA9 9.02 build 3221 as well as SA10 (10.0.0 build 2781)

We just started using long varchars so I don't have much older information than that.

462139 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.1_6595

Datawindow shows strange at the end of char and varchar column data read from database. It was reproduced with both Microsoft SQL Server via OLEDB interface and also with ASA db by using ODBC interface. The issue does not happen with external datawindows. To reproduce the issue, the datawindow must read data from a database.

462152 When you move the mouse over a column in a

dw control for a PB Webform, no pointer (arrow or hourglass) will show.

The pointer does appear ok for PBNative and PBWinform.

462321 Calling the Yield() function within a WebForm causes Threading Error.Calling the Yield() function within a WebForm causes Threading Error.
462396 The same shortcut key(ALT + r) is assigned to "Properties" and "Variables" of the "Serch Library Entries" dialog
462432 Create and destroy of datastore crashes PB
462436 PB-11 (and soon PB 10.5.1)

This is a change of default behavior.

We added a registry entry to _enable_ the PBTest API (often called PB TAPI).

Previously this was always enabled, but with Vista being sensitive about applications registering COM servers willy-nilly, we made this optional.

The behavior change is that this now checks a registry entry before deciding to register the COM server. Previously, we would blindly register the server.

Registry Entry:

This affects both the IDE and customer generated applications.

Branch: HKEY_Current_User\software\sybase\PowerBuilder\11.0

Entry: EnableTestAPI

DWORD Value: non-zero value means to enable it (true state)

absent or zero means to NOT enable it

462444 Customer has code in his ItemFocusChanged Event that did not trigger in previous versions of PB 10.2.1 (up to PB 10.2 tested through build 8011++) when using the Filter() and is now triggering and a problem in later builds of PB 10.2.1.
462503 After creating standard nonvisual objects of

type: throwable, runtime and exception, there a icon next to the getmessage and

setmessage, in the function list, indicating their is viewable code, but there is none.

462559 "Error calling method of a PBNI object" / Exception with C/Machine code. Works fine with P code. Code is based on techdoc:

runtime error is cuased by an exception.

Possible workaround: catch the exception and ignore it.

462706 string of the 'Search Library Entries' dialog may return the wrong search result.The correct result cannot be obtained when one part of a word or a phase is specified.
462716 print() does the capture of the screen including the specified object. When performing printing and another window is shown on the target window, they overlap and are printed.
462794 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.1_6021 and 10.5.1_6595

Database/Driver File/Version: ASA 9.0

Comments: The dw filter never works for TABULAR dw that is pasted in composite datawindow when datawindow is fullfilled via GetFullState/SetFullState. If we use a grid datawindows instead of TABULAR one to be pasted in composite datawindow, and still perform GetFullState/SetFullState action, the filter works fine.

If we open the composite dw, or one of the child dws directly in db painter, or if we retrieve the dw directly (without using GetFullState/SetFullState), all works fine, too.

462909 Ability to generate a pdf file that will

allow editing of fields in pdf like when a PDF file is generated using

Adobe PDFForms.

Further investigation is needed.

463049 For icon references (and I guess bitmaps too) - add ability to reference images within a file. This would allow us to refer directly to O.S. files without having to extract them.

Extract from newsgroup posting:

What would be really cool is to allow us to enter something like this:

iconfile.dll;56 which would cause it to load icon #56 from the file

iconfile.dll. This would allow us to refer directly to operating system

icons without having to extract them and include them in our app.


a) This feature works for icons and bitmaps.

b) When building the application, tick the "PKD" checkbox and deploy the PKD.

This avoids an "Unresolved Resource" issue during the build process.

c) The resource DLL (or EXE) that is the source of the icon or bitmap image will remain loaded for the lifetime of the process.

463051 With b/w toolbar icons, disabled icons are difficult to recognize as they are not clearly greyed out.
463087 10.5.1 regression starting with build 5073. Customer has a datawindow and clicks on a row which becomes the current row. Then he is modifying a column height with a Modify:

dw_1.Modify("emp_lname.height = 50")

//dw_1.object.emp_lname.height = 50

But after that the current row has changed to 1. This did not happen in version in builds prior to 5073. Same behavior using dot notation as well. The current row should not change on this modification.

463143 Runtime Error: Internal Runtime Engine failure. Contact Sybase Technical Support. (NOOP).

when assigning an any variable to a different datatype in a function.

463156 Customer would like to have String() function to work with[date] format. So far only [shortdate] works as format.

If using PFC of_getitem of n_cst_dwsrv then modify code to enable this. See workaround field for more details.

463172 A request to switch back to using the old stock icons from before PowerBuider 10.

For example through using a switch in the pb.ini file.

463398 In PowerBuilder10, sort oder of DataWindow was changed in dictionary-order.

When filter() is used, a different result from a previous version may be returned.

463432 When generation Object type com- a define parameter - type char is transformed into unsigned integer.
463453 When you perform an "Alter or Create Table" and enter/modify a column to select a "Default" value, the DropDownList box has NO scroll bar. Thus you may not see all the options.
463508 DataWindow Autosize height in a column detail band for a grid DW prints a blank page.

This may be related to either bluetooth or having the autosize height in the header band.

463546 When an application on PPC 2002 tries to connect to a ASA 10 db the app freezes. The db file itself can be started fine using dbsrv10.exe on the device.

ASA 9 works fine.

The application will need to be rebuilt and redeployed from the project painter to take advantage of the changes for this issue.


There may still be memory constraints when mixing PocketBuilder and SA-10 on PocketPC-2002. Beware when using this combination.

463551 Sending a timestamp value over SOAP, the miliseconds sometimes rounded wrongly.

For instance 100 ms will be send as 99 ms.

463630 Customer is unable to retrieve Form values using PostURL().
463656 Anyone coding an OrcaScript batch file from scratch needs a handy quick reference guide to make sure that each command is syntactically correct.

ORCASCR110 /H should bring up a help dialog that shows a Quick Reference Guide.

Also ORCASCR110 ? will now launch the Quick Reference as well.

463729 The LastPos DataWindow expression function can return back wrong results when the string to find is ' ' and the dataobject has been changed dynamically.

Work-around is to call the Powerscript function LastPos from within the expression.

463738 When you have multiple targets and you search

on a pbl where its target is not the 'current target', the search engine

finds no matches.

If you search by target, the search engine will find the results ok even when

the target is not the current target.

This behavior has been around since PB 9.0. Problem happens in the library

painter and workspace.

463751 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM 10.2.0_8050 and 10.2.1_9823, EAServer 5.2_52025 for Windows

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: After some hours working, PBVM causes EAServer to crash with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

463855 In some scenarios RowsDiscard and RowsMove will not trigger RowFocusChanging even though RowsFocusChanged is triggered.
463923 When trying to deploy an application, the deployment

fails with the following errors:

[djc] The system is out of resources.

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] Consult the following stack trace for details.

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] com.sybase.djc.compiler.CompilerException:

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] The system is out of resources.

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] Consult the following stack trace for details.

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at com.sybase.djc.compiler.JavaCompiler.javac(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at com.sybase.djc.compiler.JavaCompiler.start(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at com.sybase.djc.compiler.JavaCompiler.start(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] at com.sybase.djc.bootstrap.StartApplication.main(

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread [djc] COMPILE FAILED

2007-03-26 13:05:12.844 INFO TaskScheduler:ExecuteThread

RESOLUTION: Customer needed to adjust the jvm parameter in the

set-ant-opts.bat file. This file gets called from the djc-ant-bat.

set DJC_ANT_OPTS=-Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M

464143 RenderFormat XML causes AccessViolation on Firefox and Opera
464305 If you use " LastPos ( col, ' ', 25 ) " where

the column is VarChar 100 for example - you would not expect to receive any

return values > 25. However, in testing data lengths with 40+ characters,

the LastPos ( ) with a 25 character limitation can return 27, 33, 41, etc.

464316 Application crashes when function accesses a dddw.
464479 Customer is reporting that using PB 10.5 build 6565 and EAServer 6.0.1 using a MS SQL Server JDBC connection they are crashing when PowerBuilder generates a resultset for a datastore and the data size is beyond a certain limit.

Customer reinstalled EAServer 6 and this new install does not exhibit the crash.

464634 Customer is using a datastore in a PB component with EAServer. When invoking a stored procedure through an ODBC connection cache to MS SQL 2000 server, no rows are returned. The customer's SQL .log file is included in the test case zip file. It shows a sqlcode of 100 indicating rows not found, but if the sp is executed via OLEDB with the same parameters it works fine. One of the stored proc arguments is NULL. Customer says if the parm is not NULL, then the problem does not occur, however it is a production application and NULL is the data value they require.
464654 When calling a webservice on IBM WebSphere 6.0, the

following error returns:

org.xml.sax.SAXException: WSWS3047E: Error: Cannot deserialize element

It worked in WebSphere 5.1 because the standards were more laxed while 6.0 is more strict. See

464820 A memory leak is found on fetching an Oracle cursor using an O84 connection.

With the O90 and O10 a possible memory leak is significantly smaller.

464865 Enhancement request for flatstyle command buttons to be supported on DataWindows.
464964 4GL JSP buttons do not work in EAServer 6.0.1 deployment.
465100 A datawindowchild.filter() causes PB to crash in pbdwe. The problem is related to the dw in use, cos it is not happening with a simple dw object.
465116 if 'Rows to Disk' is enabled, gets wrong datas when accessing the array dw_1.Object.Data[].
465274 The RichText Toolbar DropDowns are invisible on startup. After you bring the cursor over the toolbar the dropdowns appear.
465370 Trailing tabs are being trimmed from the

result under PowerBuilder 11 when connected to an SYC Sybase database when TrimSpaces=1.

According to customer this is non-backward compatible behavior to trim tabs as well as spaces. Spaces have been trimmed for a number of years and we expect that,

however tabs are still meaningful data and having those trimmed now is a

data loss.

It appears as though tabs and possibly any other white space characters are being treated as spaces and are trimmed when connected with SYC.

Connecting with OLE DB to MS SQL Server does not trim tabs so this is also inconsistent behavior.

465436 JSP DW Custom Tag does not work in EAServer 6.0.1.
465488 GDI leak when using contemporary menus with transparent GIF images
465498 In DataWindow there is a sum computed column that sums up decimals, and it is a parameter to an global PB function that returns a character string. This does not work anymore.

Workaround: Replace the global_fx(sum(t)) with the following expression global_fx(dec(string((sum(t)))))

465670 In a RTF datawindow a pasted MSWord or Excel document cannot be deleted anymore when it is the first object in the detailband.


Source Edit the datawindow (copy) and locate the beginning of the table and put a \par before it

i.e. replace




465676 When running an executable, a Flat style Button will show it's Windows shortcut with

an underscore, but a not Flat style button does not, until the Alt key is pressed.

If the focus is on a datawindow then pressing the Alt key does not make the button show the shortcut.

In the development environment it is not predictable if the shortcut is shown for a non flat button.

465689 The space bar normally triggers the DW clicked event when the DW has focus. The winform application does not trigger the event.
465692 Problem with a Menu shortcut with PB .Net Winform. If another window is opened, then the shortcut on the "main" window's menu does not work anymore. If no other window is open, it works okay.
465809 Setting the selectedtab property of a tab control to an invisible tab in script

does not lead to a selectionchanging of the tab.

465832 When a menu item has a Toolbar and using either Hide(), Show(), visible=false or visible=true and you open/close a window, GDI will increase.

When a menu item has a Toolbar with both a ToolBarItemName and ToolbarItemDownName and

you open/close a window, GDI will increase.

For every window that is opened/closed and using Hide() on a particular menu item, GDI

will increase by 2. Memory usage also increases.

For every window that is open/close and the menu item has a ToolBarItemName and

ToolbaritemDownName, GDI will increase by 1.

For every window that is opened/closed and using visible=false on a particular menu item, GDI will increase by 1.

Problem happens in development and running application exe.

465847 A target-wide RefreshStatus request involves getting the latest version of each PBG file associated with PBLS in the target library list. This can impact performance when the target has numerous PBLs. The enhancement request improves performance:

1) One Scc_Get() call is used to refresh an array of PBG file names all at once.

2) Entries in the status cache are reset to indicate that PBG files have recently been refreshed.

3) Follow-up "Add to Source Control" and "Remove from Source Control" requests check to see if the PBG files have recently been refreshed. A new PB.INI entry:


sccpbgrefresh=nn (default is 10)

allows the user to customize this setting depending on whether other developers are simultaneously working on the same target.

4) There is no need to refresh the PBG files at all when building the checkview dialog for certain SCC target-wide operations: Checkin, Checkout, Undo Checkout.

465891 Carriage Return happens after changed a background property in a editchanged event on a Datawindow.
465928 Application is displaying controls on the toolbar area. When the mouse moves over the control, part of it is blanked out.
465930 Printing from PowerBuilder application to file does not display dialog box to select path and file format
465941 RPC call to Oracle stored procedure with char(6) argument causes "ERROR 6502 (rc -1) : ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small"

Workaround: Replace char(6) with varchar2(6)

465945 Failure to INSERT a row in an RPC call(Transaction Object Local External Function - Remote Procedure Call) prevents the RPC function from returning results.
466037 Language bar changes while inserting a document into RTF control

for example PL (polish) --> EN (english) . Also when changing back to PL and working on the Document, then it changes back again to EN.

466054 When deploying a WebForm/Winform application, the

following error results:

---------- Error messages:

Error when compiling generated C# code:

n_powerwhizz(1516,40): error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBStructure' to 'int'

n_powerwhizz(1527,42): error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'int' to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBStructure'

n_powerwhizz(1608,40): error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBStructure' to 'int'

n_powerwhizz(1618,37): error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'int' to 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBStructure'

n_powerwhizz.getstatus(SS)(115,3): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected

---------- Finished (10:07:36 AM)

RESOLUTION: PowerBuilder external function is mapped to the .NET Platform Invoke, which requires that the structure passed into the external function be exactly of the type declared. Otherwise the PowerBuilder .NET compiler issues an error.

LogInfo li

CopyMemory(ref li, 20) //error!

To solve the above issue ,declare one more external function as follows:

Subroutine CopyMemory(ref LogInfo li, int size) library 揳bc.dll�

466059 Error when tabbing from editmask Datawindow Date Column after typing only Year

Validation error Item '2000-00-01' does not pass the validation test.

466108 Datawindow object feature dbalias seems not stable enough to work in Datawindow Graphical

Design mode. Minor changes like moving database column, PB will restructure the Datawindow

Syntax. However, the pre-defined dbalias will be lost after the minor graphical movement.

466163 Have fixed deployment issue.

Cause no test client for the issue we give a suggestion to check customer's application.

Customer is upgrading to EAServer 6 and is receiving an error in their log file that is not in our database. The error is:

2007-04-10 08:07:25.383 INFO Thread-53 [JaguarServer] DBMS = 'O90' stored.

2007-04-10 08:07:25.383 INFO Thread-53 [JaguarServer] CacheName = 'OraclePROD73' stored.

2007-04-10 08:07:25.383 INFO Thread-53 [JaguarServer] EIRP DBMS = '' stored.

2007-04-10 08:07:25.383 INFO Thread-53 [JaguarServer] EIRP CacheName = '' stored.

2007-04-10 08:12:20.517 INFO Thread-53 [ConsoleOutput] java.lang.Exception: POSSIBLE CONNECTION LEAK: Component obtained Native Connection by calling getConnection here, but releaseConnection was not called subsequently, so the Component still holds the Native Connection. If the Component tries to use the Native Connection again this may cause a server crash.

Customer had previous problem in CR 463923 which I did receive when deploying his targets to EAServer 6 but which were taken care of with the following in the set-antopts.bat

set DJC_ANT_OPTS= -Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=768M

466175 Runtime Error on dw1.object.Datawindow.Table.Select in .Net on external DataWindow
466179 When using a Text filed or Computed Column rotated to 90 degrees on a Label (ie BarCode), you can not place it at the far right or left hand side. It displays on top of the text instead.
466182 Customer reports that on Vista with Aero enabled : the pbm_ncpaint event is not fired. When he switches Vista to use 'Windows Classic' theme the pbm_ncpaint event is fired normally.
466317 Results from calling a WebService from PowerBuilder

are different than that called from a Java Client.

RESOLUTON: Customer implemented a workaround that doesn't use the xs:any datatype. This

workaround involved writing a different response message for each operation.

466333 Customer randomly but often crashes when using the debugger. Never in the same place. Very unstable.
466575 When using the following dw expression at the detail band,

if(getrow()=currentRow(), rgb(255,255,204), rgb(255,255,255))

The dw doesn't change colors properly when you click on a row. Using a freeform

datawindow where the taborder is set to 0.

466796 When using a WebDW editmask (###-####) on a column,

and you tab out of that column, the data will disappear.

466805 When entering 00 for month on a date field, datawindow error pops up "item does not pass validation". This is a Behavior change in PB 10.5 or even in higher build of PB 9.x.
466806 Customer finds that the debugger is not stopping on breakpoints in larger applications for WebForms.
466810 Various problems with XSLFO export from a datawindow.
466840 Suppress repeating values does not work when a datawindow is run on a webform.
467102 Properties page are different on OLE control and OleControl standard
467127 Incorrect position returned from em_lineindex call. It always returns zero.
467216 A Crash occurs in the RTE Control when or after changing the DataSource DataStore and using InputFields
467244 Get wrong Decimal when calling a SP with an output parameter.
467249 PB/EAServer crashing under load

RESOLUTION: Customer has gone into production, original problem not seen

467250 Regression. The insert of a custom OLE control crashes the PB IDE in 10.5.1. Works OK in 10.2.1.
467251 computed columns loose decimals if using Oracle10 ODBC driver
467456 When app is running in WebForm or Winform,

query mode returns no results.

467467 Customer has a datawindow with editmask date: yyy-mm-dd. In 8.0 PB he could type 1958 and tab off, PB would autocomplete the date to 1958-01-01. But now in PB 10.5.1 build 6565 he gets a validation error because PB is not autocompleteing the date as before. I found infobase information on a PB.ini entry and it seems to me that with that set to yes it should behave as it did in PB 8:

[Edit Mask Behaviors]


But that had no effect for me.

PB is autocompleting the day from 00 to 01, but not autocompleting the month, leaving it at 00 and that causes the validation error.

467475 On a datawindow, F1 activates the help event when the current column is a checkbox. But it does not when the current column is an edit-style. Why?
467498 Customer is requesting an enhancement asking us to include compressed PB source in our PBDs.
467574 If a DataWindow is created in PowerBuilder 8 or 9, DW column names are entitled in the format "tablename_columnname" with respect to the DB Name value of the Column Specifications.

However, In PowerBuilder 10.5.1, if different users are owning different objects DW column names will be shown only as "columnname".

467688 dddw edit fields are one char shorter than in previous builds. Customer was using build 6021 and it was working okay, but upgraded to 6565 and sees the value is one character shorter than before. The same is true through build 6627. DW is a little strange to start as it was already truncated. EG: select field with value "000C" and value from gettext() or data was "000" - already on char shorter, but moving to 6565 and later, select "000C" results in "00" instead.
467740 The modification of the visible property in a expression of crosstab columns causes PB to hang/crash.
467836 The DW Syntax utility is not generating

syntax for the Use Ellipsis property for a columns edit or editmask style.

467839 DWSyntax tool not generating syntax for UseFormat,

when a column uses the EditMask style.

467868 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9823

EAServer 5.3 on Sun Solaris

PBVM 10.2.1_9671 and 10.0.1_5502 on Sun Solaris

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface connecting to Oracle 10g

Comments: There's a datawindow container with a Datawindow that allows update against Oracle database with the following update properties:

Where Clause for Update/Delete:

- Key and Updeateable Columns

Key Modification:

- Use Delete then Insert

When updating the datawindow component from within a 3-tier PB Client application, EAServer log produces the following error in DBError event of datawindow:

Abr 19 12:56:53 2007: Event Dberror, Clase: u_ds_jaguar, Code: -3, Error: UPDATE etpl_tippla SET tpl_nombre = 'PLAN DE EJECUCION DE CURSOS DE PERFECCIONAMIENTOS' WHERE tpl_codigo = 80 AND tpl_nombre = '龕€劙€齺€劯€� €剱€齾€個€齾€劏€齾€剬€龝€剬€龎€劶€龓€個€齽€剶€� €剬€龝€厛€龘€劶€龘€個€齽€剶€� €厐€齾€厛€龁€剶€齼€剬€龎€劶€龓€剟€龒€劋€齾€劯€龜€劶€' AND tpl_descripcion IS NULL AND tpl_area = 'P'

Abr 19 12:56:53 2007: Event Deactivate of object: n_cst_basico 12:56:53:000000

If we alter "Where Clause for Update/Delete:" to either "Key Columns" or "Key and Modified Columns", the 3-tier datawindow update works fine.

467978 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.1_6627 and 10.5.1_6602

Database/Driver File/Version: PB ODBC connecting to SQL Server 2000

Comments: In core-duo and duo-processor machines, when PB clients call PB COM+ components, the following error message occurs:

PowerBuilder Application Error (R0035)

Application terminated.

Error: Error calling external object function of_retrievedw at line 15 in function of_loadproduct of object n_cst_product.

IMPORTANT: This issue does not happen in single core/single processor machines. This is restricted to core-duo/duo-processed machines.

468150 Using PB 10.5 with .NET Webservice and sending a .cer file using SetClientCertificateFile fails with a HTTP Status 403: Access Forbidden error. When same certificate is sent from a VS 2003 C# application the results are successful.
468427 Attempting to connect using connection information in datalink file to sql server crashes IDE after 2007 office groove installed. Grooveutil.dll can be deleted and then all is well again, but of course groove fails.
468434 ItemChanged Event is not triggering as expected.

The first time the itemchanged event is triggered, it does not go to

the event handler script.

The following is in the itemchanged event:

tring ls_t1, ls_t2


This.JavaScriptFile = "C:\pse\pse-11\11349308\mytest.js"

This.OnClientItemChanged = "MyItemChanged"


MessageBox("PB", "Hello PB")

// <<-- This message appears only once


CASE 'tekst'

IF Pos(This.GetText(), 'test') = 0 THEN



CASE 'decimals'

ls_t1 = data

ls_t2 = This.GetText()

MessageBox('Test', ls_t1 + '~r~n~r~n' + ls_t2)



function MyItemChanged(sender, rowNumber, columnName, newValue)


if(columnName == "tekst")


alert("ItemChange from mytest.js")


PBDataWindow_ItemChangedReject(sender, rowNumber, columnName, newValue) }



alert("Reject from mytest.js")

//do nothing //




468568 When using PB .NET WebForm, a decimal column always contains a dot even though the regional settings are set to a comma.
468575 Winform target crash when closing application.
468595 When using escapement on a column in a

label datawindow, the column is not getting align flush to the border of the


This cr is a continuation of cr466179.

468609 The customer has a PB NVO that connects to Oracle 9i database. Works fine when the nvo is created in PB enviornment. When the same nvo is used to generate a COM dll the Oracle connect fails:

In PB 10.2.1, it throws error:

SQL Error: ORA-12560: TNS Protocol Adapter Error

In PB 10.5.1 and PB 11.0:

Current NLS_Charset setting is not supported by not supported by EAServer or MTS. -----> Oracle 9i client

SQL Error Unable to locate ORAMTS.DLL. Ensure that Oracle 8.1+ is installed. --> Oracle8i client

468739 When deploying a PB .NET WebForm that is using

SMTP mail, getting the following error:

---------- Error messages:

().instance variables.68 C0051: No overload for method 'add' takes '1' arguments.

Error happens on:


Here's the full codeline:

#if defined PBWEBFORM then

System.Net.Mail.MailMessage message

System.Net.Mail.Attachment attach

System.Net.Mail.MailAddress fromaddress

System.Net.Mail.MailAddress toaddress

message = create System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

fromaddress = create System.Net.Mail.MailAddress("")

toaddress = create System.Net.Mail.MailAddress("")

attach = create System.Net.Mail.Attachment("C:\testtt.pdf","application/pdf")

message.subject = "Test subject Text"

message.body = "Dear Fred, Here is your PDF File."

message.From = fromaddress



#end if

RESOLUTION: add() method is from Collection<Attachment> class which is the base class of AttachmentCollection class, generic data type is not supported by PB.Net compiler now.

469010 Resize event in WebForm is triggered to late. You have to click an object at the window first.
469015 When you modify a datawindow where you change

the datasource to a different stored procedure, the updatewhereclause property

is not being set properly.

All the columns have updatewhereclause=no even though all the columns are

highlighted in the Updatable Columns box from the Specify Update Properties window

and the Allow Updates checkbox is checked.

469118 A memory leak is experienced in an EAServer component using PBDOM.
469366 Using ASE image column is not shown as picture in the ink control.

No Workaround

469391 Using the new Rich Text Control in PB 10.5.1, if one deletes some of the text that preceeds the rich text field to edit it , the ability to scroll to the next or previous records is gone.

If instead of highlighting and deleting the text you hit the backspace key to delete the text, there isn't a problem.

Also, when one tries to print the rich text datawindow, the correct number of copies are printed but they are all of the same record.

469435 Add overloaded method for ProfileString

nd similar functions that can read config (XML) files rather than INI files.

469664 Modifying an edit style in the database painter using the Informix9 driver leads to errors:

SQL Error -201 : A syntax error has occurred.

SQL Error -217 : Column ( PBE_EDIT) not found in any table in the query (or SLV is undefined).

Work-around: Use an ODBC connection for edit style maintenance

469798 Date and time functions stop execution when the argument is not valid
469822 When using insertdocument on a rte control, the first

line is getting clipped.

The last word of line one is getting clipped.

RESOLUTION: Document needed margins adjusted.

469853 The customer has Java and PB components on EAServer. PB components use OCI connection to access the Oracle database. They are seeing a hang in Oracle threads.
470170 When you edit a script and then undo the script

change, the cursor will then move to the top of the script.

This creates a problem when you have a large script, you then loose

your location in the script.

470192 Customer has requested an enhancement to allow the DataWindow SaveAs function to return the path and filename entered by the user for use in the application. The functionality would be similar to GetfileOpenName.
470259 dddw data value is displayed instead of display value if data value = computed field.

Happens eg. when the computed field has a expression eg. left (string(long_col), 3).

470280 In PowerBuilder 10.5 a tabpage icon may be ill displayed (looking gray).

Work-around add a picturecontrol to the window having the same icon and make it invisible.

470284 Application is crashing in production. The 2nd chance

dump reports the following:


PBVM105!FN_CtlFreeAll+1d [e:\pb105\runtime\function\fnctl.cpp @ 1347]

115450ed 8b82d8000000 mov eax,[edx+0xd8]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 115450ed (PBVM105!FN_CtlFreeAll+0x0000001d)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 000000d7

Attempt to read from address 000000d7



ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".

READ_ADDRESS: 000000d7



LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 115450fd to 115450ed

470316 When you have a computed field on a datawindow and you

change the name and then change the border style of all the columns on the dw,

the border style change does not take effect in the preview pane.

You have to change close the dw and then reopen it for the change to take effect.

470385 A memory leak occurs when assigning a double Null value or parameter to a structure or object attribute.

A leak was not seen when using the SetNull function on the structure attribute.

470447 IDE - DataWindow Painter

Select two objects in the DataWindow Painter Design view, then select the Format>Align menu, I see a cascading menu with 5 apparent choices. Unfortunately the choices are not distinguishable and it's not at all evident what any of the alignment choices are.

The same appears to be true for all the Format cascading menus: Format>Space, Format>Size, and Format>Border.

470501 When a DataWindow contains a inkedit column and a second control like a radio button column or dropdown listbox then clicking the radiobuttons causes a crash to occur.
470540 When running a nested report, the nested argument

expression is not getting evaluated properly.

When running the nested report in the dw preview pane, report is showing ok.

The nested argument expression is:

if( Getrow() = Long(Describe( 'Datawindow.FirstRowOnPage' )), dept_id , 0)

RESOLUTION: Behavior is not supported. Workaround is to add another retrieve().

470555 When you have script that disables a commandbutton

and then disables a menu item that has a toolbar with a toolbar icon, the

text on the disabled commandbutton goes away. This only happens when the app

runs a on win2000 sp4 machine.

470556 When selecting a field and then moving off the field -InputFieldCurrentName returns the field name.
470694 The Sync Wizard generates "nvo_appname_sync.sru" object with a function entitled determine_asa_regpath(). This function now contains additional logic to check for the existence of SQL AnyWhere 10 on the client machine. Also, this CR will also add a brand new instance variable to the generated "nvo_appname_sync.sru" called mlserverversion. If mlserverversion is set, we will explicitly launch this version of dbmlsync.exe to synchronize.

This logic exists in the determine_asa_regpath() function of nvo_appname_sync.sru. To make use of this new logic, you must rerun the MobiLink synchronization wizard to regenerate the sync objects.

470774 Since upgrading from PBVM 9.0.3 to 10.5, FileCopy and FileMove fails with return code -2.
470806 Do not dump FileOpen errors to the Jaguar log
471079 Treeview datawindow can't expand/collapse using script
471134 App crashing when closing a window with multiple tab pages.

The app appears to be crashing at the following:


PBSHR105!PbHeap_panic+237 [e:\pb105\3rdparty\heap\spbheap.c @ 1421]

10bdda57 cc int 3

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 10bdda57 (PBSHR105!PbHeap_panic+0x00000237)

ExceptionCode: 80000003 (Break instruction exception)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 3

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 88a32258

Parameter[2]: 00000000

RESOLUTION: Customer resolved by moving to SDI from MDI.

471216 Cannot use Web Service DW with PowerBuilder EAServer component.
471300 The customer's app was in PB 8 originally and was migrated to PB 10.2.1 But when he opens the application object and makes any change to the object, such that it needs to be saved, the next time he tries to open the application object in the painter, PB crashes. The test app has the application object from the customer, with several global declarations of structures and windows not available commented out. If you open the application object and edit the global declarations, such as just inserting a space and then deleting the space, save and exit the application object, PB crashes when re-opening the application object. If you do a full rebuild after saving the app object, then you are able to re-open it in the painter.
471442 Since the UltraLite database option is linked into the PocketBuilder driver DLL, we should update to the latest EBF.

At this time:

471443 UltraLite 901 with MobiLink

The call:

GetSynchronizeResult( hUL, result )

Would generate "FatalAppExit" with a memory corruption message.

((workaround available))

471460 PB app using JAWS 7.10 is getting an access

violation in the pbdwe105.dll:


PBDWE105!DWChildAccessible::getValue+64 [e:\pb105\dw\engine\external\dweacchd.cpp @ 660]

107e6a94 8b3c82 mov edi,[edx+eax*4]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 107e6a94 (PBDWE105!DWChildAccessible::getValue+0x00000064)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 00000008

Attempt to read from address 00000008

471550 SaveAs tp PDF file function does not work on IIS.
471568 Cannot enter some characters (€ @ ...) in a DW richText
471571 According to documentation PB 10.5 identifier names can have up to 40 characters. PB allows to save an object with more than 40 characters errously. This crashes PB for instance if trying to add this object to source control.
471578 The "Object Revision Number" property on the new MLSync object in PB 11.0 must be a positive integer. This property is set in the Properties view, Settings Tab of the User Object editor. This CR changes the UI to a spin control that only allows positive integer values to be entered. Typically, the application developer increments this object revision property each time the the MLSync object is regenerated via the MobiLink synchronization wizard or manually changed during normal application maintenance.

When constructing an instance of an MLSync object (at runtime), if the Object Revision Number in the MLSync object is greater than the "ObjectRevision" entry that exists in the Windows Registry, that means this MLSync object was recently regenerated and deployed to this client. Therefore, we will use the new properties in the MLSync object as the default values. Also we will call "SetSyncRegistryProperties()" to override the Windows Registry values with the new values from the MLSync object.

471616 printsetup() opens a dialog to a different screen from a parent window. The dialog is always shown on a primary screen.
471775 Customer's application has declared decimal as below and a value in a datawindow column was evaluated with the following function

dec my_val

my_val = val

return string(my_val )

IN PB 10.2.1 latest builds 4.02 evaluates as 4.019999......

You can workaround the problem by declaring the decimal as below:

dec {2} my_val

but customer says that they have this throughout their application and do not want to have to change it.

PB 10.5.1 lastest build and PB 11 work as expected.

471801 Application is crashing when calling the SharedObjectRegister

on a multi cpu machine. The access violation is in the pbdwe105:


PBDWE105!DWPainter::VisitDetailBand+23d [e:\pb105\dw\engine\renderer\dwrpain.cpp @ 386]

10739d3d 8b12 mov edx,[edx]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 10739d3d (PBDWE105!DWPainter::VisitDetailBand+0x0000023d)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 00000000

Attempt to read from address 00000000

The crash dumps where generated with PB_POOL_THRESHOLD=0 set.

471826 The QuickSendSmartHost() method on the "LumiSoft.Net" assembly does not display in the System Treeview after adding the assembly to the target.

Root issue is that STATIC methods are being improperly filtered out by the import (system tree) logic.

471933 DW fields/Columns are not showing up in WebForm

when the datawindow is on a tabcontrol.

Have a window with 2 datawindows and tab controls.

471945 A composite report based on stored procedures crashes when trying to reset or remove dataobject or close the window.
471968 Customer migrated their application from PB 9.0.1 to PB 10.5.1 build 6602 and it is now crashing. They have debugged through the application and it appears to be crashing in the application exit event. AdPlus dump and pbheap log produced and included.
472072 When using the getitem to populate the treeviewitem

object, the data property is not being populated correctly. It always

gets populated with the last item in the treeview, even though the handle number

is different.

Problem happens for Winform and Webform.

472076 Entered license details via MS-Remote console into SYSAM window but always complains: "Cannot find valid license".

Workaround: install PB directly on the PC and not over MS-Remote Consol

472234 OLE DB with MS SQL Server. A regression from MSS behavior. When a stored procedure is used as the source for a datawindow and there is a retrieval argument, if the string argument contains a ; nothing is retrieved. A datawindow with a SQL source works fine against the same table and data with the same argument value. And calling the stored procedure in PB ISQL and passing the same argument also works.
472261 When I open the "basic_tutorial.pkw" in the tutorial/solutions directory, then right-click the project and try to deploy it, I get the following error:

---------- Build and Deploy: Build and Deploy of project p_basic_tutorial_exe

The current library list is different than the library list contained within this project.

The project library list has been updated.

Check the build options for the updated list and try again.

Invalid LibList

---------- Finished Build and Deploy of project p_basic_tutorial_exe (2:41:42 PM)

No matter how many times I try this, I get the same message. The PKW, PKT, and PKL are all read-write. I changed my local user permissions on the PKL to "Full Control", but that didn't help.

However, if I open the project in the Project painter and click the Build button in the toolbar, I get the same message the first time, but then I successfully deploy it the second time. I'm pretty sure if I then save the project, I would be able to deploy it from the context menu.

The reason this is happening is that the project object is not actually opened, so it cannot be updated.

The workaround is easy, and it's one of those things where if we automatically update the project object there would be side-effects (like what if the project is under SCC?)

472447 PrintDefineFont and PrintSetFont prints in too small fonts

Fontsize 14 becomes 12.5 and 9 becomes 8 after printing text with PrintText

472475 When deploying a webservice to EAServer6,

the cpu utilization goes up to 99%. When deploying again, pb appears

to be unresponsive and hangs.

472528 The ODBC Sample application that comes with SQL AnyWhere 10 would not work correctly.

Running the "DB Painter" sample application for PocketBuilder, I no longer freeze the device. Instead, I get a message saying "dbodbc9.dll cannot be loaded". I believe this is the ODBC driver from iAnyWhere. With SQL AnyWhere 10 installed, the module is called dbodbc10.dll.

In either the DSN file or the DBPARM add the specific driver statement.


472529 When using the Extended Attributes View of DB Painter, a memory overrun will sometimes cause the PB IDE to crash when reviewing the "Properties" of an existing Display Format.

This CR fixes the problem.

472530 Requested by eCrane computing on behalf of several PB 11 customers. They want PowerGen to be able to build and deploy WebForm applications automatically. Presumably, this would involve an enhancement to the ORCA API so that the PBORCA_BuildProject() function could operate against a WebForm project object. We also need to deploy the application to a website via the ORCA API.

Customer wants to know if this can be done today with ORCA. I suspect the answer is NO. Can we enhance ORCA to accomplish this in the PB 11.1 time frame? If so, is there sufficient customer demand for this feature for him to add the feature to PowerGen?

Likewise, we would presumably add the same the ability in Orcascript once the ORCA API is enhanced.

472595 Machine code generation fails due to unbounded array of ANY type

Any la_periods[]

If la_periods[i] = 0 Then la_periods[i] += ll_cycle //Fails in machine code (DLL generation)

Workaround is to case the unbounded ANY array

472609 In PB 10.5 an error with a transaction object will be reported to the user. In PB 11 opening the project will result in a GPF/crash.

PB 10.5 reports error : "n_sql_base.of_setconnect.73: Error C0019: Incompatible property itr_sqlca for type n_error"

472611 Experiencing Intermittent crashes in PBVM 9.0.3 Build 8836 with EAServer 5.5.
472618 When I open the "basic_tutorial.pkw" in the tutorial/solutions directory, then right-click the project and try to deploy it, I get the following error:

---------- Build and Deploy: Build and Deploy of project p_basic_tutorial_exe

The current library list is different than the library list contained within this project.

The project library list has been updated.

Check the build options for the updated list and try again.

Invalid LibList

---------- Finished Build and Deploy of project p_basic_tutorial_exe (2:41:42 PM)

No matter how many times I try this, I get the same message. The PKW, PKT, and PKL are all read-write. I changed my local user permissions on the PKL to "Full Control", but that didn't help.

However, if I open the project in the Project painter and click the Build button in the toolbar, I get the same message the first time, but then I successfully deploy it the second time. I'm pretty sure if I then save the project, I would be able to deploy it from the context menu.

472641 Datawindow retrieval arguments that are within a subquery do not work when migrated fom MSS to ODBC (MS SQL Server). The customer migrated from PB 8.0.3 to PB 10.5. In PB 8.0.3 they used the MSS native driver to MS SQL Server, no longer available in 10.5. They are now using ODBC to MS SQL Server. They are getting an error on any datawindow that has a retrieval argument in a subquery. "Error 37000: syntax error or permission violation or other non specific error". Works fine when connected using OLE DB.
472644 SetColumn() and SelectText not working properly. SetColumn()

is not moving the cursor before the first byte in the column. SelectText() is not

highlighting text when used in the itemfocuschanged event.

editchanged event:



mydata = this.getitemstring(1,"mycol")


472647 A regression from PB 10.5. A complex datawindow crashes frequently in PB 11.0 during the retrieve.
472770 ImportFile crashs PB for large text files.
472952 There are 2 issues :

1) When inserting data into a table using embedded sql , it throws error :


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

Insert value list does not match column list

The problem is the ":SQLCA.LogId" as one of the value in Insert statement. If you hardcode this value or set DisableBind = 1 , the problem goes away.

2) When retrieving a datawindow having a Union clause, it throws following error :


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

Invalid column name 'selection_syntax'.

Again if you set DisableBind =1 , it resolves the issue. But customer cannot set DisableBind = 1 because the datawindow update statement will not save Unicode data properly with DisableBind set to 1.

472967 Regression. The customer is executing this SQL in a dddw :

select "Carriers POR - Keyes Coverage (Ft. Lauderdale--See Rates&Fees)" , 82635 union select "Agent/Broker - Keyes Coverage (Ft. Lauderdale--See Rates&Fees)" , 82635 union select "Carrier - Fireman's Fund Insurance Co (Atlanta, GA (PO BOX))" , 463096

This should populate the dddw with 3 rows of a display value and a data value.

This used to work fine in build 9004 and now fails in 9891. The error is "Select Error: Unclosed quote before string ..." The problem seems to be because of the -- in the quoted strings. If you remove the -- or just change them to a single -, then it works. But since each is a double quoted string, it should work as is.

473033 Diffent results using referencing indexes in expressions in N-Up DataWindows between PB9 and PB 10.5.1 . Removing the indexes in 10.5, will give the results as in PB9.
473066 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PBVM 10.5.1_6662 and PBVM 10.5_6021 for Sun Solaris

Database/Driver File/Version: JDBC

Comments: Today, Editmasks in webdw are designed for display only, according to manuals:

Edit styles

All edit styles are supported except InkEdit and EditMask, with the exception of the DDCalendar EditMask. If the DataWindow uses the EditMask edit style, the styles specified are treated as though they were specified as a display format.

Customer would like the functionality to be implemented in WebDW Editmask for entering data, just like the normal dw in PB applications.

473093 The sample application to demonstrate syncing via Mobilink to a consolidated DB from a remote handheld has the wrong information for the location of the ASA9 server, etc. The sample DSN installed w/ version 2.1 references \Program Files\Sybase\ASA (both the default SaleDB_remote.DSN and the ASA9 specific version SalesDB_remote9.DSN). The correct location is \Program Files\Sybase\ASA9.
473146 RichtextEdit control issue with null value columns.When merging data to RichTextEdit control, and the data are null, the fields for those columns with null values in the RTE are deleted.
473178 PowerBuilder 10.5

The InputFieldInsert fails on an existing Rich Text document with return value -1

This can depend on the position of the cursor.

473185 PSE NOTES:


OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.2.1_9823

Database/Driver File/Version: PB ODBC connecting to ASA 9.0 db

Comments: Today, we manually need to set the format to "sample" extended attribute in already existent dw's before the extended attribute was created.

Customer would like a way to automatically do this job.

473192 Regression. Customer just updated from 10.5.1 Build 6021 to 10.5.1 Build 6662 and the groupbox's have changed in XP style controls. In this build you can barely see the group box border at all and there is absolutely no difference between raised and lowered border.
473410 If the user calling a method of a PB component is not a member of the Admin Role, the server will log a SystemException to the log if the component throws an exception to the client.

In Jaguar.log this entry is found:

Jun 28 12:33:29 2007: 180749-NO_PERMISSION: Jaguar/Repository (user any_user)

Jun 28 12:33:29 2007: SystemException: NO_PERMISSION (Session/create - @ip address)

It does not happen when client is JAVA or JAVA client and JAVA component szenario.

473411 Validating the length of an OUTPUT parameter from an RPC call is not checked correctly within PowerScript.
473443 Customer is reporting a -3 return code when using SysColorCtr

on a Vista machine.

473549 Changing MOPView from Landscape to Portrait in the window painter will rearrange the positioning of controls in the window. CR 420705 needs additional fixing cos its still an issue.
473617 ReselectRow() does not set the row status correctly.
473697 When trying to consume a web service from a ViaMichelin web site with the pbsoapclient, the following error is met:

Webservice Error: "org.xml.sax.SAXException: No deserializer for LocationDefinition"

473698 Memory leak with a PB component using JMS messages
473713 Webform deployment is failing. The deploylog

shows the following:

Webform deployment is failing. The deploylog

shows the following:

---------- Error messages:

(u_color_selection).68 C0329: Function ('get_rgb') has no its prototype.

(u_vzt_color_selection).65 C0329: Function ('get_rgb') has no its prototype.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.5 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.5 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.5 C0051: No overload for method 'string' takes '1' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.12 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.12 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.11 C0051: No overload for method 'grsetseriesstyle' takes '4' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.15 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.15 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_graph_color_dw).uo_1.color_changed.14 C0051: No overload for method 'grsetseriesstyle' takes '4' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.5 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.5 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.5 C0051: No overload for method 'string' takes '1' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.12 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.12 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.11 C0051: No overload for method 'setseriesstyle' takes '4' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.15 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.15 C0051: No overload for method 'get_rgb' takes '0' arguments.

(w_vzt_graph_color).uo_1.color_changed.14 C0051: No overload for method 'setseriesstyle' takes '4' arguments.

RESOLUTION: Optimize pbls.

473730 This problem is not fixed by CR 472644, but is another similar problem. If you are doing a SelectText in the editchanged event, it is not selecting anything. If you do the selecttext anywhere else, it works as expected. Regression from PB 9.0.3 behavior.
473768 In PB10.5.x, after successfully update changes by DropDown Calendar in Datawindow control,

the Getfocus function get the current focus return the the Window object (parent) instead of returning back to the Datawindow control.

473769 When the datawindow object is a Treeview Datawindow with Grid style, Right Arrow Button on the horizontal scrollbar of datawindow will fail to function.
473838 Customer getting a random crash in Production.

Dump has been captured using variable PBDumpONUnexpectedException=true

The crash seemed to happen at PBDWE this time :



SYMBOL_NAME: PBDWE105!DWHTMLRenderer::GenCurrentState+40d




STACK_COMMAND: ~17s; .ecxr ; kb



473866 When PowerBuilder 10 or 11 is sending a String with spaces using SetRemote to a 3rd Party DDE Imaging software, the app fails. The 3rd party sees the string as null. Repro is not available since the 3rd Party DDE software is not available for install.

Everying worked fine in PB8.x. Started failing after upgrading to PB 10.x/11.x. This seems to be a Unicode issue. We tried the resolution in CR 414463 (environment variable PB_DDE_ANSI=true) but that didn't help.

PB application is sending a Path (String) with spaces to the DDE software (Drawbase) and that fails. DDE software sees it as null. If they remove the sapces from the Path then everything worked fine.

473971 Keep getting ORA-24333 (zero iteration count) when doing simple Embedded SQL select using EAS 6
473986 Customer has an olecontrol on a window and using ole_1.insertobject(). Any file they are using, getting an -9 or PB just hangs.

Need a better understanding about how the

"Link" works on the InsertObject/Create From File tab works.

474048 On PB10.5.1, the RichText Window control can merge template information and data fields successfully for Display. However, the printout of the RichText control always use the first data record for all the pages.
474096 Error in assigning array of any data type in an array of structure to String array in a structure.
474133 Memory leak when using a string array in a PB component
474241 When accessing PB 11 via Remote Desktop get Grace Expires: one month in >> Help >> PowerBuilder.

BUT: Works fine, when using VNC to connect to the machine.

474283 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: PBVM 10.5.1_6021 for Sun Solaris with EAServer 5.3

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface with Oracle JDBC thin driver

Comments: When getting a composite datawindow with retrieval arguments from EAServer via GetFullState/SetFullState, the detail band returns blank data. This was tested with PBVM 10.5.1_6021.

The same composite datawindow works fine when opened directly in database painter.

474285 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: PBVM 10.5.1_6021 for Sun Solaris with EAServer 5.3

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface with Oracle JDBC thin driver

Comments: When getting a crosstab datawindow from EAServer via GetFullState/SetFullState and this datawindow has a function (e.g.: mid() function) defined in crosstab definition, the datawindow returns blank data. This was tested with PBVM 10.5.1_6021.

The same crosstab datawindow works fine when opened directly in database painter.

474286 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: PBVM 10.5.1_6021 for Sun Solaris with EAServer 5.3

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface with Oracle JDBC thin driver

Comments: The CR#462794 is still happening in PBVM 10.5.1 for Sun Solaris. This was tested with PBVM 10.5.1_6021.

The same crosstab datawindow works fine when opened directly in database painter.

474288 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: PBVM 10.5.1_6021 for Sun Solaris with EAServer 5.3

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface with Oracle JDBC thin driver

Comments: When getting a composite datawindow from EAServer via GetFullState/SetFullState, The EAServer console produces the following error message many times:

Error: eNoInstalledPrt: XpGetPrinterInfoWithName: no printer installed

This was tested with PBVM 10.5.1_6021.

The same composite datawindow works fine when opened directly in database painter.

474291 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: PBVM 10.5.1_6021 for Sun Solaris with EAServer 5.3

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface with Oracle JDBC thin driver

Comments: The CR#467868 is still happening in PBVM 10.5.1 for Sun Solaris. This was tested with PBVM 10.5.1_6021.

474413 After upgrading to PB 10.5.1 Build 6662 all read functions for DataWindows (GetItemNumber, GetItemString, ...) return NULL if the DataWindow is a secondary DW shared with base DW in QueryMode set on.
474488 Checkbox/Radiobutton text color can't be changed display with Windows XP theme. Works OK in Windows Classic theme. Happens on both Windows XP and Vista.
474494 ChangeMenu is running slower in PB 10.5.1 on the

network than in PB 8.

Using the code of:

ll_start = CPU()


ll_end = CPU()

ll_elapsed = ll_end - ll_start

MessageBox("Elapsed Time","ChangeMenu took " + string(ll_elapsed) + " milliseconds.")

Takes twice as long in PB 10.5.1 than in PB 8 on the network.

RESOLUTION: Engineering not able to reproduce.

474619 The webservice that customer is using is not a .Net Web Service. The webservice function (getParcelDetailsByBarCode) accepts a package ID argument. When passed a valid package ID, the web service returns a structure containing lots of info about the package. But when passed an invalid package ID , the web service function throws an exception. The only exception that I have been able to catch is a soapexception, not the custom exception.

It seems that PowerBuilder converts exceptions that are thrown by web services to soapexceptions. The web service throws a custom exception (CPAppException) which contains 2 arrays of structures. When I create the proxy those structures are created. If PowerBuilder converts the exception to a soapexception how can we get those arrays?

474676 Importing ANSI CSV file exported from PB to DW crashes PB on Japanese OS locale
474706 Modify changes page count. This happens only if you use a compute field with value 1 in a visible expression of the last object. The report cuts the last line of the compute field.
474728 RichText control use the function call "rte_1.DataSource()" to establish the binding

between itself to the DataWindow or Datastore. It is reported by customer that, under

certain condition, deleting Lines on RichText control will lead to the binding become lost.

474747 Fixed old style MAIL API's on the PocketPC.

The MailSession routines "MailLogin" and "MailSend" would fail with:

"Bad Runtine function reference at line 36 in clicked event..."

474852 During sync the exernal process triggers events. It seems that it sometimes triggers events with the wrong number of arguments, causing run-time error 51 (bad Argument list for function/event)
474853 Trying to install PB 11.0 with Vista 32 bit. Installation stops, message setup has stopped. License Initialization: Failed to initialize SySam Licensing. Powerbuilder is shutting down. The mandatory property file is missing.
474866 Cannot set a fixed width to a column. The column is automatically sized when the DW is a grid (See Repro)
474868 GDI Object leak when using GIF images on a toolbar.
474878 When a orcascr command has predefined arguments and

you pass in an input variable with one of those arguments, orcascr is not recognizing

it. Its just looking for the predefine value and not recognizing to make a


Orcascr not recognizing a variable passed in when

the orca argument has predefined values.

For example, build application, can take one of 3 arguments: full,migrate, or incremental.

The following works:

build application incremental

But using the following will not work:

build application BLD_LVL

Where BLD_LVL was passed in from a .bat file:

@echo off

set myvar=incremental

orcascr105 /D BLD_LVL=%myvar% myorca.dat > orca.log

The orca.log file shows:

build application BLD_LVL

Command syntax error at line 32. Found "MIGRATE", expected "FULL | MIGRATE | INCREMENTAL"

scc close


474909 PB-11 GA

Vista64 GA

Using a served (dispensed) license pointing to "" port 27000, I'm always getting a graced license.

This is coming into the Vista client using remote desktop (hence can't use a standalone file license).

474973 When send a timestamp value over SOAP, the timestamp 2002-09-13T14:38:37.060 is saved as 2002-09-13T14:38:37.60 -> 37.060 becomes 37.60
475126 Connecting a COM Object to Oracle fails with LOGIN:(DBI_LOGIN) (5525.327 MS / 5525.327 MS) *** ERROR 1002 ***(rc -1) : OraMTS Error 1002 - obtaining/releasing connection. SHUTDOWN DATABASE INTERFACE:(DBI_SHUTDOWN_INTERFACE) (0.003 MS / 5525.330 MS)
475226 Rich Text Edit PrintEx issues
475265 In PB 10.5, some of the symbols/characters are no longer displayed on screen. Behaviour occurs on the range of characters with ASCII values from 128 until 159.
475446 Customer is experiencing a crash in his deployed application Crash happens in a particular sequence and situation but still happens randomly. The customer is not able to provide a repro. While trying to narrow it down further he noticed that the crash stops if he remove the rte_1.clear() statement and rte_1.width statement.

Crash also seems to stop when PB_HEAP_DEBUG=true environment variable is set. If set the crash still happens occasionally.

475449 The customer has in internal Webservice. It's a WCS Web service built with .NET 2.0. They are trying to create a Web Services proxy for the webservice in Powerbuilder. They select .NET Engine and go to the next page of the wizard. They enter the URL of the WSDL and the machine and click next. But nothing happens, it does not move to the next page of the wizard. If they click next again it says the dll has been created already do they wish to overwrite? If they say Yes, then nothing again. It continues to do this every time they click Next.
475459 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: PBVM 10.5.1_6021 for Sun Solaris with EAServer 5.3

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: O84 interface connecting into Oracle client 10g

Comments: When saving international characters back to database by using PBVM Sun, the data is saved as strange characters.

After saving data, if you retrieve the data again with same datawindow or use Oracle sqlplus, you will see the strange characters

If you use PB JDBC interface instead, the data is saved and retrieved correctly.

475462 Customer is receiving many errors in their EAServer log Error : 180337-IIOP_messageHandler: IIOP write failed and when they receive these they eventually crash.
475466 Seeking clarification on conflicting installation/usage information for PB 11 on Windows 2003.

1 - The PB Installation Guide states that PB 11 can be installed on a Windows 2003 server with no explanation/disclaimers stating that it needs to be installed locally (see CR 472076).

Product summary

Enclosed is Sybase PowerBuilder(r) Enterprise version 11.0, which is compatible with the following platform and operating system


Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1

This is conflicting information with the actual ( US) license agreement which reads: When you are installing PB 11 if you read the fine print of the

licensing agreement you will find the following:

"Standalone Seat" or "SS" - The limited right to install the Program on

a single workstation Machine (and not a server Machine) for access

solely by the single workstation Machine upon which it resides.

The majority of the time a Windows 2003 server machine is functioning as a server and not as a single workstation machine. There may be some isolated cases where a user is using it as a standalone machine but when customers see Windows 2003 server as a supported platform most of them will assume you can use it as described by the customer above. Please clarify.

2 - CR 474241 was opened regarding running the IDE remotely with the determination that this is how it should work for standalone licenses with a note saying "For the remote desktop user, SySAM requires a served license" but it does not appear as though the PB served license allows remote access either.

3 - Customer would like clarification as to whether PB 11 successfully installed on their Windows 2003 Server will function with their business requirements below when accessed remotely.

Power Builder 11 is installed on this server primarily for building the application. After the 30 days grace period, is it still possible to use the Power Builder for compiling (outside the IDE) via the OCRASCRIPTS or third party tools like POWERGEN?

Many companies follow the best practice of using a centralized server for build automation purposes. Our auditors have recommended that we not use a developer's personal laptop or desktop for software builds. As such, we have set up a server for this purpose. It is not a remote development machine and is dedicated to the purpose of compiling the deployable binaries. We are happy to use one of our license seats for this machine.

Like most companies, we keep our servers in a rack in our data center. Working "from the console" just isn't a practical consideration. Remote desktop is the industry-standard way to deal with machines located in one's data center.

We're not wanting to do development on a Windows Server 2003 desktop - we are really after a common build machine platform that isn't located in an office or cubicle, and doesn't belong to an individual developer.

Please address the above issues.

475637 Customer is doing a SaveRowsAs in the DW painter and saving as XML. He has selected XML Format , XMLSCHEMA!, MetadataExternal! on the proerties data export tab. He has also selected a template and entered schema options. This produces both an XML file and an .xsd schema file. In the schema file is attributeFormDefault to = "unqualified". They want it "qualified" How do they do that?
475708 Changing series label for a Graph in a DW does not work.

When you change dynamically the GraphType DataWindow object property from any type to Pie3D and assign series label to the Graph, you will see incorrect display.

This also does not work with previous versions of PB.

475935 The customer has an XML template in a datawindow. The template has a root level node called rundownResponse. This root node has a namespace associated with it call p1. There are 2 children under the root node, MsgHeader and Show. When you generate the XML the node rundownResponse and all entities within it are in the p1 namespace as you would expect. The customer is asking if there is a way to NOT have the MsgHeader node and it's contents in the p1 namespace, but still be within rundownResponse?
476058 DataWindow where the Select consists of two tables, both which contain a timestamp column. After an update to the Database they aren't retrieved correctly back into the DataWindow.
476066 component.Classname function call from a pb client or in a intercomponent call cause CORBA::BAD_OPERATION.
476069 OLEDB connection locks system tables using Lock = "RU". With the Native MSSQL Server this was not the case. This was not the case with the old Native MSSQL.
476085 The customer has a very long DSN name(45 characters total). When he builds database profile using OLEDB, he finds the data source field only accepts first 38 characters or so. He has to workaround the problem by opening the registry to manually add the rest of the name. The data source field should not set such limitation.
476088 A call to a webservice that returns a datetime

will return a different datetime when in a different timezone.

For example, ran a webservice that returns a datetime of 6/14/2007 00:00:00

will return 6/13/2007 01:00:00 when you change the timezone to CST from EST.

Using EasySoap. The return value in EST is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""><soap:Body><GetFlagDayResponse xmlns=""><GetFlagDayResult>2006-06-14T00:00:00.0000000-04:00</GetFlagDayResult></GetFlagDayResponse></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>

The value returned using the CST is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""><soap:Body><GetFlagDayResponse xmlns=""><GetFlagDayResult>2006-06-14T00:00:00.0000000-04:00</GetFlagDayResult></GetFlagDayResponse></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>

You can see that the webservice is returning the same date value.

476179 When running this webservice, the Messagecontent

should contain the complex type of ReMsgEventReport instead of RMsgBaseMessageType.

The tcptrace shows the following:



<MessageContent xsi:type="ReMsgEventReport"><PPCMessageTimeStamp>2007 05 24 17 14 00</PPCMessageTimeStamp>

But when viewing from the debugger, it shows it is returning

ggws_rmsgbasemessagetype for the messagecontent.

The webservice is calling getmessages and returning ggws_messageresponse. The proxy structure shows the following:


ggws_replymessage messages[]

ggws_rmsgbasemessagetype messagecontent

powerobject classdefinition

string ppcmessagetimestamp

long fwmessageid

long id

long ws_type

powerobject classdefinition

string msgtimestamp

string typestr

long errorcode

long messagetssequenceid

long status

powerobject classdefinition

string topmsgtimestamp

476215 Getting an access violation in pbvm100.dll when

opening an userobject.

The crash is happenning in:

Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

1132E38A 028C3248 028C3248 028C26E8 00DD7480 00000000 ob_type_vtable_module_srch+AA

476218 The customer is asking for the word "location" to be added to the list of reserved words. I'm not sure it is a reserved word in the sense of most of the other reserved words. I don't get an error when I try to use it as an identifier:

integer location

The above is allowed. It does seem to be a kind of datatype as the following is also allowed:

location ls_mylocation

Engineering calls it a system object name.

476376 Regression from old RTE behavior. In the Key event of the RTE control if you do a Return 1 when a tab key is entered, it should inhibit the tab from being entered. It does in the old RTE, but not in the new RTE.
476515 Upgraded from PB 6.5 to PB 10.5 using odbc and stored procedure

fetch is truncating data.

Only happens when using the IWAY middleware. Tried using space(255) and converting the string to blob and then back again and problem still happens. Tried different dbparms and problem still happens too.

Customer using the following syntax:


:ls_curr_date_client, &

:gnv_app.istr_user_info.s_id_assoc, &

:gnv_app.istr_user_info.s_id_assoc, &

:ls_req_function, &

:gnv_app.istr_user_info.s_id_assoc, &


EXECUTE remote_proc;

IF of_error_in_sqlcode("Error","Error in Initialization Service +" + &

"~r Execute of UOXIRP00 failed") THEN

lb_error = TRUE



FETCH remote_proc into :ls_f_name, &

:ls_m_name, &

:ls_l_name, &

:ls_id_dunit, &

:ls_curr_date, &

:ls_release_date, &

:ls_num_cnvrstn ;

Not all columns are getting truncated. Stored Procedure is cobol on a DB2 mainframe.

476675 The customer has a datawindow from PB 7 app that was fine in PB 7. After migration to PB 10.5.1 it crashes when trying to open it in the painter. The datawindow exports and imports OK. The app builds without errors and the datawindow even runs and retrieves fine. But it can't be opened in the painter.
476691 When a orca script command has preset arguments

and are passed in as input variables, those arguments are not being recoginized.

Orcascript is not substituting the value of the variable.

Additional commands arguments are not getting recognized:

build library pblname pbrname <pbd | 32>

file copy fromFile toFile [Clobber | NoClobber | Clobber Always]

build executable exeName iconName pbrname pbdflags [machinecode][newvstylecontrols]

scc connect [offline]

The following error will result or similar:

Command syntax error at line 17. Found "EXEVER", expected "OFFLINE | <EOL>"

476842 Customer is using a product called Adobe Captivate 2 with a PB 10.5.1 to record internal courseware and it appears to be hanging on XP. On Windows 2000 they receive the following error:

PowerBuilder Accessibility Error

Error creating Accessibility ProprServer

Possible reason : OLEACC not registered. Run regsrv32 oleacc.dll.

They have tried the above on Windows 2000 with the same results.

In Task Manager you can see 100% utiilization with PB and Adobe Captivate seeming to be in a race condition.

This sounds similar to a problem with JAWS where JAWS and PB seemed to be in some kind of a race condition ( CR 406087) that ended up being the other vendor's problem.

476898 SIP button not showing on a response window that does not have an associated menu.

The suggested workaround is to associate a menu with the popup window.

476931 Please backpatch SPCache dbparm into PB10.5 codeline.

Implement SPCache dbparm in pbole105 to prevent execution of executing sp_procedure_params_rowset many times.

476939 When sending a request to a webservice, where an argument to the request is an unbounded structure populated with multiple items, the request will

be sent as:

<SearchRequest xsi:nil="true" />

Instead of the items in the structure array.

The customsearch takes the searchrequest argument. The searchrequest structure

is defined as follows in PB:


session ws_session

string ClientReference

long GLB

long DPPA

Request requests[]

powerobject classdefinition

account ws_account

string ws_Type

string ws_Date

string Amount

string ProviderID

string GroupID

string OtherData

address addresses[]

long ws_Type

string Street1

string Street2

string City

string State

string PostalCode

string Country

identification identifications[]

long ws_Type

string Number

string IssuedBy

string Label

datetime DateIssued

datetime DateExpires

information additionalinformation[]

long ws_Type

string Info

long entity

name ws_name

phone phones[]

long ws_type

string number

When viewing the output of the http request, it will return the following:

single Result test:

<SearchRequest><Requests><Request><Entity>Individual</Entity><Name><Business /><Full /><Title /><First>John</First><Middle /><Last>Doe</Last><Generation /><Gender>None</Gender></Name></Request></Requests></SearchRequest>

When populating the request array with 2 items, the output of the http request is:

<SearchRequest xsi:nil="true" />

The 2 items in the request array are not being sent to the webservice.

477044 With Microsoft Active Accessibility Object Inspector ( MSAA ) and using a PowerBuilder DataWindow : "Cannot get object from point: [Error: AccessibleObjectFromPoint: hr=0x80004005 - Unspecified error]". Fails with DW from PB Code Examples.
477047 The width of a DataWindow column does not autosize when clicking into the column.

The edit field has a border etc. so that the available width for an edit field

is smaller and the last word might not be displayed.

Request for a better solution then the Vertical Scroll property

477149 According to PB 11 Manual Deploying Applications and Components to .NET

Page 108 Table 8-5: unsupported properties of controls in a DataWindow control:

Line (diagonal line is unsupported)

This is an enhancement request to support diagonal lines.

477184 Setitem in the itemchanged event is turning querymode off.
477240 Update DB using SP as RPC with Blob parameter causes Error:

Maximum blob size 19384 (30000) exceeded

477245 Resize event is not triggered, when windows size changed or resized.
477265 Customer is trying to paste gif or jpg in a rich text control using pb 11 using web forms which fails and he is aware of the unsupported functionality statement when building his project see output. This enhancemet request is to support all the currently unsupported features of an RTE in WebForms. Functionality such as PasteRTF, CopyRTF, SelectText, SelectTextAll, Clear , InsertPicture and any others.
477266 Cannot update the DW when the associated DDDW contains an empty string.
477282 PocketBuilder 2.1.0 GA

Project Painter

Vista Ultimate (running as administrator)

The project painter can select a certificate to sign the application with.

However, the when building & signing the application, the signing process fails.

From the output window:

Generation of main executable is complete.

Error Signing Application Executable File

------ Finished....

477393 The border style of StyleShadowBox is not

displaying properly for singlelineedit controls on a WebForm.

477496 Mobile devices don't seem to generate anywhere near the same number of window activation and deactivation messages that the desktop has.

This is especially apparent on popup windows.

This is addressed without breaking legacy behavior by introducing a new system runtime function that captures more activation _style_ messages and forwards them as activation (and deactivation) messages.

The side-effect is that sometimes a window will receive TWO activation messages in a row. The customer needs to decide whether they want NO activations or ONE and occasionally TWO...

Enabled with the system runtime function:

SetRuntimeProperty( "EnableExtraActivates", TRUE )

This can be turned on and off at will throughout the lifetime of the application (in other words, for fine-tuning the behavior).

The default value is FALSE, which matches the legacy behavior.

This property also similarly affects the deactivate messages too.

477506 Running the webform/winform app is not behaving


When running in the debugger, if you put a breakpoint before the call

to ue_assign_menu() in and one after on line 29 and then try to run the selected report in the debugger, you will see the ue_assign_menu code in w_vzt_rpt_processor is executed, but control does not return to the line after this.event ue_assign_menu() in Instead, it goes back to after an opensheetwithparm call in the f_submit_report (m_main.m_reports).

477525 The customer is on PB 10.5.1 and wants to generate a byte array from a blob. He creates a loop like the following to do this:

li_count = len(lblb_data)

for i = 1 to li_count

GetByte(lblb_data, i,lb_array[i])


But this can be very slow. In PB 11.0 there is a new function GetByteArray which does the same job very fast. How does it do it? Is there any way to speed up the process in 10.5?

477529 With PB 11 and a Winform application if one tries to clear out a picture control using the following syntax


the image is not removed. This works in both a traditional PB application and a webform application.

477576 BeginPreview and CaptureImage both return -10 in some scenarious. -10 is not documented.

Extra Camera return codes:

-7 = additional meaning of "un-supported" (like setting a property that this particular camera does not recognize)

-8 = additional meaning of value "out of range" (a refinement on the "argument error")

-9 = bad version (like expecting WM-5 support on a WM-2003 device)

-10 = user pressed "CANCEL"

477596 Using the dw_1.object.datawindow.selected is not

returning any values when used with a crosstab or grid datawindow.

Also using dw_1.describe("DataWindow.Selected") is also returning no values.

477620 PB crash with an external access violation using

EAS 5.3

477636 Customer has an application that is highlighting text based on their prompt of '[@date@]'with date to be replaced by the user. On the menu there is a menu item to search for these prompts. If the user clicks the menu item, or the menu toolbar icon this works as expected. If the user uses the menu shortcut, CTRL R, when the user tries to input the replaced value, the first character input is lost.
477693 Updating a DataWindow that has newly inserted rows against a table with insert triggers caused a hanging component with locks on the database after moving from EAS 5.1 to 5.5.

Driver is MS ODBC to MS SQLServer

477718 When creating a datawindow using an Informix

SP as the datasource, will result in an access violation error in msvcr71.dll.

Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

7C350440 0012C3A0 00000000 14704A5D 0122F268 02EC84A4 wcslen+4

Problem also happens when trying to retrieve an existing datawindow, connected

to Informix with a stored procedure as the datasource.

477774 Customer has an MDI application that has been migrated to PB 11. Application has been migrated through many versions of PB and was originally developed in PB 4. When migrated the win32 version works as expected. When a winform application is created and run the application the sheets will not come up. Also the images for the toolbar items in the menu are not showing and it appears as though with the winform application you need a full path while in the standard PB app you don't.
477891 When running a PB WebForm, the GetColumnName does

not appear to be working for certain dw client side events:






477909 The customer is creating datawindow syntax dynamically. When he uses outer joins PB seems to only accept a certain syntax. The customer thinks this is a bug and it should allow other correct syntaxes. His testcase has 2 datawindows that appear to be identical if you look at the SQL Syntax in the painter. But the datawindow PBSELECT syntax is different in the 2 datawindows. With the syntax created by the customer, PB crashes when attempting to retrieve the datawidow. With the syntax PB generates in the painter, it works fine. Customer thinks both datawindows should work.
478039 PB Webform is not finding a bmp file in a when

the bmp is referenced with a forward slash.

PB Native and PB Winform and find a the same bmp file whether the bmp file

is reference with a forward or backward slash.

bitmap('bmp\phone.bmp') --> Finds the bitmap

bitmap('bmp/phone.bmp') --> Not finding the bitmap in PBWebform

In FileMon, ASPNET_WP.EXE is reading the file as bmp\phone.bmp

478050 The datawindow has the Find function to search the datawindow. However the syntax that is used ignores the regional settings. For example if the comma is the decimal separater, you still use "10.00" in the Find expression. But if you use GetItem or dot notation to get values to use in the search they have the regional characters. Customer is requesting a new function to convert regional setting characters to the proper syntax for a Find. For example you pass it "123,50" in German (German) and get back "123.50".
478053 Customer compiles his application to machine code and the resultant EXE crashes. We need customer's ADPlus dump reviewed to see why the machine code EXE fails. The same code compiled into PBDs works fine.
478159 Customer has a dddw style column in a datawindow with allow editing checked. In Windows PBD exe you can enter characters in the empty dddw. But you can't in the same application deployed to WebForms.
478164 In Orcascript, "File Copy" allows optional clobber options:


You should be able to pass an orcascript variable as a clobber option. The parser needs to be enhanced so that it allows a parm or a variable to be passed as a clobber option.


Orcascr110 /D DESTPARM="destination_1\library1.pbl" /D CLOBBERPARM="clobber always" script/script2.dat

start session

set sourcePBL = "source\orca_script.pbl"

file copy sourcePBL destparm clobberparm

end session

478192 The background color of a picture control

is not consistent.

The testcase includes 3 picture controls on a window. When you open the window

in PB 10.5.1, all 3 picture controls show the same background color for the

picture control. That matches the window color. When you open the same

window in PB 11, 2 of the picture controls show a white background color.

478194 When a picturebutton control is on a window

running in PB Winform, the background color is not showing properly.

Also one of the pictures on the picturebutton shows up blurring.

When you have a window with 3 picturebutton controls that is run as a PB Winform,

the background color appears white and one of the pictures shows up blurred.

When you run the same app in PB 10.5.1, the picturebutton controls have a different

background color and the pictures appear are clear.

478197 When an application is run as a PB Webform,

the background color of the picturebutton control is not the same as in PB 10.5.1.

The text on one of the picturebutton controls increases and so part of the

text is cut off.

The picturebuttons also getting stretched, according to the customer.

478295 In Orcascript, "File Delete" allows optional clobber options:


You should be able to pass an orcascript variable as a clobber option. The parser needs to be enhanced so that it allows a parm or a variable to be passed as a clobber option.


Orcascr110 /D DESTPARM="destination_1\library1.pbl" /D CLOBBERPARM="clobber always" script/filedelete.dat

start session

file delete destparm clobberparm

end session

478309 When running a MDI application as a WebForm

and you enter a value in a external dw, no data is getting retrieved.

In the debugger, it appears that the editchanged event is getting fired to

accepttext(), but the editchanged arguments are null and zeros.

478463 In PowerBuilder 11 build 7518 a display problem has been found for numeric DataWindow editmasks #,##0.00 and 0.00 when Swedish/Finnish Control Panel setttings are used.

In these settings the decimal separator is a comma, and the digit grouping symbol is a space character. When the grouping symbol was a dot the display was OK.

478485 Cannot trim spaces in a char/nchar column.
478497 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.2_7014

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Comments: When accessing COM+ components from within PB 10.5.2_7014 client application, the performance degrades a lot when there are two or more concurrent clients accessing same components.

In PB 10.5.1_6662, this issue does not occur. The concurrent access is always fast.

478523 When using the new UploadFiles Webform function if the description has an apostrophe in it the upload dialog does not come up.
478544 When changing the InputFieldNamesVisible property to true/false, and data next to the field is null, RTE Field disappear.
478557 The scroll bar of DataWindow which synchronized using the ShareData() function may not be re-drawn.
478642 Behavior difference in the background color

of a computed field with WebForm.

The definition of the computed field is:

bitmap (if( authorization = 'REJECTED','bmp\authorization_rejected.bmp',if( not isnull(authorization) ,'bmp\authorization.bmp','')))

The computed field is setup where no bitmap criteria is met. When the app

is run in PB WebForm, the background color is white. When running the app in PBNative

or PB Winform the background color is the same as the window.

478657 Request to allow non-postscript printers to work with .NET web forms apps.
478887 PB10.5 and PB11, has a plus sign next to the row when the group column's data is null. Looks unprofessional in applications and confuses users.
478906 Customer has a table that has English characters in some columns and Chinese characters in others. The datawindow displays correctly but when the customer cuts and pastes Chinese characters into the columns that already have Chinese characters in them they do not get saved to the database. Upon subsequent use of the table the characters have been saved as '???'. This happens regardless of the settings on the language toolbar.
478910 When trying to insert a row in an event or function, the code below doesn't execute correctly.

"insert into customer values('234aavv', '3345567',N'???',N'???');"

The ? is Chinese character.

In the trace log one can see the following error( or similar when connected with ADO.NET):

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

The name "N" is not permitted in this context. Valid expressions are constants, constant expressions, and (in some contexts) variables. Column names are not permitted.

This same syntax works in ISQL in PB 11 but not in PB 10.5.1. In PB 10.5.1 the row is saved with the Chinese columns as '???'.

478911 Serena Version Manager 8.1.4. can be setup to use a normal Serena user id and password, or it can be setup to use the Windows login id without prompting for it or requiring it. There are two possibilities for using the Windows login id, the first is it does not require any login information as it accepts the windows login. The second is uses the Windows login id but still requires a Serena password. You only supply a password. The customer is using Oracscript in a batch file and has success with the normal, and the first Windows login. But he is running into a problem with the second one where you supply only a password as Serena is using the Windows user id. No user id is provided, in the Orcascript and when the password is provided via the scc set connect property password command, it pauses and Serena pops up a password dialog box. In the dialog is the correct Windows userid. But of course we don't want any dialogs in batch mode.
478916 A Datawindow modify on a crosstab datawindow works fine in PB 9.0.3. When migrated to PB 10.5.1 it crashes PB with a pure virtual function error.
479039 MailSession.MailReadMessage() crashes when there are many recipients in the email
479050 A regression from earlier builds of PB 10.5.1. It used to be that a ChangeMenu, changed the menu and the toolbar icons and the window was not affected. But now it appears to be rebuilding the toolbar, you can see the old toolbar removed which then fires the window resize event because the window got larger, then the new toolbar is added and the window resize fires again because the window got smaller. This may be a result of CR 449637, which reported the toolbars were not changing styles on a ChangeMenu.

This customer has a lot of dynamic visual objects on his window and all of them are resized if the window is resized. He does a lot of ChangeMenus and now the result is a lot of blinking and repainting going on much of the time when his window size is not changing, and where before he had a rock solid appearance. He would like the old behavior back.

Perhaps on a ChangeMenu PB should remember the original window size, inhibit the resize event from firing during the toolbar change, and then when done, only fire the window resize event if there was a true window size change from the original window size.

479067 When running a machine code executable that is

connecting to MSSQL using the SNC driver, the following error returns:

PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0015)

Application terminated.

Error: Error calling external function _getVtableInfo_w_logon@12

479194 Numerous complaints from people downloading the PB 11 evaluation that they can't install it.

It's because they don't realize that they need to download the file and run the setup in that file. Instead, they download the file alone and try to install that.

Recommend doing one of the following:

1. Providing explicit instructions on the web page and/or the PB11 Install.txt file explaining the file is needed.

2. Repackaging the download as one or two CD rom image, so that the evaluator automatically gets the Common Installer as part of the download.

3. Packaging the common installer in each of the product installs (PowerBuilder, InfoMaker, SQL Anywhere) so that if they download that one file they will still always get the Common Installer.

The evaluation should make it as easy as possible for the evaluators to get the product installed. You have people giving up because they can't get pastthe install.

479195 The index for the online help file is messed up, particularly in the list of DataWindow object properties.
479197 Enhancement request to add the byte datatype to PocketBuilder to to support various WinCE API calls.
479236 Repaint issue with a picturecontrol when

deployed to a device.

Works ok in the IDE.

App is set up to move a picture control with a pointer and this causes a

repaint problem on a device.

RESOLUTION: Fixed in PocketBuilder 2.5 and PocketBuilder 2.1 EBF#1.

479329 The customer has installed PB 11.0 on a Vista machine. PB is crashing when he opens several windows in the Window painter. Opens up 4 to 6 windows in the painter and PB crashes.
479331 For PB12, how about adding description properties for methods/events and their arguments/return values. That way the AutoScript functionality can read those and display tip info for our own classes, not just the PB system stuff.
479334 pbm_settingchange event should already be mapped

to a window

479349 When running a window with a MOP view of landscape,

the text and pictures appear incorrectly.

Happens in the IDE and on the device.

479358 A response window does not close if CloseWithReturn passes a null in WebForms.
479548 Performance problem: with embedded sql is much slower with the OR9 interface then with ODBC.
479720 A regression of CR 454743. Rich Text control with this setting in the pb.ini file:



This is supposed to put the page size to the size of the control. But it clearly is not working as wrapped text is cut off on the right by almost 4 characters with a vertical scroll bar. We need to get this right.

479799 PB client sends wrong SOAP request to web service
479835 PB/EAS is crashing in production environment with a PB Heap Manager

error - "Free: block was previously freed"

479944 The customer has a window they created new in PB 11.0. But something happened and now whenever they make a change in the painter to the window and save it, PB crashes.
480074 Horizontal scrollBar set at left on a RTL treeview datawindow.
480097 Requesting crash dump analysis. The application crashes in exe mode when opening a search window. The app runs fine within IDE. The dump was captured using adplus with PB_HEP_DEBUG=true set.
480110 When you have a dropdown calendar on a Webform and

select a date, part of the calendar gets cut off if the calendar drops below the

dw control.

480164 Fails to import a large hebrew text file
480186 GetItemString is return null value in Webform.

In this application when tabbing out of the field, it causes the

field to be null out because getitemstring returns null.

480205 When calling a MSSQL webservice results in the following


Object of type System.Int32 cannot be converted to type System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlInt32

Using AdventureWorks database and calling the GetPurchaseOrder stored procedure.

Created a http sopa endpoint of:

CREATE ENDPOINT GetPurchaseOrderEndpoint



path = '/sql/GetPurchaseOrder',





WEBMETHOD 'GetPurchaseOrder'

(NAME = 'AdventureWorks.dbo.GetPurchaseOrder',





DATABASE = 'AdventureWorks'


480222 Customer has a Webform application that behaves differently than running in Windows PBD. The original problem is the DatePicker that behaves differently because rowfocuschanged isn't firing. The customer submitted a testapp that shows rowfocuschanged is not firing. It's a complex testcase with lot's of posting of events, inheritence, etc. It clearly behaves differently when running as a webform, the datawindow only retrieves one row and the initial rowfocuschanged does not fire.
480300 Changing or adding watches in the debugger will cause a GPF in some scenarios.
480314 The remote debugger hangs when debugging an EAServer 5.5 component.
480353 A Customer wants to use a cursor key for focas movement on DataWindows.
480411 A UO inherited from a PBNI object will not

show up on a window in the PB IDE.

When you run the app from the IDE, it will show up. The ancestor object will

show in the window but not the descendant.

480435 When using selectblob in embedded sql, the private bytes

and working set continue to increase in performance monitor. Usage

goes up only when using a Informix 7 server. Works ok connected to Informix 9 server.


SelectBlob blobcolumn

into :lblob_test

from tzblob2

where id = :al_key;

480553 The runtime packager will fail when executed

from a directory where there is no write permissions.

480556 Unable to set an OLE Automation property called "function" because PB sees it as a keyword. It gives: "Error: Name not found accessing external object property...".

Refer to the url below as a reference. "Function" is a property of PivotField object.

480563 Enhancement: Allow remote installs of PB/IM 11.0.
480658 Description of Problem: When using the database painter ISQL tool the customer would like to see the number of rows affected for updates, inserts, deletes. When using selects here you see the number of rows in the status bar and customer would like the number of rows affected to be shown for the above also when using ISQL.
480745 Enhancement Request:

Please include support for Opera browsers for ASP.Net targets and EAS HTML DataWindows in future versions of PowerBuilder.

480769 A composite datawindow fails to retrieve in WebForms. It works fine with regular PBWin32 target type. It fails because autosize height is not supported for nested reports. Engineering has determined this is an enhancement, not a bug: Supporting AutoSize Height for WebForm report generation (using the XHTML Renderer) would require completely new and different logic than for native reports.

This is a request to enhance PB and support this feature.

480777 When calling the eval function from the MSScriptControl.ScriptControl ocx will return null when exe is machine code.

Works ok in the IDE and using pcode.

Using the following code:

ole_wsh = CREATE OLEObject


ole_wsh.Language = "vbscript"

ole_wsh.AddCode('Function rtnProcessor()~r~n' &

+ 'DIM objProcessor(3)~r~n' + &

+ 'strComputer = "."~r~n' + &

+ 'Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")~r~n' &

+ 'Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Processor")~r~n' &

+ 'For Each objItem in colItems~r~n' &

+ 'objProcessor(0) = objItem.ProcessorId~r~n' &

+ 'objProcessor(1) = objItem.MaxClockSpeed~r~n' &

+ 'objProcessor(2) = objItem.Name~r~n' &

+ 'objProcessor(3) = objItem.Description~r~n' &

+ 'Next~r~n' &

+ 'rtnProcessor = objProcessor~r~n' &

+ 'End Function')

la_processor[] = ole_wsh.Eval("rtnProcessor")


DESTROY ole_wsh

480981 DropDown Datawindow property - AllowEdit has been confirmed as not supported feature (from CR478159). Request proper document changes to those .NET Web Solution. (PB WebForm and .Net DW)
480992 DataWindow Painter crashes on saving the XHTML template after modifying the select in the Data Source.
481011 Unable to change the fontsize programmically in rte

using the SendMessage api.

There is no error message. The text size just doesn't change. Using the

following syntax:

function integer setcolorlogfont (ulong hwnd, ulong msg, ulong wparm, s_colorlogfont clf) library 'user32.dll' alias for "SendMessageA;Ansi"

Resolution: setlogfontmsg should be 3092. New RTE code sample is available on

481108 When calling a MSSQL Web Service, no results

are returned.

Using the following syntax:

SoapConnection conn

long Val,log

string name

//any ws_any[]

getpurchaseorderendpoint proxy_obj

getpurchaseorderresponsegetpurchaseorderresult myresult

conn = create SoapConnection


Val = conn.CreateInstance( proxy_obj, "getpurchaseorderendpoint")

log= conn.SetSoapLogFile("C:\mySoapLog.log")

if Val <> 0 then

messagebox("Error","Cannot create proxy object")



myresult = proxy_obj.getpurchaseorder(244 )

catch (SoapException e)

messagebox("ERROR Message", e.Text)

end try

//name = proxy_obj.getpurchaseorderresponsegetpurchaseorderresult

end if

destroy conn

481109 In the Window painter, a window has a tab control with several pages. Every click you make on objects in a tab page, causes the tab page to change. Keep clicking and it cycles through all the tab pages and even opens up the script editor.
481154 The customer is using the page() and pagecount() expression in a computed field in an RTF datawindow to display page x of n. But pagecount() always returns 1. This is a regression. Works fine in build 5079.
481238 Crash when working with an OLE control inserted in a tabpage.
481256 Customer has a PB 9 PFC app that they have migrated to PB 11.0 build 6525. They are seeing random crashes after running for a while. They have not been able to narrow down what it may be. They have supplied 3 ADPlus crash logs and are looking for any information that might help them determine the issue here.
481359 Could make the usage of a DW a bit easier for users who don't want to create a storedprocedures to obtain a resultset based on a SQL batch that returns a resultset.
481366 Big Memory growth (8MB for a 100000 loop) when using dot notation on a DW. For DS the leak is smaller.

Specially when modifying filter buffer using dot notation there is a big initial increase of memory for both DW and DS.

481370 Total page count is wrong when pasting a RTF document into a RTF DataWindow with <Ctrl><V>.

The page count is correct when you use the Paste option in the popup menu when right clicking in the RTF DW.

481371 RTF DatatWindow prints only once when more then 1 copy had been selected in the Print Setup Dialog.
481416 Customer's application retrieves and writes out approximately 3.5 million records to a txt file. At some number over 3 million the application does not write out all records. All rows appeared to have been retrieved as the row count is correct.
481497 When trying to insert a string that is 16384 or longer,

no data gets inserted into the column for a Oracle table. The column is blank.

Any data that is less than or equal to 16383 inserts into the column ok.

The following script works:

long ll_id = 1

string ls_long = "123,456,789" + space(16372)

INSERT INTO LONG_11380983 (id, report) VALUES (:ll_id, :ls_long);

But the following script does not insert any data in the report column:

ll_id = 2

ls_long = "123,456,789" + space(16373)

INSERT INTO LONG_11380983 (id, report) VALUES (:ll_id, :ls_long);

481576 Add support for .Net framework 3.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation.
481676 DW dberror event not triggered
481721 While using the following code, XML is returning xsi:nil="true" with no blank tags.

// Sample code to export XML from a data store.

lds_docket_parms.Modify("DataWindow.Export.XML.UseTemplate ='t_export'")

lds_docket_parms.Modify("DataWindow.Export.XML.MetaDataType = XMLNone!")

ls_xml_temp = lds_docket_parms.Object.DataWindow.Data.XML

lds_docket_parms is object is inherited from data store

In PB 10.5.1 (build 6627), xml includes a blank tag when there is no data in a specific

field (ie., <parm_display_format/>)

481749 When connected to MSSQL with ADO.NET and running

a long stored procedure, the following error results:

*** ERROR 999 ***(rc -1) : Index #0 Message: Timeout expired NativeError: 0 Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server SQLState: HYT00

Works ok using the OLEDB driver. Problem happens using ADO with System.Data.OleDb and System.Data.SqlClient namespaces.

Using the following stored procedure:

create PROCEDURE dsp_TestTimeout

@DELAYLENGTH varchar(9) = '000:00:05'

AS Begin

Declare @StartTime datetime

Declare @EndTime datetime

Set @StartTime = GetDate()


Set @EndTime = GetDate()

select @StartTime, @EndTime , DateDiff(second, @StartTime, @EndTime)


481751 When customer opens two instances of PB 11 with same workspace in order to cut and paste script and second instance crashes.

With a simple workspace with only one target and a few objects I did not see the problem.

481821 An expression in embedded SQL can lead to errornous results due to unintended type conversions when DisableBind = 1 is used.
481823 PB crashes in IDE mode when using a third-vendor ActiveX
481879 Text not fully justifed in a DW column (Right and left).
481885 When positioning the cursor in a dw column that is

part of a tab control, the webform just hangs and does not respond.

Works ok in PBNative and Winform

481895 When retrieving a nested datawindow from a

component in EAS 6.01, not all the data is retrieve. When you try calling

the same function again, you get an access violation error:

2007-10-02 10:10:06.351 INFO Thread-61 [JaguarServer] PB INTERNAL EXCEPTION on: Thread : 3408, Address : 0x0567D549, Type : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0xF005E9A1. CPB_Component::invoke

2007-10-02 10:10:06.351 INFO Thread-61 [JaguarServer] Dumped Succeeded to file:

2007-10-02 10:10:06.351 INFO Thread-61 [JaguarServer] C:\pb\EAServer6\bin/PB_20071002_100904_0001.dmp

2007-10-02 10:10:06.351 INFO Thread-61 [JaguarServer] Fatal Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method of_retrieve in p_nesteddw/n_nesteddw.

481968 When using Retrieve To Disk programmically in

script using either dot notation or the modify statement, the data retrieved is incorrect.


dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Table.Data.Storage = 'Disk'



481978 PB shuts down with no error message when failing to load wide jpeg
482018 The memory used keeps increasing with each successive execution of SaveDocumentIntoString of an xml datawindow. You can see it going up in the Windows Task Manager. It doesn't seem to be releasing the memory used for previous strings even though the same string variable is reused each time.
482031 DBPainter indicates a wrong Edit style detail when I clicked Edit style list,

if we get the save dialoge box.

482038 IDL generated is missing the package, causing failure to build stubs.
482127 Datetime data being sent to webservice is modified to GMT
482148 When a classname is saved with a % (my%class), the powerscript

function ClassName() will return the value of my_u0025_class for a Winform or

WebForm app

RESOLUTION: A class name with char '%' is invalid in C#.

482265 In PB 10 and all previous versions of PB, the PB provided Find! icon and the Search! icons were different. New icons were introduced in PB 10.5 and PB 11 and in these versions, Find! and Search! are the same icon.

In many situations these two functions would mean the same functionality but this customer states that in their application they use these two for different functionality. They now have identical icons with different functionality in their migrated application.

They have replaced one of the icons and are all set but other customers might be using these two for different functions and they should have different icons.

482267 Customer is unable to open Office 2007 Excel worksheets that have been saved in xlsb formate.

Add support in PowerBuilder to use the new xlsb format.

482377 OS: Windows XP SP2

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.2_7016

EAServer on Windows 2003 with PBVM 10.5.1_6021

Comments: Web Dw does not display data in EAServer 6.0. The same repro steps work fine in EAServer 5.x.

482519 If you create a DataWindow control from within the constructor of another DataWindow Control using OpenUserObject(, the constructor of the created DW will get fired twice.
482555 When changing the new attribute of Database Painter, PowerBuilder crashes. It is reproduced when Style is changed.
482623 When running a winform app, the following error



An unhandled exception of type System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException occurred

in mscorlib.dll

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

482638 Customer is finding escapement issues on migrating to 10.5.2 and 11.
482678 PB 11. EJB proxy generation is producing an invalid ( wrong ) proxy object for biginteger class. After a correction within the proxy object the problem can be fixed.
482679 PB 11. EJB proxy generation is producing a wrong proxy object for the java byte because it conflicts with the internal byte datatype of PB. It should create java_byte proxy.
482684 With compiled applications, icons that are compiled into the executable as resources

are not displayed properly in the menu different from the toolbar.

This issue does not appear if the icon is loaded from the filesystem at it's specified location.

482736 When trying to call the JagGetPeerAddress in EAS6,

the following error returns in the easerver log file: getPeerAddress: no client connection Method)












RESOLUTION: Not a bug. Just needed the patch from cr464620. The patch is Where XXX is the EAS version.

482844 The border of a dw groupbox is not showing

up in Vista.

The testcase shows 3 groupboxes each with a border of box, lowered and raised.

When run the app at runtime, the border is not showing up for all 3 groupboxes.

482847 Edit mask problems in webform applications that do not occur in either winform or PB applications. Details of problems:

Mask hh:mm am/pm


Problem: Editmask does accept 12 in the hours field.

Problem: "p" is entered as upper case in the field of lower case characters, showing "Pm".

Tab to field.

Shift-tab back to entered field.

Problem: Data is erased.

Fill in all fields to 11:30 am (or any value where hh < 12)

Click the Force PostBack button in DW_2

Problem: All DateTime fields return from the server as 00:00

Mask hh:mm


Click into the time field.

Problem: The cursor positions at the *end* of the mask instead of the beginning.

Move cursor to the beginning of the field.

Type "12"

Problem: Editmask does accept 12 in the hours field.

Move cursor to the beginning of the field.

Type "14"

Problem: Editmask does accept 14 in the hours field.

Tab to next field.

Shift-tab back to entered field.

Problem: Data is erased.

Fill in all fields to 11:30 (or any value where hh < 12)

Click the Force PostBack button

Problem: All DateTime fields return from the server as 00:00

String fields/Mask XX:XX


Problem: String field accepts only numerics where the numeric value before the colon is less than 12

482932 When entering a RighToleft column, PB selects the default keyboard (Hebrew on a hebrew machine, Arabic on ...). This was fixed in CR472051.

When leaving this column to move to a Non-RTL column, PB keeps the RTL keyboard.

On Israel Distributor demand, we want PB to select the last Non-RTL keyboard selected by the user.

482944 When creating a user defined transaction object, it is not behaving the same as using the default sqlca.

For example, running an embedded sql statement will return a resultset under sqlca

but not under a user defined transaction object.

Another example, when running an embedded sql statement and if the table does

not exist, the user defined transobject object does not generate a error message.

The default sqlca will return the following error:


Error Text = SQLSTATE = S0002

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere] Table 'xxx' not found

PB Trace using SQLCA:

(2840008): LOGIN:(DBI_LOGIN) (6439.668 MS / 6439.668 MS)

(2840008): CONNECT TO tra ODBC:

(2840008): SERVER=EASDemoDB10

(2840008): DBPARM=ConnectString='DSN=EAS Demo DB V10;UID=dba;PWD=sql'(DBI_CONNECT) (199.273 MS / 6638.941 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_ADJUST_CONNECT) (0.001 MS / 6638.942 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_CURRENT_OF_CURSOR) (44.602 MS / 6683.544 MS)

(2840008): PREPARE:(DBI_PARSE_ONLY) (0.001 MS / 6683.545 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_SPECIAL_CURSOR) (0.001 MS / 6683.546 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_SKIP_VERIFY) (0.001 MS / 6683.547 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_DESCRIBE_BEFORE_EXEC) (0.001 MS / 6683.548 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_SUPPORT_INPUT_PARM_BIND) (55.460 MS / 6739.008 MS)

(2840008): BEGIN TRANSACTION:(DBI_START_TRAN) (188.716 MS / 6927.724 MS)

(2840008): EXECUTE:

(2840008): SELECT ID FROM JUNK (DBI_RUNTIME_EXECUTE) (277.514 MS / 7205.238 MS)

(2840008): *** ERROR -141 ***(rc -1) : SQLSTATE = S0002

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Table 'JUNK' not found

(2840008): COMMIT:(DBI_COMMIT) (172.661 MS / 7377.899 MS)

(2840008): DISCONNECT:(DBI_DISCONNECT) (477.410 MS / 7855.309 MS)


PB Trace using user defined transaction object:

(2840008): LOGIN:(DBI_LOGIN) (5524.225 MS / 5524.225 MS)

(2840008): CONNECT TO tra ODBC:

(2840008): SERVER=EASDemoDB10

(2840008): DBPARM=ConnectString='DSN=EAS Demo DB V10;UID=dba;PWD=sql'(DBI_CONNECT) (184.599 MS / 5708.824 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_ADJUST_CONNECT) (0.001 MS / 5708.825 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_CURRENT_OF_CURSOR) (61.311 MS / 5770.136 MS)

(2840008): PREPARE:(DBI_PARSE_ONLY) (0.001 MS / 5770.137 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_SPECIAL_CURSOR) (0.001 MS / 5770.138 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_SKIP_VERIFY) (0.001 MS / 5770.139 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_DESCRIBE_BEFORE_EXEC) (0.001 MS / 5770.140 MS)

(2840008): (DBI_SUPPORT_INPUT_PARM_BIND) (50.295 MS / 5820.435 MS)

(2840008): BEGIN TRANSACTION:(DBI_START_TRAN) (193.912 MS / 6014.347 MS)

(2840008): COMMIT:(DBI_COMMIT) (101.602 MS / 6115.949 MS)

(2840008): DISCONNECT:(DBI_DISCONNECT) (488.522 MS / 6604.471 MS)


RESOLUTION: Instead of using:


it should be


482955 When compiling a winform/webform app, the following error


Error when compiling generated C# code:

ds_base.sharedata(ICdatawindow.)(3,44): error CS0115: 'c__ds_base.ShareData(Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.PBDataWindow)': no suitable method found to override

Problem happens when a datastore is calling the sharedata function on system class. The following code in the sharedata function:

RETURN super::ShareData(d)

Problem also happens if using:

return sharedata(d)

483047 The RowFocusChanging and RowFocusChanged vents do not get triggered when the RowsCopy function has been called.


After calling RowsCopy setrow to the row that had the focus and call setrow again to row 1.

In the event scripts ignore the events caused by the first setrow call.

483089 A shortcut key is not triggering a dw control event when

the dw control is within a tab page in a MDI app.

483186 Problems with connection to Access via OLE native interface from DB Painter in PB ( Vista 64 bit business, Office 2007 ). Can see database structure, but can't read the content of the tables (rightclick on the table and then [Edit data] and [Grid]
483195 When running a winform app using pfc, the following

error occurs when calling lw_frame.dynamic event pfc_messagerouter (as_message):

System.StackOverflowException in System.Globalization.CompareInfo.Compare

The code is in the pfc_n_cst_menu/of_sendmessage:

li_rc = lw_frame.dynamic event pfc_messagerouter (as_message)

483211 When opening a visual userobject on a tab page using

opentab(), the userobject defaults to visible=false.

Using the following code:

li_rtn = tab_criteria.closetab(u_to_open)

CHOOSE CASe ls_report_title

Case "a"

ls_to_open = "u_cst_a"

u_to_open = create u_cst_a

Case "b"

ls_to_open = "u_cst_b"

u_to_open = create u_cst_b

Case "c"

ls_to_open = "u_cst_c"

u_to_open = create u_cst_c


li_rtn = tab_criteria.opentab(u_to_open,ls_to_open,1)


li_rtn = tab_criteria.SelectTab(1)

The code is in the ddlb/selectionchanged event. If you use, visible=true than

the app works ok.

483212 IE OLE control on a window throws an error or crashes when Java VM is initialized from PB application and MSJVM is not installed.

Support for MS JVM ends on 12/31/2007

483214 OS: Windows Vista Ultimate

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.2_7016

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

Network: Novell Vista 1.0

Comments: When using setProfileString over a network directory through Novell Vista 1.0, it returns -1 in Windows Vista. Works fine in Windows XP.

483267 Remove environment variable RTE_REPLACE_NULL_WT_SPACE for RTE, related to CR 478544.
483283 Customer lacks the ability to use OpenUserObject() on a tab control

Using the workarounds to use OpenTab() with different uo tabpages with different szenarios or using show/hide is too expensive.

483385 So as to get proper database charset handling for some customer's

enviornment, Customer has to use DBParm NLS_Charset="Local". However, it is discovered

that the return of string array will get problem when the string array is passed as

reference argument to RPCFunc call to oracle side.

The returned string array seems get alignment problem, some get data but some get empty or junk data.

483426 Customer's production server is crashing. Cause is unknown.
483434 Customer has a Picture Button that he disables changes the tooltip. He has noticed some inconsistencies when the button is disabled and when it is not in the display of the new tooltip.

If the picture button is never disabled, the changed tooltip displays correctly. If he disables the picture button, then enables it and then changes the tooltip, the new tooltip is not displayed.

If the picture button is disabled he must first change the tooltip and then enable the picture button to see the correct tooltip. He feels that this is inconsistent behavior and should be changed.

483489 In response or popup window, set transparency=0, and set closeanimation=XXXXslide(such as bottomslide!, leftslide!, rightslide!, topslide!). When close the response and popup window, closeanimation works incorrectly, its behavior like use XXXXroll (such as bottomroll!, leftroll!, rightroll!, toproll!) for closeanimation.

But if you set transparency>0 for response and popup window, the result will be correct.


The classic workaround for animation bugs is to set the transparency to 1% (IOW - essentially opaque).

This forces the code to use the GDI+ window layers and usually fixes up any issues.

483619 When using MSSA (Active Accessibility Object Inspector) with PB DataWindow and the DW has a 'Border' or 'TitleBar' set to on, then the yellow highlight rectangle is displaced.
483654 Creating a MSI file in a .NET Assembly Target fails when using directories and/or file names with spaces.

When you deploy a .NET Assembly target from a location where the directory name and/or the file name have spaces in it the deployment fails. The mymkmsi.bat file that is created needs to be edited to put quotes around the entire path to the bin directory.

For example the following in the file needs to be edited:


xcopy /H /Y "%PBNET_HOME%\bin\nvoassembly.wxs"

"%PBNET_HOME%\bin\tallow.exe" -d C:\pbapps\pb11\dot net\pb2csdotnettempout\bin -nologo -dac -dav > productlist.wxs


xcopy /H /Y "%PBNET_HOME%\bin\nvoassembly.wxs"

"%PBNET_HOME%\bin\tallow.exe" -d "C:\pbapps\pb11\dot net\pb2csdotnettempout\bin" -nologo -dac -dav > productlist.wxs

483716 RTE Printex removed the format of decimal field
483764 Customer is using PB Native and whenever two or more users are connected and alternately adding objects to the project the .pbg file becomes out of sync and has to be manually edited. While this is described in the User's Guide as a possible problem the fact that it happens most of the time appears to be a bug.

The customer receives the following:

---------- Source Control

Adding selected items to source control...

PB Native Status: Adding C:\testsc\PB105\d_emp.srd...

PB Native Status: Checking out C:\testsc\PB105\menuicon.pbg...

PB Native Status: Adding C:\testsc\PB105\menuicon.pbg...

Access to SCC Provider failed during SccAdd(). Try again.

Error checking in .PBG file. Verify that new entries are correct and check

in .PBG file manually.

C:\testsc\PB105\d_emp.srd version 1 successfully added to source control

Operation Completed

---------- Done Source Control

The entries can be added to the .PBG files and then the other users can see them.

See workaround tab for a discussion of a new performance optimization and a library entry:



483835 Problem with Oracle datatype TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE
483971 When using the EAServer Component Wizard to deploy EAServer components if the pbl does not include an application object an error occurs. The following error message appears in the lower left hand corner : "Class must be of type nonvisualobject! Class n_jaguar_server is type corbaobject.
484050 While running PB and EAS 5.3 with EBF14147, customer

is experiencing an PB Internal Exception error.

484057 The Runtime Packager has an option under PowerBuilder Base Components (left hand side) to select PowerBuilder .NET Components for building the PowerBuilder Runtime MSI. If you select this option and are deploying to WinFORMs or simply an Assembly, you receive a warning message box that IIS is required in order to run WEBFORMS. This annoys my customers when installing the runtime for non WEBFORM or WEB Services type deployments. It would be a very simple thing to add a couple of different .NET options in lieu of just one, thus allowing the warning to appear for that particular deployment.

My suggestion is to expand the options to:

1. PowerBuilder WIN32 Standard Componets

2. PowerBuilder .NET for WEBFORMS

3. PowerBuilder .NET for WEB Services

4. PowerBuilder .NET for WinFORMS

5. PowerBuilder .net for Assemblies

In this way only items 2 and 3 would give the IIS installation warning message if in fact this is really necessary and the rest would not.

It is the small things like this which are very easily solved, that makes PowerBuilder look un-professional.

484070 When using HALT {CLOSE} in an application, it is failing.

The following is from the dump file:



060c388a 8b0a mov ecx,[edx]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 060c388a (CNL_MSWord+0x0001388a)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 00000000

Attempt to read from address 00000000


0012d7b0 060c4476 001ef798 0012d7f8 060b228c CNL_MSWord+0x1388a

0012d884 660ca914 001ef798 00000001 001ef798 CNL_MSWord+0x14476

0012d8e0 660c9e30 00000001 00000000 00000001 MSVBVM60!ErrLinkPoke+0x2e

017e0ef0 114f2f3f 017e4520 00000000 017e4550 MSVBVM60!_ScrollSetPageSize+0x4a

017e44f0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 PBVM105!PBROI_Set_Property_Item+0x23f

RESOLUTION: Customer found a workaround and does not want to pursue.

484152 Enhance SYSAM message of

License does not validate

To further indicate where the underlying problem may be. The 'License does not

validate' is too generic. The message should further clarify what the problem is.

484253 When many PDF files had been displayed with the Adobe PDF Reader OLE control 7.09 or 8.0 or higher, a PowerBuilder executable can crash when closing the ole window or the application.
484283 OS: Sun Solaris 10

Versions and Build #s Tested:

Server side: EAServer 5.3 for Sun Solaris using HTMLGenerator105

Client side: PB 10.5_5063 and 10.5.1_6662

Database/Driver File/Version: PB JDBC Interface with Oracle JDBC thin driver

Comments: After pressing Insert button many times in web datawindow in Internet Explorer, EAServer returns an HTTP 500 and HTMLGenerator105 cannot instantiate web dw container anymore.

484355 Input a large dataset into a datawindow, then call getfullState, the function will crash with memory access viloation. If the dataset is small, then it works fine. It does't seem to be pushing into a memory limit problem. Memory usage is only around 800,000 KB when it crashes.
484420 The default value of a DDETimeOut property is not 10 seconds. The correct value is 20 seconds.
484424 DDETimeOut setting on general tab of an application does not work.
484441 Retrieve on dynamically created DW against Access 2007 on Vista causes GPF if SELECT contains a string literal.

The crash is due to the creation of a 2GB column in the syntax string.


484476 Enhancement Request: If FireFox is an unsupported browser for PB WebForms, then putting FireFox as the browser on the Project's Run tab because it is the default browser is pretty useless. It would be more useful to always fill in IE, instead of picking the default browser.
484515 StopHotLink receives error -2 in the DualCore environment.
484534 Provide the PowerBuilder 11.0 HTMLGenerator110 and PBDebugBroker11 components and support files.
484550 When calling a stored procedure that has double quotes

around the input parm, returns a 'Cursor Not Open' error.

If you use single quotes, than the SP works ok. Using the following syntax

to call the stored procedure:


@myinparm = "From PB", // Works ok with single quotes

@myoutparm = :ls_fromsp OUTPUT using SQLCA;

execute mysp;

fetch mysp into :ls_fromsp;

Worked ok in PB 8.0.4 using OLEDB and MSSQL 2000. Migrated to PB 10.5.1 using

OLEDB and MSSQL 2000 and getting error now.

484672 PB 11. 'Sybase DataWindow PS' does not automatically install. Tested with Windows XP and Windows 2003.
484675 dw column's background color is ignored if DispayOnly is enabled: it always turns into gray
484676 Application deployed as Web Form, print to pdf file fails, pdf file is created but empty. Print and SaveAs PDF works fine in Native PB11 or under Window 2003. Is using GPL GS v8.6 and the postscript distiller provided by Sybase.
484680 Interoperability Enhancement Request to access System.Collection.Generic.* types in .Net classes from PowerBuilder.
484795 Customer applied workaround from cr461025 and

now that application is expanded and grown, the webform is getting stack overflow exception.

Workaround provided to customer was to create a new thread with a larger stack size

and use that to call the Assembly.Gettypes() method.

RESOLUTION: Customer added more RAM to the server and that seemed to fix the problem.

484810 In a datawindow with a date field and a dropdown calendar editstyle, if you drop down the calendar and then type a tab, nothing happens. The tab is ignored. By comparison, in a dropdown listbox, if you drop it down and then type tab, the drop down closes, the current value remains in the field and focus moves to the next field in the tab order. It would seem then that a dropdown calendar should have similar behavior with reguard to the tab.
484946 On certain size of data width, the Autosize Height seems to work but fail in "Print Preview"

and "Print out". The second row of the column data will be overlapped masked by follow up

column or detail band bar and make it disappear.

485077 A datawindow displaying dates with years prior to 1800 using an editmask of mm/dd/yy display the year as 94.
485125 When using PBCommandParm it seems that the variable is shared across sessions. When using PBCommandParm to hand over infos to a WebForm app http://localhost/test_commandparm?pbcommandparm=something and you access the app with http://localhost/test_commandparm/default.htm from another machine you will get the same pbcommandparm back.
485154 PB11 .Net WebService\Webform\Winform:

GetItemDecimal and Dot Notation on a DataStore decimal column can return incorrect data

when a comma is used as decimal separator in the Regional Settings of the Control Panel.

485158 When running EAS 5.3 and PB 10.5.1, EAS is crashing

with an access violation under load.

485175 Customer has an mdi application that opens the sheets in the Client Server version but the sheets do not open in the Webform version.

This looks similar in behavior to CR 477774 fixed in PB 11.1 but only webform and not winform.

485189 When calling a webservice using .NET, it results in an exception - 'Cannot invoke Web Service'.

The webservice is trying to call getquotesnap (string userid, string password,string id,string ws_type, string symbol) returns any

The wsdl file shows the function returning an xml document (System.xml.xmlnode).

If GetQuoteSnap return simple type (such as int or string), the web service works ok. If the function return a complex type, than the error occurs.

485251 A Crash is encountered when rapidly dragging an application over a PowerBuilder 11 MDI sheet having an ocx on it.

The crash occur very quickly when the application is build with the "Windows Classic Style" option activated.

When this option is unselected, the crash is much more rare.

485394 When opening a response window in an MDI frame

and than changing a dw's ddlb, that response window moves behind the MDI frame.

The problem only happens after 2 other windows are opened and is relative to

some java local external function calls being called the n_cst_javavm.

485459 ConnectString parameters stripped when calling SelectBlob
485502 The customer has 2 rtf files each with a header. One file was created with the PB RTE and the other with Word. If he does a rte_1.showheadfoot(true) focus goes to the header only in the PB RTE file. The header doesn't get focus in the Word file.
485513 A regression in PB 11.1 from PB 10.5. The customer has an inherited datastore (n_ds) with a stored procedure used for update and insert. The n_ds object has script in the dberror event to print out an error message if there is an error. The stored procedure is raising an error. In script they are inserting a new row and doing an update that then calls the update stored procedure. (The sp doesn't actually insert the new row, it only raises an error) In PB 10.5 all is well with the dberror event reporting the correct error and error message. But in PB 11.1, a different error other than the one raised by the sp is reported. It's a "Row changed between retrieval and update" error. The sp does nothing other than raise the error, so a real error shouldn't occur, but appears to be happening.
485555 Underline attribute of DataWindow texts not rendered when printing.
485586 Customer has a PB 10.5.1/EAS 5.5 application that was recently migrated from PB 9 that is now crashing for one customer. This customer is the with the most users but it worked fine in PB 9.0.3.

Customer is currently running with PB 10.5.1 build 6684 but has also tried to upgrade to PB 10.5.2 build 7016 and is still crashing.

Although they cannot reproduce it in a small sample they believe the problem occurs in the following function which although it is pure PB is from the EAF 2.0 framework from Cynergy.

485611 Menus are not displayed (color and size) consistently on Vista and XP. On XP the default menu color is grey. On Vista the same menu is displayed as white and it is somewhat larger as well.
485699 PK2.5 - A line control inserted onto a DataWindow will cause a "Syntax Error" (when saved/compiled) in any mop view.

PK2.1 - A line control will usually NOT paint correctly in any mop view.

Summary - an old (unnoticed) bug was promoted to the new release, but it now shows up as a syntax problem instead of a painting problem.

485701 The runtime property MOPEnable is not hooked up for the PocketBuilder runtime.
485718 When a bounded array is declared that is larger than 32767,

pb winform/webform deployment fails with the following error:

C0074: Illegal array declaration

485797 When moving a nested Report in the Footer up and down, the report will show missing rows depending on its position. It seems there are invisible bands that overlay the nested report.
485798 Saving a DataWindow as a psr file, and the DataWindow has a nested report in the Footer, whereas the Footer has Autosize Height set, will result in a GPF in pbdwe (DataWindow Engine).
485865 When using more than one DataWindow on a webform, the decimal client format for the first DataWindow is correct. For all other datawindows the clientformat is incorrect when using German regional settings. The decimal separator in second, third DW etc.
485933 In PB 11.1 with an application that has an mdi and sheet windows, on the sheetwindow the popupmenus (using PopMenu) only works on the first sheet window. The Popmenu is not appearing on the others.
485952 PPC 2003 and WM-5 SmartPhones

When sending an SMS using the "Code Examples" application, the recipient sees the heading: "Message from Network" whereas using the built-in SMS application the recipient sees the source phone number.

485959 When using a semicolon (;) as a input parm

to a stored procedure connected to ADO.NET, causes the following error:

(939c068): execute tsmaint.p_pb_bug;1 @p1 = ';', @p2 = 24(DBI_PROC_PREPARE) (2.054 MS / 4.386 MS)

(939c068): *** ERROR 170 ***(rc -1) : Index #0 Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider Message: Unclosed quotation mark before the character string ' , @p2 = 24'. Number: 105 State: 1

Index #1 Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider Message: Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ' , @p2 = 24'. Number: 170 State: 1

486029 When starting a PB application from the PB IDE and a script is open at that time, a GPF occurs when another window is opened and then closed.
486058 The status messages while the network is delivering the SMS can be irritating for some applications.

Extending the "MsgModes" in the SMSSession.Open() seems the most direct.

Previous values: 1=Send, 2=Receive, 3=Send & Receive

Enhancement: add 16 to aequest a status report for the outgoing message

486084 The customer's WinForm application fails to deploy with a generic "Deployment error". But produces no error log or any useful message as to what failed.
486135 The DataWindow column of lowered type border on XP Style is not transparent.
486200 The PB DirList function is failing in WebForms. It works fine in Win32 and WinForms. The ASPNET user has full access rights to the directory the DirList is targeting.
486209 Sending SMS - the message ID is always zero.

When sending a SMS, we provide the ID field in the SMSMessage object. This ID can then be used by the GetMessageStatus() call. However, this ID always seems to be zero. Looking at the internal logs I see this is not the case.

486594 DW Objects inserts a multi-byte character exceeding display width.
486643 PB 11 Installation on XP Norwegian version. "Cannot find valid license" with norwegian characters in the company name. In PB110.lic license file : NOTICE="BR脋NN脋YSUNDREGISTRENE ".
486644 Retrieval will fail on a Winform/Webform application

when the retrieval argument is of timestamp (datetime datatype).

Here's the scenerio:


log_id timestamp

data_value varchar


7/20/2007 16:20:47.478 This example fails.

7/20/2007 16:20:47 This example works.

Powerscript - Fails:

DateTime ldt_arg1;

Long ll_row;

ldt_arg1 = DateTime(Date('2007-07-20'),Time('16:20:47.478'));

ll_row = dw_2.Retrieve(ldt_arg1);

Powerscript - Works:

DateTime ldt_arg1;

Long ll_row;

ldt_arg1 = DateTime(Date('2007-07-20'),Time('16:20:47'));

ll_row = dw_1.Retrieve(ldt_arg1);

DB Trace - Winform:

(41f4378): SELECT "test_date_time"."log_id" , "test_date_time"."data_value" FROM "test_date_time" WHERE ( "test_date_time"."log_id" = '2007-07-20 16:20:47.477000' )

DB Trace - PBNative:

SELECT "test_date_time"."log_id" , "test_date_time"."data_value" FROM "test_date_time" WHERE ( "test_date_time"."log_id" = '2007-07-20 16:20:47.478000' )

486672 Several issues when trying to save a datawindow as a PDF document on Vista machines.

1 - When the Vista 64 bit machine has gs 8.54 installed under C:\Program Files\gs\the PDF files saves fine and can later be opened and is correct.

2 - When the Vista 64 bit machine has either gs 8.57 or gs 8.60 installed under C:\Program Files\gs\ these versions are not picked up but versions of ghostscipt gs8.54, gs8.57 or gs8.60 are picked up from c:\Program Files(x86)\Shared\PowerBuilder\gs and the file is created, but is smaller but when opened is blank.

3 - Customer is seeing the same type of file, small and blank when created on a 32 bit Vista machine using all versions of ghostscript, 8.54, 8,57 and 8.60.

4 - All versions of ghostscript work fine when run on XP.

486675 The customer finds that his PB application crashes when using JAWS 8.0. It tends to happen when he ALT-TAB's to other applications, then returns to PowerBuilder and tries to use JAWS 8.0.
486682 The customer is requesting an encoding argument on the GetFullState and SetFullState functions: "We just updated a distributed application to pb 10.5 from 9.0 that uses GetFullState / SetFullState to transfer datawindows from the server to the client. In 10.5 all the data has now doubled in size from what it used to be. I assume that this is from it using unicode now instead of ansi. Could there please be an encoding argument to these functions so that we can specify how to encode the binary data for the blob used in these functions? There are now encoding arguments for all the other blob related functions, but not these two. So just for clarity I want to be able to do this:

dwcontrol.GetFullState(blob, EncodingAnsi!) // Get ansi blob of dwcontrol state

dwcontrol2.SetFullState(blob, EncodingAnsi!) // Set dwcontrol2 from ansi blob of dwcontrol

Doubling the amount of data sent over the network from our application server is not really an option for some of our clients.

486711 Exposing component as webservice succesfull, but doesn抰 appear as WS in web console
486734 ScrollToRow does not scroll to the correct row number.

This is related to the following conditions:

- Datawindow objects detail band height is the same as height of DW control.

- DiscardRows has been called prior to ScrollToRow.

- VScrollBar = false

486809 DB TRACE Option doesn't work from the Profile Painter in PK 2.1

This regression was introduced in PK 2.1 when support for UL10 was added.

For 2.5, make sure your DBMS specification reads "TRA ODB".

486872 When deleting datawindow objects from a large

pbl size, you will either see entire portion of the datawindow objecs deleted or the

following error message:


Deletion of library entry failed. Continue

487098 Datawindow.retrieve({xx,yy}) and Datastore.retrieve({xx,yy}) hangs when it was generated by Machine-code. IDE mode and P-code are work fine.
487134 Installation of PB 11.0 and PB 11.1 on several machines fails with the same messages in window logs. Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface. hr = 0x80070005. Same for several Customers. Happens on Windows Vista OS.
487143 SetLayeredWindowAttributes API does not work in the open event of the window
487157 Allow constructor events to accept parameters
487159 Customer requesting Sax parser
487163 This is a regression from earlier builds in PB 10.5. A dropdown datawindow contains several rows with a string data value and a string display value. In one row the data value is an empty string with a corresponding display value of "all". Normally clicking on a row in the dddw will result in the data value being put in the column in the main datawindow. And this is true in 10.5 in build 5079 and earlier. But in the latest 10.5 builds and in PB 11.0, if the data value is an empty string, it is the display value that is returned to the main dw column when that row is selected in the dddw. This is clearly wrong.
487179 Powerscript functions that will return md5 encrypted string

important for keeping web passwords safe strip_tags - and other PHP like function to works with HTML Files

487238 TreeView DataWindow has wrong appearance after setting filter that filters first row.

Workaround: Call setfilter() filter() twice

487351 Customer cannot use PageSizeAsControlSize=1 setting in the ini file to get his RTEs to wrap properly. This applies to all RTEs in an app. The customer needs some of his RTEs to have wrapword option set to be true, but not all of them. So he needs a better solution like a property in the RTE. Wants a 10.2 solution.
487413 'Manifest'information can be located using the 'Find' tab in teh PB 11.1 help file. 'Manifest' should be listed as an entry under the 'index' tab also.
487454 EditMask control does not have a Limit property. When a user modifies this property, a compiler should output an error.
487455 EditMask control does not have a Limit property. Description of a manual is an mistake.
487492 All objects of a form get positioned at the begining of the tab control when the tabcontrol has no tabpages on it. Works fine in PB native but bad results in webform.
487604 Request for crash dump analysis. The crash has occurred in Stress Test environment. Over this weekend, they were running a 10 hour duration test with 88 users on each Application Server (Dual CPU machine) and one of the Application Server (Server B) crashed after 6 hours. The crash seemed to happen in PBSHR105.DLL when freeing a pool of memory
487606 OrcaScript scc project does not support relative path for PB Native

This OrcaScript command fails for PB Native: scc set connect property project ".\scc"

Since the scc localprojpath and logfile properties support relative path names, it is reasonable to expect the project property to do likewise.

Admittedly, project is often an absolute path specification on a network drive rather than a local drive. Also, every SCC provider handles the project specification differently. So this CR is only applicable for PB Native.

487715 After upgrading to 10.5.2 from 9.0, the customer noticed the Postion function on the RTE control does not return positions correctly. The customer is doing some wierd things, but the numbers are different from PB 9.0.3 to PB 10.5.2. If I do simple manual selects, the position function seems to work and return good numbers. The customer is particularly insistent that the x1 argument should never be returned as a 0. But there are other negitive numbers that don't seem to be correct also.
487789 An application calls a webservice that returns compressed gzip data and then trying to use C# to uncompress and read the data using MemoryStream and GZipStream functions appears to return empty data.

#if defined PBDOTNET then

@System.IO.Compression.GZipStream zipstream

@System.IO.MemoryStream memstream

@System.IO.StreamWriter writestream

@System.Text.ASCIIEncoding asciiencode

memstream = create @System.IO.MemoryStream(ll_length)


memstream.Seek(0, @System.IO.SeekOrigin.Begin!)

decompressbuffer[ll_length * 5] = 0

zipstream = create @System.IO.Compression.GZipStream(memstream, @System.IO.Compression.CompressionMode.Decompress!, lb_leaveopen)

do while true

bytesread = zipstream.Read(decompressbuffer, offset, 100)

IF bytesread = 0 THEN



offset += bytesread

totalcount += bytesread System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("After ReadAllBytesFromStream" + string(offset) + ":" + string(totalcount)) //TZ Code


asciiencode = create @System.Text.ASCIIEncoding()

ls_contents = asciiencode.GetString(decompressbuffer)

System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("ls_contents:" + ls_contents)

When running the the C# code in VS2005, it works ok.

487852 Failed to create a Datawindow based on a Web service method which returns a structure including a structure of simple types.
487934 Inconsistent crash in production. Unable to reproduce at will. PSE Consult for PB Engineering to analyse ADPlus crash dumps.
487954 Provide lock dbparm for Oracle native drivers.

The native Oracle drivers should provide support for isolation level.

487961 Modifying a crosstab datawindow that is in a composite report is crashing PB. It doesn't crash when it is modified stand alone. Similar to CR 478916, but this issue is not a regression.

3/10/2008: This issue has been fixed. The fix is available in PB 10.5.2 build 7630 and later.

487969 When calling the attachcallback function of the Authentic Browser ole object , getting an R0035 error calling external function.

The error is happening in the uo_xml_editor/ue_set_toolbar

The code is:

nvo_attachcallback_regular uo_attach

uo_attach = create nvo_attachcallback_regular

ole_1.Object.attachCallBack('onkeyup', uo_attach)

The function signature is:

OLEControl.object.attachCallBack(string bstrName, any varCallBack)

Customer is expecting that whenever you do a keypress, it will throw a messagebox from the uo_attach object.

More information can be found at:

RESOLUTION: PB does not support a dual interface. Not to be fixed.

488060 EditMask(stringmask!) cannot split a character sequence using a hyphen.
488127 User Exception message cannot be caught in PB client using a soap connection
488321 When starting up EAS 6.0.2, EAS will crash with

the following message:

SECTION XHPI subcomponent dump routine

NULL ==============================

1XHTIME Thu Jan 3 14:19:13 2008

1XHSIGRECV SIGILL received at 0xd3fb0c38 in /home/epic/EAServer6/lib/ Processing terminated.

1XHFULLVERSION J2RE 1.4.2 IBM AIX build ca142-20061124 (SR7)


1XHCURRENTTHD Current Thread Details

NULL ----------------------

2XHCURRSYSTHD "main" sys_thread_t:0x300362A8


NULL ------------

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD3FB1438 in


3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD021D2D8 in srv_catch_exception




3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2E793EC in newComponent__53com_sybase_jaguar_server_JaguarComponentNativeMethodsF14java_longValueR16java_lang_String

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2E79670 in Java_com_sybase_jaguar_server_JaguarComponent_newComponent

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2A090DC in sysInvokeNative

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2A009A0 in mmipInvokeJniMethod

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2A00D60 in mmipInvokeLazyJniMethod

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29DE770 in mmipExecuteJava

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29D63A4 in xeRunJavaVarArgMethod

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29D64EC in xeRunJavaMethod

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29D7818 in xeRunStaticInitializers

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2A878D4 in clInitClass

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2A91DAC in clFindClassFromClassLoader

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29C2434 in IBMJVM_ForName

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2A05920 in mmipInvoke_O_O

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29DE770 in mmipExecuteJava

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD29FEF24 in mmijExecuteJavaFromJIT

3XHSTACKLINE at 0xD2C09434 in __uitrunc

488371 Limit property for Editmask has been invalid since PB 10.2.0 build 8100.
488489 When a java client is calling a corba object using

string_to_object or object_to_string, it is causing an exception at:

http error: 500

Caused by:




Caused by: java.rmi.MarshalException:

Caused by: org.omg.CORBA.Marshal: offset (4) + size (2147483394) > buffer length (84)

RESOLUTION: Use CORBA stubs instead of EJB ones while making corba calls to EAServer EJBs/NVOs.

488521 Customer is using CreateMutexA within their application to determine if an instance of their application is already running. With PB 10.5.1 build 6551 the return code is 183 when a second instance tries to start up but with PB 10.5.2 build 7016 through 7599 the return code is 0. This is causing their application to crash when a second instance of the application is started because of a third party dll that the application has loaded.

Their external function is declared as follows:

Function ulong CreateMutexA(ulong lpMutexAttributes, &

int bInitialOwner, &

ref string lpName) &

Library "kernel32.dll" alias for "CreateMutexA;Ansi"

Function ulong GetLastError() Library "kernel32.dll"

488572 Some Complex Types are not imported during web service proxy generation.
488594 The customer has a Winform target and has a custom class user object inherited from datastore. In this object he is overriding the "sharedata(datawindow d) returns integer" function. In the function he accesses some properties on the datawindow passed in; the dataobject, tag, and title properties. When deploying the winform target he gets C# compile errors that those properties are not defined:

Error when compiling generated C# code:

ds_base.sharedata(ICdatawindow.)(4,9): error CS0117: 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.IPBDataWindowBase' does not contain a definition for 'DataObject'

ds_base.sharedata(ICdatawindow.)(5,9): error CS0117: 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.IPBDataWindowBase' does not contain a definition for 'Tag'

ds_base.sharedata(ICdatawindow.)(6,9): error CS0117: 'Sybase.PowerBuilder.IPBDataWindowBase' does not contain a definition for 'Title'

488735 Using setitem on a richtext datawindow displays only

(??) in the datawindow control.

If you then use getitem, the value will return properly.

488948 GetToolbarPos always returns zero for the X & Y coordinates in winform.

GetToolbarPos is documented as not supported for webforms but not winforms.

488977 A regression in PB 11 from PB 10.5. The customer has a datawindow with an autosized detail band. Once migrated to PB 11, the spacing between the rows is a little more in PB 11 than it was in PB 10.5. This small difference adds up over all the rows to be significantly different.

03/26/2008: Fixed in PB 11.1 build 8215 and after, and PB 11.2 build 8382 and after.

489047 Customer has recently updated to PocketBuilder and after deploying to PDA's the borders around column controls ARE NOT displayed. Running the program through the IDE the borders ARE showing.

The columns are of type Edit and type DDLB and DDDW.Some of the Border properties are set to Box(2) and some are set to Underline(4) none of them show on the Device.

489065 When connected to Apache Derby using jdbc and you are trying to create a datawindow that has a underscore in the table name,the columns do not show up in the dw datasource painter.

If you try to create a dw using quick select, than you get the following error:

Quick Select


Syntax error: Encountered "FROM" at line 1, column 13

If you expand the same table in the database painter, you only see a folder for columns and index. You cannot expand the columns folder even though there are columns.

489073 PocketBuilder 2.5 on Vista (only) crashes randomly on actions you perform in IDE.

Running setup as Admin, and running the PKB exe as Admin does not help.

Before PK 2.5 EBF#2, there is the workaround.

This has a workaround....

In "C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\PK.INI" - add the statement...



Then restart PocketBuilder. This disables the offending portion of the new menu presentation layer.

489077 Data is dropped when a dw with a computed column of mid(s_code,1,3) is used as a dddw where the computed column is the data column.

For example,

DW - A has 3 columns of s_code, s_desc and code3. Code3 is a computed field defined as

mis(s_code,1,3). DW -B has 2 columns of s_code3 and s_desc. S_code3 is defined as

a dddw using s_desc as the Display column and code3 as the Data Column.

The datawindows are external. Once you insert a row, and select a value in s_code3 and

tab off, the value should be NRQ or REQ or DEL. But the only value that shows is N or R or D. Only the first character appears and the rest of the data is cut off.

489134 This is a regression from PB6.0.00.

The shared datastores/datawindows become unlinked when a GetFullState() is done on a non-shared ds/dw object and a SetFullState() done on one shared ds/dw object.

The latter should cause the synchronization of all the shared ds/dw objects. This synchronization feature is


489154 When deploying a winform application with a build

type of Debug selected, pb generates the following output in the pbtrace.log

when using PrintOpen():

Main Exception:

Exception Time: 2008-01-17 09:53:38.6178057

Process ID: 4040

AppDomain: testapp.exe Domain ID: 1

Managed Thread ID: 3

Current Thread State: Running

Method: Void StartPrint()

Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException

Exception Message: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.BackPrinting.PrintPrintingJob.StartPrint()

Exception Source: Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win

Exception StackTrace: at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.BackPrinting.PrintPrintingJob.StartPrint()

Exception Call Stack: at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo)

at System.Environment.get_StackTrace()

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBLogger.a(Exception A_0, LogLevel A_1, Boolean A_2, Boolean A_3)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBLogger.a(Exception A_0, LogLevel A_1, Boolean A_2)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBLogger.LogException(Exception e, LogLevel logLevel)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.PBLogger.LogException(Exception e)

at Sybase.PowerBuilder.Win.BackPrinting.PrintPrintingJob.StartPrint()

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()

489158 Device side, PocketBuilder 2.5.0 GA.

Printing a regular window (not a datawindow) will sometimes fail.

489257 Contextual menus called from the right click event of a treeview are not working anymore on a webform application. Customer says this used to work. They apply all EBFs and somewhere recently it started failing. The first couple work, but then they don't work, even the first two that did work, don't if you go back to them.
489265 The customer is using the String function to convert a number to a string. He wants the number formatted a certain way so is using the format argument. If is uses this format:

String(1123.45, '###,###,##0.00') the number is display as "1,123.45" which is exactly as he wants it.

Now he uses String(1123.45, '### ### ##0.00') which has spaces instead of commas. He wants to see "1 123.45" but instead sees 000 001 123.45. He does not want the leading zeros, that's why he used the #. But he is getting leading zeros.

489370 When the DisplayOnly property of EditMask is on, the paste of a shortcut menu is enable.

Data of a clip board can be pasted on EditMask.

489379 VScrollBar is not erased when dw.reset() and dw.insertrow() are called.

VScrollBar is erased when only dw.reset() is called.

489400 WinForms regression on menus display with contemporary style. Incorrect menu display on .NET Windows Forms Hebrew Applications (Right To Left property is set to true for the window) if menu style is set to contemporary
489404 customer use feature of SharedObjectRegister to enable PowerBuilder multi-therad feature.

The PB Application get crash intermittenly. As problem still cannot be reproduced in-house, collect the dump file from customer and request help for investigation.

489437 dw.find does not return correct row with some decimal value

CR 344196 was closed with a note that this would be addressed in PB 11. With the enhancement to the Decimal datatype in PB 10.5.x to support up to 28 digits this should now work.

489488 WordPad cannot discriminate the japanese unicode font name defined as RTF.
489539 Have a computed field c_2 which refers to another computed field c_1.

In PB9 describe("c_2.ColType") returns 'number'. In PB10, 10.5 and 11 it returns 'decimal'

489576 Customer has a datawindow which has static text with an expression for an escapement of 900 that in past versions would align up as a legend on a round rectangle object. In PB this works, but in, 11.1.8123 and 11.2.8374 the behavior has changed.

It appears as though the axis of rotation for the static text labels has changed.

489723 Display problems appear in controls with images

defined in the CMYK (Cyan,Magenta, Yellow and Black) format as oppose to

images defined with RGB (Red,Green, and Blue).

RESOLUTION: CMYK pictures are not supported

489778 When the "$" sign is used for the currency format of DW, even if it distributes application to other countries, a display does not change.
489789 When specifying two or more Sort terms to be setSort(), terms are divided with a comma.

But when a blank does not exist behind a comma sign, following terms are not recognized correctly.

489873 Wrong row selected after filtering a DDDW
489875 MOP Smart Open - establish a suitable orientation if none match.

The typical usecase is where the customer has defined PDA landscape and portrait, but when they execute on a VGA device the pixel counts don't match up.

489880 DataWindow - Incorrect syntax for a computed field.

PocketBuilder 2.5.0 regression (from earlier versions)

From Newsgroup:

If a datawindow has one or more computed field, the customer can't save it.

The message is: DatawindowError Line XX Column XXX: incorrect syntax.

Datawindow can save ok in Edit Source painter.

The root cause was the syntax change introduced for MOP.

489893 App crashes in WebDW component

An excerpt from the Jaguar Log for this crash is listed below:

Jan 22 15:20:14 2008: PB INTERNAL EXCEPTION on: Thread : 2776, Address : 0x066D2B6C, Type : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0xFFBBFFBF. CPB_Component::invoke

Jan 22 15:20:14 2008: Dumped Succeeded to file:

Jan 22 15:20:14 2008: C:\Sybase\EAServer\bin/PB_20080122_151957_0001.dmp

Jan 22 15:20:14 2008: Fatal Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method set_ds in pbcomponent/WebDW.

Jan 22 15:20:14 2008: Fatal Error Occurs in PB Component, Jaguar Terminated.

Even though we have not seen the exact error 揊atal Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method set_ds in pbcomponent/WebDW擻r

From the dump file (but also getting checksum error for pbvm105):



066d2b6c 8b4004 mov eax,[eax+0x4]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff)

ExceptionAddress: 066d2b6c (PBVM105!ob_get_groupref_group+0x0000064c)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: ffbbffbf

Attempt to read from address ffbbffbf

489911 SaveAsFormattedText() function duplicating some columns.

In this example it appears that "P2008" and "CCM" are duplicated when using SaveAsFormattedText() but not when displayed in the datawindow nor when using regular SaveAs().

If one looks at the dw source you will see both

compute_0006 and compute_0006_01

compute_0018_1 and compute_0018

while the columns that aren't duplicated do not. Am not why that is but the dw display and the normal saveas are handling this correctly and not saving duplicates.

I am not sure why the datawindow source is like this and I was not able to recreate from with my own datawindow.

490045 After install of latest PB 11 EBF, an error on a .NET Web Form app occurs : Server Error in '/powerframe_example' Application. Multiple controls with the same ID 'm_mdi_1_C' were found. FindControl requires that controls have unique ID
490070 PSE NOTES


OS: Windows XP

PB Version and Build: 11.1 build 8204



Three datawindow columns. A Time, a Date, and a DateTime column. Each has an EditMask, time: hh:mm:ss, date: mm/dd/yyyy, and datetime: mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss. And each clolumn has a Format that is the same as the editmask and includes a ; followed by a space so that null values are displayed as a blank. The Use Format is checked so that the format will be used to display the column when it does not have focus. The EditMask will display the column when it does have focus. What the customer wants is to be able to delete a column value using the native datawindow context menu (right click on a column value and select Delete) and have it displayed as a blank when the column does not have focus. It works fine for the Date and the DateTime columns. If those columns have a value and it's deleted with the context menu, the value becomes null and the format displays the column as blank. However the Time column does not have a null value after it is deleted. It has a 00:00:00 value and that is what is displayed. The customer belives this is wrong and that the time value should be null after a deletion. This makes sense as that is how the Date and DatTime columns behave. Why would a Time column be different?

490082 Enhancement Request to add support for RTF control to save and load documents in OpenDoc and OpenXML formats.

Please refer to:

490093 At runtime the firing order of a user event mapped from pbm_lbuttondown, and the clicked event is different in Win32 and Winforms. Win32: user event then clicked. Winform: just the opposite.
490140 SetRedraw function behaves incorrectly when resize is done with multiple tab.
490203 The cusotmer has migrated from 10.2 to PB 11.1 and notices that the automatic hourglass that PB displays during a long datawindow retrieve is gone. Now you have to script it yourself. Why the change? Customer wants to auto hourglass back. I see the hourglass in 10.2 build 7516. But it's gone in late 10.2 builds, and in PB 11.

5/02/2008: Fixed in PB 11.2 build 8537 and after.

490285 An application crashes when pasting text into a rich text control on PB Clients and also in PB IDE.
490415 When opening the 'w_student' window and then

clicking on the 'Notes' tab, you can still see some of the objects from the 'Details' tab in the mle on the 'Notes' tab.

This happens in the window painter and at runtime.

490441 Migrated app to PB 11 and there is a

considerable change in the dw row height.

When you put the 2 dw's next to one another, you can see that there is more space

between the rows in PB 11. The dw row height appeared consistent in PB 8,9,10.2.1.

There's a slight/minor difference in PB 10.5.2. Comparing PB 8,9,10.2.1 or

even PB 10.5.2, there is considerable change in the row height to PB 11.

490708 The DataWindow sort expression is cut-off after 80 bytes

Work-around use a global function for (part of) the expression.

490731 Data returned from 'Ter' ocx is getting truncated.

The 'Ter' ocx is used for richtext. Data appears to be getting truncated either at

ole_1.object.ReadTerFile or



ole_1.of_convertblobtofile(ls_filename, lblb_clause)

// read RTF file into RTE control

lb_rc = ole_1.Object.ReadTerFile(ls_filename)

// Get RTF data

lblb_clause = Blob(

ole_1.of_ConvertBlobToFile(ls_filename, lblb_clause)

RESOLUTION: Not a bug. Unicode data length must be even in functions of File I/O

490735 A tab control with many tab pages will have scroll arrows to scroll the tab pages when there are too many tab pages to fit all at once on the tab control. But in Winforms the scroll arrows do not appear when the TabPosition is set to tabsonright! or tabsonleft!. The extra tabs will "stack" in another column out to the right or left. The tabpage scroll arrows do appear and it works fine in Winforms if the TabPosition is tabsontop! or tabsonbottom!
490738 When you edit source on the df_start_ac global function,

you will see two prototypes.

When you edit source on the df_start_ac, you will see:

forward prototypes

global function integer df_start_ac (ref st_planning ms_planning)

global function integer df_start_ac_test (ref st_planning ms_planning, ref long lp_schedule_hours, ref long lp_schedule_cycles, ref long lp_schedule_days, ref datetime dtp_schedule_date, ref long l_schedule_ac_hours, ref long l_schedule_ac_cycles)

end prototypes

However, compiler is not picking up corruption issue.

490743 Change in behavior in PB 11.2. Webform problem when Javascript keyword "new" is used as a datawindowcolumn name.

If a datawindow contains a column name that is the same as a JavaScript keyword, you get runtime error mesages:

"A column of the the DataWindow d_database_directory has a JavaScript keyword 'new' as name"

490748 The customer is complaining that when he does a PB trace he is not seeing the values in the trace for database columns of type float that are coming back from an Oracle stored procedure. In PB a stored procedure datawindow is calling the procedure and all the correct data is coming back. The columns are number datatypes in the datawindow. But no values for them show up in the trace. You do see values for string columns.

03/18/2008: Fixed in PB 10.5.2 build 7621 and after.

490792 An application crashes after pasting text into an OLE control to MSWord.
490805 If you have a global function open in the funtion painter and you have a compile error and attempt to close the function, it prompts to Save Changes?. You click Yes and then get the compile error and the function remains open. If you try to close the function again still with the errors, again you are prompted to Save Changes?. This time if you click NO, the function does close but it does save the changes with the bad code.

Do the same thing in a Window object and the object closes without the changes as it should when you say No the second time to Save Changes.

490836 The customer is creating a crosstab datawindow dynamically with dw.Create using the SyntaxFromSQL. It creates the crosstab successfully. But if he repeats the exact same code to create the same datawindow again, PB 11.1 crashes. In PB 10.5 there is no crash second, third, or more times around.

3/10/2008: This issue is fixed. The fix is available in PB 11.1 build 8218 and later.


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